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alis@fandom.ink  [follow]
I like #writing books and #monsters and writing books about monsters. Also the distributed #fandom web. I like that, too. longform=@alis icon by=me!
mcmansionhell@mastodon.social  [follow]
Creator of McMansion Hell. cross stitch and climbing aficionado. she/her#architecture #design #environmentalism #urbanism pronouns=she/her official writing stuff=https://scholar.social/@kate_wagner
Write.as, WriteFreely
write_as@writing.exchange  [follow]
A privacy-conscious writing platform, powered by @writefreely. Toots by @cjeller and @matt.Start writing at https://write.as/new. Create your own #WriteFreely instance: https://writefreely.orgRead @readwriteas. Share photos @snap_as. Submit writing @submit_as. Blog=@blog Development=@writeas_dev
Admin, Founder, Words, Self
matt@writing.exchange  [follow]
Making software for humans. Interested in people, privacy, and creativity.Founder :writeas: @write_as, building :writefreely: https://WriteFreely.org. Writing.Exchange admin.
Write.as, WriteFreely
write_as_1@writing.exchange  [follow]
A focusing, #privacy-conscious #writing platform, powered by @writefreely. Toots by @matt.https://write.as Blog=@blog Development=@writeas_dev
mwlucas@bsd.network:flan_molotov: Michael W Lucas
mwlucas@bsd.network  [follow]
Recent books:tech: SNMP Masterythriller: Terrapin Sky Tangobiz: Cash Flow for Creators:flan_writing: :flan_book:🥋:ratstand: FAQ:=https://mwl.io/faq Pronouns=he/him/"Oi! You!" next business model=tarpit as a service
some_qualia@guillotines.masto.hostMK ⛄
some_qualia@guillotines.masto.host  [follow]
Writing:=https://mk-anderson.com Mailing list:=http://bit.ly/mk-signup Pay me:=cash.me/$emkayanders Gender:=NB woman (she/her/they)
firescotch@mastodon.social  [follow]
Designer person. Not on Twitter anymore, and no alt. Me=He/him Where=Chicago-ish What I do=UX/UI Design, writing, photography, stuff Bench=420 lbs for 6 sets of 9 reps
shrigglepuss@godforsaken.websiteShrig 🐌
shrigglepuss@godforsaken.website  [follow]
I'm writing things, and you're reading them#nobotThey/he
rob@b3ta.socialRob Manuel
rob@b3ta.social  [follow]
I am Rob. Co-founder of B3ta.com and a big fan of cheese, sausages and writing shit jokes. Website:=b3ta.com Age=60 Favourite artist=Shakin' Stevens Favourite computer=ZX81
lisacrost@vis.socialLisa Charlotte Rost
Portfolio, Twitter
lisacrost@vis.social  [follow]
Creating & writing about dataviz for Datawrapper. Data Vis Book Club organizer. Fan of numbers, systems & overviews. I believe in maps, not the territory.
