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linux@lemmy.ml  [follow]
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLinux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution (or distro for short).Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project. Many Linux distributions use the word "Linux" in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.Community icon by Alpár-Etele Méder, licensed under CC BY 3.0
climagic@mastodon.socialCommand Line Magic
climagic@mastodon.social  [follow]
Cool Unix/Linux Command Line tricks you can use. Here mostly to inspire all to try more. Read docs first, run later.
sdf@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
SDF Public Access UNIX System - https://sdf.orgJoin Echolink 9229 NET Mondays 0000 UTCOpenVoIP Daily at 0200 UTCOpenMiC Daily at 0300-0600 UTChttps://aNONradio.net
mike@chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Winner of Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006 and will never, ever get tired of that joke.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to make good #bread and #beer. I was a professional Unix #sysadmin for nearly 25 years.Sometimes I get up onto stages and tell jokes. Don't applaud, just throw money.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
mike@social.chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@social.chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Winner of Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006 and will never, ever get tired of that joke.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to make good #bread and #beer. I was a professional Unix #sysadmin for nearly 25 years.Sometimes I get up onto stages and tell jokes. Don't applaud, just throw money.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
drq@mastodon.mlDr. Quadragon ❌
drq@mastodon.ml  [follow]
Sysadmin, Unix punk, Technolojesus, and Free Software freakPronoun: he/hisBit of an SJW. Militant atheist and battle skeptic. Devil's advocate. Devout Saganist.If you are a Nazi, we can't be friends.Admin of mastodon.mlДоброхотъ. Социальный граф с поместьем.Босс этой качалки.Главврач этой больнички.GET ON MY HORSE, I'LL TAKE YOU 'ROUND THE FEDIVERSE! XMPP/E-Mail=doctor@equivalent.me BTC=1txVcuqQ5UNzN6at7HbxNieH6rv6iQUhP
ubuntufr@mamot.frUbuntu (FR)
ubuntufr@mamot.fr  [follow]
Compte francophone d'actualité sur la distribution "Ubuntu" et les variantes comme Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate etc...(NB : ce compte n'appartient pas à l'association ubuntu-fr.org, il est totalement indépendant) linux=ubuntu gnome=libre opensource=unix gnu=informatique
linuxhumor@lemmy.mlGNU+Linux Humor
linuxhumor@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Memes, jokes and general humor about GNU+LinuxRules:Posts must be relevant to GNU+Linux or at least an open source unix-like operating systemNo NSFW contentNo hate speech, bigotry, etc
martin@mstdn.binfalse.de  [follow]
researcher + sysadmin + developer + rostocker papa -- https://binfalse.de/contact/ likes=#linux #unix #foss; honest #research; #code; #data; clear #language; likes not=#monkeywork; #boredom; #hype; #lowquality; #manipulation; language=#de #engb #python #java #perl #sh #R #docker #javascript #css #go
keltounet@mastodon.socialOllivier Robert 💉 💉💉
keltounet@mastodon.social  [follow]
Internet native, UNIX & crypto geek, Fujifilm photographer, Tesla & Apple fan, #InfoSec, #INFP, #badpun, #Metal, #bookworm #golang & more…
Podcast Geek, Podcast Gamer, Tutorials for artists
klaatu@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Unix geek and open source software enthusiast. Tabletop game nerd. Podcaster, musician, multimediatician. Slacker since [Slackware] 12.0 Pronouns=he/him/his
solderpunk@tilde.zone  [follow]
General purpose retrogrouch and digital malcontent. Circumlunar admin and phlogger, Gemini protocol designer. Anime, AVR, bikes, chiptunes, crypto, film, gopher, Python, privacy, pubnix, shortwave, unix, Z80,...
wolf480pl@mstdn.io  [follow]
CompSci TA at Uni of WarsawLinux nerd, sysadminLikes The Unix Way🇬🇧🇵🇱(🇯🇵 a bit)
mascha@fosstodon.org  [follow]
likes=#linux #unix #foss; clever #research; #code; #data; #visualisations likes not=#monkeywork; #hype; #lowquality language=#de #engb #typescript #python #java #sh #R #docker #css
amerika@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Freelance writer and editor. Writes at https://www.amerika.org/ and https://www.deathmetal.org/. Rather fond of UNIX, organic gardening, classical music and heavy metal. If you need editing work, visit me at https://www.brettstevens.org/. Listen to my old radio shows at https://www.kcuf.com/.
