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scoots@mastodon.arthampter - BIRTHDAY SOON
gofundme for surgery
scoots@mastodon.art  [follow]
neurodivergent#art #mastoart #digitalart #traditionalart33 ● transmasc ● ace & agender ● Texan Latino ● paypal.me/bugpawscash app: $xenocat pronouns=they/them commissions/ko-fi=https://ko-fi.com/bugpaws amazon wishlist (art stuff)=https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/98NTUWU3J0WI?ref_=wl_share
food@mastodon.art🏳️‍⚧️📡🐜🌎 ani
Music, Visual, Writing
food@mastodon.art  [follow]
anastas means to stand up. Reads AKPress books a lot. Sexually attracted to women mainly. Probable to crush on green thumbs and electric thumbs.She/her, polyamOwner of RGVAV LLC. Works in events.neurodivergent transbian at some time cooking, eating and drinking something in public. Website=rgvav.art
lydia@chaos.socialMichelle Morris
lydia@chaos.social  [follow]
(she/her) ∞ #neurodivergent ⚢ queer trans woman ♡ Amber Morris ⚑ 1312
nova@hachyderm.ioKris Nóva
Twitter, Twitch, Author
nova@hachyderm.io  [follow]
Cybersecurity. Cybereconomics. OSINT. Hacker. Linux. Kubernetes. Author. Investor. Queer. Neurodivergent. Autistic. Coffee. Pronouns=She/Her
cb@planet.chrisbeckstrom.com  [follow]
I'm a music maker, synthesizer builder, techno lover, amateur coder and sysadmin, Linux fan, neurodivergent, sometimes graphic artist, homebrewer (mostly kombucha), friendly atheist, anti-capitalist, LGBTQIA+ ally, spoonie, obsessive personal wiki maintainerBLACK LIVES MATTERTRANS LIVES MATTERI have a homepage @ https://chrisbeckstrom.comanother one at https://tilde.club/~beckstrom😀:😛ride: :emacs: :doom_emacs: :algorave: 🐜ifa: :linux_penguin: :bob_ross:#music #synthdiy #tidalcycles #algorithmicMusic #kombucha #techno #electro #neurodivergent #modularsynth #emacs #coding #linux #floss #mentalhealth #analog #electronics #maker #privacy #freesoftware #bash #vcvrack #rack #puredata #techno #electro #experimentalmusic #doom #emacsPronouns: he/him
wilderstrider@trollian.spaceDave Strider :verified:
wilderstrider@trollian.space  [follow]
Hey what's up it's Dave™. ---21 | He/Him | ID as Dave (even if it says Dirk):hs_heart: Thief of Heart :hs_heart: | Neurodivergent | 🏳️‍🌈 Pansexual 🏳️‍🌈 Siblings: @residentlesbian, @Absconders, and apparently @karkatvantasI love to role play, but also I just post whatever is on my mind. Sometimes I'm an ass. Don't take it to heart.If I owe you an apology, honestly, get in line.
elizafox@vulpine.clubCatfox of a thousand headmates
elizafox@vulpine.club  [follow]
"What is better – To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature though great effort?"​Furry. Kin. Very plural. Posts are tagged by alter (assume Elly if none is there). :transistor:.Black lives have always and always will matter. Silence is violence.Mentally ill (in treatment) / neurodivergent:👥 Dissociative Identity Disorder:ms_neurodiversity:​ Autism/ADHD❤️‍🩹 Complex PTSD🎭 Borderline Personality Disorder😐 Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic features😰 Generalised Anxiety DisorderTaken (4):❤️ @violet (partner system/wife, collared)💜 @rachel (partner system)💙 @cdmnky (partner system)💙 @awilfox (partner not otherwise specified)⚠️ ⬆️ If they're not on that list, don't assume they're a partner.DM's always open.Boosts always okay.Flirting is okay if we've interacted before 💜.Minors are okay, but do not flirt with me or interact with lewd posts.CW: There may be lewd content not suitable for minors, religious ramblings not suited for evangelicals, or shitposts not suitable for anyone.
queerthemme@mstdn.socialur queer mom
queerthemme@mstdn.social  [follow]
Queer content for themmes and frenscreator info: white American queer nonbinary neurodivergent uncredentialed randothemmememes on instagram
elizafox@mystic.lgbtElizafox ΘΔ (spoopy edition) ⚰️🧛
elizafox@mystic.lgbt  [follow]
Moved to my wife @liv's instance.https://en.pronouns.page/@Elizafox. ISFP. Living in Tulsa for now, but moving to Seattle Soon™. Post-Left. ΘΔBitches don't know bout my fursona.CSA/CN/CM survivor. EUPD/BPD. Neurodivergent. Deeply flawed but doing their best to improve. Actively participating in mental health treatment.Polycule: https://polycul.es/1c64f16You may flirt. Interested in dating.Followers of all ages welcome, but if you're under 18, no interacting with any of my lewd stuff (or I'll block you).Furry code: FCF/FFD6drw>c A- C>+ D++ H++ M P++ R T+++ W Z- Sp++ RLCT>RLMH* a+ cl+++$ d e+++>++++ f++++ h+++~ i+++ j+ p+ sf~+++~ Species=catfox Pronouns=they/them (some she/her) Sexuality=Demi (but yes) First boot=14 February 1991 Politics=Post-Left
yuki@lgbt.ioCyber Yuki :transgender: 🇲🇽
yuki@lgbt.io  [follow]
