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Patreon, Homepage
gargron@mastodon.social  [follow]
Developer of Mastodon and administrator of mastodon.social. I post service announcements, development updates, and personal stuff.
aras@mastodon.gamedev.placeAras Pranckevičius
aras@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
Code plumber & devtools engineer at Unity (https://unity3d.com ). Personal stuff at https://aras-p.info Admin of mastodon.gamedev.place
cm_noelle@mastodon.socialCommunity Moderator Noëlle
cm_noelle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Community moderator for mastodon.social. Personal account=@noelle
Website, Github Org, Liberapay
yunohost@mastodon.social  [follow]
Linux distribution aiming to democratize personal servers[FR/EN]N.B : this account is not for support or bug-tracking ... see yunohost.org/#/help
Personal Site
jalcine@playvicious.social  [follow]
he/him/his | everything else: https://jacky.wtfI'm here to help. A #dev / #webdev with an affinity for anti-revisionist #history focused on North America.#Black #BayArea #Oakland #Ubuntu #KDE #Kubuntu #Linux #Elixir #WebDev #Dev #Programming #Coding #Qt #Vegan #Rust pay=https://cash.me/%24jackyalcine Work=https://mastodon.technology/@blackaf
m4sk1n@101010.plmarcin mikołajczak
personal site, twitter
m4sk1n@101010.pl  [follow]
using and translating mastodon to Polish since 2017, I also have contributions to some other fediverse software19 yo, webdev, autistic kidmainly using @mkljczk
downey@floss.socialMichael Downey 🇺🇳
downey@floss.social  [follow]
FLOSS.social admin. Open source person at the United Nations Foundation by day. Amateur Radio=N2UN Personal=@michael
mike@chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to grow more of my own #food. I am learning to make good #bread and #beer. I've been a professional Unix #sysadmin for over twenty years.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
mike@social.chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@social.chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to grow more of my own #food. I am learning to make good #bread and #beer. I've been a professional Unix #sysadmin for over twenty years.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
saketgokhale@mastodon.socialSaket Gokhale
saketgokhale@mastodon.social  [follow]
Activist | Former foreign correspondent | If you love Bob Dylan, you're my best buddy by default. Views are personal.
koyu@koyu.spaceLeonie :blobcat:​ :vf:
I own, Personal website
koyu@koyu.space  [follow]
:trans: :biflag: :polyamory_flag: :autism:​- I own koyu.space- I like computers, music and junkfood, but also things like science, meditation or philosophy- I'm one of the first few Mastodon users- I speak German, English and a few words Dutch- Apparently an alien- Instance traveler and OS hopper- I am playing too much Fortnite, but only to train aim on a controller- and I was cancelled too much on the fediverseAnd now here are some happy customer reviews:"You piece of garbage""I feel very sorry for you and your users""Shut up""I hope the radical.town admins banned you"This is for all the bots among us: #nobot<3 @zackPGP: 8a318ca01ea7b381:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen:sticker_bunhd:​ Age=21 Pronouns=she/her (they/them) :telegram:​ :xbox:​ :twitch: :overwatch:​=bubblineyuri Battle.net=#2146 (EU/PC)
siphonay@octodon.socialSiph ☗
siphonay@octodon.social  [follow]
Alexis · Sysadmin in training, hobbyist dev · Tea, vinyl records, social justice and positive masculinity!https://donphan.social admin, personal account Location=Rennes, BZH Gender=Mxle (pronounced male) :demiboy_flag: Pronouns🇬🇧=Xe/Xem or He/Him Pronoms🇫🇷=Il/Lui
Carnivorous Plants and Artisan soaps, Public Interest, Patreon, Personal and geekery
vidyut@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm that part of you, you fear to let loose. Prime Minister of #AltSarkarDo fund me using the Patreon link if you think my public presence is useful. It will free me to do more of public creativity, geekery, dissent.
