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craigmaloney@octodon.socialCraig Maloney ☕
Website, Podcast Host, Liberapay
craigmaloney@octodon.social  [follow]
Host of Open Metalcast. Author of The Mediocre Programmer Book. Contributor to Pepper&Carrot. Tootstream maintainer. #Linux Lover. #Programmer of #Python and more. Game designer. #Music lover. Tabletop #RPG fan. #Metal fan. Your #1 fan.(#nobot #main)(Header / Avatar by David Revoy http://peppercarrot.com(CC-BY 4.0)) Pronouns=He / Him / Coffee?
sir@cmpwn.comDrew DeVault
sir@cmpwn.com  [follow]
FLOSS advocate, programmer, sysadmin, language enthusiast, amateur astronomer, hates your favorite programming language, doesn't want to talk to you about cryptocurrency.I am also the head of SourceHut.⚠️ My Mastodon is not for end user support, send your questions through the proper channels instead.●●●● English●●●○ 日本語●●○○ American Sign Language●○○○ Nederlands●○○○ 手話
angle@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
28 | ⚧ | Enby | Glorious Machine Being | Open Source Programmer | Lafayette, CO | DANGER! LONG POSTS! | U/G/w | Tax The Rich Gender=A Mess Pronouns=They/Them/Theirs/Comrade
aparrish@mastodon.socialAllison Parrish
aparrish@mastodon.social  [follow]
poet, programmer, game designer, computational creativity researcher. assistant arts professor at NYU ITP. she/her.
Website, GitLab, GitHub
codesections@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Lawyer-turned-programmer with an interest in web development, open source, and making things as simple as possible.https://www.codesections.com Email=daniel@codesections.com
programmerhumor@lemmy.mlProgrammer Humor
programmerhumor@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Post funny things about programming here! (Or just rant about your favourite programming language.)Rules:Posts must be relevant to programming, programmers, or computer science.No NSFW content.Jokes must be in good taste. No hate speech, bigotry, etc.
Home page
aparrish@friend.camp  [follow]
Poet, programmer, game designer. Assistant Arts Professor at NYU ITP. she/her
kumicota@weeaboo.spaceKumicota :euphohug:
kumicota@weeaboo.space  [follow]
Just a simple weeb, programmer, shitposter, and a man who loves Hibike Euphonium, so, feel free to tag me in anything related to it (or anything else too)For some reason I have a lower level OCD where I like every post that I'm tagged or replied to in, and I follow everyone backFeel free to tag me or DM me anywherept-BR,EN,ESXMPP: kumicota@404.cityAnilist: https://anilist.co/user/kumicotaTelegram, Discord and more: send a DM
vaginaplant@3.distsn.org🌻 Himawari Prodromou
vaginaplant@3.distsn.org  [follow]
African girl. Programmer. Third party tools for GNU social, Mastodon, Pleroma, microblog.pub, Misskey, and Kibou: https://distsn.org The recommendation fairness: How to get back the internet of celebrities into the 99 %'s hands: https://distsn.gitbook.io/recommendation-fairness Hobby works: https://hakabahitoyo.gitlab.io
libre_software@lemmy.mlLibre Software
libre_software@lemmy.ml  [follow]
"Libre software" means software that respects users' freedom and community. Roughly, it means that the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software.In particular, four freedoms define Free Software:The freedom to run the program, for any purpose. Placing restrictions on the use of Free Software, such as time ("30 days trial period", "license expires January 1st, 2004") purpose ("permission granted for research and non-commercial use", "may not be used for benchmarking") or geographic area ("must not be used in country X") makes a program non-free. The freedom to study how the program works, and adapt it to your needs. Placing legal or practical restrictions on the comprehension or modification of a program, such as mandatory purchase of special licenses, signing of a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) or - for programming languages that have multiple forms or representation - making the preferred human way of comprehending and editing a program ("source code") inaccessible also makes it proprietary (non-free). Without the freedom to modify a program, people will remain at the mercy of a single vendor. The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor. Software can be copied/distributed at virtually no cost. If you are not allowed to give a program to a person in need, that makes a program non-free. This can be done for a charge, if you so choose. The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community benefits. Not everyone is an equally good programmer in all fields. Some people don't know how to program at all. This freedom allows those who do not have the time or skills to solve a problem to indirectly access the freedom to modify. This can be done for a charge.
