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eroticcouplesadventures@humblr.socialOur Adventures
eroticcouplesadventures@humblr.social  [follow]
Fantasies we find exciting! Straight husband, bi wife. #cuckquean #cuckcake #threesome #foursome #moresome #sharing #gangbang #blowbang #hotwife #vixen #couple Content=Threesomes, moresomes, swinging, ffm, mfm, bi-women, cuckqueans, cuckcakes, couples. All images are from the Internet, if you would like to have something removed, please contact us. We are=Straight husband, bi-curious wife https://humblr.social/@eroticcouplesadventures Turn-ons=Cuckcakes, cuckqueans, threesomes, moresomes, groupsex, lesbian, sharing, swinging, hotwife /-husband, gangbang, blowbang. - With a good taste and enjoyment of all participants :) #hashtags=#cuckquean #cuckcake #threesome #foursome #moresome #sharing #gangbang #blowbang #hotwife #vixen #couple #swinging #lesbian #groupsex
giveit2megood@humblr.socialBIG SWINGING DICK
giveit2megood@humblr.social  [follow]
Swinging dick: adjective for someone that is so bad ass that their dick metaphoricaly hangs past their knees. Related words are player and pimp. Twitter=@Charles_tims69
swingfun@humblr.socialSwinging Couple
swingfun@humblr.social  [follow]
We are happy swinging married couple.
dylanthethomas@swingset.socialDylan “Aztecs in Civ6” Thomas
dylanthethomas@swingset.social  [follow]
#blacklivesmatter • Admin of Swingset.Social #QuadSk8orDie, #boardgaming, #pokemongo, #cycling, #skating, #civilization6, #lifestyle, #polyamory, #polyam, #swinging, #sluttery, #tech, #linux, #latinx About Me=www.dylanthethomas.com Chicago=|| ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ || IDs=Swinger, Polyamorous, with a side of Kink. Cis, Straight Pronouns=pronoun.is/he/him
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simon_72_mel_76@stars.eroaward.com  [follow]
https://www.facebook.com/simon.mel.71Hi we are Simon and Mel, a married couple together for 21 years and swinging from the start. We are proudly Australian and unashamedly Horny.Please Vote For Us in these categories 224 Best Swingers225 Best Swingers Site226 Best Swingers Club227 Best Swingers EventAt https://EroAward.com! Net4SW=https://net4sw.com/@simon_72_mel_76 Twitter=https://www.twitter.com/@simon_72_mel_76
conker@qoto.org  [follow]
there's a lot of characters to fill here.... so you can read a bit of the cars 2 script here A sleek British sports car talks directly to us in a pixilated, garbled video. He's OUT OF BREATH. Crates are visible behind him. We're in the shadowy bowels of a steel room. LELAND TURBO This is Agent Leland Turbo. I have a flash transmission for Agent Finn McMissile. SUPERIMPOSE OVER BLACK: WALT DISNEY PICTURES PRESENTS LELAND TURBO Finn. My cover's been compromised. Everything's gone pear-shaped. SUPERIMPOSE OVER BLACK: A PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS FILM LELAND TURBO You won't believe what I've found out here. He angles our camera view, reveals a PORTHOLE through which we can see flames rising in the distance. LELAND TURBO This is bigger than anything we've ever seen. And no one even knows it exists. Finn, I need backup. But don't call the cavalry - it could blow the operation. And be careful. It's not safe out here! ANGRY VOICES O.S. Time for Turbo to go. LELAND TURBO Transmitting my grids now. Good luck! Coordinates appear: 40 6.80' N - 172 23.84' W TITLE CARD: CARS 2 EXT. SOMEWHERE IN THE NORTH PACIFIC - NIGHT A TINY CRAB BOAT (CRABBY) crests over massive swells. CRABBY Alright buddy, we're here. Right where you paid me to bring you. Question is, why? A metallic blue sports car, circa the `60s, emerges from the 2. shadows. Cagey, smooth, he'd turn heads driving through any intersection in the world. Meet FINN MCMISSILE. FINN I'm looking for a car. CRABBY A car? Hey pal, you can't get any further away from land than out here. FINN Exactly where I want to be. CRABBY Well I got news for you, buddy. There's nobody out here but us. Suddenly, a HORN -- a COMBAT SHIP, the size of most cruise ships. FINN quickly backs into the shadows, out of sight. COMBAT SHIP What are you doing out here? CRABBY What does it look like, genius? I'm crabbing! COMBAT SHIP Well turn around and go back where you came from. CRABBY Yeah? And who's gonna make me? A laser sight hits Crabby between the eyes. CRABBY Alright, alright! Don't get your prop in a twist. (as he turns to leave) What a jerk. Sorry, buddy. Looks like it's the end of the line. Buddy? ON CRABBY'S DECK: Finn is gone. CUT TO: FINN - He HANGS off the side of COMBAT SHIP, clandestine. We're with Finn as the ship continues on, cuts through the darkness with purpose. Suddenly small flames appear, perhaps a knot or so away. Then WHOOSH!!! A flame rises above Finn, the ship. It illuminates an OIL DERRICK. 