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
saikatd@mstdn.social  [follow]
South Asia Editor @asiatimesonline Ex Editor (Nat Sec) @htTweets Author: 'India's Special Forces' Views, personal. RTs≠endorsements My current work=https://www.asiatimes.com/search/?q=Saikat%20Datta
amolith@social.nixnet.servicesAmolith :rainbow_dance:
amolith@social.nixnet.services  [follow]
Dedicated Linux user, professional musician, sysadmin, and founder of NixNet, a collection of open source and privacy-focused services I make available to anyone for free💬 XMPP: amolith@nixnet.xyz(please use a client with OMEMO) 🌐 Personal=https://secluded.site :nixnet: NixNet=https://nixnet.services 🎙 Podcast (WIP)=@RedactedLife
gargron@tooting.aiEugen (Remastered)
gargron@tooting.ai  [follow]
I hardly have a personality outside of being the Mastodon developer. This is a personal account. Pronouns=He/him
esurel@chaos.social  [follow]
#cycling Computer Scientist🎲 | #podcasts | 🎮 | tech | 🌍 | #society | 🎥 | #politics (a bit) | 💬 | personal stuff | 📚 | #PositiveVibes | ⚽ | #Berlin Origin=🌍 → 🇪🇺 #EU → 🥨 #Germany → 🐻 #Berlin Pixelfed=@esureL Blog=@esureL
siphonay@donphan.social:ghost_gym: Siph :team_valor:
siphonay@donphan.social  [follow]
Administrator of https://donphan.social Pronouns=xe/xem/xyr or masc Location=Roazhon City, Kalos Favorite Pokémon=:munchlax: Personal account=@Siph
gamzee@trollian.space  [follow]
🃏 izzy | 19 | ith/iths 🃏🃏 shitpost/personal 🃏
stevelord@mastodon.socialϟт℮ ♥ε Ḻ ☺ґḓ
The Dork Web
stevelord@mastodon.social  [follow]
Fake noobs. 3 Kids on top of each other in a trenchcoat. Toots are personal, not employer's.Pronouns: vi/vim
renor@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Intento concienciar sobre la privacidad digital, los derechos digitales y la libertad de los usuarios.Proyecto personal:https://wiki.tuprivacidad.orgCuenta antigua con mis posts:@renor XMPP=renor@404.city Matrix=@renor:privacytools.io
homosexualdalecoopers@radical.town  [follow]
ant | 22 | he/himi’m a good boy pronouns=he/him personal=@homosexualdalecooper
chartier@toot.cafeDavid Chartier
Writing, Productivity newsletter, Personal
chartier@toot.cafe  [follow]
By day I help app developers with content, social, and treating customers like human beings: https://bitandpen.com. By evening I game @InfiniteHench and write at https://finertech.com. He/him#Technology #inclusion #Apple #VideoGames #art #humor #photography #Chicago Games=https://elekk.xyz/@InfiniteHench
littleboymark@abdl.linkLittle Boy Mark
littleboymark@abdl.link  [follow]
Hi, my name is Mark. I am an ABDL currently in Melbourne, from NZ. This is my page to share my interest with others and share some of my personal photos. Fetlife=Littleboymark kik=Littleboymark Twitter=@littleboymark1
corzntin@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
CEO at anticapitalist.partyDonate ! https://patreon.com/anticapitalistparty Personal account=@lithium Location=Lyon, France
caitlinlong@bitcoinhackers.orgCaitlin Long
caitlinlong@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
I love Wyoming & bitcoin! Personal account. Views expressed here are not advice of any type & don't represent views of any organization. Enjoy!