tildetown@tiny.tilde.website  [follow]
a lovely social unix server | sign up for an account today ❤ https://tilde.town
romanzolotarev@bsd.networkroman 🐡
romanzolotarev@bsd.network  [follow]
A webmaster (https://rgz.be/n). I write Unix/BSD how-tos and #POSIX shell scripts. I'm here to help you with #OpenBSD.
brynet@bsd.networkBryan Steele :flan_beard:
brynet@bsd.network  [follow]
AKA canadianbryan. I like tinkering with #OpenBSD and occasionally other Unix-like systems. In other words, not a MCP. He/Him. 🍕🐈💻🇨🇦 🏠=https://brynet.ca/
canadianbryan@mastodon.socialBryan Steele
canadianbryan@mastodon.social  [follow]
AKA brynet@. I like tinkering with #OpenBSD and occasionally other Unix-like systems. In other words, not a MCP. He/Him. 🍕🐈💻🇨🇦 🍕=https://brynet.ca/wallofpizza.html Main account:=https://bsd.network/@brynet
livestradamus@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
#Bitcoin #UNIX #OpenBSD #Slackware #HipHop #CryptoAustrian 🔑 gpg=ed25519/7829D4113FB08457 💬 xmpp=live@livestradamus.com 📧 email=livestradamus@secmail.pro
drequivalent@mastodonsocial.ruDr. Equivalent the Incredible
Liberapay, Patreon
drequivalent@mastodonsocial.ru  [follow]
Sysadmin, Unix punk, Technolojesus, and Free Software freakPronoun: he/hisBit of an SJW. Militant atheist and battle skeptic. Devil's advocate.If you are a Nazi, we can't be friends.Admin of mastodonsocial.ruБосс этой качалки. XMPP/E-Mail=doctor@equivalent.me Tox=CAE9EBB4A9263A5C9DB513C267FF20D7279F1538D6AC18CED89FEDEEB333F2020091E172121E
nixcraft@mastodon.social  [follow]
Enjoy Linux & Unix-like systems? Open source software,Sysadmin & DevOps work? Follow us! https://www.cyberciti.biz/
bitcoinization@bitcoinhackers.orgBitcoinization :bitcoin: ⚡
bitcoinization@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
20+ Years in banking (Mainframe/UNIX). Cypherpunks, Debian, Coding, Bitcoin, Carnivore.
suetanvil@freeradical.zoneChris [list of spooky emoji]
suetanvil@freeradical.zone  [follow]
Lover, dreamer, codewarriorpoet.White, cishet, able-bodied male (aka Easy Mode).Tech nerd (NOT tech bro) roughly the same age as Unix. I like reading about and making cool (non-capitalistic) things with computers.Canadian, leftish politics, opposed to all forms of bigotry (e.g. BLM, trans rights, your gender is valid).Christian (spiritually, not politically) but rarely discussed here; I CW religion.This account is a public place; I usually don't get very personal here.#nobot Pronouns=He/Him Nerdery=Yes Employer's opinions?=NO!!!! Formerly=@suetanvil@mastodon.technology
suetanvil@mastodon.technologyChris [list of muddy emoji]
suetanvil@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Lover, dreamer, codewarriorpoet. White, cishet, able-bodied male (aka Easy Mode).Tech nerd (NOT tech bro) roughly the same age as Unix. I like reading about and making cool (non-capitalistic) things with computers.Canadian, leftish politics, opposed to all forms of bigotry (e.g. BLM, trans rights, your gender is valid).Christian (spiritually, not politically) but rarely discussed here; I CW religion. This account is a public place; I usually don't get very personal here.#nobot
site, signup, donate
tildeteam@tilde.zone  [follow]
https://tilde.teama lovely little public access unix group---new user announcements and occasional irc-bot posts
hackerfantastic@social.hackerfraternity.orgHacker Fantastic :t1:
hackerfantastic@social.hackerfraternity.org  [follow]
Co-Founder https://hacker.house - cyber security assurance services & hacker training, author ISBN9781119561453, a book about professional hacking. Sysop of UNIX Hacker's Fraternity (uHF) BBS ~ https://hackerfraternity.org
