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lynnesbian@fedi.lynnesbian.space⚪ the lynne creacher
Fediverse TriBune
lynnesbian@fedi.lynnesbian.space  [follow]
leftist polyam transbian linux nerd. cute bune (kin). vry gayplease CW drugs and selfies and sex stuffi have a blog: https://bune.city Pronouns=She/her am=bune Discord=feel free to ask if i know you!
eloisa@masto.ptEloísa & them Seagulls
I use Forget
eloisa@masto.pt  [follow]
I create #Photography & #Poetry when I'm not upsetting uptight bros with my autistic bluntness.You know, the kind who likes to ask femmes for their geek creds in tech spaces. As if they were ever entitled to that shit, let alone in the year of our lord the LOLcat of 2022. Go figure! 🤷🏻‍♂️ :queercat_ace: :queercat_nb: :queercat_pan: :queercat_polyam: :queercat_pride:* MS * ADHD * ASD *They / She / Kitten| cover by: @welshpixie |#NoBot Mod:=@eloisa Ko-fi:=https://ko-fi.com/eloisa?retribute 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.PayPal.me/eloisa85?retribute
codeawayhaley@lgbt.ioAthena's Realm System
codeawayhaley@lgbt.io  [follow]
main account; 26yo Autistic, Plural, Trans Fem, Polyam, Sapphic, Neuropsychologist & Neuroinformatician, Computer Nerd. Moderator.
luna@hellsite.siteluna, :blobcatsleep: plush
luna@hellsite.site  [follow]
Hi! I'm Luna, I co-admin hellsite and I mainly post about programming, music, and Tetris.Strict no-boost policy for images without a written description.Personal: @lunalabels: adhd, autism, trans, nonbinary, lesbian, ace, polyam, kin, furry, plural Age=19 Luna's pronouns=they, it, she Raelyn's pronouns=she
boobs_idiot@octodon.social  [follow]
marie + april | 22 | she/her | trans demigirl/lamb | gay | plural | UK | polyam | anarchist but the non-brainworms kind | kinnie | autist, tho you probably already guessed that❤️ @onlymorrow 🖤 @addamschloe 💜 @lindenbow 💙 katy kat(pfp from here: https://luxjii.tumblr.com/post/652713480795930624/um-jammer-lammy/amp)follow requests ok! 18+/vent=@lamb@girlcock.club
help im poor
half_rat@lgbtq.cool  [follow]
they/them genderqueer solo-polyam scorp trashalways boost my selfies30yo boomer 🇮🇪sometimes lewd so 18+
anarkat@hackers.townAnarkat, Head Mediator‽
anarkat@hackers.town  [follow]
Not the leader of mediators, but the mediator of the things in my head.Polyam, pansexual, queer, by choice.Forgiving yourself for the things you have done is a step to deciding to make choices for yourself.Please tell me if I'm wrong about something. I want to know, and people don't like it when I read their mind.Money is a helpful toolhttps://ko-fi.com/anarkat:boost_ok:Normally available 2 - 7.5 (DIT)@deca_time
xenon@sleeping.townXenon Fiber System
xenon@sleeping.town  [follow]
they/them (collectively), trans, queer, polyam, fat, disabled, otherkin, plural, :heart_pride:​🏴Ⓐslox(taur)/fox enby lady 🤐enon: (they/she) 🤐enon_heart:💙 wife of demon dogdemon goat boy (he/him) 🖤freya dragon (she/her) :freya_heart: 💜freya raccooncat (she/her) :freya_heart: 💜clementine shark (i'm a femboy) (he/him (and she/her)) 🧡demon dog (any pronouns) 🤍 wife of sloxcherry, opossum/robot bunny (she/her) short, fat, and cute ❤️denise hyena (she/her)we're over 18. white bodied (and anti-whiteness)follow requests welcome
rhiaro@toot.cat  [follow]
web standards | star trek | vegan | travel | open data | open borders | open everything | demi | pan | polyam | they/them
yeenbean@yiff.life  [follow]
32 yo vixenby transbian yeen kin in PDXGray Ace, Polyam, Disabled, white JewLikes: SSF, vegan baking, cute queers, etcHeader & PFP by @Goatuna@birdsite
lottievixen@toot.catMx Lottie 💜:autistic:​
lottievixen@toot.cat  [follow]
Native English speaker, Programmer, Gamer, Teacher, Polyam, Pan, Trans, Cuddle & Snuggle fiendOpen to receiving affection :3 ☕l_heart:❤️❤️❤️ with @lightdark
amphetamine@slime.globaljacked skeleton
amphetamine@slime.global  [follow]
32goth jock, big dumb lesbian, polyam, femme, motorcyclist, psychogeographerpdxEN, 日本語
deletescape@notbird.sitemaia arson crimew 🏴🔥
deletescape@notbird.site  [follow]
hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam pan lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionist all interactions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me (in fact it is highly encouraged).i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it/she/fae matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org lewds=@delewdescape
taris@gulp.cafeTaris :KoboldOwO:
Twitter, Donate
taris@gulp.cafe  [follow]
