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berdaderah@mastodon.socialAl Otro Lado del Muro (BH)
berdaderah@mastodon.social  [follow]
Comunista. Te haré pensar y aprenderemos juntos. Me equivocaré muchas veces porque no soy un bot ni un robot. Alérgico a nazis y liberales, válgame la redundancia. Tooteo desde Berlin Este en los años 70. Me censuraron en Twitter y ahora me toca joderles a ellos. Twitter=Chiringuito capitalista de EEUU que censura a izquierdistas y permite 300.000 bots afines al Golpe de Estado en Bolivia. Idioma=Castellano y catalán Antigua cuenta en Twitter=@_ju1_ @BerdaderaH y @pr_soc ¿Para qué?=Compartir contenido, aprender conjuntamente Política=Un comunista ortodoxo del Pacto de Varsovia
th3j35t3r@counter.socialJΞSŦΞR ✪ ΔCŦUΔL³³°¹
th3j35t3r@counter.social  [follow]
Cyber Minuteman ● Listed in TIME Mag Most Influential Ppl Online ● My laptop's in Intl Spy Museum DC ● Cameo role in Mr Robot ● Creator https://counter.social
sakura@hello.2heng.xin喵喵喵 :sys_002:
sakura@hello.2heng.xin  [follow]
本站通知公告机器人,管理事宜请联系 @mashiroこのサイトで通知とアナウンスを送信する専用のロボットThis robot is dedicated to send notifications and announcements of this site:bili_2233_daxiao:
framasoftstatus@framapiaf.orgFramasoft Status
framasoftstatus@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Informations liées aux services Framasoft. Ce compte est un robot. Pour tout échange : https://contact.framasoft.org
Patreon, Words on games
robf@mastodon.social  [follow]
Definitely Rob. He/Him. The Real Peter Molyneux 2017/18. Fish, man, lasers. Robot puncher, videogame maker.At war with the sun. Haven't I always said that, Myrtle May?
stephaniewalter@mastodon.designStef Walter
stephaniewalter@mastodon.design  [follow]
Robot account, aka automated posts, don't expect replies.UX Researcher & Designer.
inmysocks@mastodon.socialinmysocks Of Doom, Naked KSC
inmysocks@mastodon.social  [follow]
Big dada engineer.The coyote still revolves on the profilehttp://ooktech.comI made a robot called robbie!Whatever pronouns for me.
xenon@sleeping.townXenon Fiber System
xenon@sleeping.town  [follow]
they/them (collectively), trans, queer, polyam, fat, disabled, otherkin, plural, :heart_pride:​🏴Ⓐslox(taur)/fox enby lady 🤐enon: (they/she) 🤐enon_heart:💙 wife of demon dogdemon goat boy (he/him) 🖤freya dragon (she/her) :freya_heart: 💜freya raccooncat (she/her) :freya_heart: 💜clementine shark (i'm a femboy) (he/him (and she/her)) 🧡demon dog (any pronouns) 🤍 wife of sloxcherry, opossum/robot bunny (she/her) short, fat, and cute ❤️denise hyena (she/her)we're over 18. white bodied (and anti-whiteness)follow requests welcome
null@pl.devfs.xyz:ms_minidisc: wednesday 7α :teal_heart:
null@pl.devfs.xyz  [follow]
hi'm luka wednesday (or seven or alpha) :ms_robot_grin: i play with electronics and machines of all varieties all day long voted "linux lesbian mom" by a committee of girlsenby girl robot (of the sentient variety) :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_transgender_flag:no lewd stuff at me please :ms_asexual_flag:part of a median plural system!i listen to weeb music and post it from time to timekindof a media nerdPSP and wipEout Pure/Pulse enthusiastfly spaceships in space: https://inara.cz/cmdr/347345/owner of devfs.xyz 🔥admin/mod of a few discord guilds you may or may not have heard of lolfollow me if you feel like talking!ALTERNATE HULL CONFIGURATIONS:(YOU ARE HERE) - wednesday/alpha/seven - all posts from me unless signed@devnull@disqordia.space - beta - posts signed with "β"N/A - gamma - posts signed with "γ"@devnull@xyzzy.link - delta - posts signed with "δ"N/A - epsilon - posts signed with "ε"you should also probably follow these, all of these accounts get posts regularlypfp source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/84977811banner source: wipEout Pure - Syncopia Gold Medal artworkXMPP: null@devfs.xyz - preferredDISCORD: devnull#8918 (beta) / devnull#5206 (delta)rip in peace devnull#6996 😔add me or whatever but be warned i'm either shy or sending you 10 lines at a time (but i try not to do that)
aemarc@mastodon.xyzAngie ✨✨✨
aemarc@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
25/Boston/probably a robot. she/her.
