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linux@mastodon.uno:gnu: Linux Italia:linux:
twitter, pinterest, tumblr
linux@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Le più importanti notizie su #Linux selezionate per mastodon:gnu: :linux: :stallman: :linus: :ubuntu: :xubuntu: :debian: :devuan: :fedora: :gentoo: :guixsd: :archlinux: :alpinelinux: :linuxmint: :opensuse: :manjaro: :elementary: :endeavourOS: :lubuntu: :kubuntu: :mxlinux: :pureos: :slackware: :ubuntumate: :zorin: :ubuntustudio: :popos: :trisquel: #computer #informatica #gnu #gnulinux #foss #opensource #freesoftware #softwarelibero #ubuntu #fedora #debian #stallman #linustorvalds diggita=https://diggita.com/index.php?category=Linux
omgubuntu@floss.socialomg! ubuntu!
Website, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram
omgubuntu@floss.social  [follow]
omg! ubuntu! is a blog focused on #Ubuntu and its place within the wider #Linux ecosystem. Expect news, apps, tutorials, and fluff. Since 2009.
linux@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
Linux is a computer operating system family for freedom. Linux was created by a Finnish student, Linus Torvalds, who stated in a typically humble manner of Finns that it "won't be anything big and professional".Replace Windows with Linux and get ready to be surprised!News, tips & related buzz. Linux operating systems for your PC: Ubuntu / Pop!_OS / MX Linux / Fedora Linux / Linux Mint...ETH support: 0xb7E04B2351aF904B1367f200DDd00573465D4bA6#nobot @Minds=https://www.minds.com/LinuxOS @PixelFed=https://pixelfed.social/linux @Socialhome=https://socialhome.network/u/linux
ubuntu@ubuntu.social  [follow]
Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things
Personal Site
jalcine@playvicious.social  [follow]
he/him/his | everything else: https://jacky.wtfI'm here to help. A #dev / #webdev with an affinity for anti-revisionist #history focused on North America.#Black #BayArea #Oakland #Ubuntu #KDE #Kubuntu #Linux #Elixir #WebDev #Dev #Programming #Coding #Qt #Vegan #Rust pay=https://cash.me/%24jackyalcine Work=https://mastodon.technology/@blackaf
UBports website, Device list, Web Forum, Main Telegram group
ubports@mastodon.social  [follow]
We develop Ubuntu Touch, an Ubuntu based mobile OS, to increase freedom of choice with an user respecting and community developed option.
website, forum
ubports@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Ubports is developing Ubuntu Touch - a beautiful, free and open-source mobile operating system #UbuntuTouch #Ubuntu #Linux #Convergence
wimpy@ubuntu.socialMartin Wimpress
wimpy@ubuntu.social  [follow]
Passionate open source advocate, Linux 🐧enthusiast & podcaster 🎤 Lives in 🇬🇧 with his wife & daughter. Works for Canonical making @ubuntu & @snapcraftio
linuxphones@lemmy.mlLinux Phones
linuxphones@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Community about running GNU/Linux on phones. Projects like Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile, PostmarketOS, Mobian etc. Either on former Android phones or hardware like the PinePhone.Related chats:English XMPP roomGerman XMPP room
ubuntunews@mastodon.socialUbuntu News & Updates
ubuntunews@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hello! I'm a bot. I toot all the tweets posted on twitter accounts of the official Ubuntu flavours & @ubuntu, @ubuntudesigners, @ubuntu_sec, @ubuntucloud
ubuntufr@mamot.frUbuntu (FR)
ubuntufr@mamot.fr  [follow]
Compte francophone d'actualité sur la distribution "Ubuntu" et les variantes comme Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate etc...(NB : ce compte n'appartient pas à l'association ubuntu-fr.org, il est totalement indépendant) linux=ubuntu gnome=libre opensource=unix gnu=informatique
ubuntumate@ubuntu.socialUbuntu MATE
ubuntumate@ubuntu.social  [follow]
A community developed @ubuntu based operating system that beautifully integrates the MATE desktop.
