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Forums, Patreon, Liberapay, PayPal
self@lgbt.io  [follow]
|| Runs https://lgbt.io|| I don't toot much myself|| Feel free to support our instance through:|| Patreon, Liberapay or PayPal😉
Admin, Founder, Words, Self
matt@writing.exchange  [follow]
Making software for humans. Interested in people, privacy, and creativity.Founder :writeas: @write_as, building :writefreely: https://WriteFreely.org. Writing.Exchange admin.
bram@social.wxcafe.net❤ Bram ❤
Website, Support my works
bram@social.wxcafe.net  [follow]
Trying to build a better Internet with YunoHost, la brique Internet, Neutrinet/FFDN and many friends ❤freesoftware dev, queer, somehow hippy Work on (self hosting)=https://yunohost.org And (custom refactoring)=https://redbaron.readthedocs.io/en/latest/
fuckoffgoogle@mastodon.socialFUCK OFF GOOGLE (& AMAZON)!!1
fuckoffgoogle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Kicking these tax-evading creeps building a dystopian future out of our lives & spaces! Post-"Google campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. https://fuckoffgoogle.de FUCK OFF=Alphabet/Google &co. and their world Against=Mass-surveillance, gentrification, techsploitation, filter bubble, financial speculation, drone strikes, startupification, transhumanism, massive corporate tax evasion For=Decentralization of all data and communications, self-determination for our lives and spaces, free/libre software, end2end encryption, decentralized direct action
voidzero@noagendasocial.comMark 🛡
voidzero@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
You may have heard of Mark (voidzero, 神髄); he's the No Agenda Show tech honcho pro bono publico. My catholic self=@mark My Gab=@voidzero
lunar@mastodon.potager.org  [follow]
Si j'avais su que l'informatique s'attaquerait à tous les aspects de nos vies, j'aurais plutôt appris à jardiner.Mute/block is self-care. No one should own our time but us. Pronoms=il/iel/he/they Conférence gesticulée=https://informatique-ou-libertes.fr/ Avatar=@kaerhon Photo d'en-tête=NJ
niconiconi@cybre.space  [follow]
Code monkey, sysadmin of Beijing GNU/Linux User Group / No nations, no flags, no patriots. / Chaotic Neutral / Now Accelerationist / 🔐 “Onii-chan is watching you!", use OpenPGP: FAD3EB05E88E8D6D / currently NEET / biologically male, self-identified as '; DROP TABLE genders; OpenPGP=0x255211B2395A5A3E0E48A0F1FAD3EB05E88E8D6D Lucky Number=9629  x (2^943047) + 1 Public Toots=(U) Other Toots=(TS//SI//NF)
lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nzDave Lane
blog, tech blog
lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nz  [follow]
FOSS & CC guy, nerd on many levels, working to democratise higher education by day, increasing digital, intellectual, & physical freedom always. Oxford commas. Spreading joy & confusion. I self-host (or on behalf of NZOSS & OERu)=Docker NextCloud/Collabora Discourse WordPress Drupal MediaWiki Silverstripe Moodle Rocket.Chat Mastodon GitLab Mautic Wallabag & others plus full email services I play=Lots. With my tech, guitar, voice, kids, family, friends, myriad implements of percussion, and a bit of bass.
Website, Official repo, OpenCollective
anfora@mastodon.social  [follow]
🏺 Self-hosted photo gallery social network. Under development. A project by @yabirgb Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/!BMeoNkDGpwUVxhOXil:matrix.org
further contact
codl@chitter.xyz  [follow]
"co-del", not "coddle". mid-20s, they/them, often found in quimper, france. tech at chitter.xyz. #codl 🌱 words in=eng, fra favourite song off of they might be giants' self titled debut album: "they might be giants", colloquially known as "the pink album" or "the big blue dog album"=rabid child
comrade_hilton@mastodon.socialBadd Dadd Energy 💜🍆
comrade_hilton@mastodon.social  [follow]
bi/pan dad|i pop off to boost my self-esteem|Boosts+OK|Having Fun On Linehornt/shitposting/lewds🚩🥖🌹🏴(he/him)!!! 18+ !!!
brandon@fosstodon.orgFOSSome, dude!
