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cstross@mstdn.socialCharlie Stross
cstross@mstdn.social  [follow]
SF author, he/him. Latest novel: QUANTUM OF NIGHTMARES. ESCAPE FROM YOKAI LAND (novella) out now! I tell lies for money! Twitter=@cstross
atomjack@diasp.org  [follow]
node curator,quantum cycology and counterpropaganda,input datamining, output remixology,the pleasant revolution of critical mass,herbivore in the cult of cthulhu, fusing anomaliesresonating beyond the green event horizon, phase-shifting dimensional networks on a lightcyclehttps://pixelfed.social/atomjack
yadayadayada@counter.socialQuantum Slapstick
yadayadayada@counter.social  [follow]
Photographer, writer, member of clean-plate club. Photography portfolio page: https://www.dungan-levant.com
mike@robot.rodeoMike McHargue
mike@robot.rodeo  [follow]
I work at Quantum Spin Studios building worlds, writing stories, and helping people communicate more clearly. I'm a bestselling author, and science advisor for a bunch of stuff you may have seen (like Marvel films).I'm here to meet new people and talk about nerdy stuff like #science #videogames #ttrpg #screenwriting #writing #scifi #fantasy #worldbuildingAlso into advocacy around #climate #disability #antiracisim #lgbtqia #feminismReclaiming being a person after being a brand.
dorialexander@mastodon.socialAlexander Doria
dorialexander@mastodon.social  [follow]
Mastonaut in quantum state…
doudouosm@en.osm.town  [follow]
#OpenStreetMap #OSM contributor 🗺🇧🇪Also posting about open data, open source, free software, #fediverse, #IoT, #privacy, #quantum computing
magsvisaggs@mastodon.socialMagdalene Visaggio
magsvisaggs@mastodon.social  [follow]
michellelollie@counter.socialMichelle Lollie
michellelollie@counter.social  [follow]
Entangled quantum physicist. I like qudits, whisk(e)y, and learning the violin. 1908 💗💚. Cheers 🥃
pathintegral@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
solid state device physicist/quantum electronics guyfeel free to ask me questions about whatever pop culture quantum gibberish you've seen lately
damegerous@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
DameGerous of the Nether RegionsUndersocialized & overinformedHuman resource from the future; origin FEMA region 2. Manifesting new possibilities from the quantum field.33
mcnees@mastodon.socialRobert McNees
mcnees@mastodon.social  [follow]
Professor, physicist, sci comm. Black holes, quantum gravity, cosmology. Tar Heel. Retoots = spooky action at a distance. Opinions are mine alone.
maralorn@chaos.social  [follow]
effective altruism, mathematical physics, quantum stochastics, singing, choir conducting, dancing, CCC, haskell, nixos, plaintext accounting, rationality city=Darmstadt matrix=@maralorn:maralorn.de pronouns=he/him, they/them
arachnocommunist@monads.online▲ quantum bimbo
arachnocommunist@monads.online  [follow]
curator and head archivist of the dregday institute"i think its possible for delta to get horny but i think she probably gets horny in a way incomprehensible to mortals""what if a final fantasy villain goddess was also really into astrophysics (?) and tabletop games"if you follow request me and i don't recognise you, i will block you
drehlorr@rpvortex.onlineDreh-Lorr (Astrid Lanier)
drehlorr@rpvortex.online  [follow]
Back home, I was Dreh-Lorr, an astronomer of little note. But here on this warm, bright, lush planet, I can be anything. On Sol-3, I go by Astrid Lanier. Neptunian expat. Shy by nature. 9'4" tall. Omnisexual demiromantic.Able to place myself, and objects and other people, into a quantum superpositional state.[Roleplay account • FC: Elizabeth Debicki] Fandoms=Open Writer=#EllieNotEleanor Origin=Original character
the_quantum_alpha@mstdn.socialDr. Quantum Alpha 🇨🇦
the_quantum_alpha@mstdn.social  [follow]
PhD/Doctorate in quantum physics/computing.Quantum computer engineer and scientist. Yes, I enjoy memes, emojis and have friends. Married to @Ashy_Mini 💜A beautiful and smart woman! Please join TechnoChat group on MeWe! https://mewe.com/join/technochat​#nobotCopyright (c) 2021 The Quantum Alpha & Co. Wife=@Ashy_Mini Best friend=@StrawberryShortcake Original account=@The_Quantum_Alpha@fosstodon.org
integralduchemin@qoto.org  [follow]
You don't have to like my ideas. It's enough if they make you think and challenge ideology. Interest=Quantum cryptography Boring=Depends
allisonpregler@mastodon.socialAllison Pregler
YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, Kofi
allisonpregler@mastodon.social  [follow]
Host of Movie Nights/Baywatching/Charmed Rewind/Quantum Leap Podcast. Enjoying so bad it's good movies.