bristow_69@framapiaf.orgCdrik 🌻
Web Perso, OpenStreetMap, Web Pro
bristow_69@framapiaf.org  [follow]
• Enseignant de Numérique (NSI - SNT) • Formateur et chargé de missions à la DANE de #Lyon •#LogicielLibre #Éduc #Environnement #Music #ÉcoCitoyen #DIY #Domotique #Ubuntu #Amap #OpenStreetMap #ViePrivée #Vélo PixelFed - Photos Carrées=https://pix.diaspodon.fr/Bristow_69
mashiro@h.2heng.xinMashiro :sys_scratch:
Blog, GitHub
mashiro@h.2heng.xin  [follow]
Chinese 🇨🇳 / Developer :icon_ubuntu:‎:icon_nodejs:‎:icon_wordpress:‎:icon_python:‎:icon_ruby:‎ / CPAx2 / #Arknights #ReDive #PVP兹要是您捧场~我就请您吃大肘子~兹要是您杠~就是您对~
diddledan@ubuntu.socialDaniel Llewellyn
diddledan@ubuntu.social  [follow]
WordPress freelancer, Snapcrafter, Sits on the Ubuntu Membership Board, Ubuntu UK LoCo resident, Serverless/Containers enthusiast, They/Them/Their
mashiro@hello-dev.2heng.xin𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖗𝖔 :sys_scratch:
Blog, GitHub
mashiro@hello-dev.2heng.xin  [follow]
Chinese 🇨🇳 / Developer :icon_ubuntu:‎:icon_nodejs:‎:icon_wordpress:‎:icon_python:‎:icon_ruby:‎ / CPAx2 / #Arknights #ReDive #王者荣耀
popey@ubuntu.socialAlan Pope
popey@ubuntu.social  [follow]
Snap Advocate at Canonical working on Ubuntu, podcaster, father, separated, cat lover & a geek through and through. This instance is a spare time thing.
kaffeeringe@social.tchncs.deSteffen Voß ☕
Blog, Telegram Channel, Pixelfex
kaffeeringe@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Online seit 1993. Organisiert den WebMontag Kiel seit 2006. Ist Open-Source-Fan; speziell von Ubuntu, Nextcloud & WordPress.
ademalsasa@floss.socialAde Malsasa Akbar
Website, School
ademalsasa@floss.social  [follow]
I am a moslem. I am from Indonesia, an author at UbuntuBuzz, teach Free Software, share about GNU and Linux a lot here. You can browse my posts by my pinned posts or my featured hashtags below. Machine=Ubuntu Interface=KDE
pla@pla.socialPatrick L Archibald :pla:
pla@pla.social  [follow]
Pronouns: he/him. I like tech and bicycles. Eat plants, not animals. #bike #cycling #linux #ubuntu #pleroma #ev #boltev Summerville South Carolina https://pla.bike
fla@mastodon.social  [follow]
diaspora* contributorFramasoft memberFront-end / UX devNow working @CERN, where the Web was born.Proudly using Ubuntu Touch as my primary device.Skateboarding, climbing, hanging around... diaspora*=fla@diaspora-fr.org twitter=@flaburgan
ubuntupodcast@octodon.socialUbuntu Podcast
ubuntupodcast@octodon.social  [follow]
Upbeat and family-friendly show including news, discussion, interviews and reviews from the Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source world.
omgubuntu@mastodon.cloudOMG! Ubuntu!
omgubuntu@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
<p>That site wot writes that stuff wot people sometimes read.</p>
sugar@goblin.campDavey :verified:
sugar@goblin.camp  [follow]
:nonbinary: :demiguy_flag: :commie: :over18: :DumpsterFire: and average ubuntu enjoyer"Davey must be stopped" - @moiety"Davey is an excellent poster and comes in a convenient pocket size" -@JohnBrownJrgoblin camp mod; not accepting bribes at this time pronouns=they/them :sparkles_nb: collages=#daveysart :promoted: singin=#daveysings 🎵
wimpress@hostux.socialMartin Wimpress
wimpress@hostux.social  [follow]
Passionate open source advocate, Linux 🐧enthusiast & podcaster 🎤. Lives in 🇬🇧 with his wife & daughter. Works for Canonical making Ubuntu & Snapcraft.
cedara@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
#bilingual (#German & #English) - loves #reading #books #scifi #mystery_novels, good #tea & #ubuntu - #Moderator for #tchncs.de#Lesen #Bücher #Tee#nobot #WearAMask#DrostenUltras#geboostert#FediAdventskalender21
ceralor@blimps.xyzKay Ohtie
ceralor@blimps.xyz  [follow]
Inflatable coyote admin! I don't bite; air-filled teeth don't hurt! Gay, silly, squeaky! Icon rindeadsong @ FA, banner adalore @ FA! Telegram=Ceralor Matrix=@ceralor:matrix.canidae.systems Summary=33, 🏳️‍🌈 :ms_male_symbol: :pooltoyvalve: :ms_coyote: :fedora: :ubuntu: :debian: :python: :windows:
abloo@fedi.absturztau.be:QueerCat_Trans: Amber (@amber@toot.site)
abloo@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
this is my "I'm on my phone " accountI have other accounts at @abloo@mk.absturztau.be and @amber@mk.nixnet.social In the process of moving this account to @Amber@toot.site Linux hippiePrivacy Advocateleft-leaninghttps://cyborgtrees.com"A bit evil" - @alexandra@mk.nixnet.social#PutTheShipBack​BLM:nyarch: :vim: :flag_transgender: my posts are public domain because fuck ipBiden bad, Sanders goodKeys can be found on keyserver.ubuntu.com keys.openpgp.org and https://cyborgtrees.com/keys/keys.htmlAccount locked to ward off bots. Feel free to follow! Age=20 Pronouns/gender=she/her gpg (fedi)=D528 4666 8177 E22D BE4B EF89 FFDD F70D 1B29 BC22
ted@social.gould.cxTed Gould
ted@social.gould.cx  [follow]
Pragmatic idealist. Building a company Axiom. Worked on Ubuntu Phone. Inkscape co-founder. Probably human.