beanc@counter.socialjust beanc
beanc@counter.social  [follow]
Bringer of Chaos & Destroyer of WorldsStudent; numbers warrior; beginner programmer. Yes, I’m a nerd.
lindseyb@mastodon.socialLindsey Bieda
lindseyb@mastodon.social  [follow]
programmer, feminist, half-elf rogue, sombra main, completely unable to remove a yogurt lid in one pieceshe/her
skoji@bookwor.msSatoshi Kojima 💉💉💉
Web, Wishlist
skoji@bookwor.ms  [follow]
プログラマ。猫とビールとマッドマックス。 /Programmer. “Rev it up for the Immortan Joe!”Cats: Azuki(passed away on Dec2018), Sasage(9yo), Fufuko(3yo), Biwako(3yo) Me as techie=https://sandbox.skoji.jp/@skoji Loves=Cats, beer, MMFR
vaartis@pl.kotobank.chvaartis running up that hill
vaartis@pl.kotobank.ch  [follow]
A programmer interested in functional things. Carrot mistress. No stopping till scalies are topping. Just having fun. Let's be friends!profile picture by @rye@raru.reGithub: https://github.com/vaartisThing I'm working on right now: https://vaartis.itch.io/someoneAlso a blog: https://kotobank.ch/~vaartis/#nobot
ellotheth@bsd.networkgemma lynn
home, keybase
ellotheth@bsd.network  [follow]
programmer, (former) moonkin, nasty woman, geek@bananabull's geekier halfwould give left pinkie to work for #nasa🇺🇸​ in 🇳🇴​formerly @ellotheth (c. 2017) and @gemma#php #golang #reactjs #mobx #linux #git #webdev #programming #cycling #gravelcycling #uciwwt #norway #dogs #gaming #gameing #destiny2 #valheim #fedi22 pronouns=she / her
wezm@mastodon.socialWesley Moore
Website, Read Rust, Bit Cannon
wezm@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programmer from Melbourne, Australia. #Rust, Arch #Linux, #FreeBSD, #NetBSD, #OpenBSD observer. Curator of @readrust@wezm is now my primary account. Test=javascript:alert('hello')
nervous_jessica@mastodon.socialJessica Rosenkrantz
nervous_jessica@mastodon.social  [follow]
artist, designer, programmer, etc. Co-founder of Nervous System, a generative design studio that plays w/ code, science & digifabhttp://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com
brainwane@social.coopSumana Harihareswara
Changeset Consulting, Blog, MetaFilter activity
brainwane@social.coop  [follow]
Indian-American gal who likes to make people laugh. Open source entrepreneur, programmer, tech writer and encourager, stand-up comedian, advocate for transparency in government software and data.New York City, Changeset Consulting, Recurse Center, WisCon, MetaFilter, Python packaging, Geek Feminism, Dreamwidth, harihareswara.net.Hope you're having the best possible day. Pronoun=she
ellotheth@mastodon.technologygemma lynn
home, keybase
ellotheth@mastodon.technology  [follow]
programmer, (former) moonkin, nasty woman, geek pronouns=she / her
chr@scalie.business▽ :khr: legally dragon
commission info, world wide web site
chr@scalie.business  [follow]
▽ the dragns (i'm both)::khr: khr - artist dragon (:pansexual_flag:) (xey/xem, they/them, it/its):kai: kai - programmer synth dragon (:asexual_flag:) (they/them, it/its)🐲 ash - ??? dragon (xey/xem)my partners: :dragnheart: :dragnheart::koboldpats: ember @Zest :dragnpats: river @river & meadow @meadowrandom gift art: probably okay if we're mutuals, but please ask first!poly, agender, grey ace▽ is pronounced "del" or "nabla" pronouns=they/them pronouns=xey/xem (https://en.pronouns.page/xey,xem,xeir,xeirs,xemself,1,Neopronoun%20“xey/xem”) weasyl=https://www.weasyl.com/~khr mech name=NEON ON GLASS stand name=Heart of Gold
anatman@counter.socialanatman PRO
anatman@counter.social  [follow]
retired programmer. into birds, math, physics, social justice, rationality, politics, climate and ecology, and general human flourishing. veteran.