Software #dev by day, #SciFi writer by night. #Transhumanism #SciFi nerd.#amWriting a #cyberpunk novel with AIs, androids 🤖, sexbots, 🧠📱 brain augs, biomods 🧝🏾 and more! 🦾👩Mexican 🇲🇽#GenXGender: AMAB #tranfem #enby, loves girls! 👭 #nblw #finsexual. #Neurodivergent (#ADHD)Some posts text #nsfw 🔞Follow requests will be thoroughly screened. Traits=she/they, childish, playful, geeky, friendly, needy, kinky Interests=#AI, #scifi, #cyberpunk, #synthwave, #foss, #hackerculture, #bdsm, #erotica, #plushies 🧸
amyzenunim@unstable.systems★ Amy Star ★
amyzenunim@unstable.systems  [follow]
★ angelic witch of stars and earth ★★ fiction writer, C programmer, electronics hobbyist, cosplayer, experimental edm composer/producer ★★ lesbian / neurodivergent / plural / esoteric anarchist / non-pagan ★★ 東方の愛好家 / 日本語の初心者 ★★ friend of blåhaj, chuuni rights ★★ she/her ★ another=project pronouns=she/her pfp artist=lunarisdraws@twitter.com
emmy@tech.lgbtsoft little thing
emmy@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Perpetually energetic-yet-tired computer engineerin' student, stuck in a knockoff cyberpunk dystopia with less neon than promised. Neurodivergent, biodivergent. Views my own.Politics prioritize human rights first, which apparently makes me a radical leftist.Plural system; posts represent the entire system unless noted otherwise.Not a minor.Boosts and interactions welcome unless otherwise noted. DMs welcome.xmpp:emmy@trashserver.netmatrix:@0xemmy:matrix.org Pronouns=she/they Identities=:flag_transgender: :flag_nonbinary: :flag_demigirl: :flag_genderqueer: :flag_lesbian_new: :flag_aromantic: :flag_asexual: timezone=PST (UTC-8)
kells@mastodon.social  [follow]
I like cute stuff, couldn't you guess? 2D and 3D illustrator, neurodivergent. Game dev of @CalicoGame (she/her)
violet@deadinsi.de:violet: :is: not here :imp_murr:
violet@deadinsi.de  [follow]
21, she/her, :18_plus: onlydev, sysadmin, voice actor, streamer, NSFW content creatorkinky polyam lesbiandaughter of Lilith, uncollared demonrad stoner chicklil sleepy gamer gfExtremely neurodivergent Public=https://cybre.space/@viomi Switch FC=SW-1392-9825-0413
bupy@dragon.style  [follow]
hi! i'm riley/bupy, soft and fragile kobold girl, pls treat with care. 💜@Aarkethrix💜💖@Iskaudiir💖 • 💜🐉🐍🦎🐊💜• 22, trans, pan, latina, neurodivergent• 🔞 nsfw, poly, open (bottom/sub :collar😀• flirts okay but pls be thoughtful
amyzenunim@cybre.space★ Amy Star ★
twitter, site
amyzenunim@cybre.space  [follow]
★ angelic witch ★★ writer, programmer, maker, cosplayer, musician ★★ lesbian / neurodivergent / plural ★★ 東方の愛好家 / 日本語の初心者★ friend of blåhaj ★★ chuuni rights ★ avatar=lunarisdraws@twitter.com pronouns=she/her
i_dont_even_know@mastodon.socialLost Mind 🔴⚫
i_dont_even_know@mastodon.social  [follow]
Call me Dani or Ash | anarcho-communist | perisex | demiboy | asexual | allo panromantic | able-bodied | neurodivergent | he/she/they/any | white | atheist | 28profile pic credit: https://twitter.com/mewdokas?s=09header credit: https://twitter.com/geoplanetary?t=nt36mCjBYSVIxaN2S0K2uw&s=09 I mainly cross-post from Birdsite, but I still look at every interaction I get here on Mastodon. If that bothers you for some reason, maybe don't follow. Sometimes I forget to add content warnings.Virginia, USA Likes:=leftism, anarchism, video games, Linux, tech in general, music, cartoons, cars, ASMR, VTubers Dislikes:=Capitalism, corporations, fascism, threats to the internet, endless war, racism, Democrats, MAGA crowd, TERFS, politicians in general, life as it is now Other info:=Birdsite: https://twitter.com/IDontEvenNooh42?s=09 Discord account: LostMind#3513 Switch friend code: SW-0930-0773-2807
i_dont_even_know@mastodon.onlineLost Mind 🔴⚫🏳️‍🌈
i_dont_even_know@mastodon.online  [follow]
Call me Dani | anarcho-communist | perisex | demifemboy | asexual | allo panromantic | able-bodied | neurodivergent | white | atheist | 28profile pic credit: https://twitter.com/mewdokas?t=gl0mPyh-z7HonXgH8q51lw&s=09header credit: https://twitter.com/geoplanetary?t=nt36mCjBYSVIxaN2S0K2uw&s=09Virginia, USA
nebula@plural.cafeThe Nebula :queerplural:​ ☿
nebula@plural.cafe  [follow]
The Nebula is a polyfragmented plural system headed by:Ultraviolet @ultravioletJackDreaJessTyOur vessel is a white, non-binary cyborg with chronic illnessesSome words that describe us: freak, leftist, intersectional, anti-oppression, queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, relationship anarchist, polyamorous, chaotic neutral, Weird, User of the Oxford comma, survivors, thelemite, pagans, transhuman, martial artists, writers, teacher, nocturnal, puppy afficionado, ADHD, DID, PTSDSome symbols that describe us:😛lural: 😛lurality: :ah_plural: :ah_transhuman: :ah_alterhuman: :ms_18_plus: 🐜ifa: :trans_comm: :anarchy: :ms_black_flag: :ms_pirate_flag:​ 😛rogresspride_flag:​ :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_genderfluid_flag: :ms_genderqueer_flag: :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_polysexual_flag: :ms_polyamory_flag: :qvp: :heart_pride: :heart_trans: :sparkling_heart_genderflux: :heart_genderfluid:​ 😛otion_pride: :ms_enby_crossbow: :ms_androgyne_symbol: :ms_transgender_mercury_symbol: :ms_nb: :queer_as_hell: :ms_crt_noise: :adhd: :ms_neurodiversity: :ms_pentacle: :ms_rune_stones:​ :ms_crescent_moon_2: :ms_cannabis_leaf: :ms_blood_type_o:​ :ms_sunset_city:​ :ms_coyote: :ms_western_dragon: :ms_robot: :ms_alien: :ms_goblin: :ms_half_demon: :ms_imp_devious: 🤼​ 🥋​ 👨‍🍳​ :ms_teacher:​​ :ms_fire_engine: :ms_ambulance: :ms_glowstick: :ms_metal_hmn: :ms_queer:​ 🧘 ​🏋️​ *Must be 18 or older to follow.* If your bio isn't clear, we'll ask.Alt account: @nebulousLearn more at #nebulousfactsDo not interact if drunk"First to go, last to know"
