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yogthos@mastodon.socialDmitri ☭⚛🚀
blog, photography
yogthos@mastodon.social  [follow]
A sentience trapped in a prison of meat. Capitalismus delendus est. interests=Clojure, sci-fi, tech, humor, politics
secondary_world@mastodon.socialThe Dead Judge
secondary_world@mastodon.social  [follow]
The angry commie lawyer. He/him. Marxist-Leninist, Sci-fi/Fantasy Author, Medievalist. Politics=Revolutionary Day Job=Lawyer Night Job=Writer
gwenfarsgarden@sunbeam.cityGwenhwyfar's Garden :greensun:
gwenfarsgarden@sunbeam.city  [follow]
White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, & occasional designer. #Garlic lover. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). Intersectional feminist. Mx. I love pre-1660 British History, Sci-fi, and #Cats. #AntiCapitalist #Solarpunk #Gardening #Plants #Accessibility #Disability #Spoonie #Anarchist #AntiFascistThere is no such thing as too many plants. Pronouns & age=they/them she/her, 42 (+10) Where=Sheffield, EU Food/cooking Alt=https://kith.kitchen/web/accounts/7893
antanicus@social.coop  [follow]
Open Source, Videogames, Philosophy, Cooperatives, P2P, History, Sci-Fi, RPGs, Socialism, Memes, Anarchy. Not necessarily in that order.##social.coop##
ossifog@tabletop.social  [follow]
Follow for RPGs and RPG art. Also always down to talk about sci fi or writing. pronouns=they/them; he/him; she/her alts=@nebulos
secondary_world@bofa.lol💀The DREAD Judge💀
Books I Wrote
secondary_world@bofa.lol  [follow]
The angry commie lawyer. He/him. Marxist-Leninist, Sci-fi/Fantasy Author, Medievalist. Politics=Revolutionary Day Job=Lawyer Night Job=Writer
ella_kane@hackers.townElla, Cyberpunk Goddess; UTC+1
ella_kane@hackers.town  [follow]
:blobsalute: Lt. Emojo of H.town!Survived The Langoliers, Time Warps & got a cane I'm not afraid to use.:WeAreNameless: I created #WeAreNameless, a monthly community project where Hackers & half of Fedi watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies!:blobwitch:​ I'm a daughter of the wire, a witch drawing strength from their pyre! :_stars: :_storm:They/She/Kitten | #NoBot XMPP:=ella@404.city Bots:=@ellakane_ebooks and @20181210_01 Wishlist:=https://www.amazon.es/hz/wishlist/ls/1YB3XXRK5TWH1/?retribute :C_H:​ :WeAreNameless:=The Internet is real!
matt@radical.townutopian sci fi novel stan
matt@radical.town  [follow]
“objectively terrible toots” - larry (quote confirmed)
antanicus@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Open Source, Videogames, Philosophy, Cooperatives, P2P, History, Sci-Fi, RPGs, Socialism, Memes, Anarchy. Not necessarily in that order.
wintermute@cybre.space  [follow]
ウィンターミュート Expat living in Yokosuka, Japan. Just another ghost dreaming in meatspace. Happy to argue about cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, RPG, & anything おたく.
jsalvador@mastodon.socialJuanjo Salvador (at 🏠)
jsalvador@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Debian #linux sysadmin, #Python developer, #lua gamedev. Amateur photographer, GNOME lover. Also like anime, sci-fi, beer and mexican food. Languages=English / Spanish Location=Somewhere at Spain Pronouns=he/him
invaderxan@writing.exchangeThe Xandalorian
Patreon, Ko-Fi
invaderxan@writing.exchange  [follow]
Sci-Fi • Fantasy • Horror • Science • Magic 📖 Short fiction, microfiction, and unwritten stories 🖋 Unless otherwise attributed, this is all my own writing. Please ask my permission before sharing or duplicating it elsewhere.
