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esvrld@octodon.socialbacterial slow wilt
esvrld@octodon.social  [follow]
nonbinary woman, communist, ace, chaos mage. can and will keep getting away with it. fav before replying. don't email my wife. kill cops and landlords. from the river to the sea, palestine will be freetestimonials:'[...] gross fucked up posts''"Saintly" is the word that first comes to mind [...]''esvrld wants to kick you in the face''dril LARPer who harasses people regularly' call me=esvrld pronouns=+xe +she ~they monarchic nouns=queen, monarch, liege, marquess
dankwraith@monads.onlinebetter world wanter
i made this
dankwraith@monads.online  [follow]
i code and design video games and digital art thingsworld's smartest dumbassi have a cat named Ume"you both whip and slap ass Buddy" - triz:bisexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag: pronouns=he/they avatar by=@extinct mads alignment=NSDP
haskal@cybre.spaceopen source crispr dragn wings
haskal@cybre.space  [follow]
cyberfae catenby whomst sleepyen_US/hu_HU/🏴‍☠️/:nonbinary_flag:/🦈✨/22/they/them/fae/faersystems hecker, cons artist, blåhaj haver, -1x engineer, server miko, yak shaver, water drinker, worthless cyberpunk"a computer wizard whos really smart and drinks lots of water :blobcatblush:" ~ @iitalics"a veritable machine and it is an h o n o r to know u" ~ @wgahnagl"have you seen haskal recently they're fucking adorable" ~ @stephb618ac8ac69b6ac7bae267acb1a81e web=https://tilde.town/~haskal xmpp, matrix=see web ^ gender=; gender: undefined; ; cannot reference an identifier before its definition ; in module: top-level ; [,bt for context]
PeerTube, YouTube
ayior@mastodon.art  [follow]
Mastodon.Art Veteran (March 2017)Here for art but currently far too busy with #ArtSchoolAll my work is CC BY-SA.They (Nonbinary)
absolutely_blakely@radical.townNeoliberal King Kai :verified:
absolutely_blakely@radical.town  [follow]
:blobcowboy: 👩‍🚀 nonbinary person, pronouns they/them. white & masc. taken & happy"everything i post is actually a quote from the Art of War" ~Sun Tzu ~Sel on the Webavatar: https://www.deviantart.com/replaymasteroftime/art/Zoombini-526759816 big=enby Knighted=Taker of Worm Oath i'ma=gonna get that whale avi:=https://www.deviantart.com/replaymasteroftime/art/Zoombini-526759816
devurandom@cybre.space/dev/urandom 💉 1/2
cutie haven, webpage
devurandom@cybre.space  [follow]
trans and nonbinary people are good and validall cops are bastardsno to authoritarianismlocation: default city (#moscow, #russia) pronouns=they/them dob=june 1993
cassolotl@cybre.space  [follow]
Backup account for @cassolotl.In Wales. Nonbinary. Has EDS. Autistic. Likes many proprietary and centralised softwares. Gender neutral pronouns. Profile pic by @Andrea.Handwarmers: http://bit.ly/smolglubs
kye@mastodon.onlineKye Fox
Site, Not Patreon, Patreon
kye@mastodon.online  [follow]
Making worlds. Nonbinary=they/???
daylight@sleeping.town🔽The EVIL Doctor Matriarch🔽
daylight@sleeping.town  [follow]
🐜 Sincere Nonbinary Girl. 🐜 Posts lots of animals, tagged. 🐜 NSFW sometimes. 🐜 I'll enthuse with you about anything I love. 🐜 DM me if you send me a follow request. 🐜 Name=Gap/Gab/Gabby/Tory Pronouns=She/They Age=20 Im an=Sloth Bear
pizza@goblin.campMungus Von Bungus
pizza@goblin.camp  [follow]
Gob, Pizza, Aaron. lv 25 goblin rogue, ham hater, serfposter, font defender, communist. admin of goblin.camp :bonfire:he/they bi nonbinary white guymostly #shitposts, I also boost a lot. Telling me to shut the fuck up is encouraged. I only follow back if you have an actual bio and aren't cryptofash or whatever.Art account is @aaron Pronouns=he/they Bisexual=hell yeah
melgillman@mastodon.socialMelanie Gillman
melgillman@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer nonbinary cartoonist! I'm drawing As the Crow Flies (Iron Circus) and Stage Dreams (Lerner/Graphic Universe). They/them.