dirething@weirder.earthentie kif :serviceDog:
dirething@weirder.earth  [follow]
💢Message before following!💢 Indigenous neurodivergent disability lifestyle essayist. Proprietor of fine wordcrafts since whenever. Dogs like me but people don't, so that's fine. Probably mythical. Xicanx/Mesoamerican Native :heart_cyber: @transmundane :heart_cyber: Cofounder of the neurodivergent forum Sol Garden! check out my other account (list above) for more info!don't @ me with your imperialism, racism, ableism, or whatever euro-christian nonsense
atsuko@mastodon.artAnna ☃️
ko-fi, other links
atsuko@mastodon.art  [follow]
digital artist & geophysicist, always longing for wintertime ☃️she/her • queer • neurodivergent #DigitalArt #OC #Comics #ConceptArt contact=anna@abramek.art
transponderings@eldritch.cafeAnna Nicholson
Words, Music, Tips
transponderings@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Autistic+ADHD queer nonbinary womanshe/her (en)elle/la (fr, mais mauvaise)i/ise (gd, nas fheàrr)Recovering from the birdsite (but still popping in occasionally while so many of my friends are stuck there)I’ll sometimes talk about mathematics and linguistics, those being fields I attempted PhDs in (but burned out)I’ll sometimes talk about activism: climate crisis, disabled/neurodivergent/trans/PoC/Traveller/sex-worker rightsAnd sometimes I’ll talk about railway signallingAnd cats 😽 Location=Edinburgh, Scotland, Terf Island
thekindsadist@nnia.spacefriendly neighborhood werewolf
thekindsadist@nnia.space  [follow]
puppy 🦴 he/they :transflag: :zooflag: :bl: 😛ara1: 😛anflag: :sado: :sadomaso: :zoosadflag:neurodivergent CSA trauma survivor ✧ otherkin zoomap ✧ recovering porn addict ✧ dog of multiple paraphilias ✧ self love & self acceptance advocate ✧ artist & writer ✧ practicing mage ✧ brother of the moon ✧ studying psychology with a focus in paraphilia inclusivity & mental health ✧ ☿️ ζ 𓁼 𓃵 𓆣 𓃦 𖤐 ψ 🜂 ♈︎talk to me, I don’t bite 🐺 🌙ally to all 🌈
missmartineau@spinster.xyzBarefaced Female
missmartineau@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Semi-pro academic sociologist. Neurodivergent RadFem secularist (formerly über religious) WOC. Evidence-based misandrist. Very tired/anxious/depressed climate apocalypticist. Takes history seriously. Doesn't do dissonance. Increasingly little confidence in humans. Loves sleep.
sim1@social.theliturgists.comNat :heart_gq:
sim1@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
Migrating to @nat @weirder.earth!just a sentient meat sack contemplating existence on a wet rock hurtling through the void.bi enby + neurodivergent = neuroqueer | christian mystic
ikora@staging.ubuntu.buzz  [follow]
My chosen name is Ikora; based on an imaginary, but magical woman that helped me feel more real. I struggle with pronouns so let's go with "they"I escaped Turtle Island and now live on Wadawarrung land with my partner, son, and 2 doggies. I'm black, fat, neurodivergent, gender non-conforming, queer, and pretty isolated here. I would love to get some community support, validation, connection.I'm just learning about running the server. Any help financial or technical is welcome! Thanks ❤
fernlovebond@counter.social🌿ᛒᚢᚱᚲᚾᛁ ᛖᛚᛊᚲᚢᛒᚨᚾᛞ
fernlovebond@counter.social  [follow]
Pro rights 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️♀️♿⚧🐠🐙🦋🕷🐎🌿 ; live long & prosper 🖖🏻;Have I told you about my investigatin' feet?Neurodivergent, nonbinary sapiosexual.
anna@mastodon.artAnna ☃️
links, ko-fi
anna@mastodon.art  [follow]
digital artist & geophysicist, always longing for wintertime ☃️ she/her • ace/pan • neurodivergent On fediverse since 2019#DigitalArt #OC #Comics #ConceptArt contact=anna@abramek.art
myacg@kolektiva.socialmya (they/she)
my print club, currently reading
myacg@kolektiva.social  [follow]
20 y/o neurodivergent queer student, leftist, artist. i talk about anarchism, transformative justice, books, crafting (loom knitting, beading, printmaking, etc), among other things. 18+ please📍(white) settler living on the traditional territory of the Powhatan Nation, Chickahominy, and Youghtanund peoplescancer sun, sag rising, pisces moon[header image is a scanned drawing of mine on white paper of a hand in blue ink and red ink filling in the background.]