esvrld@octodon.socialgestalt hogmaster/crow
esvrld@octodon.social  [follow]
nonbinary woman, communist, ace, chaos mage. don't email my wife. not a cop. can and will keep getting away with ittestimonials:'lowest common denominator of human existence''esvrld that's sick. stop''fuck online and fuck esvrld' call me=esvrld pronouns=+xe +she ~they monarchic nouns=queen, monarch, liege, marquess
jsnell@zeppelin.flightsJason Snell
jsnell@zeppelin.flights  [follow]
We can admit that we're killers, but we're not going to kill today. Home=Mill Valley, CA Podcasts=theincomparable.com Podcasts=relay.fm Writing=sixcolors.com
jsnell@mastodon.socialJason (now zeppelin.flights)
jsnell@mastodon.social  [follow]
I moved to jsnell@zeppelin.flights Location=Mill Valley, CA Writing=sixcolors.com Podcasting=theincomparable.com Podcasting=relay.fm
The Journal, Notebooks
jeggit@mastodon.social  [follow]
Scottish journalist and blogger based in Dublin. Writing on politics and society. Columnist for iScot Magazine and author of the http://randompublicjournal.com. Jason Michael=
chartier@toot.cafeDavid Chartier
Writing, Productivity newsletter, Personal
chartier@toot.cafe  [follow]
By day I help app developers with content, social, and treating customers like human beings: https://bitandpen.com. By evening I game @InfiniteHench and write at https://finertech.com. He/him#Technology #inclusion #Apple #VideoGames #art #humor #photography #Chicago Games=https://elekk.xyz/@InfiniteHench
Website, Games, Code
neon@moe.neon.moe  [follow]
Writing games and doing math. Call me Jens or Neon. Remember to floss! Pronouns=he/him
gcluley@infosec.exchangeGraham Cluley
Writing, Podcast, Bird site
gcluley@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Computer #security chap. Public speaker, blogger, #DoctorWho fan since 1972. Author of Jacaranda Jim and Humbug games. Co-host of Smashing Security #podcast. Needs haircut. Pronouns=he/his
creatrixtiara@vulpine.clubCreatrix Tiara
creatrixtiara@vulpine.club  [follow]
that chick on mastodon who got harassed for speaking about racism. #QueerLadyMagician. liminality, culture, identity, tech, activism, performance, travel, intersectionality, fandom, arts, games, writing. creatrixtiara.com |patreon.com/creatrixtiara | queerladymagician.com pronouns=Tiara preferred, or she/they
ossifog@tabletop.social  [follow]
Follow for RPGs and RPG art. Also always down to talk about sci fi or writing. pronouns=they/them; he/him; she/her alts=@nebulos
bkastl@mastodon.socialBianca Kastl
Website, Twitter
bkastl@mastodon.social  [follow]
Frontend Developer at cron IT, Stuttgart, Germany, writing about webstuff and sometimes her own personal things in life Pronouns=she/her
Portal, Birdsite, Commission Me
alraune@gamemaking.social  [follow]
24⚧⚢ she/they trans/demigirl lesbianprofessionally trained 3d generalist with BFAi also do gamedev, writing, illustration, designi love dark, strange, emotive, and fantastical fictioni worship nature and reject hierarchylocked purely to filter out bots/trollsava by my partner @eifie
andyastruc@mastodon.socialɔnɹʇs∀ ʎpu∀
VG Writing
andyastruc@mastodon.social  [follow]
Ask me about Metal Gear. I'm so lonely oh god. I do TTRPG games/content and write about video games.
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon
baldilocks@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Juliette Akinyi Ochieng#Christian #Conservative Retired USAF/USAFR 1981-2003. See my links below. Support my writing: http://paypal.me/jbaldilocks
katebowles@mastodon.social  [follow]
Face in the crowd. #smallstories. Australian. Writing=musicfordeckchairs.com
noelle@mastodon.socialJoyeuse Noëlle!