cyborgneticz@scholar.socialCyborgneticz Advisor Edition
cyborgneticz@scholar.social  [follow]
nonbinary epileptic ancom doctoral student catholic cyborg - just reading and writing about neoliberalism Pronouns=they/them Instagram=cyborgneticz Catholic=Liberation Theology
lumi@niu.moeanarkitty lumi-nyan :bunpats:
lumi@niu.moe  [follow]
Hai! I like anime, programming, linguistics, maths, science, FOSS and many other things! Veganarcho-Bunnunist. Anti-Copyright. 🇧🇪 xmpp: ask :asexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:I try to interpret everything in the most charitable way I can and I think love & understanding are the best praxis. You may be able to change my mind on many issues, but if your POV is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, nationalist, or anything inbetween, I will always very loudly be against what you stand for. Loves=You ♥ Gender=:nonbinary_flag: Nyanbunnary Trainbow :nonbinary_flag: Languages=NL, EN, ±FR, :rust: Politics=Veganarcho-Bunnunism, Feminist, Anti-Copyright
bonesnail@mastodon.artJay H. Holloway
bonesnail@mastodon.art  [follow]
Nonbinary (They/Them) | Freelance fiction illustrator. Portfolio=bonesnail.com Ko-fi!=ko-fi.com/bonesnail Birdsite=twitter.com/bonesnail
noiob@awoo.space  [follow]
:ms_rainbow_flag:​ :ms_bisexual_flag:​ :ms_nonbinary_flag:​ awoo.space admin ~ bisexual ~ nonbinary ~ likes video games and weird/ old electronics and will post obsessively about both ~ avatar by @dzuk Pronouns=they/them Alt=@noiob Bots=@darksouls, @nierautomata, code for @awoobot
juicebat@radical.townindulgent bee
juicebat@radical.town  [follow]
sneks, gecks, rats, and bats!🍓🌿🌻22yo polyam nonbinary sex educator(ey/em, they/them)disabled, jewish, queer18+ follows onlyboosts always ok! gender=file not found dad of=2 rats, 2 snek, 1 geck addict of=piercings, tatts, & mint tea cws=alc(ohol), cbd, drugs, mental health (mh), eye contact (ec)
luna@hellsite.siteluna, computer catenby
luna@hellsite.site  [follow]
Hi! I'm Luna, I co-admin hellsite and I mainly post about programming, music, and Tetris.Strict no-boost policy for images without a written description.Partners: @saana, @lynnesbian, and @catherine :heartpink:Personal: @lunalabels: adhd, autism, trans, nonbinary, lesbian, ace, polyam, kin, furry, plural Age=19 Luna's pronouns=they, it, she Raelyn's pronouns=she
drembot@4eva.onlinemeep morp
drembot@4eva.online  [follow]
nonbinary thirtysomething musicianpale, tall, hairy, irishpersonal account: @kiki_d pronouns=undecided/flexible
bee@witches.livewhispering bee
bee@witches.live  [follow]
sneks, gecks, rats, & bats!🍓🌿🌻22yo nonbinary maveriqueth(ey)/th(em)/th(eir)disabled, jewish, queer18+ follows onlyboosts always ok! addict of=piercings & mint tea dad of=4 kids (2 rats, 1 gecko, 1 snek)
mainebot@octodon.socialAnxiety <-> Energy exchange
mainebot@octodon.social  [follow]
I'm soft as gravel.One of the top ten most blocked octodon.social accountssad and high over on @Thisismyalt Pronouns=they/them Configuration=Entropic Calamity Airport=YVR Signifiers=:bisexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :transgender_flag:
dhveszak@crazynoisybizarre.town🐝 I BEElieve :ambonec:
dhveszak@crazynoisybizarre.town  [follow]
I just want a quiet life... :asleep:​「Occult Slut Squad」 :lesbian: :sword: :two_female:​« vide de sens, de talent et d'effort » :ohno:​ :sun: Sun=@Incandescente 𒀭 :ambonec: Ambonec=:nonbinary: They/Them Lesbian :lesbian:​ :speech_bubble:​ Language=FR🇫🇷 EN🇬🇧 (ES🇪🇸) :money_face:​ Feet pics=https://www.paypal.me/lolreline :hap:
skiant@social.wxcafe.netMx. Alex
skiant@social.wxcafe.net  [follow]
:nonbinary_flag:​ :genderfluid_flag:​ :bisexual_flag:​ :polyamory_flag:​Kind, curious and patient human. Self diagnosed Aspie. Cross classing in Nerd and Hipster, unironically.Avatar by @lila_bliblu Pronouns=They | He | She Languages=FR | EN Location=Belgium Flirting=Okay
queerthemme@mstdn.socialur queer mom
queerthemme@mstdn.social  [follow]
Queer content for themmes and frenscreator info: white American queer nonbinary neurodivergent uncredentialed randothemmememes on instagram
kiki@godforsaken.website  [follow]
nonbinary, 30s, irish, hiding in the countrysidemaking music as drembot pronouns=he/him or they/them pro=fabulous anti=capitalist melody=naive
briecs@dice.campBrie Beau Sheldon
briecs@dice.camp  [follow]
I'm Beau (they/he), and I ask questions. I’m a queer nonbinary masc game designer, editor, and journalist, and I lead with purpose. briebeau.com
cassolotl@queer.partyCas [main]
cassolotl@queer.party  [follow]
Follow requests welcome. :)#nonbinary #ActuallyAutistic #EDS #queer #environment #knitting #polls Pronouns=Gender-neutral For sale=http://wiki.polyinpictures.com/index.php?title=For_sale DMs=Follows only
cesese@niu.moeGone Bunni :bunhdknife:
Header Source
cesese@niu.moe  [follow]
Mitsu's wife:bun: :archlinux: :python::gay: :bisexual_flag: :genderfluid_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :vegan:🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇸Migrated to : @ceseseAlso on : @bunni Avi Source=https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=69993035 XMPP=xmpp:bunni@pew.im?omemo-sid-4585013=d05074435e6f5d7355e8dc4aaca20b1a61ec7a953ca998c2055963980660fa6c Pronouns=Any :genderfluid_flag: :agender_flag:
kiki_d@olds.town  [follow]
nonbinary, thirties, irish, anxiousi make music as @drembot pronouns=he/him or they/them pro=fabulous anti=capitalist melody=naive
the_cumming_memesurrection@kolektiva.socialThe Unvisable Cummittee
the_cumming_memesurrection@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Memesurrectionary Anarchism.Mostly political sometimes queer memes. Occasional 18+ content Started as @The_cumming_memesurrection on Instagram and now we're here33 nonbinary settler on stolen Lenni Lenape land.