3. THWAP! Finn fires a GRAPPLING HOOK to the derrick and SWINGS toward it. He's going to SLAM into the side with brute force WHEN --- --- HIS TIRES sprout a magnetic exoskeleton. He STICKS to the derrick and now DRIVES VERTICALLY UP UP UP... From this vantage point, hundreds of derricks appear. EXT. PLATFORM - OIL DERRICK - MOMENTS LATER Finn approaches a loading bay from above, hides. He watches as GREMLINS, PACERS and assorted other cars scurry about. FINN (INTO RADIO) Leland Turbo, this is Finn McMissile. I'm at the rally point. Over. No response. FINN (INTO RADIO) Leland, it's Finn. Please respond. Over. AN ACCESS DOOR OPENS LOUDLY below. A boxy, monacle-wearing German car enters. This is PROFESSOR OTTO ZUNDAPP. PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP (in German and English) Too many cars here. Out of my way! FINN Professor Zundapp? PACER (O.S.) Here it is, Professor. Zundapp approaches a NOSY PACER who idles next to a CRATE. NOSY PACER You wanted to see this before we load it? PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP Ah, yes. Very carefully... A forklift opens the crate -- inside is a TV CAMERA, packed carefully in foam. Finn SNAPS PHOTOS FURIOUSLY. NOSY PACER Oh. A TV camera. What does it actually do? 4. PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP This camera is extremely dangerous. FINN (TO HIMSELF) What are you up to now, Professor? Finn, angling for a better view, FIRES SUSPENSION WIRES --- --- which sail clear to the other side of the derrick --- --- THOK! They hook tightly onto a steel girder. Finn slides out ONTO THE WIRE like an acrobat, then expels another cross-wire for support. PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP This is valuable equipment. Make sure it is properly secured for the voyage. NOSY PACER You got it. Finn LOWERS HIMSELF. He snaps more pictures. GREM (O.S.) Hey, Professor Z! Zundapp turns as a CRANE LOWERS A CAR-SIZED CRATE. GREM and ACER, an orange Gremlin and a green Pacer, flank it. GREM This is one of those British spies we told you about. ACER Yeah. This one we caught sticking his bumper where it didn't belong. Finn PRODUCES SEMI-AUTOMATIC GUNS from his side, readies himself for a tag-team spy fight with his buddy Leland. PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP Agent Leland Turbo. The crate is lifted, revealing a CRUSHED, CUBED Leland Turbo. Finn's eyes go wide. Suddenly --- WHOOOSHHH! Another derrick flame rises behind him, casts a Finn-shaped SHADOW over the Professor. He looks up. 5. PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP It's Finn McMissile! He's seen the camera! Kill him!! Finn UNLOADS with bullets as he starts to retreat --- He STOPS: BAD GUY CARS are waiting for him on the catwalk where he just came from - BLOWTORCHES ready. Finn, stuck in midair, notices an angry CRANE. Finn GRINS, having just found his escape. THWAPTHWAPTHWAP!!! Finn releases three of his four cables, swinging, Indiana Jones-style on the last one TOWARD THE CRANE --- --- where he lands on its BOOM, drives UP and LAUNCHES OFF IT where he LANDS - MOVING - onto another deck! Finn now DRIVES, spraying oil and screeching around corners. A GREMLIN in pursuit hits the oil patch, loses control --- --- and PLUMMETS OFF the side of the rig! The Gremlin FALLS... it's like an eternity... He smashes into the water and breaks into a million pieces. ON FINN - Now set upon by 20 or 30 MORE pursuing cars. He has nowhere to go but UP UP UP a ramp toward the helipad. He spies some GASOLINE BARRELS, fires a SINGLE BULLET which cuts through its leather straps, sending barrels DOWN the ramp, PAST FINN --- --- PAST the pursuing CARS --- --- to the bottom where they EXPLODE in a CHAIN REACTION back UP THE RAMP, taking out at least 15 CARS! ON THE HELIPAD - Finn blasts into view, pulls to a stop. No more road. Nowhere else to go. The 20 BAD GUY CARS that are still in pursuit surround him, fire up their blowtorches. About to pounce. Finn GRINS. The second time we've seen this grin. It means he's got something cooking. Finn's REVERSE LIGHTS appear. He DRIVES BACKWARD off the edge of the helipad to the SHOCK of the other cars. Finn falls. He turns himself so he's grill first, cleanly cutting into the water. 