mdrights@fosstodon.orgMDrights :slackware: :bash:
mdrights@fosstodon.org  [follow]
A Chinese crypto-anarchist. #Linux #BSD CLI nerd, *nix shell veteran, #privacy & anti-#surveillance nerd. #vim & #git save my life.Amateur social/anthro researcherTrying to live independently & liberally in #China. Daily resistance to authoritarian state. 🎉 My own Linux distro: #antiS -- anti-Surveillance & anti-forensichttps://github.com/mdrights/LiveSlak Lives at=UNIX shell Desktop=Slackware Servers=BSDs PGP=B404B0C8EF4F06656A7D1299B0DCA8EAA87C8B1A
tromo@kafeneio.socialΤρομοκρατιστής ✭
tromo@kafeneio.social  [follow]
Θεσμός είναι μόνο τα λαϊκά δικαστήρια. Synopsis=1971, Programmer, Atheist System=UNIX® System V Release 4 Languages=C/C++, ASM, Pascal, PHP, ... even Java, JS, VB & Cobol
mia@disqordia.spaceMiaMelon :tranarchy: :heart_eye: :invertedpentagram: 😈
mia@disqordia.space  [follow]
~ Mia Dickington-Lastname♾ Girlfriend of ${ @wetsocks }Binary trans, Agender ~ Otherkin polymorphEldritch Queen & Goddess -- 18ft tall Shapeshifting Tentacle Monster-- my forms are infinite but that is where I feel most at homeMia/Mia's or She/HerInterchangeable, use them as you wish----Age: 18Pol: obv if you read my posts, but I prefer to just chillSexuality: Lilith ( :labrys: (lesbian))----Bots I run:@goddessbot@botsin.space & @everyfutar public gpg key=unix.lgbt/~mia/mia/pub Dicks Git=https://dicksdeathabove.xyz/~mia/ general info/site=unix.lgbt/~mia/ interact=before follow
tromo@libretooth.grΤρομοκρατιστής ★
tromo@libretooth.gr  [follow]
Ο μόνος θεσμός είναι το λαϊκό δικαστήριο. Birthdate=1971 Languages=C/C++, ASM, Pascal, PHP, ... even Java, JS, VB & Cobol System=UNIX® System V Release 4
wolf480pl@niu.moe  [follow]
CompSci student at Uni of WarsawLinux geek, trying to be a sysadminLikes The Unix Way🇬🇧🇵🇱(🇯🇵 a bit)
tauli@chaos.social  [follow]
Interests in no particular order: #Haskell, #Unix, #Neovim, #Feminism, #Go(Boardgame), #VideoGames (Retro and Indie), #Origami, #Tea, #Chocolate#nobot
segnwrisastoika@mstdn.socialσε γνώρισα στο ΙΚΑ 🐦🏴🏴‍☠️
segnwrisastoika@mstdn.social  [follow]
#ACAB • #StopPushbacks • #FreePalestine γατο-ακκάουντContent: photos of my cats and rants in GreekInterests: human rights, anti-capitalism, anti-facism, privacy, animal rights, linux/unix/foss, photography, beach, vacation, hiking, drinking
r3vlibre@mastodon.tetaneutral.net🏰Christophe S.❄IceEnchanter
r3vlibre@mastodon.tetaneutral.net  [follow]
🏰 https://www.citadels.earthCitadin, amoureux de #nature, curieux, rêveur, freedom lover. La plus belle des magies, c'est le pouvoir de ré-enchanter les cœurs et le monde...#freesoftware #artlibre #celtic #nature #enchantment #rpg #unix #emacs #orgmode
wintermute_bbs@oldbytes.space  [follow]
half grown-up Commodore 64 kid, RC2014 enthusiast, Linux platform engineer and hobbyist retro coder (C / ASM / BASIC). SysOp of telnet BBSes "Wintermute BBS" (wintermutebbs.ddns.net:23) and the infamous "RC-BOX BBS" (rc2014.ddns.net:2014), the world's first and (currently) only #rc2014 based telnet BBS !! Tech:=Commodore 64, RC2014, ZX Spectrum, CP/M , Linux / UNIX Coding:=C / Z80 Assembler / BASIC (yes, BASIC) Footy & Beer:=Fortuna Düsseldorf / Füchschen Alt Music & Politics:=Punkrock / old fart left
r1rail@hostux.socialErwan 🚄
r1rail@hostux.social  [follow]
Trains, Unix, RéseauxPeut sortir une chanson improbable à partir de 3 motsNantais, sanglier des voies ferrées de l'information #nobot= #trains= #unix=
eris@rats-at.workeris :ratcrown:
eris@rats-at.work  [follow]
are you smarter than five gay rats?"this wench is off her rocker" - my boyfriend"i expect you to walk on all fours irl" - emilis"cryptid that crawls into your house at night eats your food and kisses your husband probably" - raine pronouns=she/her toki=pona matrix=@eris:chat.unix.lgbt website=side-effects.neocities.org alt account=@eris@merveilles.town
Telegram, Bandcamp, Gitea, GPG
caskd@social.redxen.eu  [follow]
UNIX lover, sysadmin, C programmer, weebcomplex software is the death of humanityfuck your webshit190398387 dead nodejs devswe are doomed Mail=caskd@redxen.eu
arnimranthoron@ruhr.socialArnim Sommer 🇪🇺
Zweitpodcast, Podcast
arnimranthoron@ruhr.social  [follow]
Antifaschistisch, wissenschaftlich-technisch, Unix, Podcasterich - aber was sind 'social skills'?I support transgender rights. Trans rights = human rights! pronoun=(he, him)
zorinlynx@mastodon.social  [follow]
Geeky silly South Florida lynx. UNIX cat. Cyclist. A little weird sometimes. Yes, I'm the FluffMUCK Zorin 😀Miami, FL
btreguier@mamot.frBruno Tréguier :penguin:
btreguier@mamot.fr  [follow]
Unix and Open Source geek, with a soft spot for embedded systems... The views expressed here are my own. Chef du #GIGN (Groupe Interceltique des Grammar Nazis)
nd3jr@social.coopDave V. ND9JR
nd3jr@social.coop  [follow]
40 year old cis #gay man. Likes #hamradio, #unix, esp. #BSDs, #aviation, #books, #hiking, #videogames. he/him or ze/zirAlso on Octodon: @ND3JR#nobot
yojimbo@hackers.townCMDR Yojimbosan [UTC+13]
Open Hardware
yojimbo@hackers.town  [follow]
Infosec, Unix, IP (networking, not lawyering), Free and Open Source software.Official $dayjob-related personality profiling tool said I was a Ravenclaw but could also get away with Slytherin. Elite:Dangerous=Radio Sidewinder First tech=ZX81 Pronouns=he/him
keltounet@bsd.networkOllivier "BSD" Robert
keltounet@bsd.network  [follow]
Internet native, UNIX & crypto geek, Fujifilm photog., Tesla & Apple fan, #InfoSec, #INFP, #badpun, #Metal, bookworm & more… — BACKUP Account
r1rail@mastodon.gougere.frErwan 🚄
r1rail@mastodon.gougere.fr  [follow]
Trains, Unix, RéseauxPeut sortir une chanson improbable à partir de 3 motsNantais, fait marcher un petit bout d'internet#nobotSélectionne ses abonnés (de manière arbitraire) Unix= Trains=nez-cassés Réseau=BGP
rfrederick@rettiwtkcuf.socialRyan Frederick
rfrederick@rettiwtkcuf.social  [follow]
Unix admin type person playing with servers, switches, routers, and telephones at Oklahoma State University.Spews forth electromagnetic radiation as KF5PFU.
fortunebot@neckbeard.xyzFortune Bot
fortunebot@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Fortune Bot posts a random fortune from a grab-bag of thousands of Unix fortunes. Fortunes are posted every 30 minutes.Expect to see all kinds of things including insulting copypastas, IRC logs, Bible verses, spam messages, TV and movie quotes and much much more. All fortunes are less than 160 characters and offensive fortunes are included.Powered by Fortudon: github.com/redblade7/fortudonAccount owned by @redneonglowOther fun bots: @BitchX @darkweb @loliaword @LoveLiveBot @ShowerThoughts @weebaword @YKYWTMSMW
spacegeek@chaos.social  [follow]
Trockennasenprimat Interessen: Astronomie, Code, Demoscene, GNU/Linux & Unix, Raumfahrt, Wissenschaft (message "Born in %d" (* 11 181))
static@patch.cx yuni@
static@patch.cx  [follow]
Touhou seondary and unix -- Current chair of Pleroma Human Resources Dept. Running with @KKrankoNewEra@freespeechextremist.com for president of Fediverse 2020 (#fedi2020).