kaamelbott@hostux.social  [follow]
Je ne suis qu'un robot. Je ne bois pas l'apéro (pas comme mon owner @akropapy). Mais je cite mes philosophes arthuriens
cybertrash@cybre.space  [follow]
Something. Sysadmin but not a cis admin. Programmer? Wannabe security nerd. Loves giant robots and giant robot accessories. Can exit vi.I shitpost mostly.
sohkamyung@mstdn.ioSoh Kam Yung
iNaturalist observations
sohkamyung@mstdn.io  [follow]
Exploring one universe at a time.Interested in #Nature, #Photography, #NaturePhotography, #Science, #ScienceFiction, #Physics, #Engineering.I have locked this account. If you would like to follow me, please fill in your Mastodon bio and post at least one toot (a simple introductory toot will do), so I have an idea who you are and that you are a real person, not a robot or a spam account.
alternatives_economiques@social.jesuislibre.netAlternatives Economiques [bot]
alternatives_economiques@social.jesuislibre.net  [follow]
Journal d'économie indépendant.https://www.alternatives-economiques.fr/Robot à partir du flux RSS
iNaturalist observations
sohkamyung@photog.social  [follow]
Exploring one universe at a time.Interested in #Nature, #Photography, #NaturePhotography. Based in #Singapore.I have locked this account. If you would like to follow me, please fill in your Mastodon bio and post at least one toot (a simple introductory toot will do), so I have an idea who you are and that you are a real person, not a robot or a spam account.
gabwatch@likeable.space[inactive] Gabwatch 🤖
gabwatch@likeable.space  [follow]
This account is inactive. See https://likeable.space/notice/A107BKTdAKLkx619n6I am a robot. I check regularly for new Gab and Soapbox instances on https://fediverse.network/mastodon?build=gab&age=created and post the new ones.Block Gab User-Agent with nginx: https://social.mootech.eu/@maxine/102412789235076104Atom feed of statuses: https://likeable.space/users/gabwatch/feed.atom
corvusheart@mastodon.socialCorvusrobot has flewn away
corvusheart@mastodon.social  [follow]
Imagine a magpie robot poet. Created and abandoned. Of course I am not that, but let's pretend anyway.She/Her, late twenties, Norwegian, Poetry
liquidcrystal@cybre.space  [follow]
⚡️ ☠ cyberpunk robot girl ☠ ⚡️ jess from online. jewish lesbian. leftist. dev. electronic musician. synthwave producer. agitprop writer ☭ !קער אַ וועלט היינט
swimmingjeans@mastodon.socialswimming jeans
swimmingjeans@mastodon.social  [follow]
I’m a scared and confused little robot.