PixelFed, WWW
salixlucida@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
A free-spirited, creative nerd on a mission to reshape culture. Committed to liberty. Opinions are my own. Boosts/ext links not endorsement. #PDX suburbia. 🐈🐈🐈 btc/ltc/eth=fitkitten.crypto
humanetech@mastodon.socialHumane Tech Now
Facilitates, Discusses, Incubates, Who I am
humanetech@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am Arnold Schrijver, #FOSS and #Fediverse advocate, and facilitator of Humane Tech Community, often speaking on her behalf, but also very much from personal interest.We fight tech harms and "Promote Solutions that Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society"Though we operate from the forum of The Center for Humane Technology (known from "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix), we are a fully independent grassroots group of people.
kyle@librem.oneKyle Rankin
Personal Site
kyle@librem.one  [follow]
Purism CSO. Linux security & infrastructure geek, author of Linux Hardening in Hostile Networks, ex-Linux Journal writerPGP: 0DFE 2A03 7FEF B6BF C56F 73C5 B9E @Purism=https://puri.sm/about/team PGP=http://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xB9EF770D6EFE360F
bryn@onster.farm>> @bryn@godforsaken.website
bryn@onster.farm  [follow]
posting at @bryn for the moment! feel free to send a request if you're chill alt=@bryn@jorts.horse personal=@bryn discord=bees#6752 cabbage,=can you smell snacks?
bkastl@mastodon.socialBianca Kastl
Website, Twitter
bkastl@mastodon.social  [follow]
Frontend Developer at cron IT, Stuttgart, Germany, writing about webstuff and sometimes her own personal things in life Pronouns=she/her
amolith@masto.nixnet.xyz  [follow]
Dedicated #Linux user, professional #musician, #sysadmin, and founder of #NixNet, a collection of open source and privacy-focused services I make available to anyone for free💬 XMPP: amolith@nixnet.xyz(please use a client with OMEMO) 🌐 Personal=https://secluded.site 🌐 NixNet=https://nixnet.services 📫 Email=https://nixnet.email 🎙 Podcast=@RedactedLife
byttyrs@queer.partyMads "Old Main" Viande
byttyrs@queer.party  [follow]
Bi trans wombyn, 26. Moving to @byttyrs18+, minors don't follow, sorry! Pronouns:=she/her Alt:=@byttyrs Boost:=selfies, jokes, thinks Ask to boost:=personal/sensitive
cozycloud@framapiaf.orgCozy Cloud
cozycloud@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Simple, Personal, Yours - Store, sync, and share your data just the way you want it.
danarel@mastodon.technologyDan Arel :archlinux:
ThinkPrivacy, Personal, Twitter
danarel@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I use Arch, btw Twitter :verified:=https://www.twitter.com/danarel
kelly_naproducr@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Proud No Agenda Producer!https://KellyNAproducR.wordpress.comFor Personal visit;https://NoAgendaSocial.com/@PG_Kellyhttps://PGKelly.wordpress.comGitmo Nation West, California (Méjico)
inurashii@mastodon.socialC'n'u Social
website, patreon
inurashii@mastodon.social  [follow]
Experimental author, game designer, queerer of things. Writer for Caves of Qud, solo indie dev, novelist both light and heavy. pronouns=she/her awoo (personal account)=https://awoo.space/@inurashii
miguelitomatos@mastodon.socialmiguelitomatos 🇻🇪 :mastodon:
Enlace, Identidad verificada, Twitter
miguelitomatos@mastodon.social  [follow]
Soy venezolano 100%, un luchador social amante de Dios, la humanidad y al socialismo. web personal=matos.co.ve
kibi@glitch.socialKIBI Gô
Journal, Author on AO3, Personal Website
kibi@glitch.social  [follow]