aoife@cybre.spaceAoife ☕ 🧙‍♀️:sparkles_bi:
aoife@cybre.space  [follow]
22 / bi / trans / comp sci undergrad / paranormal investigator / apprentice pastamancer / extremely amateur game devtwitch: https://www.twitch.tv/lichwitch98 | discord: Aoife#5257 | matrix: aoife:cybre.space pronouns=she/her/hers location=53 miles west of Venus background=bird school alumna
ramsey@phpc.socialBen Ramsey
GitHub, Web, Untappd, Twitter
ramsey@phpc.social  [follow]
Coder, writer, speaker. ❤️ open source, PHP, board games, D&D, sci-fi, 🖖, 👨‍💻, 🛰, 🎸, 🍺, & 👨‍👩‍👦. He/him
emaree@tootplanet.space🔥🔥🔥Fiery EMaree🔥🔥🔥
My Site, Twitter, Instagram, Artstagram
emaree@tootplanet.space  [follow]
Tea Dragon Emma. ☕ Working in IT, learning roller derby, writing Scottish sci-fi & m/m fantasy. Software tester learning #Python3, big #DnD nerd. [she/her]
mur@tabletop.social  [follow]
A book lover, a kind of writer and a ttrpg player. He/Him.Fantasy/Sci-Fi/HorrorOther Good Literature Pathfinder/PbtAPC GamesMovies/ShowsMusic...
bonnielovesharleyquinn@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Hi I’m Bonnie! I’m a 22 year old radical + gender critical feminist! I’m a FEBFEM (Female Exclusive Bisexual FEMale.) l 💖 horses and they are my life! I am also very interested and passionate about animation, movies / TV shows (especially horror and sci-fi!), biology and astronomy. I want to be an animator or a scientist. I follow back! I want to make as many friends here as possible as I’m feeling the loss of GenderCritical and TrollGC 💔Taking radfem themed art requests! 👩🏻‍🎨
Mirror from
scihub@botsin.space  [follow]
Tooting the Tweets WeLove=Science WeWant=OpenAccess WeAre=SciHub
rgx@muensterland.socialRob G.
rgx@muensterland.social  [follow]
Computers, cats, books, bicycles. Sci-Fi, science, math. Music and photography. Travel.Traveling light, long, backpacking or camping to know the land and culture. History, Architecture, foods.Europe Fan. Culture is center. In Politics, Left.Coffee, Black with a bit of sugar. Espresso, yes please, unless late in the day.Wine, Red of course. If hot weather, then Beer.#TechnoMancer and #FediReporter , #Writer and voracious #Reader #nobotLanguages : English. Español. Português. Blog - W.F. :=https://write.tedomum.net/rgx/ Pleroma :=https://fedi.absturztau.be/yann Cats Photos :=https://catgram.jp/@yann2
omanreagan@scholar.socialMichael 🚀
omanreagan@scholar.social  [follow]
Anthropologist: science, imagination, exploration, futures, SETI, the interstellar, AI, sci-fi. Also at omanreagan@mastodon.social Pronouns=he/him [or] they/them Location=sxʷeŋxʷəŋ təŋəxʷ Nation State Residence=BC, Canada
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchenGwenhwyfar's Garden
Gardening blog
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchen  [follow]
Plant Mage. White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, & occasional garden designer. #Garlic lover. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). I love pre-1660 British History, Sci-fi, and #Cats. Working on #MeAndWhiteSupremacy.Will talk about food (growing and eating) unCW'ed. #HappyFatThere is no such thing as too many plants.Politics & general musings alt: @GwenfarsGarden Pronouns and age=she/her they/them, Age: 42 +10 Where=Sheffield, EU
yaint@mastodon.socializzy ❎
tumblr, mineblr
yaint@mastodon.social  [follow]
izzy -19 - shecomp sci lesbiani never shut up about minecrafthttp://www.techphobic.tumblr.com
joshuaacnewman@dice.campJoshua A.C. Newman
joshuaacnewman@dice.camp  [follow]
Scifi author, illustrator, critic.Creator of Shock:Social Sci Fi, Mobile Frame Zero, & The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze.Maskil, but down with the BeShT. Games & Sci Fi T Shirts=http://glyphpress.com/talk/shop Pronouns=He/they
kariley40@octodon.socialKimberly A. Riley
kariley40@octodon.social  [follow]
YA sci-fi and fantasy writer. Science geek, sculpts dragons, and is just a little featherbrained. Writer=YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy Newletter (rare updates)=https://madmimi.com/signups/200313/join Artist=D&D, 3D printer, Watercolor Pronouns=She/Her
nx4459@abdl.linkDiapers 4 Ever
nx4459@abdl.link  [follow]
Mid 30s ABDL in MI. I'd say I'm like 75/25 DL/Little. I wear diapers pretty much all of the time outside of work. I love sci-fi and cars.
