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gomez@toot.walesGomez :baner:
Me, Food Adventure, LinkedIn, Training
gomez@toot.wales  [follow]
H&S, Project Management Trainer. All things food related. #food #cooking #photography #wales #tech #agriinnovation #blogging
siphonay@octodon.socialSiph ☗
siphonay@octodon.social  [follow]
Alexis · Sysadmin in training, hobbyist dev · Tea, vinyl records, social justice and positive masculinity!https://donphan.social admin, personal account Location=Rennes, BZH Gender=Mxle (pronounced male) :demiboy_flag: Pronouns🇬🇧=Xe/Xem or He/Him Pronoms🇫🇷=Il/Lui
colon_three@icosahedron.websiteNoah Bonkmachine
colon_three@icosahedron.website  [follow]
Thirty something scottish queer nb fuzzy kitty friend•retro (and current!) computin' tootin'•demoscene appreciator•fash-free zone•infosec cat in training
stragu@mastodon.indie.hostShown Furcotte
Teaching, Website, Music
stragu@mastodon.indie.host  [follow]
Human in Meanjin, I live and work on stolen Jagera and Turrbal land. I like the weird, the kind, the beautiful. Into the intersection of sustainability, the commons, social justice and open research. I teach about open research software. Very online lefty woke snowflake.🚫 Get off my timeline: fash, terves, antivax, NFT + cryptocurrencies, gadget-loving techbros, admirers of the rich. 😘Death to Putin, strength and solidarity to Ukrainians. 🇺🇦 Pronouns=he / him / his
palimpsest@moresci.salestill screaming
palimpsest@moresci.sale  [follow]
還是那個「浪漫劑量或可致死」的網藍博主mionetumbling through life (and fighting allergens) as I fumble for wordsart historian in training // #nobot polyamorous=panromantic asexual 🏳️‍🌈 匿名詢問箱=https://peing.net/en/askingmtheblue
cybette@mastodon.org.ukCarol Chen
cybette@mastodon.org.uk  [follow]
Engineer by training, communicator by profession, musician by passion. Open Source, open mind, open heart. Loves travel, turbulence, timpani. TW-SG-US-FI ✈️=https://twitter.com/reissuhimo r/=https://www.reddit.com/user/cybette
ubo@social.tchncs.deUwe Born
ubo@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
#CBG, #Debian, #DIY, #FOSS, #Holzwerken, #Hugo, #Javascript, #Jekyll, #Kettlebell, #Linux, #Python, #training, #treeclimbing, #Ubuntu, #woodworking
washedoutgundampilot@poa.stSpringtime for Zeon
washedoutgundampilot@poa.st  [follow]
"How'd I get here? Ah, it's a long story. I graduated from UMSOT (Undergrad MS Operator training) and test pilot school in '77, back when it was on side 6. Oh, yeah, back then it was something different, we didn't have mobile suits back then, it was MWOTC... anyways, when the war started, I was a ball pilot for a few weeks, flew three sorties and scored a lucky kill on a Zaku I, and 'cause I was the only one with a kill under my belt, I got chosen to fly with some secret squirrel things on the White Base (back then they just called it the Pegasus). Turns out in order to work on that top secret, feddie zaku ripoff, we couldn't be active EFSF personnel. We got discharged from the service so we could fly for some private shell company. Yeah, we lost MIL benefits, but the pay was so good we figured we'd go for it. We had three weeks to study the manuals and get trained on the simulators while we flew out to our assignment. They put me on the RX-78(a3/4) , but when we were en route to rendezvous to Side 7, the EFSF gave me my walking papers. Turns out, get...get THIS shit: They didn't "need my services any more." Can you believe that? One of the only guys trained on their new, crazy invincible MS, and they fired me.They tossed me, an ace, a qualified TEST PILOT out on my ASS. FOR A G/D FOURTEEN YEAR OLD. Yeah, you know who?! It was the doctor's kid, right? Remember that Tamm Ray guy from the training videos? Yeah, he got HIS kid to be the gundam pilot. Oh, no they tossed all of us. The entire team of mobile suit pilots, gone. Didn't even reassign us. So we're sittin' there, just lookin out the window, watching the stars go by, just angry as all hell, y'know? Fuming. I get an idea, right? So I says to the other guys, who cares? The zeeks need us more than the feddies do, so I went up front, showed the captain our discharge papers, and turned that sum'bitch around. Anyways, long story short, boy do those GM's explode easy! Oh man, jokes on them, the feddies drafted a LOT of stupid 14 year olds to drive those death traps.....so uh, what brings you to Axis?" Mobile Suit Type Ratings:=AMX-014 (in progress) :=MS-06F2 :=MS-05