noelle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Monster Ghost Noëlle 👻🎃💀🐍games🎄writing🎄codingtrans 👻 pan 👻 friendlyDisplay name is aspirationalhttps://www.patreon.com/noelleanthony
glyph@glyphicality.tk  [follow]
I have one purpose, and one purpose only: to annihilate bones wherever they are found. Luckily, I am not very smart.she/her, trans, 20 WRITING ALT #1=@rune WRITING ALT #2=@sigil professional=bat respecter amateur=seal enjoyer
fluxom_alt@yiff.lifeEngendered Thighlence
fluxom_alt@yiff.life  [follow]
Uselessly gay alt spot for fluxom_art@octodon.social Art Main=https://octodon.social/@fluxom_art Writing Spot=https://monsterpit.net/@fluxom_auth Good Pronouns=Goodest Pronouns She/Her=They/Them
signalstation@raggedfeathers.comM of Ragged Feathers
buy my games
signalstation@raggedfeathers.com  [follow]
I have been known to string words together with some intentionality | a fiction-writing weed, hard to dislodge | wrote some RPG stuff[profile pic by Binglin Hu binglinhu.com] pronouns=he/him elsewhere=signalstation.com location=SF Bay Area / Oakland-ish
modgethanc@mastodon.art  [follow]
give me a bicycle or i'll run everywherethey/them """instagram""'=https://modgethanc.com/instagram
argus@mastodon.technologyDerek Caelin
argus@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Climate Feminist | Biodiversity | Open Source Software | Civic Tech | Games | Justice | Regenerative Ag | Green Energy | He/Him/His.#biodiversity #RegenerativeAgriculture #ecoagriculture #interoperability #sustainability #ecosystems #environment #opensource #design #encryption #decentralization #activism #civicspace #privacy #books #writing #digitalsecurity #cyberpunk Pronouns=he/him/his
ricardus@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Underemployed recording engineer and Technical Director who enjoys building recording equipment, music, science fiction, Cons, working out, absurdist humour, and writing.Geek.Does not code.Paypal donations can be made to 'ricardus @ sdf . org' Talk techy to me?=YES Pronouns=He/Him, and sometimes HEY YOU! Audio mastering & production for hire?=YES Vodka Martinis?=Yes. Shaken OR stirred, but DRY
platypus@glammr.usRuth [☕️ 👩🏻‍💻📚📖✍🏻🍵]
platypus@glammr.us  [follow]
{"research" : ["labor", "linked data", "cataloging"], "hobbies" : ["quilting", "rpg writing"], "socialism" : "yeah sure", "religion" : "Mennonite"}she/her metadata=meta
cyborgneticz@scholar.socialCyborgneticz Advisor Edition
cyborgneticz@scholar.social  [follow]
nonbinary epileptic ancom doctoral student catholic cyborg - just reading and writing about neoliberalism Pronouns=they/them Instagram=cyborgneticz Catholic=Liberation Theology
catfish_man@mastodon.socialDavid Smith
Art, Writing, Work
catfish_man@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am an irregular collection of floating diffuse lights, chiming softly Pronouns=http://pronoun.is/he/him?or=they
jessmahler@wandering.shopJess Mahler
jessmahler@wandering.shop  [follow]
Jess has spent several years pulling together a family-of-choice from across the country. The family hopes to settle in the Appalachians where Jess’ heart has been rooted for as long as she can remember.Health issues keep her from taking a active role in tikkun olam so she writes to spread ideas and explore different ways of living and being.Jess has 15 years in polyam relationships. As an autistic autodidact, you never know when she’ll pull an odd bit of knowledge out of her back pocket. Languages=English & Some Spanish Website=jessmahler.com Fiction Writing Project=Planting Life in a Dying City Nonfiction Writing Project=Polyamory & Kink
I used to stream
aesathena@mastodon.art  [follow]
SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Author, Artist, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints#Art #Writing #IndieAuthor #Krita #Linux #BookCoverDesign #Games #IF I draw art!=http://PixelvaniaStudios.com I write books!=http://PixelvaniaPublishing.com
lmichet@mastodon.socialLAURA MICHET
website, blog, itch.io
lmichet@mastodon.social  [follow]
I make videogames and edit people's writing. pronouns=she/her
cadey@mst3k.interlinked.meCadey Alicia Ratio
cadey@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
