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phryk@mastodon.social  [follow]
Your friendly neighbourhood hⒶcker hobo.Likes dinosaurs, dislikes hierarchy. Come for the music recommendations, stay for the #propaganda.#nojs #ux #infosec #python #freebsd R&D=https://rnd.phryk.net/ a/s/l=3x/lel/fortress europe damaged=beyond repair
froggo@estrogen.networkpython nojs.py --host --port 80
Soundcloud, GitHub
froggo@estrogen.network  [follow]
She/Her ​:trans_flag:​ | #ISupportUkraine 🇺🇦 | CommunismTrans girl, wannabe musician, programmer, professional shitposterI try to put appropriate CWs when applicable, please tell me if something should be CW'ed that isn't.Feel free to follow, but please read my pinned post(s) :)"cute programmer" - @forever@fedi.nullob.si Languages=English, Spanish (Learning), German (Learning-ish), HTML, CSS, JS, Python, BASH/SH, Lua, SQL, PHP (learning), Java (learning), TS (learning), Svelte, SCSS (learning), GDScript (learning) Time Zone=Central Standard Time (UTC - 5:00) Matrix=`@froggo:naln1.ca`
phryk@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
Will terraform planet and populate it with dinosaurs.The meantime will be abridged with world domination and hⒶcker things.Things I do: #nojs #ux #itsec #python #freebsd #svgFeel free to ask me stuff!http://phryk.netSee also: https://mastodon.social/@phryk/