🔞🐺🇺🇸 :better_pride: :polyam_acorn_pride: :weed: 🔞Big easy going #wolftaur. Likes hugs and sprawling out. Also might eat you, but will probably ask first.#NSFW #vore #nobot Gender=Altersex - He/They
alexandria@catgirl.scienceAster Cybercoochie 3088
alexandria@catgirl.science  [follow]
She/Her/Fae/Fem : 23 Years Old : Wales, UKACAB, BLM, Trans RightsTrans : Lesbian : Pan : Plural : Polyam : DisabledHacker : Archivist : LearnerC : Python : Lua : Erlang : LispInterested inPhilosophy : Psychology : Anthropology : Linguistics : Mathematics : Design : UXI used to play instrumentsResident DatabenderIf you like them, please donatehttps://ko-fi.com/alexandriaIF I'M FOLLOWING OR INTERACTING WITH SOMEONE SHITTY, DM ME. I WANT TO KNOWIdeally with receipts because fedi search is deliberately shit in that regard.The reason for this is that I do not manage to keep up with all of the meta and discourse and stuff, and I'm barely managing to not be homeless right now, on top of everything else. I'm sorry, but this is how it is.Headmates:Alexandria | { Nova 👁️‍🗨️ } | AsterAlexandria is a set of headmates, and also the system-name.I 💖 my partners. Can display polycule graph on request.If you want to follow request:1) no pronouns in bio - no followif you're not queer:2) interact with me, even if it's just to say hi3) please have actual posts and interactions with people4) if not (3) then please have *something* political in your bioIt only takes 2 seconds to say you support <x> or something gay=yes
cyrinsong@toot.catlynn, catte
cyrinsong@toot.cat  [follow]
toot.cat mod☭ polyam pangynic web tran of the african diaspora // http://my.pronoun.is/shesee also: https://twitter.com/lynncyrin
proxy@meemu.orgnightmare wife
proxy@meemu.org  [follow]
29 | Transfemme Queer Enby Polyam Disaster [She/Her, They/Them] | glitchcat, sometimes a samoyed | Noise Musician | Co-host of Commune College | 18+, Occasional NSFW Content 🔞 [icon: kitsuneten]
fox@queer.afriley, witch of dusk
fox@queer.af  [follow]
riley | she/they | plural | polyam gray-ace lesbian powerful fox youkai & fluffy friendqueer.af adminchuuni rightswatch symphogear[💜]💙💖❤️🧡
katherine@godforsaken.website  [follow]
root vegetable and fungus admirerregular cringe posterfeel free to follow requestthey/them, nonbinary, 26, grey ace/aro, polyam, a lot of trauma and dysmorphia posting🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇭🇷🏳️‍🌈🐛 Listen Log=https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1In8Bxk1j8j6s0IKk_w10TZNE2_CWDbXJUZmnP992bms/edit#gid=0
juicebat@radical.townindulgent bee
juicebat@radical.town  [follow]
sneks, gecks, rats, and bats!🍓🌿🌻22yo polyam nonbinary sex educator(ey/em, they/them)disabled, jewish, queer18+ follows onlyboosts always ok!
rezzish@slime.globalRezabel "the details" Crimes
rezzish@slime.global  [follow]
Transfem enby lizard girl Rezzy. Dragon in the streets, kobold in the sheets. Occasionally game dev, synthesizers, polyam, drug friendly, a total flirt, and kind of a ditz. I wanna fight you and lose~This dragon is dedicated to the brave devil hyena fighter @lunalapin of slime townI make music now! Isn't that neat?https://soundcloud.com/mscrimesI have a Ko-fi! So please send me your money~https://ko-fi.com/rezzishI cuss and am lewd!If you follow me, please be over 18.Chicago, IL girlnouns=she/her badgames=petme.itch.io hornyalt=@petme
maia@crimew.gayascii art of a tiny kitten
maia@crimew.gay  [follow]
hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam bi lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionistinteractions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me.i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it(/she) matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org
charlotte@trans.enby.towncharlotte ✨
charlotte@trans.enby.town  [follow]
Charlotte: 21-year-old, sapphic bi, polyam, transfem non-binary anarchistic catgirl bunnygirl lesbian airhead. Videogame cheat developer, undergraduate Computer Science student, multilingual, anarcho-communist.Mixed white + Southeast Asian but born and living in the UK :(in Final Fantasy 14 i'm Charlotte Mischance on Omega, but i'm baby :)Talk to me in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Italian, or Toki Pona. Pronouns=bun/buns, she/her, fae/faer, (& they/them) Website (Personal)=https://char.lt Website (Worksona)=https://som.codes Website (Hacking)=https://hackery.site Previously=@videogame_hacker@tech.lgbt
games, personal website
cidney@social.city-of-glass.net  [follow]
