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nexttech@nerdculture.debee :xmpp: :artix: ⚡
nexttech@nerdculture.de  [follow]
privacy and open source enthusiast. linux nerd. self-hoster. gamer. artix & debian rocks. nymnymnymnym#nobotsome profiles are only available on my website bc i have more than 4 profiles lmaotr/eni dont trust any device that i cant mash ctrl alt delete on"good recommender of things" - blairp.s: dont let my pfp fool you im still a boy Matrix=@neonvortex:envs.net XMPP=knerdfox@blah.im Reddit=u/Alpha012_GD
bannedmeow@ms.neko.barPunk Cat
bannedmeow@ms.neko.bar  [follow]
#nobotSome things aren't always what they seem, unfortunately, I am. I'm just a dude who pretends to be a neko online.