6. He EMERGES, now sprouting HYDROFOIL and speeds away. GREM (NONPLUSSED) Get to the boats. THE BOATS - an army of combat ships quickly DROP into the sea and CHURN WATER with unprecedented fury as they quickly make up the distance between them and Finn, FIRING BULLETS as they do so. ACER He's getting away! COMBAT SHIP Not for long. The LEAD COMBAT SHIP quietly drops a TORPEDO into the water. It skips along, connecting with Finn in his rear and EXPLODING with such force that water skyrockets into the night clouds. UNDERWATER - McMissile SINKS. Then, he blinks. He GRINS. We're starting to like this grin and what follows it. He now CONVERTS into a submarine. From his trunk he releases four DECOY tires which float to the surface like body parts. ON THE DERRICK - Professor Zundapp watches it all from far away. GREM (OVER RADIO) He's dead, Professor. PROFESSOR ZUNDAPP Wunderbar. With Finn McMissile gone, who can stop us now? EXT. RADIATOR SPRINGS - DAY TOW MATER, a rusty tow truck, putters into view. MATER Mater. Tow Mater, that's who... is here to help you! He approaches a broken-down sedan on the side of the road. He drives around to the front, catching OTIS' face for the first time. MATER Hey, Otis! 7. OTIS Hey, Mater. Gosh, I'm so sorry. I thought I could make it this time, but... (he tries to start his engine, stalls) Smooth like pudding, huh? Ah, who am I kidding? I'll always be a lemon. Mater hooks his friend and starts towing him. MATER Well dadgum, you're leaking oil again. Must be your gaskets. Hey, look on the bright side: This is your tenth tow this month, so that means it's on the house. OTIS You're the only one that's nice to lemons like me, Mater. MATER Don't sweat it. These things happen to everybody, Otis. OTIS But you never leak oil. MATER Yeah, but I ain't perfect. Don't tell nobody, but I think my rust is starting to show through. Mater and Otis drive past THE RADIATOR SPRINGS WELCOME SIGN. It has been amended to say: "Home of Lightning McQueen." OTIS Hey, is Lightning McQueen back yet? MATER Not yet. OTIS He must be crazy-excited about winning his fourth Piston Cup. Four! Wow! 8. MATER Yeah, we're so dadgum proud of him. But I sure wish he'd hurry up and get back `cause we got a whole summer's worth of best friend fun to make up for. Just me and -- Ahead of them, a half-mile off, a RED RACE CAR is visible. MATER --- McQueen! Mater FLOORS IT, dragging poor Otis behind him. OTIS Uh, Mater? I'm in no hurry. You don't need to go so fast! Boom! They hit a bump. Otis catches air. EXT. RADIATOR SPRINGS - DAY Lightning McQueen is surrounded by his hometown friends. LUIGI Oh, Lightning. Welcome home. FLO Good to have you back, honey. FILLMORE Congratulations, man. SARGE Welcome home, soldier. SHERIFF The place wasn't the same without you, son. LIZZIE What? Did he go somewhere? MCQUEEN It's good to be home, everybody. MATER (O.S.) McQueen! They all turn around, see Mater speeding into town, with Otis swerving behind him. MCQUEEN Mater! 9. MATER McQueen! Mater skids into main street and in one swift motion, slingshots Otis forward --- OTIS Woaahhhhh! --- right through Ramone's front door --- INT. RAMONE'S - CONTINUOUS --- where he lands perfectly on the hydraulic lift. Ramone lifts him up, routine. RAMONE Hey. How far'd you make it this time, Otis? OTIS Halfway to the county line. RAMONE Not bad, man. OTIS I know, I can't believe it either! EXT. RADIATOR SPRINGS - CONTINUOUS MATER McQueen, welcome back! MCQUEEN Mater, it's so good to see you. MATER You too, buddy. Mater and McQueen do an ELABORATE TIRE BUMP (fist bump style). MATER Oh, man. You ain't gonna believe the things I got planned for us. Everyone watches as the tire bump continues. MACK (to Lizzie, an aside) These best friend greetings get longer every year. 10. MATER (TO MCQUEEN) You ready to have some serious fun? MCQUEEN Well, actually I've got something to show you first. INT. RADIATOR SPRINGS MUSEUM - DAY CLOSE ON THE PISTON CUP. It has now changed, been adorned with a small likeness of Doc. It says "Hudson Hornet Piston Cup." MATER Wow. I can't believe they renamed the Piston Cup after our very own Doc Hudson. McQueen and Mater are alone, the museum closed to the public. McQueen approaches a "Hudson Hornet" wall with Doc's three Piston cups, framed articles, other racing ephemera. MCQUEEN I know Doc said these things were just old cups, but to have someone else win it just didn't feel right, you know? MATER Well, Doc would've been real proud of you. That's for sure. McQueen takes this in. EXT. RADIATOR SPRINGS - LATER McQueen and Mater exit the Doc Hudson Museum. MCQUEEN Alright, pal. I've been waiting all summer for this. What've you got planned? MATER You sure you can handle it? MCQUEEN Come on, you know who you're talking to? This is Lightning McQueen. I can handle anything. 