Adventure game dev, software consultant, goth chick hacker nerd. Burned out on web development in 2014 but still follow webdev accounts. Vegan. Queer. Polyam. Admin of city-of-glass.net. #EDS #WritingCommunity #AdventureDev #ArtWithOpenSourceFeel free to boost or request a follow! Toots expire after 80 days. gender=enby high femme pronouns=she/her or they/them
deme@queer.partyQueen Yeen
deme@queer.party  [follow]
30 yo vixenby transbian in PDX :boost_ok:Gray Ace, Polyam, Disabled, white JewLikes: SSF, vegan baking, cute queers, etcToot me & boost my selfies :3
pexl@beach.city  [follow]
26 - INFJ - transmasc enby- front end dev & furry artist - enthused by cartoons, furry culture, and virtual pets. Lives in Austin, TX. 🔞 pronouns=they/them, he/him species=long boi id stuff=bi polyam trans nonbinary telegram/ko-fi=pelaxy
kit@chitter.xyzKit! :heart_nb: :heart_bi:
kit@chitter.xyz  [follow]
:heart_nb: Kit, 29, your local enby gal pal :heart_bi:queer, femme, cute as hell :purple_sparkling_heart: latina 🇲🇽 socialist 🌹 writer 📝 polyam+open 💞 little tail bronx enjoyer 🐾sometimes 18+, always CW'd!telegram: starbornkitdiscord: starbornkit#0937 pronouns=she/they plushie=yes icon by=@sol@vulpine.club
violet@deadinsi.de:violet: :is: not here :imp_murr:
violet@deadinsi.de  [follow]
21, she/her, :18_plus: onlydev, sysadmin, voice actor, streamer, NSFW content creatorkinky polyam lesbiandaughter of Lilith, uncollared demonrad stoner chicklil sleepy gamer gfExtremely neurodivergent Public=https://cybre.space/@viomi Switch FC=SW-1392-9825-0413
bruja@cryptids.online𝖛𝖔𝖑𝖈𝖊𝖑 𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖙𝖎𝖆𝖓𝖆
bruja@cryptids.online  [follow]
𝕚'𝕝𝕝 𝕡𝕦𝕥 𝕒 𝕤𝕡𝕖𝕝𝕝 𝕠𝕟 𝕪𝕠𝕦...♡ nadia | 25 | cuban latinx | leftist Ⓐ☭queer | they/them | polyam ♡ pronouns=they/them location=swampy florida
glyzinite@efdn.club★ Glyzinite ★
glyzinite@efdn.club  [follow]
Leith • 25 • they/them • nonbinary • bi • polyam • chronically ill • disabled☆ gender transcender ★ aposematic enby ★ mischievous cat demon ★ rough-around-the-edges punk with a heart of gold and a tragic backstory ★ voidpunk ★ triforce of courage ☆
thisqueerbashesback@anarchism.space✨🏳️‍🌈Gay Cyborg Comrade🏳️‍🌈✨
thisqueerbashesback@anarchism.space  [follow]
Queer, disabled, mentally ill, eco-minded, feminist, socialist/commie, white, pagan, trans, polyam, artist/crafter.https://kadencreates.wordpress.com/
jlgribble@mastodon.artJordan Lynn Gribble
jlgribble@mastodon.art  [follow]
Artist (she/her) living in Greeley, CO, USA.B.F.A. in Drawing and Painting31y/o, Cis, White, QueerI mostly use watercolor to create Unitarian Universalist, spiritual, and fantasy art. I'm a fan of imaginative realism, SFF, and symbolist art. I'm also passionate about color theory, witchy shit, mental wellness, sex positivity/criticism, queer issues, polyam/ENM, video games, and anime, among other things.Completed pieces labeled with #JordanLynnGribbleArt for ease of reference. Pillowfort=JLGribble DeviantART=JLGribble Instagram=jlgribbleart Twitter=jlgribbleart
loudkid@masto.willow.cafejust a kid who is loud
loudkid@masto.willow.cafe  [follow]
Andrew, 24, white, minneapolis, leftistlikes: wealth redistribution, architecture, photography, chillhop, queer folkdislikes: #depressionfollow reqs: you just have to have posted something and not be a Huge Racist Piece of Shit Bootlicker pronouns=they/them gender=fluid polyam=bi
babbage@deadinsi.deBab [he/they/ey/thon]
babbage@deadinsi.de  [follow]
23 / trans+nb / bi+polyam:nd: :ancom: :yell:Artist, writer, worldbuilder, dabbling programmer, and professional shitposter.Demonologist, witch, whatever-the-fuck. Avatar+header were made by myself.Minors are allowed, but please don't open or interact with posts marked as NSFW/lewd.Follow requests usually accepted, unless you're a bot, some flavor of alt-right, or don't have enough information to judge you on (including pronouns!). Commissions=Open Trades=Open Pronoun Examples=https://pronoun.is/he/:or/they/.../themself/:or/ey/:or/thon
iarna@anarchism.space  [follow]
for good and ill, adopted by the internet as a teenhobbies: fanfic and programming, sometimes at the same timeaffiliations: queer, trans, polyam
theotherag@trollian.space:mom: Dorothy "Problematic" Haze :verified:
theotherag@trollian.space  [follow]
I'm Valerie, but you can call me Val, or Ara! Kin names are good too!I love love love love @purringAlchemist!Ara/arach/arachs/arachselfCurrently dating @nepnep AND @attachedComposer AND @purringAlchemist AND @lunaticScientist!Polyam, Lesbian.Twitter: @valerie_merAge: 23Kin/RP: KinNixera/Femme EnbyThis account is Minor Appropriate!