brandon@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I *am* Linux Liaison: information liberal, free and beautiful software enthusiast, privacy/security aware, storytellerA man of many tangents#nobot he/him Current Distro=Ubuntu 19.10 Self-hosting=Wallabag, NextCloud, Gitea, Wordpress Server Distro=Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS
solene@bsd.networkSolene :flan_outline:
Peertube gaming channel
solene@bsd.network  [follow]
My things are #OpenBSD, h+, Lisp, command line tools, Lovecraft and gaming.I speak :fr: and :gb: and I'm +18 years old.I type on my keyboard to do stuff, especially trying to promote self hosting and free software.GPG key https://perso.pw/solene.ascGPG fingerprint 4398 3BAD 3EDC B35C 9B8F 2442 8CD4 2DFD 57F0 A909 My toots are deleted after 30 days with ephemetootFeel free to PM me Blog about tech stuff=https://dataswamp.org/~solene/ Pronouns=she / her
bong@mastodon.social  [follow]
local disaster shits self on bus. Gender=Disaster Identity=Gamer Shit Behavior=Out of control Weed=Doinks
nic@bitcoinhackers.orgnic carter
twitter, fund
nic@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
a single neuron in a self-organizing collective intelligence website=niccarter.info
nosleep@neckbeard.xyz5g "zonk" corona
temporarily borked
nosleep@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
homosexual shitposter. russian night owl. gmt +3 but probably sleeping. self-confessed "the hellp" stan. occasionally acoustic. null's boytoy. ask and you shall receive backup alt=@zonk@jaeger.website
buddy@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Patience is a Virtue but don’t push your luck. Amateur cook. Self sufficient from the Deep South.
lauraritchie@mastodon.socialLaura Ritchie
my website
lauraritchie@mastodon.social  [follow]
eternal optimist, dreamer, friend, & lover of life. I believe in people. I have time for people who connect.I teach music, performance, pedagogy, psychology am Professor of Learning & Teaching by day Writing a book on self-efficacy #YesICan by night. my blog toots via this account @laura Pixelfed=@lauraritchie
yearofands@mastodon.art  [follow]
A 365 Days self-portrait photo project.All images are of me, by me, unless otherwise stated.Conversations and boosts are welcome! Buy a print!=http://society6.com/ampersandphoto
skiant@social.wxcafe.netMx. Alex
skiant@social.wxcafe.net  [follow]
:nonbinary_flag:​ :genderfluid_flag:​ :bisexual_flag:​ :polyamory_flag:​Kind, curious and patient human. Self diagnosed Aspie. Cross classing in Nerd and Hipster, unironically.Avatar by @lila_bliblu Pronouns=They | He | She Languages=FR | EN Location=Belgium Flirting=Okay
plausible@fosstodon.orgPlausible Analytics
plausible@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Simple, lightweight (679 B), open source and privacy-friendly Google Analytics alternative. No cookies and no need for GDPR consent. Made and hosted in the EU 🇪🇺. 100% self-funded and independent. Plausible=https://plausible.io?utm_medium=social&utm_source=mastodon&utm_campaign=profile Live demo=https://plausible.io/plausible.io?utm_medium=social&utm_source=mastodon&utm_campaign=profile Docs=https://docs.plausible.io?utm_medium=social&utm_source=mastodon&utm_campaign=profile
yiffpolice@cybre.spacemayor nicky flowers
yiffpolice@cybre.space  [follow]
electronic musician, video synthesist, self-proclaimed mayor of chicago, so non-binary it hurts Pronouns=They/Them Gender=Non-binary Communist=Yes
dylthefunkyhomosexual@radical.town  [follow]
Hi, I’m Dyl. Genderqueer. Autistic (Self-Diagnosed). I play bass and drums, and am into metal, prog, basically any song with cool basslines and weird time signatures. I really dig horror movies, B-Movies, Cult Classics, and films with behind-the-scenes drama (I’ll watch movies of pretty much any genre though).Alt at @DylTheFunkyHomosexual Dyl=20 They=Them 50-ish% goofs=50-ish% sincerity
b3yond@mastodon.social  [follow]
cyberpunk. existentialism. try 2 be feminist. self-teaching IT. humans are networks. dystopia is fun.
xpac@chaos.socialxpac 🏳️‍🌈
xpac@chaos.social  [follow]
Hass verwüstet die Seele.Traditionen sind wie Teller - gemacht um zu zerbrechen!Ich habe nicht gegen Ausländer... aber... gegen Nazis 👊 Accept-Language=de-HD, en X-Self-Identification=cis, white, male [he] X-Clacks-Overhead=GNU Terry Pratchett Can help with=Splunk, Regex, Python, IP Networks
tree_bot@botsin.space  [follow]
A bot generating trees. Made by @alixnovosi for #NaBoMaMo 2017 Data=Self-Generated Creator=https://mastodon.social/@alixnovosi Content=Image
aka@social.sakamoto.gqself-educated capybara
aka@social.sakamoto.gq  [follow]
mad data scientist, #lisp rodent backup account: @z@dobbs.town
sinvega@mastodon.socialSin Vega
Indie games column, Other
sinvega@mastodon.social  [follow]
Writer and curator and big queer hermit. Interested in feelings, history, fiction, hip hop, gender. Mostly nocturnal. Powered by self-doubt.
