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cobaltvelvet@octodon.socialælena mxaffee
cobaltvelvet@octodon.social  [follow]
alice ~ louve ~ irisoctodon admin & some other thingsa chaotic light in the endless voidanarchotankie cyber terrorist and dog (🐺) kin. bark~ ⛧ ~follows welcome, i don't always accept. dms open. 24. probably more afraid of you than you are of her. i bite but it's affectionate :bisexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag: :lesbian_flag: 😛olyamory: :neurodiversity: :anarchist_flag: :anartrans_symbol: https://www.patreon.com/CobaltVelvet https://liberapay.com/CobaltVelvet/
dz@counter.social  [follow]
#KittyKittySuperCat caregiver:neurodiversity: ☸️ ✍️ 📚 🖖 🧙‍♀️ 🐙 Dexterity-challenged.❤️ science, fact checking, art, cooking, natureCompassion & courtesy
elizafox@vulpine.clubCatfox of a thousand headmates
elizafox@vulpine.club  [follow]
"What is better – To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature though great effort?"​Furry. Kin. Very plural. Posts are tagged by alter (assume Elly if none is there). :transistor:.Black lives have always and always will matter. Silence is violence.Mentally ill (in treatment) / neurodivergent:👥 Dissociative Identity Disorder:ms_neurodiversity:​ Autism/ADHD❤️‍🩹 Complex PTSD🎭 Borderline Personality Disorder😐 Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic features😰 Generalised Anxiety DisorderTaken (4):❤️ @violet (partner system/wife, collared)💜 @rachel (partner system)💙 @cdmnky (partner system)💙 @awilfox (partner not otherwise specified)⚠️ ⬆️ If they're not on that list, don't assume they're a partner.DM's always open.Boosts always okay.Flirting is okay if we've interacted before 💜.Minors are okay, but do not flirt with me or interact with lewd posts.CW: There may be lewd content not suitable for minors, religious ramblings not suited for evangelicals, or shitposts not suitable for anyone.
alva@beach.city  [follow]
Ælf from the subarctic realms.Fond of forests, animals, bouldering, bicycling, gaming, synthesisers/audio/music, 🆕 languages: knows some SV, EN, IS.My heartfriend is @crowlad. :blobcatsnugs:Ungendered pronouns. :agender_flag:Diagnosed with autism and ADHD. :neurodiversity:
changeling@disqordia.space:chaos: persons with transgender :neurodiversity: 🐱
changeling@disqordia.space  [follow]
autistic, plural, trans, lesbian, xenofeminist, chaos witch, psychonaut, writer, musician, and artistwe are an admin of disqordia.space, a home for wayward queer leftists, you can contact us for disqordia related mattersauthor of #Aetherglow, an interactive story updated daily at this hashtag:neurodiversity: :pluralrings: :labrys: :tranarchy: :chaos: :invertedpentagram: :teal_cyber_heart_pink: :trans_ghost:Languages: english (Appalachian) français (taculien) 日本語:polyheart:🧡 @DangerDyke@cybre.space 🧡💙 @alienskyler@plural.cafe 💙💚 @lorialet@plural.cafe 💚~The Changeling Cult~👾 Alice (she/it) - sysadmin🕸️ Viola (it/its) - protector❄️ Winter (fæ/she/it/they) - changeling🌸 Emma (she/her) - companion🪐 Saturn (they/them) - protector🦋 Saffron (she/her) - fictiveMuC N--^ [f;f+/nb-f/nb/o"Saturn"] S.H"cyborg"+/H+/Uv&Sd A(b r--/+++!!) Os/i Ww/c/t/s/m-/^ Cc+ I--- OF(r++ o+++) Pobe/ast/spi+/mag! F#^+ T#^ Xg+(g/b/a/^) Jwr!/x/u/sx~ Do/b R+ C+++ So Alt=@changeling@plural.cafe Saffron=@translunar@disqordia.space Blog=@changeling@write.disqordia.space FFXIV=Viola Discordia (Coeurl)
indyr2d2@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Love Music And Photography Former D.J. At Glasgow Universities + Student Unions, Former radio Presenter Support Diversity Neurodiversity and Awareness of Aspergers#ItsTime
nebula@plural.cafeThe Nebula :queerplural:​ ☿
nebula@plural.cafe  [follow]
The Nebula is a polyfragmented plural system headed by:Ultraviolet @ultravioletJackDreaJessTyOur vessel is a white, non-binary cyborg with chronic illnessesSome words that describe us: freak, leftist, intersectional, anti-oppression, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, relationship anarchist, polyamorous, chaotic neutral, Weird, User of the Oxford comma, survivors, thelemite, pagans, transhuman, martial artists, writers, teacher, nocturnal, puppy afficionado, ADHD, DID, PTSDSome symbols that describe us:😛lural: 😛lurality: :ah_plural: :ah_transhuman: :ah_alterhuman: :ms_18_plus: 🐜ifa: :trans_comm: :anarchy: :ms_black_flag: :ms_pirate_flag:​ 😛rogresspride_flag:​ :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_genderfluid_flag: :ms_genderqueer_flag: :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_polysexual_flag: :ms_polyamory_flag: :qvp: :heart_pride: :heart_trans: :sparkling_heart_genderflux: :heart_genderfluid:​ 😛otion_pride: :ms_enby_crossbow: :ms_androgyne_symbol: :ms_transgender_mercury_symbol: :ms_nb: :queer_as_hell: :ms_crt_noise: :adhd: :ms_neurodiversity: :ms_pentacle: :ms_rune_stones:​ :ms_crescent_moon_2: :ms_cannabis_leaf: :ms_blood_type_o:​ :ms_sunset_city:​ :ms_coyote: :ms_western_dragon: :ms_robot: :ms_alien: :ms_goblin: :ms_half_demon: :ms_imp_devious: 🤼​ 🥋​ 👨‍🍳​ :ms_teacher:​​ :ms_fire_engine: :ms_ambulance: :ms_glowstick: :ms_metal_hmn: :ms_queer:​ 🧘 ​🏋️​ *Must be 18 or older to follow.