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www, Write For Us, Support Us
decentralize_today@mastodon.social  [follow]
Your Daily Dose of DecentralizationOur site, decentralize.today (dt.gl) is a digital media platform that covers all things tech.We publish news, analyses, op-eds and articles across a broad spectrum of topics, primarily in the areas of privacy, decentralization, cryptocurrency and the blockchain but also touching on the Internet of Things and other next-generation technologies. Matrix Room=https://matrix.to/#/!dqPkrWcdcTKLVEUzgt:matrix.org?via=dtgl.modular.im
switchedtolinux@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Switched to Linux is written by a broad spectrum computer consultant to help people learn more about the Linux platform.
magicalmilly@elekk.xyz:milly: : Milo Maybe????
magicalmilly@elekk.xyz  [follow]
27. Two-Spirit. He/They. Ace spectrum. Ojibwe. I like vidja games.I rant about work, gaming, writing often.I have a metal spine.Admin of ElekkAvatar was arted by @scoots How Tired?=Very Chill music playlist=ask me for it
087orion@abdl.link  [follow]
LittleOrion, or Orion by name, is a newly discovered ageplay-side that's eagerly waiting to explore the big world with new eyes.While having explored the DL-world of the ABDL spectrum within the comfort of my home, the AB-world never piqued my interest. Until I made some new friends who identify as Littles that showed me the enjoyment of the AB-world and Little space.
lioness@mastodon.socialLioness (archived)
lioness@mastodon.social  [follow]
floof lion big sis 🦁🌻 spectrum turtle miniboy 🐢🎀 kinky dork 🐙🔞 unsafe on hit 🚀🐥🅰🅰 sensitive to initial conditions 🦋🌪Tags stuff. [she/her]
retrovulcano@mastodon.online  [follow]
Técnico en mercadotecnia y tecnologías de la información. Retrojugón del ZX Spectrum y el Commodore 64. Fan de Lego. Usuario de openSUSE. Aficionado a la historia, la ciencia y la tecnología. Padre de gatos. Visita https://www.retrovulcano.xyz para saber más 😃😺🕹️👾📺📖 #retrogaming= #zxspectrum= #gatos= #commodore64=
fawfulfan@counter.socialMatthew Chapman
fawfulfan@counter.social  [follow]
Game programmer, reporter at @RawStory, author, elections nerd, devoted husband. Proudly on the spectrum. Personal account — opinions are my own.
wintermute_bbs@oldbytes.space  [follow]
half grown-up Commodore 64 kid, RC2014 enthusiast, Linux platform engineer and hobbyist retro coder (C / ASM / BASIC). SysOp of telnet BBSes "Wintermute BBS" (wintermutebbs.ddns.net:23) and the infamous "RC-BOX BBS" (rc2014.ddns.net:2014), the world's first and (currently) only #rc2014 based telnet BBS !! Tech:=Commodore 64, RC2014, ZX Spectrum, CP/M , Linux / UNIX Coding:=C / Z80 Assembler / BASIC (yes, BASIC) Footy & Beer:=Fortuna Düsseldorf / Füchschen Alt Music & Politics:=Punkrock / old fart left
sunshinetadpole@poa.stSunshine Tadpole
sunshinetadpole@poa.st  [follow]
InsomniacThe worst artist on the blockGold hearted prostituteProbably on the spectrum The newfag your mom warned you about
jacktheintern@poa.stJack :verified:
jacktheintern@poa.st  [follow]
Host of Ascending the Spectrum ascending-the-spectrum.com
seek@koyu.spaceSEEK :verified_pink:
seek@koyu.space  [follow]
