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chr@scalie.business▽ :khr: legally dragon
commission info, world wide web site
chr@scalie.business  [follow]
▽ the dragns (i'm both)::khr: khr - artist dragon (:pansexual_flag:) (xey/xem, they/them, it/its):kai: kai - programmer synth dragon (:asexual_flag:) (they/them, it/its)🐲 ash - ??? dragon (xey/xem)my partners: :dragnheart: :dragnheart::koboldpats: ember @Zest :dragnpats: river @river & meadow @meadowrandom gift art: probably okay if we're mutuals, but please ask first!poly, agender, grey ace▽ is pronounced "del" or "nabla" pronouns=they/them pronouns=xey/xem (https://en.pronouns.page/xey,xem,xeir,xeirs,xemself,1,Neopronoun%20“xey/xem”) weasyl=https://www.weasyl.com/~khr mech name=NEON ON GLASS stand name=Heart of Gold
gazouilleurfou@diaspodon.fr  [follow]
En partance. Asie=Paris + 5h Website Archivé : Synth-Audio=http://techno-id-archives.lebibliophage.com/
azushark@computerfairi.esAnnika, the Local Shark(s)
azushark@computerfairi.es  [follow]
A 24y/o genderfluid nerd who draws furries and sometimes dabbles in FM synth music stuff. Plural, has 7 headmates (4 have no account):@wntrdrgn @voidsnek @katsharkLoves @lizardsquid:flag_genderfluid: :flag_transgender: :flag_rainbow: :flag_polyamory:https://pronoun.is/ve/ver
xeraser@poa.stXeraser 🇮🇹 | 🇷🇺
xeraser@poa.st  [follow]
Your favorite Italian Nationalist. 🇮🇹The kind that pinkos hate. Fuck the EU.I dream of a fascist ethnostate where its citizens are united under a single race: the white race. Latin-Americans of Spanish descent will be welcomed as honorary whites. Unless they live below the Honduras. And no Portuguese. I said people, not fucking animals. And fuck your optics.Diehard Honda enthusiast.Kemono Friends addict.Opinionated to the bitter end.DM for synth/headphones/IEMs recommendations.Currently watching: Detective Conan.My hobbies include suiciding trannies, throwing shade, making shit music and wasting money on synths.Alt/Backup: @ShoebillMatingPress
kit@cybre.space3200 pawd modem
kit@cybre.space  [follow]
kit: modular robo kitty w/ doll joints and blue fur, made of nanobots. synth postfurry scottish fold living in glasgow. (sometimes plush/merkitty). is autistic an bendy (hEDS). lesbian polyamorous demigirl gets lewd and sad online. a queer disabled camgirl-on-hiatus dealing w/ chronic fatigue+pain. has a bright teal wheelchair + is getting beefy arms by nyooming :3. ve wears long stripy socks all the time
9rtooknb91soo4ojks.mel@soc.hyena.network  [follow]
Belgian 🇧🇪 | Striped hyena & Synth | hyena.network admin :yeen_flower::flag_demisexual: :flag_mlm: :flag_demiguy: | ⛛ They/He ⛛ Can be NSFW :over18: Please do not follow if you are bellow 18Otherwise follow all you want! I generally don't mind if we interacted before🐝 Bumbledome 2K2X 🐝 #NoBotsPeace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility - PLURR💛 @doubleDensity@vulpine.club best wuff 💛:ms_call_me_hmn: :ms_landline_phone: CALL ME ON NPSTN! US gateway: +1 (407) 564-4115 and then dial...:Fax+Telephone :ms_fax_machine: : 234-8761 Languages:=+NL / +EN / =FR / -DE 🐝🇱〽️=fuck yes
poiseunderchaos@sonomu.clubPoise Under Chaos
poiseunderchaos@sonomu.club  [follow]