Mirror from
scihub_1@botsin.space  [follow]
Tooting the Tweets WeLove=Science WeWant=OpenAccess WeAre=SciHub
shirishag75@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm a #vagabond, #lacto-vegetarian, #free-spirited soul who enjoys #street food, #sci-fi, #fantasy, #thrillers, #books, #movies, #security, #GNU/Linux, #travel Age=44 Country=India Pronouns=he/him
mac_cz@mastodon.macsnet.czMac_CZ 🇦🇶
mac_cz@mastodon.macsnet.cz  [follow]
Software developer, C++, JS, Python. Likes Sci-Fi, Horror.Mrozó je král všech! GPG=88738F94
ebeth@witches.town  [follow]
libraries, videogames, chronic illness, cats, sci-fi/fantasy. lives on the internet
edebill@wandering.shop  [follow]
I’m a programmer by trade. I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, run, garden, and play with fountain pens. he/him, Austin, TXTBF I post about my cats a lot. reader=yes programmer=yes cats=owned by fingers=inky
kylaver@cybre.space  [follow]
Undergrad ops from '97 fighting software development nightmaresIn free time inlineskating and playing on bass with breaks for reading some cyberpunk or sci-fi booksPs. I am craft beer junkie currently placed in Poznań and/or Człuchów he=him languages=pl, en
makingarecord@friend.campstephen! (disambiguation)
makingarecord@friend.camp  [follow]
Into criminal defense, science, sci-fi, hiking, birds ¤ also into dismantling the carceral state, the nonprofit industrial complex, capitalism, and white supremacy (it's good to have ambitious goals) ¤ (he/him) 👋=Stephen Goldmeier 🔗=https://makingarecord.com/ 🐈=Lucky
sparrow@awoo.spaceSparrow 🐦
sparrow@awoo.space  [follow]
Hi I'm Sparrow! Queer kid-adventurer, sci fi/horror geek, wildlife enthusiast, & Witch. Enboi, they/them. T1d. Intersectional feminist. BT/special education aide.
website, hear me play accordion at, currently volunteering for
nindokag@introverts.social  [follow]
Software developer for the solar power industry. I like comics, role-playing games, sci-fi, and music. Dad to a 4-year-old, gardener, sometimes activist prounouns=he/him
wearenameless@hackers.town  [follow]
WeAreNameless is a fediverse project created by @ella_kane where hackers and their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies._More: https://etherpad.qbfreak.net/p/WeAreNameless#bot #NoBot #WeAreNameless #OTV Current Host:=@Mnemonic Etherpad:=https://etherpad.qbfreak.net/p/WeAreNameless April's 4th movie:=Total recall - 1990 CW: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0100802/parentalguide When?=the 6th of June 2020 at 21:00 UTC AND 03:00UTC the next day
zoec@deadinsi.de🕯⚜️ Zoë :white_tea:
zoec@deadinsi.de  [follow]
Composed of eros and of dust. Usually found reading quietly; may occasionally commit light writery.Enby :heart_nb: queer :genderfluid_flag: they/she.Aka. "Eva Grimm the Witch", bewitched by @SaintoftheSun@witches.live; "𝚛𝚞𝚜𝚝", berusted by @burginPics of me boostable! (unless locked)#nobot Pronoun=they or she/elle[fr] Alt (sci/math)=@zoec Spirit tree=American hazel, bearboresced by @Pixley Verbena=is my herb
piratejane@mastodon.socialpirate jane
piratejane@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer Ace NB - she/they - Gen Xcats, coffee, sci-fi, plants, tarotnot a real pirate (except sometimes)"With love and science anything is possible." -WtNV