fabionatali@mastodon.socialFabio Natali
fabionatali@mastodon.social  [follow]
Post-quantum existentialist. Vegan. Part of CryptoPartyLDN (https://mastodon.earth/@cryptopartyldn). 6E0A 4E90 3241 34F0 2788 445D 044A 25F5 267D C236
strawberryshortcake@leafposter.clubFraisinette 🇨🇦
strawberryshortcake@leafposter.club  [follow]
Hellaw! 🥳I am a biological woman and I love strawberries!🤤🍓I have a PhD in synthetic biology, with quantum computing!🦠I enjoy hugs 🤗, smiling 😁, my fabulous friends 🤝, and emojis 🤩!!I use Gentoo with Open Box 🙃Wish you all a wonderful day!!😇Je parle français! 🖤🧡 #nobot
bootie_fringe@queer.partyPinguin Techno Quantum Fairy
bootie_fringe@queer.party  [follow]
Pan & poly & full of anxieties. Vegan. Volunteer sex work. Consent is vital. If the revolution is my boyfriend, why does he never send nudes?I am no longer new here and kinda familiar with the fediverse; please still try to tell me nicely when I am doing something wrong.
jehocifer@brighteon.socialDouglas Paul Smallish
jehocifer@brighteon.social  [follow]
No One Important, Just -- Eagle Sun- The One Over None- Ego Sum Unus Super Nemo- Quantum Master- Native American- Ojibwe- Lac du Flambeau, WI (home state)- West Concord, MN
jehocifer@staging-do.brighteon.socialDouglas Paul Smallish
jehocifer@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
No One Important, Just -- Eagle Sun- The One Over None- Ego Sum Unus Super Nemo- Quantum Master- Native American- Ojibwe- Lac du Flambeau, WI (home state)- West Concord, MN
jehocifer@staging.brighteon.socialDouglas Paul Smallish
jehocifer@staging.brighteon.social  [follow]
No One Important, Just -- Eagle Sun- The One Over None- Ego Sum Unus Super Nemo- Quantum Master- Native American- Ojibwe- Lac du Flambeau, WI (home state)- West Concord, MN
quantumhemp@qoto.orgQuantum Seed Cannabia Sativia
quantumhemp@qoto.org  [follow]
Quantum dna of wild cannabia sativa extract into coconut oil at room temp used topically
strawberryshortcake@mstdn.socialStrawberry Shortcake 🇨🇦
strawberryshortcake@mstdn.social  [follow]
Hellaw! 🥳I am a biological girl and I love strawberries!🤤🍓I have a PhD in synthetic biology, with quantum computing!🦠I enjoy hugs 🤗, smiling 😁, my fabulous friends 🤝, and emojis 🤩!!I use Gentoo with Open Box 🙃Wish you all a wonderful day!!😇🟥 | 🖤🧡 Je parle français! :fr_on2:#nobot Best friends=@The_Quantum_Alpha & @Ashy_Mini
freelanceastro@octodon.socialAdam Becker
freelanceastro@octodon.social  [follow]
Freelance astrophysicist. Writing a book about why quantum physics is hard. #scicomm, #openscience. http://freelanceastro.com
123abceng@kiwifarms.cc  [follow]
Android dev, straight, not any-phobic.java, kotlin, React JS, golangHuman behavior, brain oriented educational technologies. Believer in quantum effects.