Margaret, Adeline, Gô, Kibi, LeafWriter who cares about language and linked data and amateur fanfiction. Soft & sensitive; cares way too much. (Ex?)Glitch network admin.She/her or they/them depending. Trans, white, gender non-conforming. Grey-ace.This is my work account; see @onethousandtwentyfour for more personal things. 💰💸=https://patreon.com/kibigo
mdallastella@functional.cafeMarco Dalla Stella
Personal site, Buy me a coffee
mdallastella@functional.cafe  [follow]
Clojure alchemist, data juggler, CTO @ https://7bridges.eu, chess player, poet.Admin of https://functional.cafe. Matrix=@mdallastella:matrix.org Jabber=mds@404.city
Blog, Personal, Twitter
vgr@refactorcamp.org  [follow]
More at http://venkateshrao.com Location=Seattle
kunsi@chaos.social  [follow]
Drückt auf Knöpfe, um Sand dazu zu bringen, kleine Lämpchen einzuschalten.Powertool Lesbian.Personal vom @flauschehorn Matrix=@kunsi:franzi.business Pronouns=sie/keins | she/they DECT/EPVPN=6428
luna@hellsite.siteluna, computer catenby
luna@hellsite.site  [follow]
Hi! I'm Luna, I co-admin hellsite and I mainly post about programming, music, and Tetris.Strict no-boost policy for images without a written description.Partners: @saana, @lynnesbian, and @catherine :heartpink:Personal: @lunalabels: adhd, autism, trans, nonbinary, lesbian, ace, polyam, kin, furry, plural Age=19 Luna's pronouns=they, it, she Raelyn's pronouns=she
Kestrel Computer Project
vertigo@mastodon.social  [follow]
I block bots unconditionally; nothing personal. #nobot Amateur Radio=General; KC5TJA/6 Furry=Black Dragon Pronouns=He/Him/Whatever
tarteka@pleroma.libretux.comtarteka :pleroma:
tarteka@pleroma.libretux.com  [follow]
Dicen los rumores que soy el administrador de esta instancia. Be free!+ Contact: https://libretux.com/contacto/+ Donations: https://libretux.com/donaciones/+ Personal web: https://tarteka.net--------#nobot ㊙️
stefanieschulte@mastodon.cloudStefanie Schulte
stefanieschulte@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Main account. #Economist and PR officer for the German #cooperative sector. Purely personal account. Also known as @schulte_stef on the birdsite.
publicvoit@graz.socialKarl Voit :emacs: :orgmode:
Twitter-Mastodon-Crossposter, Mastodon Manifesto
publicvoit@graz.social  [follow]
Efficient Personal Information Management, privacy, decentralization, Emacs, Org mode, politics, bicycle, fun, Graz, typography, philosophy, and Oxford commas.Influencing myself all the time.(Using Twitter/Mastodon cross-poster deliberately. See link in my profile. If you're not fine with it, don't follow me.) Blog "Public Voit"=https://Karl-Voit.at
celia@fosstodon.orgRu (⏳ Away)
celia@fosstodon.org  [follow]
💼 Contract/freelance remote web developer. See my website for more!⏳ Away: Social media detoxing... of sorts. Could be lazy in responding or unresponsive altogether. Please don't be mad at me. I'm tired. Not depressed... I hope. 🌐 My site participates on the #IndieWeb. Responses to my toots where it has a link to my posts will show up on my site (eventually).#Privacy #WebDev #SelfHosting 🌍 Website=https://rusingh.com 📕 Personal=https://smallcamp.art/@ru 💭 XMPP (Snikket)=giggles@chat.1998.social 💸 Donate=https://www.buymeacoffee.com/hirusi
linux_spain@mastodon.socialLinux Spain
linux_spain@mastodon.social  [follow]
Un proyecto personal de Paul Brown. GNU/LInux, Software Libre, Hardware Libre, Cultura Libre y la libertad de las personas en todas sus acepciones.
raccoon@mastodon.socialCandypunk 🍬 Sara 🏳️‍🌈
raccoon@mastodon.social  [follow]
【 ⚧ ⚢ 🍬】Personal: raccoon@awoo.spaceCertified Weirdo, Perpetual Student, Raccoon Snuggler, Linux Neophyte, Intersectional Feminist.http://candypunk.io/
debbiehayton@spinster.xyzDebbie Hayton 🏳️‍🌈
debbiehayton@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Physics teacher & trade unionist; trans person ⚧️; ISTJ; Newcastle United supporter (lapsed). Personal comments.
