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calculsoberic@mstdn.socialCats Who Code 馃挋馃挍
calculsoberic@mstdn.social  [follow]
A cat learning to code and co-admin of mstdn.social with @stux. Interests: coding, writing, cooking, music, cats, art, and building furniture. The fedi has also helped me accept that I'm pansexual and genderfluid (or somewhere along those lines). Favorite music: EDM, jazz, alternative rock, classic rock, drum 'n' bass, opera, classicalLanguages: English, Spanish - and learning Portuguese, Catalan, and Esperanto in my free time#cats #coding #nerdy Pronouns=he/him/they/them/ Cats?=pet boop=
gatooscuro@quey.orgGato Doofenshmirtz
gatooscuro@quey.org  [follow]
**Una pasi贸n sin fin; todo tiene una raz贸n de ser** Anotaci贸n que va con mi vida.>Mi historia en el Fediverso se resume en haber pasado por el exodo de GNU Social, migrar a Mastodon (Quey.org precisamente donde hago parte del Staff) y quedarme, a tal nivel de eliminar mi presencia en el blog gatooscuro7.wordpress.com qu茅 en su momento fue lo que le dedique mis letras a tiempo completo durante a帽os, actualmente todo lo escribo en el #fediverse . Amando la descentralizaci贸n y la libertad de expresi贸n bajo un buen c贸digo de conducta 鈾 >Mi estilo de vida fil贸sofico pasa desde lo m谩s minimo c贸mo podr铆a ser el minimalismo hasta lo m谩s complejo qu茅 podr铆a ser el existencialismo/absurdismo+nihilismo, todo de la mano del esc茅pticismo. >Actualmente parte de las F.F.MM de Colombia. >Pro software libre, amante de la palabra de RMS y gran seguidor del proyecto Debian GNU/Linux (el mejor S.O comunitario).>Correo: gatooscuro@protonmail.com>XMPP: gatooscuro@suchat.org (OMEMO).>Telegram: @GatoOscuro (cifrado e2e).>Session: 05e3ca0d853737210ea012f56c7369eae928cb73f28c38e7180825d4ccf8fb504c>qTox: B789F335748BCC10671D2D5BA5B4B48578AA033699B156D3A7117CAA96B6C26B8EBC98128A66>GPG: https://bin.disroot.org/?88b0685d05165c1c#3VYUVNj5wBfyBAYrZssEJzZss24FMBaoH2E2PdLorhBv (enlace de la clave p煤blica).>Keyoxide: https://keyoxide.org/B20F19CFDFA16EF8C4A08F4A40EECDF9DC56DE1E>Wire: @gatooscuro7>Eelement/Matrix: @GatoOscuro:nerdsin.space>DeltaChat: gatooscuro@disroot.org S.O=Mint GNU/Linux Alabado sea=Rock>Metal Escribeme=Casi siempre activo (todo lado). Larga vida=#Fediverse Raz贸n de ser=Pasi贸n sin fin
davduf@mamot.frDavid Dufresne
davduf@mamot.fr  [follow]
芦Derni猫re sommation禄 (Grasset), Allo Place Beauvau, punk rock et contre filatures. davduf@davduf.net
trwnh@mastodon.socialinfinite love 獯
Website, Portfolio
trwnh@mastodon.social  [follow]
i have approximate knowledge of many things. perpetual student. (nb/ace/they)xmpp/email: a@trwnh.comhttps://trwnh.comhelp me live: https://liberapay.com/trwnh or paypal- my triggers are moths and glitter- i have all notifs except mentions turned off, so please interact if you wanna be friends! i literally will not notice otherwise- dm me if i did something wrong, so i can improve- purest person on fedi, do not lewd in my presence Fan of:=Punk-rock and post-hardcore (Circa Survive, letlive., La Dispute, THE FEVER 333)Manga (Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Death Note, Shaman King)Platformers and RPGs (Banjo-Kazooie, Boktai, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) What to expect:=talking about various things i find interesting, and otherwise being a genuine and decent wholesome poster. i'm just here to hang out and talk to cool people! and to spill my thoughts.
darrenoneill@noagendasocial.comDarren O'Neill - Chiraq
Unrelenting, Randumb Thoughts, Planet Rage, RNR PreShow Archive
darrenoneill@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Pre-Show | Randumb Thoughts | Unrelenting | Planet Rage | Grumpy Old Bens | No Agenda Artist | Living the good life just outside of Chiraq.
bigtreatboy@mastodon.hostRock Strongo
bigtreatboy@mastodon.host  [follow]
miredly@raru.re  [follow]
Game dev, indie producerI make under-a-rock music for bugs: https://soundcloud.com/mired
remulacfrommars@radical.towngood old will
remulacfrommars@radical.town  [follow]
God of thunder and rock and roll he/him 馃憤 馃彺 alt=remulacfrommars@jorts.horse
jesuismonsieurb@framapiaf.orgMonsieur B.