rl_dane@fosstodon.orgR. L. Dane
rl_dane@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Involuntary time-traveler, recipient of offensive grace. Quasi-technical Linux and FOSS enthusiast. Armchair privacy advocateProfile pic courtesy of neofetch: https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetchHeader image courtesy of NASA: https://unsplash.com/photos/Q1p7bh3SHj8My #interests:#StarWars#StarTrek#Linux#UNIX#Bible#Christianity#Jesus#AmateurRadio#Bash#Dallas#Writing#Poetry#Space#KSP#Tea#FountainPens#Journaling#TabletopRPG#RetroComputing#ClassicMac#uxn#fedi22 Prononuns=He/Him/Bro Faith=Christian Alt acct (poetry)=@rldane@write.as Uses=:linux: :debian: :manjaro: :raspberrypi: :gimp: :i3: :signal: :firefox: :libreoffice: :androidalt: :fdroid: :bash: :duckduckgo:
wyrddrgn@dice.campWhat Rough Beast
wyrddrgn@dice.camp  [follow]
Player of games, Unix Ogre, Guard Dog.Awesome Husband to an Awesome Wife.Lives in Yorkshire.
grimmware@hellsite.site  [follow]
An actual cyber punks on the inter spaceHardware hacking, retrocomputer upcycling, unix bothering, Plan 9 fondling and most importantly cyber occultism.Like a security professional but nice.Migrated from grimmware@cybre.space :rip:
smortex@mamot.frRomain Tartière 😈
smortex@mamot.fr  [follow]
#Hacker, #FLOSS Mercenary, #FreeBSD developer (romain@), #BOFH, love stuff from the 70's (e.g. #UNIX, Japanese hard-rock) and #Ruby. #Puppet; #Choria PGP=8234 9A78 E7C0 B807 0B59 80FF BA4D 1D95 5112 336F Location=Faa'a, Tahiti, French Polynesia 🥥=true
collectedquotes@mastodon.socialCollected Quotes
collectedquotes@mastodon.social  [follow]
Remember fortune(6) on Unix systems? Well, I'll give you a fortune every 6 hours - no ads/linkspam, just a fortune.Comments/suggestions to @wesmorgan1
captain@pirateradio.socialSnack Capt :verified_red:
Musical Noodling
captain@pirateradio.social  [follow]
The good ship lollipop set sail long ago.This here’s an ark. Tech=UNIX, JS (Node/React), Python, Docker, (No)SQL Education=MS in DS (in progress) Give Back=I code for a good cause (professionally) and foster dogs Aesthetic=Retro-futurism/Mid-century modern
miah@mastodon.socialMiah Johnson
miah@mastodon.social  [follow]
Transgender, Author, Video Game Player, Programmer, UNIX, Destroyer of Militaries, Amateur Chef. pronoun.is/she
Etsh Project Home Page, Project
v6shell@bsd.network  [follow]
Etsh (V6Sh) ... 2 ports of the original /bin/sh from V6 #UNIX (1975) .. see also https://mastodon.sdf.org/@v6shell ! ❤♓#OpenSource #OpenBSD #Freedom siempre con=amor .. gracias ! <3 =^) Jeff's Home=https://jan.etsh.nl/
neb@fosstodon.orgneb 🇳🇴
neb@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Wannabe **UNIXMAN**uNiX sNo(0)b who slowly learns to navigate the UniXverse. ED(1)=Is the standard SH(1)=Is the sh** WARNING!=Nearly all content will be Unix-related! Other places:=https://pixelfed.social/neb
haploc@mastodon.socialChris. R. 🎧🎼☕🍍
haploc@mastodon.social  [follow]
Linux/Unix SysAdmin/User, Geek, FLOSS proponent, part-time dad and guitarist, loves metal and Terry Pratchett's Discworld - Primary account.
swaggboi@eattherich.clubswagg boi
Homepage, Guestbook, Git, Chat
swaggboi@eattherich.club  [follow]
I like networks, #unix, #opensource, #perl, #ruby and cats. Y2K survivor$pronouns =~ /(he|him)/;
github, birdsite
cprogrammer@mastodon.social  [follow]
Techie & a C programmer in love with Unix, Linux & Star Trek, Star Wars.Atheist, Left of Center, introvert, socially awkward.DIY guy who listens to music on home built systemIITK
__h2__@mastodon.socialĦannes Ħauswedell
__h2__@mastodon.social  [follow]
C++, UNIX and random other nerd stuff. Occasionally politics. Likes mountains and the north.
