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Blog, GitHub, Photos
fribbledom@mastodon.social  [follow]
Software #developer with a passion for #opensource, who enjoys #golang way too much. Made glow, beehive, knoxite, duf and a bunch of other cool things.If it got a firmware, I'll flash it. In German=https://mastodon.social/@muesli
diggita, twitter, instagram
diggita@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Le news di attualità italiana e internazionale selezionate su mastodon.Diggita, è il progetto open di giornalismo partecipativo, creato con software libero (pligg), tutti i contenuti sono liberamente pubblicabili dagli utenti iscritti e rilasciati in Creative Commons come Opera Culturale Libera dal 2007
writefreely@mastodon.unoWritefreely Italia
Noblogo, twitter, supportaci
writefreely@mastodon.uno  [follow]
la piattaforma italiana per blog libera, open source e federata con mastodon sull'istanza noblogo.orgWriteFreely è un software open source che fa parte del fediverso, serve per creare un #blog minimalista e federato. Questo account è gestito dalla comunità italiana su (link: http://noblogo.org) noblogo.org#writefreely #noblogo #opensource #libre #libero medium=https://medium.com/@writefreely
torproject@mastodon.socialThe Tor Project
Website, Donate, Download, Community
torproject@mastodon.social  [follow]
We advance human rights and defend your privacy online through free software and open networks.
Website, Forum, News, Code
fdroidorg@mastodon.technology  [follow]
F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform.
gatooscuro@quey.orgGato Doofenshmirtz
gatooscuro@quey.org  [follow]
**Una pasión sin fin; todo tiene una razón de ser** Anotación que va con mi vida.>Mi historia en el Fediverso se resume en haber pasado por el exodo de GNU Social, migrar a Mastodon (Quey.org precisamente donde hago parte del Staff) y quedarme, a tal nivel de eliminar mi presencia en el blog gatooscuro7.wordpress.com qué en su momento fue lo que le dedique mis letras a tiempo completo durante años, actualmente todo lo escribo en el #fediverse . Amando la descentralización y la libertad de expresión bajo un buen código de conducta ♥ >Mi estilo de vida filósofico pasa desde lo más minimo cómo podría ser el minimalismo hasta lo más complejo qué podría ser el existencialismo/absurdismo+nihilismo, todo de la mano del escépticismo. >Actualmente parte de las F.F.MM de Colombia. >Pro software libre, amante de la palabra de RMS y gran seguidor del proyecto Debian GNU/Linux (el mejor S.O comunitario).>Correo: gatooscuro@protonmail.com>XMPP: gatooscuro@suchat.org (OMEMO).>Telegram: @GatoOscuro (cifrado e2e).>Session: 05e3ca0d853737210ea012f56c7369eae928cb73f28c38e7180825d4ccf8fb504c>qTox: B789F335748BCC10671D2D5BA5B4B48578AA033699B156D3A7117CAA96B6C26B8EBC98128A66>GPG: https://bin.disroot.org/?88b0685d05165c1c#3VYUVNj5wBfyBAYrZssEJzZss24FMBaoH2E2PdLorhBv (enlace de la clave pública).>Keyoxide: https://keyoxide.org/B20F19CFDFA16EF8C4A08F4A40EECDF9DC56DE1E>Wire: @gatooscuro7>Eelement/Matrix: @GatoOscuro:nerdsin.space>DeltaChat: gatooscuro@disroot.org S.O=Mint GNU/Linux Alabado sea=Rock>Metal Escribeme=Casi siempre activo (todo lado). Larga vida=#Fediverse Razón de ser=Pasión sin fin
chr@cybre.spacekɜ:ʳ :dragnmlem:
chr@cybre.space  [follow]
admin of https://cybre.space. dragon whomst do the software pronouns=they/them
purism@social.librem.one  [follow]
Purism makes hardware, software and services that respect you.This is the primary Purism social account.
Report a Bug, Donate
gnome@floss.social  [follow]
GNOME is a free and open-source software environment project supported by a non-profit foundation. Together, the community of contributors and the Foundation create a computing platform and software ecosystem, composed entirely of free software, that is designed to be elegant, efficient, and easy to use. Homepage=www.gnome.org/ Join Us!=www.gnome.org/get-involved/
Hardware, Software, Services
purism@librem.one  [follow]
Purism makes hardware, software and services that respect you.This is the primary Purism social account.
vincib@mamot.frBenjamin Sonntag-King 🐙
website, company
vincib@mamot.fr  [follow]
cofounder of La Quadrature du Net, CEO and founder of Octopuce, Free software and ecology activist
christalleras@mastodon.artChristoffer Tallerås - Artist
christalleras@mastodon.art  [follow]
Freelance illustrator using opensource software.