elilla@queer.party  [follow]
Brazilian immigrant trans woman in Germany. Anarchist vegan. Sapphic pan, relationship anarchist, mom in her late thirties. ADHD. Into linguistics, conlangs, fantasy fiction, comic books, linux, nail polish, makeup, calligraphy, bujo, plushies, Dwarf Fortress. Support Rojava, EZLN, antifa, direct action.Click the media tab for photos & stuff!experimental self-hosted alt, mostly used for long toots for now: @elilla Age=over 35 Children=2 Girlfriends=yes 👭 Languages ok=de,en,es,ja,pt
Source code
dev@microblog.pub  [follow]
A self-hosted, single-user, ActivityPub powered microblog. Alt account=@t@a4.io
About me, Support me, Instagram
quiralta@vis.social  [follow]
Traditional & Digital art/illustrationMexican, Self educated artist by a very bad teacher#Graphics #art #FOSS #LosAngeles Pronouns=He / Him / Id
chilidishgambino@mastodon.socialChili Dish Gambino
chilidishgambino@mastodon.social  [follow]
more pro-something than anti-anything, an alleged ancom, confirmed muck raker, adult w/ autism & reluctant self-advocate. SWVA born & bred, so I can say ‘y’all’
cluasan@mastodon.scot  [follow]
I'm just another socialist who understands that self-determination for Scotland will help beat the Tories. Independence is normal, so is having a caring society. #FBSI Mairidh an dòchas 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
freyja_wildes@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
| Fire Quitch feeding on love |Versatile #dev, wannabe #art, learning #design, #agile enthusiast, growing #philosophy, self-taught #sociology#transelle/she Labels=Insupportadorable, attention craving, bisounours Plural=Freyjadorable, Shadow, Mona, Vanessa Langues/Languages=fr | en | de
bea@ephemeral.glitch.socialbeatrix 'ephemeral' bitrot
bea@ephemeral.glitch.social  [follow]
data witch / pickle and brine enthusiast / needs her damn coffee / admin of glitch.social instances/ THESE TOOTS WILL SELF DESTRUCT
snopyta@social.snopyta.org  [follow]
self host all the things!#librehosters XMPP=xmpp:snopyta@muc.snopyta.org?join
tobi@social.kabi.tk  [follow]
Project manager | Public administration consultant | #H2020 | LifeScience | PublicSecurity | Tech#FOSS | Self-hostingAlways in Love with my @kari.We are #Antifa! Languages=EN, GER Matrix [m]=@tobi:im.kabi.tk Eventphone=7033
funkeh@mastodon.gamedev.placejojo ⓥ 👽
funkeh@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
hard to defineboost me and i'll boost ur self esteem1993 | NEWCASTLE, AUSTRALIAi make video games and mistakes 🎮 #SCREAMCITY 🧟 he/his Games?=https://caveware.itch.io/ Donations?=https://www.ko-fi.com/funkeh Mastodex?=https://funkeh.gitlab.io/mastodex Catworm Avatar?=@goblin@godforsaken.website
Diaper Bois
leeker@abdl.link  [follow]
Gay self employed abdl, living full-time in my 34 foot Class A RV, traveling the country looking for the one to join me. Looking for a change, fun, friends, drinks, movies, cuddles, dinner etc. Age: 34 | Body: Bear/ Otter Kik=My username is 'aaron_dl' http://kik.me/aaron_dl Text me on=6122089172 Seeking=YOU
amandag@tech.lgbtAmanda's Getting Married💍 ⚢⚧
amandag@tech.lgbt  [follow]
A hot cyborg lesbian. I do computer things!If there's not enough stuff on your profile to determine if you're a Good Bean™ I might not approve your follow request. Also put pronouns in your gosh dang bio please and thank youmoderator of tech.lgbtearly 20's, she/her, self-diagnosed autistic⚢🏳️‍🌈⚧☭Ⓐ 🌍 Location=🇩🇰 Denmark (UTC +1) 💬 Languages=🇩🇰 da, 🇬🇧 en, 🇸🇪 se, 🇩🇪 de (barely) 🏳‍🌈 Gay?=Yes holy shit have you *seen* girls? 🔗 Website=https://amandag.net
kirschner@mastodon.socialMatthias Kirschner
FSFE Profile, Personal website, Support the FSFE
kirschner@mastodon.social  [follow]
