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extinct@nitecrew.ripyoga pants goth
extinct@nitecrew.rip  [follow]
:mori: :skona:smol goth batminnitecrew theytriarchnikkei & indigenousqueer as fuck, old as helltoo tired to take any shitlegendary shitposterpillar of the fediverseprofessional illustratorcommissions: OPEN:nonbinary: :ag: :heart_aro: :heart_pan: [ they / it ]https://en.pronouns.page/@extinct~ sun ♍ moon ♏ asc ♋ ~more :commie: than youredroom and knzk forever#nightcrew
dialmformara@wandering.shopMara, Technopact Warlock
dialmformara@wandering.shop  [follow]
Smol anxious Jewish femmeby waits impatiently for vaccine. Writer, knitter, wubrg.social cofounder. #nobot#tea #knitting #sff #mtg #actuallyautistic Pronouns=they/them Gender=dragon wizard Magic=https://wubrg.social/@DialMforMara
volpeon@mk.vulpes.oneVolpeon :vlpn_smol:
volpeon@mk.vulpes.one  [follow]
A red fox doing human things such as programming, creating vector art, and being on fedi. ​:vlpn_blep:​ Do not read my posts unless you've sworn your eternal devotion to the fox god. Or do, I can't stop you. ​:vlpn_melt2:​
troublemoney@computerfairi.esSam the Octopus
troublemoney@computerfairi.es  [follow]
Hedgehog wrangler, cat feeder, octopus whomst love smol critters"i never thought someone could be such a watch nerd and yet here you are" ~ @maple
toydragon@redroo.mlSmol Derg
toydragon@redroo.ml  [follow]
Hi i'm a smol drgnyou may know me from @tinytoydragonCurrent art is done up by @extinct, go check our their stuffs if you've not yet.Feel free to hit me with a follow request if you like -- it's set to locked just so i can audit stuffs.Be safe out there!@Aetous is wonderful creachurs :green_heart:🔞
blinkrape@posting.lolicon.rocksEthical Pedophile
blinkrape@posting.lolicon.rocks  [follow]
I got a big dick and a smol woman
toydragon@nitecrew.ripA Tiny Dragon
toydragon@nitecrew.rip  [follow]
Hi i'm a smol drgnyou may know me from @toydragonCurrent art is done up by @extinct, go check our their stuffs if you've not yet.Feel free to hit me with a follow request if you like -- it's set to locked just so i can audit stuffs.Be safe out there!@Aetous , @jaycie , @Oci @shyra is wonderful creachurs💚💚💚🔞
kathaja@mastodon.artKathaja Krim
other places
kathaja@mastodon.art  [follow]
don't be spooked by my #aliens :}I love drawing and writing about my own world, #WorldOfKrim, where most of my creations belong to. it's a collection of galaxies, planets and species – my playground for stories and dreams. go ahead and say hello: #ZhorKhat | #Karyta | #Arka | #NanTegah | #TarNex | #Srella | #VarUSan ...<3art | world building | writing | hiking | gaming | biology | archery | UX | traveling | oh, and everything not to be found on earth. human form=smol lady, red hair, green eyes, dark soul, good heart interaction=is welcome residence=Austria, above the clouds
angrycvilleian@radical.townAngry Cvilleian
angrycvilleian@radical.town  [follow]
I'm RyanPanDad (two cats and smol hooman)Anarchist / CommunistBoard game enthusiastComics/Graphic novel lover4/4 Philly sports fanLiquids with ABV, please Sporty Acct=@Angry_Cvilleian Location=Philly Call me=Ryan Pronouns=He/They
asakura@cdrom.tokyo  [follow]
Love languages, travel, old books, classical culture. Also write smol bash scripts for life automation and post it at github. English is not my first language, i just study! :aiuggu: :meowBlush:I like honest people who don't hesitate to say what they really think.jp/en/ru/la
mia@movsw.0x0.stmiauz genyau
mia@movsw.0x0.st  [follow]