Website, Forum
krita@mastodon.art  [follow]
Free and open source painting software. Get it at krita.org (Linux, Windows or OSX) and talk with other users and devs in the #krita channel on freenode! IRC=#krita on freenode or https://krita.org/en/irc/ Latest stable version=4.2.7
hund@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
I'm an eco friendly minimalist philosopher, Gentoo Linux user and {Vim,keyboard} cultist from Sweden. I advocate ethical and libre software. My blog:=https://hunden.linuxkompis.se Active with:=https://fosstodon.org/@iokeyboards Alter ego:=https://mastodon.linuxkompis.se/@hund XMPP:=hund@xmpp.linuxkompis.se
framasky@framapiaf.orgLuc Ⓐ🏴 — The last Perlbender
framasky@framapiaf.org  [follow]
#AdminSys chez Framasoft.« Being a sysadmin is easy. As easy as riding a bicycle. Except the bicycle is on fire, you’re on fire and you’re in Hell. » Support Framasoft =>=https://support.framasoft.org Likes=Free software, #beer, #Debian, #Perl, coding Work=@Framasoft Bots=@unsplashbot, @gracygimp (NSFW), @geekscottes
ubuntu@ubuntu.social  [follow]
Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things
Blog, Also running
thomas@metalhead.club  [follow]
Admin of metalhead.club and trashserver.net XMPP | European 🇪🇺 | Imprint: https://thomas-leister.de/impressum/#linux #fedora #embedded #server #metal Profession=Embedded Linux Software Developer / "Programmeur" 🧐 Considered a="Computerexperte"
thog@niu.moe  [follow]
INFP, Software Engineer, IT Security enthusiast and student at 42 school.Matrix: @thog:matrix.heldscal.laPGP: 0x8FAFDBC6https://github.com/Thog
Admin, Founder, Words, Self
matt@writing.exchange  [follow]
Making software for humans. Interested in people, privacy, and creativity.Founder :writeas: @write_as, building :writefreely: https://WriteFreely.org. Writing.Exchange admin.
mikeg1@ruby.socialMike Gunderloy
mikeg1@ruby.social  [follow]
Been in this software racket for 40+ years. It's a living. Proprietor of https://afreshcup.com
jonathansampson@mastodon.socialSampson ✅
jonathansampson@mastodon.social  [follow]
Building the web since the mid-90's. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript's are my jam. Former Microsoft, Stack Overflow moderator. DevRel, Brave Software. 🇧🇷🇺🇸
256@mastodon.socialnever obsolete
256@mastodon.social  [follow]
images of old computers, operating systems, software and games
conservancy@mastodon.technologySoftware Freedom Conservancy
conservancy@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Software Freedom Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) public charity that acts as a non-profit home for Free, Libre, and Open Source Software projects.