wxcafe@imaginair.esBi-Zen ‮✨📷🖋
wxcafe@imaginair.es  [follow]
System and Network Admin. I like Indie RPGs, MTG, and game systems in general. I play Warhammer 40k sometimes, and I paint miniatures. I love fantasy and sci-fi novels, and YA too! Admin of https://social.wxcafe.net and https://imaginair.es Pronouns=he/they location=NYC Games=Indie RPGs, MTG, Warhammer 40k, ... Queer=Yes Book Genres=Sci-fi, Fantasy, YA, Noir
tbn97@mastodon.sdf.orgBronzie Beat 🏴
tbn97@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Explorer. Creator. LoTek Cyberpunk. #OmCru 🧘‍♂️🧷Ⓐ 🏳️‍🌈 [🖕👁🏦💲]♥ photography, sci fi & fact, minimalism, retro tech, nature, connecting, possibilities #EndSurveillanceCapitalism Alignment=Crypto Libertarian Socialist Pronouns=They/He gemini=gemini://multiverse.thruhere.net
personal, sci-fi
starbreaker@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
#Author by choice.#Developer by necessity. #Autistic by nature? I'm #enby, #queer, and #married with #cats.I'm a #metalhead who runs #OpenBSD on secondhand computers and writes #scifi that would be #metal + #JRPG meta #fanfic if my setting and characters weren't #OC. I've even published a couple of novels that you probably haven't read. :)US citizens should vote for my cat in 2020.#nobot #nosearch pronouns=they/them alignment=benevolent egoist
abdune@abdl.link  [follow]
ABDL dude from The Netherlands, into gaming (atm Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix), music, horror/sci-fi movies, themeparcs/rollercoasters, zoo, fitness... KIK=GetintBabyboy
thomascovenant@social.weho.st  [follow]
Friendly geek in Amsterdam Chaos. Sci fi & open source enthusiast. Holistic ICANN Fellow, .fi 2018 ITU group. Tschunk! #subgraphos #sailfish #ccc #SHA2017orga Website=https://wiki.techinc.nl/index.php/User:Thomascovenant PGP/GPG=0xac57ee7a695bf419 they=them
agarwaen@mastodon.tetaneutral.netAgarwaën ☭ 🏴
agarwaen@mastodon.tetaneutral.net  [follow]
Libre enfant du savoir numérique. Membre de @franciliens, ailurophile, futuromane, ludopathe, libertaire velléitaire et buveur de bière. Moi/Je. Musique=Indus, goth, electro, metal, psych, blues, folk… Bouquins=Sci-fi, fantasy, histoire… Loisirs=Jeux de rôle, de plateau et vidéos, reconstitution historique, stylos-plume…
jollysea@cybre.space  [follow]
he/cis / journalism, radio, writing, Zeppelins. / currently based in Luxembourg. I like sci-fi, cyberpunk, plants, public transport, rpgs and colored hair. merciful brother=of the pomegranate
steashaz@octodon.socialStéphanie L. ✅
steashaz@octodon.social  [follow]
Entrepreneur. Marketer. Sci-fi Nerd. Sarcastic person. Member of the Irish Cult. Machine Learning & Data enthusiast. Please, make me laugh.
clhendricksbc@social.coopChristina Hendricks
clhendricksbc@social.coop  [follow]
I teach philosophy at a uni in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Interests incl: open edu, open pedagogy, open data, open sci. Now tooting at chendricks@scholar.social
frankramblings@mastodon.cloudFrank Ramblings
frankramblings@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Sci-fi geek with social skills. Podcaster at Thought Bubble Audio.