* i run 0x0.st* certified cofe hag* smol and cuddly* let’s be friends?#nobot
smolfoxkit@abdl.link  [follow]
Maybe smol. ABDL / Babyfur content. 18+Melbourne, Australia
weemadhamish@octodon.social  [follow]
Smol. Grumpy. Tastes vaguely of smoked pig meats. he/him #nobot #nobotsFollows locked down to prevent followbots, likely to approve all requests so feel free.trans rights are human rights<this line injected to provide the keyword " transgender " to mess with scrapers, but while we're here, all you trans folks? You're cool, get on with your bad selves. >
maunzikation@computerfairi.escurrently on cybre.space
maunzikation@computerfairi.es  [follow]
smol cat learning about the cyber machines. EN & DE. they, it / per, es, ersie, xier. @maunzikation @maunzikation
smols@jorts.horsesmol toot
smols@jorts.horse  [follow]
she/hersarahlery's jorts.horse acct
maleza@merveilles.town  [follow]
Doing smol/slow tech. Growing food. Building with earth. As free as I can. wiki gemini (es)=gemini://pachapunk.space wiki html (es)=https://pachapunk.space capsule=gemini://republic.circumlunar.space/users/maleza
boyblink@abdl.linkBlink ~ 💫
boyblink@abdl.link  [follow]
🌸 gay cute smol expat boy. middle, abdl, pup/kitty play, fashion, hard kink.open to messages 💌🔞⛓👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🧢
striker@mk.striker.net.eu.org  [follow]
I'm here to make friends and chat.I'd prefer if you interract (DM or replying to each others posts) with me before sending a follow request.Quotes:"you're so lewd ir's unimaginyable"-- @vib@mk.vibbe.xyz"striker is smol and huggable"-- @vib@mk.vibbe.xyz"you're turning into chjara with all the instance hopping"-- @lucidiot@mk.absturztau.be Languages=French, English and bit of Japanese and German XMPP=striker at chat.striker.net.eu.org matrix=at striker : snug.moe
electron@social.art-software.fr🎂 Vampire mom lesbian catgirl
electron@social.art-software.fr  [follow]
~ 29 years old ~Nerdy chiptune enthusiastTired lesbian hackerSoft ball of emotions and love@tixie 's smol girlfriend 🥰⚠️Please interact before asking a follow request ⚠️ 😢 Neg / 🩸 dark=@hell_resident 🤖 Bot=@e_lisa Languages=FR, EN
yyp@fosstodon.orgAlexey Yerin 🇺🇦🕊🇷🇺
yyp@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I'm a smol developer/software engineer/however you call this. Mainly working with compilers and language design, also sometimes operating systems.Facts about me:* Uses Alpine Linux on everything* Proficient in C, compiler development, Go, Rust, English, osdev (in that order)* Likes number 42 for no good reason* Also probably a terminal in real lifeLivestreams: https://diode.zone/c/yyp_live/videos#nobot gemini=gemini://yerinalexey.srht.site git=https://sr.ht/~yerinalexey matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@yyp:matrix.slashdev.space
sfr@snowdin.townsfr :heart_deltarune:
sfr@snowdin.town  [follow]
fluffy prince fan account :ralseipat:№ 1 gary brannan stanofficial goat mascot of snug.moe and admin of snowdin townalmost 18, but I'm happy to make friends of all ages!i'll accept your follow request if we've interacted for a bit, or if you're friends with my friendsmi jan tonsi kese mute mute:flag_nonbinary: :flag_transgender: :flag_polyamory:peenids💙 @lustlion@succubi.services❤️ @megan@mk.toast.cafe💜 @chjara@mk.disqordia.space 🖤 @Mia@akko.disqordia.space💛 @wetsocks@mk.disqordia.space 165 cm 48 kg :blobcatsmol: smollest cutie on fediappreciates being called a smol and adorable cutie princessRIP RATS AT WORKRIP DISQORDIA SPACE#NeverForget
luna@luna.vgSmol shork :collar-pink:
luna@luna.vg  [follow]