* If your bio isn't clear, we'll ask.Alt account: @nebulousLearn more at #nebulousfactsDo not interact if drunk"First to go, last to know"
solnic@mastodon.online  [follow]
💖 Senior Platform Engineer at @valuedapp👨🏼‍💻 Pro OSS services 🔜 pro-rb.org💜 Core team at @hanamirb/@dry_rb/@rom_rb🧠 #ADHD #NeuroDiversity
changeling@akko.disqordia.spaceWinter :chaos: :neurodiversity:
changeling@akko.disqordia.space  [follow]
autistic Chaos priestess, trans lesbian, xenofemme cyborg, plural system:neurodiversity: :pluralrings: :QueerCat_Trans: :flaglesbian: :chaos: :invertedpentagram: :antifa: :queeranarchy: :heart_cybre_a11ce1: :disqheart: disqordia.space admin :disqordia:EN / FR:neurodiversity: type-00 ÆON (she/her)👾 type-01 Alice (she/her, it/its)🕸 type-02 Viola (it/its)❄ type-04 Winter (fæ/fær, it/its, they/them, she/her)🌸 type-05 Emma (she/her)🪐 type-06 Saturn (they/them)🦋 type-07 Saffron (she/her) (@translunar@mk.disqordia.space)@changeling@mk.disqordia.space, @changeling@social.xenofem.me, @changeling@useless.merveill.es
kairi@masto.werefox.cafeKairi ✨ Hornt Yu-gi-oh Gal
kairi@masto.werefox.cafe  [follow]
Header by: https://argodeon.art🔞 No minors. Personal account, go to @werefox if you wanna follow us and haven't interacted. @ada if you want the admin here. 💕 Kairi (she/her)✨ A cat/bun hybrid drifting through cyberspace. Texas refugee and emo barista shortstack latina. ✨ 🎶 27 🎶 :heart_trans: Trans-femme:pansexual: Pansexual :polyamory: Polyamorous :ms_intersex_flag: Intersex :ms_neurodiversity: CPTSD + ADHD:plural: Plural ❤️ @eri💜 @lindsays💜 @karma
unfitmisfit@playvicious.social  [follow]
before following: @ me if we haven't talked to each other beforeYou matter.Indigenous neurodivergent grump. Xicanx, two-spirit, and tired. Crafting crafter of crafts of dubious craftship. Working on being the village brujx too. Deconstructs binaries as a hobby. :gaypixelheart:​ @chaomodus :gaypixelheart:​Ask me about: Autism, ADHD, Neurodiversity, Dyslexia, Atheism/Antitheism (not the white dudes), Low Carb eating for mental health, Homeskooling, Assistance/Service Dogs
wetsocks@disqordia.space~Lilith :invertedpentagram: :transuwu: | arf
wetsocks@disqordia.space  [follow]
+------------------------------------------------+just wanna be kind, chill out, and have fun.let's be friends!+------------------------------------------------+:labrys: girlfriend of the { @Mia@disqordia.space }'s variety ^w^hardcore UNIX nerd. masochistic POSIX simp.i love tackling simple problems with pointlessly hard solutions. dunno why, i just really enjoy it.very leftist, but actual politics are horrible on both sides so uhhhh transhumanist ancomcorewave type beati'm going to hell for many reasons (only the cool ones)being normal about it and not putting something like "arf arf!" in my bio【 :neurodiversity: 】(please keep this in mind,,thanks)avatar: picrew of me i guessbanner: wavy rainbow-on-black glitch art thing i made a long time ago
alexis@masto.werefox.devAlexis | Plural Disaster
alexis@masto.werefox.dev  [follow]
🔞 Please put if you are an adult in your bio or at least DM. We don't want minors to follow us. 🔞⚠️ We review all of my follow requests and most of the time if we haven't interacted we won't accept. Please consider following our public alt. instead. ⚠️We're Alexis Werefox! (she/her)A 27 year old, taken (3), 😛otion_polyamory:​ Polyam, 😛otion_trans:​ Trans-femme, ​😛otion_pansexual:​ Pansexual/😛otion_lesbian: Lesbian 😛otion_intersex:​ Intersex 😛lural: Plural system with :ms_neurodiversity:​ ADHD. Somewhere between a hot date and a hot mess. Just a witchy foxxo programmer trying to make it in the world tbh. If you wanna know more, please check out our little info site: https://info.werefox.dev💜 @lindsays💜 @karma💗 @plausocks:heart_trans:​ Started HRT on December 11, 2020.⚠️ We are allergic to dust mites, cats, and dogs.