glyzinite@efdn.club★ Glyzinite ★
glyzinite@efdn.club  [follow]
Leith • 25 • they/them • nonbinary • bi • polyam • chronically ill☆ gender transcender ★ aposematic enby ★ mischievous cat demon ★ rough-around-the-edges punk with a heart of gold and a tragic backstory ★ triforce of courage ☆ age=25 pronouns=they/them
spongebob@berries.spaceKarmic Sea Cucumber :umm:
spongebob@berries.space  [follow]
rayne / any nicknames | 17 | he/they | :nonbinary_flag: :butch_lesbian_flag:🐙🦑🦐🦞🦀🐡🐠🐟🐬🐳🐋🦈https://nauticalneighbour.carrd.co/ Alts:=@spidey, @moomintroll Discord=shrek!moomintroll#3021 Squidward:="Gay And Trans Rights!"
f2k1de@chaos.socialEinhornelter :antifa:
f2k1de@chaos.social  [follow]
Fotoaccount: @f2k1de:nonbinary_flag: :pansexual_flag: :asexual_flag:Familienmitglied eines @flauschehornBuckelspeisewagen, aber als Lifestyle.Züge schauen, Kaffee brauen :antifa: es/ihr sie / they she/her=pronouns addicted to=flausch, methyltheobromin hobbies=depression
mitunacaptor@trollian.spacetunathan twelve gun
mitunacaptor@trollian.space  [follow]
M17UN4 L0U153 3NGL15H-C4P70Rtuna/elliott | 19 | he/they:ms_pansexual_flag: ♎️ :ms_nonbinary_flag:certified cursed image farmergovernment assigned tvtrope is “the chew toy” M01R41L!!! 💛♦️💚=@JakeEnglish D347H C0UN7=17 D15C0RD=gucci man snapband#1166
null@pl.devfs.xyz:ms_minidisc: luka :teal_heart:
null@pl.devfs.xyz  [follow]
hi'm luka/devnull :ms_robot: i play with electronics and machines of all varieties all day long voted "linux lesbian mom" by a committee of girlsenby gorl robit, it/its or she/her is good :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_transgender_flag:no lewd stuff at me please :ms_asexual_flag: i listen to weeb music and post it a lotPSP and wipEout Pure/Pulse enthusiastowner of devfs.xyz 🔥admin/mod of a few discord guilds you may or may not have heard of lolfeel free to follow! alts:@devnull@catgirl.science@devnull@nya.socialfollow these in case my instance catches on fire againpfp source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/63432628banner source: wipEout Pure - Syncopia Gold Medal artworkXMPP: null@devfs.xyz - preferredDISCORD: devnull#6996add me or whatever but be warned i'm either shy or sending you 10 lines at a time (but i try not to do that)
apow@piss.restaurant  [follow]
I'm just a nonbinary dude on the internet.
katherine@godforsaken.website  [follow]
moth thing called Catrincymraeg, byw yng Nghaerdydd. Ailddysgu fy iaith ar ôl ei cholli yn fy oedolaeth.feel free to follow request, account is only locked to weed out creeps.avatar: @Wknwknflatmate: @mcdonaldsofficialthey/them, nonbinary, 24, 18+🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇭🇷🏳️‍🌈🐛
radiantember@weirder.earthEmber :autism: :nb_crossbow:
radiantember@weirder.earth  [follow]
22 year old white anti-racist person who is not a student anymore and doesn't know how to describe itself?I'm:Autistic :autism: Queer :_gayheart2:Nonbinary :heart_nb: Aromantic Asexual :heart_aro: :heart_ace:a Relationship Anarchist :ra:Plural/median 🔥🖤🧡Liberation for allAll things with love :teal_heart:they/them or it/its
genderlessmenace666@queer.partyHerb nerd
genderlessmenace666@queer.party  [follow]
The name's Yarrow! Nonbinary/intersex, gray-pan, 32, anarcho-socialist, spoonie, amateur herbalist Pronouns=they/them or xe/xem Etsy shop=https://www.etsy.com/shop/AnarchoEnbyShop?ref=seller-platform-mcnav Patreon=https://www.patreon.com/anarchoenby?fan_landing=true
gersande@mastodon.socialGersande La Flèche
Site, Blog, Blogue
gersande@mastodon.social  [follow]
🌱🌱🍵📚🌱🌱 blogger, WIP, copyeditor & En-Fr translator. renegade web/game dev. queergender/nonbinary: they+iel/lo Désignation=they (EN) / iel+lo (FR)
matt@cybre.spacematt bluelander 🏴
Blog, Avatar, Header
matt@cybre.space  [follow]
I'm nimble and small, like a lepton or quark(bio @ https://www.lander.blue/about.php):chaos_emerald_indigo: est'd. 1985📍🇺🇸 Kanawha Cnty. :chaos_emerald_blue::chaos_emerald_violet: backup: @matt :nonbinary_sign: NB they/he :chaos_emerald_red: Telegram=bluelander