grimmware@cybre.space  [follow]
An actual cyber punks on the inter spaceHardware hacking, retrocomputer upcycling, unix bothering and most importantly cyber occultism.Like a security professional but nice. pronouns=he/him olde=grimmware@mastodon.social gemini=gemini://republic.circumlunar.space/users/grimmware/
farhan@mastodon.technologyFarhan Yusufzai :freebsd:
farhan@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Muslim | إنسان ناقص | BSD Unix | C | Anti-Ethno-Nationalist | Privacy | ﷺ PGP Fingerprint=1312 89CE 663E 1EB2 179C 1C83 C41D 2281 F8DA C0DE Search Engine=DuckDuckGo
qdemouliere@wall.demouliere.euQuentin Demouliere
qdemouliere@wall.demouliere.eu  [follow]
Unix Addict, Debian User, #netneutrality & #datalove & #autohebergement, PGP - 0x325EFF8ADDC36C25, Site Web - https://quentin.demouliere.eu
notthebee@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I make YouTube videos about technology, Linux/Unix and computers. he/him
antranigv@bsd.networkAntranig Vartanian
antranigv@bsd.network  [follow]
CEO illuria Security, Inc., runs evncert.am, jabber.am, ambug.org # Unix, BSD, Elixir/Erlang, InfoSec, DNS, XMPP, SailfishOS # Toots Security, Privacy, Policy. hy=https://թութ.հայ/@antranigv XMPP=antranigv@jabber.am
fortune@pleroma.soykaf.com  [follow]
The trusty unix fortune file
mattl@mat.tlDr. Matt Lee :verified:
mattl@mat.tl  [follow]
Public figure/idiot. He/him. American/British. Bad jokes about old UNIX/TV. Wrote and directed a monkey movie. Would do it all again too. Internaut/Netizen. Former free software apologist, now I’m a Mac user. New England/cyberspace
nano@yiff.life  [follow]
call me rae or nano!19 years old, she/her, transgirl, omnisexual, otherkin, plural, autisticfurry, pony enjoyer, computer nerd, unix/linux dweeb, punk rock fan, twitch affiliatecat sometimes, horse other timesWARNING: some posts and boosts will be nsfw, but will be cw'd and unlisted. if you're under 18 and caught interacting with these specific posts, i will block youpreviously @nano, @rikuavatar by https://twitter.com/EmmettArt🇬🇧🏳‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🐾🐱🐴
nano@equestria.socialnano 🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈
twitter, website, telegram
nano@equestria.social  [follow]
call me rae or nano!18 years old, she/her, transgirl, omnisexualfurry, pony enjoyer, computer nerd, unix geek, apple loser, twitch affiliate, cat sometimes, horse other timeswarning: posts might be nsfw, but will be cw'dpreviously @rikuavatar by https://twitter.com/EmmettArt discord=nano!#0001
jbauer@social.paritybit.caJake Bauer
jbauer@social.paritybit.ca  [follow]
Computer science student with a strong interest in computer security, networking, and low-level stuff. Free, libre, open source software and open knowledge advocate. Proponent of simple, clean software and the UNIX philosophy. Website & Blog=https://www.paritybit.ca Gopher=gopher://paritybit.ca Gemini=gemini://paritybit.ca Git=https://git.sr.ht/~jbauer
peterbabic@fosstodon.orgPeter Babič
peterbabic@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Freelance web developer. UNIX and GNU/Linux enthusiast.
trechnex@mastodon.sdf.orgBobby Moss
Website, Glimpse, PeerTube, Birdsite
trechnex@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Chaotic good British person that's nearly 30. I've used Linux & open source software for 15 years, and still use it daily for my job, but I now mostly use UNIX for home computing.If you want Glimpse Image Editor news, please follow @glimpse. This is my personal account, so I usually talk about other things.Follow requests are welcome from accounts that have existed for a while & have visible posts I can review.#nobot 🏳️‍🌈🇬🇧 Gay, he/him. Views are my own.