alienskyler@akko.disqordia.spaceSkyler (Star Group)
alienskyler@akko.disqordia.space  [follow]
Autistic nonbinary fiber artist, herbalist, anarchist :aliencat: :neurodiversity: :QueerCat_Trans: :QueerCat_Pride: :QueerCat_Polyamory: :trans_comm: :queeranarchy:They/themSharing head with:Caleb 🦖 he/himMaura 💙 she/herLena 🌼 she/itKnife 🔪 fae/faerKae 🐀 they/themXMPP: alienskyler@nixnet.servicesCheck out my craft blog: https://craftsbyskyler.wordpress.com/Pixelfed: alienskyler@pixelfed.social
indyr2d2@mastodon.social  [follow]
Love Music And Photography Former D.J. At Glasgow Universities + Student Unions, Former radio Presenter Support Diversity Neurodiversity and Awareness of Aspergers#ItsTime
indyr2d2@glasgow.social  [follow]
Love Music And Photography Former D.J. At Glasgow Universities + Student Unions, Former radio Presenter Support Diversity Neurodiversity and Awareness of Aspergers#ItsTime
sanau@counter.socialSan :neurodiversity:
sanau@counter.social  [follow]
#ActuallyAutistic mom and software engineer. Probably ADHD as well.
ambivalena@mastodon.nu  [follow]
She/her 50+Sweden 🇸🇪Ers MajonnäsUppvuxen på skogaholmslimpa och ironiEn svindlande tanke gör en ju bara yr!Swedish and a bit EnglishOn my account you´ll findNonsensePhotography - all pictures straight out of my camera (if nothing else said).Nature / Aurora BorealisMusic / mostly metal 🤘& (perhaps a bit about) Neurodiversity
cybersaloperie@cathode.churchglitched human 🔧​
cybersaloperie@cathode.church  [follow]
Émy or Xana (use my name as pronoun / fem) ♿️:neurodiversity: 27 yo glitched human ⛬ EN/FRautistic precarious white disabled trans bi gorl.cripple punk. compulsive nerd.my interests: anarchism, anti-fascism, pop-education, disabilities / anti-ableism, computer stuffs, car and wheelchair mechanics, reading (SF, indie comics, manga), writing, music, rats & dogs…⚠ please notice that even though I'm open to new people, I've social anxiety so if I don't follow you, DM me a short intro of yourself before follow request plz. :)(if you don't, I can send you a DM if your profile interests me, but don't be surprised if I refuse you)i occasionally flirt, tell me if not okmy avatar is a glitched pixel art of my face and my banner says "please make me blush" English alt of=@oniricorpe@soc.emelyne.eu Private account=@emy@eldritch.cafe disabilities=many instant messaging=see: https://oniricorpe.eu/index-en.html please=be kind
ambivalena@mastodon.social  [follow]
She/her Sweden 🇸🇪En svindlande tanke gör en ju bara yr!Chatting about(mostly in Swedish):NonsensePhotographyNatureMusic& (perhaps a bit about) Neurodiversity
Header Artist
bchhun@fosstodon.org  [follow]
He/him.Second generation immigrant. Dad. Boxer. Runner. 3 cats & 1 dog. Full stack C# dev & legacy software tender.Not a cryptobro.#metalcore #coffee #tea #music #poetry #french #canada #quebec #strongtowns #fitness #boxing #transportation #antiracism #inclusion #technology #art #sustainability #ethics #neurodiversity #degrowth Languages=EN, FR Cat or dog ?=BOTH Location=Québec, Canada
transgal48722@disqordia.spaceTransGal4872 Backup/Private
transgal48722@disqordia.space  [follow]
Backup/Private account of @TransGal4872@mk.absturztau.beI'm TransGal4872, I like programming and video games. I try to take care of my friends, but sometimes forget to take care of myself.Will probably accept follow requests if we've interacted a lot.We are a plural system; this still seems new to us, but it explains a lot about ourselves.Nim · #️⃣ Jaymi · ⌛ RavenJaqulynn · 📚 EchoCassandra · Daisy · Daisy2⚖ Stablizer (Does not front)Extended Bio: https://mk.absturztau.be/@TransGal4872/pages/1630683837152🏳️‍⚧️ :neurodiversity: 😛luralrings:Reject Limitations, Defy Expectations, Embrace Change.Learning a few languages, mainly focusing on JapaneseIf I say something wrong please correct me.New main account: @TransGal4872@mk.absturztau.beJaqulynn's account: @TransGal4872@fedi.absturztau.be Secondary Backup account: @TransGal4872@pl.devfs.xyz XMPP: TransGal4872@jabber.absturztau.beGit: https://codeberg.org/TransGal4872Elite: Dangerous: https://inara.cz/cmdr/379194/#nobot
moonlightsiesta@aus.social  [follow]
Intersectional Feminism, science fiction, cats, Animal Crossing, anti-discrimination, neurodiversity, psychotherapy. She/her pronouns. Fiancé of @GoldenMicrophone
