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swindlerofinsanity@mastodon.social  [follow]
Trust but VerifyI also occasionally shitpostI exist. I think. I dream.Be careful sometimes the void screams back.....Interest: #Floss, #art, #digitalRights, #motiongraphics, #debate, #sustainableliving, #permaculture pgp fingerprint=7837 79dd b35e 29d1 3bea 235a e3b3 b79d 7af7 171e Briar, manyverse/SecureScuttleButt, Matrix, Discord, and any other foss p2p application=ask me website=[coming soon]™(20XX)
spidrenfossa@sunbeam.city  [follow]
A crazy queer in the US I'm in college for dance and psychology, and am looking into research in Mad Studies as it pertains to both of those and just to life in general. I'd love to discuss that with anyone. I'm also from the country, always looking for ways to solarpunk my new and strange suburban dorm life. I've done a lot of textile arts and mending.#MadStudies #Queer #MadPride #College #Dance #SustainableLiving #TextileArts #mending Pronoun=They/Them Age range=Adult