lipsticksocialist@mastodon.socialLIPSTICK SOCIALIST HAS MOVED
lipsticksocialist@mastodon.social  [follow]
50% computer programmer • 50% wine mom • 100% tedious Marxist • South Sound DSA & DSA-LSC
kemonine@social.holdmybeer.solutions  [follow]
Nerd / geek / programmer / makerhttps://kemonine.info
trashbang@mastodon.socialDavid Will
Hellbird, Website
trashbang@mastodon.social  [follow]
Level designer, game critic, programmer, awkward online pal | Hair disaster | 🏳️‍🌈 | he/him | I'm trying, okay?
Portfolio, Liberapay, Bandcamp
rapidpunches@mastodon.art  [follow]
Illustrator, stop motion animator, chiptune composer, pixel artist, sprite animator, programmer, fiber artist, lives in PDX.
foozmeat@pdx.socialᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ James
creator, Admin
foozmeat@pdx.social  [follow]
Programmer on the iOS games Blackbar and Grayout. I do DevOps and Playdate at Panic.🚴 🐝 🍔 🕹 🌐=https://jmoore.me pronouns=he/him
macmcdonald@staging-do.brighteon.socialMac Mcdonald
macmcdonald@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
Retired disabled Gulf War vet Certified acft mechanic & crew chief. Like a lot of others kicked off face book & twitter for being Trump Supporter . Self taught computer programmer data bases ,web pages as well as some computer animation.Love American history & fair artist. My motto always look to the future but always watch your past never no what sneaky character coming up behind you. 😁Mid term election count downhttps://yourcountdown.to/election-day
jaycie@mastodon.socialJaycie (Squid Mode)
jaycie@mastodon.social  [follow]
They/Them. Programmer/cutie/writer.My game: http://anthrotari.com.Header: https://twitter.com/bweph
epickitty@landofkittens.socialKoneko Toujou :kitty_pan: :verified2:
Personal Website, Community Website, Anilist
epickitty@landofkittens.social  [follow]
Cursed Hellspawn~Follows are welcome and most get accepted! :blobcathug: Programmer, Server Person, Professional Procrastinator.He/Him normally, will respond to other pronouns though :awoo3:My (unfinished) list of verified accounts: https://catgirlsfor.science/accountsFull Bio: https://catgirlsfor.science/bioTrans Lives are Human Lives!-----Even if those memories make me sad,I've got to go forward, believing in the future.Even when I realize my loneliness,and am about to lose all hope,those memories make me stronger.I'm not alone...because of you.Thank you.#nobot Deeply in love with=@puniko@mk.absturztau.be :nekoheart: 2020-11-05 $ cat girl=goes nya~ Colour=#666699 Discord=EpicKitty#0069 Twitter=@EpicnessTwo Telegram=EpicKitty XMPP=epickitty@landofkittens.club XMPP (Backup)=epickitty@kitty.social Pleroma (Backup)=@epickitty@fedi.absturztau.be
tealturtle@social.coopInternet Turtle
tealturtle@social.coop  [follow]
Scheme programmer, Novice esperantist, Spiritual naturalist. Will listen to your problems for free. EII (INFj) - sp/so - 9w1 - INFP XMPP=darkdungeons94@404.city Pronouns=he/him
lottievixen@toot.catMx Lottie 💜:autistic:​
lottievixen@toot.cat  [follow]
Native English speaker, Programmer, Gamer, Teacher, Polyam, Pan, Trans, Cuddle & Snuggle fiendOpen to receiving affection :3 ☕l_heart:❤️❤️❤️ with @lightdark
jean_no@mamot.frJean-Noël Lafargue
jean_no@mamot.fr  [follow]
Arts teacher, programmer, books authorhttp://www.hyperbate.fr
ccgus@mastodon.socialGus Mueller
ccgus@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programmer at Flying Meat. I wrote Acorn, Retrobatch, VoodooPad, FlySketch, FMDB, CocoaScript. Probably more.