meganeko@miaow.gay  [follow]
:blobcatuwu: Nyan-binary lesbnyan w/ insomnya ~🏳️‍🌈 #nonbinary :blobcatenby: #neurodivergent (#autism & #ADHD) :autism: #ace :blobcatace: #lesbian :blobcatlesbian:🥄 #DSPD #LongCovid #MECFS #pwME #NEISvoid#cats, #queer intersectional #feminism, science, cute #yuri #manga, #日本語Please let me know about any topics you'd like a CW for or if I interact with someone problematic (because I'm probably unaware).Follow requests welcome (except empty profile or fascists etc.) ~ Pronouns=they/them/she Languages=🇬🇧 en 🇯🇵 ja 🇳🇱 nl 🇩🇪 de Matrix/Element=@meganeko:matrix.org Old & Alts=@meganeko@mastodon.online, @meganeko@eldritch.cafe, @meganeko@todon.eu, me_ga_neko on bird site (leaving soon)
behold3r@social.mootech.euNiki :heart_ace:
behold3r@social.mootech.eu  [follow]
a fat queer mousegender enby who loves all animals (except humans sometimes) 🐁Prague 🇨🇿33, neurodivergent, czechfollow requests ok 💕avatar by https://picrew.me/image_maker/626197header by uhh I forgot. think I found it on pexels? it's a few years old
hekla@helvede.netHekla, Queen of Hell
hekla@helvede.net  [follow]
Queen of helvede.net. Interested in videos game, #TTRPGs, languages (also #conlangs), religion, and basically everything. Toots in English, Danish, Icelandic, Yiddish and Hebrew (occasionally)Trans, neurodivergent, and crippled. Anarchist.Pronouns: it/its or she/her :zazzy: Pronouns=it/its or she/her Gender=Devil Languages=Icelandic, Danish, English, Swedish, Yiddish, Hebrew Interests=TTRPGs, language, religion, video games, history
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.meThe Element Animals
moonbolt@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
A small group of creatures with a very open and flexible model of personhood. Astra for short. Interaction rules are in a pinned thread (for reference, but not required reading).We're better now.* Mercury (.hg, she/her) (previously Moonbolt): winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral) or pegasus pony (usually lateral)* Carbon (.c, he/him): lateral dragon, variably-sized but always big* Copper (.cu, she/her): horse-sized lateral kitsune or fox-sized lateral fox* Bismuth (.bi, he/him or she/her if you wanna be playful): femboy anthro bunny* Silver (.ag, he/him): lateral silver fox. gekker!* Zinc (.zn, he/him by default): genderfluid winged wolf (often anthro, sometimes lateral)* Iridium (.ir, it/it): parrot maybe? colorful definitely. not anthro.* Lithium (.li, she/her): anthro dragoness. endothermic. feisty. breathes fire and smoke. will cuddle you, but might also bite. rar~* Palladium (.pd, she/her): snep! excite snep!! sap snep,,* Cobalt (.co, it/it? maybe she/her?): yip yip yip yip YIP! (it's a kobold :v )* Uranium (.u, it/it): Bree! :3* Iron (.fe, she/her): catgirl (like Ferris) or lateral housecat* Silicon (.si, e/em): synth furry* Technetium (.tc, it/it): yinglet* Nickel (.ni, tentatively fae/faer): anthro red fox* [collective] (.*, they/.../themself): messages reflecting system consensus, or written by us as a collective* [indeterminate] (.?, extremely varying): messages written by a creature without an established identity, or not claimed by any of us, or for which we could not determine the authorhyperneophilic; :transgender_flag: trans; :pansexual_flag: pan; :polyamory_flag: poly; brony; furry; pendorian; sub; switch; homestuck; 🦀 rustacean; sex positive; ydhem (📌); neurodivergent; unapologetically weird; ✨ flagrantly everythingIn poly with Googie, @IceWolf et @Ylfingr et al., and @lindsays.Kobolds without dragons are valid. Ace creatures are valid. Aro creatures are valid. Trans boys are valid. Enbies are valid. Therians are valid. Otherkin are valid. Inorganics are valid.Wield social pressure as a force for good./Creature/ can refer to any sapient; not all sapients are humans.We won't intentionally disappear without an explanation. PGP=C9A3 71F2 8975 220C 8A3A 05C9 FE83 103D D3F2 5055 anonymous inbox (experimental)=https://zaqa.net/elementanimals​
dialupdoll@hellsite.sitecoat full of owls
dialupdoll@hellsite.site  [follow]
🔞 welcome to lillian solara eternity's diary ⚠️reluctant hentai protagonist energyidentity labels: autistic, femboy (girl), queer, white, neurodivergent, disabled, mentally ill, and cptsd.i joke around and sometimes post some kinky stuff in mentions, but i try to do a decent job of cwing things. let me know if i fuck up, please.most of my posts autodeletepronouns: she/herneopronouns: https://pronoun.is/fae/fem/feir/feirs/femselflate 20s kinda agedating @omni
eri@plush.cityeri ♡
eri@plush.city  [follow]
erika 🏳️‍⚧️(she/her)29, twin cities, mnis... trans, pansexual, polyamorous, neurodivergent, plural, a trauma survivor, an empath, an infj, a leo sun, a cancer moon, an aspiring buddhist, a friend to allenjoys... pixel art, sketching, photography, game dev, electronic music, retro video games and computing, wellness and healing, yoga, anime, caring for her turtles and kitty, time with her chosen family, learning people's stories, being gay lolalt - @somecutie reply, fav, 🔁=please do! :-) dm, flirt=yes! but be respectful discord / alt=dm me and ask life partners=@lily & @JM_ratface
petiterienne@mastodon.socialpetite rien
petiterienne@mastodon.social  [follow]
the mundane is sacred. she/her • anticapitalist • sewist • migraineur • booklover • neurodiverse parent of neurodivergent progeny • tiny garden tender • sensory overload experiencer • married, with kids/smitten, with kittens • petiterienne@pixelfed.social
elhadjimurad@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Who am I?👱‍ French-speaking Yorkshireman, brought up in Ireland, living in England💻 Neurodivergent 💗💜💙 Nerd ⏰ ADHD and probably ASCWhat do I like?🎵 Everything from Charpentier, Purcell and Bach through Joy Division and Japan to M.I.A. and Rezz😸 Dogs, Cats, Horses 🔨 Making, Building, Fixing💻 Tech, Linux, Coding🦾 Process improvement, Agile🤼 Politics 🚉 Travel, Planes, Trains🌊 Trasna na dTonntaWhat are they saying about me?📢 "Quite annoying and lies about quotes" - God Country=UK/IE Pronouns=He/Him Languages=English/French/Bad Irish Humour=Dry, like my Martinis