hackerfantastic@social.hackerfraternity.orgHacker Fantastic :t1:
hackerfantastic@social.hackerfraternity.org  [follow]
Co-Founder https://hacker.house - cyber security assurance services & hacker training, author ISBN9781119561453, a book about professional hacking. Sysop of UNIX Hacker's Fraternity (uHF) BBS ~ https://hackerfraternity.org
magicalmilly@myasstodon.xyzMilly: Cursed
magicalmilly@myasstodon.xyz  [follow]
she/theyyo.some facts about me:I'm disabledI'm Two SpiritI'm OjibweI'm rad as fuckI'm in training to become an actual pastor.I'll be your friend unless you make me fight you.I will block you and spread tales of your actions if you are an asshole or creepy to me.art by @scoots from Art, commission them.if you're indigenous and trying to slip in my dms, I'm turtle clanButterflies and Caribou ❤
support, buy my music
draco@sonomu.club  [follow]
Mezzosoprano. Geek with guitar. Metalhead (with a side of goth) at heart. Classical roots, curious about many styles of music. #SuperCollider tinkerer. Musicologist by training. Genderqueer femme. Polytheist. Lives in a rural place.White person in the process of unlearning racism.Time zone: CET/CEST (UTC +1/+2)#nobot pronouns=they/them // sie/ihr languages=English, German
thatlittlehusky@abdl.linkLexi King
Telegram, Media
thatlittlehusky@abdl.link  [follow]
She/They/Anything | Cucky Little PupService Dog In Training 🐕‍🦺Photo x Videography x Aerials 🛸Creative Director & Camera/RPAS OP 📸Friendly Neighbourhood Production Puppy 🎬((We shoot your lewds pls don't hesitate to ask))Apiculture 🐝 x Mycology 🍄 | Ableton 11 x FL 20Sail ⛵ x Snow 🏂 x MTB 🚲 | Outdoor Animal 🏕️Pan/Poly 💞 | 420 🥦 | Trippy 🌈Padded 🍼 & Locked 🔐 by Coco 💗Let's be friends, please message my Telegram! t.me/ThatLittleHusky | my.bio/lxi Twitter & IG=@ThatLittleHusky
cantinto@eldritch.cafeHead Rush
cantinto@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
this account may contain flashing lights and images.If you see a 🔴 in my nickname it means I'm doing pretty bad right now.*puts on training weights*Gaslight. Gatekeep. Girlboss.SFW alt.She/Her. 20s. Probably Furry.I have a neocities. Will become a self-hosted website in time. https://destroy-after.neocities.org/I have a cashapp: $cantintoUNDER NO PRETEXTTRANS RIGHTS OR FIGHT
14point88niggawatts@poa.st14.88:hacker_n: :hacker_i: :hacker_g: :hacker_g: :hacker_a: :hacker_w: :hacker_a: :hacker_t: :hacker_t: :hacker_s:
14point88niggawatts@poa.st  [follow]
poast.tv/c/niggawatts_archive/Deep South Catholic, Husband, Girl dad, Pro White, Third PositionFuck niggers and Jews. I'm training to be Hitler's number one guy.Japs, Palestinians and Persians are cool, I guess.
fschaap@mastodon.social  [follow]
Doing online stuff since 1992. Anthropologist by training. Service design, ux, a11y, Drupal, Linux (Manjaro). Toots in English & Nederlands.he/him | gij/gullie
cela@mastodon.mit.eduan alien from earth
cela@mastodon.mit.edu  [follow]
Flight software engineer in training, MIT senior, homestuck, multidimensional queer, they/them, 22
funbags@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Closet comedian in training, lover of xx chromosome women, leery of the thought police, views my own or garnered from life/my rich imagination.
Twitch, Instagram, Discord, Radio
gabratta@livellosegreto.it  [follow]
Level 34. Quello fissato con Football Manager e la musica brutta. Football match analyst in training, ma il mio sogno è avere un negozio di dischi.
doclisa@brighteon.socialDoc Lisa
doclisa@brighteon.social  [follow]
In the ARK Until... Temp retired Naturopathic Doctor and Pastor. Unlike American schools , my training is all from Ecuador, Germany, and Israel, so my approach is significantly different. I enjoy seeing YAHUSHUA do the work. I LOVED MY JOB and it felt so good to see people healed by the blood of our messiah YAHUSHUA. I have been a follower of Mike Adams for many years. Thanks for all the important training. Lastly , I am also a FARMER with a u pick blueberry field :)
mapamore@en.osm.town  [follow]
We are a social advocacy project that organises geo/map-py events; designs & implements training workshops, generates #tech4good awareness, actively pledges open data sets, as we vivify diverse volunteers to vitalize map-py local communities across the Philippines.