masterofthetiger@theres.life  [follow]
This account is inactive. Contact @life for Theres.Life support.Follower of #Jesus #Christ, computer #programmer, and free software supporter.#Admin of #TheresLife :mastodon:Profile icon made by @Icecat3 Matrix=@mott:matrix.org
sammy8806@layer8.space  [follow]
Everyday-Programmer, SysAdmin, Studenthttps://layer8.spaceDE/EN#nobot Threema=54487ZMM Telegram=@Sammy8806
protodrew@merveilles.townProtodrew 🌱
website, keyoxide, codeberg, itch
protodrew@merveilles.town  [follow]
It's a fine day for learning - VreeThey/Them, 20💕 @gunguswungusNonbinary, Socialist, Programmer/ Game Developer, College Studentchat w/ me on matrix: @protodrew:sealight.xyztoots older than 1y will be deleted, with a few exceptionsCurrent Project: a shaft of light emanating from a new tomorrowCurrently Reading: situationist works#nobot
skoji@sandbox.skoji.jpSatoshi Kojima (小嶋智)
Web, Twitter
skoji@sandbox.skoji.jp  [follow]
Freelance programmer. Loves cats, beer and MMFR. “Rev it up for the Immortan Joe!” #cat #鯖缶本好きインスタンスhttps://bookwor.msも運営してます Bookwor.ms=https://bookwor.ms/@skoji Programming Language=Ruby, Rust
lottie@fuckonthefirst.date  [follow]
Programmer, Gamer, Teacher, Poly, Pan, Trans, cuddle and snuggle fiend. // Open to recieving affection :3 // GAY, GAy, Gay, gay! I love pretty much everyone // xmpp: lottie@xmpp.fuckonthefirst.date // discord: Charlotte# 0086 // Mother of the pleroma-verse, Call me Ma, Mum/Mom or Lottie/Char/Charlotte if you wanna be more formal
fabian_1@boardgames.social  [follow]
🐫 ‣ midweight+ thematic euros‣ serious gamer 😒🐍‣ programmer ‣ #python #webdev #rust🎮‣ #PS4 + #Linux #Proton‣ #twitch #streamer🐊he/him© CC BY-NC¹-SA 4.0¹ask me #bgg=https://boardgamegeek.com/user/hellp #tech=https://floss.social/@fabian #pics=https://pixelfed.social/fabian
plomlompom@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
amateur roguelike programmer; occasional book writer; hobbyist historical linguist; former film critic; hopes for a Star Trek future; http://www.plomlompom.de/
cybertrash@cybre.space  [follow]
Something. Sysadmin but not a cis admin. Programmer? Wannabe security nerd. Loves giant robots and giant robot accessories. Can exit vi.I shitpost mostly.
xsgeek@counter.socialMatthew 🏳️‍🌈
xsgeek@counter.social  [follow]
(VERY) Gay 🏳️‍🌈 White Cis Male. Hard 6. Recovering Alcoholic. Snarky sarcastic Liberal. Computer Programmer. If you don't like Firefly you are dead to me!
alexbuzzbee@fosstodon.orgAlexander Martin
alexbuzzbee@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I'm a computer programmer and #ComputerScience student with a moderate enthusiasm for #FOSS. I like computers, cool #tech, #space, and good #books.Pronouns: https://pronoun.is/he/him/his/his/himselfTimezone: US Eastern Timewww: https://www.alm.website/XMPP/Jabber (preferred IM): alexbuzzbee@nixnet.xyzMatrix: @alexbuzzbee:matrix.orgMail: mailto:public00083@alm.website
mbrubeck@mastodon.social  [follow]
Computer programmer from Seattle. MeFite, Rustacean. he/him
macmcdonald@brighteon.socialMac Mcdonald
macmcdonald@brighteon.social  [follow]
Retired disabled Gulf War vet Certified acft mechanic & crew chief. Like a lot of others kicked off face book & twitter for being Trump Supporter . Self taught computer programmer data bases ,web pages as well as some computer animation.Love American history & fair artist. My motto always look to the future but always watch your past never no what sneaky character coming up behind you. 😁Oh must of missed class on diplomacy & don,t have a political correct bone in my body
qorg11@society.kalli.st🍺 :blob_spurdo_gringo:🍔
qorg11@society.kalli.st  [follow]