yun5s@go5.dev  [follow]
Software Engineer, Writer, Fitness Trainer好为人师,十分自恋三观不正,热爱拉黑另一位雲五大哥不是我,关注错了的请取关哈。禁止转载。#nobot 博客=https://yukieyun.net 豆瓣=https://www.douban.com/people/yun5s 支持本站=https://www.patreon.com/yun5s 公众号=yukieyun
schestowitz@pleroma.siteDr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)
schestowitz@pleroma.site  [follow]
Software Engineer, interdisciplinary researcher, and an advocate of fair competition
Website, Join us, Support us
fsfe@mastodon.social  [follow]
Free Software Foundation Europe is a charity that empowers users to control technology. Mastodon engagement ≠ endorsement - https://fsfe.org
jmtd@mastodon.cloudJonathan Dowland
homepage, cs-history
jmtd@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Sn.Software Engineer on #OpenJDK @#RedHat. #Debian developer (dormant). #Doom hacker. CS PhD student. Amateur Computing historian. Guerilla archivist. pronouns=he/him nationality=european
sean@social.deadsuperhero.com  [follow]
Editor of We Distribute. Used to work on Diaspora. Obsessed with decentralization and Free Software. Everything I make is released under libre permissive licenses and copyrights.Currently trying to write poetry and short stories, make several games, create original fediverse video series, index all Creative Commons / Public Domain films ever made, draw a webcomic, and compose music. 📰 Blog=https://deadsuperhero.com 📺 Videos=https://video.deadsuperhero.com 🎶 Music=https://music.deadsuperhero.com
alcinnz@floss.socialAdrian Cochrane
Odysseus, Liberapay, Rhapsode, Homepage
alcinnz@floss.social  [follow]
A browser developer posting mostly about how free software projects work, and occasionally about climate change.Though I do enjoy german board games given an opponent.Pronouns: he/him
website, shortcut, repository
switchingsoftware@mstdn.swiso.org  [follow]
Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known softwareBased on formerly switching.social and in honour of the anonymous original author posting here=https://my.brick.camp/@tobias
annika@xoxo.zoneSpice Box Stan Account
annika@xoxo.zone  [follow]
Software Engineer. #XOXOZone admin, #NewHampshire #MomOps #Gameing Gemini=gemini://gemini.stop.wtf/ Location=Dublin, IE Pronouns=she/her
brendaneich@mastodon.socialBrendan Eich
brendaneich@mastodon.social  [follow]
Created JavaScript. Co-founded Mozilla and Firefox. Now founder & CEO @brave Software (https://brave.com/).
herrabre@mastodon.xyzHouseplant In Post 🙊 🇮🇸 🍏
Home page
herrabre@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
I work on Free Software; mostly Mailpile and PageKite. Day job: ISNIC. Happy dad, proud Icelander. Feminist. Curious contrarian. Occasional pope. Work mail=bre at pagekite.net Pronouns?=He / him / they / them Where?=Italy, Iceland, Internet
drq@mastodon.ml🏳️‍🌈 Dr. Quadragon ❌
Boosty, Patreon
drq@mastodon.ml  [follow]
Sysadmin, Unix punk, Technolojesus, and Free Software freakPronoun: he/hisBit of an SJW. Militant atheist and battle skeptic. Devil's advocate. Devout Saganist.If you are a Nazi, we can't be friends.Admin of mastodon.mlДоброхотъ. Социальный граф с поместьем.Босс этой качалки.Главврач этой больнички.GET ON MY HORSE, I'LL TAKE YOU 'ROUND THE FEDIVERSE! XMPP/E-Mail=doctor@equivalent.me BTC=1txVcuqQ5UNzN6at7HbxNieH6rv6iQUhP
fuckoffgoogle@mastodon.socialFUCK OFF GOOGLE (& AMAZON)!!1
fuckoffgoogle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Kicking these tax-evading creeps building a dystopian future out of our lives & spaces! Post-"Google campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. https://fuckoffgoogle.de FUCK OFF=Alphabet/Google &co. and their world Against=Mass-surveillance, gentrification, techsploitation, filter bubble, financial speculation, drone strikes, startupification, transhumanism, massive corporate tax evasion For=Decentralization of all data and communications, self-determination for our lives and spaces, free/libre software, end2end encryption, decentralized direct action
webmink@mastodon.ccSimon Phipps
webmink@mastodon.cc  [follow]
Public Software ED · OSI Standards director · Meshed Insights CEO · https://webmink.com/about · Articles: https://meshedinsights.com · Powered by https://patreon.com/webmink
wilkie@mastodon.social  [follow]
code == art; it should be available to all. let's love whomever we wish; digital archival; social federation; boost selfies = ok; http://broken.software pronouns=they/them i do=software/art preservation feeling=cynically optimisic
reticuleena@chaos.social  [follow]
Pessimistic leftwing idealist with interest in philosophy of technology, free software, digital responsibility. Also a feminist. Pronoun: Sheglobal CN: political content
tcit@social.tcit.fr🦄 Thomas Citharel
tcit@social.tcit.fr  [follow]
Hoping to make people's life better with free software at @Framasoft.ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ Works at=@Framasoft@framapiaf.org Pronouns=He/Him Work Account=https://framapiaf.org/@tcit
Website, GitHub
dino@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Dino is a modern open-source chat client for the desktop. It focuses on providing a clean and reliable XMPP ("Jabber") experience while having your privacy in mind.#XMPP #software #privacy #floss #opensource
Podcast Geek, Podcast Gamer, Tutorials for artists
klaatu@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Unix geek and open source software enthusiast. Tabletop game nerd. Podcaster, musician, multimediatician. Slacker since [Slackware] 12.0 Pronouns=he/him/his
ninapaley@spinster.xyzNina Paley
blog, my latest film, my first film, quilts and merch
ninapaley@spinster.xyz  [follow]
"...that badass chick with a web comic who's a free software activist".Car Exclusionary Radical Bicyclist. Recovering heterosexual.Preferred pronouns: English.