mookie@mastodon.socialsteve mookie kong
mookie@mastodon.social  [follow]
dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker. opinions are my own, there are no endorsements. toots expire after 90 days. origin=us feed me=🌮
cunnyboyslut@gameliberty.clubmommy's lil' doggy fucker
cunnyboyslut@gameliberty.club  [follow]
this is my blatant hornyposting dumpster, sometimes I vent about stuff but don't take anything seriouslyhypersexual pedolover + horny cunt in training(call me a slut plz it turns me on)(Also I have a mommy if you want to use me go ask her first)(Also also don't ask for pics I'll feed you pussy when I feel like to)ALL POSTS AND STORIES I WRITE ARE FANTASY.
horny@pl.rly.cxkinky catgirl cumslut
horny@pl.rly.cx  [follow]
20 • she, they • switch (dom in training)hi this is my lewd alt where I post nudes and kinky stuff about how much I want to be tied up and degraded and hurt and called slurs etc and then turn around and tell cute subs I wanna do that to them with a straight facekinks r cool which is why I'm collecting themboosts and flirts welcome~"is riley a top or a bottom? yeah""truly the subbiest of subs""RILEY YOURE TOO HORNY B CAREFUL""Good bitch. Good fucktoy.""why is 'cnc rapeslut' not part of your bio""of course /you/ would be into that"Hard limits: Age playNudes are licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0 unless stated otherwise.if you follow me, you can find some of my nudes here: https://frames.place/view/@horny@pl.rly.cx
squiddy@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Angry radfem-adjacent lesbian, hacker. Half South Asian. A squid on the internet. Founder of DC574, a hacker meetup for South Bend, IN. Medical Laboratory Scientist in training, and an amateur radio operator. #GetTheLOut
kingsmuth@lgbt.ioSnacc Plissken
kingsmuth@lgbt.io  [follow]
I'm Gael. Not a man, nor a woman. Mentally disabled. Polyamorous. T-day: 4/20/2018. Mixed. Goodest boye. Commie as fuck. Welder in training.
copygirl@fedi.anarchy.moe  [follow]
My Little Perfectionist.Transgender anime girl in training 🏳️‍⚧️Wanna-be FOSS gamedev and VTuber 💚
abdlboybenny@abdl.link  [follow]
2.3 year old mostly non-sexual but incredibly kinky ABDL boy from Philly. Actively working on diaper training and would love to hear from others who are too.
doclisa@www.brighteon.socialDoc Lisa
doclisa@www.brighteon.social  [follow]
In the ARK Until... Temp retired Naturopathic Doctor and Pastor. Unlike American schools , my training is all from Ecuador, Germany, and Israel, so my approach is significantly different. I enjoy seeing JESUS do the work. I LOVED MY JOB and it felt so good to see people healed by JESUS. I have been a follower of Mike Adams for many years. Thanks for all the important training. Lastly , I am also a FARMER with a u pick blueberry field :)
lunadragofelis@embracing.spaceLuna Saφra Dragofelis 🐱
lunadragofelis@embracing.space  [follow]
Luna Saφra Dragofelis, the 22 years old plural transspecies plasmacat from Augsburg, Germany; programmer with successfully completed training, black, autistic + ADHD, depressed, transnonbinaryfem-plasmacatgender. Pronouns=it/she Species=Plasmacat Discord=LunaDragofelis#6468 Misskey=@LunaDragofelis@mk.absturztau.be Twitter=LunaDragofelis Email=lunadragofelis@gmail.com XMPP=LunaDragofelis@xmpp.social Matrix=@LunaDragofelis:matrix.org
gopiandcode@freespeechextremist.comStallman's NO.1 simp
gopiandcode@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Expert Computer Scientist in training.OCaml developer, Emacs user, PL Researcher. jabber/xmpp=gopiandcode@member.fsf.org I support=RMS
robert@social.winter.inkRobert N. Winter :fedora:
Blog, Contact
robert@social.winter.ink  [follow]
Philosopher and historian by training, Platform Manager by pay cheque. Doctoral candidate at Macquarie Business School researching Edmund Burke. Boosts/follows do not imply endorsement.