Orca Furry | Any opinions are mine, and not anyone else's | All controversy is manufactured by slave labor | Live in love | Cadey~#1337 | #pluralgang Pronouns=She/her Religion=Shamanic Kasmakfa Interests=Art, Code, Writing, Tarot Language=en, fr, jbo, x-tp
lauraritchie@mastodon.socialLaura Ritchie
my website
lauraritchie@mastodon.social  [follow]
eternal optimist, dreamer, friend, & lover of life. I believe in people. I have time for people who connect.I teach music, performance, pedagogy, psychology am Professor of Learning & Teaching by day Writing a book on self-efficacy #YesICan by night. my blog toots via this account @laura Pixelfed=@lauraritchie
maxeddy@infosec.exchangeMax "Blow Up Your TV" Eddy
My Stuff, Birdsite
maxeddy@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Award-winning, sweaty journalist.Writing about security for PCMag.A weak 4 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a Wizard.Proud union member.Former write-in candidate for Washtenaw County Drain Commissioner.:think_bread: Pronoun=he/him Alt and funtimes at=@maxeddy
linuxtjej@mastodon.socialLinuxtjej 🏳️‍🌈🇸🇪
linuxtjej@mastodon.social  [follow]
🏳️‍🌈🇸🇪She/it:Bi/Cis-femme/lgbti-socialist-activist. #ADD=My life with the diagnosis #Psychology=Various topics that interest me #Diary=Just writing whatever's in my head #LGBTQ=
olivia@eldritch.cafeolivia maia
site, liberapay, videos, streams
olivia@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
previously: @oliviabrazilian writer & artist. i toot a lot of nonsense. don't mind me.🏳️‍🌈 queer, ace, nonbinary.✊🏾 probably a communist.🌐 PT | ES | EN | DE🤖 she (usual) | they (fine) | he (don't mind)🐧 #manjaro #bspwm📌 #art #illustration #literature #writing #libreculture #opensource #linux #communism #catspt-br_alt: @oliviaphoto_alt: @oliviatelegram: @oliviamaiamatrix: @nyex:matrix.org
magicalmilly@elekk.xyz:milly: : The Mean Admin
magicalmilly@elekk.xyz  [follow]
27. Two-Spirit. they/them. Ace spectrum. Ojibwe. I like vidja games.I rant about work, gaming, writing often.I have a metal spine.Admin of ElekkAvatar was arted by @scoots How Tired?=Very Chill music playlist=ask me for it
danyork@mastodon.socialDan York
My writing, My employer, My talking, My work history
danyork@mastodon.social  [follow]
Working for open, secure Internet for everyone. Writes on #Decentralization, #DNS, #WordPress. Dir of Web Strategy at Internet Society. Enjoys #curling.
a1batross@expired.mentality.ripa1batross :blobcatstabbystab:
a1batross@expired.mentality.rip  [follow]
Male. 22. Pronouns: any. Girl on avatar and banner is Nero Claudius.I can answer you in Russian or decent English. Feel free to correct my English grammar mistakes. That's how I'm learning it. :)Owner of *.mentality.rip. My second main account is @a1batross@fedi.absturztau.beI'm a programmer writing in Pure C, sometimes C++ and Python. I'm interested in game engine development and low-level stuff, despite lack of knowledge.My projects thanks to which you may heard of me:* #Xash3D FWGS, which is crossplatform fork of Xash3D game engine* #CS16Client, which is Android port of CS1.6;* @Husky@enigmatic.observer, fork of Tusky Mastodon client but oriented to support more Pleroma-specific features.90% lines of my code is free and open source, exceptions are rare. ;)I may post and repeat of NSFW stuff(a lot!). If you don't like it, you free to not follow me. Otherwise, I don't mind follow request from you. :)I'm not blocking anyone and I think it's for weak spirits. No, bots are not "anyone"XMPP: a1ba.omarov@jabber.absturztau.be PleromaFE=Can't see this Meow=Meow!
momartin@playvicious.socialMo Martin
momartin@playvicious.social  [follow]
5th Generation New York Jew, living in an entirely different area of Lenapehoking. #Decolonize and #Blacklivesmatter. He/Him. Writing?=http://tinyletter.com/MoMartin, http://mordecaimartin.net $$$$$=http://patreon.com/MoMartin Formerly=@MordecaiPinhas, @MoMartin Anarcho=Talmudist
invaderxan@writing.exchangeThe Xandalorian
Patreon, Ko-Fi
invaderxan@writing.exchange  [follow]
Sci-Fi • Fantasy • Horror • Science • Magic 📖 Short fiction, microfiction, and unwritten stories 🖋 Unless otherwise attributed, this is all my own writing. Please ask my permission before sharing or duplicating it elsewhere.