jesuismonsieurb@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Chef d'茅tablissement pragmatique, grand amateur de jeux de soci茅t茅.Et vive le rock, et la soul.#pointcaf#dansmonr锚ve #jemesouviens #entendu脿lamaison鈥 Saint-脡tienne 鈥
whitedissidentradio@poa.stWhite Dissident Radio :verified:
whitedissidentradio@poa.st  [follow]
Bringing you the best white nationalist hardcore, punk rock and metal every weekday on Odysee!odysee.com/@PatchesOhoolihan_:0?r=2zVfgbdyQvDWdnaopwZns1BS3SZjca4hJoin my federated peertube instance for livestreaming and videos!whitedissidenttv.com/videos/overview
chriswarcraft@mastodon.socialSexier than The Rock
chriswarcraft@mastodon.social  [follow]
djmpb@counter.socialmpb 馃嚘馃嚭 in 馃嚭馃嚫 馃嚭馃嚘
djmpb@counter.social  [follow]
When I got the music, I got a place to go.- RancidParramatta Eels, 49ers, SF Giants, skiing, bass, punk rock, breaks, whiskey, wine and good food.he/him
oystergirl@freeatlantis.com  [follow]
Bad-assed rock and roll bitch from New Yawk.
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.mePlausocks 馃挆銆屻偑銉犮儵銈ゃ偣銇屾銇椼亜...銆
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
AM CATGURLI exist in a state of constant C H U N G U S. I live with my bae Eliza AND OUR MUTUAL BAE Violet. ~ https://ko-fi.com/plausocks ~~ https://paypal.me/plausocks ~~ https://cash.app/$plausocks ~#nobotI'm a computer nerd, welder, mechanic, hacker (old meaning)Interlinked Foundation memberhttps://mst3k.interlinked.me - Instance Administrator:succ:http://aomyers.com Sexuality=Pansexual lesbiab Music Tastes=Trance/Vaporwave/Various EDM/Alt Rock/ Metal Politics=NO Age=28 (Jan 1992) Country=USA State=:flag_us_ok: Oklahoma baby Pronouns=She/Her Gender=girl :sparkles_trans: Status=Married w/ cats Bae=Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me Bae 2=Violet@vulpine.club CashApp=$plausocks Paypal=paypal.me/plausocks ko-fi=ko-fi.com/plausocks
awilfox@mst3k.interlinked.me馃寛 A. Wilcox delicately
awilfox@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
The silly little catfox monster everyone told you about. My dreams are Intel鈥檚 nightmares. Life is a PowerPC: most time is spent in the problem state.Enby; them/they; religous; tolerant. Manages Ad茅lie Linux, reads POSIX, terribly nerdy, punk rock lover. #BotMeHarderStatements and opinions posted here do not reflect those of the Interlinked Foundation or its members.
god@mastodon.nl  [follow]
De Mastodon in de porseleinkast. Werk=Technisch tekenaar - BZK - Veiligheidsonderzoeker - High risk security - Programmeur - Runde van 2010 / 2019 restaurant de sjalot te nijmegen, won michelin, lekker 500 en gault&millau vermeldingen. Nog steeds actief in de horeca. Muziek=Duivelse Deathcore - Metal - Rock - Punk Politiek=Niet links of rechts.
athena12@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Partner of @JimmyMac, former US diplomat in Ankara and Warsaw and retired attorney, arnchair fashionista, MAGA, rock and roll NEVER forgets!
lapin@varishangout.net  [follow]
- do not follow me if you're under 18 years old- do not follow me if you're not into loli or (rarely) shota art- anime armpits enjoyer- none of the art i posted is my own creation- @armpitbot - @smkz_bot - @tummybot- pfp sauce: https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/95820871- banner sauce: black鈽卹ock shooter dawn fall teaser#nobot
larchmutz@mamot.frLarchmutz 馃
larchmutz@mamot.fr  [follow]
"D茅sunis, nous courrons 脿 la catastrophe. Unis, nous y parviendrons" Emil Cioran."Il n'y a qu'une seule libert茅, se mettre en r猫gle avec la mort. Apr猫s quoi, tout est possible" Albert CamusNostalgique des ann茅es o霉 le rock alternatif nous faisait croire qu'on 茅tait des apaches.
jnukiladki@mastodon.socialJNU 啶掂ぞ啶侧 啶侧ぁ啶监啷 :birdsite:
jnukiladki@mastodon.social  [follow]
postcolonial feminist, chain-smoker, rock-n-roll junkie, anarchist. Long live Mullah Nasiruddin and the profile pic is not mine.