catkaiju@mastodon.art  [follow]
✨ cat☆・she/her・very gay :heart_sp_les3: ✨I'm a freelance artist & I love girls 😊 This is my main account where I post art!✏️ commissions: full✏️ AT & reqs: closed💎 interests:#mastoart #WLW art-only=@catkaiju 18+ alt=@gem personal=@unicorn
quietbecoming@octodon.social🕸🦇Giant Squid 💀👾
quietbecoming@octodon.social  [follow]
(born in 91) they/them bi, florida, pacifist christian panthiesti'm here to make friends so you can say hi or something. I'd say hi first but i'm shy.personal alt: unbecoming@www.librepunk.club▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎"Some fragnance always remains in the hands of those who distribute Roses" anarcho=communist anti=capitalist aliens=are friends
phooky@octodon.social  [follow]
Hardware, hackerspaces, retrocomputing, sketching and occasional weird tasks. Personal toots @phooky
dona@mastodon.art🌿 d o n a 🌿
dona@mastodon.art  [follow]
Art, life, videogames. She/her. Personal posts are follower-only. Open for #art #commissions!#nobot #digitalart 🎨=https://dona-vajgand.tumblr.com ☕️=https://ko-fi.com/donavajgand 📸=https://vsco.co/donav 🐦=https://twitter.com/donavajgand
ilovecomputers@niu.moeℹ️❤️🖥 aka Compy-chan
Personal Site, My other accounts
ilovecomputers@niu.moe  [follow]
A child of the internet. Dont worry, turned out much better than you expected. Senior Code Diva & dabbler in all things creative he/him= ENG/ՀԱՅ=
wasongo@mastodon.socialA Dirty Bird
Patreon, Ko-Fi, Social Media Links
wasongo@mastodon.social  [follow]
ANDY | 28 | queer | he/him | I draw | Eng/Esp[NSFW/R-18 content ahead]Ecuadorian #artist #fanart #nsfwart🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈Featured hashtags can be found on profile for easy art browsing! https://mastodon.social/@wasongo (web browser only)For nsfw info / tags I use / commission status, read: https://wasongo-nsfw.carrd.co/ Personal Account=https://queer.party/@wasongo
reisakuma@joe.masto.hostRei :admn: :rei: :bisexy:
Joe Carrd, Personal Carrd, Discord
reisakuma@joe.masto.host  [follow]
i am the ceo of joepls let me know if you have any questions <3other account is @nazunanitoinsta is nazunanito Donations (not required)=paypal.me/nixnoodle
haiku@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
An open-source operating system that specifically targets personal computing. IRC=Freenode#haiku
jeff_lamarche@mastodon.socialJeff LaMarche
jeff_lamarche@mastodon.social  [follow]
Software guy at Apple. Formerly, author, speaker, and founder of MartianCraft. Personal account, opinions my own.
Website, Source, Liberapay, Blog
freetube@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I am the developer of FreeTube. I am a privacy advocate and technology enthusiast. This account will be both personal thoughts as well as updates on FreeTube.
realcaseyrollins@gameliberty.clubFeels Guud Man
realcaseyrollins@gameliberty.club  [follow]
the personal acc of @realcaseyrollins. I won't accept your follow request if I don't know youI'm not dead btw for anyone who's asking Time Zone=GMT -500 Counter Points Media=@counterpoints Main Account=@realcaseyrollins My clone=@notcaseyrollins
byttyrs@radical.townMads "Out of Service" Viande
byttyrs@radical.town  [follow]
Like bitters, the bitter cocktail ingredient, but ~femynyst~Communist bi trans wombyn*, she/her, 27. [*: I'm trans, as in 6mg of estradiol/day, not a TERF.] My old account is @byttyrs.Don't follow if you're under 18. Boost my selfies but exercise discretion boosting posts on personal/sensitive subjects.Officially Certified™ to make posts about snake boy's dickyou probably don't need my blessing to do or enjoy anything. you don't need to impress me. I have strong opinions but almost none of them matter. I would really prefer that you keep that in mind in my replies magna=cinaeda et fellatrix
cal_ann@mastodon.scotFairSocietyForAll 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣
cal_ann@mastodon.scot  [follow]
❤ butterflies & bees 🐝. Views are personal. Relationships matter 🌹. Scottish independence is coming. Saor Alba 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
beastoftraal@mastodon.socialKarthik S
beastoftraal@mastodon.social  [follow]
Communications consultant. Corporate workshops on personal branding via social media.