reedbeta@mastodon.gamedev.placeNathan Reed
reedbeta@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
Graphics programmer, formerly at Sucker Punch and NVIDIA. Math & coding blog writer, sometime musician, sci-fi & physics nerd, cat dad, coffeeholic. He/him. Twitter=@reedbeta
mcnees@mastodon.socialRobert McNees
Web, Twitter
mcnees@mastodon.social  [follow]
Professor, physicist, sci comm. Black holes, quantum gravity, cosmology. Tar Heel. Retoots = spooky action at a distance. Opinions are mine alone. Google Scholar=https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=Xv-faY4AAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao inSPIRE=http://inspirehep.net/search?ln=en&p=find+a+mcnees%2C+r&of=hb&action_search=Search&sf=earliestdate&so=d
storyseedvault@wandering.shopStory Seed Vault
Our Site, Patreon, Ko-Fi
storyseedvault@wandering.shop  [follow]
Micro sci-fi inspired by scientific research and #scicomm. We aim to entertain and educate. Open to subs between 10-24 every month. Edited by Alex Massey.
leejackson@counter.socialCapt. Greybeard Jackson
leejackson@counter.social  [follow]
Author of "Grabbag," the Duke Nukem Theme, and much more. On disability retirement, but still writing music. And a sci-fi novel.
rak@cybre.spacerak ✨ 🤖
rak@cybre.space  [follow]
butch cyborg with a glittery soul | they/themI'm a physics grad student and I vent a lot about academia crap. But I also talk about fun stuff, like tabletop rpgs and sci fi, and the cool parts of my job! My cat is way more popular than I am, online and off, but I don't begrudge that. :)
boneclawwalker@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Rad-fem who would probably be called a TERF by some, but IDGAF about that. In the planning and research phases of creating a 160 acre eco-community of women's land in Arkansas. Feminist, artist, writer, permaculture gardener, gamer, sci-fi nerd.
papagino@mao.mastodonhub.com  [follow]
<p>carpe diem | 音乐剧 | 德奥 | 艺术史 | 文学 | dw marvel sci-fi | 非常喜欢茨威格 | 喜爱Mark Seibert | 永远Träum groß</p>
simontesla@chitter.xyzSimon Tesla 🐭@FC
Website, Birdsite
simontesla@chitter.xyz  [follow]
A glowy computer mouse of some sort?Into programming (esp. web), #furry, rodents, sci-fi, art, roleplay (dm for f-list), etc.Occasionally may post NSFW, please +18 only#nobot Pronouns=He/They
socsci@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Syndicaliste, Communiste Libertaire. Mes pouets engagent Karl Marx, @ucl et la CGT.Against Modern Football et Allez les verts-tes !⚽Rap Francophone.🎤
itmcitizen@noagendasocial.comMasked Citizen ☦️🐉
itmcitizen@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
I have come here to grill burgers and steal memes, and I’m all out of charcoal. Rumored to be sentient. Sci-Fi and horror fan. Unreconstructed Southron. Deplorable SOB & Knight. Making pew pews in FEMA region 4. Ham radio and crypto enjoyer. Same @ on Twitter. ETH/BTC/LTC/DASH/BNB=itmcitizen.eth Bitcoin/SV paymail=citizen@handcash.io Beer=Belgians and Stouts
birbseph@mastodon.socialOne Soft Birb 🌹🐦
birbseph@mastodon.social  [follow]
Feather trash comp sci grad and mobile developer. Likes birds and stuff! Mid-20's. He/Him. Taken. #Furry
karlos@en.osm.town-karlos- 🗺
karlos@en.osm.town  [follow]
#OpenStreetMap OSMgo.orgComputer & Sci-Fi Orion: ---==^==---@RaumpatrouilleGravitationssimmulationKosmologieWeltverbesserer OSMgo.org=OSM 3D renderer OrionSpace.de=Raumpatrouille
mairijcam@spinster.xyzMairi 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇪🇺
mairijcam@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Gin, sci fi and fantasy. Indy Scotland. Feminist.