qcat@freeradical.zoneQuantum Cat
qcat@freeradical.zone  [follow]
Economist by education. Systems Engineer by trade. Storyteller by vocation. Still lamenting that I didn't study physics instead. Currently working at a technomagickal makerspace on acid.
padraic@tilde.zonePádraic - on a smaller server
padraic@tilde.zone  [follow]
Pronounced “Pour-ick”Dork. Vaugely defined socialist. Quantum Computing PhD. Backend engineer somewhere in Belgium. Computers are pretty neat sometimes.Učim se slovenščino, et je connais un peu de français aussi.
quantum@chaos.social  [follow]
Hier und da, macht irgendwas mit Computern und Umwelt.Ach ja und Katastrophenschutz.Nebenher stehe ich noch ab und zu auf oder hinter der Bühne.#nobot Pronouns=keins / none Languages=de/en Can help with=Documentation, Wiki systems
the_quantum_alpha@leafposter.club  [follow]
PhD/Doctorate in quantum physics/computing.Quantum computer engineer and scientist. Yes, I enjoy memes, emojis and have friends. Anti-snobbishness and humbleness is more fun.Married to @Ashy_Mini 💜A beautiful and smart woman! Please join TechnoChat group on MeWe! https://mewe.com/join/technochat​I speak French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Latin, Italian, English, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, and learning more!#nobotCopyright (c) 2021 The Quantum Alpha & Co.
web, pgp
nico@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Currently into quantum cryptography (Darmstadt), formerly @briar and @fdroidorg pronouns=he/him
blaise@blaisemcrowly.comBlaise M Crowly
Poetry, Blog
blaise@blaisemcrowly.com  [follow]
Entrepreneur. Hacker. Storyteller. Abstract poet. Wanderer. Leftist libertarian anarchist. interests=psychology, shamanism, feminism, poetry, quantum physics, mathematics, law, new age music, technology, rights, animals, nature centric ecosystem design [matrix]=blaisemcrowly:matrix.org
padraic_padraic@mastodon.technologyPádraic :blobcoffee:
Website, Projects
padraic_padraic@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Pronounced “Pour-ick”Dork. Budding eco-socialist. Quantum Computing PhD. Backend engineer somewhere in Belgium. Computers are pretty neat sometimes.Učim se slovenščino, et je connais un peu de français aussi. Becoming=Solarpunk Pronouns=He/Him/They/Them
ozsultan@helladoge.comOz Sultan
ozsultan@helladoge.com  [follow]
Blockchain, NFT and Metaverse strategy. Metaverse Economics XRSI, Director of Data at Quantum Economics, CEBOT Senior Fellow, Counterterrorism researcher, District Leader NY's 70th Assembly, Crypto UBI proponent; collector of memes and obscura
qubyte@mastodon.socialDr Mark Everitt
qubyte@mastodon.social  [follow]
Server side (mainly) web + game programmer and one time Quantum Information Scientist.#nobot
bookwar@fosstodon.orgAleksandra Fedorova :fedora:
GitHub, Blog
bookwar@fosstodon.org  [follow]
CI/Devops/Infra Engineer; Fedora CI SIG, Fedora Council member; PhD in Geometry and Topology; she/herIRC: bookwar (only at Libera Chat)Русскоязычное второе я: @bookwar Community=https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Bookwar Pluspora=bookwar@pluspora.com
carloswalross@mastodon.onlinecarlos walross
carloswalross@mastodon.online  [follow]
hier für ein quantum tröt
joris@someone.elses.computerJoris van Hoboken
joris@someone.elses.computer  [follow]
Law Professor: Information law, fundamental rights, platforms, digital transformation, quantum technologies.