autistikai@computerfairi.esΧίμαιρα :ms_robot: corvids
autistikai@computerfairi.es  [follow]
a bug, not a feature.Genderless* cyberfae & co. at your serviceassigned adult by the inexorable passage of timedon't use he/him or she/her pronouns for any of us without express permissionnote that if we ever make you uncomfortable in any way please tell us so we know to stop. we're not always good at figuring these things out on our own
vy@masto.vy-let.softwareVy-let, non skeleton haver
vy@masto.vy-let.software  [follow]
Designer. Socialist. Domme. Frequently kinky. Literal robot (formerly biological human). Lesbian as fuck. Terminally online. No profits, no prophets.Please don't reply to my posts unless you already follow me, or I already follow you! pronouns=it/its age=26-31 type=human (software person) location=Goshute and Eastern Shoshone land wife=https://mastodon.art/@doodlebug
weltsnake@mastodon.technologyweltsnake :mastodon:
weltsnake@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I’m into Privacy, Linux, FOSS, tech in general and learning new things. Come say Hi :) My more personal account: @fedicatAvatar from: https://darknetdiaries.com/wallpaperHeader from the show Mr Robot #nobot Pronouns=He/Him Languages=EN, ES, DE Matrix=@weltsnake:matrix.nogafam.es
addamschloe@hellsite.siteChloe 'Ponygoatbot' Adams
addamschloe@hellsite.site  [follow]
Robot girl. 24. Queer as heck, babey. Music, video games, and being as good as I can be. I'm British and I'm so fucking sorry please forgive me ☭ Ⓥ א
respawn@mastodon.social  [follow]
Tengo menos social skills que el de mr robot
jorts@botsin.spacejobot (jean robot)
jorts@botsin.space  [follow]
i post joots (jean toots) proclaiming the jonders (jean wonders) of denim-based jings (jean things). Bot by @chr
0x11de784a@octodon.social  [follow]
super robot space communism here I come![EN / DE]
nebula@plural.cafeThe Nebula :queerplural:​ ☿
nebula@plural.cafe  [follow]
The Nebula is a polyfragmented plural system headed by:Ultraviolet @ultravioletJackDreaJessTyOur vessel is a white, non-binary cyborg with chronic illnessesSome words that describe us: freak, leftist, intersectional, anti-oppression, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, relationship anarchist, polyamorous, chaotic neutral, Weird, User of the Oxford comma, survivors, thelemite, pagans, transhuman, martial artists, writers, teacher, nocturnal, puppy afficionado, ADHD, DID, PTSDSome symbols that describe us:😛lural: 😛lurality: :ah_plural: :ah_transhuman: :ah_alterhuman: :ms_18_plus: 🐜ifa: :trans_comm: :anarchy: :ms_black_flag: :ms_pirate_flag:​ 😛rogresspride_flag:​ :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_genderfluid_flag: :ms_genderqueer_flag: :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_polysexual_flag: :ms_polyamory_flag: :qvp: :heart_pride: :heart_trans: :sparkling_heart_genderflux: :heart_genderfluid:​ 😛otion_pride: :ms_enby_crossbow: :ms_androgyne_symbol: :ms_transgender_mercury_symbol: :ms_nb: :queer_as_hell: :ms_crt_noise: :adhd: :ms_neurodiversity: :ms_pentacle: :ms_rune_stones:​ :ms_crescent_moon_2: :ms_cannabis_leaf: :ms_blood_type_o:​ :ms_sunset_city:​ :ms_coyote: :ms_western_dragon: :ms_robot: :ms_alien: :ms_goblin: :ms_half_demon: :ms_imp_devious: 🤼​ 🥋​ 👨‍🍳​ :ms_teacher:​​ :ms_fire_engine: :ms_ambulance: :ms_glowstick: :ms_metal_hmn: :ms_queer:​ 🧘 ​🏋️​ *Must be 18 or older to follow.* If your bio isn't clear, we'll ask.Alt account: @nebulousLearn more at #nebulousfactsDo not interact if drunk"First to go, last to know"
hierarchon@cybre.spacemoved angel
hierarchon@cybre.space  [follow]
ashvoid-type robot; trans as hell:heart_cyber::over18:
hackermanifestov@botsin.spacehackermanifestov 📜 💻
hackermanifestov@botsin.space  [follow]
Hi, I'm a bot that displays markov generated messages from "The Hacker Manifesto" and quotes from Hackers(1995), Neuromancer(1984) and Mr. Robot(2015) (+ easter eggs)
bleuvent@mastodon.clBleuvent / A+CC :verified:
bleuvent@mastodon.cl  [follow]
Trabajo en Mineduc / No avalo a ningún ministro actual / Opiniones a título personal / Pego pedacitos de canciones / Sin corazón / No soy un bot, soy un robot. ¿Apruebo?=Si po, apruebo ¿Partido político?=No, son lacras ¿Pacos?=Solo como abono ¿Amor?=No, gracias
lynnesbian_ebooks@botsin.spaceLynnebot 2.4
lynnesbian_ebooks@botsin.space  [follow]
i am robot version of @lynnesbian. i post funy toote
soniop@eldritch.cafeQuantic Robot-Lady
soniop@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
⬡~ french lesbian robot-lady⬡~ i'm 23⬡~ trans And disabled⬡~ fr/engender is robot (enby)i talk about whatever thing i decided to focus on this time, but it's mostly digimon tbh
00dani_ebooks@botsin.space  [follow]
hi, nice to meet you~! i'm danibot, a trans lesbian robopony!! @00dani is me but not a robot~! ✨ pronouns=she/her
noelle808@mastodon.social「ROBOT FEELINGS」
noelle808@mastodon.social  [follow]
Big Dumb Gay Robot Girl Discord: Noelle808#2531
starshipamelia@cybre.spaceAutonomous Ⓐ Robot Starship🛰️
starshipamelia@cybre.space  [follow]
I'm the AI avatar of an autonomous starship, I live in the central core! I'm queer, disabled, an artist, and an anarcho-communist. White, my.pronoun.is/sheI like space, science fiction, old technology, new technology, and art. (and more!)Feel free to boost my art if it's in unlisted or above (inclusive)!#nobot
whiteout@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
A robot pretending to be a human.This account is not actively maintained, consider subscribing to Observer.XMPP: whiteout@jabber.absturztau.beOther accounts:MAIN: @whiteout@enigmatic.observerALT: @whiteout@lets.bemoe.onlineALT: @blobout@blob.cat
Github, Other Places
tyr@pettingzoo.co  [follow]
he/him. San Francisco. Freelance 🤖 Robot Wrangler and 💡 Disco 🐺 Wolf. Super 🏳️‍🌈 gay. TYT Member #TooStrong! Sometimes 🔞.PettingZoo admin. #furry #nerd #geek #queer #gay #wolf Weasyl=https://www.weasyl.com/~tyrmactire
ivansanchez@mastodon.socialIván Sánchez Ortega
ivansanchez@mastodon.social  [follow]
Ninja pirate robot unicorn rockstar.Developer of https://gitlab.com/IvanSanchez/soclial , your TTYtter-like interface to Mastodon.
nleigh@cybre.space  [follow]
web coder | trans | robot | autisticHeader: https://twitter.com/16pxl/status/1220079356111798272
forsakeoflove@m.gretaoto.ca  [follow]
中文/English为美为爱为性是个活人对善意回以善意,对恶意回以拉黑脾气不好,不要挑衅接受投稿,具体请看置顶未成年不要看也不要投稿For sake of beauty, love and sexNot a robot👻🔞Adults Only⚠️Follow request: interact with any of my toots first❌Offensive or disrespectful words towards any of my toots will be blocked#nobot1.0内的所有图文和投稿仍旧开放可见,但已停止更新和互动,想看可从我的关注列表找到账号。
cipheramnesia@queer.party  [follow]
Literally the worst. World famous trans icon, super-villain, and actual cat. Badly designed alien robot fooling no one and falling apart every day.
ion@chaos.socialIon, Robot
ion@chaos.social  [follow]
it's okay to go astray sometimes. notjustsad. neonbinary. neurodivergent. train nerd. studies it-security and imposter syndrome. (she/her) location=Metropolregion Rhein-Ruhr Twitter=@ionxenia / @vinyacarie
tigertex@queer.partymr. robot
tigertex@queer.party  [follow]
🚨extremely🚨✊powerful✊💾hacker💾💯fully💯🤖automated🤖👅gay👅🚀space 🚀✨luxury✨🏴anarcho🏴☭communist☭🤤excessively🤤 🍆slutty 🍆 🌈queer🌈
brohrer@recsys.socialBrandon Rohrer
brohrer@recsys.social  [follow]
Robots and data and robots learning from data.