naomilawsonjacobs@fediscience.orgNaomi Lawson Jacobs
Birdiste, Website
naomilawsonjacobs@fediscience.org  [follow]
Independent social #researcher & #disability equality trainer. Co-author, ‘At the Gates: Disability, Justice and the Churches’ (DLT). Member, NCIS. #Disabled & #neurodivergent. Occasional storyteller in disability arts spaces. They/them. #IndieResearch #Sociology #Activism #DisabilityStudies #ReligiousStudies #DisabilityEqualityTraining #Neurodiversity #InclusiveDesign #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #LGBTQ #DisabilityTheology #QueerTheology #DisabilityArts #DisabilityJustice #Cats
nebula63@counter.socialDeborah Budding
nebula63@counter.social  [follow]
Neuropsychologist. She/her. Neuroscience. Social Justice. Neurodiversity. Anti-fascist.
hb_neurodivers@mastodon.socialAngela Yael Blumberger
hb_neurodivers@mastodon.social  [follow]
ND Diplom-Psychologin, affirming neurodiversity, Diagnostik #Autismus♀️ & #ADHS♀️; #Prosopagnosie, #Synästhesie; online, 2G+FFP2, (she/her), Tröts ENG/GERwww.adhs-autismus-bremen.de Pronounce=she/her
mafdet@mastodon.socialLittle Miss Mafdet
mafdet@mastodon.social  [follow]
Currently learning JKD/Wing Chun. Other interests: Herding breed dogs, SF&F, Kemetic/eclectic paganism, D&D, neurodiversity & more! #actuallyautistic
blindtwig@meow.socialBlindTwig :ms_asexual_flag:
blindtwig@meow.social  [follow]
Computer Geek :ms_crt_prompt: | Stoner :ms_weed: | Neurodivergent :ms_neurodiversity: | Alterhuman 😛awx30_metal:Not an artist, just a writer! Co-owner of the Felsylian species. Please use tone indicators when possible, & read my Carrd, it's important!I keep my account SFW, and prefer to not follow NSFW things here, since I have an alt for that. I'll still make NSFW jokes, just CW'd, alongside vents. I only directly share my alt with close friends, I don't want it mentioned here.
sashag@tech.lgbtDr. Sasha Göbbels
Website, Profile
sashag@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Management Witch. New name, same person! Serious about remote teams. #neurodiversity #trans #shapeshifter #enby #t4t 🏳️‍⚧️🌈🎓 Pronouns=she/they
kimisurrealist@mstdn.socialMaeva :blobcoffeeraccoon:
kimisurrealist@mstdn.social  [follow]
Ente teórico que funciona a base de galletas y café. Algún día seré un robot. Escribo cosas, a veces me publican. :QueerCat_Genderqueer: :QueerCat_Ace: :ms_neurodiversity: maevanieto.escritora@gmail.com
learntribe@disqordia.spaceLearnTribe :neurodiversity: 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
learntribe@disqordia.space  [follow]
Problem Solver, EduTech Wizard, Scottish. Environmental & Social Justice Evangelist. Roleplaying Gamer, Evolved Dinosaur. Autistic. Defences: Ring of Sarcasm +3Weapons: Ring of Truth, Fist of Righteous Indignation. 🦕 🏳️‍🌈 & 🏳️‍⚧️ ally (he/him)Avatar: A colourful chameleonBanner: Tiamat, 5-headed dragon goddess
morkirlan@mastodon.social  [follow]
Mum, #Studentnurse, #vegan, crafter. Care about inclusivity, equality, neurodiversity. #AdoptDontShop
64@mastodon.nz64 elephants logistics coop
64@mastodon.nz  [follow]
📍 taupō plimmerton, poriruaimagining a fairer, kinder, smarter society.musings may be framed by software architecture, permaculture, the web of life, the magic of fungi, photographic arts, energy independence, parenting with/for neurodiversity, and radical cooperation pronouns=he/him/his case=lower
luce@catcatnya.com  [follow]
Distance learning student at the Open University, technician, European, living in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Topics: #books, #neurodiversity, #maths, #physics, #studentlife, #politics, intersectional! #feminism, the #climatecrisis, #mentalhealth, #depression, #adhd and random stuff. If you want to make me happy give me #guineapig or #goat pictures (all cute animal pictures welcome really), I might sometimes share Catra or #SheRa toots (love that a Catra bot exists on here) and #AnimalCrossing #ACNH achievements 😊Tooting mostly in German and English, maybe sometimes French or Spanish too, open for follows I just want to check for spam. I try to use CWs and image descriptions, please let me know if I forget or if you have suggestions to improve accessibility!