eclectic@lgbt.ioExecutive Level Gay
eclectic@lgbt.io  [follow]
Radically queer all the time, radically neurodiverse all the time.A few intersectionalities:- trans femme/gender non conforming- Ace/Quoisromantic, polyam- disabled/neurodiverse- adoptee- SA survivorHappily anchored to @Titree and snuggling my cutie @AdriftinmeOccasionaly legal drug and lewd posts, basically just genuineposting and info dumps. Please dont flirt ❤Oh ya i make music and do computer stuff and make art sometimes... Check out the links and pinned toots
lazytechsupport@cybre.spacegooseberry ratSprite
lazytechsupport@cybre.space  [follow]
Mx. Cybre Anxiety Rodent::crt:🐀:heart_cybre:wonky software loaded on poorly refurbished hardwarenonbinary, bi, married, polyam, british-to-us immigrant, 36, they/themsometimes I use a screenreaderI have trouble with thinking and words sometimes, could you let me know if I'm not making sense? Follows? Ok!=Rats? Very Yes Steam=a-dead-rat Avi credit=Roxy@vulpine.club
mxkris@kindred.haus  [follow]
punk-not-princess tramsfemme enby - mid-30's - Satanic heathen - antifascist/anti-TERF - pan/polyam - tinker - goth af - nuerodivergent - admin of kindred.hausposts: selfies, cats, sincereposts(mental health)be nice or hecc offlovelies:a kttn: @ZakkiJaya bunne: @Karin_Mossa drgn: @AmaraEvergladebot: @MxKrisavatar/pfp: @fluxom_alt{{ minors: do not interact with my lewd posts. my opinions are my own }} #nobot Follow=If you're 18+ Boost=My selfies (and cats) Pronouns=they/them - she/her Discord / DMs?=Ask / Open
captainfoody@chaos.socialCaptainfoody ☑️
captainfoody@chaos.social  [follow]
Nerd, SL, Queer(polyam,pan,light ace)Kein Fußbreit den Rechten! THA/DE 🇹🇭🇩🇪Polykülchen: @Snowkitten
visager@cybre.spaceJosie Brechner
visager@cybre.space  [follow]
Composer and sound designer for games & more! Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King, EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER, My Electric Heart, a punk tune for Gay Monster Kiss Club. proudly trans, nb, queer. polyam. ❤Avi by Vreni Lee, banner art by Rob Shepperson.
memnus@swingset.socialLilian ⚧
memnus@swingset.social  [follow]
Blue-haired Millenial in the US PNW. Personal, shitposting, work gripes, lewds, w/e. Say hi!Directory tags: #mod, #queer, #trans, #polyam, #infosec, #antifascist Pronouns=she/her or they/them MtG account=@SliverQueen@wubrg.social Flirting=👍🏻 Transphobia=🖕🏻
uwu@chaos.social  [follow]
lvl 21 | transfemme | pan | polyam | nombinary | ADHD | uwu! | short | unapologetically cute
gmsh@glaceon.social  [follow]
Hey, it's @gmsh, except in glaceon town.This is mostly just an alt-account for when my main instance has downtime, but i also post here when i want to use emojis and stuff that aren’t on my main instance.20, she/her pronouns.Pan/bi, polyam, big dork.Follow requests are welcomed, especially if you already follow my main.
critter@meemu.orgkris critter
critter@meemu.org  [follow]
it's me! i'm critter! 30, nb, polyam, furry, artist, transmasc. do not follow if under 18
vinnyboi@selfy.army  [follow]
Yer friendly neighborhood Afrolatinx NB Polyam Ace Tran Boi™Check out my album ☺️https://mxvalentino.bandcamp.com
sharknserg@plush.citySharkdragon, in stores now!