benhamill@eldritch.cafeLocal Dad, Ben Hamill
Pronouns, Website
benhamill@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Among the oldest of millennials.Social justice, software, parenting, games (video, roleplaying, board), books, comics, linguistics, argyleSaid to be, "like the least lewd person I have encountered on this social network" Location=Austin, TX
jami@mstdn.io  [follow]
The distributed universal and secure Free Software for multimedia communications by Savoir-faire Linux and the GNU community.Download Jami on https://jami.net
opensuse@fosstodon.orgopenSUSE Linux
Website, Distribution, News, Mailing Lists
opensuse@fosstodon.org  [follow]
openSUSE makes Linux-based operating systems and tools to support developers and sysadmins. openSUSE provides a feature-rich environment that’s ideal for everything from desktop use to a server set up. Get it at https://software.opensuse.org
peertube@framapiaf.org  [follow]
PeerTube Software Official Account - No support here // Compte officiel du logiciel PeerTube (animé par Framasoft). Nous ne faisons pas de support depuis ce compte. Merci de contacter l'administrateur⋅ice de l'instance concernée ou de vous rendre sur https://framacolibri.org/c/peertube
spacekookie@octodon.socialkookie 🏴🍪
spacekookie@octodon.social  [follow]
:anarchy: Anarchist, solarpunk, vegan, psychonaut, burned out software researcher, musician, occasional teacher, wanna-be philosopher ✨ I like books, drugs, and latex. The revolution starts in your heart 🏴🌐 Talk to me in: en, de, fr, eo🔸 Main research project: https://irde.st🔹 My code: https://dev.spacekookie.de/kookie/nomicon🔸 Listen to my music: https://breadmachine.bandcamp.com🔹 Videos: https://diode.zone/accounts/spacekookie/videos🔸 Photos: https://pixelfed.de/spacekookie Cyberspace 💾=https://spacekookie.de Meatspace 🗺️=berlin, ? Pronouns ✨=they / them Chat ✉️=Matrix/ XMPP (ask)
superruserr@infosec.exchangeHCS ▋
superruserr@infosec.exchange  [follow]
#Software #InfoSec #Networks | Work in security - threat hunting, defence, siem/log management, osint, dns, domain. Own opinions here. | DE: @toot.berlin/@superruserr | FR: @mamot.fr/@superruserr | Header image by @ovid Gitlab=gitlab.com/hcs0 Twitter=twitter.com/superruserr Github=github.com/hcs0
hund@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I'm an eco-friendly {minimalist,low-tech} philosopher, {Gentoo,Alpine} Linux user, Ubuntu member and {Neovim,plaintext,keyboard} cultist from Sweden. I advocate ethical and libre software. Website:=https://hunden.linuxkompis.se Active with:=https://fosstodon.org/@iokeyboards XMPP:=Just ask!
fosdem@fosstodon.org  [follow]
FOSDEM is a free annual event for Free and Open source software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate in Brussels
cheatha@chaos.social  [follow]
#Musik, #Fotografie, #Mac, #Linux, freie Software, Nerdkram, vermisst soup.io, #Freifunk​er und @RaumZeitLabor​ant. Hackerspace=@RaumZeitLabor pronouns=he/him
kushal@toots.dgplug.orgKushal Das 🐍🐍🐍 :sd:
kushal@toots.dgplug.org  [follow]
Public Interest Technologist at Freedom of the Press Foundation. Maintainer of https://securedrop.org Core team member of @torproject and Core developer of #Python. Fellow and director at Python Software Foundation
brandon@fosstodon.orgFOSSome, dude!