From LK 🇱🇰gemlog page : gemini://gemlog.blue/users/SEEK/koyu.space in gemini! : gemini://koyu.space/SEEK/love linux, thinkpads, Emacs :emacs:, kinda old video games, country music, old songs, Lofi, anime, old movies, some tv shows, GNU, fsf and so on. These days run :debian:_________________________________________________from 2021.03.19 onwards most of my toots will only be visible to the followers._______________________________________________gender : AMAB(assigned male at birth) and cissexuality : attracted to feminine part of the spectrum Politics : confused but mostly Ⓐ☭ Languages:=Sinhala/ English XMPP:=virtualboobs@linuxcult.net pronouns=he/him or they/them qoto.org=@SEEK website ( revising HTML and CSS)=< under construction >
ghostmoor@mastodon.art  [follow]
23 + nonbinary artist + england + ve/vis, they/themcomics, character design & worldbuilding on the science fantasy spectrum
logout@hackers.town  [follow]
Gopher=gopher://i-logout.cz Callsign=OK1ZXS Computer=ZX Spectrum Location=Prague, CZ
wilfred@mastodon.radio19WAC3067 ~ PA11343
wilfred@mastodon.radio  [follow]
Radio spectrum fanatic: CBradio DX'er (19WAC3067) & official listening-station (PA11343), SWL'er. Radioscanner, SDR, antenna experiments. Linux & OpenSource. UTC +1 Cbradio=Tuberadio Hamradio=Vintage hifi SWL=SDR DX'ing=https://www.19wac3067.com/
lioness@plush.cityLioness With Mane
lioness@plush.city  [follow]
floof lion big sis 🦁🌻 spectrum turtle miniboy 🐢🎀 kinky dork 🐙🔞 unsafe on hit 🚀🐥🅰🅰 sensitive to initial conditions 🦋🌪Tags stuff. [she/her] alt (no R18)=@octopus@cybre.space previously (410'd?)=@Lioness@the.monsterpit.net before that=@lioness@mastodon.social Flirts?=Yes! Please be 24+ tho
retrovulcano@mastodon.social  [follow]
Técnico en mercadotecnia y tecnologías de la información. 
Retrojugón del ZX Spectrum, el Commodore 64 y la Videopac. Usuario de openSUSE. 
Aficionado a la historia y la ciencia, estoy preocupado por el medio ambiente. 
Me encantan "Las aventuras de Tintín" y "Star Trek". Fan de MTV80s, MTV90s y ClubMTV. 
Padre de gatos. 
Escribo en mis blogs en mis ratos libres. 
Visita https://www.retrovulcano.xyz para saber más 😃😺🕹️👾📺📖 #retrogaming= #soycatlover= #tintin= #startrek=
jwilliams@counter.socialJonathan Williams
jwilliams@counter.social  [follow]
NSF Astronomical Sciences/Electromagnetic Spectrum Management · Astrophysics PhD student · Engineer · Posts are my own.
koz_ross@social.tchncs.deKoz Ross
koz_ross@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Intersectional feminist. Twitch affiliate. #Haskell catboy. Thirsty degen. On the spectrum. Slowly working on #TBW. He/him.
paulkater@mstdn.social  [follow]
IT specialist, Linux user, AWS cloud support.Also an Fantasy/Scifi author and a naturist.P.Z. Walker, naturist fiction author, is my alter ego. Food=Plant based Music=Definitely, broad spectrum OS=Linux
commodoreblog@oldbytes.space  [follow]
Dogs and Cats Living Together Mass Hysteria! #Arcade #retrogaming #videogames #70s #80s #90s #movies #television #commodore #c64 #Spectrum #amstrad
koz@chaos.socialKoz Ross
koz@chaos.social  [follow]
Intersectional feminist. Twitch affiliate. #Haskell catboy. Thirsty degen. On the spectrum. Slowly working on #TBW. He/him.