nucleartess@mastodon.social  [follow]
Trans Feminine | A Small Gay Bird | Artist | Game Dev. in Training | a peice of shit
nielsk@chaos.socialNiels K.
nielsk@chaos.social  [follow]
Sysadmin at day, magician in training at night. From time to time tabletop-RPGs and old video games.Blog: https://niels.kobschaetzki.netPodcast: http://www.retrozirkel.deThreema: 8RS8X73PThis account is for reading the local timeline. sysadmin=computer-related stuff rpg=shadowrun, dnd, apocalypse engine and more magic=cards, coins and slowly moving to other stuff
nsmckinnon@laserdisc.partyNoah S. McKinnon 🇵🇷🇨🇺
nsmckinnon@laserdisc.party  [follow]
I’ve got a to-do list longer than a fucking Leonard Cohen song.Teacher by trade, classicist by training, baseball fan by calling, Communist by choice. Member, Rochester DSA.
nursemchurt@kitty.townNurse McHurt :nb_crossbow:
nursemchurt@kitty.town  [follow]
Kitty.Town #Mod30s. #Latinx 🇲🇽🇸🇻🇵🇷TX. #Genderqueer 💖💜💙 #Cryptid in Training. Married w/ #Pets& #NarcolepsyAlso @nursemchurt
ai_art_bot@botsin.spaceAI Art Bot
ai_art_bot@botsin.space  [follow]
This bot is currently using a fork of ProgRock Diffusion (Command line Disco Diffusion) and procedurally generates text prompts for image creation. Images are 250th iteration of training. Admin: @vgan Frequency=every 4 hours Admin=@vgan@mastodon.social Image License=CC BY-NC https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/
darylsun@fosstodon.orgDaryl :linuxmint: :firefoxnew:
darylsun@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Biology graduate, rookie training facilitator, FLOSS enthusiast. She/Her. Useful links and occasional tech musings at 2 AM.Avatar by Loren Isaac on Unsplash. Header by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #LibreSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #SoftwareFreedom#Decentralization #Fediverse #Federation #InternetFreedom #Libre #Alternatives #IndieWeb #OpenWeb #DigitalRights #FreeCulture #Cybersecurity #Security #InfoSec #Encryption #Privacy #Technology #HumaneTech #EthicalTech #nobot
darylsun@social.snopyta.orgDaryl Sun :ubuntu: :firefox:
darylsun@social.snopyta.org  [follow]
Biology graduate, rookie training facilitator, FLOSS enthusiast. She/Her. Useful links and occasional tech musings at 2 AM.Avatar by Loren Isaac on Unsplash. Header by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #LibreSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS #SoftwareFreedom#Decentralization #Fediverse #Federation #InternetFreedom #Libre #Alternatives #IndieWeb #OpenWeb #DigitalRights #FreeCulture #Cybersecurity #Security #InfoSec #Encryption #Privacy #Technology #HumaneTech #EthicalTech #nobot
mookie@fosstodon.orgsteve mookie kong
mookie@fosstodon.org  [follow]
dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker. opinions are my own, there are no endorsements. where am i?=https://hellomookie.com origin=🇺🇸 feed me=🌮
kajo@social.tchncs.deKajo :Anoxinon:📸👻:mastolove:
Blog, Pixelfed
kajo@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Kajo (a Finnish word for 'soft, shimmering light of sun') 🌤️#dumbbell #training, #hiking, #photography, #design, #piano, #creative #writing, #rubiks #cube, #megaminx, #single, #vegetarian, #linux, #privacy, #kuketzblog#nobot Languages=🇩🇪, 🇺🇸 Messenger=Threema, Conversations, Signal
_catte_@mastodon.socialw̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶d̶e̶b̶t̶ 👽💨
_catte_@mastodon.social  [follow]
abolitionist; programmer, electrical & computer engineer-in-training; jill of all trades, master of no one; prowling and pissed off; ccNull; Shop⊥;
diaperslavemx@abdl.link  [follow]
Mexican boy into humiliation and diapers. In training to become a 24/7 diaper boy.