11. EXT. RADIATOR SPRINGS - DAYMater and McQueen roll on an old train track, their tires off. They're on their rims. MCQUEEN Uh.... Mater?! MATER Just remember, your brakes ain't gonna work on these! As they head INTO A DARK TUNNEL --- MCQUEEN (O.S.) Mater! MATER (O.S.) Relax, these train tracks ain't been used in years! From inside the tunnel a loud TRAIN HORN. The two friends emerge, going as fast as they can on train tracks, uphill, with no tires. MCQUEEN Come on, come on! Faster, faster! Moments later a harmless GALLOPING GOOSE appears, oversized horn visible, cackling and laughing at his prank. EXT. FIELD - OUTSIDE RADIATOR SPRINGS - LATER An ENORMOUS EARTH MOVER sleeps. McQueen and Mater sneak up. MATER This is gonna be good! They blow their horns and he TIPS OVER, tractor-tipping style. They LAUGH at the gag, but soon realize the earth mover's GIANT EXHAUST PIPE is directly above them. MATER Uh-oh. This ain't gonna be good. The exhaust pipe BELCHES. McQueen and Mater are BLASTED out of view. INT. RADIATOR SPRINGS - DUSK The sun sets. McQueen and Mater roll into town. McQueen looks exhausted. Mater is still full of energy. 12. MATER Boy, this was the best day ever! And my favorite souvenir? Mater proudly shows off a dent. MATER This new dent! MCQUEEN Boy, Mater. Today was, uh... MATER Shoot, that was nothing. Wait til you see what I got planned for tonight. MCQUEEN Mater, Mater. Whoa. I was kind of thinking of just a quiet dinner. MATER That's exactly what I was thinking. MCQUEEN No, I... I meant with Sally, Mater. MATER Even better! You, me and Miss Sally going out for supper. McQueen pulls around in front of Mater, stops. MCQUEEN Mater, I meant it would be just me and Sally. MATER Oh. MCQUEEN It's just for tonight. We'll do whatever you want tomorrow. MATER (DISAPPOINTED) Okay. MCQUEEN Thanks for understanding. MATER Yeah, sure. Y'all go on and have fun now. 13. MCQUEEN Alright, then. See ya soon, amigo! McQueen drives off. Mater watches him go. EXT. THE WHEEL WELL - NIGHT It's been converted into a white-tablecloth restaurant, with cars dining al fresco and a hopping gastropub inside. MCQUEEN AND SALLY have a prime table with a view of Radiator Springs and the starry night sky. SALLY This is so nice. MCQUEEN I can't tell you how good it is to be here alone. Just the two of us. Finally, you and me --- MATER (O.S.) Good evening. Mater is at their table, dressed as a waiter. MATER My name is Mater and I'll be your waiter. (TO HIMSELF) Mater the waiter. That's funny right there. MCQUEEN Mater, you work here? MATER Well yeah I work here. What'd you think, I just snuck in here when nobody was looking and pretended to be your waiter, just so I could hang out with you? McQueen and Sally exchange a look. MCQUEEN Oh, yeah. How ridiculous would that be? MATER Now, can I start you two lovebirds off with a couple drinks? 14. MCQUEEN Yes. I'll have my usual. SALLY You know what? I'm going to have that too. Mater blinks. MATER Uh, right. Your usual. CUT TO: INSIDE AT THE BAR - Fillmore and Sarge watch as Guido mixes drinks, ala "Cocktail." Mater arrives. MATER Guido! What's McQueen's usual? GUIDO (in Italian, subtitled) How should I know? MATER Perfect! Give me two of `em. SARGE Quiet! My program's on. MEL DORADO (O.S.) Tonight on "The Mel Dorado Show"! ON THE BAR TV - "THE MEL DORADO SHOW," a cable talk show, begins with file footage of MILES AXLEROD, a sleek SUV. MEL DORADO (ON TV) His story gripped the world! Oil billionaire Miles Axlerod, in an attempt to become the first car to circumnavigate the globe without GPS, ironically ran out of gas and found himself trapped in the wild! We see images of newspaper headlines, search crews. MEL DORADO (ON TV) Feared dead, he emerged 36 days later, running on a fuel he'd distilled himself from the natural elements! Since then he's sold his oil fortune, converted himself from a gas-guzzler into an electric car, and has devoted his life to finding a renewable, clean-burning fuel! 15. Images of oil derricks torn down; Miles Axlerod getting converted to electric; lab scientists testing chemicals. MEL DORADO (ON TV) Now he claims to have done it with his