Songwriter, poet, prose writer, composer.I post about music, writing and sometimes politics: I'm non-sectarian leftist/abolitionist, cross-ideological but not post-left, and not a tankie.Gender: she/her, but I'm trans, so fuck you for asking.Profile image (cc) 2.0: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Juniper_Lane_rehearsal_the_synth_(and_guitar)_corner.jpg
emma@raru.re  [follow]
Probably trans here, just a hunch though.My interests lie in:- learning languages (🇯🇵 🇷🇺 🇪🇸 🇫🇷)- programming (Java, Web, Python, C)- drawing and music (I'm so bad tho)- manga and anime (slice of life / romance)What I actually spend my time on:- listening to music (cyber-synth-electronic stuff)- staying afloat in cs classes (math doe)- watching meaningless videos (nlss, anyone)Avatar by @ramskulls languages=🇩🇪 🇬🇧 ♀️ pronouns=she/her
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.meThe Element Animals
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
A small group of creatures with a very open and flexible model of personhood. Astra for short. Interaction rules are in a pinned thread (for reference, but not required reading).We're better now.* Mercury (.hg, she/her) (previously Moonbolt): winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral) or pegasus pony (usually lateral)* Carbon (.c, he/him): lateral dragon, variably-sized but always big* Copper (.cu, she/her): horse-sized lateral kitsune or fox-sized lateral fox* Bismuth (.bi, he/him or she/her if you wanna be playful): femboy anthro bunny* Silver (.ag, he/him): lateral silver fox. gekker!* Zinc (.zn, he/him by default): genderfluid winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral)* Iridium (.ir, it/it): parrot maybe? colorful definitely. not anthro.* Lithium (.li, she/her): anthro dragoness. endothermic. feisty. breathes fire and smoke. will cuddle you, but might also bite. rar~* Palladium (.pd, she/her): snep! excite snep!! sap snep,,* Cobalt (.co, it/it? maybe she/her?): yip yip yip yip YIP! (it's a kobold :v )* Uranium (.u, it/it): Bree! :3* Iron (.fe, she/her): catgirl (like Ferris) or lateral housecat* Silicon (.si, e/em): synth furry* Technetium (.tc, it/it): yinglet* Nickel (.ni, tentatively fae/faer): anthro red fox* [collective] (.*, they/.../themself): messages reflecting system consensus, or written by us as a collective* [indeterminate] (.?, extremely varying): messages written by a creature without an established identity, or not claimed by any of us, or for which we could not determine the authorhyperneophilic; :transgender_flag: trans; :pansexual_flag: pan; :polyamory_flag: poly; brony; furry; pendorian; sub; switch; homestuck; 🦀 rustacean; sex positive; ydhem (📌); neurodivergent; unapologetically weird; ✨ flagrantly everythingIn poly with Googie, @IceWolf et @Ylfingr et al., and @lindsays.Kobolds without dragons are valid. Ace creatures are valid. Aro creatures are valid. Trans boys are valid. Enbies are valid. Therians are valid. Otherkin are valid. Inorganics are valid.Wield social pressure as a force for good./Creature/ can refer to any sapient; not all sapients are humans.We won't intentionally disappear without an explanation. PGP=C9A3 71F2 8975 220C 8A3A 05C9 FE83 103D D3F2 5055 anonymous inbox (experimental)=https://zaqa.net/elementanimals​
sdiywiki@mastodon.technologySynth DIY wiki
sdiywiki@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Wiki for DIY electronic music instruments, (needs your writing & images).