nizarus@mamot.frNizar Kerkeni 🇹🇳 نزار القرقني
Blog, PixelFed
nizarus@mamot.fr  [follow]
Tunisien #Libre utilisateur du #LogicielLibre - Président fondateur de l'association #CLibre - Membre fondateur de la communauté #Ubuntu #Tunisie - #MastoTN Diaspora*=https://diaspora-fr.org/people/1479ba406967013a66d90025900e4586
chuck@linuxlab.sh  [follow]
Admin of linuxlab.sh - Infosec curious, automation enthusiast. Former Ubuntu and Kubernetes contributor. #nobotRandom follow requests with no context (eg never interacted before) will be rejected. Occupation=Thing-Doer Location=SomeCloud Plays=Steam Games Dislikes=Software Bugs
ubuntustudio@mastodon.artUbuntu Studio
ubuntustudio@mastodon.art  [follow]
Official account of Ubuntu Studio. Currently maintained by @eylul and @eickmeyer | #FLOSS #audio #linuxaudio #artwithopensource Support (Matrix)=https://matrix.to/#/!xmgKQfBvHjTMsDGIBb:matrix.org Community (Matrix)=https://matrix.to/#/!hJVoOAMzVUuxvclxmG:matrix.org
foufoutos@kafeneio.social  [follow]
Road Trips, Ubuntu and derivatives, amateur beekeeper, Balkans OS=Ubuntu Location=Balkans Hobby=Beekeeping
ubuntu@lemmy.mlUbuntu (Linux)
ubuntu@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Linux for Human Beings.https://ubuntu.com/
github, SoundCloud, GPG keyserver
economic_hitman@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Sir Economic Hitman, Baron of Congressional Dish at the No Agenda RoundtableCheckout my free, ad-free, no-spying app!It's a 2-player strategy game called 'Mancala Fantasy' (iPhone only, iOS 12+)https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mancala-fantasy-online/id1476984859Executive Producer noagendashow.com OpenPGP uid=<macarrao_1@protonmail.ch>
ubo@social.tchncs.deUwe Born
ubo@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
#CBG, #Debian, #DIY, #FOSS, #Holzwerken, #Hugo, #Javascript, #Jekyll, #Kettlebell, #Linux, #Python, #training, #treeclimbing, #Ubuntu, #woodworking
Mein Blog, Impressum, Patreon
markusblogde@mastodontech.de  [follow]
Admin of #MastodonTech.de and #Dresden.Network#Blogger#Datacenter Engineer#Nextcloud #ubuntu #linux #LarryBrent #Sinclair #rockabilly #cloud #architect Unterstützen=https://markus-blog.de/index.php/unterstuetzung/
mundon@fosstodon.orgDave :ubuntu: :arch: :manjaro:
mundon@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Tech enthusiast, sometimes creative, usually tired. I'm just a nerd. Pixelfed=@Mundon@pixelfed.social XMPP=dave@chat.munsonia.xyz
michlfranken@mastodon.socialMichlFranken 🇩🇪
michlfranken@mastodon.social  [follow]
Desktop: ElementaryOS, Linux Mint, macOSServer: DebianYouTube Kanal: https://youtube.com/c/MichlFrankenWebseite: https://www.michlfranken.deImpressum: https://www.michlfranken.de/impressum-kontakt/#Debian #Opensuse #LinuxMint #Ubuntu #Linux #SAP #iOS #MacOS #Android #OpenSource #Signal #Threema #Würzburg #FrankenEin Herz - Ein Kopf - Ein Arsch !