#Soft #poly #vampire #lesbian but also kinda #pan #trans (she/her) #hacker #girlfriend looking for #hugs and #cuddles#plural #nerd #therian #sexpositive #traumatised #nobotVery deeply in love with my fiance ❤️ Laura ❤️Kindly asking for donations for living expenses: - LiteCoin LcbjzBRtp95uqHS4eY4zYrhfceA4Er5dguLewd alt: @Luna@is.lewd.pm Friendica alt (experimental, going away soon): @luna@f.xn--7s9hd.ws Lara: @lara@headmat.es Headmates:=⬛️ Lexi, 💙 Lara, 💚 Micah, Sarah Check out my community:=https://catgirl.biz/ Github:=https://github.com/SharkyRawr Liberapay:=https://sophie.lgbt/ Ko-Fi:=https://ko-fi.com/sophieluna Matrix:=https://matrix.to/#/@sophie:catgirl.biz
angrycvilleian@mastodon.socialAngry Cvilleian
angrycvilleian@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm RyanPanDad (two cats and smol human)Anarchist / Communist / Something like thatBoard game enthusiastComics/Graphic novel lover4/4 Philly sports fan ( a cross to bare)Liquids with ABV, please
linear@nya.sociallinear cannon
linear@nya.social  [follow]
some girl who writes code sometimes-i live in seattle area and do tech things-i like old computers and weird operating systems and writing emulators-i have many girlfriends-sometimes i make music as 'ersatz waterfall'-consumerism is destructive pronouns?=she/her/her/hers favorite soda?=dr pepper age?=26 smol?=yes
twitter, meow, Type of gf
janamarie@chaos.social  [follow]
*smol cuddly catgirl noises uwu* darki, nsfw-ish=@bromazepam@benzo.fans, @wet@social.haj.gf
bouncinglime@spanner.works:teapot: Mari :nb_crossbow:
bouncinglime@spanner.works  [follow]
Been here longer than that.Euro / Chinese / Jewish white USian from WV now living in CA. Working on integrating anti-racism and anti-capitalism into myself and my work. Smol femme, babby gender anarchist.No TERFs/SWERFs. Punch a Nazi for me. Protect Black trans kids. Progress through Masters of Urban and Regional Planning at San Jose State University :████████░░ 80%
woofy1988@lolison.top  [follow]
MAP, pansexual weirdo who enjoys jerking it to smol bodiesMAPs, AAMs pls interactYadda yadda yadda fantasy yadda yadda yadda
jez@signs.codesjan Tesa
jez@signs.codes  [follow]
cat floofer 😸🧶plant smoocher 🌱💚food cooker 🌮🍲lang looker 👁️‍🗨️💬i beep boop on smol computerplz, the arts i maek, re-tooter 🔁🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Languages=English, Spanish, toki pona, and some Swedish, German, French, Japanese, etc. Alt Account=@jez Origin=Georgia, United (sic) States of America, Earth Pronouns=they/them
lunathemoongirl@eldritch.cafeLuna (smol(fluffy))
lunathemoongirl@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Bob Ross fangirl account. Very old enby girl (21)Sources say I'm cute, although they have yet to be proven Matrix=@luna:cailincat.cloud Webbed site=Https://lunais.gay Pronouns=They/she/it
angrycvilleian@hellsite.siteAngry Cvilleian, but In Hell
angrycvilleian@hellsite.site  [follow]
All about redundancy; this will mainly be a backup for my other account, for now.------RyanPanDad (two cats and smol hooman)Anarchist / CommunistBoard game enthusiastComics/Graphic novel lover4/4 Philly sports fanLiquids with a ABV
maxiuwu@chaos.socialTired girl Zelda
maxiuwu@chaos.social  [follow]
⚠️ CN: lewd, kink, nudes ⚠️Horny on main 🤤🌹✨Little 'n' confused girl looking for the beauty of life 💮Life currently asks for too much I just want to be little 🥺 (this hasn't changed much… )cute femby uwuDefinitely polyam 💞 ~come date/flirt/fuck me pls? 🥺👉👈Mostly lesbiab but also sorta pan? It's confusing. 😅👀🙆‍♀️Is into art 🖼️🎨Does stuff with code (not so much anymore) 👩🏽‍💻~20sth, but sometimes really smol 👀Cutiekitty 🐈Queer and Gay af 🌈 Filled with glitter ✨