Allinol. Images of fields, rivers, vegetables, and mountains all combining to form the Allinol logo. MEL DORADO (ON TV) And to show the world what his new superfuel can do, he's created a racing competition like no other, inviting the greatest champions from around the globe to battle in the first ever World Grand Prix. Welcome Sir Miles Axlerod. SIR MILES AXLEROD arrives, parks across from Mel's desk. MILES AXLEROD (ON TV) Thank you, Mel. It is very good to be here. Now listen to me: Big Oil. It costs a fortune. Pollution is getting worse. I mean, come on. It's a fossil fuel. Fossil. As in dead dinosaurs. And we all know what happened to them. Alternative energy is the future. Trust me, Mel, after seeing Allinol in action at the World Grand Prix, nobody will ever go back to gasoline again. MATER (TO FILLMORE) What happened to the dinosaurs, now? MEL DORADO (ON TV) And on satellite, a World Grand Prix competitor and one of the fastest cars in the world, Francesco Bernoulli. Across the screen: LIVE FROM ROME, ITALY. We meet Formula race car FRANCESCO BERNOULLI. FRANCESCO (ON TV) It is an honor, Signore Dorado. For you. 16. MEL DORADO (ON TV) Miles, why not invite Lightning McQueen? Mater, collecting his drinks, looks up, half-intrigued. MILES AXLEROD (ON TV) Of course we invited him. But apparently after a very long racing season he is taking some time off to rest. FRANCESCO (ON TV) Lightning McQueen would not have a chance against Francesco! Mater doesn't like this. FRANCESCO (ON TV) I can go over 300 kilometers an hour! In miles that is like, uh... way faster than McQueen. MEL DORADO (ON TV) Let's go to the phones. Baltimore, Maryland, you're on the air. CALLER (ON TV) Am I on? Hello? MEL DORADO (ON TV) You're on. Go ahead. CALLER (ON TV) Hello? MEL DORADO (ON TV) Go ahead, caller. Dial tone. MEL DORADO (ON TV) Let's go to Radiator Springs. You're on, caller. MATER'S VOICE (ON TV) Yeah, that Italian feller you got on there can't talk that way about Lightning McQueen. He's the bestest race car in the whole wide world. Fillmore and Sarge look around. Mater is visible in the back of the bar on an office phone. 17. SARGE Uh-oh... FRANCESCO (ON TV) If he is, how you say "the bestest race car," then why must he rest, eh? MATER'S VOICE (ON TV) Cause he knows what's important. Every now and then he prefers just to slow down, enjoy life. FRANCESCO (ON TV) Ah, you heard it! Lightning McQueen prefers to be slow! Of course, this is not news to Francesco. When I want to go to sleep I watch one of his races. After two laps I am out cold. Audible RXNS from the bar. A crowd has been forming ever since Mater started talking. MATER'S VOICE (ON TV) That ain't what I meant. CUT TO: MCQUEEN AND SALLY - They hear the commotion inside. MCQUEEN Hey, what's going on over there? CUT BACK TO: THE BAR - Sally and McQueen push through the crowd, see that they're watching Francesco on the television. MCQUEEN (TO SALLY) Oh, it's that Italian Formula car. His name is --- SALLY Francesco Bernoulli. No wonder there's a crowd. When Sally says his name, she enunciates each part, as if Italian were her mother's tongue. MCQUEEN Wait, why do you know his name? And don't say it like that. It's three syllables, not ten. 18. SALLY What? He's nice to look at. You know, open-wheeled and all. MCQUEEN What's wrong with fenders? I thought you like my fenders. MATER'S VOICE (ON TV) Well let me tell you something else there, Mr. San Francisco --- MCQUEEN Mater? MATER'S VOICE (ON TV) McQueen could drive circles around you. FRANCESCO (ON TV) Driving in circles is all he can do, no? MATER'S VOICE (ON TV) No! I mean yes. I mean he could beat you anywhere, anytime, any track. On McQueen - he looks at Guido who gives a nod over to --- --- Mater, turned away from the crowd, still on the phone. FRANCESCO (ON TV) Mel, can we move on? Francesco needs a caller who can provide a little more intellectual stimulation. Like a dump truck. ON MCQUEEN. He doesn't like this at all. MATER Ha ha! That shows what you know. Dump trucks is dumb. Suddenly, Mater is YANKED from the booth and replaced by McQueen. MCQUEEN (INTO PHONE) Yeah, hi, this is Lightning McQueen. Look, I don't appreciate my best friend being insulted like that. 19. FRANCESCO (ON TV) McQueen! That was your best friend? This is the difference between you and Francesco. Francesco knows how good he is. He does not need to surround himself with tow trucks to prove it. MCQUEEN Those are strong words from a car that is so fragile. FRANCESCO (ON