hirojin@dev.glitch.socialMina (deprecated: igor)
hirojin@dev.glitch.social  [follow]
(homoiconic ops witch)disappointing expectations since 1894 Pronouns=[they or she](http://my.pronoun.is/they/.../themself/:or/she) Personal=@meena Languages=Ruby, Python, Rust, Elixir. (also: C, Go) Don't hire me=https://igalic.co/
ilovecomputers@xoxo.zoneℹ️❤️🖥 aka Compy-chan
Personal Site, My other accounts
ilovecomputers@xoxo.zone  [follow]
A child of the internet. Dont worry, turned out much better than you expected. Code Diva & dabbler in all things creativehttps://ilovecomputers.keybase.pub/ he/him=30-yo boomer ENG/ՀԱՅ=
photonqyv@mastodon.xyzQyv (Lockdown 3 (Eng))
Top Logo, Bottom Logo
photonqyv@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Ever a #mystery,Always in shadow.More's to be found,Than's seen @ glance.Thirsting for #knowledge,Curiosity to match.#Friend who'd be there,Were you to ask. Personal Emoticons=(:* (;* !:* !;* ?:* ?;* ‽:* ‽;* ⸘:* ⸘;* );* ):* Personal Pronouns=He/Him
publicvoit@mastodon.socialKarl Voit ✅
publicvoit@mastodon.social  [follow]
Efficient Personal Information Management, privacy, decentralization, Emacs, Org mode, politics, bicycle, fun, Graz, typography, philosophy, and Oxford commas.Influencing myself all the time. Blog "Public Voit"=https://Karl-Voit.at
tomoya_shibata@m6n.onsen.tech  [follow]
Age.30. Mobile App Developer at Hatena Co., Ltd. Like WebTech, Kotlin, Windows, Android, Security, ThinkPad, and dakimakura. My tweet is a personal opinion.
red@awoo.churchMagoo of Awoo
red@awoo.church  [follow]
Admin of Awoo.church's personal accountFollow @RedAdmin for admin stuffJust a Red making his way in the worldDon't follow if you're under 18 pls and thank you Pronoun=Him/he Church Paypal=paypal.me/awoochruch Church discord=DM for invite!
jmanumeza@mstdn.mxHey Manu!!
Web personal, Researchgate, Identidad verificada
jmanumeza@mstdn.mx  [follow]
Psicólogo-doctorPorque soy mexicano!#psicología #educación #piano #unam #basketball Grupo de Investigación=https://chat.iztacala.unam.mx/
wuffel@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Unixopia, Musiker, Ökofilz/Selbstdenker, #OpasForFutureGPG: 0x81161D2ECD1C2BFChttps://i21k.de/gpg-wuffel-pub.ascOmemo: 3723388A 235D906Mein Interesse, mit faktenresistenten und wohlstandsgläubigen Angstbeissern zu diskutieren, ist recht exakt 0. Dafür gibt es den Plonkifikator.Wir haben andere Aufgaben von deutlich höherer Dringlichkeit.Hobby: Unterwandern von Denkstrukturen. Personal:=https://i21k.de/ Listen to:=https://beelzebubairlines.de/ Omemo1=wuffel@jabber.ccc.de: 3723388A 235D9065 FC3F03A0 7E9F12C2 F24A9C35 F587398E EE562B2E 8E46FA50 Omemo2=wuffel@jabber.ccc.de: 05470F4D 69F3AAFC B975D6C8 9B54E07E 40C8AD42 DE64448B 4F5044D6 A4C99424
kauko@mastodon.socialKauko Firetale
Personal site, Twitter
kauko@mastodon.social  [follow]
Kobold. Sometimes kingchee, malamute, wolf, or secbird. nb [they/them]. Furry, synthetic, suiter, TF, programmer. Seattle! https://twitter.com/kaukofloof Pronouns=they/them
site, twtxt, wiki
paul@post.lurk.org  [follow]