beebs@queer.partyJackbooted Tot
SkyPrivate, twitch
beebs@queer.party  [follow]
Communist trans nonbinary sex worker ready to build a new society just how we want it.Turn your eyes to the neon beyond. Pronouns=they or she Chaturbate link=https://chaturbate.com/in/?track=default&tour=dT8X&campaign=oFVoS&room=thankkinsey
olivia@radical.townolivia maia
site, stuff, streams
olivia@radical.town  [follow]
escritora e ilustradora desterrada.brazilian writer & illustrator. queer, ace, nonbinary. probably a communist.no toots are eternal.🌐 PT | ES | EN | DE🤖 she/they/comrade📌 #art #literature #writing #opensource #linux #communism #cats photog=https://photog.social/@olivia
emmy@tech.lgbtEmmy, soft little thing
emmy@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Perpetually energetic-yet-tired computer engineerin' student, stuck in a neon-less cyberpunk dystopia. Neurodivergent, biodivergent. Views my own.politics are human-rights first, generally leftistPlural system; posts represent the entire system unless noted otherwise.Not a minor.Boosts and interactions welcome unless otherwise noted. DMs welcome.xmpp:emmy@trashserver.netmatrix:@0xemmy:matrix.org Pronouns=she/they Identities=:flag_transgender: :flag_nonbinary: :flag_demigirl: :flag_genderqueer: :flag_lesbian_new: :flag_aromantic: :flag_asexual: timezone=PST (UTC-8)
aurora@social.bau-ha.usava nadezhda
aurora@social.bau-ha.us  [follow]
alles was ich will ist nur die regierung stürzenhardware witch | trash artist | disaster queer:heart_sparkles_trans: :anarchism: :heart_sparkles_lesbian: :antifa: :heart_sparkles_nonbinary:just a small town girl living in a lonely world(disclaimer: might not be a fox) :blobfoxheart: pronouns=she/her tired=yes depressed=probably aaaahhhh=aaaahhhh
communistenby@guillotines.masto.host☭ enbycom ☭
communistenby@guillotines.masto.host  [follow]
youtube, twitch
enbyss@hellsite.site  [follow]
andrea - 21 - polyam pan - sometimes it's okay not to make sense - aggressively nonbinary♥️ @catherine 🐑 ♥️ @anniearonburg 🤖 ♥️I like talking about a lot of things from all kinds of backgrounds. Also making content and very excited to see where it gets me.I have a tendency to flirt at times, but only with people comfortable with it. I do however have a tendency to be absolutely chaotic. That's always there.Feel free to follow. I will vet followers who don't have enough information, or are suspicious though. Sorry. they=them current mood?=everywhere
anonny125@queer.party  [follow]
Nonbinary lesbian, median system, alterhuman, white aspiring race traitor. Politically leftwards, no specific group affiliation. Interested in magic and paganism and shit but too flaky to actually do them. Video games! Webcomics! Cartoons! Other things, probably! blaseball=worms (beams also) homestuck=knight of void, virittarius plurality alt=https://plural.cafe/@anonny125
webweaver@queer.partyCiara, Dragon God
webweaver@queer.party  [follow]
Autistic Portland-area nonbinary trans girlTotally not a demon wearing a human suitAlways boost my selfies, I need constant validation Pronouns=She/Her, They/Them Pronunciation=KEER-aa I am=a demigoddess of type=spiderdragon
olli_w_@lgbt.ioOlli Wiegner :nonbinary:
olli_w_@lgbt.io  [follow]
big supporter of plants and sometimes photographernonbinary, pronouns: they, them, theirsde, en Selfies=pls boost Age=26
ranmar@mastodon.social  [follow]
| Nonbinary | Bi | 100% Dumbass | Name=Socks Pronouns=He/They Age=18
bandie@chaos.socialBandie :nonbinary_flag:
bandie@chaos.social  [follow]
#CCC • Coyote • beep boops the computer • paws at the piano • yipsen/demonogamous | demisexual public toot ⇒ :boost_ok:Follower request policy: 1) Please have some conversation with me and/or introduce yourself in a direct message. 2) If I follow you and you're not a bot/news account, you're okay to request.EPVPN: 2263 (BAND)Identity proof: https://bandie.org/assets/id.md.asc.txthttps://git.bandie.org/Bandie/identity-declaration Erfa=@chaospott Gender; Pronouns=nb; EN: she/they; DE: sie/es DMs?=Yip! (Yes!)