mordecaimartin@rage.loveMordecai Martin
writing here, Pay me here
mordecaimartin@rage.love  [follow]
A writer, a Jew, and a scoundrel. He/him. hairy and?=oversharey
Pixelfed, Pleroma, Publication
kai@ajin.la  [follow]
Likes: #anime, #cities, #composing #music, #cycling, #fiction #literature, #manga, #tech, #trains, #writing Pronouns=he/they 🏳️‍🌈
mordecaipinhas@sunbeam.cityMo Martin
mordecaipinhas@sunbeam.city  [follow]
He/him. Same as I ever was. Jew, Student, Writer, roughly in that order. Lenapehoking, as per usual.#Judaism #RadicalUrbanism #HumanistGeography #Decolonization Writing?=http://tinyletter.com/MoMartin $$$$$=http://patreon.com/MoMartin Formerly=@MoMartin Anarcho=Talmudist
mareklach@mastodon.xyzA kind (of) writer
My blog, Translations, Github repo
mareklach@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
A #reader interested in #writing modernist #fiction. Rather inept in practicality.
agentcarter_ssr@democracy.townAgent Carter :AgentCarter:
agentcarter_ssr@democracy.town  [follow]
Protecting democracy, encouraging civic engagement & fair elections. Always looking forward& working toward a better world for all."I know my value. Anyone else's opinion doesn't really matter."Fan of politics, Steggy, MCU, writing, caturday, &coffee. The order may vary depending on the day. Archive of our Own/Ao3=https://archiveofourown.org/users/M_E_Carter/works
raspberry_boy@cybre.spaceDomino, The Raspberry Girl
raspberry_boy@cybre.space  [follow]
lvl.19Really sleepy and shy, though I enjoy talking to new people!Writing/Programming/Raspberries18+(Don't follow me if you're a minor) Loves=you :3 Sexuality=Pan Pronouns=She/Her Boosts=Yes
rands@mastodon.social  [follow]
in repose
bluestar@abdl.link  [follow]
Little / babyfur from Germany, Berlin.Science guy.Love writing stories and reading booksPassionate gamer.Slightly obsessed with foxes and dragons.Still a bit shy, but feel free to contact me via PM, DM, write me on Telegram, or send a crow ;)Bestestest buddy and little fox of my sweet brother bear @thatbabyboy Plushies=YES! So many plushies^^ Little Age=around 4 Telegram=@BlueParoo
emaree@tootplanet.space🔥🔥🔥Fiery EMaree🔥🔥🔥
My Site, Twitter, Instagram, Artstagram
emaree@tootplanet.space  [follow]
Tea Dragon Emma. ☕ Working in IT, learning roller derby, writing Scottish sci-fi & m/m fantasy. Software tester learning #Python3, big #DnD nerd. [she/her]
exilianofficial@mastodon.at  [follow]
We're a friendly democratic community for creative geek/academic projects, including game dev, art, writing, mods, articles and more! Join us at exilian.co.uk! Website/Forums=http://exilian.co.uk Pronouns=Plural They (we're a web community)
lj_writes@fandom.inkL.J. uses ARCH Linux btw
Tumblr, Dreamwidth, Pillowfort
lj_writes@fandom.ink  [follow]
I'm L.J., 40 year old Korean mom, translator, researcher. I talk about #fandom, #politics, #writing, #history, #tech including #coding and #Linux (actually...), and #ADHD. Sometimes I livetoot or go on long rants. Pronouns=she/her
rovine@toot.cafe  [follow]
Professional dreamer. Aspired writer, game dev, musician and artist.#calligraphy #travel #gaming #writing #programming #philosophy #music #origami #witchcraft
exilianofficial@mastodon.social  [follow]
We're a friendly democratic community for creative geek/academic projects, including game dev, art, writing, mods, articles and more! Join us at exilian.co.uk! Pronouns=Plural They (We're a website!)