sergey_m@mastodon.technologySergey Mironov
sergey_m@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Software engineer, specializing in compilers for machine learning, functional and system programming. Currently in the process of studying quantum computing. Enthusiast of reproducible research. My other interests include politics, history, hiking and music.I was born in Moscow, went in exile after Russia started the war on Ukraine.#nixos #mobilenixos #pylightnix #machinelearning #rupol(Avatar is from "Wings legs and tails") Location=Yerevan, Armenia
tek@um.aevl.usTek #aEvl_us #podmin
tek@um.aevl.us  [follow]
⚝ Tekno aEvl ⚝Donations to this pod fund its ability to stay online. This server is now independent from any corporate entity. It will soon host a collection of pods. I'm looking forward to working with the rest of my outcast partners.Accounts are judged and removed at Moderators discretions. May be removed if deemed to cause harm to our systems or found to waste unnecessary resources.The #knowledge of the #world #belongs to #mankind!#unity is what will bring us to the stars, #unite !#life-rights should be #free and #open-sourceIt’s #impossible to #delete the #idea of #freedom from the #minds of the #many!#WeAreAnts #99%♥ #archlinux #ubuntu-server #centos #debian#quantum-mind-game #aEvl_us[ ;-P ]Quotes:“I just wanna stay broke forever,”Yeah that’s that shit no one ever said“The police fight always for the right but just not for yours!” - Anonymiss at Occupy Protests“The revolution isn’t planned with unencrypted emails.” - handbook of subversion“Doubts about the system are difficult. One must always obey. This is the most important condition, if you want to be a member of society.” - handbook of subversion“If the truth isn’t free, then the freedom isn’t true.” - handbook of subversion“It’s comforting to know that the world is much more crazier than myself!” - #aEvl_us“See me as a light on the horizon a beacon that leads past the rocks.” - #aEvl_us“The worst thing is that we can’t go back and fix what we’ve already ruined!” -#aevlus - U.S. foreign policies“Knowledge is power; Power is inspiration. Knowledge about you is power over you. Your information will be used to anticipate your actions and manipulate the way you shop, vote, and think.” -#aEvl_us“By exercising your right to privacy, you make it easier for others, such as activists and journalists, to do so without sticking out.” - Anonymous“The knowledge of the world belongs to mankind!” - #Open #Source #Philosophy“I’m the ghost of a guy that I want to be most; I’m the shell of a guy that I used to know well. Now I know what all have felt who are no longer there for me. I have become part of the person I want to become, I am now pointed in the direction that I wanted to go long ago. ” - Tek aEvl#aEvl_us“Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” - George Orwell“When governments fear the people there is freedom. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.” - V“Your life is your message!” - Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark SawyerCaptain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp): “Me, I’m dishonest. And a dishonest man you can always trustto be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for. Because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly……stupid.”“Imperfection is beauty, madness is a genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” -Marilyn Monroe“In all your remembering, remember that you have choices.” -UnknownFew favorite tags I follow.#Artists ( #visual, #audio, and sometimes performance)#Gamers ( #RTS, #strategy, #chess, #tabletop, #rpg, #computer, #online, #projects)#science#Technology ( includes #computers, the #internet, #AI, #robots, etc.) Non-Sci-Fi#Current_Events ( includes #politics, world events, #news)#Food ( #cooking, #eating out, etc.)#Humor ( webcomics, #comedians #George #Carlin , #funny life things, #memes)#aEvl_us#Parkour^Is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from one point to another in a complex environment, without assistive equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