nukie@kiwifarms.ccMassiveFaggot [can't discern intent]
nukie@kiwifarms.cc  [follow]
18 y/o on a journey of self-discoveryshe/her or they/themneo-pronouns rock, but I don't understand them :blobcatgooglycry: 馃敟 鉁#BLM鉁 馃敟#TakeTheKnee:gaysper: and :transblobgun2: also :sadneko: Used to be on matrix but left because all the nazis were on it :blobcatsadpats:fully embraced my transsexuality and moved to my alt where I talk about my transition @nukie@freecumextremist.com
firstprogenitor@sanguinem.spaceItem Is Damaged :Mlm_vamp_enby_crossbow: 鈥:puzzle:鈥 :ffxiv_drk:
firstprogenitor@sanguinem.space  [follow]
Mikael (me-kyle) but call me Mika (me-kah)He/they23ENG, 鏃ユ湰瑾炲皯銇桬astern Time ZoneOnly follow if 18+Transmasc Enby, Diamoric Achillean馃拤 3/31/2021Unironic Vampire鈽昹_heart: @Azura 鈽昹_heart:Autistic Mage of Mind :hs_mind:Trained AlchemistExclusionists Get BentTITLES:The One Who Wants To Kiss G'raha TiaThe Scourge Of The FediversePresident of AnimeToo Dangerous To Be Around Regular HumansLeader of the Violent Kinnie Gamer Coalition and Affiliated CroniesBad Faith Actor To My CoreOverwrought Vampire Twink:black_sparkles: 鉁╛teal: Pretty Boy 鉁╛teal: :black_sparkles:YuGiOh: Duel Monsters PuristTESTIMONIES:"Every time I talk to you I feel like I am a character in an isekai explaining an extremely basic setting detail to the protagonist" - @RussellsBarbershopQuartet"mika isn't a bottom he's a service top with anxiety" - @a_rock"Mika, Noah fence but anyone who looks at your profile for more than 2 seconds even with their eyes fully closed knows that you scream a lot" -@bees"mikas toots are extremely polarizing for me. it's either like "what the hell does what hold on waht" or "this is the rightest thing i've ever heard oh my god i can't believe someone can be so right"" - @myconidiosyncrasy"i dont think i've had more than a brief conversation with mika but his dark influence has meant that i've now watched all of ygotas AND read the manga. truly fearsome" -@kara"[Mika] is capable of gargantuan feats and does not need sustenance. that i look upon him and do not feel fear is miraculous and only due to what i assume is a carefully crafted persona" -@hundredsofdeadrats
danslerush@fosstodon.orgDansLeRuSH 岽贬栋
danslerush@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Part-time Coder. Open Sourcer. Graphic designer. Hardly webmaster. Gamer. Father.And french guy who wrote in a poor english :thaenkin:> Maintainer of @zemarmot> French on @danslerush 馃搧=https://gitlab.com/DansLeRuSH 馃敡=:manjaro: :gnomewhite: :gimp: :inkscape: 馃搷=Third rock from the Sun Header credits=芦 After 001 禄 by Miguel Membre帽o
martarockandroll@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hay dos formas de refugiarse de las miserias de la vida: el rock&roll y los gatos. Contin煤o a la espera de mudarme a:=https://quey.org/@MartaRockAndRoll y volvicionar
metaphil@chaos.socialme路ta路phil, der
metaphil@chaos.social  [follow]
鉁 refuse. reduce. reuse. repair. recycle. rethink. rot.:loading: toots are organic and fair-trade. might contain traces of馃尡 sustainability, low-tech and degrowth.:antifa: anti-fascism, anti-racism and feminism.馃惂 gnu/linux and FLOSS fandom. 馃洝 privacy and civil liberties.馃導 self-hosting and redecentralisation.鈱笍 obsessive keyboard usage.馃 stoner/psychedelic rock.馃敡 bike fixing.馃槵 puns that will haunt you.鈽笍 鉁婐煆 馃彸锔忊嶐煂 馃嚭馃嚦 馃嚜馃嚭 *锔忊儯 also on diaspora*=http://dia.so/metaphil 鈿狅笍 Content Warnings=let me know if you need them in my posts
adbenitez@masto.nobigtech.es  [follow]
Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, DeltaChat, Matrix, m煤sica: rock y electr贸nica, me gusta la ciencia-ficci贸n y fantas铆a, el anime y manga.