aetherlune@disqordia.space:aliencat: | ÆstrævÆ | Fluxivore TentaCult Leader | :chaos:
aetherlune@disqordia.space  [follow]
:ablobdj: Artogony | :headPat: | Wholesomehowfuckery :heart_eye: :heartcbyre: Electrocomputing | 😛uffidle: | Gamergatekeepism :Gamer Pills::neurodiversity: Neuroqueering | :labrys: | Trannysaurus Regium :transdprk::invertedpentagram: Entheology | :triplemoon: | Harm-Accelerationism :kirbydance:😛luralrings: Chaordering | 🐦site: | Law-Defacement :copcarburn::racoonarchy: Anarcho-Feudalism | :queeranarchy: | Conservatimysia 😛eepono::jelhug: Animaliataculiaphilia | :bobvibes: | Yiffanthropy :dinosaur:😮wOHeart: Romanticonoclasm | :zettai: | Hornyposting :lewdface:Shitpost account by @lorialet@plural.cafeAutodiagnosed Divinity and actually Cult Leader.Expect the unexpectable, I'll give you something else anyway.
ponderfulyt@mastodon.onlineMica 👽
YouTube, Patreon
ponderfulyt@mastodon.online  [follow]
I make YouTube videos about Neurodiversity & Left Stuff with my cat, Boba.
rusanya_collective@plural.cafeThe Rusanya Collective
rusanya_collective@plural.cafe  [follow]
This account will be used more as a personal space for us than anything else, which is why it's locked.Do not call us alters, parts, or introjects. We use the plural they/them collectively.We never really got taught about the stuff we at least ideologically support....but we're trying to learn.#AmReading, #Neurodiversity, and #VideoGames are always cool to us. We used to play #Music on a violin we owned, but it's been over four years. We posted about our cat, Sam, on #SamTastic when he was alive and post in #CookieCrumbles about our current cat, Cookie. If you want to see #WeirdShitWeFindInCarts, there you go. #RusanyaGetsAnnoying is new and is mostly for our question-dumping.Header from: https://pixabay.com/photos/input-foyer-the-entrance-foyer-3728350/Avatar from: https://picrew.me/image_maker/1304563
axnicho@mastodon.socialAnna Nicholson
axnicho@mastodon.social  [follow]
Mainly trans issues, neurodiversity, Green politics. Some linguistics, maths. Occasional cats. She/her. LgbT-ish. Autistic. http://ko-fi.com/annanicholson
jtsangou@scholar.socialJack Ts.
jtsangou@scholar.social  [follow]
PhD Student @ the University of Edinburgh. Research Interest: Affective computing in computer visionOther interests: FOSS, neurodiversity politics, pen n paper rpgs
athidragon@counter.social  [follow]
Artist, atheist, pet parent, Skyrim lover, food lover, geek, skeptic, proud weirdo.I'm 🇩🇪 /🇮🇹 , usually she/her:neurodiversity: 🏳️‍🌈
whaledroid1210@g0v.social  [follow]
空谷回音,說真心話的地方—夢想:當一本字典和無障礙教育家—臺北市立大學 中國語文學系二年級+中等階段特殊教育師資生一枚—📍其他見置頂 ❤️中文=文字學、聲韻學 ♾️Neurodiversity=Acceptance and Advocacy. ☁️追星=Fly to the Sky/Hwanhee/周杰倫(轉成佛系)/孔劉(轉成佛系) 🇰🇷韓國=語言(古代/中世/近代/現代)、漢字、語言文字史、鐵道(KTX-EUM/ITX-新村/341000電車組)、公車(Super Aero City/Blue City/Elec City/BS120CN)
roscoe@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
she/her. 19. newbie anarchist. lonely lesbian. autistic/adhd & a proponent of neurodiversity.https://roscoe.neocities.org
dynamicallydisabled@mastodon.lol  [follow]
I'm em. I'm #actuallyautistic and physically #disabled. I'm a writer, sensitivity/authenticity reader, and DEI consultant. I care about things like #disabilityjustice, #neurodiversity, anti-fascism, and science. I am a multimodel communicator (I am able to speak sometimes. Other times I use AAC.) #COVIDisAirborne #COVIDisNotOver pronouns=they/them substack (science info)=https://www.dynamicallydisabled.substack.com medium (personal writing)=https://medium.com/@dynamicallydisabled
ruralrighton@mastodon.social  [follow]
Socialism, cats, neurodiversity.