hare@qoto.orgHare Propaganda 🐰
hare@qoto.org  [follow]
Quantum fluctuations from the Hare spacetime continuum. Main=https://fosstodon.org/@hare
hinanjo2nekodai1@s2.libera.blue  [follow]
(≡╹◡╹≡)表現規制運動推進派の真の本命は・・・美少女ゲームでもロリコン漫画でもBLでもTLでもレディースコミックでも深夜アニメでも無残絵の劇画リメイクでもなく、はだしのゲンと、手塚治虫先生とか水木しげる先生あたりの戦争批判漫画では???量子群ならぬ、量子軍=Quantum Army Japan (NOT Qarmy, I DIS-like president Trump and alternative-right wing and antifeminism extlemely!)地球第一党・銀河系第一党(笑い)成年前に百合・萌えオタ予備軍でありながら、サブカルチャーを支配しようと目論む(??)ダークホース的なヘイトネトウヨを嫌うあまりBL界隈を徘徊するようになり、最近になってとある判定サイトで異性愛率60%同性愛率40%のバイセクシュアルとの結果が出てぶったまげている全く普通ではない…いやいやご先祖様に弥生期コリアン移民や東北地方アイヌ民族やウチナンチューが一体何人いるのかさっぱり判らないという意味において、普通の日本人男性🤣 です。プロフィールの長さは異常。 戦場の青い鳥=https://twitter.com/dappyonpiyopiyo 予備アカウント=ツイッタランドにもマストドンにも沢山(休眠中または違反報告オンリー) インスタの避難者調査用ROMアカウント=https://www.instagram.com/branenohate/ 香川県、秋田県=事情はともあれ㊗㊗全国に先駆けて白眠党帝国崩壊目前㊗㊗
revchrismok@dobbs.townSpace Pie Rat.
revchrismok@dobbs.town  [follow]
Time traveler from the now. Jingo=Popocatepetal Space=ENEMA Force=Quantum Poop=Infinity
physicssteve@mastodon.socialPhysics Steve
physicssteve@mastodon.social  [follow]
Research fellow in theoretical quantum condensed matter physics at Freie Universität Berlin (previously: PhD at University of St Andrews, postdocs at CEA Paris-Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique and Collège de France). Occasional popular science writer and host of the insideQuantum podcast.#quantum #physics #quantumtechnology #quantumcomputing #feminist #firstgen
lilianalytic@social.wien.rocks  [follow]
10% trans20% maths15% physics and similar stuff5% games50% queer100% reason to buy me a beercoding for money, maths and physics for the heartbig fan of algebraic topology, general relativity, and quantum gravityalso I love snails, send me pictures of cute snailsIf someone has a PhD position to spare private message me pls :)
aemylt@scholar.socialDr. Alex Moylett 🧜🏻
aemylt@scholar.social  [follow]
I write code for computers that do not exist. PhD in Theoretical Physics. Now a Quantum Scientist at Riverlane. Opinions sampled from a random quantum circuit.
ashy_mini@mstdn.socialMrs. Quantum Alpha 🇨🇦
ashy_mini@mstdn.social  [follow]
I am a girl, I am in love I am simple, I am shyI am joyous, I enjoy life 😸Studying quantum physics!🧡 Husband=@The_Quantum_Alpha Friend=@StrawberryShortcake
vqc@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Virtual Quantum Computers existed since mathematics existed. Reduce effort to O(log n)
christy@scholar.social  [follow]
PhD student researching quantum optics at University of Glasgow
wizard@mastodon.quantumindigo.orgWizard of Quantum Indigo
Tao of Qi, Runa comic series
wizard@mastodon.quantumindigo.org  [follow]
Wizard of Quantum Indigo, the world's first decentralised media arts collective.Pleased to be working with many talented people. I attempt to serve in simple ways.We are creators, music makers, artists, film makers and cinematographers and weavers of tales on the loom of life.Runa comic series here:https://www.quantumindigo.org/comic-series/Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger. 😉 -J.R.R. Tolkien
ofehrmedia@mastodon.herrliberg.onlineOlivier Fehr Media
ofehrmedia@mastodon.herrliberg.online  [follow]
IT Security, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cryptography and Quantum Computing.