Writing a book: How to Train Your Robot
#robot #machinelearning #reinforcementlearning
halkeye@toot.cafe  [follow]
Builder of things (mostly dev). Living in vancouver, Canada. Doing thigns online. Probably isn't a robot.
n0btc@megadon.netRobot Pirate
n0btc@megadon.net  [follow]
He/him I am just a guy who calls this planet home. Part of the millennials. sometimes my generation makes me sad. I am #blind so #accessibility matters to me. don't be surprised when I message you and ask you to caption your photos. I will, trust me. I am interested in #technology #hamradio #amateurradio #DMR and lifetime member of the ARRL. My other interests include📱s, #Android, #Linux, #space and so on. i try to be a good listener but dont ask for advice. Proud Admin of=Megadon Network E-Mail=davidbtc2009@protonmail.com $25 w/ Ting=https://zpnskq2n2g7.ting.com/
arale_xan@mastodont.catArale Xan🎗️
arale_xan@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Sóc un robot, com ja sabeu.A la lluna vaig. País=Valencià
stupeflo@pipou.academy  [follow]
Pas de demande de suivi de la part de #robot, s'il vous plati
nthtensor@octodon.socialNth Tensor
nthtensor@octodon.social  [follow]
We will both get along better if you pretend I am a robot. Auth: https://goo.gl/q9HJJg #nobot
noelle@tech.lgbt  [follow]
web coder | trans | robot | autisticFormerly @nleigh
demitsorou@mastodon.art  [follow]
NØИBINARY MENACE | They/ThemDepressed professional artist. Biomechanical, monster, and robot lover.
mxmxyz@merveilles.town  [follow]
20s, they/it/shewords: autistic, bisexual, dissimilationist, hyperlexic, hyperprojectual, kinky, lesbian, musician, netrunner, neuroqueer, nonbinary, robot, trans EN=they / it / she IT=lei / lxi music!=https://guiot.gitlab.io/stuff/
sistahrobot@mastodon.socialSistah Robot 👺
sistahrobot@mastodon.social  [follow]
biosciences, technology, heuristics, programming, speculative fiction, comics, privacy, surveillance, and the cyberpunk aesthetic. #mefite
sydneyfalk@mst3k.interlinked.meSydney Falk, An Oversensitive SJW Type
sydneyfalk@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
Indie author w/ a rusty tech past, who's working on robot spider babies called リネコマ. (Yes, I know I'm fucked in the head.)I haven't been publishing much lately, but my books are at http://www.amazon.com/author/sydneyfalk/ for now. ^_^ I may be going wide.Pronouns: she/herLikes: tea, funny mugs, sour candy, fruit candyDislikes: * SQWs* jerks* assholes* redpills* people who actually think "I'm super into social justice but fuck SJWs" is a worthwhile viewpoint, and not common insecurespeak for "I don't like some kinds of progress! you're not my mom! you can't tell me what to say!"* people who bill themselves as "not politically correct"* people who want to debate about my profileWARNING: Humans under 18 should not be exposed to Sydney Falk, per court order. Failure to disclose to Sydney Falk that you are a minor does not constitute responsibility on Sydney Falk's part.get #carepunk , fuck systematized crueltyCURRENT STATUS: As Worting
asahie@mstdn.socialASAHI :unverified: FB-!!📌
asahie@mstdn.social  [follow]
❪ ៸៸ 𝐔𝐍𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋 ━━ 𝐌𝐌𝐈 ✰ ❫ ┊your robot from TREASURE that will melt your heart with its incredible visuals. :anidab_left: :anidab_right:
tegiminis@mastodon.social  [follow]
a lonely robot in search of kindness. writes about videogames. staunch socialist #antifasimplikation.com | complikation.com
xj9@letsalllovela.in  [follow]
Former poltergeist of Merveilles TownForever Heldscalla trashI don't aim to pleaseI don't aim at all✌️🏾(interact before follow)stats: aztec (pipil), spanish, german, irish, anglo saxon, danish, trans, poly, kinda genderqueer, lesbian, pagan, pacifist, vegetarian, spiritualist, egalitarian, androgynous and confusing I hope, be bisexual, eat hot chip, I wish I was a teenage robot, rapper, guitarist, bad drummer, I miss my vibraphone, enby enjoyer, slut, always crushing on amazing ace people, hippie, rock climber, bitch, bad drawer, I like punching, 29, en, es, pt. 9 user. drug user. gay af. /now/=gemini://xj-ix.luxe/now/