neko@counter.social  [follow]
Academic, gardener, animal lover, sci-fi fanatic, union rep, member of a large blended Anglo-Mexican family.
pre@boing.worldAdam Tentacles (Pre)
personal site, my cartoons, My upcoming VR sci-fi, My Tarot Deck
pre@boing.world  [follow]
I #webdev for a day-job, and am working on a #vr #scifi story doing #programming and #animation and #artMostly running on #debianhttp://dalliance.net/
denverthelastdinosaur@mastodon.socialSeeking Publisher
denverthelastdinosaur@mastodon.social  [follow]
English-Turkish and vice versa translator,. Se hablan Español, Si parla l'italiano. Western & Sci-Fi writer wannabe. All toots © @denverthelastdinosaur What I write=Sci-fi, western & historical, translation is how I earn a living now. What you can do=Do you know any mainstream publishers? Who I am="Badass Fury"© - A nickname I saw being given by an old acquaintance. Is the lizard hierarchy a must?=I'm the killer of a clone with the soul of a king killer. You tell me.,,
kerynean@mastodon.art  [follow]
💜 25 | Artist | She/Her | Bi 💜 Aussie Artist, Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer. Updates may be sporadic due to medical conditions.Social: @kerynean Portfolio=kerynean.wixsite.com/myart/ Commissions=kerynean.wixsite.com/myart/commissions ☕ Ko-Fi=ko-fi.com/kerynean 🔗 Links=kerynean.carrd.co
alkahest@slime.globalMara Alkahest░
alkahest@slime.global  [follow]
30-ish trans woman ~ mostly tired of everything pronouns=she/her, it/its interests=the color purple, sci-fi, horror, #rust, and #gamedev, sometimes matrix im=@alkahest_:matrix.org
twt_nuko@niu.moe  [follow]
One of the Animepeople out there. Loves Sci-Fi. Talk in Japanese and poor English. Take picture sometimes. CS student.
randomdent@cybre.space  [follow]
Arthur Dent's kin. Mostly harmless. Sci-fi, glitch, cyberpunk, with a serious crush on Rose Kolodny.Also, genderqueer feels.
hyggend@efdn.club⚪ holiddend :meowcowboy:
hyggend@efdn.club  [follow]
he/him, south america, idkeng/sp/a bit of German but I need to improve it so please talk to me :phello everybody. I'm hyg. i love physics, chemistry, and s p a c e . suggest me some sci-fi to read, please!i try to be positive because life is kinda hard:Dif i follow you it's because i think you're awesome.Please tell me whenever I make a mistake or make you uncomfortable. I want to improve.#sfwgang cis=and bi i'm a minor=miss me with that nsfw shit anarchocommunism=is good Hotel=Trivago
shen@hong.ioShen ✅
shen@hong.io  [follow]
Hi. I'm a cute, 18 year old student that loves analog photography and sci-fi. Follow me for cool toots and lovely friendships!
eldaking@weirder.earthElda King
eldaking@weirder.earth  [follow]
He/him. A++ (aromantic + asexual).From Brazil, but tooting in English.Fan of strategy and simulation videogames and heavy euro-style boardgames. Mostly retired from RPGs. Gaming alt: @eldakingLove sci-fi (specially cyberpunk), fantasy, nerdy stuff, history, and science in general.PhD student (electrical engineering), for too long already but still too far from being done.Anarchist of some kind.Linux user, privacy conscious, but still living in this big dystopia.
kara@masto.gaming.pizzaKara B.