Cyberspace warrior, Void GNU/Linux user, self hoster since 2017. Owner of https://qorg11.net, https://kill-9.xyz and https://vxempire.xyz Perl and C programmer. developer of lainsafeemail qorg[cool a]vxempire.xyzpgp: https://qorg11.net/keys.txtI shitpost a lot, you've been warned.:golden_apple: mi tridas lerni esperantoHe/Him/They/Themla bazito --- @chj0@udongein.xyz mr. ethanol is a certified chad --- @stephen@fedi.scd31.com #nobot Langs=ES/EN/C/Perl/EO (In that order) PGP=F9B9 343F C20A 4ACA 62B9 XMPP/Jabber=qorg11@vxempire.xyz
fabian@boardgames.social  [follow]
🐫 ‣ midweight+ thematic euros‣ serious gamer 😒🐍‣ programmer ‣ #python #webdev #rust🎮‣ #PS4‣ occasional #twitch #streamer🐊he/him© CC BY-NC¹-SA 4.0¹ask me #bgg=https://boardgamegeek.com/user/hellp #tech=https://floss.social/@fabian #pics=https://pixelfed.social/fabian
anke@social.scribblers.club  [follow]
Programmer by day, anxious artist & writer by later in the day.I like #nature, #fantasy & #scifi, #traditionalArt and #illustration and #animation.ace, approaching 40 pronouns=she or they
srinicame@bsd.network  [follow]
#GNU #Linux #arch #OpenBSD #Freebsd #FLOSS #i3 #RMSfan #Free as in freedom #philosophy #wannabe ada programmer #Manager #Aviation #Helicopters #voracious reade
frosch@edolas.world  [follow]
Veggie IT guy with a cat. Admin of edolas.world. Sometimes creator of stuff in #lua. I'm not a programmer, so expect ugly code.
thefake_vip@linuxrocks.onlineMichael Connor Buchan
PeerTube, YouTube
thefake_vip@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
A #visuallyImpaired guy who’s big into #tech, #Linux and #accessibility.#programmer (#Rust, #C, #JS, #Python and more), #videoEditor and #fediverseAdvocator. Website=https://thefakevip.xyz and https://blindcomputing.org Pronouns=he / him
alxd@writing.exchangealxd writes
Blog, Project
alxd@writing.exchange  [follow]
Programmer, hacker, educator, activist and a wannabe writer fascinated by how technology is portrayed in culture - and how that affects human lives.#solarpunk hacking account=alxd@chaos.social License=CC-BY-SA
progo@noagendasocial.comprogo trans-unvaxed in NYC
progo@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
« Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia Virus. »I identify as black because white will be illegal soon.IT programmer named Brendan Kidwell. In Gitmo Nation: I run GitmoList and Pintsize. Much of the information shared on this profile is disputed and misleading.Profile icon by @CSB.
Twitter, GitHub
cyberrex_v2@misskey.io  [follow]
トウカイテイオーが大好きな高校生プログラマー#こもはちファンクラブ 会員#misskeywoozy#misskeyウマ娘部Japanese high school programmer🇯🇵: Native / 🇺🇸: a little (CEFR A2/Eiken Grade-3) ホームページ=https://cyberrex.jp/ 本当の登録日=2021/05/05
mmarif@mastodon.socialM M Arif
GitLab, GitNex, Technical Blog
mmarif@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programmer, Linux user, DevOps engineer, System admin, Husband, FatherDeveloper of GitNex - Android app for Gitea Codeberg=https://codeberg.org/mmarif?tab=stars
smallsees@social.dropbear.xyzProgrammer 832-529
smallsees@social.dropbear.xyz  [follow]
Free Software programmer, network engineer and Debian developer.100% tomato verified. 🍅✔What am I reading? @edlandini He/him#freesw #debian #linux #fossAvatar by @pollomostro XMPP=csmall@dropbear.xyz Matrix=@csmall:dropbear.xyz
isagalaev@mastodon.socialIvan Sagalaev
Web site, Photos
isagalaev@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programmer, software architect, mentor.Sammamish, WAFlag: https://whitebluewhite.info/
endocrimes@toot.cat  [follow]
queer photographer, programmer, and cyclist
jond@mastodon.socialJon Dubovsky
RideWithGPS, old blog
jond@mastodon.social  [follow]
bicycling programmer in mostly #embedded #c & #cpp in off-grid #solar; into road, tour, gravel #bike fun; #linux, #python, etc.; #hiking, #books, #machining, #hamradio, you name it. southwestern Virginia, USA. pronouns=he/him #MetaFilter=https://www.metafilter.com/user/107886
luigithirty@cybre.spaceYoRHa No.69 Type F
luigithirty@cybre.space  [follow]
⚧🚺 68k witch - emulator writer - world’s greatest Atari Jaguar programmer 🚺⚧ Gender=she/her Location=Chicago!