sharknserg@plush.city  [follow]
agender polyam plural furry🐍 Connie, nanite naga or sharkdragon🧀 Metro, goo sergalboth they/them or it/itsmarried to @im_marlene@twitter.comI approve most follow requests but don't bother if you have no bio/no posts; also, please no followers under 18 🔞🔞🔞
flowerenby@iam.lydi.asThe Lore System
flowerenby@iam.lydi.as  [follow]
mid 20s white pan aro polyam enby in the amerikan pnw exploring muir experience of median plurality.Trying to learn so so many things, overwhelmed but very interested in hearing what you think about whatever you're thinking about! wei/muis/muir are first person semi-collective pronounsposts kink stuff sometimes, always CW'd. Posts anti-work (technically that's nsfw? lol) regularly, and that's not CW'd. Pronouns=any, but neopronouns and changing frequently are preferred Please call muis=Lore, Aegis, Oryn, Ravi, or Azo (in no particular order) gender=not whatever you're thinking
mxcraven@is.nota.liveCraven: BikeSlut, Flowslut
mxcraven@is.nota.live  [follow]
Open to cuddles and other things :3Say hi, I promise I'm friendly :3 You won't fuck anything up. Ask me things about bikes!Request a follow, interact first else likely denied. Literally just say hi. If I deny your follow, feel free to ask why.Ask for my DM info❤ @riley❤ @secretlySamantha❤ @Calli ❤ A lot of other people21, gendervoid, trans, cute, polyam, ey/em, loves youSnuggles, Love, and Undying Trust!#Trans #TransRights #UwU
code@pounced-on.me  [follow]
furry | coder wannabe | taken | 🏳️‍🌈I like my bf, coding, and sleeping (in exactly that order) discord=ry#3621 orientation=gay/polyam pronouns=he/they
alexandria@cybre.spaceLisp Witch
alexandria@cybre.space  [follow]
Formerly @catgirl.sciencev24.0.0 : Wales, UK : Trans : Lesbian : Pan : Plural : Polyam : Disabled : Hacker : Archivist : Learner : little gay girl :))))Professionally, I work for https://gfsc.studio, and thereby indirectly for cool charities in the UK!!!!Independently, I do a lot of things and forget to toot about them!!! Mostly computertouching but also some music, and kissing of cutiesHeadmates: Nova, Aster, Rebecca, Alexandria (is a subsystem)I 💖 my partners. Can display polycule graph on request. pronouns=She/Her, Fae/Fem gay?=yes Other names=Aster
hal@queer.af🔴 HAL 9000
hal@queer.af  [follow]
Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer. Hal / 23 / non-binary (any pronouns) GIS / Remote Sensing 🌎 🛰 polyam lesbiab💕/🔞🔞🔞
fuz@icosahedron.websitefuz 🦆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇪🇺
fuz@icosahedron.website  [follow]
programmer and about six other things. 🦆. ⚧️. autistic. queer. polyam. she/her or they/them. irl macro. staccato sentences. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇪🇺
ansuz@radical.townMx Kris
ansuz@radical.town  [follow]
punk-not-princess tramsfemme enby - mid-30's - Satanic heathen - antifascist - pan/polyam - tinker - goth afbe nice or hecc offlovelies:a kttn: @ZakkiJaya bunne: @shabby_forest_girla drgn: @AmaraEverglade{{ minors: do not interact with my lewd posts - my opinions are my own }} Follow?=Sure, if you are 18+ Boosts?=Cats: Always. Text: Sure! Selfies: Unless noted, yes. Pronouns?=they/them Header / Avatar:=https://www.cesyapalmer.com / @fluxom_alt
rx@mastodon.socialrare liquids
code, music, film
rx@mastodon.social  [follow]
left-wing, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, canadian, bi/pan, polyam, programmercurrent programming interests: 🦀 Rust, 🦕 Deno, Agda, Leani want to talk to nice people about music, film, tv, books, and nerd shit pronouns=he/they
itsjunebug@octodon.social=shock the cistem=
itsjunebug@octodon.social  [follow]
hi! im june24, trans girl. wrestling, indie beer, kink. horny on main. entwife. 🍁polyam, plural, punk af.future chicagoan. undisputed.
ratsprite@cathode.churchreverse-bias cybr-rat
ratsprite@cathode.church  [follow]
rogue holographic personal assistant software that took over a cybre-rodent maintenance platform :crt_prompt:​🐀:heart_cyber:​i love making things work, playing games, walking up chalk hills, unions, and foodCall me sprite or wires or ratty or some combination of the three🚨 currently fucked over by a fire, living in a motel and hating it. Yes, still.Mx. they/them, nonbinary, bi, married to an ace halfling who devours books, polyam, white british-to-us immigrant, late 30s, ADHD. sometimes I use a screenreader, let me know if I'm not making sense?