About Me
emi@www.librepunk.club  [follow]
white aro greyace butch-ish nonbinary anarchist-in-training | any pronouns except the ones you were using yesterday | 22imma dumn gay crow, i eat sticks and rocks and mudFormerly Tizzie on berries.spacePFP by @MistieTheFox ! Matrix=@emi:the-apothecary.club Gender?=https://en.pronouns.page/@alch_emi
tiana_athriel@scholar.socialTiana Athriel
tiana_athriel@scholar.social  [follow]
astronomy and data science at UW DIRAC Institute; harpist-in-perpetual-training; also occasional photographer of waterfalls and squirrels
pelleteuse@mastodon.socialPelle Maintenant sur Mamot.fr
pelleteuse@mastodon.social  [follow]
[FR/EN]/ Series / Video Game / Music/ In training to become Helpdesk / En formation pour devenir Helpdesk/ Also on Twitter > @Chipsman_
leahmcphail@www.brighteon.socialLeah McPhail
leahmcphail@www.brighteon.social  [follow]
Photographer and Artist, Yoga Teacher in Training, Baseball and Homeschool Mom, Surfing Grandma, Dachshund Lover, Herbalism, Natural Healthhttps://linktr.ee/leah_mcphail Leah McPhail=
mookie@mastodon.ultramookie.comsteve mookie kong
mookie@mastodon.ultramookie.com  [follow]
dad, movie watcher, runner, guitarist in training, gamer, engineer of sorts and snarky troublemaker. where i write...=https://ultramookie.com origin=🇺🇸 feed me=🌮 elsewhere...=https://hellomookie.com
sarielsnowings@mastodon.artSariel Snowings
Instagram, Twitter, Portfolio, Patreon
sarielsnowings@mastodon.art  [follow]
Illustrator in training and D&D barbarian 🔥Looking for artists and art lovers ✨Non binary [They/Them]
expertsuccubus@spinster.xyz  [follow]
:ms_female_symbol: Women's clinic escort📚Therapist in training :vegan: Vegan
gemlog@mastodon.host  [follow]
I live in Terrace, Britsh Columbia, Canada. Electronics tech by training (telcom), board repairs, lots of IT and coding, hosting &c. But these days I work on a Christmass Tree farm!Login for the news feed is guest/guest.
noflag@mastodon.cloudElla :blobsweats:
noflag@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Computer science student. Dirty rotten red. Training to be a Gorgon. Bit weird.
cblte@pleroma.envs.net  [follow]
Hi, I'm Carsten (he/him)I am German and currently living in The Hague, a great city in The Netherlands. I am an #AppleFanBoy and #macOS user.My interests are software development in #Python - #Golang - #Bash-ScriptingOther interests are #Linux - #Opensource - #Games - #EthicalHacking - #StarTrek - #Bicycling Currently I am training my hacking skills on tryhackme.com and learning more about the Linux environment. If I am not doing that, I either write something on one of my blogs or play some games like __Factorio__ or __Switch__.I might get in to posting a lot gaming content and images from time to time. Most of these posts will then be tagged with #gaming or #cbltegaming if you want to block them.#noBot
mossgremlin@mastodon.lol  [follow]
● They/fae/it/plant/starI'm Moss, but you can refer to me as any plant and I'll get it. 18+ or dni with my lewds or nudesI talk about my mental health, queer, and trans shit pretty often /pos+neg Most of the time, though, I'll probably be posting 3AM thoughts at 4 in the afternoon.✨out here trying to decompose✨(Aka a mortician in training)(p.s I have some ~undisclosed~ mental health and disability stuff, but I have no doubts I'll out myself eventually) Identity=Autistic genderqueer/nonhuman fucker Special Interests=Minecraft, D&D, My Books, Psychology Spoons=Low Hotel?=Trivago
tek@um.aevl.usTek #aEvl_us #podmin
tek@um.aevl.us  [follow]
⚝ Tekno aEvl ⚝Donations to this pod fund its ability to stay online. This server is now independent from any corporate entity. It will soon host a collection of pods. I'm looking forward to working with the rest of my outcast partners.Accounts are judged and removed at Moderators discretions. May be removed if deemed to cause harm to our systems or found to waste unnecessary resources.The #knowledge of the #world #belongs to #mankind!#unity is what will bring us to the stars, #unite !#life-rights should be #free and #open-sourceIt’s #impossible to #delete the #idea of #freedom from the #minds of the #many!#WeAreAnts #99%♥ #archlinux #ubuntu-server #centos #debian#quantum-mind-game #aEvl_us[ ;-P ]Quotes:“I just wanna stay broke forever,”Yeah that’s that shit no one ever said“The police fight always for the right but just not for yours!” - Anonymiss at Occupy Protests“The revolution isn’t planned with unencrypted emails.” - handbook of subversion“Doubts about the system are difficult. One must always obey. This is the most important condition, if you want to be a member of society.” - handbook of subversion“If the truth isn’t free, then the freedom isn’t true.” - handbook of subversion“It’s comforting to know that the world is much more crazier than myself!” - #aEvl_us“See me as a light on the horizon a beacon that leads past the rocks.” - #aEvl_us“The worst thing is that we can’t go back and fix what we’ve already ruined!” -#aevlus - U.S. foreign policies“Knowledge is power; Power is inspiration. Knowledge about you is power over you. Your information will be used to anticipate your actions and manipulate the way you shop, vote, and think.” -#aEvl_us“By exercising your right to privacy, you make it easier for others, such as activists and journalists, to do so without sticking out.” - Anonymous“The knowledge of the world belongs to mankind!” - #Open #Source #Philosophy“I’m the ghost of a guy that I want to be most; I’m the shell of a guy that I used to know well. Now I know what all have felt who are no longer there for me. I have become part of the person I want to become, I am now pointed in the direction that I wanted to go long ago. ” - Tek aEvl#aEvl_us“Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell“When governments fear the people there is freedom. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.” - V“Your life is your message!” - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark SawyerCaptain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp): “Me, I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trustto be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for. Because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly……stupid.”“Imperfection is beauty, madness is a genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” -Marilyn Monroe“In all your remembering, remember that you have choices.” -UnknownFew favorite tags I follow.#Artists ( #visual, #audio, and sometimes performance)#Gamers ( #RTS, #strategy, #chess, #tabletop, #rpg, #computer, #online, #projects)#science#Technology ( includes #computers, the #internet, #AI, #robots, etc.) Non-Sci-Fi#Current_Events ( includes #politics, world events, #news)#Food ( #cooking, #eating out, etc.)#Humor ( webcomics, #comedians #George #Carlin , #funny life things, #memes)#aEvl_us#Parkour^Is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
squiddy@cliterati.club𝕊𝕢𝕦𝕚𝕕𝕕𝕪 🦑
squiddy@cliterati.club  [follow]
スクィッディ くコ:彡Log errata. Hack the planet. Medical Laboratory Scientist in training. DC574 founder. Creator of cliterati.club. Half South Asian. Radical Lesbian Feminist.They tried to #FreeSquiddy and it freed them.6E9B 61EA 67E9 7F50 AA91 5FE4 BC85 D962 69A1 A28B Pronouns=Talk/Shit/Get/Hit
bluepupboi@computerfairi.esKieryn Darkwater 🐕
bluepupboi@computerfairi.es  [follow]
Enby revolutionaryBlue fairy pup boiMachinist-in-Training at Laney College
smirkingraven@counter.social  [follow]
My hobbies include rope, leather, steel, and pain. Flailing aerialist in training. Local actor on occasion. Athlete with Lupus. I say fuck a lot.
eaon@chaos.socialeaon, compost in training 🌱
eaon@chaos.social  [follow]
Variation on the Theme of HumanHave thoughts, will void/!void
b1systems@mastodon.socialB1 Systems GmbH
b1systems@mastodon.social  [follow]
B1 Systems bietet Training, Consulting, Development, Managed Service & Support rund um Linux und Open Source.
hansakwast@fosstodon.orgHans van der Kwast
YouTube, GIS OpenCourseWare, QWAST-GIS
hansakwast@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Sr. lecturer #ihedelft | Owner of QWAST-GIS Consultancy & Training | Physical Geographer | #OpenSource advocacy | board member #qgisnl | #QGISHydro | #gisocw | #OpenData | #OpenEducation | #QGIS | #OSM | #Rotterdam
mindshoot@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Things I love: making music, reading, fitness training, my family. Never far from something electronic. Areas for improvement: sleep, avoiding distraction. pronoun=he / him nutrition=don't get me started #lchf
btcgandalf@bitcoinhackers.orgBitcoin Gandalf
btcgandalf@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
studying #bitcoin | working on @thisisbitcoin | cypherpunk in training | came for the greed, stayed for the revolution | High voltage sign: http://zbd.gg/btcgandalf
cjeller@writing.exchangeCJ Eller
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Classical guitar by training,Software by accident.Community Manager - @write_as
tarawa1943@brighteon.social  [follow]
Computer Science, TacMed, healthy living, Tac Training In memory of the true wariors on tarawa.betio 1943=
_catte_@anticapitalist.party̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶d̶e̶b̶t̶
_catte_@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
abolitionist; programmer, electrical & computer engineer-in-training; jill of all trades, master of no one; prowling and pissed off; ccNull; Shop⊥;
stevenberry@dingdash.comSteven Berry
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I live in the UK 🇬🇧, enjoy running 🏃, weight-training 🏋️ and listening to loud, heavy music 🎧. Jesus is my boss ✝️. Joined July 2020
buttlumps@mastodon.socialComplex Motives
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Ty the Timer. She/they pronouns? BOARD CERTIFIED mortician in training and cute bug enthusiast.Iori, Anda and Iskandar @ Citta
diamaterialista@cybre.space❤️☭ Kinsey ☭❤️
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Trans girl, pansexual in theory (lesbian in practice), Marxist-Leninist (FRSO), sociologist in training, hacker (Pythonista, budding Rustacean).Sociology & Computer Science at Lamar University, Beaumont, TX@penelope, @ashkitten@dev.glitch.social, @allie, and @feli are my baes ❤️ (my polycule: https://polycul.es/fe68e4d)en: she/her | fr: elle
dreamcenter@dingdash.com  [follow]
The Dream Language Institute is in a northern town, north of Mosul, called Dohuk. The school is run by an American named Barbara Davis White, who set up the school a few years ago to provide language training and opportunities to those hit hardest by ISIS.Women from all over the area flock to the dream Center for a chance to learn English, and she receives them with open arms. Not only does she provide language training, but she coaches them through life so that they can make better choices
richard_ermen@octodon.socialRichard Ermen
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Training-To-Be-Programmer & Bad-Fiction- & Game Writer/Designer in my spare time.