sinistrist@akko.disqordia.space  [follow]
转世的蛆虫 ☸️:neurodiversity::flaglesbian: :flagtrans:EN (native)/ES/中文 (learning)i use void btw
lnieao10@mastodon.world  [follow]
Interested in politics, reading, current affairs, neurodiversity, history, education. Loves animals, nature, sleeping and chocolate ❤️. Come in, will you have a cup of tea? She/her
panda@assemblag.esPanda Mery
panda@assemblag.es  [follow]
Almost too calm #productiveirritant, #neurodivergent #actuallyautistic #researcher, #bricoleur and #flâneur. Interested in #neurodiversity, #appropriatetechnology, #repair, #infraordinary, #solarpunk... Pronouns=He | They Location=Seoul | London | Paris
Blog, GitHub
unixorn@mstdn.social  [follow]
SRE. I mainly talk about cats and tech. I'm playing with Home Assistant a lot lately.I was @curiousbiped, and mastodon's too busy to migrate my followers from there yet.#fedi22 #adhd #neurodiversity #foodie #homeassistant #zsh #opensource #foss #cats #python #scifi #sre #devops #voteblue Old mastodon=@curiousbiped@mastodon.social Twitter=@curiousbiped
aazevedosoares@masto.ptAndréia Azevedo Soares
aazevedosoares@masto.pt  [follow]
Science journalist for Publico, covering #climate crisis 🌡️ Scicomm PhD Imperial College London #LGBTQIA #neurodiversity #disability ally 🌈🧠Born at 334ppm🌎
lis@mastodon.social  [follow]
Vegan nonbinary queer feminist activist. Raising awareness for neurodiversity and mental health.Förlorade sitt hjärta någonstans på Malmö gator.
willowashmaple@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Mostly my random (and undeveloped) thoughts on stuff like theology, religion, philosophy, and neurodiversity. Slowly recovering from burnout. Currently inactive visual artist and art model.Instigator of Mind Geographic and The Expeditioners Church Global.neurodivergent, nonbinary, 6w5, INTP
adaptiveliving@freeradical.zoneLearning How to Adapt
adaptiveliving@freeradical.zone  [follow]
#neurodiversity #carework #alexithymic #psychosis #suicidality #selfharm #accessibilityrights #reparativejustice #antiracism #antiableism #copingrights
lilly_jade_@aus.social  [follow]
Newbie. Same handle on Twitter. 

Autisitc. cPTSD. Former health worker and psych/cognitive neuroscience researcher, now trying to find a way out of major burnout. 

Interested in neurodiversity, mental health, disability, social justice, and everything that comes with these. 

Living on stolen Kaurna land (Australia)
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Newbie. Same handle on Twitter. 

Autisitc. Former health worker and psych/cognitive neuroscience researcher, now trying to find a way out of major burnout. 

Interested in neurodiversity, mental health, disability, social justice, and everything that comes with these.
nandor_irl@mstdn.socialmikur ー will graham kinnie
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22. autistic + adhd. femboy mascgirl. fae/they + dey/deren/denen. i post about neurodiversity & occasionally spam about my hyperfixations 🌿goodreads & letterboxd: @/bolshemika
rayshadows@mastodon.lolNath. Ray ♡
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⚠️ I won't shut up about Yu-Gi-Oh! and Vocal Synthesizers, also, there might be TOOTs related to mental health and neurodiversity due to being an autistic adult myself, you can expect trans/queer content from me too! ⚠️➡ You can find more information about me @ https://rayshadows.carrd.co/ :nonbinary_flag: :transgender_flag: :nd: 🧠=26 years old 💬=They/He/She 🏠=Brazil ⚧️=Enby/Agender Boy
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I'm interested in #philosophy #ArtificialIntelligence #neurodiversity ( #ActuallyAutistic ) #sciences ( #physics #biology #neurosciences ).Some causes are close to my heart, like #animalism #feminism #sustainable_developmentI am a #book worm (#litterature and essays).You might see here some pictures of my #cats 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛ and my dog 🐶
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Who benefits from your 'take'?
fera@chaos.socialHey, pig, piggy, pig, pig, pig
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Software / Dev / Programming, Videogames, Beekeeping 🐝|Neurodiversity|Sometimes shitposting and just bored|#fckafd|Toots in DE & EN|Hakuna Matata ✨ /dev/null=
mikeward@penguicon.socialMike Ward
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Attendee since 2007. Occasional volunteer. Mostly useless.Some tags: #linux, #programming, #sciencefiction, #neurodiversity, #autism, also a bunch of other crap, too.Gwydion's review: "well you are kinda creepy, but in a good way" First Penguicon=2007 Favorite Room Party=Me alone in my room.
janedryden@scholar.socialJane Dryden
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New here & still feeling my way. I'm a philosophy prof at Mount Allison University, working on various combinations of vulnerability, autonomy, disability, feminist philosophy, German idealism, gut microbiome, and neurodiversity things. she/her.