fenny@queer.affenny, just another meguca🌙✨💖
fenny@queer.af  [follow]
| fenny, 25 | that one trans magical girl you know from somewhere. into writing, drawing, shmups, and f2p garbage. polyam ace/aro lesbean. 🔞 pronouns=fae/faer
hackiechan@mastodon.socialHackie Chan
hackiechan@mastodon.social  [follow]
Geek. Nerd. Out of the herd | Some days I'm the statue. Some days I'm the bird.Ex strategy consultant | Winding Storyteller | Angsty Poet | Cheap LOLs Twitter=@hackiechan Myers-Briggs type=INTJ Now learning=Philosophy, Writing, Strategy, Spirituality, Gender, Tech, Business
narrenschiff@guillotines.masto.hostUphold Le Guinian Thought
narrenschiff@guillotines.masto.host  [follow]
25history & philosophy of science studentiww & gdc memberdecolonizing ancom w/ spooky characteristics should be=writing sleeping=sometimes pronouns=he/him (cis) reading=Simone Weil
ljwrites@rage.loveL.J., a female in the Discord
Dreamwidth, Tumblr
ljwrites@rage.love  [follow]
L.J., 41 year old Korean mom, translator, researcher. I talk about #politics, #writing, #history, #ADHD, and #tech including #Vim, #Emacs and #Linux. Sometimes I livetoot or go on long rants. Display name from the screenshot in my header of a pretentious message that includes the line, "It is quite astonishing to see a female here in the Discord." h/t https://mastodon.social/@FimbulK/104894529195898846 pronouns=she/her
icaria36@confederac.io  [follow]
Intento ser útil. Y si comparto un podcast es porque lo he escuchado y me ha gustado. :) Más=https://la.confederac.io/u/icaria36/summary Alter ego=https://writing.exchange/@quimgil
talkingshykid@abdl.link  [follow]
Hello! I'm a little gamer. I try my best to be a kind and nonjudgemental person, so don't be afraid to say hello!- age 24- engaged- looking for friends Interests=Reading, Writing, and Video Games Instagram=TalkingShyKid12
iah@fosstodon.org:vim: :terminal: IᔕᗩK
iah@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Father of three, husband, nerd & registered nurse (RN, CCRN, Prehospital Registered nurse 🚑). Paranoid OpenBSD & GNU+Linux user since around 1998 with Red hat 5.0 (Hurricane/Manhattan).Addicted to: :openbsd: :void: :vim:
eskay8@wandering.shopKate Cook
eskay8@wandering.shop  [follow]
Canadian. Blathers about writing and science. RNA is the best biopolymer. She/her.
icaria36@red.confederac.io  [follow]
Intento ser útil. Y si comparto un podcast es porque lo he escuchado y me ha gustado. :) Más=https://la.confederac.io/u/icaria36/summary Alter ego=https://writing.exchange/@quimgil
lucy@toot.walesLucy's Life and Bikes
Blog, Twitter, Instagram
lucy@toot.wales  [follow]
Lucy’s Life and Bikes has been around for a few years now. I started blog writing to document my racing, but set up this website was to document how cycling and enjoying the outdoors can be a way of life, not just a hobby. (This is a courtesy account reserved for verified owner, contact @tooter to claim)
Homepage, Games, Artstation
mirzaba@gamemaking.social  [follow]
23⚧♀⚢⚯☯Ⓐ she/her3D art : design : writing : game dev : BA gradTHIS MY ART AND GAMEDEV ACCOUNT Main=@mirzaba
mdhughes@cybre.spaceDigital Mark 800 48K GTIA
Patreon, BBS
mdhughes@cybre.space  [follow]
Assume that I am writing sarcasm, satire, or outright jokes unless I hashtag or have horns 🤘 like Biggles dictating a letter.Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!Be the STFU you wish to see in the world.Immanentize the Eschaton!#scheme #repl #python #javascript#objectivec#retrocomputing #dj #dnd #rpg #hardsf #fantasy#atheism #sarcasm #tabs #pronoun:he/him/program #nobot Blog=https://mdhughes.tech/
olivia@radical.townolivia maia
site, stuff, streams
olivia@radical.town  [follow]