jbauer@bsd.networkJake Bauer :puffer:
Website, Also Runs
jbauer@bsd.network  [follow]
Hi! :flan_wave:I'm a hobbyist sysadmin and recreational programmer. I love simple and sustainable technologies, tea, writing, and gardening. I'm a big fan of the small internet and low-tech or analog solutions to everyday problems.I also like to participate in and help build communities of like-minded people. I am happy to engage in good-faith discussions, but I strongly dislike exclusionary politics and people.Spending my life with @feli :flan_heart:Pronouns: he/him Location=Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦 SourceHut=https://git.sr.ht/~jbauer
skypage@noagendasocial.comSir Matthew, Black Knight 🇺🇸
skypage@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
A programmer with interests in entirely unrelated subjects.#nobots please
mos_8502@tech.lgbtMOS 8502
mos_8502@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Foul-mouthed Commodore fan, retrogamer, and hobbyist video game programmer. I make stuff without promising a delivery date. (He/Him, Queer, Canadian, Probably one or more of drunk, high, or sleep deprived) Buy me a coffee!=http://ko-fi.com/mos_8502 Become a patron!=https://www.patreon.com/mos_8502
crc@mastodon.socialCharles Childers
crc@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programmer. Developer of Retro Forth, Gopher servers and clients, and several iOS apps. Co-founder DC Comtech.
pandorasfox@yiff.lifePandora's Fox
pandorasfox@yiff.life  [follow]
Instance mod for yiff.lifeNonbinary transfemme fox. Programmer. Panromantic, Asexual, Monogamous. Closed relationship with @dargon_lover ❤️❤️❤️HRT since 2018-03-18!🦊❤️🐲#nobot
davidbfox@mastodon.socialDavid “the Talking Skull” Fox🌻
davidbfox@mastodon.social  [follow]
Lead game programmer #ReturnToMonkeyIsland, designer/lead LucasArts Rescue on Fractalus, Labyrinth, Zak, Indy3, #VR Rube Works, Electric. Eggplant, Thimbleweed Park Twitter:=Https://twitter.com/DavidBFox Home Page:=http://ElectricEggplant.com Counter.Social:=https://counter.social/@davidbfox
wezm@decentralised.socialWesley Moore
wezm@decentralised.social  [follow]
Programmer from Melbourne, Australia, now living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Into Rust. {Arch,Alpine} Linux user. {Free,Net,Open}BSD, observer. Curator of @readrust@botsin.space. he/him or they/them. Blogger at:https://www.wezm.net/https://bitcannon.net/
cattsmall@mastodon.social❇️🌙 weeaboo slayer 🐈✨
cattsmall@mastodon.social  [follow]
Fairy-type designer, programmer, game developer, artist, and karaoke lover. Bronx-born & raised. Maker of various things. Neutral Good. She/her.