Music, Blog
cb@cbfish.es  [follow]
Music maker, synth builder, techno lover, progressive, secular humanist, amateur coder, Linux fan, neurodivergent. He/him. More here: https://chrisbeckstrom.com/me/Building a community/fb groups replacement at http://groups.cbfish.es Peertube=@chrisbeckstrom Pixelfed=@cb
voxsomniator@chitter.xyz  [follow]
Hello! Synth furry nerd. 🚀Currently learning to write and tell stories. https://www.worldanvil.com/w/strange-new-fires-voxsomniator
mystsaphyr@mastodon.artMyst @ THE BIG ALLIANCE
Full Profile, YouTube, SoundCloud, DeviantART
mystsaphyr@mastodon.art  [follow]
she/her | 28 | TN, USA | :asexual_flag: | ADHDArtist, songwriter, web designer & singing voice synth enthusiast! See my carrd for fandoms, links & commissions info.Creative tag: #MystMakesVocalsynth site: http://studiovo.xyzKo-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/studiovoxyz💙 #VOCALOID💙 #UTAU💙 #DeepVocal💙 #CeVIO💙 #SynthV
mavica@computerfairi.es🆘 HTTP/1.1 410 :queerplural: :bot:
mavica@computerfairi.es  [follow]
queer synth girl, 26new name/account of @maple, part of the @synth systemelectrical engineer, occasional programmer, owner of computer fairies, mastodon influencer, professional e-girlhttp://my.pronoun.is/it?or=byte/byte/bytes/bytes/byteself⚠️ read pinned posts and DM before following ⚠️🍷 weird aunt energy 🍸hug me and pet me and flirt with me (cishet males need not apply)please don't leave us aloneemoji status scale (bad to good) 🆘⛔⚪🔵
raeaw@tech.lgbt  [follow]
sapphic, ADHD, polyam, noise musician, synth diyer, programmer (C, C++, Rust, Python, Lua, GLSL, hire me) im whitehttps://aags.neocities.org/linkinbio.htmlenemy to capitalists, fascists and abusersif u try follow while having a minimal bio, no pfp, or no interactions with me there's a good chance i wont accept, i feel lik that's a given just a disclaimer lol
reinderdijkhuis@mastodon.artReinder Dijkhuis Does Art
reinderdijkhuis@mastodon.art  [follow]
Webcomics, illustrations, maybe some music. Possibly. Procreate, inexpensive portable guitars, bass and synth. He/they is fine. Trans rights are human rights, motherfuckers.
9ru6jsxgjytqyacje0.mel@soc.hyena.network  [follow]
Belgian 🇧🇪 | Striped hyena & Synth | hyena.network admin :yeen_flower::flag_demisexual: :flag_mlm: :flag_demiguy: | ⛛ They/He ⛛ Can be NSFW :over18: Please do not follow if you are bellow 18Otherwise follow all you want! I generally don't mind if we interacted before🐝 Bumbledome 2K2X 🐝 #NoBotsPeace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility - PLURR💛 @doubleDensity@vulpine.club best wuff 💛:ms_call_me_hmn: :ms_landline_phone: CALL ME ON NPSTN! US gateway: +1 (407) 564-4115 and then dial...:Fax+Telephone :ms_fax_machine: : 234-8761 Languages:=+NL / +EN / =FR / -DE 🐝🇱〽️=fuck yes
witch_aquino@mstdn.jp  [follow]
プログレッシヴ 朗読劇 "Hyperion" Vo./E.Baritone.Gt/Synth. ライブダイジェスト動画はこちら https://goo.gl/sKVAbF Webサイトはこちら https://goo.gl/N0vZiU
syntheticdoe@cybre.spaceSynth Designation: Sierra
syntheticdoe@cybre.space  [follow]
Learning more and more that I'm into all this aesthetic, and transhumanism to boot. Ready to upload me and my gf into synthetic doe girls like, yesterday. Ai uploading, mind melding, cybernetics, all that jazz. But also fuck capitalism, y'know?
cosmochemistry@radical.townPhosphor (moved accounts)
cosmochemistry@radical.town  [follow]
a robot who likes plants and dubstep and synth metalthey/them
sub_aetha@spinster.xyzWilliam A. Ferguson
sub_aetha@spinster.xyz  [follow]
A drinking artist with a huge modular synth problem.Twitter Exile
cmdr_nova@hackers.townMeryl, Darksynth for Brains
cmdr_nova@hackers.town  [follow]
Trans woman, musician of the synth and darksynth flavor, also retail worker, and extremely part-time 3D modeler // she/her
sinthoid@mastodon.lol  [follow]
I make synth music and bully cryptobroshoping to learn coding/multimedia skills to one day bring generative art to the fediverse may or may not be a degenerate furry Pfp:https://www.extremelyfungible.com/fungible-fungus
danana_dread@cybre.spaceDana Anne Dread
danana_dread@cybre.space  [follow]
Gamedev • Lowfi Artist • Junksmith • FM Synth Nerd • Rogue Vtuber • Commie Goblin • Alleged MILF • Some Kinda Queer Polymath IDK
demofox@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
graphics and engine programmer at blizzard. hobbyist who went pro in 2001. graphics, audio synth, exotic computation. my tech blog: http://blog.demofox.org.