escritora e ilustradora desterrada.brazilian writer & illustrator. queer, ace, nonbinary. probably a communist.no toots are eternal.🌐 PT | ES | EN | DE🤖 she/they/comrade📌 #art #literature #writing #opensource #linux #communism #cats photog=https://photog.social/@olivia
schrodingers_cat@rage.loveBasil Topped Spectacle Fucker
schrodingers_cat@rage.love  [follow]
He/Him/HisMoving over from mastodon.social.Everything you love is consumerism | Fuck your "work ethic" | "Adulting" is just being totally assimilated into the spectacle | ACAB | anti-racist, and anti-fascist | I do some writing and poster design.avatar by @Leelumsbackup: @ismellbaconOne time support: Ko-fi.com/johnpierre
wion@writing.exchange  [follow]
A man who writes and edits nonfiction, and occasionally finishes what he starts writing. Also: likes quietude, fitness, grey weather, and manual technologies that serve one purpose well. [Posts culled to latest 100 thanks to Forget.] #NoBots #nobot Yᵉ Full Point=https://fullpoint.wion.com
ademalsasa@floss.socialAde Malsasa Akbar
Website, Twitter
ademalsasa@floss.social  [follow]
I am a moslem. I teach GNU/Linux. I am writing GNU/Linux articles at http://www.ubuntubuzz.com. I am actively teaching Libre Software and GNU/Linux at https://kursusteknoplasma.wordpress.com. I hope my life could be useful for everybody every time.My 1st list about #FreeSoftware #FreeService: https://floss.social/@ademalsasa/103683968228975173My 2nd list about #COVID19 solution: https://floss.social/@ademalsasa/103995683852950996 GNU/Linux School=https://kursusteknoplasma.wordpress.com User interface=KDE
anarchoninawrites@mastodon.social  [follow]
Writer, analyst, anti-capitalist, anarcho-syndicalist. "So if I can shoot rabbits, then I can shoot fascists" Que Se Vayan Todos. Ni ici ni ailleurs. No pasarán. Writing at ninaillingworth.com
Website, Writing, Coding, Videos
byuu@mastodon.social  [follow]
Author of the bsnes and higan emulators.
ko-fi, paypal.me, social media
renardroi@mastodon.art  [follow]
hey I'm Grim(they/them):heart_sp_ace: :heart_sp_pan: :heart_sp_nb:25LAif I dont ask for advice don't give it.#art #digitalart #writing and #furry queue & TOS=https://trello.com/b/3gBCUS75/grims-commission-queue
scarly@soc.scarly.pinkScarly Crow
scarly@soc.scarly.pink  [follow]
~trans, enby, lesbian, black, socialist~interests are programming, writing, gaming, kpop, anime stuff, books, chel, and other stuff Pronouns=they/them/she/her Species=crow (sometimes a werecat) Discord=Scarly Crow#4456 Avatar Created by=@Lumi
Writing, Music
matthewseiji@mastodon.social  [follow]
Matthew S. Burns is a writer, composer, and maker of game-like things.
vajazzledvagina@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Howdy! I'm a lesbian, disabled, pro vegan, anti capitalism, anti men and I collect radical feminist writing. @TheKeeperofPDFs is where I share my collection. Heads up, I'm an asshole. If you are white and/or straight, I will not coddle you. 🐩
kiramagrann@dice.camp🐍Kira Magrann🐍
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Kira Magrann | game designer + queer feminist cyborg | she/her RPG Writing Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kiramagrann
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Talk to me about women’s liberation/writing/cinema/comedy, musicals, folklore. #EndDemand #WFPB
troim@cybre.spaceTroim Kryzl
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Aiming for posthumous glory, one prescient #SciFi tale at a time#writing Pronoun agnostic, will respond to whatever you consider most appropriatehttps://troim-kryzl.biz
glennf@mastodon.cloudGlenn Fleishman
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Hi, I’m Glenn Fleishman. You might know me from such things as winning Jeopardy, writing about technology, or tweeting too much.