ryandaniels@fosstodon.orgRyan Daniels
www, github
ryandaniels@fosstodon.org  [follow]
SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, and in a previous lifetime.. travelling, and riding a motorcycle.Update Seeker📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕Pronouns: he/himI use arch, btw. j/k it's Manjaro.New to fosstodon, on fediverse since Nov 2017.🇨🇦Auto post deletion set to 3 month.#nobot
ryandaniels@mastodon.socialRyan Daniels 🐧
www, github
ryandaniels@mastodon.social  [follow]
SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps stuff. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, travelling, and in a previous lifetime.. riding a motorcycle. :sabakan: Update Seeker :sabakan:📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕ #nobot ✅Lives in 🇨🇦 #CanadaPronouns: he/himI use arch btw (in a VM)Forget (https://forget.codl.fr/about/) set to 3 month
elih@mastodon.social  [follow]
Font Engineer • UI Designer • Rust/Python Graphics Programmer
thatonecalculator@stop.voring.meThatOneCalculator :calcdumpy:
WWW, GitHub, Osu, Merch
thatonecalculator@stop.voring.me  [follow]
​:calchello:​Hi, its me, Calc! Runs this instance ​:calchigh:​UC Irvine student ​:calcmentalbreakdowncrying:​Programmer for GlobalOps ​:calcponder:​Self proclaimed technoanarchist ​:calctrollage:​ Gayly nyanbinary ​:so_gay:​ ​:nb:​ Pronouns=They/He (https://en.pronouns.page/@that1calculator) Revolt=@ t1c | https://rvlt.gg/3jE9DgmF Markov chain bot=@t1c@stop.voring.me Pixelfed=@that1calculator@pixelfed.social WriteFreely (Blog)=https://blog.t1c.dev%20%7C%20%40t@blog.t1c.dev/ Peertube=@thatonecalculator@tilvids.com PFP art=@dzuk@weirder.earth Banner art=datbx_ on birdsite
evanhahn@bigshoulders.cityEvan Hahn
evanhahn@bigshoulders.city  [follow]
I'm a programmer who loves a good panini Pronouns=he/him/his Email=me@evanhahn.com
tsturm@toot.siteThomas Sturm
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Programmer, photographer and writer. Now go outside and look at the sky.Mastodon since Aug 2018, toot.site since May 2020.
harald@hub.volse.noHarald Eilertsen
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Metallhue, programmerer og hedning. Initiativtager og primus motor i Norsk Urskog, vokalist og bassist i thrash metal-orkesteret Imbalance, bassist i Blastered, tilhenger av fri programvare, opptatt av datasikkerhet (CISSP) og personvern.Metalhead, programmer and pagan. Initiator and main force of Norsk Urskog, vocalist and bass player in the thrash metal band Imbalance, bass player of Blastered, supporter of free software, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and keen privacy advocate.
tromo@kafeneio.socialΤρομοκρατιστής ✭
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Θεσμός είναι μόνο τα λαϊκά δικαστήρια. Synopsis=1971, Programmer, Atheist System=UNIX® System V Release 4 Languages=C/C++, ASM, Pascal, PHP, ... even Java, JS, VB & Cobol
amdt@mastodon.socialAlastair M. D. Touw 🍥
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Dilettante programmer, salaryman webmaster. 不本意な日本語話者.I like #Lisp, #Smalltalk, and (parts of) the #Web.
beadsland@mastodon.socialin stasis pending unPAUSE
Projects, Makerspace, Repositories, Maker ISO Maker
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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Intersectional writerly programmer—manhattan makerspace denizen—seeks to build radical new infrastructures—not more code.❄Ace enby (3rd) 4w5 WP❄They.
amyzenunim@unstable.systems★ Amy Star ★
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★ angelic witch of stars and earth ★★ fiction writer, C programmer, electronics hobbyist, cosplayer, experimental edm composer/producer ★★ lesbian / neurodivergent / plural / esoteric anarchist / non-pagan ★★ 東方の愛好家 / 日本語の初心者 ★★ friend of blåhaj, chuuni rights ★★ she/her ★ another=project pronouns=she/her pfp artist=lunarisdraws@twitter.com
ryandaniels@linuxrocks.onlineRyan :manjaro: ✅
www, github
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SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, and in a previous lifetime.. travelling, and riding a motorcycle.Update Seeker📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕Pronouns: he/himI use arch, btw. j/k it's Manjaro.🇨🇦Forget (https://forget.codl.fr/about/) set to 3 month#nobot
savjee@mstdn.ioXavier Decuyper
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🇧🇪 - "Simply Explained" on YouTube - Programmer - Geek
afresh1@bsd.networkAndrew Hewus Fresh
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he/him. So many interesting things to know and do. At the moment, spend my free time as an #OpenBSD hacker, #Perl programmer, and fan of pockets.