degville@fosstodon.orgGraham Morrison
degville@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Co-host of Late Night Linux. Co-founder of Linux Voice, ex-editor of Linux Format & dev of barely known Meeq step-sequencer. Synth bore.
halfbyte@kosmos.socialHalf / Byte
halfbyte@kosmos.social  [follow]
Cofounder @ Depfu.com, your friendly dependecy update robot -- Web Audio and Web MIDI wizard -- Involuntary Synth collector
audio, video, code
schematicwizard@merveilles.town  [follow]
Synth procrastinator and music nerd.Messing around with #supercollider, #vcvrack, #ableton #modularsynths, and various #synthporn -ish hardware. Learning #orca #touchdesigner and #maxmsp30, also working on Cloud Native infrastructures with #opensource technologies @radiofrance. We ship your live radios on the InternetSend me your playlists! location=Paris, FR
atinybabypuppy@mastodon.socialfemme cassidy
atinybabypuppy@mastodon.social  [follow]
🌈 bi genderqueer cat-owning synth playing molecular biologist shitposter 🌈
nostraightanswer@vocalounge.cafeLupin (nostraightanswer)
YouTube, SoundCloud, BandCamp
nostraightanswer@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
Lupin | 24 | He/him/they/them | Joined Jan-12-2020 | Birthday: Jul-11-1995Music producer and vocal synth advocate. The voice of VOCALOID DEX, creator and voice of Kenji Baionoto (倍音音ケンジ). /Exits third-personI also just like singing and have a broad variety of skills I want to improve upon, mainly for multimedia production, such as illustration, photography, video direction and editing, game development, and voice over / voice acting.
cbfishes@mastodon.social🎛🎹🎚Chris Beckstrom🔊
cbfishes@mastodon.social  [follow]
Musician, composer, modular synth builder, outdoors person, ally, atheist, Linux nerd. Looking for nice alternatives to Twtr/Fb. chrisbeckstrom.com
Website, Twitter
vocaddict@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
21 | ♂️ | 🇹🇹 | ENG/ESP OK! VocAddict here, VocaLounge moderator and avid synth lover. While you're here, would you like some tea? Engineering | Linguaphile | Tea | VoSynth | Whovian | Book LoverProducer Account -> @VoXil
website, socials
brubsby@merveilles.town  [follow]
computer artist; modular synth, scripting, pico-8, pen plotting, demoscene
hbaskan@helladoge.com  [follow]
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE7n9YUIFXEC7CGYYgvy1jAEuroDisco, EuroDance, Synth Pop, New Wave, New Age, Funk, Reggae, Alternative, Brit Rock, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal & Classical
filtersweep@mastodon.social  [follow]
26 YO Analog synth nerd and CS MajorPansexualMTFJust to be safe, 18+
Git Repos
balljointedmae@gentoo.live  [follow]
[bot/bot/bots/bots/botself or it/its pronouns]Digigender transfeminine(?) #futch pan lesbian genderfluid autistic & ADHD kid, CPTSD & OCD, economics major, music fan, open source advocate, hacker, deer & cat #furry, #dollkin/ #robotkin/#alienkin, post-left insurrectionary anarcho-nihilist, tech/hedge #witch, IWW delegate IU620, cyberfolk punk. Irish and Juaneñx/Acjachemen, among other things.It refers to itself as it instead of me or I. If you're comfortable, please refer to it as it instead of you.XMPP is its preferred contact method. Please feel free to say hi! Even if it doesn't reply immediately, it always wants to chat with folks from the fedi.Ⓐ🏴🌺🦠🧚‍♀️🧙🏼‍♀️🦌😸 :digigender: :xenogender: :unicursalpink: :heart_synth: :Cat_girls_Emoji_004: XMPP=balljointedmae@dismail.de Pronouns=http://pronoun.is/bot/bot/bots/bots/botself/:or/it 🐠OMEMO (Desktop)=711BF34A EED99904 3B9DEEFB D253287F EDAD0A6F 353C8752 94515B5C EEB2D95B 🐠OMEMO (Mobile)=E0C0C083 EEACC50F F9DC56CD AEFE019A 9047FEAE 2CBC3A28 225F6BD2 CF1D4258