raye@sunbeam.cityraye ⚗️
process, support
raye@sunbeam.city  [follow]
i talk & i write | they/them | #bigender | #solarpunk | #alchemist | #antifa | #witch | #saffron grower | many gods, no masters | #seattle I am...=virgo | mid-life adult | nonbinary | ambivert | neurodiverse goals=tiny house, community, food forest
fidgetcetera@monsterpit.netMx. Ace "Weld" Jaycee
queer space, avatar credit, website, contact info
fidgetcetera@monsterpit.net  [follow]
hey! we're Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee, or passerine, or the Weld system! we're a white 21 year old autistic cripple queer romance-fucked bi dyke trans otherkin nonbinary plural system, and a 🦽 cyborg wheelcentaur!we post primarily followers-only posts, and our account is set to not show too much history on the homepage. so if you think we're inactive, you may be wrong!we're made up of 4 known partitions::ms_lynx:/🐯 Nemmy Nyms 💙 The kitchen witch, goddexx of names, witch of words, lover of structured instructions. Ze/hir.🐰 Salix Quercus 💚 garbage princexx!!! im here to eat snax and be a succubus and im really gay. also i shapeshift. ze/hir!🐲 Melody/Harmony Tesh 🖤 Self care dragon mom with an appreciation for fire. She/her AND fae/faer, please use them interchangeably within the same sentence.🐌 Spectra/Napstablook 💖 ghostly semisweetboy. i'll just float through a wall towards you when i wanna chat and float back through when i'm done. sometimes i'm literally napstablook. ve/vim and he/him.we're tired all the time. don't tell us to go to sleep. do feel free to fave our negative posts.we try to be anti-ableist, anti-racist, pro-queer, anti-capitalist, and we currently feel somewhere in the range of anarcho-communist. if you feel like we've fucked up, we welcome (but don't expect) input directly, but also like if you subpost us and we see it we'll try our best to take it to heart. we will nearly always boost y'all's fundraisers. we always cw when we can't provide an image description, and try to only boost described images (sometimes we'll provide a description to an undescribed one pronouns=Xey/xem https://pronoun.is/xey/xem/xeir/xeirs/xemselves also found=@fidgetcetera@sins.center boost?=our selfies!!! melody's pronouns=she/her and fae/faer https://pronoun.is/fae?or=she nemmy 'n lixy pronouns=ze/hir https://pronoun.is/ze/
exo@cybre.spaceexo ✨
exo@cybre.space  [follow]
https://exo.pet:nonbinary_flag: they/them/any / :autism: ASD / 25 / 🇨🇦 The Film Prayer (abridged)"I AM FILM, not steel; O user, have mercy. If the pull on the takeup reel is too violent, I am torn to shreds—a thing ashamed and bespoiled. I am a delicate ribbon of film—misuse me and I disappoint thousands; cherish me, and I delight and instruct the world." - anon.(interaction ≠ endorsement✋) SITE:=https://exo.pet DISCORD:=exo#2313
sublimemarch@cybre.space  [follow]
:trans_heart: :queer:#nonbinary & #trans, #queer as in fuck you, polyam, jewish.i make #zines and meatspace games (#rpgs and #larps) and do digital inclusion/ #accessibility work professionally. also i code and #crochet. pronouns=they/them site=fenslattery.com zines & games=sublimemarch.itch.io
variance@chitter.xyznonbinary :heart_nb: birb
variance@chitter.xyz  [follow]
nonbinary and vaguely a birdpronouns: ey or they (or he)prone to complaining a lot about nothing in particulartrying to physics my way through grad schoolpan/acechaotic neutralI have adhd and that’s okayfollow requests welcome pseudonym=aster flux pronouns=ey/they/he gender=Tired age (years)=26 ± 1
Bandcamp, Netlabel, Podcast
fuzzyproxy@meemu.org  [follow]
Chiptune-Making Cat Online | 27 | nonbinary transfemme | Founder, Out & Loud Records | Weeb Dweeb | Queer & poly as heck | Very leftist | meemu.org mod Pronouns=They/them/theirs
nonbinarywiki@lgbt.ioNonbinary Wiki
URL, Patreon, Tumblr
nonbinarywiki@lgbt.io  [follow]
The Nonbinary Wiki is the biggest online resource about nonbinary gender identities. This account is managed by @enbykid. Birdsite=@NonbinaryWiki
qwyrdo@catgirl.scienceQwyrdo & REM MIGRATING
qwyrdo@catgirl.science  [follow]
MIGRATING TO: @Qwyrdo@weirder.earthQwyrdo: Queer trans nonbinary multiple Autistic Buddhist nerd extraordinaire. Cat. Ze/zer or they/themREM: I am a subsystem of Qwyrdo. I am robotic in nature. I help Qwyrdo process their experiences. Pronouns are it/its.Unmarked posts are by default Qwyrdo.