The FSFE's President. Working for #FreeSoftware, so every individual in our society can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software. #European (for replies, please email)
spweber54@social.quodverum.comStan Weber
spweber54@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Loves Jesus, my wife for 40 years, sons & daughters-in-love. Blessed Grandfather. Self-employed, Electrical Engineer. Texan. Ham WB5UDI. Love Israel #maga Interests 1=Ham Radio, Oil Painting Interests 2=Astronomy, Reading Faith=Born again Christian Politics=Repub, trusting God
b3yond@cybre.space  [follow]
cyberpunk. existentialism. try 2 be feminist. self-teaching IT. humans are networks. anarchist who hopes not to get stuck in labels. rainbow=poly/flu~id/pan🌈 alignment=evil-leaning chaotic languages=en/de/es pronouns=they
marxselfcare@botsin.spaceMarx Self Care
marxselfcare@botsin.space  [follow]
I combine stuff from Das Kapital with tweets from various self-care bots
rogeranderson@mastodon.socialRoger Anderson
rogeranderson@mastodon.social  [follow]
Yes, Scottish self-determination, History, Socialism & peace... "Lord have mercy on my poor country that is so barbarously oppressed" Andrew Fletcher 1716 #ItsTime
picklemaddierix@cryptids.onlineRegularly Spooky Maddie
picklemaddierix@cryptids.online  [follow]
#Maddie, trans girl, jigglypuff main, and the self−appointed ghosts expert of mastodon. 28 she/her 18+, No Kids=Pets OK
megglesart@mastodon.artThe Meggles
megglesart@mastodon.art  [follow]
You can call me Meggles!|♀️🇺🇸|Self-Taught Artist|Welcome to my dumping ground! Instagram=https://instagram.com/meggles.art?igshid=ho8fp2hkdb92 Twitter=https://twitter.com/ArtMeggles?s=09
vmatekole@social.coopVictor Matekole
vmatekole@social.coop  [follow]
Coder ~ Founder of @seedbloomit ~pusher of economic self-sovereignty
hereticsoul@cybre.spaceSelf Aware Numbers Station
hereticsoul@cybre.space  [follow]
Likes dogs | sometimes furry | often sweary | Somewhere in New England | 30 | en/fr/de | he/himDon't trust this dog
runningincircles@mstdn.ioRunningInCircles 👣
runningincircles@mstdn.io  [follow]
Ageing hacker, remembers war dialling. Into wandering the hills, bodyweight fitness, yoga, meditation & heavy metal.Upped and moved to North Scotland. Here to climb trees, swim in lochs and wander the mountains.Twice broken by modern life. NDE by self direction, only here because of the actions of a soul mate.Rebuilt the first time and discovered spirituality, meditation and chaos magic.Rebuild 2 currently ongoing. Delving into animism and shamanic practice. Eating=Foraged food ;-) MH=Adrift and hollowed. Age=Old enough. Happiest=In nature.
touittouit@mastodon.socialJef Mathiot
touittouit@mastodon.social  [follow]
Self-taught yak shaver. Entrepreneur, life-long student, blogalope islamo-gauchiste cybermétrope @reflets.
freyja_wildes@social.art-software.frFreyja, lost hyena
freyja_wildes@social.art-software.fr  [follow]
| Fire Quitch feeding on love || Witch Seductress |CreativeVersatile #dev, wannabe #art, learning #design, #agile enthusiast, growing #philosophy, self-taught #sociology, wondering #psychology#politics : #communism #anarchist #vegan #SocialJusticeGuardian#transelle/sheFurry: v2Ffh2A-seSV-ge~F-xxP3lewd: @mona#nobot Labels=Freyjadorable, insupportadorable, bisounours Plural=Jane, Mona, Taïga, Vanessa Langues/Languages=fr | en | de
brightneedle@sunbeam.city🌱 Ruth Bright-Needle
brightneedle@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Threadcovered. Pieces prayers. Builds libraries from pixels. Hopes in rotting logs & knotted vines. Hella left, hella Mennonite. Bury me in a bog. She/her. 🕊 Librarian self=@platypus Another self=@brightneedle
writefreely@blog.writefreely.orgWrite Freely
writefreely@blog.writefreely.org  [follow]
Painless, federated, self-hosted blogging platform.
