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cambrian_era@radical.townMagical Girlboss
cambrian_era@radical.town  [follow]
radmin of radical.townI also have a queer-friendly Discord at https://discord.gg/au56KhA
maffsie@queer.partyyour purple friend
tip jar
maffsie@queer.party  [follow]
absurd purple dweeb, nb/gay/poly, they/them pronouns pls. smooching @htw and @colon_three. runs queer.party. maffsie on birdsite pronouns=they/them www=maff.scot birdsite=@maffsie
Blog, Images
leah@chaos.social  [follow]
Impfluencerin · Kommunikationsaktivistin · infrastructure · photography · queer activism · Bouldern · RaumZeitLabor · MRMCD · 🏳️‍🌈 · :polyamory_flag: · :lesbian_flag:also running chaos.social#nobot Languages=de/en Pronouns=she/her
tindall@cybre.space✨Nora Tindall
tindall@cybre.space  [follow]
nora / child of the great comet / she / jewish / queer / full time engineer / code witch / bit bender / airwave jockey / microkernel-basedco-author of "Programming Rust" from O'Reilly, with Jim Blandy and Jason OrendorffSigny Mallory did nothing wrong---we only in creation / (how much luckier the bridge and rail) / abide the twin damnation / to fail and know we failed---we don't need miracles to tumble from the sky / to part the seas around us or turn water into wine / we are the miracles, we happen all the time---"queerness is a long thread of hurt. what are you going to mend with it?" - Sage Scrittore
sean@social.deadsuperhero.comSean Tilley
sean@social.deadsuperhero.com  [follow]
I wear my heart on my sleeve. Queer as a 3-dollar bill. For my job, I maintain avionics systems on super old F-16 fighter jets. In my spare time, I try to make crappy 320x200 retro adventure games, and also run a few public services for the fediverse. You may have heard of WeDistribute or VidCommons, or maybe Spectra Video?I've been on the Fediverse for nearly 15 years. Been using some kind of Linux as a daily driver for even longer. 📰 Blog=https://deadsuperhero.com/ 📺 Videos=@seantilley@spectra.video 🎶 Music=@deadsuperhero@open.audio ⚒️ Code=https://codeberg.org/deadsuperhero 🎮 GameDev=@UnicornSausage 🜁 SSB=`@gbOdT/20VK66u2p/nYr3foBxcLC3F9YCD7KPgFAieuc=.ed25519`
extinct@redroo.mlCafe Batstelo :sip:
portfolio, i stream art on, support on
extinct@redroo.ml  [follow]
queer ass lil purple batnikkei (sansei) & NDN (pomo/konkow maidu)full-time freelance illustrator and comic artistcommissions OPEN:nb: :ag: :heart_pan: :heart_aro: [they/them]♍ :commie::18only:knzk forever#nightcrew AD/nsfw art alt=@xxxinks
continuation@mastodon.onlineMichael - [ now is the time ]
continuation@mastodon.online  [follow]
Student of life, the universe, and everything. Engaged #Buddhism in #PlumVillage tradition of #ThichNhatHanh. #Dharma and cosmic #interbeing. Aspiring to be a noble continuation. May all beings be safe, happy, and free.Migrant in BC #Canada on a forest island in the sea. Writing #anthropology #PhD on the search for life in #SETI and #astrobiology.Fediverse since '17 - #fedi22#Zen #Vegan #Queer #AutisticAvatar: Thich Nhat Hanh[calligraphy: now is the time]
haskal@cybre.spacewitch hat hacker 🎃 spooky ver
haskal@cybre.space  [follow]
cyberfae batdagn : witch hat hacker : seepy cosyen_US/hu_HU/🏴‍☠️​:nonbinary_flag:​🦈✨/20s/she/her/they/them/fae/faersystems hecker, cons artist, blåhaj haver, -1x engineer, server maid, yak shaver, water drinker, holdable friend : trans rights :transgender_pride_potion: :nonbinary_potion: :demigirl_potion: :bisexual_potion: :pansexual_potion: :demisexual_potion: :queer_pride_potion: :dragnsip: i make a lot of private posts. if you want to follow me your profile should not be completely blank and you need pronouns. see my pins for some more info ~!made BLÅHAJ CTF, the world's first CTF team with plush sharks | https://blahaj.awoo.systems"a computer wizard whos really smart and drinks lots of water :blobcatblush:" ~ @iitalics (❤️)"a veritable machine and it is an h o n o r to know u" ~ @wgahnagl"have you seen haskal recently they're fucking adorable" ~ @steph"hak = a cta, dagn & bat in a coat" ~ @sidd_harth0_5h4hfff433fff8e79b59d02d2d2d web=https://tilde.town/~haskal xmpp, matrix=see web ^ gender=; gender: undefined; ; cannot reference an identifier before its definition ; in module: top-level ; [,bt for context]