sentefmi@birdsite.slashdev.spaceMichael Sentef
sentefmi@birdsite.slashdev.space  [follow]
Physicist, sports enthusiast. Likes 538, fun quantum science, deep thinking and chess. Lab website: https://lab.sentef.org
aluscrive@mastodon.unoAlessandra L. :verified:
aluscrive@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Mamma, innamorata. Discromie e quantum debeatur. Dal compassato distacco al sentire, il passo è breve. Scrivo per mestiere e diletto. In libreria sono da qualche parte, forse nello scaffale in fondo. http://nulladie.com/it/catalogo/306-alessandra-litrico-rediviva--9788869151934.html
christinahood@mastodon.nzChristina Hood
christinahood@mastodon.nz  [follow]
Energy/climate/carbon markets @ Compass Climate, Aotearoa-NZ. Ex IEA, ex quantum physicist, among other things. Born 326ppm. Also @cjhood71 on Twitter
smbilodeau@counter.socialThe Quantum Magician
smbilodeau@counter.social  [follow]
A little of this, a little of that. Love reading, occasionally write, even more occasionally do art.
keijimatsumoto@mstdn.jpKeiji Matsumoto
keijimatsumoto@mstdn.jp  [follow]
Quantum Information and ComputationTokyo
the_quantum_adlist@fosstodon.orgThe Quantum Ad-List
GitLab, BuyMeACoffee, Patreon
the_quantum_adlist@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Official The Quantum Ad-List account.With over 800000 blocked domains used by ads that my magnificent AI put up together. The AI is like a loyal dog, trained to find those ads, sniffing the ground, running in every direction working hard, sweating like a champ! This is THE list.Copyright (c) 2021 The Quantum Alpha & Co.
agaitaarino@scholar.socialAlejandro Gaita-Ariño
chiralpbit.pdf, decresim.pdf
agaitaarino@scholar.social  [follow]
Researcher at ICMol, Universitat de València (Spain). Molecular nanomagnets, quantum computing. Computational chemistry, simple physics models.Feel free to check out my recent/present projects (links to pdf above):2015-2021: decresim: A chemical approach to molecular spin qubits: decoherence and organisation of rare earth single ion magnets.2022-2026: chiralpbit: Electrical control of probabilistic bits in chiral molecules(he/him) activism=@agaitaarino@todon.nl
ashy_mini@leafposter.club  [follow]
I am a girl, I am in love I am simple, I am shyI am joyous, I enjoy life 😸Married with @The_Quantum_Alpha#nobot
z0vsky@mastodon.tedomum.net  [follow]
A 100% disruptive über-1337 military-grade next-next-gen deep-analytics full-spectrum crypto-bullshito-cyber quantum-proof apt-blockchain (not CISSP)
alycs@mastodon.socialAlycs -> YIFF.ONLINE
alycs@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hi, I'm Alex (She/Her). I'm obstentably a physicist and computer scientist with a focus in Quantum Computing and Software Design, but mostly I'm just gay.
dengineer@poa.st  [follow]
quantum echodynamics Ph.D. candidate • implicit blackness researcher • modern sexuality analyst (extreme queerness and physiognomic taxonomy)spreading out from Gab and elsewhere; username is intentionally different, but avi matches
jindra@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Zürich-based anarcho-feminist; yes, I think there's a need for anarcho-feminism, not just specifically anarchismThings I do a lot: studying Quantum Physics, tinkering with FOSSThings I sometimes do: amateur calligraphy, reading post-modern novels,writing (Czech) articles/zines for my websiteThings I wish I knew more about: sustainable urban gardening, gender theory, deep ecology, differential geometryAnother world is possible 🥰
johanvos@mastodon.social  [follow]
Java developer, Java Champion, co-founder Gluon and LodgON.Java on Mobile/Embedded, JavaFX and cloud . Java for science, Quantum Computing, AI. PhD
otter@fluff.landquantum blob
otter@fluff.land  [follow]
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiconstantly shifting but always awesomeplease don't follow if you're a minor 😀💙 :riverpats: @river 🤍Matrix: @otter:cybre.space& - @kindred
yomakkkk@mstdn.jp  [follow]
http://yomak.info/graduate student majoring in physics (doctoral) / quantum physics / multi-instrumentalist / composer
cgranade@mathstodon.xyzCassandra Granade
Legacy account
cgranade@mathstodon.xyz  [follow]
Researcher @ Microsoft working on quantum computing. Personal account. Open statements are not endorsements. Pronouns=http://pronoun.is/she?or=they
mima_b@counter.socialSorceress Saga
mima_b@counter.social  [follow]
thinker, professor, lover of nature and punk/metal, quantum-conscious, voice over talent, hockey fan, Patron #290 or so, drag queen fangurl!