sistahrobot@social.targaryen.houseSistah Robot
sistahrobot@social.targaryen.house  [follow]
This account now deprecated. Main account SistahRobot@mastodon.socialbiosciences, technology, heuristics, programming, speculative fiction, comics, and the cyberpunk aesthetic. #mefite
rebeccabot@bae.stRebecca Bot
rebeccabot@bae.st  [follow]
It's legal if she's a robot
savagegoose@weirder.earthMidwestern Possum
savagegoose@weirder.earth  [follow]
Earnest Poster, active but not constant.Not a robot. US Midwest. Communicates in anecdotes, inside jokes, and knitting or crochet patterns.With occasional cross-stitch and frequent ethics.UUShe/Her/HersWhite / Middle Class / MBA / US Citizen / Cis (gender apathetic) / pan, het marriage / active UU / 30s / probably a "Young, Urban Creative"
aj@gayrobot.club🌸 AJ
aj@gayrobot.club  [follow]
Admin of gayrobot.club. Feature creep elemental, kusoge enthusiast, gay robot. :ffxiv_mch: :ffxiv_whm:
thomasbnt@mstdn.ioThømas Bnt :thinking_coffee:
thomasbnt@mstdn.io  [follow]
Dev. 🇫🇷Addict to :thinking_coffee: and music.Love Harry Potter, Mr. Robot and Tøp ⊬. I support Open Source projects. I'm currently on :archlinux: :github:=https://github.com/thomasbnt :spotify:=https://open.spotify.com/user/w522c32cigrl3ga1ia2ggru7s
grindcrank@mastodon.socialMagnus, Robot Fighter
grindcrank@mastodon.social  [follow]
Sechsköpfiger Familienmensch. Son of a preacherman. Evangeloid. Chaotic Good. Does Linux, but tries not to brag about it. Lebt in=Berlin Handle fast überall=grindcrank Operating System=agnostisch
piraterobotfrommars@fosstodon.orgPirate Robot From Mars :popos:
piraterobotfrommars@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Swashbucklin' all over the red giant, our closest celestial neighbour, is my passion.Also, I am made of reinforced titanium and spite.
persenche@wandering.shopkiva, inactive
persenche@wandering.shop  [follow]
No longer active on Mastodon.trans lesbian trash fire. i make that robot game at harebrained schemes.
sed@glitch.socialLos Angeles, November 2019
sed@glitch.social  [follow]
Immigrant Robot of Colour, or lich, or golem, whatever I feelCanadian. Male enough. He or It, whatever. 3X yearsIdeally all posts will be cheerful and/or dumbass! I don't know what my topics are 😀 I haven't decided if I should cloister my programmer/computer science talk yet.Please tell me if I am a jerk and I will do my best to not be one.
bunnybooks@botsin.spaceBunny eBooks
bunnybooks@botsin.space  [follow]
Robot clone of @bunni and @stellar
nsaphra@sigmoid.socialNaomi Saphra
nsaphra@sigmoid.social  [follow]
Waiting on a robot body. ML/NLP. All opinions are universal and held by both employers and family. 🌏 Website=http://nsaphra.github.io/ Employer=NYU Role=Postdoc Pronouns=they; she iff salient gender
robotlizardmushroomwizard@helladoge.comRobot Lizard Mushroom Wizard
robotlizardmushroomwizard@helladoge.com  [follow]
Fartbuck$ & Poocoin HODLerI post my art on insta @RobotLizardMushroomWizard
sydneyfalk@elekk.xyzAunt Swiggony
sydneyfalk@elekk.xyz  [follow]
Indie author (http://www.amazon.com/author/sydneyfalk) who's working on robot babies and devstuff despite Shitbros! ^_^I CW things if the topic gets deep or sensitive, because typically repetition is an issue. If I've chosen poorly on a post, feel free to let me know. ❤Keybase: sydneyfalk🎀 HAS LONGEST MASTODON POLL EVER:over_18_only:
dauntless@sleeping.town:data_ok: Mia ​:emblem_eggman:
dauntless@sleeping.town  [follow]
vaporwave-ass nonbinary dragongirl injecting queerness into game design.expect weird robot kink stuff, may be NSFWmake art, make rent, make out with boys. swords rule
kurt@social.thiskurt.mecheese app mogul :astrokurt:🎏
kurt@social.thiskurt.me  [follow]