brandon@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I *am* Linux Liaison: information liberal, free and beautiful software enthusiast, privacy/security aware, storytellerA man of many tangents#nobot he/him Current Distro=Ubuntu 19.10 Self-hosting=Wallabag, NextCloud, Gitea, Wordpress Server Distro=Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
clacke@libranet.deClaes Wallin 🇸🇪🇭🇰
clacke@libranet.de  [follow]
Flawesome. Linux native since 1995. Working in Racket, Tcl, Python, whatever gets the page up. Solving yesterday's problems tomorrow. A dad. Freddiemercurykin. Every post of mine is an open invitation to advice or information or critique or disagreement. Fire away. If I don't appreciate your contribution, I'll let you know. http://pronoun.is/he Gender=Male About=Flawesome. Linux native since 1995. On Fedi since 2008. Working in Racket, Tcl, Python, whatever gets the page up. Solving yesterday's problems tomorrow. A dad. Freddiemercurykin.Every post of mine is an open invitation to advice or information or critique or disagreement. Fire away. If I don't appreciate your contribution, I'll let you know.pronoun.is/heMy soundcloud is hackerpublicradio.org/correspo… and my patreon is sfconservancy.org/donate/ .I don't represent Software Freedom Conservancy in any way, I just like what they do with my money.
ademalsasa@floss.socialAde Malsasa Akbar
Website, School
ademalsasa@floss.social  [follow]
I am a moslem. I am from Indonesia, an author at UbuntuBuzz, teach Free Software, share about GNU and Linux a lot here. You can browse my posts by my pinned posts or my featured hashtags below. Machine=Ubuntu Interface=KDE
hisham_hm@mastodon.social  [follow]
Coding free software | htop | LuaRocks | GoboLinuxtoots in pt_BR: hisham@masto.donte.com.br
cctg@social.tchncs.deCorona Contact Tracing Germany
Source, Donate, Download
cctg@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
FOSS Corona App for Germany and other participating countriesFreie Corona-App für Deutschland und weitere teilnehmende LänderCorona Contact Tracing Germany is a privacy-preserving contact tracing app compatible to CWA. Contrary to CWA, which depenes on the proprietary Google Play services, it is fully free software. [matrix]=https://matrix.to/#/#cctg:bubu1.eu
coldacid@noagendasocial.comcoldacid ⚔️‍🛡️ 🇨🇦 ✔️
Pixelfed, Website, Rare Encounter, SPC
coldacid@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Baron Chris of the Kawartha Highlands and Knight of the Rare Encounter at the #NoAgenda Round Table! Co-host of the Rare Encounter podcast, Grumpy Old Bens producer, and crank-caller of Hog Story. Software developer, social libertarian, anti-bullshit. Make Canada Great Again. Pronouns: fuck / youCeterum autem censeo delendam esse Sinam.
jeffalyanak@social.rights.ninjaJeff Alyanak
jeffalyanak@social.rights.ninja  [follow]
Hardware & Software Development • Rapid Prototyping • Embedded Systems — he/him Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@jeffalyanak:social.rights.ninja Location=Oxford, UK
emersion@octodon.socialSimon Ser
emersion@octodon.social  [follow]
I write open-source software
slimekat@cybre.space  [follow]
you may have seen me on birdsite, I make games and music.trans femme | Pan & Polyam Support small businesses, support open software. Anime=Digimon, Dragon Ball, Gurren Lagann OS=Ubuntu 18.10 | LineageOS 15.1 Brain=PTSD, MDD, SAD, GAD Pronouns=She/Her || Fae/Fem/Feir/Femself
drwho@mastodon.socialThe Doctor
Website, Keybase
drwho@mastodon.social  [follow]
Eccentric weirdo. Time traveler. Thelemite. Hacker. 30% software and prosthetics. Modern rogue. Not human, but I fake it well.Special Circumstances. Pronouns=he/she/it/they (I really do use them all, and don't particularly care.)