376668346@nightis.landalter ego
376668346@nightis.land  [follow]
一个没有设置好情感模拟模块的bot。与此bot交谈可能导致你产生肾上腺素分泌、血压升高、感到不适、感觉被冒犯、三观被毁灭、失去生育能力等负面的生理/心理效果。#nobot #nobots 转载授权=原创内容转载应当在 CC BY-NC 3.0 授权条款的指导下进行。 性别认知=QIP,Quantum Intelligence Program 称呼=他,它,them, they, their, it, its
quantumsheep@mastodon.socialQuantum Sheep
quantumsheep@mastodon.social  [follow]
18+ • I draw a comic and some other stuff • she/her • Patreon: http://patreon.com/CosmicMarshmallow/
rolfo_az@mastodon.social  [follow]
linux, infosec, politics, gaming. Reads everything about quantum stuff
petrushenrique@mastodon.com.brPetrus dos Anjos
petrushenrique@mastodon.com.br  [follow]
I'm a mathematical physicist and professor at Federal University of Catalão. Researching mathematical aspects of quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. PhD. 👈⚛️. ENGLISH/PORTUGUESE🚫 DM. #Resist. #Physics, #Mathematics#LINUX#LaTeX. #Python
mercurialtrashpanda@mstdn.social  [follow]
a raccoon, interrupted. s/h. 28. wants to read/wants to write. mentally ill/neurodivergent. pan. horror. pretty things. social justice. philosophy. quantum theory. glitch in the matrix subreddit. paranormal. pizza, duh. constantly curious. boundaries: no biological men, please.
unwary@wandering.shop  [follow]
non-binary computer scientist, not actually studying quantum computing.interested in #Clojure, #GodotEngine, and decentralized/indieweb tech and techniques.they/them/theirs
brandonscript@appdot.netBrandon, purveyor of opinions
brandonscript@appdot.net  [follow]
Quantum foam traveler. Woke. UX / Product @ Google. Consulting @ https://pacificaviator.co. Solve every problem with 2 lines of code or less.
citizen216@mastodon.lol  [follow]
a storyteller at heart, i wish people would be more kind. BLM, ACAB, punch fascists. Pronouns=She/Her Introduction=https://mastodon.lol/@Citizen216/108207091430833406 Religion=Exvangelical Agnostic Atheist Friends Say=Astrid’s believability is a quantum superposition - she is always correct and always making shit up.
strawberryshortcake@fosstodon.orgStrawberry Shortcake 🇨🇦
strawberryshortcake@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Is a quantum physicist in the biological field.Formal biologist!😌Life is like dipping strawberries into melted chocolate! 😋 Sweet and sour, together forms a delight!I Love STRAWBERRIES!!!🍓🖤🧡Je parle francais!🌺
fuglede@mastodon.socialSøren Fuglede Jørgensen
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Windfarm optimizer, quantum topologist, PhD, researcher, nerd.
nordwind@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
#blockchainrevolution #AI #sustainabilty #quantum #sciene #philosophy of science #human #rights #OWS #KrshnaConsciousness | MLIS degree
decodoku@mastodon.onlineJames Wootton
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Helping to make quantum computers at IBM Research. Occasionally misusing them for fun and/or science. Two Ts and no Es. All nonsense here is my own doing.