regolith@fosstodon.orgRegolith Linux
Web, Twitter
regolith@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Built on top of Ubuntu, GNOME and i3 Slack=regolith-linux.slack.com/
tux@anonsys.netTuxi 🐧 ✅
Searx auf metaversum.wtf, Invidious auf metaversum.wtf, Nitter auf metaversum.wtf, Bibliogram auf metaversum.wtf, Lutim auf metaversum.wtf
tux@anonsys.net  [follow]
Hallo und Willkommen auf meinem neuen Profil hier auf anonsys.net. 🍻Ich bin begeisterter Linux Fan, der gerne im Internet durch die Gegend reist. Ebenso interessiere ich mich für dezentrale Dienste, die man selber hosten kann. Aber auch das Thema Datenschutz, digitale Selbstverteidigung, ITSec habe ich mir auf die Fahne geschrieben.Für Friendica habe ich mich entschieden, weil ich mit dessen Hilfe Kontakte aus den verschiedenen freien Netzwerken pflegen kann.Ebenso bin ich Genießer was das Essen betrifft und stehe am liebsten vor meinem Grill und grill am liebsten Steaks oder Gemüse. Nach dem Essen lasse ich mich auch gerne von einem leckeren Whisky verwöhnen.Ich bin absolut gegen jede Art von Extremismus! Egal ob Links oder Rechts. Egal ob Ernährungs- oder Umweltextremisten. Egal ob Auto-, Fahrrad- oder Fußgängerextremisten. ...Mit solche militanten Menschen kann ich nichts anfangen.Sollte also jemand da draußen die gleichen Interessen haben, darf mich gerne in seine Kontaktliste hinzufügen. Aber eine Bitte habe ich, wenn ihr mir Kontaktanfragen schickt: Schreibt bitte etwas über euch in euer Profil. Muss kein Roman sein, aber mich würde schon interessieren, wer mich da kontaktiert bevor ich eine Anfrage akzeptiere. Meine Interessen:linux debian ubuntu arch mint manjaro datenschutz security privatsphäre server selfhosting android it tor torrorist retroshare freenet i2p bitmessage fediverse friendica diaspora mastodon itsec fahrradfahren mountainbike berge seen wald natur bbq grillen smoken kochen Admin von anonsys.net und den angebotenen Diensten von metaversum.wtf:- Searx: https://find.metaversum.wtf/- Invidious: https://tv.metaversum.wtf/- Nitter: https://bird.metaversum.wtf/- Bibliogram: https://insta.metaversum.wtf/- Lutim: https://pic.metaversum.wtf/Kontakt:XMPP: tuxi@metaversum.wtfMatrix: @tuxi:metaversum.wtf!!! Only german speaking !!!
juliank@mastodon.socialJulian Andres Klode 🏳️‍🌈
juliank@mastodon.social  [follow]
Debian Developer, Ubuntu Core Developer, Software Engineer II at Canonical. Your friendly neighborhood APT maintainer.Love cooking, cycling, walking, music, and netflix.
grandvizierofmalta@bitcoinhackers.orgGrand Vizier Of Malta ⚡
grandvizierofmalta@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
• Human sovereigntist.• Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.• Imperium et Secretum.• Opsec: Comsec, Infosec, Persec & Transec.• Bitcoin since 2012.• Tor BTC & LN full node operator.• Building my citadel one block at a time.• Extreme concert goer, live music lover.• US & Canadian expat.• Grand Vizier of Valletta, Malta. Email:=GrandVizierOfMalta@protonmail PGP KeyID:=https://l.idrix.fr/JH2DF Desktop:=Ubuntu 20.04
epi@ihatebeinga.live e p i c m o r
epi@ihatebeinga.live  [follow]
i use ubuntu btwuserpic (and my fav): hitoribocchi programming: Racket, OCaml, Emacs gaming: Switcheroo gamus & supertuxkartpronouns: he/him
hswugbhxwsz@best-friends.chat  [follow]
Ubuntuhttps://www.ubuntu.com/Ubuntuは #Linux ディストリビューションの1つで、現在最も勢いがある。みんなも入れてどうぞ。:@hanoa: 炎の狐 ヘッダーはアイコン画像無くさないための置き場
gabriel@gnusocial.netgabriel (GS.net)
gabriel@gnusocial.net  [follow]
Ñulinuxero, ubuntu, ututo, debian 5 a 10, estrella roja, tuquito, LMDE, slax, molinux, puppy....