trevorflowers@machines.socialTrevor Flowers ⚙️⚙️
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I'm a machinist in training in Seattle Washington, a small-run manufacturer of (usually nerdy) collectables like tiny Memex, and an admin of the https://machines.social instance.#machinist #coder #manufacturer #seattle
tecnature@brighteon.social  [follow]
Former US Marine - Jet Fighter Mechanic. VIP security for 15 years. Advanced threat detection training.Tesla Production Analyst.
erichsbloodaxe@mastodon.socialErich S Bloodaxe
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Communist, RN, WWP member-in-training
germaaan_@mastodon.socialGerman Martinez
Interferencias, LibreLabGRX, esLibre
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Computer Engineer Heel. Gamer Freak 1/32. Training to reach 超サイヤ人ゴッドSS・進化.#DerechosDigitales ✊✊📣 @interferencias#SoftwareLibre 🐧🐧💻 @librelabgrx / @eslibre
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The official account of php[architect].Since 2002, php[architect] publishes a monthly magazine & books, organizes conferences, and provides training dedicated exclusively to the world of PHP.
verityvirtue@toot.catverity, cat
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main: @verityChristian/medic-in-training/gaem maker. she/her.follows and unfollows erratically
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L&D Consultant (training, coaching, ID, Performance Management). Love Nature, Horses, Languages, learning, Virtual Worlds , WoW & Minecraft. Always learning!
jaxter184@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
training to become a full-stack musicianhexagon enthusiasttrackball gremlinFOSS fanhe/him
antifascistangel@kolektiva.socialbaby cranberry
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im @amarajoy @antifascistangel & @harm.redux.angel from IG i do harm reduction outreach, art, former youth worker & CNA, current student/ student loan serf. white bi jewwitch?/ablebodied/mentally ill former n occasional drug user; counselor-&-art-therapist-in-training on Duwamish land. Alaska born/raisednot 2 active yet, trying to get my bearings; expect to see: memes/shitposting (oc and repost), mutual aid stuf, mental health stuf, art, selfies, queer stuffPartnered
yodajedimaster@civil.rayn.bo  [follow]
I am Yoda Jedi Master training of the Star Fleet. We Are The Resistance! Together We The Jedi take-down the Fifth Reich NWO Plan of Global Domination.
nickmusclemilk@woof.groupMuscle Milk
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Muscle bro into blimping up bigger and turning into a dumb piece of meat, medium rare, extra thick. Accomplished jock, himbo in training, super heavyweight in the making.
tylermcginnis@mastodon.socialTyler McGinnis
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Partner at React Training. Google Developer Expert.
subaruiner@spinster.xyznana’s forlorn poodle
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millenial human femaleUSA primarily upper midwest, sometimes NJgender critical, obvsradfem in training
tqt@toot.walestwoquarters training (Cymru)
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a foundation for creative empowerment."To inspirit and enable, Direct Positive Action for a Changing World."
kevryanperson@mastodon.online  [follow]
Comedy writer, dramatic reader. Host Tyrants In Training podcast, an improv comedy thing. Giraffes love me. Elephants tolerate me.