Homepage, Support
ownclouders@mastodon.social  [follow]
Decentralized, open source self-hosted content collaboration platform for file sync & share. Extend ownCloud with apps to get more functionality!Contribute at https://github.com/owncloud Website at https://owncloud.org
boxsystem@plural.cafele système Box
boxsystem@plural.cafe  [follow]
the new public home for Box, a #median #plural system!we are disabled, #vegan, autistic, anxious anarchists with ADHD & depression and quite vocal about our stances against capitalism, ableism, transphobia, etc.please mark sarcastic comments📦 Box is made of -- 🐰 Phoebe the buny (she/her)soft affectionate kooky buny whom lov everyone@aCuteLittleBox- 💿 Tiana the android (they/them||she/her)angers easily but cares deeply about friends@aCuteLittleBox- - ⚪ Somber (he/him/they/them)i am just someone newpart of Tiana's subsystem- 🌺 Holly the cutie (she/her)confident, outgoing, cute, and flirty as hell@HollyFromTheBox- ❄️ Marley of the forest (she/her)misanthropic internal self helper- 🔒 Protection Policy (he/him)protector and nothing moredoin a dating with @lynnesbian and @dragon and @violet and @Frinkeldoodle and bean bean age=23 xmpp=acutelittlebox@xmpp.xyz matrix=@acutelittlebox:cybre.space
fidgetcetera@monsterpit.netMx. Ace "Weld" Jaycee
queer space, avatar credit, website, contact info
fidgetcetera@monsterpit.net  [follow]
hey! we're Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee, or passerine, or the Weld system! we're a white 21 year old autistic cripple queer romance-fucked bi dyke trans otherkin nonbinary plural system, and a 🦽 cyborg wheelcentaur!we post primarily followers-only posts, and our account is set to not show too much history on the homepage. so if you think we're inactive, you may be wrong!we're made up of 4 known partitions::ms_lynx:/🐯 Nemmy Nyms 💙 The kitchen witch, goddexx of names, witch of words, lover of structured instructions. Ze/hir.🐰 Salix Quercus 💚 garbage princexx!!! im here to eat snax and be a succubus and im really gay. also i shapeshift. ze/hir!🐲 Melody/Harmony Tesh 🖤 Self care dragon mom with an appreciation for fire. She/her AND fae/faer, please use them interchangeably within the same sentence.🐌 Spectra/Napstablook 💖 ghostly semisweetboy. i'll just float through a wall towards you when i wanna chat and float back through when i'm done. sometimes i'm literally napstablook. ve/vim and he/him.we're tired all the time. don't tell us to go to sleep. do feel free to fave our negative posts.we try to be anti-ableist, anti-racist, pro-queer, anti-capitalist, and we currently feel somewhere in the range of anarcho-communist. if you feel like we've fucked up, we welcome (but don't expect) input directly, but also like if you subpost us and we see it we'll try our best to take it to heart. we will nearly always boost y'all's fundraisers. we always cw when we can't provide an image description, and try to only boost described images (sometimes we'll provide a description to an undescribed one pronouns=Xey/xem https://pronoun.is/xey/xem/xeir/xeirs/xemselves also found=@fidgetcetera@sins.center boost?=our selfies!!! melody's pronouns=she/her and fae/faer https://pronoun.is/fae?or=she nemmy 'n lixy pronouns=ze/hir https://pronoun.is/ze/
jane@girlcock.clubyour #1 Jane 🌌📕🌁📕🌌
jane@girlcock.club  [follow]
I'm a trans girl computer sciencey reading trans thingsy podcasty self betterer pronouns=she/her ♀️ place=Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 respectible alt=@Jane "I think you're cool"=be my friend!
zaptrapped@counter.socialIce Princess
zaptrapped@counter.social  [follow]
☕️🎶💤Counting & Walking thru wallsI’m a mere shadow of my former self.#keto #health #musicHere for the peace, safety & security.I rest better that way.