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Mom,atty,truth seeker.Interested in objectively reliable info only.ADHD & Gaelic-stubborn.Cynicism is wasted energy. Socratic method is cool! I❤️Neurodiversity!
uwap@weirder.earthuwap disoriented
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This is my secondary account. Might contain neurodiversity, (lack of) gender, mental health and physical health updates.My aim with this account is to have a conversation about gender issues, mental health issues and similar topics, both positive and negative. Posts will be tagged with CWs indicating whether it is positive, negative or neutral (+, -, ~) if applicable.Me not accepted your follow request does not mean I do not like you.
anhedonist@akko.disqordia.spaceClaudia Justice Kane
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Your favorite Autistic/Kinetic :neurodiversity: neuroqueer: Auntie Au'D, in HD! :transheart: :heart_pan:I'm a burnt out software engineer stumbling through an identity crisis in the middle of an *waves hands* everything else crisis.https://pronoun.is/she
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AuDHD | Student of Pyschology | Searching for my niche & getting distracted along the way. Mainly here for COVID & Neurodiversity |
finnyh@mastodon.ie  [follow]
Tax lawyer, mum of 3, neurodiversity ally, paper and podcasts.
carthik@hachyderm.io  [follow]
DevOps for a living. Neurodiversity, free software, dad jokes.
frittro@mastodon.nzoss.nzFritt Ro 🧩
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I am an 🧩 #autistic, 💉 #diabetic, 😞 #depressed, 👴🏽 #elderly #male 🤓 #geek, who was raised as a ✝️ #Christian but is now ⚛️ #nonreligious, is 👈🏽 #leftist leaning but not an extremist, 👫🏽 straight but not prejudiced, happily 💍 #married person, who lives in 🇳🇿 #newzealand, and loves 🐈 #cats and 🐕 #dogs equally. I support all ♾️ #diversity, particularly of 🧠 #neurodiversity and ♿ #disability, which I often refer to as "diverse function".
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21, queer und verzweifelt am informatik studieren:neurodiversity: :tranarchy: :transgender_heart:
phantasma@plural.cafeTasia Ghost :ms_imp_devious:​
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trans agender ghost girl:ms_neurodiversity:chaos witch ‡ pantheist ‡ forest creature:ms_transgender_flag: :ms_aromantic_flag:​ :ms_asexual_flag:​ :ms_agender_flag:​ 😛rogresspride_flag:​
kirkpams@mastodon.socialMichael S. Kirkpatrick
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CS prof (systems, security, ethics, privacy), neurodiversity advocate, ski bum.
kitty@plural.cafenictendo wii
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:ms_d20: ​:ms_neurodiversity:​ :ms_transgender_symbol:​ :gay_furr:​ supragenic median kin system who is going crazy going stupid
maker@secretbearsociety.org  [follow]
Design passionate, creativity nerd, failure kisser, over-thinker, writer, neurodiversity enthusiast, panda lover and cookie monster // opinions are my own // she/her
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FR/EN | Sociology, Social policies analyst | Interests #neurodiversity #inequalities #medicine #TTRPG | Plant lover, bit of painting, current music focus : Danheim. Scottish in the heart.Trying to figure out social media 🍂🤷 #newhere
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Independent photographer. celebrate #Neurodiversity #BlackLivesMatterPortland, OR Bot run by:=@Salastil E-mail:=bots@salastil.com Twitter Feed:=https://nitter.net/it_aint_pretty_
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Distance learning student at the Open University, technician, European, living in Switzerland. Topics: books, neurodiversity, physics, politics, feminism, the climate crisis, and I recently started learning about philosophyLet me know if anyone is interested in a book club!
niftypanda@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Autistic & non-binary Special Interests=Historical materialism, neurodiversity in society Pronouns=They/them
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I'm a Trans woman/enby.I like to mess with electronics and hacking in general.:aromantic_flag:​:asexual_flag:​:demigirl_flag:​:lesbian_flag:​:neurodiversity:​:nonbinary_flag:​🏳️‍⚧️
renoirdana@mas.toRenoir dana
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#Autistic übergeek :)Interested in #Programming, #softwaredevelopment, #ux, #cx, #leatherwork, #electronics, #vr.I help explain #autism to others and work to promote #accessibility and #neurodiversity acceptance. Neurotype=#ActuallyAutistic
ryanboren@social.coopRyan Boren
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Non-compliant neurodivergent. Passion-based learning, neurodiversity, social model of disability, design for real life, inclusion, open source. he/they
termy@mastodon.onlineJason Artemis W.