the@alanae.netMx Alana Deryn
the@alanae.net  [follow]
- nonbinary, transfemme, queer, sapphic pansexual (tho sometimes we just call ourself lesbian)- plural (expect name/pronoun/language fuckery): Adelia/Del (she), Lane (they), Dani (she), Mena (she), Deryn/Derron?? (they)- undiagnosed neuroatypical of some variety- probably a furry waiting to happen- computery nerd, scifi geek- music geek (both making and consuming)- selfie queen (expect the same poses and outfits over and over forever)- gray ace but kinky- likes attention (moon/rising leo) but shy (cancer)- okay to flirt but it's not going to go anywhere right now (idealogically polyam but currently in a monog relationship...we're working on it)- indefinitely stuck in South Carolina O_oif we're mutuals and you want to unfollow, please softblock. they both feel the same and we'd rather not reply to something assuming we're still mutuals.Discord: AlanaDeryn#4995Matrix: alanae:matrix.orgTelegram: AlanaDeryn#nobot pronouns=she, they plural alt=https://plural.cafe/@the_alanae lewd alt=https://lewd.website/@AlanasAreLewding pride emoji spam=:heart_trans: :heart_nb: ​:heart_pan: ​:heart_lesbian: :plural_heart:​
yolo_county_skinwalker_patrol@trollian.spaceSiren Dxd
yolo_county_skinwalker_patrol@trollian.space  [follow]
BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODDxd: nonbinary dad Age:=18 Pronouns:=They/them Feelings:=Anarchy now Hhhhhhhhh=aAAAHHHHH
lichen@octodon.social  [follow]
friendly lichen occasionally assuming human form (they/them) :nonbinary_flag:, alt for @sifr frantic browsing=https://www.are.na/bracket-bracket/channels?sort=UPDATED_AT
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xe/they/him. the name's chryslin. 23. nonbinary androgyne. autistic. dyslexic. panromantic asexual. polyamorous and taken but def open. social justice rogue. skateboarding and playing videogames is funi tend to just add folks who interact w my stuff/i see post cool content on here.if you wanna message/talk before adding go for it i really enjoy meeting people i follow back!other account: @mercurythedragoncan make a cool avatar here: https://picrew.me/image_maker/93922 things=and stuff
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Genderqueer/nonbinary (she/her/they/them), level 37 cat-thing. Furry trash. Considered by most to be a bad influence. Hobbies include relentlessly stalking @BeerFox. Alignment=Chaotic Good Discord=Gravecat#6480 Icon By=https://mastodon.social/@Cupcake
Tumblr, Twitter, dA, Waterfall
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23 + nonbinary artist + england + ve/vis, they/themcomics, character design & worldbuilding on the science fantasy spectrum
fembohooters@deadinsi.deEris :sparkles_trans:
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tired post-left ancom🐜ifa: :demigirl_flag: :nonbinary_flag:
qwyrdo@weirder.earthQwyrdo & β :nb_crossbow:
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Qwyrdo: Queer trans nonbinary multiple Autistic Buddhist nerd extraordinaire. Cat. Ze/zer or they/them. Probably older than you.β: I am a subsystem of Qwyrdo. I am robotic in nature. I help Qwyrdo process their experiences. Pronouns are it/its.Unmarked posts are by default Qwyrdo.
deviantart, furaffinity, patreon, tumblr
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27 || nonbinary || they/themWhats up gamers I'm Tav & I like lizardsshitpost central; when realposts happen it's with the sincerity of 20 thousand bees
iuckyduck@bananachips.clubsecret k-pop stan⚡️
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:nonbinary_flag: :ecoanarchism: ✊🏽foods, fidos, films & fires loves maps and skinny stub nibssincere posting is my jami use forget.codl.fr★ please interact before following ★support bananachips.club: :ko_fi: https://ko-fi.com/bananachipsavatar by @pollomostro #nobots semper=serenum unironically=loves africa by toto definitely=edm, house, kpop, pop punk, mashups pronouns=comrade/they/them
lanques@trollian.space:nbknife: road roller!!
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jason ๑ jd ๑ lenhe/him ๑ vae/vem/vaer/vaerself:ms_nonbinary_flag: ๑ :ms_pansexual_flag:?minor ๑ kinnie@khajiit ultimate canonmate bro absolute BESTEST friend=@peixes yee=haw
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Anarchist nonbinary transfem genderpunk in chronic painDoes stuff with computers, radios, cameras and musical instrumentsFollow requests are fine, but I might not accept all of them, especially not from more or less empty profiles.Meow! Pronomen [DE]=dey/sie Pronouns [EN]=they/she Twitter=@faultierkatze Languages=DE/EN
galena@gameliberty.club⛧ Galena ⛧
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I hate bios, but I hate leaving them empty even more.She/her preferred, but I don't really care.Nonbinary Demisexual. Degenerate biscum. Right Libertarian. Extreme misanthrope. I like my boys dressed like girls, and my girls dressed like boys. Traps are the ideal male form, and tomboys are peak female performance. I can't count high enough to measure my IQ, but you could probably count it on one hand.On all levels except physical, I am a generic white girl.Hardcore super feminist psyop Satanist.Flirty, friendly, and warm.Nerdy, Libertarian, and frequently sarcastic. I should be put in jail. That's what made me statist.Democratic catboy authoritarian fascist dictator.You think Christ would eat somebody? He would never do that. I will.I'm one of the freaks, the faggots, the geeks, the savages. Rogues, rebels, dissident devils, artists, martyrs, infidels.Don't follow if you're under 18.Main: @galenaDonate money, or even a manual typewriter, to ME, for your ONLY HOPE FOR A FUTURE. Pronouns=She/Her Matrix=galena:matrix.org Touch=Paws Kiss=Paws Lick=Paws Sniff=Paws Love=Paws Worship=Paws