edebill@wandering.shop  [follow]
I’m a programmer by trade. I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, run, garden, and play with fountain pens. he/him, Austin, TXTBF I post about my cats a lot.Trans rights are human rights. reader=yes programmer=yes cats=owned by fingers=inky
tinoheuberger@mastodontech.deTino Heuberger
Github, Astrobin, Website
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Switzerland based Programmer by Day, Astronomer / Astrophotographer by nightCurrently working on the #ESA #Euclid project OpenPGP=0xB4B88025927E502D
autistchickwcomputer@eldritch.cafeautistic catgirl programmer
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i am a dumb autist who likes girls and computers who likes other girls who like girls and computersMentally Ill Tranny Demon HackerMy hrt is funded by fake internet money donated by kind strangers on the internet(monero):8ANJG2QQGvH5JtE5pE7Dv1Zzda7yjjnhGdWqgwEWeL8ggcnA58g1sihWrunj7dQZ2uMpV7RnYayxYJTFWFGujKWcNTxESAfassigned human at birth#actuallyautistic#isCatnasa intern and engineering freshmanboosts ok unless I say otherwise
blog, blog, Github
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👨‍💻職業プログラマです。主にweb(Java/JavaScript/HTML/CSS)。「てんじょう」じゃなくて「あまい」です。#programming #programmer はてブ=http://b.hatena.ne.jp/AmaiSaeta/
Blog, Codeberg, GitHub
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SciFi-Lego-Programmer-Technology-Fanboy. Believes that tabs are better than spaces. he/him Vorheriger Account auf chaos.social=https://chaos.social/@amenthes
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Programmer (esp. into functional languages), amateur drummer and songwriter.See hardcorenarrativist@tabletop.social for storytelling and story games.
ibagail@cybre.space  [follow]
24. she/her. USA. programmer.
kuba@toot.kuba-orlik.nameKuba Orlik
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Podcaster, blogger, programmer. Co-founder of Sealcode (https://www.sealcode.it/), creator of Sealious (https://hub.sealcode.org/source/sealious/). Privacy and security educator at https://www.internet-czas-dzialac.pl/
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Communist, programmer, and vegetarian. Admin of https://peertube.social
asjmcguire@mastodon.scotAndy McGuire
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English born, now living in Scottish Borders. Programmer (Hobby), Books, Weather, Dogs. Independence.
doctormo@mastodon.socialMartin Owens
LiberaPay, Patreon
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Inkscape Programmer and Software Freedom Contractor. Graphics, art, computers, politics, ideas, science.Age: 1980'sPolitics: A socialist... well, a federated pro-social consensualist... er, or something like that.Meme Immunity: Innate rebel, adaptive skeptic, and passive humilityPronouns: he/him/they/themCulture: British, Northern, Induralist, Riverfolk, Pro-Sustainability, Pie. Alignment=Chaotic Annoyed Inkscape=https://inkscape.org/~doctormo
lottievixen@dev.glitch.socialtemp gone to cutie space cya
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---Praise: Good Girl/FoxType: SystemGenitals: Girlcock, VaginaRoles: Penetrating, PenetrableRelationships: @garbados @lizardsquid @mallaidh @azurepup @catgirl...🇬🇧 Programmer, Gamer, Teacher, Poly, Pan, Trans, cuddle and snuggle fiendhttp://ko-fi.com/charlottehttps://www.patreon.com/CharlotteFields@Foxsan48 on Twitter & GithubDiscord: Charlotte#0086I love to love and be loved, sharing affection with others is how we will survive.
cks@mastodon.socialChris Siebenmann
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That cks. Overcommitted sysadmin, photographer, bicyclist, and other multitudes. I write a lot of words for a programmer.
nivrig@mastodon.socialJohn Girvin
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Real Programmer with Screwdriver. Respawned 80s Game Developer.
badger@bitcoinhackers.orgJean Lucas ⚡
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Programmer, designer, and Bitcoin maximalist.
ebarrett@mastodon.socialEdd Barrett
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Computer scientist, Programmer, OpenBSD Developer.
mathuin@bsd.networkPatrick Marchand
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Programmer :flan_hacker: / Skier :flan_ski:
mo@mastodon.mlMo Rijndael :flag_wbw:
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Programmer. Love Rust, good in Python.:blobcatgoogly: <- this is my godshe/herReading this text is gay :BlobhajTransPrideHeart: pics (nudes maybe)=@mo@pixelfed.cats-home.net