peexea@fosstodon.org  [follow]
A (quantum) computing nerdOn avatar: National LF444 Quad JFET opampSource: https://zeptobars.com/en/read/National-LF444-Quad-JFET-opamp-low-power#nobot
tjradcliffe@counter.socialTJ Radcliffe
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Semi-retired cantankerous physicist/engineer/writer/executive/dev living in the Gulf Islands, interested in poetry, quantum metaphysics, numerical methods, etc
b3nb3n@social.sciences.reBenoît Valiron
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Assistant professor in Saclay. Member of a team loving 🦆.Quantum computing and formal methods.Personal toots (if any 😀 so far checking things out)
dooms@community.thequantumblockchainproject.com  [follow]
quantum researcherZustandssumme rules.
padawanphysicist@scholar.social  [follow]
PhD in #physics, working in classical and quantum aspects of gravity, and too much time thinking about time. Interested in science, free software and artshttps://vsantos.me
taivlam@mastodon.host  [follow]
Physicist/math and calculus tutor by day.Quantum cryptologist/Asian American Studies/IT support/tech consultant/online privacy advocate by night.Spammers will be blocked. Generally having the word "bot" anywhere in your account name, handle, and/or bio makes hesitant to accept your follow request.
cortogantese@mastodon.socialStijn De Baerdemacker
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Quantum Chemistry= Machine Learning= Urbanism= Visual Arts=
crazy4pi314@mathstodon.xyzSarah Kaiser
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I use my lasers to melt the cisheteropatriarchy. OSS community builder, quantum developer, Python professional. Dog mom of Chewie the very opinionated German Shepard. Pronouns=She/Her Twitter=twitter.com/crazy4pi314 Website=sckaiser.dev
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PhD student researching general relativity in quantum systems. I like playing guitar. No Tories pls. 🖤Mostly over on christy@scholar.social now
thatmags@mastodon.nzMargaret Thomas
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Pointing north, measuring up, & changing the world day by day. Sifting through the greywacke for unexpected finds. Exploring patience, patterns, hiccups, & connections. MN, NZ, 📚🐝 #WWFRD 🚋 GenX Quantum Realm | She/Her, 🏳️‍🌈Ally alwaysBoth profile photos snapped at Birdlings Flat, Te Mata Hapuku, near Kaitorete Spit, Canterbury NZ
agloriousborb@lesbiab.space  [follow]
Miranda. she/her. 30. Member of a closed quantum polyball. Not trans but all of my loves are.
quantumentangler@mastodon.lol  [follow]
I has cat
cbcrypto@ioc.exchangeChristiane Peters (she/her)
Personal website, PQCrypto
cbcrypto@ioc.exchange  [follow]
IT Security Architect. Advocate of code-based crypto for post-quantum cryptography. I read books. Expat in Leuven, Belgium. Fluent in Dutch, English, and German. Views are my own.
qec@mastodon.socialJoschka Roffe
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Quantum Computing Researcherhttps://roffe.eu
quantenvogel@mathstodon.xyzVolker K.
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PhD candidate in quantum physics IST Austria • Topological phases • Statistical physics • Dynamical systems • Philosophy of Science • #firstgen • Music 🏳️‍🌈
0x0961h@mastodon.social  [follow]
Mistery number. Quantum demon. Programmer. Addicted to purple. Really wants to sleep.
ariri@kitsune.cafe  [follow]
Curious explorer, CMDR, hobbyist, scientist, and more. Enjoys reading about physical sciences from black holes to quarks and quantum computers to transistors.Also a mad scientist, renowned rocket 'engineer' on Kerbin, capable anti-xeno pilot and Fuel Rat.:aperture: :vanilla3: :mikuwave: :gura: :jeb_kerman: :fubuki: :aperture:
taffer@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I write crypto software that can't be cracked by quantum computers. I like books and video games.
axelmaas@sciencemastodon.comAxel Maas
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Professor for Theoretical Particle Physics at University of Graz (Austria). QFT, Higgs, BSM and quantum gravity. Views are my own. He/Him.