adbenitez@nobigtech.es  [follow]
Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, DeltaChat, Matrix, m煤sica: rock y electr贸nica, me gusta la ciencia-ficci贸n y fantas铆a, el anime y manga. Delta Chat=adbenitez@nauta.cu Ubicaci贸n=#cuba Idioma=Espa帽ol/Spanish
icerock@glaceon.socialIce Rock
icerock@glaceon.social  [follow]
Official glaceon.social announcements account
mathdatech@hostux.social  [follow]
#GnuLinux #Fedora #libre #maker #openSource #photo #OSM #rock #metal #blues #nobot#keybase : mathdatech #blog=http://mathdatech.fr #XMPP #jabber=mathdatech@mathdacloud.ovh Compte de secours=@mathdatech
eusebe@hostux.socialLe Squale... 馃帶
Images, Musique
eusebe@hostux.social  [follow]
Zappaphile monomaniaque adepte forcen茅 de musculation palp茅brale. "Toujours parler aux cons, 莽a les instruit".Na茂f inv茅t茅r茅 !
aspittel@mastodon.socialAli Spittel
aspittel@mastodon.social  [follow]
Python + JavaScript dev. Trashy TV show enthusiast. Lead web development instructor. Blogger. Rock Climber. She/her.
alias@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Ludosaure helv猫te, cr茅ateur de Tigres Volants et de fictions diverses, fan de rock et de metal progressif, sale gauchiste 脿 ses heures perdues. Fuyez! #nobot
jellyfrog@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Southern Fried.Beans, bullets, and bibles.Psalm 105:30-"Their land swarmed with frogsEven in the chambers of their kings.""If David could kill a giant with a rock, surely I can do it with a Glock."-Pastor Joe Fox"Don't be good, be better." - my grandfather
cmmnctnbrkdwn@mstdn.socialcrewel therapy
cmmnctnbrkdwn@mstdn.social  [follow]
black, fat, sober, femmegemini鈽锔弒corpio馃寱 gemini猬嗭笍gender and sexualities unknownembroiderer, harm reductionist, vvitchnarcoleptic, ADHD, transracially adoptedemergent strategist, aspiring pleasure activistI love my plantys馃尡,music 馃幎 (classic rock, yacht rock, 90's grunge/dance music/pop++)interrogating conspiracy theories馃搱, astrology鈽锔忦煂曫煂憈alking maaad shit on capitalism, mysoginoir, anti-blackness while also dreaming new realities for after the fall of society as we know it.
nowhereman770@mastodon.socialHelter Skelter
nowhereman770@mastodon.social  [follow]
Venezolano,patriota,Chavista,revolucionario,fan de los beatles, fan de Lennon,fan de Dios (La Existencia Divina), seguidor del Pop-Rock etc...
voronov@boitam.euXavier "almost bike mechanic"
voronov@boitam.eu  [follow]
[FR]Cycliste & 茅lectricien / m茅canique & couteaux.Cyclist & electrician / mechanics & knives.Hard Rock, Metal Prog, TMGE & Brassens...#v茅lotaf #biketowork
herbstfreud@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Privat:- IT (#Linux, #Nextcloud, #PiHole, #LineageOS u.盲., Datenschutz generell...)- Naturliebhaber (Abgeschiedenheit, Ruhe, Pflanzen und Tiere beobachten, unendliche Landschaften...) und St盲dtemeider- Gebrauchtk盲ufer, Langnutzer, Mitglied im Reparaturcaf茅- Freund dunkler Musik (Dark Ambient, Black Metal etc.) aber auch des progressiven Rock/MetalBeruflich:Entwicklungsingenieur in der Automobil-Zuliefererbranche.Nobody is perfect, Kontraste muss es geben. ;-)Ich gendere NICHT. Threema=EMRCKE5A Matrix=@Herbstfreud:tchncs.de
alfred@libranet.deSteffen K9 馃惏
alfred@libranet.de  [follow]
Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica #Misskey and you! 馃榾 About=Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica and you! 馃榾 Likes=You! Dislikes=馃 Hobbies/Interests=Music, Cycling, Relaxing, Linux, Nextcloud, Friendica, Reading, ... Music=Depeche Mode and other electronic stuff. Indie and classic rock. I like vinyl! Books, literature, poetry=IT books, manpages ;) and SF especially Philip K. Dick. Questionable Content. Television=Science Film, dance, culture, entertainment=Fiction Love/Romance=Science Fiction Work/Employment=Yes. School/Education=Yes, but I have no memory about it. Contact information and other social networks=E-Mail: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deJabber/XMPP: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deFriendica: https://libranet.de/~alfredFriendica: https://venera.social/~steffenMisskey: https://misskey.de/@steffenHubzilla: https://hub.libranet.de/~steffenTwitter: https://twitter.com/alfred_skNextcloud-ID: alfred[at]oc.libranet[dot]deLiberapay: https://liberapay.com/SteffenK9
Personal Blog, Hobby Blog
sundancer@metalhead.club  [follow]
Ich kam, a脽, lachte.https://blog.der-boese-metaller.de/#metal #rock #tabletop #miniatures #painting #dad WARNING!=Dark black humor! Very black! Gender=male.