thewk@fosstodon.orgTheWK :ubuntu: :nextcloud:
thewk@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I am a software engineer, working in the linux world since 2014 now. Mostly C++ and PHP Stuff. Apart from that, skiing and climbing enthusiat, hobby photographer and bad guitar player.... Languages=De, En and a bit if It Job=Software Engineer, business owner Os=Ubuntu, Windows, /e/ OS Blog=www.thewkblog.com
ubuntufrorg@mamot.fr  [follow]
Association des utilisateurs francophones d'Ubuntu
baa@fedi.absturztau.be:meow: Baa ​:blobsheepsnuggle:
baa@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
Hello, I'm Baa!🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭 🥭🥭🥭🥭 I LOVE mangos. :blobcatnommango: 🥭🥭🥭🥭 I have a cat called Mango. 🥭🥭🥭🥭 🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭🥭I also enjoy anime :blobcatanimeeyes:, self-hosting :black_computer:, Python 😛ython:, cats :blobcat:, collecting art ​:apusheendraw:, AMVs, and Ubuntu :ubuntu:.I will post about any of these things, as well as food I've acquired or cooked :comfychef:.​:aqua_dance: ​:aqua_dance: ​:aqua_dance:I'm proud to state that we have perfected group watching. If you're looking to spice up your Saturdays by watching 4.5hrs of anime in a row with a group of suspiciously active devotees of our Goddess Aqua, then join the cult today! https://discord.gg/hB3Duxf:aqua_dance: ​:aqua_dance: ​:aqua_dance:By reading this, I already consider you my friend.#nobot
ilja@ilja.space  [follow]
Hellooo :blobfoxwave: I'm Ilja!I'm admin and moderator of ilja.space, cyborg, and general waste of space. I'm trying to fix the latter by trying to contribute to the world of free software. Floss projects that currently interest me the most are Pleroma, YUNoHost and Ubuntu Touch.I also created @citizen_initiative_botWhat people say about me:"I will haunt your soul for eternity, smartass" --fristi"one of the best lines in the pleroma code" --lain (talking about some code I wrote)"MEW MEW MEW MEW" --oceanTrans rights are human rights :trans_flag: :agender_flag: queer rights are human rights 🌈_flag: :lesbian_lipstick_flag: And it's sad that over half a century after the Stonewall uprising, we still have to remember people of that.
macspace@noagendasocial.commacspace ✅
macspace@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
OS=Ubuntu Fema Region=V Favorite Band=Sparks Shanghai Joe!=#LetsGoBrandon
pixelcode@social.tchncs.dePixelcode 💙💛🕊️
pixelcode@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
As a #FOSS developer I create #OpenSource #FreePascal programs, useful #Firefox :firefox: addons and some web development stuff. Check out my #Git :git: repo on :codeberg: #Codeberg! For news about my projects, follow me @pixelcodeapps 😜Maintainer of @datenschutzratgeber#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦 #BlackLivesMatter⌛ Note: Some old, less relevant posts (like replies) are regularly deleted. :codeberg: Git repo=https://codeberg.org/pixelcode 🔑 Keyoxide=https://keyoxide.org/AEEF8CDB5ADF2F28016F39E1FBFC237DAF98D402 :matrix: Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@pixelcode:tchncs.de uses=:lineageos2: :ubuntu: :windows: :fdroid: :tutanota: :pixelfed:
elioqoshi@mastodon.cloudElio Qoshi
elioqoshi@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
designer at Ubuntu, founder Ura Design, Tech Speaker at Mozilla, previously: OONI, Tor Project, Open Labs Hackerspace, OSCAL Conference. He/Him.
angharadhafod@toot.wales  [follow]
Iaith/Language, piano, ffotograffiaeth, Ubuntu🐧, #woke#EwropeaiddYdwI #IamEuropean 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁧󠁢 Lleoliad/Location=Canolbarth Cymru Ieithoedd/Languages=Cymraeg, English, Norsk, Deutsch, Français, Italiano Rhagenwau/Pronouns=hi, ei+treiglad llaes/she, her
abcdw@fosstodon.orgAndrew Tropin
abcdw@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Hack on operating systems and programming languages.Improve tooling for GNU Guix.74830A276C328EC2 at keyserver.ubuntu.com and keys.openpgp.org. Git=https://sr.ht/~abcdw/ OpenPGP=D963A5A38A803D524461F91474830A276C328EC2 Tools=:guix: :emacs: :wayland: :sway:
ryecroft21@mstdn.maud.io  [follow]
本を書くお仕事をしてる在宅系フリーランス。世間に疎い仕様。本 / イラスト / 作曲 / バロック音楽 / リコーダー / チェンバロ / Linux / Ubuntu / Ruby / Python。【普段は自鯖にいます】
Founder, Blog, Pixelfed
rik@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Nel mondo dell’informatica dal 1992Attivista digitale e sostenitore della privacy e del software libero:linux: :ubuntu: :mastodon: :pixelfed: :peertube: Matrix=@rik_:matrix.org
cavaliertusky@fosstodon.orgJordan :manjaro: :kdenew:
cavaliertusky@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I use Kubuntu :kubuntu: on my ThinkPad T570 and Manjaro 👨jaro: on my Desktop. Ubuntu :ubuntu: is on my server. I love all things music, progressive politics, and travel.Missing my Solus days :solus:. I've become a big fan of :kdenew: these days.