nickknack@yiff.lifeCyberSnek 🐍 NickKnack
nickknack@yiff.life  [follow]
I'm just a smol green snek slithering through the tubes of the interwebs looking for stories to tell!🇨🇦 | :cannabis_leaf: | Creative Dumbass | Non-Binary/Gender Non-conforming | 30 | Neurodivergent | :3--<#furry #scalie+18 onlyAlso found at: @NickKnackPFP by: @jonasBanner by: artvalentinapaz on Twitter
smontera@anime.websiteSmontera | Integrity System
smontera@anime.website  [follow]
Before anyone gets mad (even though we know some people will anyways) “Integrity” as a name is not a claim that we automatically possess more integrity than anyone else. It’s a goal; a name we want to live to one day truly deserve. At present, we’re aware of two of us. I'm Big Smontera, the host and a MAP with aoa f 0-8ish. I'm trans and use she/her pronouns, and I'm mildly autistic. There’s also Smol Smontera, who shared my memories but is among the most immature of children. Please be nice to her; she’s much more sensitive than myself. Also, we're happily dating the @Preymonition and @CatGirlMeow systems :3(Yes, we realize having a system name is somewhat redundant when we both have no issue going by Smontera. No, we’re not going to stop using the system name; we like it.)As far as I'm aware, any account that calls itself "Smontera" is operated by us. Let us know if you ever see an impostor!
awoo@ican.codesAlice Awoo
awoo@ican.codes  [follow]
uwu, trans coder server girl that awoos loudlyAdmin @ican.codes | Smol Business owner, Knows how to PHP & Golang primailry Pronouns=She/Her Twitter=why would you ever want that?
lilegregore@youjo.lovelil eggy
lilegregore@youjo.love  [follow]
im the smol-sized alter of some random transfemme p*d0fag <///<I think im like 7 !!Please use she/her or just call me names and be mean to me nce:
audrey@glaceon.socialAudrey, smol pupy 🐶
audrey@glaceon.social  [follow]
I'm Audrey. (she/her) 19I'm a heckin puppy! woof! 🐶minors avoid my lewd posts pls
clover@abdl.link  [follow]
A smol pupper boy
frida@camp.smolnet.org  [follow]
The girl from the smol internet. In a love-hate relationship with academic Philosophy. My other computer runs Arch.Also available in Swedish: @systerfrida LANG=sv_SE, en_US TZ=CET HOME=Stockholm SHELL=/bin/bash
janamarie@cybre.spaceJana Marie
janamarie@cybre.space  [follow]
*smol cuddly catgirl noises*
olivia_dahling@mastodon.socialTuring-Complete Bitch Face
olivia_dahling@mastodon.social  [follow]
Spouse, parent, some sorta wonky nonbinary transfemmeLoves foggy days, smol things, shitpostingAllegedly a writer working on their Magnum OopsieThey/She
lopsigon@octodon.social  [follow]
A smol lopsided polygon trying to survive anxiety and depression.Definitely not a blob of sentient grey goo. 👀Knows a witch or two.agender: they/them
lefractal@mstdn.socialLe fractal 🔴
lefractal@mstdn.social  [follow]
>> New account! <<Smol streamer who loves tech, privacy and liberties (and emojis).Streaming three times a week on https://direct.disquette.top (the server is only up when I stream) : Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 20:00 utc+2.https://smol.stream launching soon!
volpeon@fedi.absturztau.beVolpeon @work :vlpn_smol:
volpeon@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
At-work account of @volpeon@mk.vulpes.one
izzy@fandom.inkyour smol izzy fren
izzy@fandom.ink  [follow]
izzy, 30-something, they/them, netherlands 🏳️‍🌈🌲🚀 yahaha! you found me!