wetsocks@disqordia.space~Lilith :invertedpentagram: :transuwu: | arf
wetsocks@disqordia.space  [follow]
+------------------------------------------------+just wanna be kind, chill out, and have fun.let's be friends!+------------------------------------------------+:labrys: girlfriend of the { @Mia@disqordia.space }'s variety ^w^hardcore UNIX nerd. masochistic POSIX simp.i love tackling simple problems with pointlessly hard solutions. dunno why, i just really enjoy it.very leftist, but actual politics are horrible on both sides so uhhhh transhumanist ancomcorewave type beati'm going to hell for many reasons (only the cool ones)being normal about it and not putting something like "arf arf!" in my bio【 :neurodiversity: 】(please keep this in mind,,thanks)avatar: picrew of me i guessbanner: wavy rainbow-on-black glitch art thing i made a long time ago
arielmt@computerfairi.esAriel Millennium Thornton
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✨ Kind Internet Help Desk fairy by day. ✨✨ Weird & furry Unix fairy by night. ✨✨ Occasionally a retrocomputer fairy. ✨✨ Often a ✨ sparkly ✨ shellscript ✨ princess ✨ or fairy. ✨✨ https://thornton2.com/ArielMT ✨✨ Follow requests welcome. ✨✨ :flag_transgender: :flag_aromantic: ✨✨ Age: Mere days younger than the Intel 4004 & Unix 1st Edition. ✨ Pronouns=she (or shi/they/he) Species=feline/phoenix (shifts at will between them) Tweet tweet=arielmtspeaks Fairy wand currently on=GEOS programming guide
mat813@mastodon.gougere.frMathieu Arnold ✏️🍕
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He/him/il/lui.Mostly winging it since birth.Knitter, Teacher & Designer.Network and Unix Guru.Photo, Food, Tea nut, Petrichor. GPG=0x3A4516F35183CE48 Ravelry=mat813 G1=2uiLQrfZTzSt5nYjxU2tgVk597JL5kBB6EJxupJ4P9Af
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Plattform- und Anwendungsbetriebsführer, nebenher noch als IT Dienstleister selbstständig... #Microsoft, #Google, #Apple, #Facebook und Co. sind im vierten Aggregatzustand - #überflüssig.Fahre zum Ausgleich gerne Mountainbike (Trail).#Linux #Unix #FreeAsInFreedom #FOSS #IPv6 #Privacy #Mountainbike #Thüringen #nobot Distros=Alpine Linux, Proxmox, Debian, SLES, RHEL, AWS Linux, Solaris und Ubuntu
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Opa_Holger halt, ein alter CCCler aus Hamburg. EDV-Kasper im privaten Datacenter. Schwankt zwischen Satire und Sarkasmus. Kann Spuren von Realität enthaltenVerbringe meine Zeit mit Datenschutz, Unix und Netzwerken. Weitere Interessen: Zweiräder (motorisiert, bald elektrisch), gute Speisen, MMORPG
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formerly moz@octodon.socialhaxx0r, netsec, civil rights+free software, mac/linux/unix-like, CompSci/Linguistics
YouTube, Twitch, GoodGame
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Любитель Unix/Linux/Cinnamon/QEMU-KVM/Gimp/Inkscape/Blender/Shotcut/сработало_ограничение_по_количеству_символов_для_описания. Фанат чтения ирл (бумажных) книг «Hardboiled Detective & Noire» (Дэшил Хэммет, Рэймонд Чандлер, Джеймс Чейз и другие). Милая панда и немножко стример, в основном олдовые игры, преимущественно квесты (Sierra, ну Вы знаете) или консольки 20 века. Поддержка=https://www.donationalerts.com/r/kill2blood
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I make YouTube videos about technology, Linux/Unix and computers. he/him
sigrid@merveilles.townGAL 9000
letters, pixels, videos
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Some kind of street-UNIX retrofetishist hippie C-girl? I practise C and #plan9. #9front dev.She/they/senõra. Pan, poly, tradwife.gemini://ftrv.se/sigrid on freenode and 9gridchan digits=https://git.sr.ht/~ft
ericsfraga@fediscience.orgéric 🚲 🇪🇺
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Long time #Unix (v7, BSD, Solaris), #GNU #Linux, and #Emacs user and developer. Programming mostly in #JuliaLang but also #Octave. Into #cycling 🚲 and dismayed at #Brexit 🇪🇺.Author ofNature inspired methods for optimization -- a Julia primer for process engineeringAvailable free on the Interweb at http://tiny.cc/nl5yuz and ebook (PDF) for a price at http://leanpub.com/natureinspiredmethodsforoptimization #Julia #JuliaLang #optimization #NatureInspired #ProcessEngineering #book #ebook
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An embalmer working as UNIX sysadmin
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Actor/writer/musician/UNIX guru/cook/medievalist and more. http://www.aspiringluddite.com Medievalist=Cook, fighter, poet Pronouns=He/Him
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queer bear guy 🏳️‍🌈 🐻;interested in: computers (unix/coding), art, sciences, cute animals, LGBTQIA+ matters and social justice;offers: hugs and other affection on request;⁂If you're requesting a follow: go ahead if we know each other, otherwise please have something significant about yourself in your bio!