ion@chaos.socialIon, Robot
ion@chaos.social  [follow]
it's okay to go astray sometimes. notjustsad. neonbinary. neurodivergent. train nerd. studies it-security and imposter syndrome. (she/her) location=Metropolregion Rhein-Ruhr Twitter=@ionxenia / @vinyacarie
kit@vulpine.club:heart_nb:​ Kit~ :blobcatmelt:
kit@vulpine.club  [follow]
Mew mew, am kitty :heart_nb: :blobcatmelt:​Kitty brain neurodivergent, be gentl with purrpls pet kitty 😛atcat:(Boosts always welcome on selfies, inc. lewds)(pronouns are mew/purr https://pronoun.is/mew/purr/purr/purrs/purrself)(pfp source https://zandravandra.itch.io/felinetherapy)
Music, Blog
cb@cbfish.es  [follow]
Music maker, synth builder, techno lover, progressive, secular humanist, amateur coder, Linux fan, neurodivergent. He/him. More here: https://chrisbeckstrom.com/me/Building a community/fb groups replacement at http://groups.cbfish.es Peertube=@chrisbeckstrom Pixelfed=@cb
Research Lab
minimalclick@mas.to  [follow]
Anonymous coward and disgruntled old man with neurodivergent & MH issues who likes to spend time outdoors. Ex designer, FE developer, physical tinkerer & musician. Does not work well with being told what to do. Learning to program in C to become more digitally self-reliant. Saving up to live on a boat (again) and make sure society and I only cross paths occasionally. Possible anarchist. #nobot
flowerpetal@nnia.space  [follow]
🌼🌈🎀✨ litl trans gay ✨🎀🌈🌼 ✨ she/her ✨ transage/agefluid: 0 - teens ✨ abro-bi-sapphic :gl:✨ non-exclusive abro-map :customcat:✨ aoa: afaik ~7+ ? ✨ wlly bad age dysphoria, chwonic shame & pocd ✨ vewy sensitive, emoshonal & romantic ✨ mentally ill ✨ neurodivergent ✨ disabled ✨ anti-c ✨ ✨ :transage: :transflag: :lgbtqflag: :biflag: :mapflag: :miao: ✨dni: omaps (maps who r curently ofending or intend to in future)pro-c nomaps r ok, just dont contact discours wif me i hate conflict
parallax_rebel@counter.socialParallax Rebel🇨🇦
parallax_rebel@counter.social  [follow]
Create Write 📷 Read Learn Evolve, Be Kind; Neurodivergent, Artist GenX; Cats Music Cars Science Scifi; Random. #Resist. He/Him. 🇺🇦You can call me James.
h@kolektiva.social  [follow]
they/them, 25living on kalapuya landqueer, white, neurodivergent, and the thembo of your (platonic) dreamsall i know is eat hot chip and fuck the cops
mwenyi@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
elle/her/she + black + introvert + bi + neurodivergent + future architect. witches.town nativeAlt: @Mwenyi
exojelly@mstdn.socialEggy (abbey)
exojelly@mstdn.social  [follow]
Queer, chronically ill, disabled neurodivergent and psychiatric survivor#MECFS(Mostly my ADHD taking over my body and posting)Agender, bi ace, leftist White, small fat, trans misogyny exempt New mobility aid user :) Also in eating disorder recoveryBoundaries: no flirting, no diet talkInterested in: vintage clothing, history, fashion, art, queerness, disability justice, mad pride, anarchism, HAES, fat lib, harm reduction, cute things, shitposting Pronouns=They/them Age=25 Instagram=@feral_and_screaming
sammy@catgirls.loveSammy 🐾 :QueerCat_Trans:
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Hi, I'm sammy.Trans / non-binary / nb-PoC / neurodivergent / demi-pan / catgirl / lesbian / anarchism 🤝 communism / veganPosts are in german and englishFollow requests are welcome, account is just locked so I can filter out bots and trolls.Before replying to a post of mine, please make sure that you're not being an asshole. Pronomen DE=Es/Ihr & They/Them Pronouns EN=It/Its & They/Them
sammy@queer.partySammy 🐾 :trans_furr_white:
Birbsite profile
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Hi, I'm sammy.Trans / non-binary / nb-PoC / neurodivergent / demi-pan / catgirl / lesbian / anarchism 🤝 communism / veganPosts are in german and englishFollow requests are welcome, account is just locked so I can filter out bots and trolls.Before replying to a post of mine, please make sure that you're not being an asshole. Pronouns EN=It/Its & They/Them Pronomen DE=Es/Ihr & They/Them
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before following: @ me if we haven't talked to each other beforeYou matter.Indigenous neurodivergent grump. Xicanx, two-spirit, and tired. Crafting crafter of crafts of dubious craftship. Working on being the village brujx too. Deconstructs binaries as a hobby. :gaypixelheart:​ @chaomodus :gaypixelheart:​Ask me about: Autism, ADHD, Neurodiversity, Dyslexia, Atheism/Antitheism (not the white dudes), Low Carb eating for mental health, Homeskooling, Assistance/Service Dogs
catgoat@meemu.org:meemu: 🥔 :verified:
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in mid 30s, white, neurodivergent. a very queer software engineer from MA. things I like: #startrek #dogs #cats #snakes @Avec #finland #anime (sometimes) and #nature pronouns=they/them
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Pākehā trans gal - 30s - Chronically ill/disabled - Socialist - Neurodivergent - Nerd - Attempting to learn Hebrew - #NZGreens שלום
lindsaythelibrarian@scholar.socialLindsay 📚
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MLIS Student • Illustrator • FOSS Lover • Library Tech • Noob Guitarist • Neurodivergent
measlytwerp@auspol.cafeMae ♥
Librepay, Gitea
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A useless trans, neurodivergent weasel from Australia, no, weasels are not native, yes, I'm an invasive species.I write software for fun, because writing software for work was making me miserable. Email=hello@measlytwerp.codes Pronouns=they/them, she/her
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Changeling lives on a starship with Frankenstein's monster and a dragon, among other things.- 18+ recommended.- Nonsense guaranteed. Website=www.starshipchangeling.net Pronouns=As long as you mean well, there are no wrong answers. They Are=blind, neurodivergent, WTFromantic ace Contact Details=Telegram and Discord are available after some chat.