roh@mastodon.artROH, 🏳️‍🌈 🇧🇷 💚
Ichi.io, Instagram
roh@mastodon.art  [follow]
32, queer, orc, brazillian | he/she | i create things. paintings | game dev | graphic design | music
disco_socialist@mastodon.socialwholesome disco socialist
disco_socialist@mastodon.social  [follow]
🧔🏾 biracial 🏳️‍🌈 queer 👨🏾‍🏭 working class & ☭
crimsontentacles@mastodon.art  [follow]
Call me Alq | Game graphic/Illustrator/Concept artist by daylight | Queer Cryptid by moonlight | May post creepy stuff, viewer discretion advised
colon_three@icosahedron.websiteNoah Bonkmachine
colon_three@icosahedron.website  [follow]
Thirty something scottish queer nb fuzzy kitty friend•retro (and current!) computin' tootin'•demoscene appreciator•fash-free zone•infosec cat in training
webmind@social.weho.st  [follow]
Education, Queer, Mathematics, Politics, Ethics, Technology, Privacy, Photography, NB!=BPosts OC under CC-BY-SA 4.0 [u2m.nl]
slightlyflightyone@vulpine.clubJamie J
slightlyflightyone@vulpine.club  [follow]
queer | she/her/they/them | post-capitalist | environmentalist | feminist | pirate | vegan | security enthusiast | anarchist | settler | solunarpunk | boostableAdd me on your favorite messengerDiscord: Jamie#7563Telegram: https://t.me/slightlyflightyonemy puppy: @shiromy slixxy: @xenonmy ratty: @lex_than_three@twitter.commy goat: @melfryyy@twitter.commy panda: @mcool1956@twitter.commy puppy: @arch15@furaffinity.net Gender=engaysbian (she/they/daddi/knight) Location=Portland (land stolen from the Chinook people) Places I Like to Visit=Seattle and Vancouver Fursona=Crys the Red Panda
shonalika@deadinsi.de  [follow]
they/themhey it's me the one who yells at people on youtube and also likes wholesome interactions with lovely queers and queer-adjacents on mastodon himaking music with @powderpaintfollow reqs welcome (have some stuff in your bio)
dzuk@weirder.earthDzuk (Commissions open!)
Webby, Twitter
dzuk@weirder.earth  [follow]
Big queer goblinSoutheast UK / late 20s / poly / socialist / :nonbinary_flag: / :demisexual_flag: / :bear_flag:Pronouns: ze/zirCreator of :headpats: @mutantstdI'm a designer I guess.ACAB, Antifa, Trans Rights and all that.
dersteppenwolfjj@bgme.me  [follow]
厌倦就是高度发展物种之标志 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 Queer feminist=伊/They JJBA|LOTR |Hades= Panromantic 泛性戀=
vkc@mspsocial.netvkc // Veronica Explains
Website, Patreon
vkc@mspsocial.net  [follow]
Linux mom! Nerdy Minneapolitan making videos about Linux, retro tech, and other geeky topics. COBOL dev who's trying hard to switch to web and open-source design. Lifelong musician. Abolitionist! Doesn't think twice about blocking rude folks. Queer lady married to @jacqui. Linux is awesome, and so are you!List-o-tags: #Linux #Minneapolis #Retro #RetroTech #Music Videos (Peertube)=https://tilvids.com/c/veronicaexplains_channel/ Videos (YouTube)=https://youtube.com/veronicaexplains
ticky@cybre.space  [follow]
Cute queer cybersorceress ✨Rad software maker 🖥Aspiring nomad 🌏💜
volt4ire@mastodon.socialvolt4ire 🌹
Instagram, Twitter, Homepage
volt4ire@mastodon.social  [follow]
leftist. gaymer. infosec. FOSS. co-host of @HackerRadioShow. Columbia University '18.EN/ES/IT/עברית#infosec #privacy #FOSS #KDE #freesoftware #p2p #GNU #Linux #gaymer #LGBT #queer #NYC #NewYork #Manhattan #Buffalo #Montreal #Quebec Location=NYC & Montreal via Buffalo
trungles@mastodon.social  [follow]
Erstwhile doodle bud and peanut lover. Your local queer tarot-slingin' witch boy.Website: http://www.trungles.com/Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/trungles
queeranarchism@anarchism.space  [follow]
Queer Anarchism#nobots or followers with 0 toots or profile
audreyjune@radical.townEvery time we fuck, we win
audreyjune@radical.town  [follow]
A proud queer trans lesbian (she/her) Capital-F FemmePolyam t4TAnarchist w/o adjectives|Kinky af|30s|Soccer fan| Brattiest Bottom on FediLittle GirlMommy Chicken ChampionCo-parent with @caprimoon
moiety@queer.gardenZoë, is cool
moiety@queer.garden  [follow]
Head Gardener at Queer Garden. Non-binary lady. Pronouns: they/she. White.🌱 Love the earth🔬 Love science🛰 Love space💕 Love youPlease avoid male and supposedly neutral words such as: dude, pal, and buddy.