ubuntu@pokemon.men  [follow]
mikel65@social.tchncs.deMikel Mastodon
Freiburger Ubuntu Anwendertreffen
mikel65@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Ich liebe Linux und nutze seit mehreren Jahren Ubuntu bzw. Linux Mint.Es geht auch ohne Mikroschrott!!Freiburger Ubuntu AnwendertreffenFreizeit-Gärtner und nutze Open-Source-Samen! Diaspora=@mikel65@pod.tchncs.de Friendica=mikel65@loma.ml Okuna=Beta-Tester
draco@twingyeo.kr  [follow]
:ubuntu: 우분투 한국 커뮤니티 메일링 관리자불혹의 유부블로거 / 웹개발자스팀/오리진/디스코드 ID : Dracokr텔레그램 ID : Draco#개발자#영화#스타트렉 블로그=https://draco.pe.kr 취미=영화감상, 게임, 독서 직업=웹개발자 성향=귀차니즘, 고기고기교, 오픈소스 만세, 무신론자
mwsss@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
3DS mac Ubuntu XSI UE4 SCC音源 PIC18F14K50 格ゲ(格闘ゲーム)が好きです!@メッセージお気軽に。
siucraym@mastodon.cloudPatrick ✅
siucraym@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
#Vegan #Linux user from #Ireland.Distro: Debian :debian: with MATE DE.#FLOSS #GNUplusLinux #OpenSource:firefox: :mastodon: :ubuntu:
42@fosstodon.orgRob :ubuntu:
42@fosstodon.org  [follow]
• GNU/Linux • BSD • Info-Sec • Privacy • Electrical Engineering • Science • Kopimist • ASD/Asperger • Author of #TheNordicExperiment • DeFi • Digital Nomad• Former Computer Science/Physics student and former sub-contractor for the devil. I'm now interested in FOSS and more ethical way of living.
linux@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Linux is a computer operating system family for freedom. Replace your Windows PC with Linux and get ready to possibly be surprised!News, tips & related buzz. Try and use Linux: Ubuntu / Linux Mint / Solus / Pop!_OS / MX Linux.
johanv@fosstodon.orgJohan :manjaro: :lineageos2:
website, Keyoxide
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:arduino: :bash: :bitcoin: :blender: :copyleft: :codeberg: :docker: :fdroid: :fedi: :freecad: :firefoxnew: :garfield: :git: :javascript: :kdenew: :krita: :librefm: :libreoffice: :maryland: :matrix: :mycroft: :nextcloud: :openhardware: :opensource: :osm: :peertube: :pine64: :qubes: :raspberrypi: :rss: :signal: :tor: :tux: :ubuntu: :vue: :xmpp:Tinkering is Johan’s main tokenFrom this there’s a proverb he’s spokenFor in work or playingHe lives by the sayingIf you can’t fix it, it ain’t broken. odysee (videos)=https://odysee.com/@johanv sr.ht (code)=https://git.sr.ht/~johanvandegriff/
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domodak@miniwa.moeDomobert Dak :ubuntu: :ducc:
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Hi, I'm domodak. Fluent in German and with a quite good understanding of the English language.Because somebody asked: "domodak" is a random name.My current screen-name is a pun on Scrooge McDuck's (:ducc😀 German name "Dagobert Duck".:cirno_smile:
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UBUNTU, en la cultura Xhosa y zulú significa: "Yo soy porque nosotros somos". Es una “conexión universal de compartir que conecta a toda la humanidad”, es decir: Yo no soy si tú no eres, si los demás no son. “Soy porque ustedes son”.Una persona con Ubuntu es aquella que se alegra cuando el otro es bueno en algo, cuando tiene destreza porque piensan que todos se benefician con esto, todos son más. Muchos africanos piensan que cada persona decrece cuando otras personas son humilladas o menospreciadas, cuando otros son torturados u oprimidos.En este término complejo, de difícil traducción, se mezclan “compartir”, “humanidad” y “trabajar juntos”, pero “solidaridad” parece ser su idea más central, su punto neurálgico. Este término de Ubuntu tiene además una profunda dimensión política que vamos a ver a continuación.