The Band
kara@masto.gaming.pizza  [follow]
She/her trans girl from the Pacific Northwest who’s into cats, vegan food, sci-fi, games, photography, and music. Keyboardist of The Crystal Furs. Officially declared Spicy Lady of Eternal Flavorfire. Mostly safe, occasionally 18+ but always tagged. Pronouns=She/Her Age=37 Location=PDX
oabnormal@mastodon.artO Abnormal
oabnormal@mastodon.art  [follow]
Fantasy/Sci-Fi artist, Twitch Creative partner and sexy bald man.www.twitch.tv/oabnormalwww.patreon.com/oabnormal
manicdontpanic@cybre.spaceops witch
manicdontpanic@cybre.space  [follow]
infra/ops witch (SRE) for a paranoid nonprofit by day, doing activisty things by the rest of my day, reading/watching lots of cyberpunk/sci-fi by evening, "sleep"/endlessly scrolling social media by night. Repeat.paranoid angry jewish intersex enby, cripplepunk wheelchair user with a rare chronic illness. gardening, cooking, trying my hand at watercolour painting. both the UK & US are my home. fighting capitalism generally, but especially depising surveillance capitalism rn. #PDX. Pronouns=they/them/their Follows=locked; but welcome! Contact=https://cybre.space/@manicdontpanic/104275848520009030 Avatar=from https://picrew.me/image_maker/197534
nash@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
33, dork, libertarian socialist, intersectional feminist. I like punk rock, puns, gaming, cats, coding, fantasy/sci-fi & cartoons. Overwatch player, Mercy main.
mjn@icosahedron.website  [follow]
AI-researching person, interested in the history of technology. Comp sci prof irl. Κρυφός Έλληνας.
zoec@eldritch.cafeZoë (eldritch edition)
zoec@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
The alt of @zoec Pronoun=they or she/elle[fr] Alt (sci/math)=@zoec
spaceotter@mastodon.art  [follow]
Follow my PixelFed for more of my queer art and pics.#queer #art #science #gay Interests=swim, beach, sci, tech, math Interests=art, queer, food, gear & more
gozes@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Full Stack Developer, a lot of brains but no polish, Linux and open source lover, Sci-Fi fan and cyberpunk lover.
The Band
kara@queer.party  [follow]
She/her trans girl from the Pacific Northwest who’s into cats, vegan food, sci-fi, games, photography, and music. Keyboardist of The Crystal Furs. Officially declared Spicy Lady of Eternal Flavorfire. Mostly safe, occasionally 18+ but always tagged. Pronouns=She/Her Age=37 Location=Portland, OR
addpre@mastodon.socialAdam Tentacles
personal site, my cartoons, My upcoming VR sci-fi
addpre@mastodon.social  [follow]
I #webdev for a day-job, and am working on a #vr #Sci-Fi story doing #programming and #animation and #artMostly running on #debianhttp://dalliance.net/
sevenofnine@mastodon.mania.systemsops witch
sevenofnine@mastodon.mania.systems  [follow]
infra/ops witch (SRE) for a paranoid nonprofit by day, shouting about things by the rest of my day, reading/watching lots of sci-fi by evening, "sleep"/scrolling social media by night. Repeat.paranoid angry jewish intersex enby, cripplepunk wheelchair user w/rare chronic illness. cooking, coding, trying hard at watercolour painting. both the UK & US are my home. fighting capitalism generally, but especially despising surveillance capitalism rn. #PDX.
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🕸 transgender millenial anticapitalist comp sci kid \\ mid-20s name=cheshire pronouns=he/him
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Hi, I'm a fucking nerdI read comics, play D&D, I love video games (especially RPG's), I watch sci-fi and anime. Linux is my hobby OSI enjoy having opinions too much Discord=Solarinas#5795 ASL=24/Male/Canada 🇨🇦
68km@retro.social68k mentat >B)
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I like old computers, pulp sci-fi and comic booksandrewhe/him & they/themall follow requests are accepted; i'm only screening spam & grief accounts
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Scavenger, tinkerer, some more to be decided
nephilim@cybre.spaceꜱ ɪ ɴ ᴏ ꜰ ᴜ ᴛ ᴜ ʀ ɪ ꜱ ᴍ
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comp sci undergrad - LDN - she/her (cis) #nobot WHAT=DO ?=??