ticky@octodon.social  [follow]
Cute queer cybersorceress ✨Rad software maker 🖥Aspiring nomad 🌏💜
powderpaint@glitch.social  [follow]
queer synthpop duo@shonalika and @envgen
vicorva@social.scribblers.clubThe Crow Witch 🌙
vicorva@social.scribblers.club  [follow]
Hi, I'm V.I write fantasy with warmth and weirdness.Author, narrator, gamer, dungeon master.It turns out that I am a weird person on the internet.Queer, fat, autistic, anxious, and awkward.No flirts, please.Feel free to follow!Avatar by Waldweg: https://ko-fi.com/waldweg
sallystrange@eldritch.cafeSally Strange
sallystrange@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Chronic illness, probably neuroatypical, queer af. White & anti-whiteness. #SolarPunk #Climate #StrawBale #YouTubeMusicGems #LivingMachine #Roofing #Crochet
zest@dragon.styledragon chew toy
zest@dragon.style  [follow]
🔞 i'm ember! (it/she/they) | kobold | 30 | all kinds of queer | trying its best | full of love | bites (but only cuz it likes you)my beautiful thembo wife:🐱💍 💜💜 @Mirinamy wondrous majestic dragon::dragn_mlem: 💛🧡 @chr☕ https://ko-fi.com/glitterdisaster
heckthecistem@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
white, trans, system of 9, we make the food and shitpost queer as in fuck you, leftist as in fuck me i don't know mod of anticapitalist.party pronouns=she/her selfies=okay to boost
fluffy@mastodon.socialfluffy 💜
fluffy@mastodon.social  [follow]
Seattle-based musical critter who also makes code, comics, games and bad decisions. Vaguely friend-shaped. Fibro-spoony, queer, and anxious as h*ck. Handle with care. ⚧ Pronouns=she/they 💬 Website=http://beesbuzz.biz/ 📕 Story time=http://🐙🍔.tk
fillertrack@slime.global📼 your cow GF🔞
fillertrack@slime.global  [follow]
Queer socialist. Powerful grackle. Want to make video games and mixtapes. CW: horns and kinky. Posting a lot of kink, all tagged ofc. Flirts and DMs are cool but at least talk a bit publicly first. Donations appreciatedko-fi.com/fillertrackpaypal.me/imack666 Pronouns=they/she/it Age=28 Horny Posts=Yes, 18+ only Flirts=Friends only
modernmodron@slime.global  [follow]
Queer as heck and tooting about it.Not a real Tom.Genderfluid - she/they33 and still kickin' pixel art= #gameing= Mushrooms= https://mozz.itch.io/=
azurehusky@yiff.life:collar: Good Girl Energy
azurehusky@yiff.life  [follow]
Trans enby woman. 37. A blue dog and powerful force of glitter. Polyamorous, demisexual, bi demi dyke, femme, queer as heck. Azure_Husky on birdsite. No minors please.
pbandkate@radical.townpeanut BOO and kate
pbandkate@radical.town  [follow]
queer | leftist | chaotic cute[she, her]i have a girlfriend and her name is @Zoe and she is a very powerful witch so be nice to meknzk forever in my heart
fluffy@indieweb.social  [follow]
Seattle-based musical critter who also makes code, comics, games and bad decisions. Vaguely friend-shaped. Fibro-spoony, queer, and anxious as h*ck. Handle with care.
io@rva.partyio :ancomheart:
io@rva.party  [follow]
🔥 fiery but sweet ☺️he/him • 25 • queer • hackersome kinda syndicalist ancomrecent import to the netherlandsdms and :headpats: welcomethis account is 🔞 for occasional lewd text#nobot
vicorva@mastodon.artV, The Umbreon Witch
vicorva@mastodon.art  [follow]
Hi, I'm V.I write fantasy with warmth and weirdness.Author, narrator, gamer, dungeon master.It turns out that I am a weird person on the internet.Queer, fat, autistic, anxious, and awkward.No flirts, please.Feel free to follow!