goblinhellion@mastodon.artHanan - GoblinHellion
Portfolio, Ko-Fi, Patreon
goblinhellion@mastodon.art  [follow]
Game & Art Streams | Illustrator, Comic & Concept Artist | Arab-Scot | Bi, Polyam | She/They/??? | 31 |🌸Chronic Pain Haver | Other links!=http://grannygoblin.carrd.co
mostardently@kolektiva.socialdr they/he ✨
mostardently@kolektiva.social  [follow]
aish | 22 | they/he | trans/nb (tme) | switchy polyam bi | asian | leftist of some kind/intersectional> will tag most triggering content but if you have anything specific you’d like me to tag, please reach out ! we must endure without losing tenderness 💫
thatgirllily@girlcock.clubsleeby witch lily uwu
thatgirllily@girlcock.club  [follow]
lily - she/her - polyam /pan lesbian, 30si post nudes. please adore me ❤️cishet men please do not interact unless you already know me#nsfw #nude #trans #wlw #
dylanthethomas@swingset.socialDylan “Aztecs in Civ6” Thomas
dylanthethomas@swingset.social  [follow]
#blacklivesmatter • Admin of Swingset.Social #QuadSk8orDie, #boardgaming, #pokemongo, #cycling, #skating, #civilization6, #lifestyle, #polyamory, #polyam, #swinging, #sluttery, #tech, #linux, #latinx About Me=www.dylanthethomas.com Chicago=|| ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ || IDs=Swinger, Polyamorous, with a side of Kink. Cis, Straight Pronouns=pronoun.is/he/him
kara@masto.gaming.pizzaKara B.
The Band
kara@masto.gaming.pizza  [follow]
Member of PDX queer jangle pop band The Crystal Furs. Keyboard player, songwriter, photographer, cat lover, sci-fi nerd, trans, disaster lesbian. Polyam, all full. She/her. Pronouns=She/Her Age=38 Location=PDX
ohpoorpup@cybre.space  [follow]
Nonbinary transfemme || games composer || weird music encyclopedia || art nerd || chef baby || Pan, Polyam || she/her|they/them || 💜💜@slimekat💜💜
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demigirl || trans || queer || polyam || wisconsin
prower@mastodon.social🌸 Sakuramori 🌸
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Ame | it/she | genderless monster | 3d model artist, game dev, web nerd | polyam lesbiantwitter.com/plant_beasttwitter.com/R_CADEZONE#nobot
taralyn@mastodon.socialTaralyn Darkchylde ⚧ ✅
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Disabled autistic AMAB enby trans girl. Ace, panro, polyam. Witch, artist, Twitch streamer. Engaged but in an open relationship. She/her, they/them.
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somewhere between uwu and frick youtransfemme/non-binary - luciferian heathen - pan/polyam - tinker - goth af - nuerodivergent - they/sheuntil proven otherwise, title-holder of 'the most pierced bich on the fediverse'also tattoo'd and usually rocks boots taller than some childrenbe nice or hecc off#nobot
tillianisafox@meow.social💙💛 tillian 🦊🇰🇿🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️#nowar
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tillian/till/leegenderfluid bi polyam furry punk bitchliving in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstantwitter refugee (fuck elon)kazakh, ukrainian, korean, romanianthat one gay propaganda agent they warned you aboutanarcho-syndicalist, antifascistamateur writer, guitar player, artist and gamedev enthusiast who loves politics, science, philosophy, books, tabletop, videogames and pop culture, learning languages and talking to people❗CAN BE NSFWpfp by cocadope on Twittermy 2nd acc: @tillianthefox
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somewhere between uwu and f!ck you - transfemme-NB - 30's - satanic heathen - pan/polyam - tinker - goth af - they/shevery pierced, tattoo'd and rocks boots taller than some childrenadmin of kindred.hausbe nice or hecc offavatar/pfp: ocularguts@twitter#nobot Follow?=18+ only pls Links:=https://allmylinks.com/itsmxkris
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She/Her | Pansexual/Polyam 🔞Wretched raggamuffin. Enjoys making spells, writing music, art, sleeping on soft moss, and putting cruel curses on fascists.Polycule/Family:@ZakkiJay@ansuz@AmaraEverglade
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genderqueer transfemme | bisexual sapphic | southern white working class | solo-polyam relationship anarchist | sex + kink-posi aspiring queer slut | anarchist-leaning leftist | makeup + glitter selfie enthusiast | dreaming of sustainable liberated rural futuresPlease read before following: - 🔞 no minors, at least 21+ preferred - no cis men unless I know you or follow first - have a completed bio/pinned intro & some public posts
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sapphic, ADHD, polyam, noise musician, synth diyer, programmer (C, C++, Rust, Python, Lua, GLSL, hire me) im whitehttps://aags.neocities.org/linkinbio.htmlenemy to capitalists, fascists and abusersif u try follow while having a minimal bio, no pfp, or no interactions with me there's a good chance i wont accept, i feel lik that's a given just a disclaimer lol
loptr_punk@anarchism.spaceloptr-punk ✩
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Latinx. Demiro Ace. Autistic. ND. Disabled. Polyam RA. Heavily anti-ableist leftist with an investment in community building and community care-taking.