TV) Fragilé!? He calls Francesco fragilé? Not so fast, McQueen! MCQUEEN "Not so fast." What is that, your new motto? Francesco goes ballistic in Italian. They cut his mic. MILES AXLEROD (ON TV) Well, this sounds like something that needs to be settled on the race course. What do you say, Lightning McQueen? We've still got room for one more racer. MCQUEEN Well, I would love to. The only thing is my crew's off for the season so --- A sound O.S. McQueen turns to see Fillmore, Sarge and Luigi flank a tablecloth which is hanging off the bar. Ramone backs away, having spray painted "TEAM LIGHTNING MCQUEEN" on it. Guido quickly uncorks three wine bottles. GUIDO Pit stop. McQueen turns back to the phone. MCQUEEN You know what? They just got back. Deal me in, baby. Ka-chow! The place ERUPTS IN CHEERS. MOMENTS LATER - General excitement as McQueen exits the phone booth where Sally waits. Off her look: 20. MCQUEEN I know, I know. I just got back. But we won't be long and --- SALLY Oh, no, don't worry about me. I've got enough to do here. Mater's going to have a blast though. (off McQueen's silence) You're bringing Mater, right? You never bring him to any of your races. McQueen turns to the bar where Mater privately tries their drinks, hates it, spits it back in the glass. SALLY Just let him sit in the pits, give him a headset. C'mon, it'll be a thrill of a lifetime for him. Mater arrives. MATER Your drinks, sir. MCQUEEN Mater. MATER I didn't taste it! MCQUEEN How'd you like to come and see the world with me? MATER You mean it? MCQUEEN You got me into this thing. You're coming along. BEGIN MONTAGE: - McQueen is given a new paint job and headlights by Ramone. Mater, now sporting a "Team McQueen" emblem, seems psyched as well. - An airport DEPARTURES SIGN advertises the next flight: Tokyo, Japan. - Mater waves goodbye with his hook alongside McQueen, Guido, Luigi, Fillmore and Sarge as --- 21. --- the rest of Radiator Springs watches them board a plane. Red bawls. - IN THE JET, LATER. McQueen and Mater are the only ones awake, watch an insane Japanese game show. - JAPAN AT NIGHT. A stylish Tokyo cityscape of neon, glamour, scrolling billboards, vending machines and high-tech skyscrapers. - INSIDE A SOUVENIR SHOP loaded with McQueen toys: Mater and McQueen enter. A tourist sees McQueen and faints. - A KABUKI THEATER. Team McQueen watches a methodical dance. Mater, dressed in Kabuki makeup, arrives. He looks insane. - A SUMO MATCH - Two SUZUKI SAMURAI CARS wrestle over a parking space. Mater, now in his element, cheers. The MONTAGE ENDS on this high note as we CUT TO --- EXT. MUSEUM - TOKYO - NIGHT ---- TEAM MCQUEEN, as they roll up the red carpet. Press is held at bay behind ropes. WORLD GRAND PRIX and ALLINOL logos are strategically placed for maximum press exposure. RACERS are interviewed by press behind the red-carpet ropes. INT. TOKYO MUSEUM - NIGHT Team McQueen enters via a second floor landing which overlooks a massive indoor party in a converted museum. As they roll down a ramp to the party, they are awed. LUIGI Guido, look! Ferraris and tires! Let's go! MCQUEEN (IMPRESSED) Hey, look at this. Okay now Mater, remember: best behavior. MATER You got it, buddy. Hey, what's that? He sees something, peels away. MCQUEEN Mater! LEWIS HAMILTON Hey, McQueen, over here! 22. It's fellow racers JEFF GORVETTE and LEWIS HAMILTON. McQueen now has no choice but to let Mater go. MCQUEEN Hey, Jeff. Lewis! CUT TO: MATER as he approaches a GLASS-ENCLOSED ROCK GARDEN where a pitty RAKES rocks with precision. He knocks on the glass with his hook. MATER Hey! You done good! You got all the leaves! People turn at the noise he's making. CUT BACK TO: MCQUEEN, JEFF and LEWIS. JEFF GORVETTE Check out that tow truck. LEWIS HAMILTON I wonder who that guy's with? MCQUEEN Will you guys excuse me just for one little second? He zips over to Mater's side, quickly pulls him out of sight. MCQUEEN Mater, listen. This isn't Radiator Springs. MATER You're just realizing that? Boy, that jet-lag really done a number on you. MCQUEEN Mater, look -- things are different over here. Which means maybe you should, you know, act a little different too. MATER Different than what? MCQUEEN Well, just... help me out here, buddy. I --- 23. MATER You need help? Shoot, why didn't you just say so? That's what a tow truck does. Hey, looky there, it's Mr. San Francisco! FRANCESCO is visible across the room, holding court. MATER I'll introduce you. MCQUEEN Mater, no. MATER (already on his way) Look at me -- I'm