gnccentric@spinster.xyz🦎GNC Centric :flag_lesbian:
YouTube, PayPal, Patreon, Gettr
gnccentric@spinster.xyz  [follow]
lesbian | reidentified dyke | 2nd wave feminist | queer cult escapee #IStandWithKeiraBell
lydia@chaos.socialMichelle Morris
lydia@chaos.social  [follow]
(she/her) ∞ #neurodivergent ⚢ queer trans woman ♡ Amber Morris ⚑ 1312
macgueurle@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Montréal, Québec. Grey haired lesbian getting whiter hair every day. Lesbian, NOT queer. Lesbian = woman who is romantically and sexually attracted to women. Woman = adult human female. There is no such thing as a woman with a penis. Twitter banned me for my opinions. Going from agnostic to atheist according to the weather. French is my mother tongue.
ary@soc.punktrash.club  [follow]
✨ Cute Entropy Girl ✨she/they ; both welcome.elle/aelle/ael ; plutôt elle, neutre apprécié ; accords fem+ neutre~+« petite ombre fatiguée »« Big Raccoon Energy »_// PUNK WIFE PUNK LIFE_// Antifa, Queer, Punk enby grrrl 🏴 _// Borderline, ADHD, EDS ♿✊ backup account : @ary@octodon.socialTute la noiantaille abhorre la mareschaussée 🔥Die ganze Welt hasst die Polizei 🔥🏴 ⒶⒸⒶⒷ 🏴
melgillman@mastodon.socialMelanie Gillman
melgillman@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer nonbinary cartoonist! I'm drawing As the Crow Flies (Iron Circus) and Stage Dreams (Lerner/Graphic Universe). They/them.
witchy@redroo.mlmiserable nonbinary candy
witchy@redroo.ml  [follow]
♡ nat/nadia | 27 | white cuban latine | queer | they ♡aspiring milf. not actually a mom.
wewereseeds@sunbeam.cityLunarpunk of Ruin
wewereseeds@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Sunbeam has a history of silencing People of Color when they speak out about marginalization within the co-op and the instance in general. If you'd like to hear a history of Sunbeam, I've been a part of this instance for over a year. I am back ONLY because I know that if the co-op isn't being held to task, loudly and persistently, this will happen again.Sunbeam now has a week to hire a diversity advisor using their new communication tools. Let's hope they don't burn out the new volunteers. Carin=25 They/them=Queer White=Plural Dismantle=Sunbeam
anarkat@hackers.townAnarkat, Head Mediator‽
anarkat@hackers.town  [follow]
Not the leader of mediators, but the mediator of the things in my head.Polyam, pansexual, queer, by choice.Forgiving yourself for the things you have done is a step to deciding to make choices for yourself.Please tell me if I'm wrong about something. I want to know, and people don't like it when I read their mind.Money is a helpful toolhttps://ko-fi.com/anarkat:boost_ok:Normally available 2 - 7.5 (DIT)@deca_time
crowdagger@icosahedron.websiteLIZZIE CROWDAGGER
Site, Github, Tipeee
crowdagger@icosahedron.website  [follow]
J'écris des histoires de fantasy avec des lesbiennes punks, des sorcières trans et des skinheads garous.mais bon je poste un peu n'importe quoi, souvent plus ou moins militant mais aussi des images de chatons ou de voitures.I write queer fantasy novels involving punk lesbians and vampires but they are in french. I sometimes post in english but most often in french too.
xenon@sleeping.townXenon Fiber System
xenon@sleeping.town  [follow]
they/them (collectively), trans, queer, polyam, fat, disabled, otherkin, plural, :heart_pride:​🏴Ⓐslox(taur)/fox enby lady 🤐enon: (they/she) 🤐enon_heart:💙 wife of demon dogdemon goat boy (he/him) 🖤freya dragon (she/her) :freya_heart: 💜freya raccooncat (she/her) :freya_heart: 💜clementine shark (i'm a femboy) (he/him (and she/her)) 🧡demon dog (any pronouns) 🤍 wife of sloxcherry, opossum/robot bunny (she/her) short, fat, and cute ❤️denise hyena (she/her)we're over 18. white bodied (and anti-whiteness)follow requests welcome
johnbrownjr@jorts.horse  [follow]
Jhey (rhymes with 'they')I came here to incite civil disobedience and make friends,,, and I’m all outta friends.ancom, demcon, thembo, dilf, queer pinko commieim non-binary, gender-fluid,usually gender neutral-masc on this acct.im usually my other genders on other accts.feel free to ask, but if you're unsure: [they/them](dude/bro/king/queen/sis/sib) whatever is cool,just no formal pronouns (sir/ma'am/mister, etc)[I am white]‼️Free Abdullah Ocalan‼️
fuchsia@trollian.spaceMY FISH WIFE :feferi: :feferia:
fuchsia@trollian.space  [follow]
Feferi || 18 || they/them/their❤️ @Erifin ❤️❤️ @psiioniic ❤️:ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_demisexual_flag: :ms_agender_flag: :ms_queer: :ms_polyamory_flag: :ms_ace_sign: 🦑 Token Horrorcutie 🦑RP, Kin, and furry mixtureLegendary ScaryFefmom!:hs_hope: :derse: Lord of Hope!👑 Notable Miranda kin! 👑@vanderbilt is my roleplay account!