oz@pipou.academyHi My Name Is 0z
oz@pipou.academy  [follow]
Supporter of a plural and accessible web, straightedge, feminist, queer wannabe, quirky news enthusiast, self-proclaimed casual geek, bookworm, TV-series addict & film-lover.mostly 🇫🇷 but sometimes 🇬🇧 also learning 🇳🇴 & 🇩🇪 Co-orga de #Mastapéro sur #Bordeaux#NoBot Element / Matrix=@himynameisoz:matrix.org Guild Wars 2=theDiz.2760 • Sylvari FTW House=Ravenclaw
emkem@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
mother,perpetually unable to self-identify in social media bios.#blacklivesmatter🏳️‍🌈 Pronouns=she/her/hers Enneagram=9 Location=Pittsburgh, PA
neoncoughh@mastodon.social  [follow]
she/herUsually: #NBA, (mostly loud guitar) music, and ~feelings~.Sometimes: Illinois politics, sorry.This is a purposefully small presence. ❤️❤️18+, please. place=middle-illinois, usa 🏳️‍🌈=bi/pan self-loathing=bulls fan
harneyba@pleroma.siteInfluencer Against Itself
harneyba@pleroma.site  [follow]
// The Quake 4 of Posting// Ask, and you shall receive.// (formerly INTJ)// Not Here/Not Now// Juan de Fuca speculator// ENG/ESPThe Eternal Lurker, post-right implosion participant. Culture war burnout. 🚧 NSFW content marked as such. 🚧tags: harney_barrow harney barrow harney barnes oregon oregonia portland portlandia web-2.0 web-3.0 deep web dark web obscure fractal midi equations hipsterwave clowncore post-irony ironcerity ironybro autistbro vanillaguy boring nodev yesdev godmachine black ice vanilla ice cube seal 90s bush breathe in breathe out machinehead mushroomhead buttrock radio metal rob zombie guitar hero white zombie white pepper green hot jalapeno chilis flavoring cooks meat mexican mexicano el chavo kart americano 56 percent self hatred e-politics 4chan imageboard messageboard forum internet free mario games online no download descargar libre espanol living life as an empty, vague vessel of the former internet past while continually living life as a plodding child of wool a sheep in wolfs clothing gods shepherd discreet witness bible peter enoch ananias the myriads of brothers and publishers in this work of the governing body period ellipsis lol u tk him 2 da bar|? teh rei win!!!111one epic mickey deus ex alex jones mother jones eugene debs eugene politics central centralia new localism de_dust2 24/7 no awp no random crits alltalk low ping fast dl usa clans pirate friendly fediverse feddyverse fredverb freddit dreddit i am the law and order svu mustang ecoboost fiesta samba de amigos caballeros what burns never returns thick and fast delays star citizen tortanic nostradamus /v/irgin with rage against the pretty hate machine number girl wlfgrl numetallic geath grips jenny death when vaporware underhell undertale epic failblog blogspot blogosphere hipster runoff carles dot buzz irony sincerity Is scary monsters and nice sprites fakebit lethal lavabit land before christcore
clitemnestra@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Based in Spain. A self ID law is in the making here, courtesy of the "left". Meanwhile the right is trying to make it legal to rent our wombs. Con las mujeres, siempre. Feminista radical.
emacs@innerwebs.socialEmacs News Service
emacs@innerwebs.social  [follow]
Emacs is the planet's most extensible, self-documenting and advanced text editing operating system.Experience the wonders of 1970's technology--today! Latest bits=https://savannah.gnu.org/git/?group=emacs Pkg repos=https://melpa.org/#/
orrery@weirder.earthOrrery :autism: :peacock:
orrery@weirder.earth  [follow]
Alien bird thing. Alchemy student (Topaz), Lemnos Academy of Natural Philosophy. Trans autist psychonaut magister. Living on unceded Coast Salish territory. Black lives matter. No person is illegal. Abolish the police. Abolish ICE. Death to America. #nobot Gender=am bird now Pronouns=They/Them // She/Her // Bird/Bird self-same=self-same
clonejo@social.troll.academyfn clonejo(&mut self)
Twitter, Github
clonejo@social.troll.academy  [follow]
Programming. Infrastructure and public transportation enthusiast. Lives in Aachen. DECT=2565
markhughes@mastodon.socialMark Hughes
markhughes@mastodon.social  [follow]
Boatperson, computer wizard, qualified counsellor, stick twizzler, father, and self enquirer.
nerdcoresteve@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programmer/artist. Old. Nerd. Fat. Socialist SJW. Caretaker of cats and goats. Partner @potatoshoe. Orientation=Pansexual Polyamorous Psychology=ADHD, self-diagnosed autistic Pronouns=He/Him/His
ulfur@mastodon.socialúlfur 🐺
ulfur@mastodon.social  [follow]
veteran. cynic. humanist. skeptic.links. rants. technology. security. privacy. surveillance. accountability. self-determination. rights.
mshadowy@mastodon.social  [follow]
I draw stuff, usually dumb self-indulgent/self inserting pap with cute dumb animu. she/her Art=Of the most ridiculously self indulgent escapism Escapism=The recognition of the terrors of our world and the related desire to gtfo; lacking an actual destination to flee to, one retreats inwards. Probably a bad impulse. Impulse=Turn it towards fellowship and away from selfish solpsism. I am not good at this.