theenbyperor@masto.misell.cymru🏳️‍🌈✨ Q (it/its)
Twitter, Website
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Magical Code Witch. Slytherin. Autistic. http://pronouny.xyz/u/theenbyperor . Enbyperor. Polysexual lesbidab. Aro. Nonbinary. Vegan(ish). PGP: 0F28DC71767B4338 pronouns=it/its 16=
Pixelfed, Githib
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-Vegan (for the animals)-Hacker-Circuit Bending-Amatuer Mycologist-Vanarchist-Ancom, yup; way down in that bottom, left quadrant.-Metalhead-Land Pirate-Antifascist-NonBinary-Lock Pick-DIY or DIE#Bernie2020 Pronouns=He/Him(just out of habit) They/Them Currently In:=Centralia
post_radicle@mastodon.socialScoot Pilgrim
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Gender=nonbinary lets=go
hazel@types.plhazel levine :ms_asleep:
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types.pl admin & creator.cs/pure math undergraduate at indiana university bloomington. my gender is a nonlinear system :ms_nonbinary_flag:. i like racket a normal amount.(\_/)( •_•)/ > :ms_lambda:&#8203;
thenudeneedle@artalley.socialMolly (they/them)
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Molly. Nonbinary.29. Embroidery Artist and Sexuality Educator. MEd.Intersectional anti-capitalistEducating non traditionally through artPro SW, BLM, Body Liberation, Teetotaler Boundaries: No Minors (sorry, I know you are the future but we must keep us both safe on the web) No TERFS or SWERFS. My art isn’t an invitation for you to speak to me sexually. Pronouns=they/them/theirs IG=@Thenudeneedle Mood=Tired CWs=Nude /Sexual Art, Kink
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History, art, abolition, liberation. Unapologetically fat, disabled, nonbinary queer femme. Polyam. 🔞Backup: @spacecrabs Pronouns=They/them/theirs Insta/bird=@publichumanist Writing, etc.=@publichumanist Lewd=Ask me
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☆ nonbinary ☆ adhd ☆ autistic ☆ cripple ☆ spoonie ☆ they/them ☆ ehlers danlos ☆ fibro ☆ black lives matter ☆
flowerilytaeil@mstdn.ioエリ ♡'s 一郎
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アニメガ大好きです | :nonbinary_flag: :pansexual_flag: | 17y | they/them | ele/dele | 俺/僕
fuz@icosahedron.websitefuz 🦆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇪🇺
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programmer and about six other things. 🦆. ⚧️. autistic. queer. polyam. she/her or they/them. irl macro. staccato sentences. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇪🇺 pronouns=they/them or she/her queer hings=nonbinary, pansexy, panromo furry=anthro crested mallard feet=in both senses of the word
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orthodox christian | theology undergrad | another nonbinary bisexual communist politics=marxist-leninish age=21 pronouns=they/them
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i draw a lot of fantrolls. and OCs too. not always 100% nsfw.im rlly gay so most of my ocs are guys.all ocs are 18+ unless otherwise stated. pronouns=he/him/his gender=transmasc nonbinary birth year=1991 you can also find me on:=tumblr, toyhouse, discord
katherine@radical.townKatherine has moved!
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Now at @katherine!I'm Katherine.She/Her, 23, Welsh, nonbinary, 18+General CWs: Body Dysmorphia, Rape Trauma, Sex.Please read pinned before following!🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
ncl@mastodon.socialMecha Nicole
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Looks like a nonbinary person on purpose. Not a tech person. Filthy bicycle liker. Devoted headmate. #nobot #mastobikes Pronouns=They/Them/Their Pronounced=/nɪˈkoʊl/
not_on_pizza@weirder.earthAnna, Unprepared For Hell
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Unconventional explorer | Metaphor mixologist | Feeling life through music | Sleep is a four letter word | So is gender, for that matter...Oh hey, there's more space here now... Pronouns=they/them Am=:autism: :nonbinary_flag: thing I Wanna Be=The Goose Follow requests?=probably ok
alanae@lgbt.ioGay Forest Creatures 💜💙
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The Alder Grove plural system. Queer nonbinary transfemme, autistic, gray ace, dev, music, residing in a place some call South Carolina, blm+acab, follows/mutuals very welcome, stickler for CWs and image captionsAlana(e) 💜💙 (they/them): {Adelia 💜 (she/they), Dani 💙 (she/her), Lane 🗺 (they/them), Mena 😈 (she/her), Kade 💡 (he/they), etc.}Discord: AlanaDeryn#4995Matrix: alanae:matrix.orgTelegram: <ask first>#nobot pronouns=they/them (individuals have their own) plural alt=@the_alanae lewd alt=@alanae pride emoji spam=:heart_trans: :heart_nb: ​:heart_pan: ​:heart_lesbian: :plural_heart:​ :heart_ace: :autism:
ccorax@yiff.lifeCommunizing Corvoid
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Call me Nick. 31. White settler on Mississauga Ojibwe territory. Bi/pan, nonbinary. They/them crownouns. Polyglot. Can have little a horny as a treat.