irick@vulpine.club⦺ irick 🐁🐈⚩
irick@vulpine.club  [follow]
| hacker | autistic | queer | ᴜɴɪx | mitten | enby | mage | relationship + political anarchist | fluffyboi |I am a computer scientist with a philosophical bent. I do ludology for fun. #nobot(I am sometimes lewd, if you are under 18, plz do not.) Species=Mitten Pronouns=Any Hit Die=12d8 Class=Factotum
saxxon@yiff.life  [follow]
33 :: Wisconsin :: code+ :: music++ :: fox+++ :: ask me anything :: icon @chuxen@queer.party :: header @tailtufts :: chill mod
nova@hachyderm.ioKris Nóva
Twitter, Twitch, Author
nova@hachyderm.io  [follow]
Cybersecurity. Cybereconomics. OSINT. Hacker. Linux. Kubernetes. Author. Investor. Queer. Neurodivergent. Autistic. Coffee. Pronouns=She/Her
draekos@yiff.lifeJust a dumb little kobl
draekos@yiff.life  [follow]
Draekos /drākōs/ : queer artist, furry trash, bad at video games, pun enthusiast, hecking dumspter fire of a human being, 18+ NSFW content
crowdagger@eldritch.cafeLIZZIE CROWDAGGER
Site, Utip
crowdagger@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Écrivaine holistique de fictions de fantasy queer avec des lesbiennes vampires des sorcières trans et des punks garoues.Aussi je rage sur la politique, je shitposte, et je parle de Chachat 😻 Github (fiction)=https://github.com/crowdagger
violet@cybre.spaceviolet :heart_trans: Ⓐ ☭
violet@cybre.space  [follow]
24. las vegas. college student just trying to get a degree in computer science, one failed class at a time. mi sona lili e toki pona. nimi mi pi toki pona li jan Piletetomi lahren called me a "godless queer" to my face and all i got was this silly line in my biomy gf @katherine is very prettyhrt: 2020-01-13fediversary: 2018-10-05don't follow if you're under 18feel free to follow req if you've interacted with one of my posts (or i've interacted with one of yours) ! Pronouns=she/her Trans=he'll yeah discord=mufos can dm for username
fluffy@queer.partyfluffy ✨🍑✨
fluffy@queer.party  [follow]
Seattle-based music/code/comics critter. Vaguely friend-shaped. Fibro-spoony, queer, ADHD, and anxious as heck. Handle with care. ⚧ Pronouns=she/they 💬 Website=https://beesbuzz.biz/ ☕️ Ko-Fi=https://ko-fi.com/fluffycritter 📕 Story time=https://🐙🍔.tk/
site, videos, streams, liberapay
olivia@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
rogue cat. brazilian writer & artist.i toot a lot of nonsense. don't mind me.🏷️ queer, ace, agender, autistic. crazy cat person. probably a communist.🌐 PT | ES | EN | DE🤖 she | they | comrade🐧 #manjaro #bspwm📌 #art #illustration #literature #writing #libreculture #opensource #linux #communism #cats #autismpt-br_alt: @oliviagit: codeberg.org/oliviatelegram: oliviamaiamatrix: @nyex:matrix.org
bee@honey.townNoah :ht: (they/he)
bee@honey.town  [follow]
Noah, king of honey.town :ht:24yo sex educatorthey/he/ey pronouns (use all)disabled, queer, tme, jewish:18only:(nsfw & kink content)boosts always ok!✨ please read pinned posts ✨
wasongo@mastodon.socialA Dirty Bird
Patreon, Ko-Fi, Other Links
wasongo@mastodon.social  [follow]
ANDY | 1991 | queer | he/him | eng/espI draw stuff[NSFW/R-18 content ahead]Featured hashtags on profile for easy art browsing! https://mastodon.social/@wasongo (web browser only)For nsfw info / tags I use for filtering, read: https://wasongo-nsfw.carrd.co/ Personal Account=https://queer.party/@wasongo
boosts@colorid.es  [follow]
Uma conta para compartilhar brilhos (tutes) legais/interessantes, geralmente desta instância.Coisas que facilitam que sua postagem apareça aqui:- Ter sido feita entre 1 e 2 dias atrás;- Ser informativa ou engraçada;- Interações anteriores na postagem;- Estar visível na linha do tempo Local;- Estar com avisos de conteúdo em relação a gatilhos comuns/fortes, mesmo além dos que estão nas regras da instância;- Ter descrição em vídeo, áudio ou imagens;- Possibilidade de entender a postagem mesmo sem saber de contextos maiores específicos;- Se a postagem parecer meio pessoal demais pra sair compartilhando, :BoostOK: me deixa mais confortável para compartilhar com uma audiência maior;- Se for de outra instância, precisa ter a ver com questões queer / LGBTQIAPN+ / NHINCQ+.