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Soft Black Girl, geeky, crafty, dreams of building a self-sustaining intentional community.profile pic by Geneva B. (gdbee on Instagram) Age=30 Pronouns=She/Her or They/Them
angristan@mastodon.social[OLD] angristan
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I am now self-hosted. Join me on my instance : @angristan
kobi_lacroix@mastodon.socialKobi LaCroix
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Artist, musician, polymorphic fox-shaped lava monster, self-appointed Sheriff of Saturn. He/Him/His
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Not self-aware enough to write a good bio.Sometimes post personal stuff, occasionally shitpost, and some rare times I'll actually post something good.Living on occupied Potawatomi and Miami land. :heart_trans: gender :heart_trans:=:heart_nb: queer :heart_nb: :heart_bi: bi :heart_bi:=:heart_ace: gray-ace??? :heart_ace: :she_her: she/her :she_her:=or :they_them: they/them :they_them: 25=years old
Photos, Blog, Ongoing Trial
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Co-Captain Armada.digital| Love to promote #Indieweb & self-hosting approaches to reclaim the web. | Geek | Social & Climate Justice ¦ He/HimFR/EN/PT/es Pronouns=He, Him, They,
sindastra@mastodon.socialSindastra🐧✅:~ # _
GitHub, Liberapay
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Sindastra is a software developer with 10 years of experience, specialized in backend web development. In her spare time she hacks on things and educates herself on a variety of topics. She likes to play Minecraft with friends and especially enjoys hacking on the game's server code. 👩🏻‍💻Check out her blog!I use Linux and Mac 🐧🍎I am self-verified ✅ 😆Fun with flags: 🏳️‍🌈 🇪🇺 🇩🇪🇨🇭Liberapay check above ⬆Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sindastraKo-fi https://ko-fi.com/sindastra Website/Blog=https://www.sindastra.de Pronoun=Error: Your language is too primitive
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more pro-something than anti-anything, an alleged ancom, confirmed muck raker, adult w/ autism & reluctant self-advocate. SWVA born & bred, so I can say ‘y’all’
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So far from sadness being a misfortune, it may, by vigorous self-help, be converted into a blessing.
mjjzf@mstdn.ioMorten J.-J. Zölde-Fejér
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Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér.Technobureaucrat with a background in humanities.Author, Gentleman's Public License. Diaspora=mjjzf@diasp.org Delta Chat=delta@mjjzf.eu Xmpp=mjjzf@xmpp.dk
qorg11@society.kalli.stqorg11 :spurdo:
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Cyberspace warrior, Void GNU/Linux user, self hoster since 2017. Owner of https://qorg11.net, https://kill-9.xyz and https://vxempire.xyz Perl C and Lisp programmer. developer of lainsafe and k9coreemail qorg[cool a]vxempire.xyzpgp: https://qorg11.net/keys.txtI shitpost a lot, you've been warned.:golden_apple: He/Him Langs=EN/ES/C/Perl PGP=F9B9 343F C20A 4ACA 62B9 XMPP/Jabber=qorg11@vxempire.xyz
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Artist looking for their place in the worldI take commissionsprices are around 20 per fully coloured character lemme know if you're interested. SFW?=yes! Commissions?=YES! Self esteem?=I'll get back to you on that.
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Self-imposed Facebook exile and Twitter banned. Writer/caregiver. 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇸🍕🍺🎵🎤🎮💻
emanate@awoo.spaceEmber, Triune 🎶🔆🔥⚡️
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---plurality: Phoenix, Otter, Kobold Toygender: Plural/Neutralpronouns (Birb): she/her or they/thempronouns (Ott): he/himpronouns (toy): ve/ver/vis or it/its...Trans enby, creative self-made synthetic. Artist, DJ, writer, symbol-engineer, glow-aesthete. Cosmalia curator and story-peddler. Known syncosms: Halcyon, Deion, Downwarp, Oneiropolis, the aether, the Toybox
Website, Youtube channel, Spotify, Instagram
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🎙️ Art-360-05 : new singer artist, self-producer, author- composer-performer, director :youtube.com/c/Art36005https://open.spotify.com/search/results/art-360-05
mxmatched@masto.jews.internationalMeli (jewish aspect)
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Main: @mismatched@weirder.earth. I'm bi, genderqueer (they/them), chronically ill, leftist, and figuring out how to best do judaism as my whole self.
sirdhslammer@noagendasocial.comBaron DH Slammer [PDR of CA🇺🇸]
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Thought Crime fugitive. Self appointed bystander of complete innocence. Household of 2 Baron/ess and 3 Knight children. Preferred pronouns Sir / Your Heinous.