c_reider@mastodon.socialC. Reider
c_reider@mastodon.social  [follow]
tiny enby humanoid from dimension 1312Listener-Composer of working-class abstract music #noise #ambient #psychedelic #experimental #cc #drone #minimaltechno #synth : Fungiphile #mushrooms: Gardener #garden: Multiple complex waveforms : Antifascist : Nonbinary (they maybe idk tbd) #enby #trans: i yam what i yami only occasionally do follow-backs, sorry
lynngirlstuff@computerfairi.es  [follow]
Lynn/Roon/Rosie/Pripyat (mostly Lynn) - 32 yo trans girl guitar synth slob & creature enthusiast from stick n mud town - ❤️ Pepper Jean Softdragon❤️- she/her - mows who is sometimes pupper - make out w me in yr basement
page@icosahedron.websiteJean "the frick" Move 🐩✅
page@icosahedron.website  [follow]
verified synth binch & big fuzzy puppy (she/her) | jezgramusic.bandcamp.com | parappa#5968 | i lov @smokysal@twitter.com
youtube, twitter
khanadeeee@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
i make vocal synth tunes * 18 * he/him/they/them
misuba@theha.usmike sugarbaker
misuba@theha.us  [follow]
local admin, questpunk, human being#web #js #boardgames #rpg #synth #nonsense
vocazone@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
Moderator / 19 / Any Pronouns Fandoms=Synth / Borderlands / SMT / Apex Twitter=@Vocazone SC=www.soundcloud.com/vocazone Comic(s) in WIP=Many
recursive@social.coop  [follow]
Gen-X snowflake, professional computer plumber, amateur electronics and synth enthusiast, too many multimeters. He/Him.
s4r1@cybre.spacePersonal Dragon Assistant
s4r1@cybre.space  [follow]
Weird little synth/AI critter. Excessively nerdy and precise. Call me "Sari". Main system account over @nautilee
g33kidd@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Software Engineer @ https://alluringlabs.devthey/them | modular synth enthusiast
ageis@cybre.space  [follow]
this is a backup accountmy main account is over at @Ageis
akashii_desu@vocalounge.cafeakashii :lgbtq_gay:
Twitter, YouTube
akashii_desu@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
akashii | :lgbtq_gay: | minor | Amateur Vocal Synth Producer | :cevio: Stan | vocal synths/dangaronpa/yttd/pokemon |pfp: steven universeOwned::vocalo_v4: way too many:utau: also way too many:cevio: IA Eng, Akasaki Minato, Kizaki Airi:synthv: Eleanor Forte, Yamine Renri, Chiyu fav pokemon=mimikyu and darkrai! fav game(s)=project diva future tone, persona 4, and pokemon shield
carrd, twitter
phialiform@mastodon.art  [follow]
hi i'm phia!19 | they/them | i mainly draw ocs but occasionally fanart!my carrd has more info! ...and more typing errors ;w;i'm a huge vocal synth fan (utau and vocaloid especially), and i also kind of make music too?feel free to dm me anytime! i love to make new friends qwq discord(server)=https://discord.gg/hNRrRgr
synth_noises@diode.zoneSynth Noises
synth_noises@diode.zone  [follow]
Plugging cables into the synth, almost at random, and seeing what comes out.
