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foinb@chaos.social  [follow]
In meiner physisch-soziologen Konstellation manifestiert sich die absolute Dominanz positiver Impressionen meines Individuums.drop 1987#vegan#nicezutieren#cook#garlic#sysadmin#linux#macosdesktop=mac os/pop!_osserver=debian/ubuntuhomeserver=dsm#gamesdiablo3#generationzero#valheim#boardgames /var/log=https://retroachievements.org/user/FoinB LANG=de_DE.utf8 /usr/share=https://pixelfed.de/FoinB /home/foinb=https://foinb.de
oliviya@xhais.love  [follow]
28 Year old Trans femalePromoter of people being able to express their kinks freely, just don't push them on people.I'm one whose accepting towards those who are zoophilesThings I typically do:Play games like RuneScape, Albion, Overwatch, Siege, Noita, Valheim, etc...Listening to music: Primarily some rap, edm and metalWriting and readingChilling out and doing lewd events regularly in my discord, of which if you want to join. My discord tag is Livvy#5983Anything else people might want to know about me, you can gladly just ask me anything. As I'm always a open book.
ais9ntjydkwavrwxtk.foinb@h1v3.de  [follow]
- MIssKey Test Account auf eigener Instanz -In meiner physisch-soziologen Konstellation manifestiert sich die absolute Dominanz positiver Impressionen meines Individuums.drop 1987#vegan#nicezutieren#cook#garlic#sysadmin#linux#macosdesktop=mac os/pop!_osserver=debian/ubuntuhomeserver=dsm#gamesdiablo3#generationzero#valheim#boardgames LANG=de_DE.utf8 /home/foinb=IN ARBEIT /usr/share=IN ARBEIT /var/log=IN ARBEIT
brenlikesclouds@birdsite.nytpu.com  [follow]
Communicator in #yeg. Michif Métis ∞ 🌾 He/him/his 🏳️‍🌈 Still grasping the scope of my Valheim problem.
cobaltvelvets@twtr.plusbella @romhack!PKMNBLACK nuzlocke challenge
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
cobaltvelvets@twtr.plus  [follow]
20↑ she/they・FUB自由【日本語🆗・nl a.h studeren】#langtwt / cp: yakuza 0, valheim Twitter=twitter.com/cobaltvelvets
frogtrade8@mastodon.cloudLarkin Fernandez
frogtrade8@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
https://canvas.instructure.com/eportfolios/1415146/Home/Minecraft_Update_18_Is_Officially_Live https://thumbnylon4.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/22488777/valheim-surpasses-57-million-copies-in-five-weeks-on-steam-early-access Hack Slash Mine No Sound Minecraft Click Here to access Minecraft
Website, Bookwyrm
golloreth@mastodon.green  [follow]
She / her. Loyal servant to Spock the Cat. Geek. Proud EU citizen. By day, I work as a community manager for a small nonprofit in Digital Media. By night I am a graduate student in Industrial-Organisational Psychology. In my spare time I am a volunteer for a nonprofit in Nature Education: #IVN.nl and #Volt.Other interests: #Science #Mindfulness #Sustainability #Privacy #OpenSource #Books #Movies #Games #SciFi #Fantasy #Cosplay #SolarPunk #Elfia #StarTrek #Valheim #Sailing #Hiking #4Daagse Subscribe to my blog=@Inge@donutsdragons.eu Languages=Dutch, English & German
gramcheek17@mastodon.cloudCarr Skou
gramcheek17@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
https://hailline05.bloggersdelight.dk/2022/08/25/i-hosted-my-valheim-dedicated-server-with-docker-on-a-rock-pi-x/ More games... GameMaker Server End of life: GameMaker Server's life expectancy has passed. It is no longer being actively developed. The server will remain live at least until th
heliumfrown7@mastodon.cloudLinde Clay
heliumfrown7@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
https://zenwriting.net/benchonion7/minecraft-1-5-2-download-free-pc-full-version https://txt.fyi/-/22255/23b03ba0/ Valheim was launched on Steam just five weeks ago and has been a huge success ever since. Iron Gate's Viking survival simulator rocketed to the top of the charts and sold
kubrowthe@birdsitelive.bubbletea.dev  [follow]
Gamer, Unity smart, Werebat. Enough Said.I do Free Request for VRCHAT and Valheim Custom Models! Please ask!
lungbacon1@mastodon.cloudCoble From
lungbacon1@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
http://www.docspal.com/viewer?id=tpnweqlk-21457626 Going Medieval is an upcoming city - well, colony-building game with the low-poly ambiance of Valheim and Old School Runescape, and gameplay that could put it in the top tier of the best city-building titles around when it eventually launche
mgcdrp@mastodon.social  [follow]
Deutscher-Ritter-Platz ist deine deutschsprachige Multigaming Community,genau am 8. September 2015 beschlossenwir das Projekt Deutscher-Ritter-Platz zu Gründen mit dem Ziel"Spielern mit Survival-Mittelalter-RPG" Interessen ein Platz zum Spielen zu bieten. Gaming-Projekte=Rust, Valheim, Ark, Heat, Reign of Kings, 7 Days to Die Social-Media=http://steam.mgcdrp.de/ | https://yt.mgcdrp.de/ | http://ig.mgcdrp.de/ | https://tv.mgcdrp.de/
mousepacket2@mastodon.cloudYork Bray
mousepacket2@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
http://b3.zcubes.com/v.aspx?mid=8848532 Out for your next survival game that's not Valheim? Do give Vintage Story a go, that on the surface appears like Minecraft but is far more exciting and more mechanically. This is a minor update to the previous release however, there are some exciting t
pastorsphere78@mastodon.cloudCheng Brown
pastorsphere78@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
https://www.edocr.com/v/1amwwxv1/minervaharness/Minecraft-Mod-YouTuber-Adds-Over-the-top-new-Encha https://www.file-upload.com/1v35rrhmqabt https://userscloud.com/9goegqgz66ol Are you looking for your next survival game that's not Valheim? Give Vintage Story a go, that on the sur
skrrytch@norden.socialBert Speckels
skrrytch@norden.social  [follow]
Vater, Ehemann, Softwaredeveloper, Oldenburger, Gamer Vater=Dreifach Ehemann=Traumfrau Developer=Java, TypeScript, C++, Pascal Gamer=Gothic, TESO, Minecraft, Valheim, ...
theoryfrance48@mastodon.cloudWall Leach
theoryfrance48@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
https://penzu.com/p/7afc49f2 https://www.openlearning.com/u/balleejlersen-rhwm2u/blog/MinecraftMeetUpInPeterboroughDescribedAsAwful https://notes.io/qdqYB Valheim went live on Steam exactly five weeks ago, and it's been on fire since then. Iron Gate's Viking survival sim soared t
valheimgame@beta.birdsite.live  [follow]
Official twitter account for Valheim. Steam:https://store.steampowered.com/app/892970/Valheim/Discord:http://discord.gg/44qXMJH
valheimgame@twtr.plusValheim :verified:
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
valheimgame@twtr.plus  [follow]
Official twitter account for Valheim Steam:http://store.steampowered.com/app/892970/Val…Discord: http://discord.gg/ValheimMade something? #ValheimFanart #ValheimScreenshot Twitter=twitter.com/valheimgame
voicyza@twtr.plusChris does Norway
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
voicyza@twtr.plus  [follow]
MSFS2020 nerd, Valheim farmer and useless at WoW since TBC. Twitter=twitter.com/voicyza