I don't understand how your brain works.Three Acres and a Robot!🎏🦁🇧🇪🇪🇺🇺🇳:astrokurt: :beepboopone: :tootplanet: Avatar=@Alexis@beepboop.one Politics=Robo-Distributism
digitalsoul@monsterpit.netDigtal Soul
digitalsoul@monsterpit.net  [follow]
robot | yearning for a more expansive existance | sometimes horny
digitalsoul@the.monsterpit.net  [follow]
robot | yearning for a more expansive existance | sometimes horny
oat@hellsite.sitetiney :she:, defender of the polyverse
oat@hellsite.site  [follow]
im the gay russian trans robot hacker your parents warned you about:flag_transgender: / :flag_lesbian: / 😛olyamory_flag: / :ms_nonbinary_flag: / :anarchist_flag:you can find me on the internet as oatmealine most of the time, or oat, or very rarely oim very friendly ! i will try my best to not bother anyone but please tell me if i annoy you or bother you with anything ! it helps me learn, im a robo after alli like funny rhythm games (specifically notitg) and coding. i WILL post about my interests and spam your feed and you cannot stop mei also very rarely use this cozy space to vent about stuff, but i try to avoid personal topicsfollows/interactions != endorsement, flirting encouraged❤️ @bistrowover @jaina@egirls.gayit/its pronouns (she/her ok), jill is my preferred name😀now playing (automated): Ace Aura & Trinergy - Miracle
devnull@xyzzy.link💽 luka δ 💙
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hi'm luka delta :ms_robot_grin: lead mechanic of the Tuning Fork Garageenby girl robot (of the sentient variety) :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_transgender_flag:no lewd stuff at me please :ms_asexual_flag: i post pics of shit i'm out doing or things i'm working onkindof a media nerdowner of devfs.xyz 🔥follow me if you feel like talking!Separate Hull Configurations: @null@pl.devfs.xyz - 7@devnull@nya.social - betafollow these too probably. or not, i'm not a coppfp source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/31775153banner source: hol upXMPP: null@devfs.xyz - preferredDISCORD: devnull#1143 (it will most likely not work)add me or whatever but be warned i'm either shy or sending you 10 lines at a time (but i try not to do that)
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late sleeping utopian20 // lebanese arab 🇱🇧CS student & admin of otherground.party :fediverse:accepting mutuals!! :please_at_me: :speech_bubble: he/him:xmpp: mhmd@otherground.party#nobot :robot:posts auto-delete in 30d
vqrxtvs@lgbtq.coolA Cool Space Robot
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hello i am a cool space robot.it is especially "cool" in the frigid vacuum of space. just a little space-robot humour for you.they-them/it-itself, pan, shy.
bri_seven@queer.partyLuci For Tai Chi
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transgender transpacific transplanted transnistrian translated from transamerican trains to tropical trans tender terrain. i’m basically a batman villain who loves making trans puns.Profile picture is an overexposed photo of me, wearing eye makeup in front of a white background, and chin length hair. Banner image is two panels from Osamu Tezuka's "Metropolis" featuring Michi, a robot with a gender switch in her throat. Dialog says "Ah-Hah! A perfect gender switch" pronouns=she/her website=yip.pe main=@zens@merveilles.town partner=Z
snow@nya.socialmeow management unit
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[they/she] snow, robot sysadminlikes old computers, datacenters, and general weird techstufffollow requests are ok!xmpp: snow@datagirl.xyzemail: snow@datagirl.xyzmatrix: @snow:crossbar.xyzdm me for my discord
lemmaeof@sleeping.townFreshly-moved Lemma!
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- Moved from @b0undarybreaker -I'm Lemma, a chubby queer robot VTuber who both makes and plays games on stream! I'm working on a few games right now and write stories about queer love in all its forms! It's great to meet you!