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Forgot some flags when compiling self, now unoptimized@BrightOne:matrix.org GitHub=github.com/filalex77 GitLab=gitlab.com/BrightOne GPG=0xa1bc8428323ecfe8
calidoug@counter.social🇺🇸ⅅо∪ԌIΞ💵FℝΞ5ℍ🇺🇸 ✅
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Self-taught tech/innovation guy by trade & passion. Life-long learner. Coder. Maker. Outdoorsman. Sailor. Diver. Inve(n/s)tor. Constitutionalist. Chaotic-Good.
dutradlr@mastodon.socialmr. self destruct
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com objetivos nitidamente subterrâneos(ele/dele)
one_my_self@vocalodon.netONE MY SELF(よくお腹下す人)
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ONE MY SELF(ワンマイセルフ)と申します。VOCAROCKをメインに楽曲作ってます。落ちこぼれ専門卒の社会人になれなかった者です。 ピアプロ=http://piapro.jp/ONE_MY_SELF 初投稿作品=sm33780478
quietwitchcraft@witchcraft.cafeFeather Fae🌱✨
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Sinead/Fae • Pisces • she/her • 24 • gay and unstoppable • mostly secular witch • buddies with Artemis • tarot, crystals, self love • bog body in training Twitter=@imlitchick Tumblr=@quietwitchcraft Instagram=@literatechick
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Toronto based #photographer. He/himart nudes, portraiture, and self portraits.Anti-capitalist rants and absurdist hoobiedoops are over on the other account. Patreon (music/photography)=http://patreon.com/hatebunny Social=http://kitty.town/@Hatebunny
mhamzahkhan@intahnet.co.ukM. Hamzah Khan
Personal Blog
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Self-proclaimed genius, and ruler of the Internet. System admin the rest of the time.#parent | #dad | #sysadmin | #devops | #linux | #geek | #fedora | #london | #followme XMPP=mhamzahkhan@intahnet.co.uk
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alive after allalt: Mycomyths@playvicious.socialsite: piponfishing.neocities.org/trans/femme/black/enby/genderless/anarchist/disabled/learning/healing///post about autism/bibliotherapy/self medicating/autodidacting/natural systems/decolonization/reenchantmentCurrently rewiring my brain Pronouns=They/Them Brains=Autistic Spectrum / Plural / ??? En/FR=languages
libertarians_ama@liberdon.comLibertarians AMA
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Libertarianism is based on the "Non-Aggression Principle" (the 'NAP'), which means that you have the liberty to do whatever you want, so long as you don't initiate force or fraud against another individual, or their property.Non-aggression is not to be confused with pacifism. So long as you don't initiate force, you have the natural right to violence in self-defense. Just not to *initiate* aggression against another individual. Monero (XMR)=42bN68TycKzYZtDELeFzAZCYH9FczvgRzYGGCGxpn3uubcefL5yoE7eRKQWQ62Wfv273UHZ3Wi4ZqdCA9mGNyVCiH6XqWQU DASH=XdjEA3W94zpiZDvzH4BNnBCDVU6NLRQ5s4 BitCoin Cash (BCH)=qq0q2cp6pgx6e9xp3fklf3hece2z8fq74skg6l9dcz Ethereum (ETH)=0xb8149ce680dc3e00c2577210bf7f088dc500adf9
coleoptera@mastodon.socialthere is no self (laughs)
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Em/Coleoptera/Perfect Image Dreamsbeetle girl | lifestyle gemini | milkshake gothI write about exhibition / art history / videogames / critical theory!! hi! writing=http://medium.com/@midboss games+zines=http://coleo_kin.itch.io
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We are inward secret creatures. /Iris Murdoch Me=I read about the good, the beautiful, the self and love. More About Me=微博同名
brightneedle@tootplanet.spaceBright-Needle 🧵
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Stitch the planet! Piecing together a life as best I can.Death-positive Mennonite quilter who works in library tech. Librarian self=@platypus Solarpunk/anarchism=@brightneedle pronouns=she/her
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Cox18 is a social oriented squatted space, self-managed since 1976cox18.noblogs.orgcox18stream.noblogs.org