mikechaney@counter.social馃寠馃嚭馃嚫MIKE CHANEY馃嚭馃嚫馃寠
mikechaney@counter.social  [follow]
Radio guy. Host of Mike Chaney鈥檚 Punk Rock Show. Owner of Www.MikeChaneysPunkRockRoaster.com #resist
jack5150@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
I enjoy politics and rock n roll. I play the guitar and piano (badly, but it makes me happy).Fema region 3
aboudjaffar@mamot.frAbou Djaffar
aboudjaffar@mamot.fr  [follow]
Mauvais esprit, contre-jihadisme, cin茅ma et rock. Et Martini rouge, aussi. http://aboudjaffar.blog.lemonde.fr/
nonphatic@cybre.spaceA T O P O S I S
nonphatic@cybre.space  [follow]
Jon(athan)? | ionchy [j蓱藧nt汀蕛i]25 orbits on this rock 鈥 馃嚚馃嚘 鈥 馃彸锔忊嶐煂 :demiboy_flag: ??PoGo: 8336 6654 0984#WaterDrinker 馃挧
daniel@anicelittle.networkDaniel Susser
daniel@anicelittle.network  [follow]
Philosopher working on ethical, political, and policy issues in tech // Assistant Prof at Penn State / College of Information Sciences & Technology and Rock Ethics Institute Tech Governance, Data/AI Ethics, Privacy, STS, Philosophy of Technology*recently moved from mastodon.social
addelindh@mastodon.socialAndreas Lindh
addelindh@mastodon.social  [follow]
Information security, vulnerability research, punk rock, anti-fascism, and other things of utmost importance. Damn the man, save the Empire!
gatooscuro@mstdn.social  [follow]
Bloguero, Forum traslater, ex- moderador Quey.org, Colaborador DarkOnion, traductor Lubuntu anuncios, pensador Colombiano y mucho m谩s. Todo tiene una raz贸n de ser.Blog oficial: https://gatooscuro.xyz S.O=Mint GNU/LINUX Musica=Rock/Metal Credo=Esc茅ptico Filosof铆a=Fatalismo
bill@bsd.network馃拃Undead Bill馃拃
bill@bsd.network  [follow]
Former distance skateboarder and part time poet. Currently a working dad balancing a job vs making tacos and keeping family happy. latest thing="Stress monkey", but sung to "Rock Lobster" summoning=tacos sesos, within a ring of dark chocolate death=She can have me when I say yes. Consent is an important part of our relationship.
lalternactiviste@mamot.fr  [follow]
J'ai d茅sormais un autre rep猫re sur le Fediverse lucille@hub.thechangebook.org https://hub.thechangebook.org/channel/lucilleTrans鈾 Anar Int茅r锚t informatique 馃捇, logiciel libre, permaculture 馃尡, cuisine v茅g, radio libre 馃摶, rock 馃幐, culture urbaine 馃彊, street art , les chats馃悎
lorsandenis@mastodon.socialLoreto S.D. 馃
lorsandenis@mastodon.social  [follow]
Farmac茅utica - tejedora de Amigurumis - creadora de moda infantil autodidacta - alguna vez me las di de cantante de rock, ahora canto en la casa, en el trabajo, en la vida - left left left 猬咃笍猬咃笍 #YoApruebo #NoFachos M煤sica=Rock #YoApruebo=#NuevaConstitucionparaChile
omnabrain@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
Finding out how little there is left, and how much potential remains. Star wars?=Nope Yoda?=Yup Softer than a sock?=Nope Harder than a rock?=Yup
maxxghe@mastodon.unoMaxx :verified:
maxxghe@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Ascolto tutti, non do retta a nessuno. Ascolto tutto, sento solo il rock anni 70. Vedo un mondo malato, grigio e rassegnato. Ma non io.Cortona/Arezzo.