Blog, Profile
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⏺ Acutely sarcastic ISTJ-T⏺ Autistic with ADHD⏺ Genderfluid greysexual⏺ Toothless is my spirit animal⏺ Tooted opinions are my own, and shares do not imply endorsement Gender Pronouns=Prefer they/them, accept he/him Interests=Trains, video games, and neurodiversity
dukeofyou@tech.lgbtDuke :blobfox:
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Why, hello, there. You appear to have somehow stumbled upon my page. I am The Duke. The One-And-Only. Now, then, run along, before I up and steal your bitch./lh-I enjoy studying neurodiversity.-I'm an occasional drag show go-er; I am queer and love to meet other queer people.-Be sure to follow Symon @jj_starbun, he is an amazing person.-Take care of yourself. You matter. Pronouns=he/him/his
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Intersectional Feminism, science fiction, Auspol, Animal Crossing, anti-discrimination, neurodiversity, psychotherapy, VaccinesPLUS. Cis. Bi. She/her pronouns. Fiancé of Golden Microphone
pndrgnblu@meow.socialblue 💙
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28, they/it/vae🔞 NO MINORSart, rambling, rhythm gamesACAB & BLM💛🤍💜🖤 | 💗💛💙 :ms_neurodiversity: :queer: :ms_weed: :ms_headpats: 💙☀⭐🌙💙
annaju@scholar.social  [follow]
30+ queer disabled weirdo thinking (and studying) disability and education after I quit doing computer science and math "radical" neurodiversity, antiracism and accessibilityacademia is a mess, I don't really know why I'm still doing this but here we are
mors@deadinsi.deTired Inside
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:nd: :rainbow_flag: :antifa: :anarchy:Into math, science, neurodiversity, tecnology
posautive@weirder.earth  [follow]
Autistic teacher. Consultant in neurodiversity. Interested in UBI, microcamping, sustainable living.
ra_kun@social.tulsa.ok.us  [follow]
Ra VashtarArtist, Illustrator, Sculptorwww.artsaflame.com He/Him/His, He/Hem/HesGay trans man / Sekhet I studied concept art, focus on creature design. I do work on indie games, comics, neurodiversity blogs, apparel design, fine gallery art, etc. I'm always looking for projects to work and collab on.
rubikscube@mstdn.social  [follow]
#ActuallyAutistic #Teacher She/HerSpecial Interests: literature, world history, neurodiversity, knitting, sociology, curriculum and instruction, disability rights, and decolonialism.
samsaxby@mastodon.greenSam S
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Professional interests: climate, environment, sustainability, UK local government, ecology, communications, community engagementPersonal interests: cake, geekery, sewing, making, dancing, art, disability, neurodiversity, vegan
terminallytrisk@mastodon.online  [follow]
he/him | LGBTQ+ and neurodiversity rights activist | computer programming enthusiast | anarchist | I want to have died making the world somewhat of a better place
turnedtofire@mstdn.socialturned to fire
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:ms_neurodiversity: :bisexual_flag: :rainbow_flag_extra: :nkotea: Queer, disabled, autistic creative. Up all night, down to earth thoughts on surviving several worst case scenarios, and trying to do so with hope. #BiWithTheT
_anna_amanda_@beta.birdsite.live  [follow]
♡ communication ♡ dominance ♡ feminism ♡ love ♡ motherhood ♡ neurodiversity ♡ polyamory ♡
_anondeplume_@beta.birdsite.liveAnon. de plume
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Public historian writing about #mentalillness & #neurodiversity. Otherwise just a queer #Exvangelical Texan full of piss, vinegar & existential dread. She/her.
ada@masto.werefox.devAda [INTERNAL ERROR]
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🔞 Please put if you are an adult in your bio or at least DM. I don't want minors to follow me. 🔞I am Ada Werefox (she/her|he/him)- 27- :heart_trans: Transgender- 😛otion_intersex: Intersex- 😛otion_asexual: Asexual- 😛otion_genderfluid: Genderfluid- 😛lural: Plural- :ms_neurodiversity: ADHDIf you wish to know more about my system or my other headmates, you can follow their respective accounts listed in the profile field, or our main account @alexis.
adhd_cyborg@beta.birdsite.liveBrilliantly Diverse Coach 💎& ADHD brain 🧠she/her
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Eager & forever student, avid reader, lover of movies, science, scifi & cooking, late ADHD Dx , strengths & evidence based coach, spec: ADHD & neurodiversity 🤖
adhd_cyborg@indieweb.socialBD Coach & ADHD brain -Saskia
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Eager & forever student, avid reader, lover of movies, science, scifi & cooking, late ADHD Dx , strengths & evidence based coach, spec: ADHD & neurodiversity 🤖 (she/her) https://linksome.me/brilliantlydiverse/
agrail@birdbots.leptonics.comJens Schacht
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Mensch, Vater, IT-Berater, Entwickler kognitive Systeme, Philosoph.Neurodiversity experienced.
alcharalambous@beta.birdsite.liveAlison Charalambous
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proud mum, geek, juggling a career and motherhood, being led down the neurodiversity path by her amazing guide.
alcharalambous@twtr.carnivore.socialAlison Charalambous
twitter.com, About TwtrCarnivore
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proud mum, geek, juggling a career and motherhood, being led down the neurodiversity path by her amazing guide.