liebach@bsd.network  [follow]
I like computers, open source, triathlon, bikes, tantra, philosophy. I live somewhere on milder end of the autistic spectrum, and I am exhausted from faking being normal for half a century, so I'm trying to stop. Danish. He/him/them. Bikes (pedal powered)=Only 4 Computers=Uhm, more than 5... Keyboards (for the computers)=Lots, 15+
chwefror21@abdl.link  [follow]
LittleSpacestronaut who's currently looking for his place in this marvelous spectrum…...and to be honest, looking for someone to share it with 😘 DL, AB or ABDL?=Think it’s a never-ending journey, a journey I learned to love not so long ago... Well, this actually fluffy talk for “it depends on what mood I’m in” 😉 Most liked diaper=PeekABU, Rearz Dinosaur & Safari, XP5000 Speaks=🇳🇱 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 and a tiny bit of 🇩🇪 Also on=Telegram: Chwefror21
failforward@qoto.org  [follow]
Exploring, failing, backtracking, just to identify the only viable path forward. And then scarred, stumbling forward into the future. Learning. Boring and steady. Knowing little and questioning a lot. Mostly harmless.***This is an experimental scrapbook space. A collection of stuff I want to keep in a form somewhere on the spectrum between a blog and a shoe-box full of scraps, cut-outs, quotes, links and reading notes and sometimes my own silly thoughts about them.Perhaps it might be of marginal interest to others too, but I don't care that much.
transgal4872@fedi.absturztau.beJaqulynn4872 🏳️‍⚧️∞🐱
transgal4872@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
(this account is now heavily restricted to people I and the rest of the system know extremely well)I am Jaqulynn Nocturna from the @TransGal4872@mk.absturztau.be system. Echo also uses this account.I like computers and worldbuilding. I seem to be much more Autistic than the other system members so they are very protective of me.This used to be the system's main account, and was our main account before we accepted being plural too.Nim · #️⃣ Jaymi · ⌛ RavenJaqulynn · 📚 EchoCassandra · Daisy⚖ Stablizer (Does not front)Autistic, Transgender, PluralLearning several languages,If I say something wrong please correct me.:boost_ok: New main account: @TransGal4872@mk.absturztau.be New backup account: [Information Removed; Message me]XMPP: transgal4872@jabber.absturztau.beGit: https://codeberg.org/TransGal4872robots.txt #nobot Gender=Sometimes Pronouns=She/Her , They/Them , Fae/Faer Neurodiverse ∞=Autism Spectrum , ADHD , Generalized Anxiety , Plural , Primary Language=English
deam_ex_machina@masto.donte.com.brHanns Sauerkrautz
deam_ex_machina@masto.donte.com.br  [follow]
#Anime #Manga #Metal #Technology #Math #Art #Science #Autism #LanguagesInterdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degrees in Science and Technology :gaysper:On the Autism Spectrum :neurodiv:CooldereI'm learning Libras (Brazilian Sign Language)I like french and french fries as well:anarchy: :bandeira_sp:Keep moving forward Languages=PT/EN/ES/RU/EO Pronouns=She/Her
ics@sonomu.club  [follow]
Exploring the spectrum from electronic music to jazz using modular synths and guitar. Location=Tokyo
sybilrice@counter.social  [follow]
Just a humorous person on the Autism Spectrum looking for friends on the Autism Spectrum. #LGBTQ+
emilyisrad@bananachips.clubjust emily
emilyisrad@bananachips.club  [follow]
All Cats Are Beautiful and All Cops Are BastardsAutistic, lesbian, into my own type of witchcraft, professional bike wrench (formerly) and information security dork (presently). Investigating and deprogramming harmful psychological trauma is a hobby, kindness is the most important thing to me.Avi credit: @louman_art on instaI'm ace spectrum, married, and monogamous. Don't be horny. Please interact before you follow. And not just a hey can I follow. Be relevant.
Spectrum Break Website
jhein@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am Burn, indie game developer, bringer of kindness, conqueror of codebases, TTRPG DM, food providing god to a cat, cringe nerd, and this is where you can try to connect the dots between my ADHD thoughts.Follow me to increase your friendship numbers.He / They
peter@area51.socialPeter Mount
peter@area51.social  [follow]
Geek, Developer (Java, Go, C, 6502, Z80, 68K & many others), Retro-Computing (Acorn BBC, Amiga, C64, Sinclair Spectrum), Open Source, 3D Printing, Electronics, Weather, Space.Works in the online games industry during the day time...I do need to restart my YouTube channel@peter_mount on twitter#coding #3dprinting #opensource #making #homelab #homeautomation #electronics #java #retrocomputing #weather #railways #opendata #java #c #assembly #fedi22
lclaude@mamot.frツ Laurent CLAUDE
lclaude@mamot.fr  [follow]
SX81 => SX Spectrum => Atari 1024 => DOS => Win => Linux - AOSP - Autohéberg.Éduc spé, libriste, #Joomla!, #NethServer, #a11y, porteur du projet Mail2Voice.