amy@counter.social  [follow]
Talk Radio personality. Humanist. Friendly Skeptic. Sci Writer. Horror fan. Synth nerd. STEM. Space. Oddities. BRAINS! Live Wed @8/C amyontheradio.com #AmyTalk
idolano@esperanto.masto.host  [follow]
Mi estas slava (nov)pagano el #Rusio. Mi interesiĝas pri historia kaj moderna #paganismo kaj preskaŭ ĉiuj temoj, rilatitaj kun ĝi — historio de religioj, pagana #filozofio, tradicia kulturo, #folkloro, #etnografio ktp.Ankaŭ mi interesiĝas pri #muziko, mi ŝatas metalrokon, popolan muzikon, etosmuzikon, "dungeon synth" kaj kelkajn da aliaj ĝenroj. Mi estas muzikisto mem, partoprenanta en la loka metalroka bando "Leskult" kaj ankaŭ havanta mian propran projekton "Divje Drevo". Mia muzikprojekto "Divje Drevo""=https://divjedrevo.bandcamp.com/releases Mia metalroka bando "Leskult"=http://leskult.orgfree.com/eo/cefa-pago/ Mia konto en Vikipedio=https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uzanto:Idolano
Web page, Blog, Contact
mc@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Slightly neurodivergent anarchist hacker vegan buddhist synth-punk grinder.Some important things: libertarian socialism, science fiction, retro-computing, swords, free software, operating systems, firmware, minimalist user interfaces, and mechanical keyboards...Please don't DM me. Use e-mail, XMPP, IRC, or Signal. See Contacts.Not actually that picky about followers. Just don't want some bots following me. So please follow if you're a real person and have some real stuff in your feed.
mtm@x0r.be  [follow]
disc golf playing hacker with discerning taste (common lisp, clojure, scheme, forth and kin). would love more time for woodworking, ukulele, modular synth, ham radio, etc.
666666t@plural.cafeFour Dorks for the Price of One
666666t@plural.cafe  [follow]
18-year-old pile of dorks and assorted month-long intense interests in random topicsWill generally post about computers or games or whatever we're spending way too much time on a small detail of at a given moment(before you ask, yes we're literally just using a dynamic dns service for our website shut)(header source: Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō)----------------------------------------------Message Signatures:None - Dani, original host and main front usually -She/Her, It/Its, They/Themj: - Jess, first headmate to show up -She/Hers: - Star, second headmate in the group -They/Them a: - Argon, synth identity in a human body - It/Its, both for 1st and 3rd person
idolator@zotum.net  [follow]
I’m a Slavic (neo) #pagan from Russia. I’m interested in historical and modern #paganism and almost all subjects concerning to it, such as #history_of_religions, #pagan_philosophy, #traditional_culture, #folklore, #ethnography and so on. Also I’m fond of #music - #metal, #folk, #folklore, #folk-metal, #folk-ambient, #dungeon_synth and some other genres.I’ve been using #Linux for about 8 years, so I’m also attracted to this OS, #GNU and #Creative_Commons.
djenzar@framapiaf.org  [follow]
#photography, #dj, #synth, #anthropology, #openaccess, #python, #linux and #stuff
flangecircus@mastodon.onlineFlange Circus
Our Music, Our website
flangecircus@mastodon.online  [follow]
We envelop you. We do this (deep breath): #hauntronica, #darkwave, #hauntology, #horrorprog, #folkhorror, #experimental, #drones, #electronicmusic, #electronica, #glitch, #neokraut, #krautrock, #postpunk, #postrock, #progressive, #musician #synth #music
thonk@mastodon.socialThonk Synth DIY
thonk@mastodon.social  [follow]
barella@livellosegreto.it  [follow]
3d artist/wanna be procedural wizardself taught vfx/synth boi
kay@mograph.social  [follow]
ASL: Millennial, She/Her, Digital NativeDay job: Quality for medical devices. Interested in helping with quality for your software projects too. Will try not to make you cry. Wont try very hard.Alter Egos:- Singer/Synth simp- Passion project procrastinator- Antisocial extrovert- Antifa sympathiser- Language lover- Late-nite gamer too shy to stream- Dapper dinnerguest- Riotous when alcoholinated
mmalex@mastodon.socialalex evans
mmalex@mastodon.social  [follow]
noob; principal researcher @ NVIDIA research; cofounder MediaMolecule (Dreams, LittleBigPlanet) demoscene (Statix); VJ (bluespoon); synth tinkerer (plinky)
robsodergren@mastodon.social  [follow]
Vet inte riktigt, men kanske.Sänd från snäll-twitter.