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projets publiques
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Your local rat stan and lover of trees:ancom: :flag_pansexual: :flag_genderfluid:Started writing code, can't stopErsatz poet and writerTired AlabamianFollows accepted at arbitrary discretion, but pronouns are required. If you don't center anti-racism in your fights for justice, fuck off. âge=24 pronoms=iel/they, elle/she okay langues=EN, FR
fanfi@mastodon.artFanfi 🌸
tumblr is dead, twitter, instagram, toyHO
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🇨🇱🌸queer latinamerican visual artist writing her thesis and making #art zines to fill the void🌸🌸huge #wlw and #ocs enthusiast 🌸
All the Jon stuff
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I live a charmed life working in a #SOC with the smartest people in the #infosec field from my beautiful New England century home in 🇨🇦. Twice a day my ManMe bot (as in Man pages) posts a random Linux command and its purpose. You can find them under the #manmebot hashtag.My current writing is on Substack here (https://jonwatson.substack.com). If you want to read something but hit the paywall, look at the About page. There is an outrageously good discount button there :)#Linux #Sysadmin
Personal Blog, Writing Blog, Publication, Project
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PhDer Women's Studies |social movements, urban studies, aesthetics|, Feminist, tired of hate in the worldShe/HerBirdsite @colouredvisions
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Sometimes Screenwriter. Full-Time Director: #LostRecipes #ChakhLeIndia #IndiaOnAPlate etc. Museum Rat. Wannabe Writer writing on food/history. Always #OnTheRoad Twitter=@Historywali Instagram=www.instagram.com/historywali
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Genderless. Loves animals. Writes poetry sometimes. White. Disabled, severely chronically ill, ND. Perpetually low on spoons so I mostly just boost other people's posts. I'll probably reply to your toots 2+ days later.Feel free to ask for cws or other accessibility.Please note I don't distinguish between physical and mental health in cws.Follow requests welcome. Pronouns=They/them or none Location=South west UK Age=22 Writing (poetry and more)=https://write.as/cakefordogs/
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shoe fact giver - post-American - benevolent dictator I am=a queer chubby chaser I do=writing & design I stan=famous fat darlings My toots=never boosted
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St. Louis native, software developer, interested in math, language, writing, nature, other nerd shit Interests=Math, Nature, Linguistics, Programming Job=Programming Pastimes=Reading, Writing, Drinking Pronouns=He / Him
aeveltstra@mastodon.socialAndré E. Veltstra
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Hi, I'm André. I'll be writing about software architecture, cyber security, and UX/UI topics. I'm handfasted. Our family has 2 kids and a dog. We make music. Pronouns=They/Them Git=https://git.sr.ht/~aev Twitch, me making software=https://www.twitch.tv/aev_software
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into men's shoes, men in shoes, fat men, always horny and oversharing I am=a queer chubby chaser I do=writing & design I stan=famous fat darlings My toots=never boosted
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I'm an intuitive and turbulent type. Also an architect, being it social behavior - personal or structural - morals or software systems. I've a broken humor. I like logic, riddles and to play with words. I couldn't live without music or art. I love board games and writing.Co-founder of othermo GmbH. Toots may be hyped.#degrowth, #minimalism, #sustainability #reason #developer #FOSS #oss #startup #equity #social #mastoadmin #zeigenwasgeht #darmstadt #wgtarisch #wgleben Fassion style=fedoraproject.org Privileges=a lot
suplex24@mastodon.socialRose Lalonde ✅
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Joan/Rose 20 y.o. lesbian from Arizona! Contact me about map-making or language/writing system commissions. just a onceler looking for my oncie ❤️ Pronouns=She/they Tumblr=ralsei-deltarune Interests=Anthropology, linguistics, starred wars
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(⇙⇙⇙) Building the new in the shell of the old. Organizing toward liberatory societal transformation.he/him, cis, 1-2 on Kinsey scale Do a lot of=writing without pay Studied=Physics/Philosophy Live in=Oklahoma Affinity=Anarcho-Syndicalist