beakmoo@mastodon.socialAvian Face-Tool
beakmoo@mastodon.social  [follow]
SF obsessed, Fortean, lefty, on the autism spectrum, big soft eejit.
tinbee@fosstodon.orgTin Bee 🥫🐝
tinbee@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Ran home business & looked after children for a few years, now hoping to have more time to myself to spend being geeky with my laptop & Raspberry Pi. I love retro gaming, ZX Spectrum is the best. I also love fantasy consoles, such as LIKO-12 & TIC-80. #Linux "I use Arch btw" #hsp #asmr #vegetarian #geek #uk I generally follow anyone and unfollow later if you post too much/little or if I realise I don't like you. Very left wing but not a communist 🤣. I miss being in the EU. #mask #vaccine
reidrac@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
FOSS person. Gamedev for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX and other shiny things.Also #Scala, #C, #Python, and some #Go. Gemini=gemini://capsule.usebox.net/
manifold@plural.cafe:qvp: manifold coffee sluts 🔞
manifold@plural.cafe  [follow]
🔞 this account is for sexual and kinky content and we cannot accept minors following 🔞please DM us a 👠 when follow requesting, so we know you read the bio. even if you followed before. that said, you don't have to know us to follow request! seriously, feel free ✨we're a manifold mindmesh. previously we've been known as meadow mirage, among other names. our main is @fidgetcetera and our old account is @manifoldwe're cripples, trans, queer, white, ace and aro spectrum, antibinary/nonbinary, early-20s, and eternally tired. basically here to be big trans bi dykes and post cute horny stuff and be aro sluts. ask before flirting, it'll probably be a yes!
charlotte_athena@girlcock.clubonlybuns charlotte 🌶️
charlotte_athena@girlcock.club  [follow]
charlotte lewd real? no waymost things'll be followers only18+ because we lewdin and i am 21 so like yeahi also probably wont interact with you unless you're like 19~26 soin the middle of an ace-spectrum questioning moment, but i still enjoy being hot and .. stuff but um . please be patient
ve7fim@mastodon.social  [follow]
✨Ham Radio Since ’91 ✨ SDR✨ HW Security ✨ Weird Machines ✨✨ So much spectrum, so little time! ✨#BlackLivesMatter ✨ #Landback ✨✨ 📚❤️,🦈,☢️,📡,🎛 ✨ They/Them ✨
viktor@weirder.earthLucky Samurai
viktor@weirder.earth  [follow]
Some white dude posting about #videogames #hamradio #3dprinting or #uspol on the daily. #weed optional. Also on the #autism spectrum. Please call me out if I'm being a shithead.Please interact with me in some way before sending a follow request. I will reject your request (at best) otherwise. Pronouns=He/Him
drkflff@kolektiva.social  [follow]
t4t//nonbinary fag//crip//wizard+herbalistfull spectrum community care @ www.lunationsomatics.com----access intimacy note: cis/het/ablebodied/folks with access priv. must engage in energy exchange, mutual aid support of me/our work to engage with me in digital and interdimensional space - see link.tree for options.our patreon tiers start @ $1.11/mnth. barter and trade are very welcome.https://linktr.ee/lunationsomatics link.tree=linktr.ee/lunationsomatics $$=B4 asking 4 labor pronouns=they/them t4=t
dprguru@abdl.linkDiaper Guru (Willy Joe Budd)
dprguru@abdl.link  [follow]
🚼Naturally Diaper Dude w/ #DiaperPower :diaper: Wanna friend #ABDLCommunity🍼spread #DiaperWisdom☮️ have #DiaperFun💩 Stay Diapered :diaper: and Happy 😀#ABDL Little Age=3 Years 2 Months Favorite Diaper=ABUniverse Orientation=Pansexual Male ABDL Spectrum=100% AB
spectrum@xn--69aa8bzb.xn--y9a3aq  [follow]
joyui@mstdn.social𝒀𝐔𝐑𝐈! :verified:
joyui@mstdn.social  [follow]
Written by a fan. ☾ Treasured serenade that causes rays of colors from every end of the spectrum come running in all directions with her sweet tune. Twitter=twitter.com/Joyulively Disclaimer=Mainly using English. MMI.=IZ*ONE.