helping you already! On FRANCESCO - MOMENTS LATER. Mater approaches, giddy. MATER Hey Mr. San Francisco, I'd like you to meet --- FRANCESCO Lightning McQueen! Buona sera. MCQUEEN Nice to meet you, Francesco. FRANCESCO Yeah, nice to meet you too. You are very good-looking. Not as good as I thought, but you're good. MATER (TO FRANCESCO) Excuse me. Can I get a picture with you? FRANCESCO Anything for McQueen's friend. As Mater poses for a photo with Francesco: MATER Miss Sally is gonna flip when she sees this. She's Lightning McQueen's girlfriend. FRANCESCO Oooh. 24. MATER She's a big fan of yours. FRANCESCO Hey, she has good taste. MCQUEEN Mater's prone to exaggeration. I wouldn't say she's a "big" fan. MATER You're right. She's a huge fan. She goes on and on about your open wheels here. MCQUEEN Mentioning it once doesn't qualify as going "on and on." FRANCESCO Francesco is familiar with this reaction to Francesco. Women respect a car that has nothing to hide. MCQUEEN Yeah, uh... FRANCESCO Let us have a toast. McQueen doesn't like where this is going, covers. MCQUEEN Let's. FRANCESCO (raising a drink) I dedicate my win tomorrow... to Miss Sally. MCQUEEN Oh, sorry. I already dedicated MY win tomorrow to her. So if we both do it, it's really not so special. Besides, I don't have a drink. MATER I'll go get you one. You mind if I borrow a few bucks for one of them drinks? 25. MCQUEEN (could kill him) They're free, Mater. MATER Free? Well, shoot, what am I doing here? Mater ZIPS OFF. MCQUEEN I should probably go keep an eye on him. See you at the race. McQueen starts to leave. FRANCESCO Yes, you will see Francesco. But not like this. Francesco does a 180, so his rear end now faces McQueen. FRANCESCO You will see him like this, as he drives away from you. Francesco wears a bumper sticker that says "Ciao, McQueen!" MCQUEEN That's cute. So you had one of those made up for all the racers? FRANCESCO No. MCQUEEN Okay. He rolls off. MCQUEEN He is so getting beat tomorrow. INT. PARTY - MOMENTS LATER Lights caress the main stage where a crowd has formed. VOICE Ladies and gentlecars... Sir Miles Axlerod! MILES AXLEROD drives through an infinity fountain, appears. 26. MILES AXLEROD It is my absolute honor to introduce to you the competitors in the first-ever World Grand Prix. From Brazil. Number eight... ON FINN MCMISSILE. He appears from the shadows, keeps a careful distance from the stage. He ZEROES HIS GAZE ON --- --- THE WORLD GRAND PRIX TV CAMERAS which roll, catching Miles Axlerod's speech for publicity and posterity. Finn's ONBOARD COMPUTER ANALYZES each one, compares to the photos we saw him snap on the oil platform. Each one is "NOT A MATCH." His view is suddenly disrupted by A BEAUTIFUL SPORTS CAR. She approaches Finn. Meet HOLLEY SHIFTWELL. HOLLEY A Volkswagen Karmann Ghia has no radiator. FINN That's because it's air-cooled. HOLLEY I'm Agent Shiftwell, Holley Shiftwell from the Tokyo Station. I have a message from London. FINN Not here. (LOUDLY) You must try the canapes on the mezzanine! He moves her onto an elevator. The doors close on them. IN THE ELEVATOR, GOING UP. FINN So the lab boys analyzed the photo I sent? What did they learn about the camera? HOLLEY It appears to be a standard television camera. They said if you could get closer photos next time, that would be great. FINN This was London's message? 27. HOLLEY Oh -- no, no. No sir. Um, the oil platforms you were on? Turns out they're sitting on the biggest oil reserve in the world. FINN How did we miss that? HOLLEY They'd been scrambling everyone's satellites. The Americans actually discovered it just before you did. They placed an agent on that platform, under deep cover. He was able to get a photo of the car who's running the entire operation. The doors OPEN and they exit onto the Mezzanine. FINN Who is it? Has anyone seen the photo yet? HOLLEY No, not yet. The American is here tonight to pass it to you. He'll signal you when he's ready. FINN GOOD --- Finn suddenly STOPS COLD. FINN Oh no. Professor Zundapp is visible below them. He talks with a few Pacers and Gremlins. Finn quickly retreats into the shadows. Holley follows suit. HOLLEY What is it? FINN Change of plan. You're meeting the American. HOLLEY What, me? 28. FINN Those thugs down there were on the oil platform. If they see me, the whole mission is compromised. HOLLEY No, no. I'm technical, you see. I'm in Diagnostics. I'm not a field agent. FINN You are now. CUT TO: MATER as he grabs a drink, keeps moving. MATER I'll take