solene@bsd.networkSolene :flan_outline:
Peertube gaming channel
solene@bsd.network  [follow]
My things are #OpenBSD, h+, Lisp, command line tools, Lovecraft and gaming.I speak :fr: and :gb: and I'm +18 years old.I type on my keyboard to do stuff, especially trying to promote self hosting and free software.GPG key https://perso.pw/solene.ascGPG fingerprint 4398 3BAD 3EDC B35C 9B8F 2442 8CD4 2DFD 57F0 A909 My toots are deleted after 30 days with ephemetootFeel free to PM me Blog about tech stuff=https://dataswamp.org/~solene/ Pronouns=she / her
Homepage, GitLab, GitHub
bzg@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I participate to the free software/culture movement since 1998, when I discovered GNU-Linux and GNU Emacs. SourceHut=https://git.sr.ht/~bzg/
vogon@mastodon.socialthe "facts" hat
vogon@mastodon.social  [follow]
let's hear it more for preexisting medical conditions | game/software dev, left anti-cap fence-sitter, 'honorary mommy' | white, ≈ cis, ≈ het pronoun=he location=seattle, WA
sphinxc0re@ruhr.socialHypertext Markup Laubstein
GitHub, Blog
sphinxc0re@ruhr.social  [follow]
Passionate software engineer with a background in acting, singing and dancing 🕺🏽Fanatic #Rust developer.Former Dungeon Master turned chess novice Languages=🇩🇪🇺🇸🇰🇷
roboron@im-in.space  [follow]
Entusiasta de (Arch) #Linux y software libre. Ingeniero de software (en potencia). A veces juego libros y leo videojuegos. XMPP=roboron@suchat.org Matrix=@Roboron:matrix.org English Account=https://cybre.space/@Roboron Pronombre=Él
lunaterra@cyberia.socialLunaTerra - GNU/Girl
Website, Blog
lunaterra@cyberia.social  [follow]
The Dirtbag IT Girlshe/her ~21 yrs aged #nobot~ :parabola: :debian: :manjaro: ~Gay, vegan, white anarcho-girl whomst'd've also be an advocate for online privacy and free software. https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/the-anarchist-faq-editorial-collective-an-anarchist-faq-02-17Constantly pissed at you but only because I know you can be better :P~ :heart_eyes_cat_trans: :heart_pan: :flag_polyamory: ~Follow requests welcome! I only sort through them on desktop every few days so just be patient please!Nazis fuck off :) Languages=🇬🇧: ✅ 🇮🇱:~ 🇲🇽/🇪🇸:~ Langs=:haskell_trans: - :scala: - :c_language: - :emacs: - MIPS Assembler
thufir@social.lain.hausthufie :: Girl
thufir@social.lain.haus  [follow]
-- This account is abandoned, now @thufie@cyberia.social ! -- Feel free to flirt and be lewd I am very lonely ;^*- my name: thufie- my site: https://thufie.lain.haus/- my blog: https://write.lain.haus/thufie/- my pronouns: she/her- my queer-brands: bi, transComfy vegan anarchist from the so-called "US state of Texas".Free Software Advocate who occasionally makes cyber-art and programs, but more often rants about how fucking ridiculous modernity is and just tries to be comfy (or hornt).#nobot #nobots
emacsen@emacsen.net  [follow]
Geek, Hacker, Free Software and Free Culture advocate Twitter=emacsen Gitlab=emacsen Freenode (IRC)=emacsen Pronouns=he/him
darcs, PGP Key
raichoo@chaos.social  [follow]
Avatar looks way meaner than I actually am 😺. I toot on #Haskell, #FreeBSD, #neovim and #darcs. I'm also building a #Wayland compositor https://hikari.acmelabs.space. #Math :antifa: Also #Bass! Software developer at antei in Bielefeld https://antei.de http://pronoun.is/he hackspace=@acmelabs Matrix=@raichoo:acmelabs.space
admin@masto.nogafam.esNiko :verified:
Donar, Contribuir, Contacto
admin@masto.nogafam.es  [follow]
Creador de https://nogafam.es. Luchando por la Soberanía Digital del país, desde Bilbao.Únete a la comunidad y forma parte de la Soberanía y la Independencia tecnológica. Descubre los servicios libres que ofrezco para facilitar la inicialización al mundo del Software Libre!https://www.nogafam.eshttps://business.nogafam.es<<<<<<<<#NoGAFAM #Soberanía #Tecnología #Sistemas #SoftwareFreedom #Economía #ComercioLocal #NoSurveillanceCapitalism #Descentraliza #nobot Lugar=Bilbao, Pais Vasco
argus@mastodon.technologyDerek Caelin