brimblecombe@beta.birdsite.liveKathryn Brimblecombe-Fox
brimblecombe@beta.birdsite.live  [follow]
Vis artist-PhD stud-Art Historian. Militarised tech & interest in electromagnetic spectrum-cosmology, landscape, future of war. Image: 01010111 01000001 010100
pulsaunatecla@mastodon.socialPULSA UNA TECLA
pulsaunatecla@mastodon.social  [follow]
Desde 2013, el blog para retrojugones de: Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, Spectrum, Atari VCS, CBS ColecoVision y Videopac+ 🕹️👾 Puro retrogaming en https://pulsaunatecla.com 🤓 Retrogaming= ZXSpectrum= Commodore64= Amstrad=
iker_martinez@blabber.lu-rp.net  [follow]
📍 Los Santos📀 CEO de Spectrum Night Club Los Santos=Spectrum Club
negocio_762@blabber.lu-rp.netSpectrum Night Club
negocio_762@blabber.lu-rp.net  [follow]
Club Nocturno ubicado en Vinewood Oeste, Eclipse Boulevard 📍Las mejores fiestas de Los Santos los domingos a las 22:00 🥳¡Que no te lo cuenten! ¡Te esperamos! ✨
drfavourite@social.theliturgists.comDrfavourite :autism:
drfavourite@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
GP (family/community medicine doctor). Father. Depressive. On the spectrum. Full of contradictions. Obsessed about board games, especially HP lovecraft themes.
vestigiallung@dice.camp  [follow]
He/him pronouns. Hi, I’m a TTRPG, science, video game, and music (esp. the navel-gazing side of the metal spectrum) nerd. @DaddyHades214 on the bird app, unsure of if or how often I’ll be on there anymore, though.
z0vsky@mastodon.tedomum.net  [follow]
A 100% disruptive über-1337 military-grade next-next-gen deep-analytics full-spectrum crypto-bullshito-cyber quantum-proof apt-blockchain (not CISSP)
a8f8d7dd-8117-4a24-9505-3bbc270add61@videonaute.frGame Spectrum
a8f8d7dd-8117-4a24-9505-3bbc270add61@videonaute.fr  [follow]
Game Spectrum est une série mensuelle de vidéos d'éducation populaire autour des jeux vidéo. Ou en tout cas ça essaye de l'être.
northern_dude@outerheaven.clubnorthern dude
northern_dude@outerheaven.club  [follow]
#nobot #noarchivequeer dude in ASD spectrum, really into linux and crypto-anarchism. self-host the internet! I write C++ code for life.
retrokayla@oldbytes.space  [follow]
I'm interested in #8bit #65C02 #appleii #c64 #vic20 #nes #z80 #amstrad #mastersystem #sinclair #spectrum #68k #amiga #genesis #megadrive #asm #basic #arduino #raspberrypi #gaming among many (many!) other things. #fedi22
azninsect@counter.socialazninsect 🇦🇺
azninsect@counter.social  [follow]
Current status: Only the pinky toe is in Infosec.This may just be me posting random blocks of text, or sharing pictures of cats. The spectrum is huge xD
fontspectrum@mastodon.socialFont Spectrum
fontspectrum@mastodon.social  [follow]
Experimental font foundry from Amsterdam by Daniël Maarleveld and Edgar Walthert @Ewalthert http://fontspectrum.com
growlymoose@counter.socialGabrielle Campbell
growlymoose@counter.social  [follow]
I like books, cute pics, intelligent conversation. Liberal. Over 50. She/Her. Self dx autism spectrum. INFP.