vicorva@wandering.shopThe Crow Witch 🌙
What I Write, Support Me
vicorva@wandering.shop  [follow]
I write fantasy with warmth and weirdness.Author, narrator, gamer, dungeon master.It turns out that I am a weird person on the internet.Queer, autistic, anxious, and awkward.No flirts, please. #nobotFeel free to request a follow! Pronouns=They/Them, She/Her Follow Requests=Welcome!
roxie@fedi.queerdorks.clubRoxie rambles 🏳️‍🌈
roxie@fedi.queerdorks.club  [follow]
- Hacker grrl gf of your dreams- Computer Witch- Trying to be as Queer Punk as possible- Terminally on the line- Libsoc- Lewd - adult only plsPost count will be low due to auto-deletion with https://forget.codl.fr
angiegaudion@mastodon.socialAngie Gaudion
angiegaudion@mastodon.social  [follow]
ex-bibliothécaire, militante pour la culture libre et les biens communs de la connaissance qui travaille chez #Framasoft // en privé #vegan #queer #poly #pansexuelle
goofysufi@mastodon.social#StopTransBill :transgender:
goofysufi@mastodon.social  [follow]
Learning to migrate from Fascist Twitter.Thinker. Of food and sleep. Queer. Non-binary. Proud. Hecklers, a titty devour bovine.PS: I am one of the protesters in the header image. Pronouns=no preferences Custom DP made by=@shirtshanks
estrusflask@mastodon.socialBible Black Belt
estrusflask@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer; Nerd; Rambler; Never met an archon I liked;Our sunlight is not for franchiseTip jars:http://cash.me/$aspel/3https://www.paypal.me/roryaspel/3
defectivetrxgedy@kolektiva.social  [follow]
I'm She/They.Cows, whales, octopuses, seagulls and pigeons lover - 🐮🐳🐙🕊️•Just a weird Anarcho-Feminazgul Autisti-Queer and Antifa kid • Consistently Anti-Oppressions • Ni Dieu, Ni Maître, Ni Mari • Tree Hugger • 1312°° Pan 🏳️‍🌈 °°I love taking pictures of everything and anything 📸, reading political books 📚, music. 🎶 (Hardcore, metalcore, fantasy songs, piano, ect.)Mountains and forests. 🏔️🏕️🍃Disabled, ADHD, NeuroD, 24.Bear with me. 🐻 Instagram >=Defectivetrxgedy Read books=Get political Pigeon mom=
deletescape@notbird.sitemaia arson crimew 🏴🔥
deletescape@notbird.site  [follow]
hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam pan lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionist all interactions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me (in fact it is highly encouraged).i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it/she/fae matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org lewds=@delewdescape
witchy@nitecrew.ripΣ LIGMA MALE ♂
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♡ nat | 28 | white cuban latine | queer & polyam | they ♡aspiring milf. not actually a mom. goodnight=redroom pronouns=they/them discord=witch#3198
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🔻far-left fightdog 🔻enby they/them 🔻queer 🔻artist 🔻#warframe ShugoWah (MR 25)‼ moved to @ShugoWah ‼
alexandria@catgirl.scienceAster Cybercoochie 3088
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She/Her/Fae/Fem : 23 Years Old : Wales, UKACAB, BLM, Trans RightsTrans : Lesbian : Pan : Plural : Polyam : DisabledHacker : Archivist : LearnerC : Python : Lua : Erlang : LispInterested inPhilosophy : Psychology : Anthropology : Linguistics : Mathematics : Design : UXI used to play instrumentsResident DatabenderIf you like them, please donatehttps://ko-fi.com/alexandriaIF I'M FOLLOWING OR INTERACTING WITH SOMEONE SHITTY, DM ME. I WANT TO KNOWIdeally with receipts because fedi search is deliberately shit in that regard.The reason for this is that I do not manage to keep up with all of the meta and discourse and stuff, and I'm barely managing to not be homeless right now, on top of everything else. I'm sorry, but this is how it is.Headmates:Alexandria | { Nova 👁️‍🗨️ } | AsterAlexandria is a set of headmates, and also the system-name.I 💖 my partners. Can display polycule graph on request.If you want to follow request:1) no pronouns in bio - no followif you're not queer:2) interact with me, even if it's just to say hi3) please have actual posts and interactions with people4) if not (3) then please have *something* political in your bioIt only takes 2 seconds to say you support <x> or something gay=yes
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Network geek and researcher. Recently moved to the Bay Area. Queer feminist, bisexual, fights for social justice.