michelverschuren@mastodon.socialMichel Verschuren
michelverschuren@mastodon.social  [follow]
Leraar, vakbondsman bij Algemene Onderwijsbond, geschiedenis en raadslid voor SP Breda. Socialist. Fan van Queen en friet. Politiek=Breda: Ruimtelijke ordening, klimaat, onderwijs ICT=JavaScript, SQL, HTML Muziek=Rock en Eigthies Verantwoord Onderwijs=Geschiedenis, toetsexpert, cao, EDI
adbenitez@mastodon.social  [follow]
dev, ceraunophile, likes: GNU/Linux, free software, decentralization, privacy, Emacs, Python, Delta Chat, anime, manga, rock music. Language=English 馃嚭馃嚫 DeltaChat=adbenitez@nauta.cu
283inezo@mstdn.jp銇堛倱銇屻倧馃帶RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL
283inezo@mstdn.jp  [follow]
oreolek@icosahedron.websiteOreolek 馃寕
Website, gitea
oreolek@icosahedron.website  [follow]
Programmer / game writer from Kemerovo, Russia. I also make cosplay & rock festivals.#webdev #gamedev XMPP=xmpp:keloero@oreolek.ru 袪褍褋褋泻懈泄 邪泻泻=@oreolek@wandering.shop
sim1@social.theliturgists.comNat :heart_gq:
sim1@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
Migrating to @nat @weirder.earth!just a sentient meat sack contemplating existence on a wet rock hurtling through the void.bi enby + neurodivergent = neuroqueer | christian mystic
hiyo_rock@mastodon.cloudHiyorimi Rock a.k.a. 鑴婇珓
hiyo_rock@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
銈勩仯銇辩宕庣銇嬨倛https://knzk.me/@hiyo_rock:debian: 馃槢ython: :vscode: :windows:
joestars@mastodon.social  [follow]
let's rock out.he. 16. bi.bf @zoldycks
eusebe@mastodon.tedomum.netEuZ猫be 馃帶
eusebe@mastodon.tedomum.net  [follow]
Zappaphile monomaniaque adepte forcen茅 de musculation palp茅brale. "Toujours parler aux cons, 莽a nous instruit".鈥淟鈥檌gnorant affirme, le savant doute, le sage r茅fl茅chit.鈥 Aristote Musique=cytu.be/r/Blues-Rock
zoski@masto.raildecake.fr  [follow]
Parapente, rock, jazz, chocolat 75%. Voie lact茅e la plupart du temps sinon dans les nuages #nobot
smortex@mamot.frRomain Tarti猫re 馃槇
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#Hacker, #FLOSS Mercenary, #FreeBSD developer (romain@), #BOFH, love stuff from the 70's (e.g. #UNIX, Japanese hard-rock) and #Ruby. #Puppet; #Choria PGP=8234 9A78 E7C0 B807 0B59 80FF BA4D 1D95 5112 336F Location=Faa'a, Tahiti, French Polynesia 馃ゥ=true
gerald@pleroma.gegeweb.euG茅rald Niel 馃 鈽 鈷 :bass:
Blog, Pixelfed, Peertube
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Bassiste, ing茅-son, newsmaster, pas informaticien (en th茅orie), autodidacte, cyclotouriste/sportif et "v茅lotafeur".Au boulot, responsable du SI (logiciels).:qrcode: #v茅lo #v茅lotaf #basse #FreeBSD #rock #metal #hardrock #RaspberryPi Diaspora*=https://diaspora.gegeweb.eu/people/1389bf20548d0136bca40008a20c25da Mastodon=https://stoneartprod.xyz/@gegeweb Gemini=gemini://home.gegeweb.org
l33tname@mastodon.socialSir l33tname
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OS: win10, Fedora 25 (4.9.13-201.fc25.x86_64), FreeBSD 11| Musik: Hardstyle, Punk Rock | Mag: ruby,python
martarockandroll@quey.orgMartaRockAndRoll :quey:
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Odiando las lentejas, pasas y ostras desde el 71.Soy la jefa en mi universo de rock and roll.
mux2000@tooot.immux2000 :heart:
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I am Mux. I am alien. I come in peace.I also rock. Check out my stuff at:YouTube.com/mux2000mux2000.bandcamp.comHe/Him for now, He/En/De/un peu de Fr
rogeriorocker@mastodon.social@饾惈饾惃饾悹饾悶饾惈饾悽饾惃饾惈饾惃饾悳饾悿饾悶饾惈 鈽
Insta, Mixcloud
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Colecionador de Vinil e CD. principalmente de Rock 'n' Roll, gosto de cerveja e boa m煤sica. Locutor no Programa Two Sites. Talvez a curiosidade seja uma qualidade... 鈽 Dark R谩dio=https://darkradio.com.br/pagina/759549/two-sides/
souza@social.tchncs.desouza 鈴
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an ape on a rock 路 brazilian 路 he/him
johngritt@freespeechextremist.comJohn Gritt
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Jesus Christ 鈼 life 鈼 freedom 鈼 guitar 鈼 rock / J-Rock 鈼 metal / J-Metal 鈼 rugby 鈼 languagespost-denom gospel workerhet 鈼 stud 鈼 Saxon-Viking鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺擪okoro no koe ni 鈼 Be more existent!鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺擣riend to East/Southeast Asians, Pacific Islanders, a brother to ChristiansBill of Rights FreedomistFighter against totalitarians and Satanists鈥斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺斺櫋 Jesus is the Son of God
legeneralmidi@mamot.frLe G茅n茅ral Midi
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Rappeur dilettantehttp://le.general.midi.free.frPilote du groupe branque 2/3 de Sextethttp://2tiers2sextet.free.frCh么meur amateurArtiste sans carri猫rele_general_midi@kodcast.comlegeneralmidi@diaspora.psyco.fr Branque=Rock inclassable RapApproximatif=Rap d茅genr茅 Monnaie-libre=J眉ne Effondrement=Vive les ZAD et la permaculture !