hyp_access@mstdn.social  [follow]
Care access project for folx on the common & neglected spectrum of Hypermobile disability. We're working toward opening a clinic in NYC. Arts, somatics, & science - we operate across fields because our people are everywhere. By Audre Wirtanen & L Tuthall.#DisabilityJustice #hypermobility #EDS #disability #ChronicIllness #dance #somatics #science #accessibilityImage descriptions in pinned toot. Location base=Canarsee Lenapehoking Run by=L (she/they), Autistic Hyp Crip
slyfawkes@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Middle-aged radfem who is very concerned about the current silencing of rational discourse, erasure of women, and push to normalize sexualized violence (kink). Does not hate anyone including transgender people, thinks that "trans rights activism" has become a cult. Biology is not bigotry. Sex is a binary, gender is a spectrum.
spectrumpulse@mastodon.socialSpectrum Pulse
spectrumpulse@mastodon.social  [follow]
Author and critic on YouTube. Strategist elsewhere. Metamodernist punk. He/him. If you know you know. Host of Spectrum Pulse. Media=Link tr.ee/spectrumpulse
adnim@typo.science所长 :verified:
adnim@typo.science  [follow]
The Typo Science Institute represnts cacography in the federaated universe.At the Typo Science Institute we research and teach within a board spectrum of cacography areas.The institute was inaugurated Jan 16, 2021, by Porfessor Med Mosshart. We are approx. 12 researchers, 12 administrative and technical staff, 12 PhD students and +∞ students. 头像来自=https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/
dustinodellofficial@mastodon.socialDustin M. O'Dell
dustinodellofficial@mastodon.social  [follow]
Retrogames, retrocode, musician, digital obscurities. Full spectrum nerd.
rpallol@mastodon.madridRaúl Pallol
rpallol@mastodon.madrid  [follow]
Mucha policía y poca diversión. Goth=Heavy ZX Spectrum=Retrogames Art=Music Cosmos=Space
WWW, Github
seds@mastodon.social  [follow]
a self-considered wrong type of human being. Interested in computer architecture, opsec and left-wing politics. Tweets in EN/NL/DE/PT Twitter=@sys_reboot Political spectrum=Communism/Socialism
lefantome@mamot.frLe Fantôme
lefantome@mamot.fr  [follow]
-§ 💀 Veni Loqui Spectrum - Post Mortem 💀 §-
phracker2art@mstdn.social  [follow]
Digital artist, art hacker, and selfie modelI'm LGBT, more specifically I'm a somewhat bisexual grey-ace. I'm also a bit of a femboi. I'm on the autism spectrum and suffer from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.Genres/media:Pixel artGlitch artGenerative artKaleidoscopic fractalsPsychedelic photomanipulationsErotic photomanipulationsExperimental artTools of trade:GIMPProcessingVim/HexEdit for databending
pionlewder@miniwa.moe  [follow]
Dumb user who spends 5 hours per day saving artI'm a beginner flipnote tier artist who makes new characters, images and animations. I will post both SFW and NSFW art, but it's mostly lewd. I tend to post the project files as well. Followers are hidden and adults only. This account has the lock, but my art is not followlocked. The only images I will post are images that I have made, fanart, AI images generated by my words, content related to me or live drawing/collab stuff.2/2 request slots are takenI only draw my own original characters or other characters that are on the permissive spectrum from CC-BY-NC-SA to public domain. Art requests are welcome and for free but I can't guarantee that I can properly draw it or want to draw it. I don't draw requests with characters from users or companies who paywall their art.My art/posts might not have loaded if you are outside of Miniwa. It needs to federate with your instance. Put me on a misskey list/pleroma bell notifs or similar to not miss my art in a flooded timeline.My permissions of my art is not yet complete (might be subject to change) but you can draw my own characters, edit my images, but not paywall/sell my or your own derivative works. Something like CC-BY-NC-SA with relaxed attribution compared to CC-BY etc, 70 years after publication license duration and >fair use rules appling worldwide. Non-commercial artists including people who ask for donations can draw my characters freely, people doing paid commissions need to ask permission from me. If I see that you have some shitty patreon/subscribestar/fanbox, you will 96% of the time get rejected.