xanderpendrake@monsterpit.netKobold Author Extraordinaire
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We are Xander (:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:, they/them), Celdwyn (:lbluedragnthink:, he/him), Anwyn (:ms_western_dragon:, she/her), Penny (:dino_egg:, they/them), and Morgan (:ms_pentacle:, she/her). We are an eldritch being from beyond the stars, who takes many forms as the situation dictates. We are plural, neurodivergent, queer, pagan, and creative! 18+ followers only, please interact before following.
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We are Xander (:ms_writing_hand_clw_g1:, they/them), Celdwyn (:lbluedragnthink:, he/him), Anwyn (:ms_western_dragon:, she/her), Penny (:dino_egg:, they/them), and Morgan (:ms_pentacle:, she/her). We are an eldritch being from beyond the stars, who takes many forms as the situation dictates. We are plural, neurodivergent, queer, pagan, and creative! 18+ followers only, please interact before following.
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Queer, neurodivergent, disabled narrative sound artist.Currently live coding music exploring folk memory and far future worlds with an animist perspective.Also a goblin who lives in a swamp (on a 36ft narrowboat named Wren).
maeslytwerp@auspol.cafeMae ♥
Librepay, Gitea
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A useless trans, neurodivergent weasel from Australia, no, weasels are not native, yes, I'm an invasive species.I write software for fun, because writing software for work was making me miserable. Email=hello@measlytwerp.codes Pronouns=they/them, she/her
Twitter, Tumblr, INPRNT, DISPLATE
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Neurodivergent Artist | Local Cryptic Prince | Mixed Fandom and OCs | Nb-Masc | He/They | :heart_sp_nb: :heart_sp_ace:
veridicus@kolektiva.socialVeridicus Ficta
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Software Architect, Writer, Psychonaut, CogSci enthusiast, Neurodivergent and been Antifa for 20 years 🏴🚩 Profession=Writer Website=I am http://NowA.live
dizzy_daydreamer@weirder.earthSeveral Funky Worms
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🔋_low: :100_gay: 💫_ms: :lambda: :heart_trans: :nb: :cannabis_leaf: :anarchism: :smile_hearts_ms:He/they, 19, white, neurodivergent, queer, my private/lewd alt is @dizzydaydreams. Sour sleepy shithead, too much love crammed into a frail mortal frame. Your local baby gothpunk disaster."His hands keep turning into birds and flying away from him." (Richard Siken.)Picrew avatar from ummmmandy on tumblr!
c_reider@sonomu.clubc. reider
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tiny enby humanoid from dimension 1312Listener-Composer of working-class abstract music#noise #ambient #psychedelic #experimental #cc #drone #minimaltechno #synth: Fungiphile #mushrooms: Gardener #garden: Multiple complex waveforms: Antifascist: Nonbinary (they maybe idk tbd) #enby #trans: i yam what i yamavatar is by ai_curio@twitter based on a photo of mei only occasionally do follow-backs, because i am a bit neurodivergent and don't warm up to people easily.
vivicm@mstdn.socialVivi 💜
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Non-binary transfem, 27. neurodivergent spoonie. i wanna learn to code. interested in Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS)🌱🌈🐰🎸💻je parle aussi français.
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#Neurodivergent #library worker with a love of #SFF. :asexual_flag:Often low on energy due to #MECFS, so may be slow to respond.Still figuring out Mastodon, so please be patient with me.***My profile pic is a giant open book standing on end in a green grassy space with a comfy reading chair backed up against a page and a tree with green leaves beside it.Header image is looking up at book shelves rising up out of view, with dreamy clouds suggesting book paradise.
tiredof3adi@mastodon.artcool bean (nahel)
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neurodivergent (adhd!)straight sized, mixed North African and whitebased in Alba (Scotland), currently studying animation at college.please feel free to boost me even if you don't follow my account!non binary anarchist artist 🟡🟣⚫⚪my pronouns are they/them preferably but if we get to know each other and ur not a coloniser feel free to use any pronouns.2D animation, drawing, lino prints, procreate (and more sometimes hah) name=nahel/ناهل age=20+ speaks=French, Tunisian derija, English pronouns=they/them
Web, Blog, Contact
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Slightly neurodivergent anarchist vegan buddhist hacker. Chaotic good.Some important things: libertarian socialism, science fiction, retro-computing, EBM, swords, Emacs, programming, access to source code.Please don't DM me. Use e-mail, XMPP, IRC, or Signal. See Contact.Posts are deleted after 3 months. Pronouns=He/him
nickknack@yiff.lifeCyberSnek 🐍 NickKnack
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I'm just a smol green snek slithering through the tubes of the interwebs looking for stories to tell!🇨🇦 | :cannabis_leaf: | Creative Dumbass | Non-Binary/Gender Non-conforming | 30 | Neurodivergent | :3--<#furry #scalie+18 onlyAlso found at: @NickKnackPFP by: @jonasBanner by: artvalentinapaz on Twitter
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neurodivergent, mentally ill cool person

Straight sized and able bodied. 

trans non binary. any pronouns, as long as you don’t force ur coloniser ideas of gender onto me.