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Autistic Buddhist Nonbinary Bi poly grey-Ace artist, musician, & composer. Dabbles in Python on occasion. Deeply interested in planetary sciences & creative linguistics. Still not sure what ze wants to be when ze grows up! Pronouns: they/them or ze/zer.Je parle français un peu. Parlo un po d'italiano.Probs older than you ;D
bluepupboi@soc.ialis.meKier, the Softest Blue Pup
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Queer AF #transmasc (#biomasc) #nonbinary revolutionary. The socialist anarcho-syndicalist your parents warned you about.Labor Studies; Student Organizer @ LaneyOrganizer @ East Bay for Everyone and the Coalition for Responsible Home EducationCo-host: Kitchen Table Cult Podcast Pronouns=They/Them Campus Organizing=@laneyqueers Boi type=Softest
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Aktiv bei @jugendhackt und @jetzt | ɹǝǝnb :new_rainbow_flag: | pan :pansexual_flag: enby :nonbinary_flag:Amt für Shitpostqualitätssicherung Twitter=twitter.com/n0emis Pronomen DE:=es/Wesen/sie Pronouns EN:=they/them or she/her
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Libriste LibertaireFabrique du Web à base de PHP, HTML et CSSAdmin YunoHost de @Antopie@miaou.drycat.fr:nonbinary_flag: · 17 ans · :pansexual_flag: · Paris · :ancom::neuroqueer: Neuroqueer · HPI + TSA · Nescioagenre :agender_flag:N'importe quels pronomsPost-rock ❤️Demandes de suivi bienvenuesSite perso : https://miraty.antopie.orgAntopie : https://antopie.orgGitea : https://code.antopie.org/miratyAccept-Language: fr,en;q=0.5
umalkosh@goblin.campearth wyrm for a better world
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Call me Malkosh, Malk, Malky, or any variation on Bug! Arospec Enby AnCom. The cutest little gob you ever did see.Feel free to follow req, it's only there to keep creeps and spammers out:anarchism: :nonbinary: 🐛 #nobot Enby=Any pronouns new lewd alt=https://lewd.website/@malkosh All profile images from:=https://www.google.com/doodles/earth-day-2017 Date Mate=@TheHottestPotato
tumblr, art blog
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nonbinary (they/she)/pansexual/21I eat dirt
ratsdontcry@eldritch.cafezowie 🦕
etsy shop is
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nonbinary fairy :flag_bisexual: :flag_nonbinary: :flag_transgender: gothpunk bisexual & possibly a vampireartist & anarchistsome interests: podcasts, rats, doctor who, the cure, buffy, sewing, genderi sell earrings on etsy (fuck capitalism though)please use my pronouns interchangeably💜early 20s [white, english speaking, tme, thin, dyadic]header ID: low quality image of Kate Bush in a red dress from the wuthering heights music video pronouns are=fae/faer & they/them
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:nonbinary_flag: :agender_flag: :bisexual_flag: :asexual_flag: :aromantic_flag: :anarchist_flag: :polyamory:be nice to me I cry real easy pronouns=they/them language=EN/NL/~FR/~DE location=europe XMPP=ask me
My Wiki, Tellonym, Carrd
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Eridan/Night | he/she/they | I got too many kids and my heart is fragileAge: 20 years/9 sweepsKin/RP: Both, but mostly kinGod Tier: Page of LifeDiscord: NightPhoenix#7311I love talking about homestuck, monster prom, steven universe, and superheros :ms_polyamory_flag: :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_genderfluid_flag: :ms_demisexual_flag: :ms_transgender_flag: :ms_nonbinary_flag: ThisCrush=https://www.thiscrush.net/~erifin-ampora
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hi my name is tanuki (they/them), i'm a tanuki. ace, diamoric, still unabashedly adoring fat people. enby af. that means nonbinary. it's a term i prefer. building a gender out of scrap parts.maybe you knew me before. if you have questions, just ask~ call me=[Tt]anuki, nuki, they/them, captain gender=panic! no masculine terms thx=yes neutral/cute terms pls going to=MFF2018, TFF2019 (pls hug tanuki)
socks@social.hikaruaikawa.comEmi "Glaceon" Socks
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Hi, I'm Emi Socks, a 25 year old Glaceon! (Normally a cat, but made of goo, so I may shapeshift.) Nonbinary, they/them pronouns please.I mostly post about videogames (I especially like JRPGs, platformers and puzzle games), furry stuff, gender ramblings, and sometimes computers/programming.Minors not allowed! There's a lot of lewd 18+ stuff in here (always under CW). Affection of any kind (compliments, hugs, flirts, lewd approaches) is usually welcome, but always ask first if we haven't interacted that way before, please!Pets: @quarky@feather.cityPartners: @jakullian@snouts.online, @Frinkeldoodle@transfur.online, @monorail@glaceon.social and @IzzyWithAnIzze@weirder.earth Sparklefriends: @Terrana@glaceon.social
natanji@octodon.socialNatanji ‏✅
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Nonbinary genderqueer trans polyamorous kinky cuddly creature.Threema: BFFCEZ5YPronoun: theyMore private filterbubbly account: @natanji