wierstamann@zetamu.club  [follow]
Paraphiliac of a wide spectrum. Male. Transage.I'm trying to follow everyone I see on this instance for a more solid grasp of what freshly out of Twitter people are doing, but if you don't want to be followed by me, just tell me.
johnnada@ns.auction  [follow]
Full Spectrum Autist
vampiricprince@nnia.space  [follow]
Prin/Prince or any pronouns except she/her I am Xenogender (To be exact Princegender) and agender then I think I’m on the ace spectrum but m-spec romantically also not LGBTQ+ but I am Otherkin
mitchconner@comfey.clubMitch Conner
mitchconner@comfey.club  [follow]
It started out as a joke account but whatever. I'm a straight American male of Slavic descent born in the mid 1980s. My interests include Linux, Star Trek and history. Pronouns are he/him. I'm on the autistic spectrum and have ADHD and depression.
frau_oo@troet.cafe  [follow]
Amateur aus Leidenschaft. Dilettant aus Überzeugung. Professionelle Improvisationen auf höchstem Niveau. Plappert. Wanderkätzchen. Cat Content. On the Spectrum.
ataristmusic@botsin.spaceAtari ST music bot
Music from
ataristmusic@botsin.space  [follow]
Random #AtariST #chiptunes - currently one a day.See @AYMusic for more (ZX Spectrum) AY tunes. Contact=@confusedbunny@oldbytes.space
crystalskyes@mastodon.social  [follow]
Toot Toot. Trans person of a rainbow spectrum. She/her or They/them both apply.
ehowells@counter.social  [follow]
Just looking for the facts and want engaging interactions from all sides of the political spectrum to ensure our democracy doesn't die.
lecroc@mas.tocroc o' dye
lecroc@mas.to  [follow]
Responses on a spectrum from Nothing to Anything are appreciated WHO=Dunno WHERE=Could Be WHAT=Looking Into It WHY=Life
blerkotron@mastodon.social  [follow]
User Blerk - gamer, retro gamer, coder, writer, ZX Spectrum fanboy, miserable old git. Best before 1990. May contain nuts.
exileoblivion@mastodon.social  [follow]
Non-Binary/they pronouns | Ace spectrum | Polyamorus/happily taken | Fanfic Writer | cosplayer | gamer | Furry | Photographer | local cryptid
nooneunscripted@mstdn.social  [follow]
- #art #word #thought #livestream - on the #spectrum ♿️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸- annoying guy warning about Donald's seditious conspiracy since Nov. 10, 2020‼️ Youtube=https://www.youtube.com/@LawSocietywithNoOneUnscripted
teletextr@oldbytes.spaceByte high no limit
teletextr@oldbytes.space  [follow]
Interested in teletext, Makes podcast about social history of technology.Zx Spectrum fan, have mingled with Commodore 64 users.
arthur@mastodon.hypnoguys.com  [follow]
Building up experience on both sides of the spectrum.Eager to learn, explore, experiment together, meet, grow and help grow.from 🇫🇷 with ❤️
cj@assemblag.esCJ El.
cj@assemblag.es  [follow]
Classical guitar by training, software engineer by accident.Curious about the spectrum between the analog and the digital.
idledreams@witches.live  [follow]
hello, disabled mystic queer at your service. they/them. aro/ace spectrum. autism spectrum. deities: Aphrodite, Persephone, Hades.
phaya@mastodon.social  [follow]
liliac or lili| 16 | trans fem ⚧ | autism spectrum lesbian w/ folk punk overtones
sierrageorge@spinster.xyzSierra George
sierrageorge@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Manchester, UK. Closet radfem. Jewish atheist. Public sector STEM worker. Asexual (not attracted to either sex; it’s not a “spectrum”).