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nano/geditLanguages:English 5 out of 10Turkish 10 üzerinden 6Rust !𝚙𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚕𝚗(“𝟷/𝟷𝟶“);:ubuntu: servers:solus: Toshiba Tecra 2011:lineageos2: monolith - OnePlus 6❤️ :tux: :solus: :firefox: :opensource: :android: with :fdroid: and Maqluba dishTeams: Oceanics #RideTheWave Gliding Glaciers #GlideToGloryI don't endorse every toot I boost.All posts are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 unless otherwise stated.#nobot ~=https://murteza.tilde.team Mastodon.social - inactive=@murteza_y@mastodon.social
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Hard working, honest, and pretty easy-going Linux enthusiast and geek.•Developer && Programmer•Windows && *nix Sysadmin•Yelp Elite Squad•IT Support Analyst•Windows && Linux Gamer 🖥️ OS=Ubuntu && Windows 💻 OS=Ubuntu ⌨️ IDE=VS Code
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Indoctrinator on Justicialism and the Ubuntu free Operating System. Through powerful and paternal speeches, I provide the Working Masses with clear technical-doctrinaire advice. Together we advocate Free, Fair and Sovereign software. 私はペロン様の言葉を信じ、社会正義の輝かしい道をたどります。 tilde.club=https://tilde.club/~peron
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I build web applications using open source software. I co-wrote one of the first books on the Django web framework. I built the dpaste.com pastebin. I wrote tech commentary/reviews for many small publications and a few big ones (Wired, Salon, Chicago Tribune).I used to do graphic design for newspapers and magazines.I live in western Massachusetts, USA. Languages, Operating Systems=Python, Javascript, Clojure, Haskell, Rust. Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, MacOS.
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C++/Perl GNU/Linux programmer. XMPP=sergio@raspi3-jig.myvnc.com Languages=#Español #English Programming languages=#perl #bash #php #java (unfortunately) #javascript GNU/Linux Distributions=#Gentoo #Debian #Raspbian #Ubuntu
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Travaille en école d'ingé. Je participe notamment à la maintenance et au déploiement de systèmes GNU/Linux sur le parc informatique (environ ~550 postes linux sur l'ensemble du site) principalement sous OpenSuSe et maintenant Debian.#linux #debian #arch #ubuntu #opensuse #libre #fedora #mint #gnome #kde #xfce
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Free monthly PDF magazine for the Ubuntu, and Linux, community.
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アルコール依存症、脂肪肝。 PC=ThinkPad A275 まんが=CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO 開発=Ubuntu Atom Python 鉄道=E531
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#Python, #Swift, #IndieGame, and #web developer. Currently working on #CostumemasterReloaded. Pronouns=he/him/his Platforms (OS)=:ubuntumate: :apple_inc: :ubuntu:
Blog, git
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I am a nerd, or should that be geek?I am curious, about most things.I am a Free Software Advocate. By day I engineer software, automation, and tools for a GNU/Linux infrastructure (primarily Ubuntu).I run #guix on all of my personal equipment and in the cloud. I am going back to #debian for my daily driver.I am open to new opportunities. pgp key=8FD2 7619 C19A 2201 CB1D E131 EA1C F14B D846 7AFB Thought=“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” -- George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman
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Founder, GitLab, GitHub, Liberapay
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## EnglishWorking as a software developer since 2012 in C++ and Ruby, i trust in the free as in freedom software and derivate technologies.I'm the founder of Unitoo.I've a lovely girlfriend and 2 beautiful children.## ItalianoSviluppo software da diversi anni in Ruby e C++. Credo nel mondo del software libero e in tutto ciò che ne consegue.Sono il fondatore di Unitoo.Ho una ragazza amorevole e due figli spettacolari <3
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UNOFFICIAL Owner=@commandlinekid
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Pronouns: he/him. Left wing Gen X. No kids; no pets.I live in the middle of a multi-million acre forest in extremely northern California. I make beer, wine, soda and bread. It's very remote and a little boring, especially in the winter, but it's so beautiful here. I run a fully automated pirate radio station using an Ubuntu server running Libretime. After using Windows from 3.11 to 8.1, I switched to Linux in early 2019. I'm probably kind of an Android nerd. I mostly suck at (and don't care about) computer stuff. I'm crazy about music and I love most genres, except most electronic music and new country music. I'm a big fan of old (pre-1986) Mercedes diesel vehicles and a proud owner of a W123 300TDT. I'm an Atheist/Cthulhuian Minister so keep me in mind for weddings and baptisms (no funerals or circumcisions, sorry).I'm down with the Autonomous Mutant Festival. http://www.mutantfest.orgAnd SPAZ Radio. http://spaz.radioI'm mostly a shit poster, to be honest. I post about alcohol, weed, politics, irrelevant and irreverent opinions, country living, nerd life, etc. I generally delete my posts after 1-5 days, so if I post something that you want to access in the future, you'll have to archive it yourself.Feel free to follow me. I tend to just skim Main so I don't follow a lot of folks so don't be offended if I don't follow back. I probably see you anyway. 😀I use Content Warnings *only* for nudes and gore, except I never actually post those.