gedvondur@hulvr.comStainless Steel Coyote
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Nerd and Technology guy. I read sci-fi and fantasy, brew beer, TTRPGs, and collect cast iron cookware. SHOW ME YOUR IRON! Pronoun=He/Him Nerd ==Yes Where=Mid-West USA Tech ==Hardware
blausky@cybre.space💬Friday ACAB
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internet chaotic good racing cis-ladyThis account is mostly about mario kart, science, electronics, AV, bikes, 80's synthpop, vaporwave, retrowave, chiptune, skating, racing, gaming, DIY, cars, airplanes, sci-fi, and suchalways about BLM, ACAB, LGBTQIA, & 420me, leaving y'all in the dust: ¯\_( ◉ 3 ◉ )_/¯also a magical dragon at @dragonmagic Age=29 Pronouns=She/Her Language=(American) English OS version=4.2.0
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Anarchist cup yokaiLoves metal and sci-fiSeeks saucer yokaiAnd high speed wifi🏴☕🏴☕🏴☕🏴☕
justelise@mastodon.artJustElise :tentaluv:
Some Animation
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Gen-X-er, bookworm, sci-fi/fantasy geek, horror fanatic, weirdo, beer snob, fan of various obscurities, animation student, and I try to call myself an artist Pronouns=she/her (cis/het)
folykl@trollian.spacenothing but respect for MY president
16 yrs
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i'm @folykl nowi love bugsself elected president of #goldgangmy non-trollian hexes.██ ████████████ █████icon by https://twitter.com/draculania (my FRIEND) fol! (cell)=dersite mage of void they/them=on discord hiatus east anglia, uk=i might kin fol and tuna
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Follow my PixelFed for more photos/snaps and gay art.#queer #art #science #gay Interests=swim, beach, sci, tech, math Interests=art, queer, food, gear & more
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sci-fi nerd | socialist | queer | engaged to @dinobyte@mastodon.cloud | twitter.com/nicolasarendt pronouns=he/him politics=fuck capitalism country=canada
ghoulgate@artalley.socialGhoul Gate
webshop, insta
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Horror & Sci-Fi Art by two weirdos. Original work and fan art across multiple mediums. Focused on providing financially accessible art/goods and shedding the limiting pretensions of the "fine art" world. Based in Asheville, NC pronouns=they/he/she
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500yo lesbian anime girl who looks like 13yo and actually is a computer program; trapped in a man's body languages=en, ru interests=programming, decentralization, anime, sci-fi books location=that infinitely long line which being projected on 2-dimentional space, yields a dot
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Valid = F*ck the internet, f*ck the world and f*ck life - I am out @2021Lurking still for a bit 😔Invalid = Previously known as Firelion/Fugeoleon ;)Backup:@saphir@mstdn.socialMain:@Saphir@fedi.absturztau.be Animal in the wild, therefor I use no pronouns 😉- 40 years old outcast/refugee from todays web- Loves Amiga/C64 - good wine and good food, Sci-Fi/Anime/Fantasy- Languages: English and German...- Back at Fedi, looking for old and new friends :)
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Random furry. Ferret. (as if the name didn’t already give it away.) I enjoy drawing, writing, making music, 3d design/modeling, 3d printing, gaming (both video and table top), anime, philosophical and political debates. I’m a big sci-fi fan (I like fantasy too, just not as much as sci-fi.) I like dabbling in creative arts a crafts type things. I am against identity politics of all kinds and the BS that comes with it. Prior Military, and big 1A and 2A fan. I live in the eastern panhandle of WV. Animal=Ferret Favorite Anime Villain=Shogo Makishima Group Affiliation=Shades Krew
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Techie, software developer, hobbyist photographer, sci-fi/fantasy & comics fan in the Los Angeles area. He/him. Photos=@kelsonv PixelFed=@KelsonV
Website, Music
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Consciousness Explorer. Musician. Voice Monkey. Sci-Fi Fan #London. Speak=EN (Fluent) NL (Average) FR (Worse)
cadwellsocialcoop@social.coopCadwell Turnbull
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Sci fi and fantasy writer of stuff and a member of Grassroots Economic Organizing (GEO).