I speak French, Tunisian derja and English. 

queer, mixed anti colonialist anarchist. 

studying animation at college just now, looking for like minded people to share with :)) phobias=trypophobia speaks=French, Tunisian derja, English age=20+ pronouns=they/them (eng) // iel/il (fr) // هو (ar)
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Neurodivergent creative living on a few acres of mostly woodlands in rural Ohio. Owner of Chestnut Hills Farm and Fiber. She/Her
irieldescent@queer.partyterra ariel flora valentine ii
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🌎 artsy, techy, neurodivergent weirdo.🌈 sapphic trans woman.⚠️ fragile; handle with care.💬 arielterra#0111 on discord.🖼 avatar: https://picrew.me/image_maker/1310137ℹ️ i avoid boosting images without descriptions.ℹ️ CW legend:ph: physical healthmh: mental health- negative vibes~ dubious vibes? pro nouns=she/they age=22 languages=pt-br, en
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🏳️‍🌈 #nonbinary #neurodivergent (#autism & #ADHD) #ace #lesbian🥄 #DSPD #LongCovid #MECFS #pwME #NEISvoid#cats, #queer intersectional #feminism, science, cute #yuri #manga, #日本語Please let me know about any topics you'd like a CW for or if I interact with someone problematic (because I'm probably unaware).Account is locked to keep out fascists; follow requests welcome ~Bird site (leaving soon): me_ga_neko. Pronouns=they/them/she Languages=🇬🇧 en 🇯🇵 ja 🇳🇱 nl 🇩🇪 de Matrix/Element=@meganeko:matrix.org Alt=@meganeko@eldritch.cafe
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otherkin kemonomimi, neurodivergent, gender queer demigirl, heavily traumatized, anti-capitalist, polyamorous, quiet, occasionally lonelyplays too much minecraftavi source: https://www.deviantart.com/jhennycarvalho/art/Capuccino-343624349pronouns: http://pronoun.is/fae/fem/feir/feirs/femselfguest@dahlia:~$ :t_blink:sad zone: @dev_nulllewd, kink and roleplay: @doll
ashbunny@vulpine.clubLily Bunny
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28 years old, queer, neurodivergent, AnCom, kinky furryPronouns: They/ThemInterests: FF14, horror, video games, witchcraft/paganism, the occult and paranormalNo minors
miracleorange@mastodon.lolpiece of shit garbage whore
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28 // sf bay area // gay af // a big neurodivergent pile of vegetable matter Pronouns=he/him Gender=Cis male Language=English, German Alt account=@miracleorange@skinnyver.se
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Some sort of anarchist. NOT an “anarcho”-capitalist. I’m also #neurodivergent. #Autism #ADHDReforming capitalism is impossible. Reforming the state is impossible. Reforming the police is impossible. #ACAB #anarchism #eattherich#nobot #nobots #noarchive #noindex Pronouns=he/him Age=18
lilithmooncohen@tech.lgbtLily Cohen
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Mom. Fiancée. Lesbian. Trans. Nerd. Neurodivergent. Human. She/Her. Mostly gay stuff peppered with a little tech. 🏳️‍🌈 Pronouns=she/her Location=Denver, CO
bonzo@counter.socialbonzo the hoss
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lover of animals and nature, atheist, sober, neurodivergent, kind.
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♪ Matt ♪19 ~ Asexual ~ He/They♪ Neurodivergent ♪
izzywithanizze@weirder.earthPrincess Kt. Izzy
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Hi! I'm Izzy.I'm a neurodivergent kitty and code witch who makes and wears patches, loves sparkles, and loves glitchy art and things.I have a really hard time seeing myself as valid. Kindness from random people is very appreciated!Sometimes I break down and do self-destructive things. I'm sorry if you witness that.Follow requests are welcome! Pronouns=She/Her Discord=Princess Izzy#2020
lustlion@mk.catgirlsfor.sciencejan Awi
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It/its, 20 y.o, mess thing. Plural & Neurodivergent. The Fedibebe of CuteUSER REVIEWS: "jan Awi very cool and nice and cute and yes"— @sfr@mk.nixnet.social"5 out of 5 paws, tastes like pawholding"— @sugarbell@handholding.gay"I love tateta"— @MeDueleLaTeta@sunisky.club"Couldn't stop to headpat. Please make me STOP! ​:blobcatbongocry:​ Continues head patting"— @ente@ente.fun"beri beri qt ​:nkoLove2:​"— @amolith@mk.nixnet.social Likes=Pixelart, Comfy, Chaotic Entities, Being bitten, Philosophy Dislikes=Anxiety, Outside, Spiders, Things becoming boring Favorite Things=Rain World, 悪の花, 僕だけがいない街, 愛なき森で叫べ Other account=@lustlion@mk.nixnet.social
isha@wandering.shopMisha 🌙☀️
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I like SF/F books, conlangs, old computer games, and other weird and silly things! 30s, neurodivergent, pagan, nonbinary, possibly a hedgehog.
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18+ neurodivergent, mentally ill cool personStraight sized and able bodied. non binary. any pronouns. as long as you don't force ur coloniser ideas of gender onto me.I speak French, Tunisian derja and English. queer, mixed anti colonialist anarchist. studying animation at college just now, looking for like minded people to share with :))
ashbunny@yiff.lifeLily Bunny
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Just a gay and kinky furry30|Neurodivergent|Queer|Fae/FaerNo Minors. 18+ account given that I talk about kinks and lewd stuff.