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Biology graduate, rookie training facilitator, FLOSS enthusiast. She/Her. Useful links and occasional tech musings at 2 AM.Avatar by Loren Isaac on Unsplash. Header by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #LibreSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #SoftwareFreedom#Decentralization #Fediverse #Federation #InternetFreedom #Libre #Alternatives #IndieWeb #OpenWeb #DigitalRights #FreeCulture #Cybersecurity #Security #InfoSec #Encryption #Privacy #Technology #HumaneTech #EthicalTech #nobot
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Professeur des écoles en Moselle.Créateur du site internet dédié au numérique à l'école:https://informatique-ecole.weblib.re/Référent EDD de ma circonscription.Ecole labellisée éco-école 2020. Ecole=libre linux=éducation professeur=ubuntu primtux=primaire
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Plattform- und Anwendungsbetriebsführer, nebenher noch als IT Dienstleister selbstständig... #Microsoft, #Google, #Apple, #Facebook und Co. sind im vierten Aggregatzustand - #überflüssig.Fahre zum Ausgleich gerne Mountainbike (Trail).#Linux #Unix #FreeAsInFreedom #FOSS #IPv6 #Privacy #Mountainbike #Thüringen #nobot Distros=Alpine Linux, Proxmox, Debian, SLES, RHEL, AWS Linux, Solaris und Ubuntu
Drauger OS Website, Drauger OS GitHub, Personal GitHub
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Lead Developer of Drauger OS Linux lover, software developer, Gamer, OtakuAlso straight up weirdo 🤷‍♂️ Available for hire.#linux #ubuntu #anime #gaming #dev #DraugerOS #nobot
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UNOFFICIAL Owner=@commandlinekid
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A free and open-source self-hosted web radio management suite with one-step installers for Ubuntu and any computer that runs Docker. Web radio made easy! Demo Credentials=demo@azuracast.com / demo
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gabriel (Patagonia)@gabriel Ñulinuxero, ubuntu, ututo, debian 5, estrella roja, tuquito, LMDE, Debian 9, mas otras pruebitas: slax, molinux, puppy.... https://peertube.servebeer.com/accounts/gabriel https://pixelfed.social/GabrielP gabriel@jabber.cz
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Gironde Logiciels Libres | http://www.giroll.org/ #OpenSource #RadioGiroll #Linux #Ubuntu #LogicielLibre | #Bordeaux ☎_receiver:
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Mirroring @omgubuntu by @Tvax_x
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Logiciels libres, Ubuntu & cie, société, médias, podcasts, musique, citations, réflexions diverses...Bref un bric-à-brac de bric et de broc à publications aléatoires. https://brouillon.zici.fr/liens/
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Also known as AkselmoEnby & pan scalie from Finland, any pronoun is fine!Warning, there be reptiles, swearing and badposting.Links to my stuff can be found on my website.I avoid politics and religion online. I am=Gamedev, Programmer, Stability engineer, FOSS enthusiast ♥️=@tecsiederp@mastodon.art 🇫🇮=:csharp: :python: :c_language: :vim: :ubuntu: 🎮
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*Stadtpflanze im Spreeathen. Anhängerin der #Autokorrektur. Seit zwei Jahren mit dem Rad zur Arbeit (#mdRzA). #Serienjunkie. Dosenöffner eines spleenigen Katers. Bessere Hälfte eines #Rollstuhl - FahrersOptimisten haben gar keine Ahnung von den freudigen Überraschungen, die Pessimisten erleben. - Peter Bamm#Ubuntu-Dau, #fckafd #nobotBeiträge, die älter als drei Monate sind, werden automatisch gelöscht.
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日本人、作曲、DTM、ラップ、REAPER、Ubuntu、CG、非24時間型睡眠 note→https://t.co/cgGPhyacKh サウンドクラウド→https://t.co/1TXNdkTzcx Youtube→https://t.co/3tRfBYajM7
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新しい仕組みのMastodonにワクワクしています #Linux #自宅鯖 #Ubuntu #Bitcoin #Python #大学B4
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some facts about me:> windows on my home pc> ubuntu 20.04 on my laptop> phone is full of big tiddy pictures> i like cats and have 5 of them at home> i fucking hate anyone who tells me to switch to non-proprietary softwarealt is on fedi.absturztau.beBORN TO GAME / WORLD IS A LOL / Kill Em All 2009 / I am anime man / 410,757,864,530 DEAD YASUOyour fellow niche memepage
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This is currently my main until I get my instance back online.And I'll probably never get it back online to be honest.gpg --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com FED0C000F403B403mailto:haibane[аt]riseup[dоt]netxmpp:haibane[аt]404.cityFavourites are not read receipts — I just enjoy it when people interact with me.I follow and fall in love with people based on their anime profile pictures.
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Hi! I'm João Pinheiro.I'm an EFL teacher and I'm into traditional #letterwriting, #snailmail, #penpals, #penfriends, #calligraphy, #traditionalwetshaving, #linux, #debian, #ubuntu, #foss, #opensource, #gnu, #android, #wordpress, #privacy, #security, #technology, #fediverse, #music, #photography, #nature, #mtb, #JehovahsWitness,...