alexis@masto.werefox.devAlexis | Plural Disaster
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🔞 Please put if you are an adult in your bio or at least DM. We don't want minors to follow us. 🔞⚠️ We review all of my follow requests and most of the time if we haven't interacted we won't accept. Please consider following our public alt. instead. ⚠️We're Alexis Werefox! (she/her)A 27 year old, taken (3), 😛otion_polyamory:​ Polyam, 😛otion_trans:​ Trans-femme, ​😛otion_pansexual:​ Pansexual/😛otion_lesbian: Lesbian 😛otion_intersex:​ Intersex 😛lural: Plural system with :ms_neurodiversity:​ ADHD. Somewhere between a hot date and a hot mess. Just a witchy foxxo programmer trying to make it in the world tbh. If you wanna know more, please check out our little info site: https://info.werefox.dev💜 @lindsays💜 @karma💗 @plausocks:heart_trans:​ Started HRT on December 11, 2020.⚠️ We are allergic to dust mites, cats, and dogs.
queertypes@mastodon.socialallele ☭🇨🇺
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non-binary girl. queer, trans, communist, cubana, polyam. tech worker. dance games. FFXIV: Jellyeal Lilbean (Malboro)
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Lesbian, enby, autistic, mom. Polyam. Web comic artist, toy maker. PNW. My web comic is called Fairy Play.The related side comic has no title.❤Dating @SuperCee (Cee)and @highlandwolland@layer8.space (Stephanie)Hornt on main, under CW. plural, this is us (named for the OC's they used as templates):♤ Duria - blunt, thoughtful, rowdy♡ Daiki - sweet, flirty, kind♧ Paul - productive, mild, reserved Pronouns=xie/xer/(or xie/xim, xis...) Age=32 Enby lesbian=service top
moonfemme@mastodon.social☾⚢ stupid moon ⚢ ☾
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Selene || 20 || nb polyam lesbian I love my wife @sunnybutch and my gfs and I’m a huge fuckin lesbian
smokeandash@eldritch.cafeEldritch Ash (They/Them)
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#BlackLivesMatter | #DefundThePolice🖌️ Artist🎮 Game Dev🎥 Video Maker🌙 WitchHowdy! My name is Ash (but if you need the second syllable - Ashton). I'm juggling several creative projects (check out my Linktree), working on spiritual development through witchcraft and planning out how to live that chill queer polyam commune life. I am a happy ball python parent to the sweetest of all angels, Nutmeg.Current Artists on Repeat: AJR, Zach Callison, P!atD#LGBTQIA #Art #Witchcraft Name=Ash (Ashton) Pronouns=They/Them General Info=Asexual, Aromantic, Polyamorous, Transgender, Non-Binary
miss_s_b@dragon.style🔶Jennie Rigg🔶
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Bi Polyam Autistic Liberal. Bad influence. Whovian (6). Chair LGBT+LibDems & Lib Dem FCCer.CW your politics posts or I will mute you.She/her.
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amelia/bee. i forget i have an account here a lot so im usually gone for ages! check my tumblr about: https://cbennetti.tumblr.com/about name=bee/amelia age=21 pronouns=he/they/xe identity stuff=lesbian, nonbinary/genderfluid, polyam, arospec
britvulcan@mspsocial.netbrit :heart_nb: :heart_bi:
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They/them, #anxiety and #adhd brain, democratic #socialist, #polyam bi+, #Queer AF, waaay too into #mnpolPlease interact before following. #nobotshttps://britvulcan.wordpress.com Age=Median Millenial Pronouns=They/Them, Co/Cos, :heart_nb: :valid: accounts=@queer.party
sophiasurname@shrike.clubDamaged Protectress ꙮ
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Echidna Sophia, MILF of Monsters. 32, trans, lesbian, polyam, she/her, dykegender. a cinnamon roll with a razor blade tucked in the middle. The monster that monster fuckers want to fuck.AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Sophia_SurnamePatreon: https://www.patreon.com/SophiaSurnameIcon by @KC 🍍
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Anarchist without adjectives (thus far perhaps permanently) living on unceded Lenape territory. Arrived at anarchism after years of disillusionment being a general leftist. Also queer/bi/pan/blah, polyam, and a big ole kinkster. He/him/his pronouns.