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Cat y Dog Lover馃惐馃惄Nuestra manada es del 94%鉁奩 me gusta el rock, el maldito rock馃幎馃Nunca facha, siempre buena muchacha馃挆#Cruzada馃挋#YoApruebo#NuevaConstitucionParaChile
emerence_hopes@spinster.xyzEmerence Was Hopeful
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Aghast at current state of playHorrified by government bill to allow all and sundry to change sex markers on birth certificates to whatever they like.No one can truly say they didn鈥檛 know. They just don鈥檛 actually care.Feminists who cannot define the word woman are not actually feminists.Identifies as coming out from under my rock.
nabout30@mamot.fr  [follow]
#punk #rock #underground #Moto . 蠁 #LAEC #FI J'ai pas la #tv, Chui pas #windows, Chui #linux... 馃 et Oui c moi derri猫re la banderole 馃槑 馃幎馃幍 #FaitPeterTonMorceau 馃幎馃幍(m锚me pseudo sur TWT) #FI= #AEC= #FranceInsoumise=
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Me gustan el rock y mucha m煤sica excepto cosas como arjona o alberto plaza 馃槒,鉂 los quiltritos y gatitos,Muy sure帽a adoptada en stgo#rioslibres, #nocompresadopta#yoapruebonuevaconstitucion#pi帽eratenislapuracaga
pepecoyhaique@mastodon.socialPepe Coy Aike #RenunciaPi帽era
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Constructor Civil, Libre Pensador, Pap谩 de una parejita hermosa con mi compa帽era de todas las vidas. Batero sin brillo. Patag贸n por opci贸n. Rock siempre. Zurdo
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Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, #DeltaChat, Matrix, m煤sica: rock y electr贸nica, me gusta la ciencia-ficci贸n y fantas铆a, el anime y manga. Cuenta (Ingl茅s)=@adbenitez Idioma=馃嚜馃嚫 Ubicaci贸n=馃嚚馃嚭 Delta Chat=adbenitez@nauta.cu
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rock 馃幐 y bailar铆n de k-pop #yoapruebo #noFachosQliaos
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Retired military, Conservative Trump supporter, Patriot, rock-hound and fossil hunter. Former HS teacher.
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it's only rock n roll but I like it#TheRollingStones#Chiledesperto#apruebosigue y te sigo
ilcronomaestro@mastodon.bida.imCronomaestro 鈴 馃彸锔忊嶐煂 馃悪
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Compagno maldestro. Prog rock, metal, post-rock. Filosofia. Sinistra, anarchia. Libri. Queer in evoluzione. Mi piace tenere taccuini. Mi piacciono i videogiochi: avventure grafiche e testuali, RTS, roguelike, strategici a turni. Debian. Plume (lorem.club)=https://lorem.club/~/IlCronomaestro/
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Hello i am Lucretia/Matt (feel free to use whichever name feels more appropriate), I am a trans nonbinary person and i live in Italy.My pronouns are they/them.I'm interested in art, philosophy, mathematics, physics, biking, weird computer architectures and progressive rock/metal
blaisepascal@freeatlantis.comBlaise Pascal
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Concise liberty minded Christian pseudo philosopher-psychologist 鈥淔ourth Turning鈥 patriot in Great Lakes flyover country. Widower. Blocked by TW on twat. Books=Brothers Karmazov by Dostoyevsky, Unseen Hand by Epperson, People of the Lie by Peck, Political Ponerology by Lobaczewski, Progress and Poverty by George, many books by C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer, Live Not by Lies by Dreher, Pens茅es by Pascal, Bible Music=Eclectic, from 60s, 70s folk & rock to Christian like Keith Green, Delirious, Kevin Prosch, to Country and Classical (fav: Dvorak鈥檚 9th) Films=Gladiator, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Usual Suspects, Roadhouse, Dr. Zhivago, Basic, Fringe (tv), The Big Short, Stargate SG-1 (tv), Stargate: Atlantis (tv), Goliath (tv) Occupation/Esoterica=Retired Information Technology software packaging, deployment, integration / Gene Keys: 6.2 36.2 12.1 12.4 11.4, 42.2 57.2 5.2, 50.6 24.4 23.3; Mayan: 2 Muluc (鈿栵笌balance) in Lamat (鈾昿otential) Trecena; Enneagram: 5soc (Professor)
asgardiano@mstdn.iogado rock
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feios ,pobres nao podem entrar
nano@yiff.life  [follow]
call me rae or nano!19 years old, she/her, transgirl, omnisexual, otherkin, plural, autisticfurry, pony enjoyer, computer nerd, unix/linux dweeb, punk rock fan, twitch affiliatecat sometimes, horse other timesWARNING: some posts and boosts will be nsfw, but will be cw'd and unlisted. if you're under 18 and caught interacting with these specific posts, i will block youpreviously @nano, @rikuavatar by https://twitter.com/EmmettArt馃嚞馃嚙馃彸鈥嶐煂堭煆筹笍鈥嶁毀锔忦煇攫煇别煇
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Independent artistMetal/Rock/Punk music enthusiastIncorrigible HethanDealer of Disruption1 quarter knight
rocknroll_papy@mamot.frRock 'n' Roll 蠁apy 馃敾
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Boomer bolivarien islamo-gauchiste,Fils d'anarcho-syndicaliste,Petit-fils de jud茅o-bolchevique."Il est toujours plus tard que tu ne le crois"Linux/Mageia - Xfce Insoumis=Toujours !