one of them. He snatches it, drops it in the back where we now see a large assortment of drinks balanced. MATER Never know which one McQueen'll have a hankering for. He approaches a sushi bar. MATER Hey, what you got here that's free? How about that pistachio ice cream? He refers to wasabi, of course. SUSHI CHEF No, no. Wasabi. MATER Oh, same ol', same ol'. What's up with you? That looks delicious. The chef starts to carve a small scoop aside for Mater. MATER Uh, a little more, please. It is free, right? (the chef adds more) Keep it coming. A little more. Come on, let's go, it's free! You're getting there... Scoop scoop! The chef gives in. Scoops a baseball-sized ball out. 29. MATER There you go. Now THAT's a scoop of ice cream. SUSHI CHEF (in Japanese, subtitles) My condolences. CUT BACK TO: MILES AXLEROD - He's now nearly done with his intros. MILES AXLEROD ... and now, our last competitor --- Number 95, Lightning McQueen! MCQUEEN approaches the microphone, flashes his headlights. MCQUEEN Thank you so much for having us, Sir Axlerod. I really look forward to racing. This is a great opportunity. MILES AXLEROD Oh, the pleasure is all ours, Lightning. You and your team bring excellence and professionalism to this competition. As if on cue, Mater arrives with a piercing scream of pain. Everyone turns as he charges head first toward the stage, making a bee-line for that FOUNTAIN. MATER Somebody get me water! He laps up water from the fountain like a diabetic cat. MATER (LAPPING WATER) Sweet relief... Miles Axlerod is shocked. The crowd can't believe it. Francesco cackles. Mater, now sated, approaches the mic. MATER (to the crowd) Whatever you do, do not eat the free pistachio ice cream. It has turned! MCQUEEN Sir Axlerod, I can explain. This is Mater. 30. MILES AXLEROD I know him. This is the bloke that called into the television show. (TO MATER) You're the one I have to thank. MATER No, thank you. This trip's been amazing. MILES AXLEROD (TO MCQUEEN) He's a little excited, isn't he? TILT DOWN to reveal a pool of oil beneath Mater. MCQUEEN Mater! MATER But wait, I... oh, shoot. McQueen quickly pulls Mater aside, out of earshot of Miles Axlerod and the others. McQueen is beside himself. MCQUEEN Mater, you have to get a hold of yourself. You're making a scene. MATER But I never leak oil. Never. MCQUEEN Go take care of yourself right now. Mater drives off. ON MATER - MOMENTS LATER He drives through the party, frantic. MATER Coming through! Excuse me, leakin' oil. Where's the bathroom? Thank you. I gotta go! Someone points Mater down a hallway. He whips around the CORNER --- --- and STOPS. Finds himself in front of TWO BATHROOM DOORS, neither of which clearly indicate MALE or FEMALE. 31. MATER (CONFUSED) What the... Mater chooses one, drives inside. A SHRIEK is heard and Mater zips out. MATER Sorry ladies! He heads into the other door --- CUT TO: INT. MEN'S ROOM - NIGHT Mater rolls in, still `holding it in' like a kid. MATER I never leak I never leak I never leak... He sees someone leaving a stall. He heads in. IN THE STALL - Mater enters, looks up. MATER Wowee... The stall is a complicated apparatus with buttons and lights. High-tech Japanese. It suddenly GRABS MATER, hoists him up as if he's going to get an oil change. MATER What in the--- A Japanese style cartoon CARICATURE appears on a TV MONITOR, followed by images of waterfalls and rivers. MATER (GIGGLING) Hey, that tickles. The caricature starts talking in Japanese. Suddenly WATER FIRES UP underneath Mater's undercarriage, goosing him. He freaks out. OUTSIDE THE STALL - With Mater's yells audible we see a GREMLIN enter, furtive. Suddenly, inexplicably, his frame BREAKS APART like an egg, revealing an AMERICAN MUSCLE CAR underneath. The pieces of the Gremlin disappear under him, clearly his disguise. This is ROD REDLINE - American Agent. 32. ROD REDLINE Okay, McMissile. I'm here. It's time for the drop. INT. PARTY - SAME HOLLEY, rolls along by herself. Nervous. DING! Her rearview monitor springs to life.HOLLEY (INTO RADIO) The American has activated his tracking beacon. FINN (OVER RADIO) Roger that. Move in. INT. BATHROOM - SAME Rod Redline, waiting at a sink, feels a presence behind him. GREM and ACER have entered, hesitate briefly when they see Rod Redline. Rod Redline, careful, slides a gun out of his tire. He is suddenly CHARGED by the AMCs --- Rod SPINS AROUND and bird.com=@conknet_ discord=conk#0001
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We are happy swinging kinky couple