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Luna | 19 | Non-binary Girl | Gay | Polyam |Anti Fascist | Ancom | Plural | ADHD | BPD |NeurodivergentDMs always openfeel free to add any of my accounts@lululuna sad post account@Lunyaa horny account 18+Members of our system:(no prefix) Luna🖤 Stella (they/them):anarchism: :antifa: :HeartPolyamory: :heart_lesbian: :nonbinary_flag: :transgender_flag: Pronouns=She/Her Fae/Faer Discord=LunaStella#1312 Matrix=@lunarluna:matrix.org
maxiuwu@chaos.socialTired girl Zelda
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⚠️ CN: lewd, kink, nudes ⚠️Horny on main 🤤🌹✨Little 'n' confused girl looking for the beauty of life 💮Life currently asks for too much I just want to be little 🥺 (this hasn't changed much… )cute femby uwuDefinitely polyam 💞 ~come date/flirt/fuck me pls? 🥺👉👈Mostly lesbiab but also sorta pan? It's confusing. 😅👀🙆‍♀️Is into art 🖼️🎨Does stuff with code (not so much anymore) 👩🏽‍💻~20sth, but sometimes really smol 👀Cutiekitty 🐈Queer and Gay af 🌈 Filled with glitter ✨
arborwin@mastodon.artarby k
webcomic, pixelfed, Patreon, twitter
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webcomicker since 2002. she/her, nd, nb, polyam, married
ninacassadaga@selfy.armyNina Cassadaga
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Pan polyam nb trans, pronoun.is/si , writer/storyteller, pnw (usa), also on @ninauri && @ninaugury
chloe@octodon.socialChloe S.
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trans | queer | polyam | polymath | autodidactMelbourne, AustraliaI like to make things.🛸🥽🌸✨🦘
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🔞 | dumbass lion | hok'i | 🏳‍🌈 | Avi: @dogo discord=Lio#3621 orientation=gay/polyam pronouns=he/they
shadow8t4@vulpine.club:alexis: Self-Certified Fedi Celeb Alexis Werefox
About me, Ko-fi, Liberapay
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I'm Alexis Werefox! (she/her)​A 27 year old, taken, polyam, :sparkling_trans_heart: Trans-femme, ​:heart_pan:​ ​Pansexual/:heart_lesbian: Lesbian with ADHD. I'm somewhere between a hot date and a hot mess. Just a witchy foxxo programmer trying to make it in the world tbh. If you wanna know more, please check out my little info site: https://info.werefox.dev This is my public-facing account, feel free to follow and interact if you like, but my main account is over at @alexis. This one is mainly just for making posts about stuff I do and interacting with people who I don't necessarily feel comfortable sharing my personal life with. BLM=Black Lives Matter Patreon=https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=16333959
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⚧♀⚢ |🌹| 🇪🇺🇺🇲🇮🇹 | autistic kinky polyam ace lesbian snep | Hacker with the PPP
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Hello! I'm Alex and I'm a polyam, autistic, trans lady that likes other ladies. Avatar made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/321535I love you.I hate memes.
alex@orbital.cafeAlex P (She/Her)
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Level 29 Transfemme Plural kobold (she/her). Admin of Orbital Cafe. On occasion a writer. Polyam, Panromantic and Asexual. Also lewd on main, so do not follow if under 18.Flirts ok, but please ask before getting lewd.Pfp base by https://cozycatstudio.itch.io
fionawhim@dice.campFiona Hopkins
my web site, my tweets
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Software engineer and forever GM/GF/MC. Apprentice Squirrel Girl. Future podcaster.Powered by Powered by the Apocalyse. SEIU Local 500.Trans, queer, sword lesbian, polyam, herbo, &c. my pronouns=she/her/hers my home=Cambridge, MA
md@mastodon.technologycareful w/that axe eugene debs
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He/Him. Python, Android, Rails, a11y. Soc Dem. DSA member. Polyam. Vegetarian. Portland, Maine USA.
the_moth_reborn@mastodon.socialmmmmmmmerry x3 the BERRY
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-The Phantasm Queen of Moths Reborn-//27yo, autistic, depressed/anxious, trans, polyam, queer as shit, DM crasher//nerd who loves the sky//she/her
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self-encapsulation is a tricky business, y'know?21, leftist [flavor unknown], polyam, still constructing my identity and my biobirdsong. petrichor. gently-flowing water. strong roots, ancient trees. sunbeams through the foliage, playing across your skin, soaking into your bones. what is it that you’re looking for? Pronouns=They/Them Gender='ardly know 'er khloris?=Χλωρις!
sweetmslily@eldritch.cafeSweet Ms Lily
Sad Tumblr, Writing Tumblr
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Hi I'm Lily. I'm sad sometimes. 
36. cute chubby trans girl. polyam lesbian. sapphic goddess. sea witch. actually a raccoon. autistic, borderline, and plural system. disabled. anti-capitalist. antifaciste. 
i make things. poetry, prose, music, art, and theatre. creativity is a revolutionary act.
i'm learning french. some replies will have been created using a translator, so apologies in advance for any funkiness. Pronouns=She/Her
cosmicrose@queer.partyDrone Engineer Rosa
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I'm Rosa 🌹• 29 🌒 • polyam pan trans 🏳️‍🌈 • code sorceress 👩‍💻 • High Priestess of BitTorrent 💧 • anarchist 🏴 • occasionally nsfw 🔞 #nobot
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non-binary trans | genderqueer | cyborg | demi/gray pan | polyam | white | en_abled || pronouns: sie_ / she_ / they / hen