colinmahns@mastodon.socialColin Mahns
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I like punk rock and I work in Infosec (Architecture, Incident Response & some Systems Administration) |Dance with me my dear, on a floor of bones and skulls | 鈽湗鈷
scheduledjames@social.quodverum.comScheduled James
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I like Freedom Liberty and Rock & Roll.And beer & tacos.
basedrockwell@poa.stBasedRockWell :windmill_of_friendship: :sonnenrad:
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Nat Soc anime fan and loves demon girls fan of Rock and Metal 馃槇 馃馃徎
dlmarch54@social.quodverum.comDonnie Marchant
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鈥淒iplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock鈥.Will Rogers
sussudio@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
I'm here for the Wictor.I sometimes toot about prog rock.#70skidproblems
robertg@mastodon.online  [follow]
So much of what is true is hard to believe. Seen in geological perspective, we are fossils in the making, to be buried and eventually exposed again for the puzzlement of creatures of later eras. Likes=Reading, crosswords, baseball, pickle ball Music=Everything especially rock & Nightwish Tweets=Got blocked by certain political leaders Texas=Red state turning Blue (hopefully)
rockpapershotgun@die-partei.socialRock Paper Shotgun
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Inoffical Rock Paper Shotgun RSS-Feed
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=A Little History About My Self=Hello I am opt41n I am a mastodon noob and also a programmer mainly python at the moment. I also like Foss, Linux, Cyber Security, Digital Privacy, and vapor-wave art. I have Discovered Linux :tux: in 2017 and literally immediately fell in love 鉂わ笍 my first Linux distro was "Kali Linux" because I watch way to much hacker movies and believed it would be that simple Spoiler it was not 馃ぃ so I moved to Coding </> and Debian :debian: + :gnome: and loved 鉂わ笍 it! Things I like=Foss, Linux, Indie music, code, Cyber Security, Vaporwave ART Distro/DE=:debian: :fedora: / :gnome: :kdenew: Music Genre=Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Bedroom pop, Dream pop / Synthwave Favorit emoji=:duckduckgo: :bash: :debian: :kdenew: :fdroid: :firefoxnew: :mastodon: :opensource: :openhardware: :peertube: :python: :pine64: :mycroft: :raspberrypi: :tor: :tux:
Website, Scrobble
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Sports, Computers, Rock & Roll #esperanto #freesoftware #freeculture #morocco #privacy #selfhosting #birds Matrix=@dragnucs:matrix.org
esaheras@mstdn.socialFlorecita Rockera
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Indie rock.Jungle, Spoon, The war on drugs, cigarrttes after sex, Portugal the man, Marcus king band, Parcels, Noah Pino Palo, Clubz, Khruangbin
brothersoul@social.labr.onlinebrother soul
chat when live
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life long house headdj for love a brother radio specialising in soulful house mixesUK Friday nights I am live with The Weekend Workout live mix to bump your weekend rightcatch my more chilled often selector style show The Midweek Workday Chill on Wednesdays including hip-hop, rock, 80s, eclectic themes and genresabandoning all the corporate platforms in favour of humans and solidarity against the attention economy. LABR is sounds for joy and resistance!#labr #radio listen 24/7=https://labr.online LABR masto=https://social.labr.online/@labr
valenoern@floss.social  [follow]
Takumi 馃灅 27 馃灅 they/them 馃灆 j-/prog rock nerd , "All" the sciences , FLOSS/libre media advocate , myth creatorgeneral/'tokusatsu' feed at https://queer.party/@valenoern馃惁 https://twitter.com/Valenoern
infinityonhigh@mastodon.socialPATRICK 鉁
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IBUKI IS HERE TO ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF!馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃馃
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a rock