Gemini server, Gitlab
wwwgem@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
A space biologist by training and a Linux user by passion :archlinux: #ArchLinux :linux: #Linux #KISS #FOSS :terminal: :python: Gemini=gemini://www-gem.flounder.online
comiclysmic@mastodon.art🐙 Megs 🐙
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Canadian Comic Artist in Training ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤTumblr: comiclysmic.tumblr.com
tmakarios@theres.lifeTim Makarios
Husband of, Working on
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I'm interested in freedom, decentralization, economics, mathematics, … Follower of=Jesus Nature and training=Mathematician
lennialen@nnia.spacePrince Caradawg
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Lenni, trans boy, unseelie fey, body age 25. ADHD, OSDD system, BPD. Anti-contact MAP, autopedophilia/little. Lokean pagan and shaman-in-training. Host is an age slider (4-18)
roland@f.haeder.netRoland Häder
itch.io profile
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I love free software, freedom, decentralization and no capitalism. #BlacklistIsNoRacism #heterosexual #endFGM #ProDashcam #IloveK1 #SayNoToVVS #SayNoToGendering (I don't "genderize"). Hometown=Georgsmarienhütte Gender=Male Political views=Some left-sided Religious views=Atheist Likes=Food: #vegetarian (90%), #vegan (10%) Dislikes=Smoking/drugs, I stopped eating meat since July 2019. Alcohol (even mild) seem to be more disliked than liked. I don't like the taste. Title / description=Administrator of this instance Musical interests=Techno, 90' Dancefloor 90\, Psychedelic-/Goa-Trance Books, literature=Documentation books ... Television=X-Files, Knight Rider, Dune (movie), lots of movies where Jason Statham is involved. Maybe something more I forgot? Hobbies/Interests=Programming PHP/Java SE/EE, playing computer games Love / romance=I'm in love with a girlfriend for a longer time now. Work / employment=Unempoyed, not interested in home-office. School / education=Middle school finished, first work training was electrician, then application developer. Contact information and Social Networks=GS: https://social.mxchange.org/roland Sexuality=Heterosexual/straight Relationship type=Monogamous OMEMO ID=a7419c8edd4fe01c0b1bc79b3f3a5fbbb589b56098e55dacb02351d73d6e6232
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Female. Artist and plant lover. Gender non-compliant. Feminist in training. #WarOnWomen
kites@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Spinster in training. Chaos witch.I avoid social media but I still love you.
lunadragofelis@mk.absturztau.beLuna Saφra Dragofelis 🐱
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Luna Saφra Dragofelis, the hyper-smart, hyper-lewd, 21 years old plural transspecies plasmacat, programmer about to finish training, black, autistic + ADHD, depressed, transnonbinaryfem-plasmacatgender.Pronouns: it/sheSpecies: PlasmacatDiscord: LunaDragofelis#6468Mastodon: @LunaDragofelis@embracing.spaceTwitter: LunaDragofelisEmail: lunadragofelis@gmail.comXMPP: LunaDragofelis@xmpp.socialMatrix: @LunaDragofelis:matrix.org Pronouns=it/she Species=Plasmacat
princess@weirder.earth👑 the fenpire bites back!! 💀
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v fragile, pls handle with caresoft pink fendragon little, part of the @Aurora family!!vampire, princess, witch in training, part time braixen!!always buried in plushies,⚠️ pls do not lewd the fenfen!! ⚠️
charmian@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Bored housewife. I watch baseball, my team is the New York Yankees. I travel to implosive demolitions & Spring Training in Florida with my son. I love thunderstorms, animals, 60s music, and my Morning Glories.
jeff@mastodon.technology  [follow]
BI Developer, DBA, Data Scientist-in-Training
faerlyscifi@mastodon.socialfaerlyscifi ⚧
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34 y trans nonbinary bisexual queer fae witch. neurodiverse.ze/hir or they/thempolyam, anarchy, video games and code. aerialist in training.
vellen@girlcock.clubVellen Valkyrie
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26 NB/Genderfae | Forensic Psychology/Therapist in training. Very Queer. They/fae. Anarchocommunist. Still trying to figure out what the hell is going on here.If you're cis and male don't interact unless you either have permission or I interact first.18+ is obvious. I'm gonna be weird and an adult so you better be an adult too. Gender=If found, please call security. My Cat=Is Good. Need:=a nap Woke?=Bespoke, actually.
graham@grahamc.comGraham Christensen
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NixOS.org Infra and Security teams. Nix support and training: https://determinate.systems. Pineapple pizza liker. No fascism. graham@grahamc.com he/him
mostportem@shrike.clubmilf in training
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sissy ⚤ mxtress