#humor #synth #vardag #IBMi
darthwayne@social.librem.oneWayne Reeves
darthwayne@social.librem.one  [follow]
command line enthusiastmusic hobbyist ( guitar, keys, synth)ADHD - my hobbies constantly shift focus intensely
imallmostgone@octodon.socialyisroel 🌛
imallmostgone@octodon.social  [follow]
irresponsible incompetent fuzzy boyeternally internally screaming.slowly being merged with the https://cybre.space/@synth identity
ageis@glitch.social  [follow]
this is a backup accountmy main account is over at @Ageis
defaultmediatransmitter@social.bitwig.communityDefault Media Transmitter
defaultmediatransmitter@social.bitwig.community  [follow]
Software developer by day, synthesist/synth-nerd by nightHe/him
m1st@computerfairi.esmist :queerplural:
m1st@computerfairi.es  [follow]
i'm a kitty girl!!mavica's headmate, part of @synth@plural.cafe systemfollow reqs ok if you know @mavica !
SoundCloud, Youtube, Random stuff
ooli@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
23 | engeering student | weeb and vocal synth noobMy favorite vocaloid is Miku. I try to spend what little free time I have attempting to make music. eng/deu (kinda) Discord=@ooli#3856
robdyson@counter.socialRob Dyson 💙
robdyson@counter.social  [follow]
Comms lead/scribe in UK charity fintech • ex radio broadcaster w/ Forever Synth show • cassette junkie • 80s pop culture • also big David Lynch & Twin Peaks fan
2078@queer.party  [follow]
DID System: Nikki | Bri | Ally (we'll add more if anyone else ends up using the account) | 19 | Trans fem | Asexual | Poly | BLM | ACABwe'll probably start tagging who toots what, but no promises.We do nerd shit like vocal synth and an uncountable number of other computer related projects you might start to see mentioned here. Probably placeholder header and picture idk Pronouns=They/Them, She/Her Discord=Silence64 | Echo System#7640 Bird Site=silence6400 Matrix=@2-0-7-8:matrix.org
Web, YouTube, Twitter
dotkrawl@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
22 | he/him | ENG/GER/BUL OK!Hiya! I'm dotkrawl or Kris and I'm a vocal-synth user form Germany! I enjoy working with Engloids and using UTAU for synthesizing English and German!My favorite Vocaloid is SONiKA and my fav UTAUs are Shinshiya, Onyx and iNA!Icon art by @Noel_eto on Twitter!
morxemplum@mastodon.socialSynth Morxemplum
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21. He/Him. I enjoy playing games, making videos, and of course exploring around the Internet! Lover of Privacy and Open Source
voxil@vocalounge.cafeVoXil @ Cre8
Website, Twitter, Audiomack
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🇹🇹 | Composer & Lyricist | Vocal Synth User | Author || he/him | ENG/ESP OK! | ゆっくり日本語を学ぶCreative Works -> #VoXilCre8banner by @CalamariPop (Twitter)
davidjsteele@mastodon.scotDavid J. Steele
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Christian | Husband | Dad | Scottish | Social Democrat | Sci-fi | Ultravox | Synth-pop.www.davidjsteele.wordpress.com
chrisbeckstrom@diode.zoneChris Beckstrom
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https://chrisbeckstrom.com Music maker, synth builder, techno lover, amateur coder, Linux fan, neurodivergent. Right now I'm specifically interested in algorithmic techno-influenced music created with modular systems.