Sound, music, computers, etc.Human being, being human.Personal projects:https://pbat.ch/proj/My HTMLized twtxt feed:https://pbat.ch/wiki/feedVarious updates on my life and projects:https://pbat.ch/wiki/updatesIdeas and concepts that need more thought:https://pbat.ch/wiki/halfbakedLinks I find interesting:https://pbat.ch/wiki/links sh=https://git.sr.ht/~pbatch
ko-fi, twitter, caard
zheida@mastodon.art  [follow]
t3rr0rz0n3@xarxa.cloudT3rr0rz0n3 🔻
Blog Personal, Podcast, Blog
t3rr0rz0n3@xarxa.cloud  [follow]
#MastodonInfluencer 🤡 #Antifa #SysAdmin #Heavy #Coffee #Developer #CatsXarxa.cloud Admin.Programari Lliure o barbàrie!! 🔥 XMPP=t3rr0rz0n3@arrel.cloud
tn5421@niu.moetn5421 ✅
Steam, Wordpress
tn5421@niu.moe  [follow]
Backup Account: @tn5421I'm an amateur gamer who is a jack of all trades in his spare time. I also have an obsession with electro-industrial music.My VNDB user list: https://vndb.org/u157686/listMy interests are: #gaming #fanfiction #manga#industrial #politics #personal#awoocrew #music #linux#opensourceFree as in freedom, not free as in beer.#nobot Wire=@tn5421 XMPP=tn5421@z.nom.pl
bird site
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🇦🇺🏳️‍🌈ryan. he/him. australian law student and gay dumpster fire. i love toot's location=newcastle, australia personal acc=@ryan gay stuff=@ryan
kevinbeynon@mastodon.socialKevin Beynon
Personal Website, Libreture.com, DRM-free Bookshops, Scarlet Ferret Bookshop
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Founder of @libreture: E-book storage for hardcore readers.Founder of Scarlet Ferret Bookshop: Indie e-books with extras.Maintains list of DRM-free Bookshops.Cymro yn yr Hen Ogledd. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
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I'm a music maker, synthesizer builder, techno lover, amateur coder/sysadmin, Linux fan, neurodivergent, homebrewer (mostly kombucha), obsessive personal wiki maintainerBLACK LIVES MATTERTRANS LIVES MATTERMusic-wise, right now I’m specifically interested in algorithmic techno-influenced music created with modular systemsOther current projects include lots of kombucha brewing, making kombucha leather, and experimenting with vegan cookingI have a blog @ https://chrisbeckstrom.com. My day job is in tech support.:):#music #synthdiy #tidalcycles #algorithmicMusic #kombucha #techno #electro #neurodivergent #modularsynth #hiking #coding #linux #floss #mentalhealth #vim #cmus #analog #electronics #maker #privacy #freesoftware #bash #vcvrack #rack #puredata #techno #electro #experimentalmusicPronouns: he/him
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準備中Tw: https://twitter.com/goracax / LSI論理設計(LSI logic design) / EOS 7Dmk2 / GSR個スポ(personal-sponsor) / @大洗周辺(at around Oarai) / https://mstdn.jp/@goracax
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Plum here!Twenty-five years of age, but occasionally a soft spoken, bratty, three year old smartass.NSFW ABDL blog with personal stuff sprinkled in. FetLife=datbabbyfox Snapchat=datbabbyfox Kik=AgentFoxtail tumblr=Fuck those traitors.