genderlessinsults@botsin.spaceGenderless Insult Bot
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A bot that creates gender-neutral insults for you to use in everyday situations.FAQ: If the bot manages to mash together something problematic, send a reply and we'll figure out what needs to be changed.Replies are welcome, but if you send the bot a weird or fashy response, I will just block you and possibly your entire instance. It's 2022, and we're all out of second chances."Wizard" is not a gendered term, read your Players Handbook for more info. Created by:=@OhHeyItsAlexis@queer.town Maintained by:=@Hayling@weirder.earth Runs on:=Tracery ( http://tracery.io ) Original bot package:=https://twitter.com/hypirlink
jess_spiars@social.theliturgists.comJess Spiars
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Indy-based singer/songwriter/pianist Queer • 3w2 • Ravenclaw • #engayged currently in withdrawal from #spiritualOCD Pronouns=She/Her/Hers
weirdoslam@anticapitalist.partyivy 🏴🏳️‍🌈
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ivy inwoner, 18 y/o trans queer autistic latinx libertarian socialist musician and music critic and historian 💕 that’s a lot of adjectives wow 😅 pronouns=any! discord=weirdoslam#0001 switch fc=dm me pls who i love=u!!! 🤗💞
ebel@moytura.orgmap witch ebel ⛧🗺️ 🌒🌕🌘
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Hacker. #Queer. #OpenStreetMap, #FLOSS, IE/UK Pol, Cynicism∪Optimism☄/enby. pronoun.is/they 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🇮🇪🇪🇺Ⓐ⚑✊🚲Liberate everything. Ⓐ
Webcomic, Pillowfort, Birdsite
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28/UK || she/her || queer artist and rampant doodler. tatterberry/tatterberryart on most other sites!#TraditionalArt #MixedMedia #watercolour
rhonda@chaos.socialRhonda D'Vine 🏳️‍🌈
tellonym, pixelfed
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Please send a direct message when following#trans #diversity #queer #haiku #debian #music #wien #veganaware privileges: white, able-bodied, steady, tallPronouns: she/her/hers Private Account=https://weirder.earth/@rhonda
beccahallstedt@mastodon.artbecca hallstedt art stuff!
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freelance concept artist in chicago. aspiring master. your #2 dad. worked on WoW/dauntless/Injustice2/etc. NB and queer as shit 🗡️ all art posts will be here.
cyrinsong@mastodon.sociallynn cyrin
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queer trans femme // software engineer
starstuffsister@playvicious.socialMermaid Hofessional🧜🏾‍♀️
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"SJW", womanist, #BLM, wanna-be scientist/naturalist, video games ftw, sucker for cute animal and baby videos, science fiction and comic books/graphic novels are my jam, astronomy and astrophysics are fascinating, cartoons aren't just for kids. Queer, fluid; any person pronoun is fine as long as used respectfully.