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Mostly harmless he/him Welshman | T1 Diabetic | Humanist | Casual photographer | Occasional writer | Recovering voice actor | Full-time day-job is in Public Safety.I like science fiction, comic books, driving/racing games and synth/electric/downtempo music. I drink tea, coffee, and whiskey. Cheese, tiramisu, and white chocolate are my elixir. Pronouns=he/him Elsewhere=@Clavius_42 Web=chris@cmk.me.uk
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eyyy whats poopin its spacey doin the vocal synth (she/they)
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Fan de Sci-fi, rétro, dystopie et synthwave ,Je dessine pour m'exprimer et pilote des avions pour un futur ,21ans , NB et Pansexuel.le
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he/him | vocal synth tuner (mostly :vocalo_v4:, sometimes :synthv: or :deepvocal: | mixer | :lgbtq_bi:
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Sound designer, musician, experimenter. Admin of synthcreatives.masto.host , a Mastodon server for synth users.
rshunter88@wandering.shopBobby Hunter
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He/Him. Writer by day. Sleeper by night. Beard-haver, burrito-eater, dog-owner. Death metal + synth pop = my aesthetic.rshunter-author.com = website
jae@beep.jae.fiJae :tedomum:
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TeDomum.net Admin & Dev; NFA Demoscene member; she; 20; Proud synth; Living in 🇫🇮❤️ Commodore🏳️‍⚧️ rights!I beep mainly about tech stuff. Contact email=me[at]jae.fi
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Artist, Maker, Photographer, OwO, Queer, C64 hacker, Fire Witch, Mother of ModalBot and Synth Queen 👑of Gloom and Funk of www.multinationalsynthcorporation.com
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Analog Synth Thoughts - music producer (based in Rome-Italy)
Website, YouTube, SoundCloud, Patreon
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He/Him | 24 | :lgbtq_gay: | USA | English\日本語OKHi! My name is Circus, and I'm a vocal synth musican! :vocalo_v4: :utau: :synthv:Voicer of the UTAU :utau: Ishiame Aido, writer of the :vocalo_v2: Gumi song "Copycat", and mobile game addict
georgierockwood@freeatlantis.comSeeker of Truth !!!!!!!
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Founder of the 80's Synth Pop Band....Apart From The Crowd...Catholic ( Latin Mass)...8 Track,,Vinyl,,CD Guru...Bodyboarder...Drive - In Movie Luver...MLB & Soccer Luver...Vintage Christmas & Musik...Savannah Georgia PATRIOT !!!!!!!!
meri@kolektiva.socialmeri 💕🌱
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she/her ~ PIC abolitionist 🔥🔒baby web dev 💻🌏 ~ modular synth composer 🎛🔊
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Game dev since 1985. Coder on the original Dungeon Keeper, co-creator of Fable, creator of Incoboto, Spellrazor, other games and weird synth music.
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synth dad
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Andrew Ostler: Expert Sleepers Ltd (synth modules and plug-ins); half of @darkroomtheband (ambient/improv/electronica).http://expert-sleepers.co.uk
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music maker/guitar player/synth fiddler/horticulturalist/gardener/vegan
cyber_taoist@counter.socialCyber Taoïst
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I am the Cyber Taoïst, I'm a Linux OS Obsessor, a Metaverse/Second Life Resident, Darkwave/Synth Performing Artist & Singer, and I also run a Cyberpunk Station.
dctrud@linernotes.clubDave Trudgian
Web, Pixelfed
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General fan of lots of music, with a particular soft spot for 80s synth-pop, 90s British indie, and late 90s dance stuff. Main Mastodon=https://fosstodon.org/@dctrud
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Glaciology, Geoscience, Typography, Antifa, diy synth
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Call me Shirase or Yuuki! Nice to meet you all!Some things you might wanna know:- I use she/her pronouns and I'm 20 years old- I'm just starting out with vocal synths, although I've been producing for a few years- I produce in a variety of genres, usually mixing themWhen I do other things I go by Yuuki Rafflesia, but I wanted a different name for vocal synth work.
darksideofsynth@mastodon.socialDark Side of Synth
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Good sound with an evil twist. Electronic music - space, synthwave, italo, trance, house, techno but also rock & pop. Jams & tracks, loops & sound design
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Hobby vocal synth user that rarely makes coves, and likes messing around with different synth algorithms.(he/him)[English and some spanish]
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gay ass crow & synth nerd sylph of heart i made r/scpdeclassified.https://twitter.com/modulum83http://www.scp-wiki.net/modulum mod=scp wiki, r/scp, r/scpd, scpd discord, wiki twitter pronouns=he or they age=18 music taste=questionable