nuklearfiziks@bofa.lolMiss Andi Boo-klear Fear-ziks
Instagram, Personal site, Photo dump
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Tall-ass nerdy glamazonian enby queen of Tower Bridge. Resident photographer at Way Out Club, working on a photo book (ask for deets). Boosts welcome/DEMANDED. Instagram (pro photo)=https://Instagram.com/nuklearphotos
agateblue@mastodon.technologyPurple Myst
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French developer working on #Funkwhale and other web-related projects. Pronouns=she/her Avatar=Never Seen Stars, by DestinyBlue (https://www.deviantart.com/destinyblue/art/Never-Seen-Stars-477122382) Banner=Cloud Machine, by DominikMayer (https://www.deviantart.com/dominikmayer/art/Cloud-Machine-642658235) Personal account=https://eldritch.cafe/@agate
falgn0n@opensocial.africaFalgn0n The Wizard 🔮
Personal Homepage, The Freedom Network, Keybase
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there is no spoon#SouthAfrica #ZA #OpenSocialAfrica #Africa Chat=https://chat.librenet.co.za/#/room/#librenet:librenet.co.za
manuvichar@mastodon.socialManu Sebastian മനു
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All for personal liberties. Managing Editor LiveLaw.
lamadredebrian@mastodon.socialLa Madre de Brian
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Aquí lo que hay es demasié personal
saga@bsd.moeSmart-Stupid :thinkmokou:
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"The balance of terror is the terror of balance." - Jean Baudrillard | alt: @saga@anime.website (personal) | chadley@heligo.land
ruth@wandering.shopruth [personal / 🦇 / 🕷️ ]
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Threadcovered. Pieces prayers. Builds libraries from pixels. Hopes in rotting logs & ancient structures. Hella left, hella Mennonite. Bury me in a bog. She/her Professional=@platypus
About me
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Always learning.Veganism, FLOSS, Science and more.No pseudoscience or personal judgments.He/hisAndalusia, Spain
kraehenpost@mastodon.socialDie Krähenpost
Member of, Co-founder of, Science
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Internet & Science, #Podcast „Weihnachtshexe #Beffaná", Drohne der #Geschichtenkapsel. Feminist. Guilty Pleasure: #BVB My podcasts=https://podcast.jugendrecht.org & https://beffana.net
tcit@framapiaf.org💼 Thomas Citharel (Work)
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#Framasoft #FreeSoftware #Activism #wallabag #Federation #Nextcloud #Mobilizon #Libre Personal account=https://social.tcit.fr/@tcit Location=Nantes, France Works at=@Framasoft
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#linux #bsd #ecological #photography My personal private parallel universe is here : https://pod.disroot.org/people/47902b70fde501340ec43a6137633966
personal, game bazaar, gitlab, itchio
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software artist #coding in #Brussels (c++ <3, gdscript fan), active in the video game bazaar @polymorphcool
joesteel@duck.hausJoe Rosensteel
Blog, VFX Demo Reel
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VFX artist, and nerd. VFX reel: artofjoe.com Personal blog: joe-steel.com Podcasts: defocused.co unhelpful-suggestions.com he/him 📎 "Movie" Podcast=http://defocused.co "Tech" Podcast=http://unhelpful-suggestions.com
gabisobral@mastodon.socialGabi Sobral
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Postdoc on vertebrate paleontology. Dragões de Garagem podcast. Has a cute but dramatic husky. She/her. Personal profile.
kirschner@mastodon.socialMatthias Kirschner
FSFE Profile, Personal website, Support the FSFE
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The FSFE&#39;s President. Working for #FreeSoftware, so every individual in our society can self-determined use, study, share, and improve software. #European (for replies, please email)
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(homoiconic ops witch)disappointing expectations since 1894 Pronouns=they/them Personal=@meena Location=Extremely On-Line™
kaosxaos@mastodont.catSραωи σf ѕαтαи
Web Personal
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Impacient, impossible, impulsiva, inflamable, independent, inquieta, insolent, insurgent, insurrecta, irreverent.Compta amb les línies vermelles.