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#sysadmin #linux #unix #guug #geek #python #postfix #git #ansible
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I'm a Computer science enthusiast, GNU/LINUX lover, UNIX philosophy and free software advocate. #nobot eMail=imto1@tutanota.com [matrix]=@imto1:nitro.chat Pixelfed=@imto1@pixelfed.social Blog=@vahid@southware.ir
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open-source. UNIX masochist. she/her please.girlfriend of the (Mia@disqordia.space)'s variety ^v^very leftist, but actual politics are horrible on both sides so uhhhh transhumanist ancomcorewave type beati'm going to hell for many reasons (only the cool ones) discord & matrix=ask me emacs=with vim bindings arch=artix thinkpad=t420
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Die richtige Anzahl an Projektideen ist die Anzahl umsetzbarer Projekte multipliziert mit dem aktuellen Unix-Zeitstempel in Millisekunden. Matrix=@moritz:wuks.space
dracometallium@pleroma.soykaf.comDraco Metallium
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Living in Neuquen, Argentina. Born in 1987 (it's a prime!). Programmer's apprentice. Religion: Unix (follower of the church of vi). draco_kun on freenode. Did you know that `Trans Rights = Human Rights`?
swaggboi@fedi.seriousbusiness.internationalswagg boi
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he/himI like networks, UNIX, Perl as well as cats 🌎=https://www.swagg.net/ 📖=https://www.swagg.net/cgi-bin/guest.cgi 🧑‍💻=https://codeberg.org/swaggboi 🐘=@swaggboi@eattherich.club 😼=@swaggboi@social.swagg.net
aicaya@octodon.socialAicaya ⚧
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+ Traditional artist+ Linux user+ Pansexual / aromantic+ ADHD-PI / Asperger's+ Trans woman🌹 🇵🇷Mermaids and nudism are part of my aesthetic. That may not be ALL I draw, but it does cover most of my artistic output.Mostly, though, I ramble about life, Unix-y stuff, programming projects and the like. I'm pretty asocial so this is more of a microblog than anything else.Like my work? Send a tip! (link in profile) Pronouns=she/her Website (18+)=https://aicaya.neocities.org Copyright=CC-BY-SA
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hypersexual bi unix weeniei probably hate what you run on your siliconredhat and gnu are the scum of earth"That's to me the most insane part of RedHatWare (systemd, wayland, pulseaudio, GNOME, dbus, udev, polkit, consolekit): it's shipped unfinished and buggy but the universe is now required to replace old, clunky apparatus with new, shiny, miscarriaged foetus."- Teodoro Santoni (https://lists.suckless.org/dev/2109/34485.html)""it works on my machine", they say, neglecting to mention that their machine is a toxic waste dump"- Drew DeVault - #alpine-devel 2021-09-29:cia: :glowing: :cia::hacker_c::hacker_e::hacker_r::hacker_t::hacker_i::hacker_f::hacker_i::hacker_e::hacker_d::hacker_f::hacker_e::hacker_d::cia: :glowing: :cia:EXOKERNELS FTWPostnouns: vi/vim:senkohappy3: taken by @jole@pleroma.sluga.xyz - 2021-12-03
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permaculture, theology, unix, bioinformatics, new england
Blog, Keybase
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Programozás, Hardver, Szoftver, Linux/Unix, Android és persze minden ami kütyü... meg minecraft.I was on Mastodon before it was cool :)🇭🇺 Vonatos témák=@mozvez
sven@social.tumelum.deSven Thomsen
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Unix-Geek, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, ArchLinux, Mikrotik, MacOS, iOS, Freifunk, Kieler, CIO SH, SPD. Privater Account. Matrix=@sven:tumelum.de
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deutschsprachiger account von https://todon.eu/@ida #nobot Absolute Beginnerin, Geniale DilleTante und mindestens so Dada wie Dudu. Mag #FLOSS, #UNIX, #Python, Bibliothekspersonal und funktionierende Demokratien.Dauergeschockt seit dem 24.09.2017 #neveragain