argus@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Climate Feminist | Biodiversity | Open Source Software | Civic Tech | Games | Justice | Regenerative Ag | Green Energy | He/Him/His.#biodiversity #RegenerativeAgriculture #ecoagriculture #interoperability #sustainability #ecosystems #environment #opensource #design #encryption #decentralization #activism #civicspace #privacy #books #writing #digitalsecurity #cyberpunk Pronouns=he/him/his
ondiz@metalhead.club  [follow]
PhD in Engineering. Crazy free software advocate. Homebaker and vegetable grower. Punk Pronouns=She/her Langs=ES/EN/EU/IT Learning=Julia, Italian, mandolin, Esperanto
Website, Donate
bubu@chaos.social  [follow]
Free Software Developer from Berlin. Working on free Android apps and decentralized communication platforms. F-Droid Classic Developer.(Co-)Maintaining @CCTG. Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@bubu:bubu1.eu Languages=En/De
rick_777@cybre.spaceCybre Rick
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Software dev by day, #scifi author by night.Currently #amwriting my first novel.Please msg when following. Also, if you boost NSFW content that doesn't have a CW, I'll block you.#nospam #nobot Interests=#neuroscience, #AI, #scifi, #cyberpunk, #synthwave, #foss, #hackerculture Traits=Mexican 🇲🇽, Nerd 8/10, Snark 9/10, Cyberpunk 11/10 😎, I like kittens 😺 Blog=https://plume.mastodon.host/~/MidoriaFiles/
dashie@oldbytes.space:001: Software Archaeologist
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ADMIN ACCOUNT here. Personnal : @dashie ; CMDR Otterian - Loutre a plein temps - SWL - Repairs TSF radios - Loves motorola mc68k. Eats Python and Go. Adminsys. Species=otter Langs=FR/EN Website=https://otter.sh, https://sigpipe.me Prof. picture by=https://weirder.earth/@dzuk
dthompson@toot.catdave stranding
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29, he/him. I mainly post about gardening, woodworking, and free software.https://dthompson.us
9elements, Helge.Media
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Software dev, tech enthusiast and also Mastodon instance admin. 🍍Located in Bochum/GER & Göteborg/SE
mxlinux@mastodon.socialMX Linux
Official website
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The official MX Linux Mastodon.Midweight Linux OS based on Debian stable. Using core antiX components +additional software created / packaged by the MX community.Please follow the spare account also: https://linuxrocks.online/@MXLinux(mastodon.social is unpredictable on censorship). Clone Mastodon account @ LinuxRocks.online=https://linuxrocks.online/@MXLinux
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:geodesic: Geodesic Orb Suspended in Void :geodesic::geodesic: Dipshit Communist Software Engineer :geodesic:Author of @marcopolobot, @endlessscreaming[Both currently deactivated]Seattle, USA pronouns:=he/him languages=en, eo
cosine@anticapitalist.partyis cone
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some bored kid. i post about TV, comics, music, software, and creating those things. i also post a lot about my feelings and experiences. i'm trans, white, Jewish, and ADHD. #nobot pronouns=they private=@cayce@cosine.online live in=Maine (stolen Abenaki land)
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tfw no feel software foundation...Posting about computational and net culture/politics/infrastructure, experimental publishing, software art, games, messing around with 8/16 bit things for fun and profit, Linux/FreeBSD sysadmin stuff, acme (p9p), ecology, repair culture, shmups, fantastic mpv screenshots, unsolicited pro tips, completely random stuff, maybe cats, hi, this scrolltext is getting long.This mess will be delivered as EN posts, some FR, seldom NL. ~=https://bleu255.com/~aymeric ~=https://lurk.org ~=https://things.bleu255.com/moddingfridays ~=https://xpub.nl
justkelly_ok@mastodon.socialKelly Ellis
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feminist, nerd, software engineer • #Repeal2A • http://ko-fi.com/kellyellis • she/her • http://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1KCAK824FU63J
alamantus@cybre.spaceWho the heck is Robbie?