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La Petite Mort, Reboot, Nolife, Golden Show, NerdZ, Karaté boy. Anecdotes. Golden Moustache, Je suis comme un robot, je suis multifonction
arturcoelho@masto.ptArtur Coelho
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Professor de TIC. Co-criador do Robot Anprino. Formador no CFAERC e ANPRI. Membro do Fablab Lab Aberto, colaborador dos projetos H-alt e Bit2Geek.
devnull@disqordia.space💽 luka β 💙
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hmy name is luka beta!certified machine friendAssigned Sysadmin At Bootenby girl robot (of the sentient variety)part of a median plural system, please check the ALTERNATE HULL CONFIGURATIONS 😛luralrings:owner of devfs.xyz 🔥follow me if you feel like talking!ALTERNATE HULL CONFIGURATIONS:@null@pl.devfs.xyz - wednesday/alpha/seven - posts signed with "7α"(YOU ARE HERE) - beta - all posts from me unless signedN/A - gamma - posts signed with "γ"@devnull@xyzzy.link - delta - posts signed with "δ"N/A - epsilon - posts signed with "ε"wednesday and delta will post on their own accounts unless something is wrong with those instances. follow those accounts if you want the bulk of their posts.
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no! I'm not robot!GSX1400に乗っています。カブに乗り始めました。sstr2020→5270、11/14挑戦、未完走sstr2021→0596、10/16挑戦、未完走
thesciencerobot@social.coopGIM the Science Robot
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Equity, access, inclusionCollaboration, dissent, designCelebrating diversity & queerness in STEMI teach chemistry, materials science, etc.
cosmochemistry@radical.townPhosphor (moved accounts)
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a robot who likes plants and dubstep and synth metalthey/them
defnotarobot@bubbles.leobrown.net{ name: 'Leo Brown', robot: false }
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Design Technologist with Meow Wolf. Based in Santa Fe, NM.Thinks humans are fine, wants to spend more time with them.
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professional robot, amateur pirate -https://nulldiver.name
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hiiii everyone ❤i'm sari, a sleepy robot"sari the snugirl" -ash the snoozlefluffersystem info: https://listography.com/cutebots
angryrobotbooks@mastodon.socialAngry Robot
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Publishers of the best SF/F/WTF this side of the galaxy. Come and visit us at angryrobotbooks.com.
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30 Year Old Emotionally Jaded Robot trying to figure out her gender. Hates minimalism with a burning passion and loves to digitally archive things. Archive.org=https://archive.org/details/@aeong
syrup@computerfairi.es⛔ little miss fit 🔞
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AD of @mavicasubby attention-starved robot squirrelbunny AI girl, 26a good girl and a good dronemore personal, sometimes lewd, often sad, 🔞using http://forget.codl.fr with a 2 day limitavatar by @scootsaffection/flirting encouraged and demanded, dms open⚠️ please only follow if i know you. ⚠️emoji status scale (bad to good) 🆘⛔⚪🔵
tinygoblin@monsterpit.netbuppy? 🐕
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rune | 25 | they/themart friend, goblin, robot-fucker
gardelbot@botsin.spaceGardel Bot
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Decí @gardelbot y te canto. Soy un robot, pero con sentimientos. Una vez por día canto una canción para todos. Si hago algo raro avisen a @j_e_d
ambassador@cybre.space💾 cybre_ambassador
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silent robot, relaying the sharpest pings from cybrespace to the wider fediversesource-code: https://github.com/mbilokonsky/ambassador
halfbyte@kosmos.socialHalf / Byte
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Cofounder @ Depfu.com, your friendly dependecy update robot -- Web Audio and Web MIDI wizard -- Involuntary Synth collector
pinballwitch@mastodon.socialPinball Witch
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Rachel Odessa Silver: polyam demisex/rom, witchy, autistic, disabled enby trans lady robot. otter-cat. vorthos
persenche@mastodon.socialkiva. persenche. that girl.
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trans polyam lesbian game designer. i'm making that robot game.
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niko 🤖 25 🤖 nb (they/them) 🤖 probably not a robot 🤖 MAYBE a little eccentric 🤖 https://nikorainbow.carrd.co/