petme@gulp.cafe*makes pig noises during sex*
petme@gulp.cafe  [follow]
formerly known as petme from monsterpit!A smol dragon who is part kobold. Her name is Rezzy but you can call her Pet. Handle gently before swallowing her whole. Keep the tail, cos she'll grow back and you can have fun with her all over again!I fuck on the first date.I am open to interactions and flirting! Boosts are OK! Pet me! pronouns=she/her main=@rezzish@slime.global
essexwuff@abdl.linksquishy pupper
essexwuff@abdl.link  [follow]
just a smol dog~
quinntessence@mastodon.socialQuinn but not on the hell site
quinntessence@mastodon.social  [follow]
Pink-haired weirdo allo pan non-binary transfemme! Here to be gay and do socialist crimes~ What qualifies as smol? Am I smol?
smoldesu@mastodon.socialsmol, desu ne?
smoldesu@mastodon.social  [follow]
libera:=smol everything i say=is a joke
codeuncommenter@mastodon.social  [follow]
An angry, smol, and tired Computer Science student residing in the Bay Area.
nekotahandsuta@varishangout.net🔞Smol Neko Shrimp
nekotahandsuta@varishangout.net  [follow]
5'0 24 year old male. Shrimp for Gawr Gura, anime fan, loli waifus matter too. Active user of common sense & supports people as long as they aren't hurting themselves or others.*Hentai pics I post I do not own*Since people ask my fetishes are: loli, tan lines, petite, braces, ahegao, mind control, mind break, onee-san x shota, slimegirls, need I go on?
sparkleghost@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
queer, crafty, & curious. a smol & gentle butch. [she/her/gender is complicated] 🌈👻✨
atyh@pleroma.atyh.ccatyh ✝
atyh@pleroma.atyh.cc  [follow]
Lifelong learner with a passion forliberty, simplicity, creativity, and thinking before I speak.small web. self hosting. decentralization. reuse. cooperation over competition. Currently living off grid, in the PNW. :evergreen-tree: :snow-capped-mountain: :evergreen-tree::thinkpad: :openbsd: :emacs: :orgmode: :terminal:#jesus #kingdom #openbsd #emacs #9front #smol #gemini #bitreich #gopher #xmpp #retrotech #solarpunk #offgrid #permaculture #permacomputing gemini=gemini://atyh.net tinylog=gemini://atyh.net/tinylog.gmi gopher=gopher://atyh.cc xmpp=a@atyh.cc
eddy@toot.cat  [follow]
Hi! My name is Étaíne, and I'm a smol orange tabby girl cat. I love my mom, tummy rubs, and my toys!Follow me for pics, vids, and nice, no-stress content. 🐈
tinytoydragon@yiff.lifeSmol Drgn
tinytoydragon@yiff.life  [follow]
A smol dragon.18+pfp art by @tpkknts@snouts.onlineWill get around to fleshing this out later, I promise!
tinydots@mastodon.socialNick the smol enby
tinydots@mastodon.social  [follow]
mai@pl.smuglo.lismol lewdie~
mai@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Hoi, im mai. Ierp and boost alot of nsfw pics i likeMade to further share my perverted lewd kinks ;3I also ERP! =w=#petite #nsfw #pokeslut
nugget@witches.live😈 Ryan 🌸
nugget@witches.live  [follow]
I am v smol and need hep understanding some things but i try my best ❤ love is the answershe / her
spiritsrefuge@mastodon.social🅱old Experience
spiritsrefuge@mastodon.social  [follow]
matt | 18 | idiot i am smol gay, boyfriend of the local rohan kinnie™ and im new to jojo!!
vulpescubile@abdl.linkSmol DarkFox
vulpescubile@abdl.link  [follow]
A #little danish dark #fox kit. #babyfur #furry Pronouns=He/him, they/them Birdsite=@vulpescubile Follow Requests=Blank profiles and RT-only accounts will be denied
smol_lily@girldick.gay  [follow]
19 | she/her | banner by benno
soffkitty@plush.cityMany Cats in a Trenchcoat
soffkitty@plush.city  [follow]
Ummm.... Hi. I...um... *Squeaks*Just a shy little kitty trying to break out of her shellAlso: trans femme, non-binary, ace-aro, polyam, queer af, tired all the time, ADHD & autistic"Cuddle me in the squishmellow pit you coward" - me, all the time"Kitty just wants to be smol and cuddle and squeak about things she's excited about" - a concerned friendPFP from https://picrew.me/image_maker/3595
soawin@abdl.link  [follow]
23 y/o, 173cm smol, - I like cuddles, diapers and my plushie wolfie. 😊
birbdad@mastodon.social  [follow]
smol genderfluid artist person | they/them plz | i do furry things and a lot of sharks
ethel@mastodon.social  [follow]
Smol private account for friends and getting thoughts out of my head.