gwill@mastodon.socialGwill Zx Spectrum
gwill@mastodon.social  [follow]
littlewytch@qoto.orgLittleWytch :transbian:
littlewytch@qoto.org  [follow]
:verified: :over18: :transbian: :trans_heart: :transgender_flag: :polyamory_flag: :pentacle: :witchestown: :anonymous: 🌐 :fediverse: 💻 :ic_camera: :linux: :terminal: :xfce: :tor: :torrent: :microsoft: :microsoft_word: :tardis: :xmen: Home of a disappointed dreamer. Also a Writer, Synesthete, Spiritualist, Tech Enthusiast, Mystic, Naturalist, Philosopher, and Low Key Kinkster.Who is LittleWytch? She's a weird little elf with a dark, pervy, and twisted sense of humor. I am who I am and will make no apologies for being who I am.I'm a trans nerd girl that is weird beyond imagining. Mix science, tech, spirituality, and philosophy, add a dash of synesthesia with a pinch of high functioning autism spectrum, and you get the basics of me. I'm also a little dirty and kinky at times. :transbian: Pronouns:=https://pronoun.is/she/her Fave OS:=Arch & Qubes Language:=en, learning fr & latin
northern_dude@queer.party  [follow]
queer dude in ASD spectrum, really into linux and crypto-anarchism. self-host the internet! I write C++ code for life.moved to pleroma for now, follow me there: @northern_dude
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Member of the military, views cover the whole political/cultural spectrum. I'm Christian, can I say that here? #ITM #ProRelforUSA
phaya@sunbeam.cityphaya :tranarchy_black:
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liliac or lili | 16 | trans fem ⚧ | colorado | she/her | autism spectrum lesbian w/ folk punk overtones
elliquinn@mastodon.socialZ Gervais
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Pollinator proletariat, full spectrum doula, farmer in training, data analyst. White, cis, queer girl. She/her/hers.
ijada@ieji.deout of the box
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Weird geek on many fringes trying to figure it all out. And I’m on the autism spectrum.
klonoavirus@social.snopyta.orgit kibby :kirby_run:
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One of THOSE social net accounts.Occasional musician and graphician for Famicom Fighters and some ZX Spectrum games. Purveyor of hot takes. Actually a dog person. Also a guy.NSFP (not safe for pussywaists) alt, enter at your own risk: @klovid_19@phreedom.tk CAR=BROKE PHONE=YES
orthodoxy@voicenews.icu  [follow]
Orthodoxy is adherence to correct or accepted creeds, especially in religion. Orthodoxy within Christianity is a spectrum wherein different Churches accept different forms of creeds and councils. Such difference of opinions has occurred due to the language and cultural barriers that the Church Fathers had to face when expressing a theological opinion.
pommster@twit.social  [follow]
I am Brit living in Australia. Formerly of Cambridge in the UK, home is now Adelaide, in the state of South Australia.I am an analyst programmer by trade, lover of all things tech and science related. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, at the age of 4 which, nowadays, is probably a late start.
rand0m@anticapitalist.partyLucas the Foxdragon
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Far left on the political spectrum and high on the kinsey scale.I enjoy photographing, music-making and tinkering with technology.[ger/eng]
Gender and Sexuality Spectrum
sashimi@stop.voring.me  [follow]
they/It // 18 // agender dragon moment // writer, music producer and art commissioner Pronouns=it/they/zem [https://en.pronouns.page/@sashimii]
stompyrr@mastodon.socialGary Pinkett
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Retro loving gamer and Mustang driving weirdo you should probably just stay away from. I am especially fond of the Atari ST and ZX Spectrum.
aurelian@rats-at.work  [follow]
railfani am at 66hz on the spectrum
daibhidc@mastodon.worldDaibhid Ceannaideach
daibhidc@mastodon.world  [follow]
Scottish skiffy geek, big fan of Doctor Who and Discworld. Anxiety disorder, autistic spectrum, he/him. Not sure what I'm doing, but preparing for the Great Twitter Collapse.
dsrunplugged@voring.me  [follow]
nonbinary pansexual gendertrashautism spectrum disorder haver :nd:this is LakeFoundExit on Twitter idk how to change the usernamebtw please alternate which pronoun set you use for me thx!