tronmaximum@mastodon.socialnatasha dawn excelsia
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--> https://soc.ialis.me/@TRONMAXIMUM <-- | artsy bitch | queer hipster stoner | noise goddess | curses a lot | tronmaximum.bandcamp.com | she/they/mama
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He/him/they - Hey ima queer cat Dad - Furryish, leftish, and way too online at the moment. 18+ I love=#fungi amateur mycology, food, agriculture Other Weird Animals=Gosh, they're neat Warning:=Plenty of shitposting
cassolotl@queer.partyCas [main]
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Follow requests welcome. :)#nonbinary #ActuallyAutistic #EDS #queer #environment #knitting #polls Pronouns=Gender-neutral For sale=http://wiki.polyinpictures.com/index.php?title=For_sale DMs=Follows only
taneka@mastodon.socialCache Monet
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Award-winning Black & Queer Creator, Writer & Publisher ● Webcomics: http://Lovecircuits.com & http://fullcirclecomic.comwww.TanekaStotts.com
wxcafe@imaginair.esEnby-Zen ‮✨📷🖋
Flickr, Instagram
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System and Network Admin. I like Indie RPGs, MTG, and game systems in general. I take pictures sometimes, I do leatherwork, and I post about what I read/play/watch/do. I love fantasy and sci-fi novels, and YA too! Admin of https://social.wxcafe.net and https://imaginair.es Pronouns=they/them Location=NYC Interests=photography, leatherworking, ... Queer=Yes Book Genres=Sci-fi, Fantasy, YA, Noir
melunaka@eldritch.cafemalaĉa maman chat
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27 ans, 2 chats, Rennes (France)anarchiste, queer, déglinguée de la têteIntérêts: sociologie, psychologie, luttes sociales, logiciel libre, Linux, ergonomie, accessibilité, programmation, linguistique, traduction, végétarisme/véganismeJ’apprends: espéranto, allemand, japonaisAvatar fait avec https://picrew.me/image_maker/431179/ Compte Tech=https://mastodon.technology/@ariasuni Pronoms=iel + accords fem, elle; they/them
chronic-yonic@spinster.xyzChronic-Yonic :flag_lesbian:
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Montréal, Québec. 67. Vagitarian SuperLesbian, NOT queer. French is my native tongue. I will post lots of lesbian and gay stuff so if that annoys you, you know what to do. 4w5. INFJ-T. Pisces, Scorpio rising. Pronouns: no/thank/you.
maunzikation@cybre.spacecybre catte
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Excuse you, I'm obviously sleeping on this, it is mine now.mid twenties, queer stuff, shy, cybre-interested but not cybre-skilled. Lives in Vienna.EN & DE. they, it, he / per, es, xier, ersie, erthe account where I handpick my followers is @cybrecatte
pixelpaperyarn@icosahedron.websiteJP 🌈
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paladin. queer. pagan. coder. writer. tea snob. vegetarian. chaos enabler. Gen-Xer | she/heryour vintage New Jersey dadi am a goddamn delight
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repping the land of burning police precincts. anarcha queer/trans weirdo. be my friend & co-conspirator. I talk a lot about radical politics, repression and resistance. zine bitch. pronouns=she/her living on=Dakota land (Minneapolis) all cops=are bastards mutual aid=means attack
proxy@meemu.orgnightmare wife
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29 | Transfemme Queer Enby Polyam Disaster [She/Her, They/Them] | glitchcat, sometimes a samoyed | Noise Musician | Co-host of Commune College | 18+, Occasional NSFW Content 🔞 [icon: kitsuneten]
the_cumming_memesurrection@kolektiva.socialThe Unvisable Cummittee
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Memesurrectionary Anarchism.Mostly political sometimes queer memes. Occasional 18+ content Started as @The_cumming_memesurrection on Instagram and now we're here
dolfsquare@tooting.intensifi.esRenn Kane
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Je t'offrirai, à partir de toutes petites choses, des spectacles admirables | French queer | 24yo | PhD student on online health misinformation at ULaval, Québec | Avatar by Mackoolzie, Header by Zaziss Location=Québec :quebec: Pronouns=He/him Switch friend code=SW-3267-6256-1028 Languages=Français (natif)/English (fluent)/Italiano (intermedio)/日本語 (初学者)
realramnit@chaos.socialMatthias Kneiss
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Toots aus antifaschistisch-anarchistischer Perspektive, gut abgeschmeckt mit Nachrichten von jenseits des Tellerandes. Privat als Mammut bekannt und geliebt. Patronus=Puffin Medium=https://medium.com/@realramnit Hashtags=#Antifa, #Copwatch, #Queer, #NSU, uvm
queerthemme@mstdn.socialur queer mom
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Queer content for themmes and frenscreator info: white American queer nonbinary neurodivergent uncredentialed randothemmememes on instagram
forivall@mastodon.socialMOVED TO queer.af (forivall ₰)
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moved to @forivall queer.af#nobot
catcoconut@mastodon.socialAyme Sotuyo
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🇨🇺🏳️‍🌈✨ Queer Ace Latina • Freelance comic artist and creator of the dark fantasy webcomic [un]Divine • she/her 🔥http://www.undivinecomic.com🔥
sinvega@mastodon.socialSin Vega
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Writer and curator and big queer hermit. Interested in feelings, history, fiction, hip hop, gender. Mostly nocturnal. Powered by self-doubt.
queerstatus@botsin.spacequeer status updates
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Does what it says on the tin. Updates every six hours about how #queer you might be feeling.