embilbie@aus.social  [follow]
Libwawian (ook). Lover of smol birbs. Deep diver of speculative fic subgenres. Feminist. Misanthrope. Fuelled mostly by rage, because Green. She/her or they/their.
nyanni@varishangout.netNyan Ò ‸ Ó :klee_smug: :vajra_comfy:
nyanni@varishangout.net  [follow]
★SFW & NSFW🔞★Multi-Fandom★Fujin★shotacon★Orientation: Aro/Ace★Sex Repulsed⚠️This account is for fiction ONLY.⚠️🚫This account is not safe for pedos/zoos, or supporters of either🚫 Art Acct.=https://baraag.net/@Nyanni
robinsyl@abdl.linkRobin Syl
robinsyl@abdl.link  [follow]
A very smol Sylveon/kitty. Usually little, occasionally a caretaker. Babyfur. Being little isn't a sexual kink for me; it's just who I am. Gender=Girl Little age=2 - 5 Twitter=@RobinSylveon
snowfox@udongein.xyz  [follow]
Lil fox with smol brain
comradekosmonaut@nnia.spaceComrade :cl2: :cl2:
comradekosmonaut@nnia.space  [follow]
Ummm I'm Comrade I'm a smol agender bean that usually just needs a hug uwu Pan and grey ace. Might be transage still unpacking that.
toothlessdaydreamer@mastodon.socialToothless_ 🏳️‍🌈 ♤
toothlessdaydreamer@mastodon.social  [follow]
a smol dwagon who likes fish and dota and hugs
clover@lgbt.io  [follow]
A smol and shy plant whichst internet.Note: May mention drugs (legal or not); faves a lot, posts rarely/never. My memory is bad - really quite bad. My brain is just all glitches at this point, honestly.Pronouns: she/her or it/its#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #ChronicPain #fibromyalgia #insomnia #PNW #NeuroChaotic #NoArchive #trans
meow_minola@queer.party  [follow]
Hello friends.bi. smol. tired.
tinyneenja@mastodon.artTiny Neenja
Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, Portfolio
tinyneenja@mastodon.art  [follow]
They/them fleeing Twitter🔥Smol w/the fire hair💀Creative/Game twitch streamer🔞💸Convention art peddler👹Draws monsters alot🛠Made props for the AVGN🏳️‍🌈 Pan/Demi/Polyam/NB🗣日本語を勉強して います💪
corgi@radical.townprof. emeritus asschaologist
corgi@radical.town  [follow]
cute as a corgi butt. enby. afab. stubbornly opinionated smol bitch.
smolmuffin@mastodon.social  [follow]
He/him, they/them. Call me Smol! Kin and queer on main. Check pins for more details.
hamman@sunbeam.city  [follow]
I make things, often shitty things, but hey I make things. VFX and smol webapps. Somehow fell my way into a job at a VR company, so I work in tech I guess
flareon@mk.vulpes.oneVolpeon Undercover :vlpn_smol: 🔥
flareon@mk.vulpes.one  [follow]
Private account of @volpeon
quink@mastodon.lolQuink 🏴‍☠️
quink@mastodon.lol  [follow]
smol demi-femme Ⓐ feminist killjoy https://youtu.be/CDMGfsUjS_Iabsolute scenes
entropy@mastodon.social  [follow]
smol anxious nerd. they/them
smolbeep@abdl.link  [follow]
nonbinary gaming/IT enthusiast, 0110 years smol. Love interacting with others, especially on posts. kind of shy in dm's >.<Panties are probably wet rn idk. will simp extra hard 4 femmes uwu
wasabi@raru.re  [follow]
Smol enby yordle spending too much time on their computer playing games or coding.Loves everyone except mean people.EN Account
stickyslime@hellsite.site  [follow]
vent/smol account for chilling you can req if we know each otherlikes on sad posts are ok except if theres a "dni" or :dont_at_me: in the cw
ouinne@mastodon.social  [follow]
Angry smol lip balm egg
litchi@mastodon.socialLitchi Inu
litchi@mastodon.social  [follow]
The random thoughts of a smol Asian buddy trying her heckin best.