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A professional web developer, hobby game developer, conlang enthusiast, and maker of highly specific niche software named Robbie Antenesse. ⚠️ CAUTION: Here be swears ⚠️Other Mastodon Accounts:Tabletop Gaming - @AlamantusLinguistics & Conlanging - @AlamantusCooking & Food - @AlamantusBooks & Reading - @AlamantusBackup - @Alamantus Online at=https://wheretofind.me/@Robbie Pronouns=he/him Enneagram=9w1SE
rbonifaz@mastodon.socialRafael Bonifaz
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Software libre, privacidad, criptografía y algo más
vivekpathak@mastodon.socialVivek pathak
Twitter, Instagram
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Software Developer, follow for a followback
cj@mastodon.technologycj 🇺🇸🇨🇭
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Was @cj* Leedle Leedle Lee* Destroys Kantian ethics* Purger of Descartes' "Cogito, Ergo Sum"* Keeper of Dog* Reader of Books* Heavy Metal Fan* Likes anime, hates anime fans* Approves of Dry Wit and Dry SarcasmNuclear || Software EngineerHim | ZürichEnglish | Hochdeutsch (B1)https://github.com/go-fedhttps://go-fed.org Metadata Header=Value Header Metadata 1=Value 1 Metadata 2=Value 2 Metadata 3=Value 3
hergertme@mastodon.socialChristian Hergert
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http://pronoun.is/he is a long time Free Software hacker focusing on tooling for GNOME/Flatpak/Red Hat. Desktop=GNOME Guitar=SRV, Hendrix, Mayer Maintainer=Builder, Sysprof, jsonrpc-glib, template-glib, gtksourceview Previously=VMware, MongoDB, Mono
rheall@comicscamp.clubHeather :chickadee:
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🇨🇦 An artist I think???:squishygecko:@Squishy:ailapup:@Aila#MastoAdmin at @CampCounselor(Formerly @Curator Jan/2019 - Feb/2021)Avatar by @RAPIDPUNCHES (https://picrew.me/image_maker/710816)[Follow requests welcome, but I can't guarantee I'll accept. Take care!] Cis AFAB=:heart_demi: :sq_she_her: :sq_they_them: :heart_ace2: Portfolio:=https://rheall.me Software:=:clip_studio_paint: :procreate: :pixaki: :vectornator: :scrivener: Tip jar:=:ko_fi: https://ko-fi.com/rheall
ceb@counter.socialceb ❇️
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Software engineer. &#10084;&#65039; troubleshooting. &#128039;.&#129338;. Trace all of the things. &#127757; Europe.
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Cute queer cybersorceress ✨Rad software maker 🖥Aspiring nomad 🌏💜 🙆🏻 Pronouns=http://my.pronoun.is/she 🐦 Twitter=https://twitter.com/ticky 🕚 Previously=@ticky, @cat 🖼 Avatar=https://twitter.com/repoghost
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free software / privacy / leftist politics / veganism / PhD student machine learning
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Code butcher. Hobbyist musician. Furry. Arch user. GTK2 apologist. Budding software reverse engineer.I'm that weirdo who actually likes systemd.he/him/hisQueer (cis polyamorous panromantic phallocentric-pansexual)The sun has been trying to kill me for about 28 years.If you're below the age of majority in your country, you probably shouldn't follow me.I often use a client that can't display pinned toots, profile metadata, and sometimes bios.It's okay to boost my unlisted toots.
alsternerd@social.tchncs.dealsternerd 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Likes dark cyber future, but prefers a light one.Hardware is better than Software.Working in the food industry.Environment.Cycling.CCC/AlienBi🏳️‍🌈Pan.Cyber.Öko.He/HimFuck the algorithm.Also Open evrything.Ask me about my cat: https://www.paypal.me/alsternerd All men must=die and serve. Any messenger=alsternerd Pronouns=he/him/they/them
opensourcegardens@sunbeam.cityOpen Source Gardens
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Welcome to Open Source Gardens, where openness is sown and freedom is grown!We like to grow Open Source Seeds at home or in community gardens to connect people with Open Source (philosophy/seeds/software) in a horticultural and creative way. Sow Open=Grow Freedom Save Climate=Plant Gardens
Club de Software Libre, Pixelfeld, Blog Personal, Twitter
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Club de Software Libre(cofundador)Abuelos digitales(Fundador)Profesor informaticoGnu/linux http://softlibre.com.ar
stevestreza@mastodon.socialSteve Streza
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Software developer, comic book writer, video creator, hobbyist located in Seattle, WA. Location=Seattle, WA Pronouns=He/him or they/them Orientation=Pansexual
prashere@connect.fshm.inPrasanna Venkadesh
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Admin - connect.fshm.inFree Software hacktivist from India. FSHM | FSFTN | FSMII am a anti-capitalist with a Marxist world outlook. I post about digital alternatives (that respects our privacy and freedom), socio-economic alternatives (like cooperatives), history, culture and computer programming (Python and Elixir).
Github, Birdsite, Website, Donate
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The Glimpse Editor is a free software image editor forked from the well-known GNU Image Manipulation Program.Initially this will provide a simple re-branding to make the software suitable for educational institutions and enterprise settings, but in future versions new features to address long-standing user complaints will be included.