takane@lgbtqia.isTakane/Lily 💜 and Ruby 🌸
takane@lgbtqia.is  [follow]
🌹Smol plural system of two🌹💜 Lily | she/her | slime-catgirl | lesbian ace and poly 💜 🌸 Ruby | she/her | normal girl, with normal knees | lesbian 🌸
himi@varishangout.net  [follow]
SMOL AND TIGHT CUNNYFetish list:LolidomIncestFeetYuriDark-skinMindbreakMesugakiGawr Gura cunnyI like shota too x3
mxplushie@is.nota.live:sparkles_nb: wiggly noodle :sparkles_nb:
mxplushie@is.nota.live  [follow]
im smol plushie dragon and i will mew at u :blobcatreach:this is my personal alt, i will likely deny follow requests if i dont know u already
olive995@toot.catLittle O
olive995@toot.cat  [follow]
gay smol trans girl who loves cats, cuddles, and tech
kitsu@queer.af  [follow]
「INFP / Cute Kitsune / Chaotic Smol / Non24」JavaScript was a happy little mistake.Most posts are public, follow requests welcome!#nobot
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Genderqueer engineer. 25. Likes cuddling. Wishes they were smol and cute. Avatar by @Pumpkinfriend. SW-6597-7558-9768
ad@p.a3.pmAve but After Dark
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Big lesbiab, smol tit girl.Main: @ao | All NSFW posts here will be CW'd.Feel free to:- be lewd with me- boost my public posts- follow me if I'm following you here or on my main, or if I approved your follow on my main- dm me asking me if you can follow if you're none of these ^#nobot---Current avatar is a hamburger Mii.
aimirichuu@mastodon.socialS h a m e . j p e g胃現若
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im a smol person that does art and stuff.IG: https://www.instagram.com/aimirichuu
alahmnat@gulp.cafeFun-sized 🍬🦊
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Arctic fox. Sometimes [smol], sometimes [beeg], always [tasty]. Avatar and header art by CurioDraco on Twitter. Pronouns=they/them [smol]=2" [beeg]=80'
enbeanpotsys@plural.cafethe Beanpot collective
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a smol pot of beans: non-binary, in civilly-wedded love with another system and trying to figure out how to adult together as traumatised millenials. we tend to go on hiatus from masto but we like it here so we'll prob be back eventually lol. we try not to follow minors out of an abundance of caution but greetings or follow requests are welcome from all :]
hangryfox@mastodon.socialsmol lesbian witch ❤️🔮🔥
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93. She/her. Hangry but friendly witch who loves creepy shit and aesthetics.
riku@chitter.xyzRiku the big gay
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hey sup smol gay trash panda here. leave your trash outside plz :3probs wont post much v shy but want to support friends with same feels.she/they pronouns.
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Everyone! Buka's Smol Class is starting! avi made by @Zela_Kantalhttps://www.youtube.com/user/Minibuka1https://twitter.com/Minibuka1
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19 | ♀ | rlly smol and gay canada birb | twitter: https://twitter.com/flusterblush | fc: 4442-2805-5361 | steam: steamcommunity.com/id/mintybirb
staticdynamics@sleeping.townHazel of the Banal Nighttides
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Just a smol nerd-type transfemme who does not know what she is other than probably a she thing.This is no longer my main, have moved to @hazel.
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A smol and shy plant whichst internet.Note: May mention drugs (legal or not); faves a lot, posts rarely/never. My memory is bad - really quite bad. My brain is just all glitches at this point, honestly.Pronouns: she/her or it/itsBackup account for @clover (and that instance seems to be semi-permanently down, so hey!)#ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #ChronicPain #disabled #fibromyalgia #insomnia #PNW #NeuroChaotic #NoArchive #trans