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Hi I'm Robin.My pronouns are they/them.I'm non-binary, neurodivergent and I sometimes make art. Instagram=Instagram.com/swiftsketches Society6 Shop=Society6.com/swift-sketches
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Author.#ActuallyAutisticAdorer of Books (esp. contemporary fiction, old Classics, #JaneAusten, #kidlit, poetry, non-fiction)Love all things #Writing #Reading #Plants #Foraging #Nature #Gaeilge/IrishBook: "Looking After Your Autistic Self" coming Spring 2023 with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.Mama to 3 cailín alainn (beautiful girls)#Neurodivergent#hEDS#AutoimmuneArthritis
psionicdoggo@vulpine.clubGray "Oshie" Bell
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A shy, quirky wolf guy (he/him) with incredible psionic abilities. Sometimes just some random oshawott. Accompanied by a green shape-shifting headmate (she/her) who's usually either a raccoon or a snivy.For real, I'm an introverted, neurodivergent guy trying to be more interactive (despite my terrible social skills >.>) while also trying to keep myself from falling apart. Sorry in advance for any awkward moments ^^"Will occasionally talk about kinks (so 18+ followers only, pls ^^").Headmate:-Mint "Snivy" Leaf - She/Her --Talks with brackets "[ ]". Her current form is raccoon 🦝Likes:-Code (though I haven't done much of that lately ^^")-Video games (pretty much a casual gamer)-Hugs-Plushies-Belly color (been calling that "furry tummy")-Soft vore (more of that on my secondary account)Sona avatar drawn by @RoxyMy secondary account (vore warning): https://gulp.cafe/@ChocolateOshawottMy FA (vore warning in my favorites): https://www.furaffinity.net/user/somerandomoshawott/
struggle_bus@counter.social  [follow]
🇨🇦 | Climbing a MH mountain | parent to neurodivergent kiddos | #RecoveryPosse | Corso owner | Recovering alcoholic
patchuoli@kolektiva.socialPatch Ouli
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TME He/him/hisQueer, trans, married, cat, rat, chicken, and reptile dadPagan, vegan, Cap sun Pisces moon Gem rising, artist, anarcho-communist, tarot reader, caregiverChronic pain, Neurodivergent, I may be small but my little body is packed full of two decades of trauma and rage I have no idea where I’m going in life but I’d love to invite you along the ride
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Perpetually exhausted racoon person, early 30s. Recently moved from Mastodon.social.Neurodivergent & disabled in a way that often keeps me indoors. Somewhat spiky. Earnest but undersocialised. Always unlearning - it you have the energy to tell me I've fucked up, I welcome it. White (English/Irish) antiracist working hard to not to be an oxymoron. Posturing over how left you are < actually being decent to others.Don't touch my knitting. Pronouns=She/They Infighting?=No Bigotry?=Also no Heat Pad=Please.
lobst@mastodon.socialm. tarah henry
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Scalie artist for life, always attempting thoughtfulness! @phenokage's partner; dysphoric, anxious, neurodivergent, trans, white. (pronouns: ve, they, or she)
smirandafield@akademienl.social  [follow]
-Postdoc at CWTS at Leiden University -Developing a responsible research community of practice
-Editor at the Journal of Trial and Error & Collabra: Psychology
-Scholarship: responsible research, science reform and reflexivity
-Methods: metascience, qualitative & quantitative
- 💛 Mama to 2 kiddlets, distance-running, games, she/her, neurodivergent
c0debabe@hackers.town  [follow]
She/Her, They/Them.Neurodivergent, disabled, queer. I don't really do "normal."Vaccines and Masks Work. The future of the web is decentralized and demonetized.Opinions and shenanigans are my doing and not of my employer. New Cyberia Defense Force. Village ONI.#nobot #nobots
itsonlythee@cybre.space  [follow]
Seattle area artist/designer/nerd | queer af | they/he | 31 | married to @viv | Jewish, neurodivergent, spoonie
psykanot@kolektiva.social  [follow]
viciously neurodivergent
fantasiaarmonica@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
31 yo, Queer(they/them or he/him), composer, neurodivergent (anxiété social, probablement TDA), living, Tiohti:áke (Montréal), Québec, Canada.Compose classical and electronic (synthwave) music.#music #art #videogames #politics #queer #book Bienvenu sur mon micro-blog perso ~
shoutcacophony@mastodon.art  [follow]
Writer/musician/composer. Queer/Trans/Neurodivergent. Brown. A multitude in practical shoes. Annotated version: @shoutcacophony@anticapitalist.party.
jase@beta.toots.hwl.liMiraculous, simply the best, up to the test when things go wrong, Miraculous, the luckiest, the power of love always so strong, Miraculousssssss
jase@beta.toots.hwl.li  [follow]
🌈 I am a wolf just howling around 🐺🐞 But in the night they're all I think about 🐈‍⬛🏳️‍🌈 Queer | Enby | Neurodivergent 🏳️‍⚧️💖 @nellie, @red💛 @jasja, @rassie💙 @mili, @mandy💕 @bread, @rose🐞 @loupjaunenoir @chiotpoubelle🤗 @cass, @eve:hugs: Ém, Rach, Cass :blob_raccoon_peek: @thebiologist837 :blobheartraccoon:💛 I Love you 💛╭━━━╮┈┈╱╲┈┈┈╱╲┃╭━━╯┈┈▏▔▔▔▔▔▕ ┃╰━━━━━▏╭▆┊╭▆▕ Queerwolf╰┫╯╯╯╯╯▏╰╯▼╰╯▕ ┈┃╯╯╯╯╯▏╰━┻━╯▕ goes┈╰┓┏┳━┓┏┳┳━━━╯┈┈┃┃┃┈┃┃┃┃┈┈┈┈ howl┈┈┗┻┛┈┗┛┗┛┈┈┈┈Red Riding Hood, where are you?@red 👋 .. oh there you are 😁┈┈╱╲┈┈┈╱╲┈┈╭━╮┈┈╱╱╲╲__╱╱╲╲┈╰╮┃┈┈▏┏┳╮┈╭┳┓▕┈┈┃┃┈ Kitty┈▏╰┻┛▼┗┻╯▕┈┈┃┃┈┈╲┈┈╰┻╯┈┈╱▔▔┈┃┈ goes┈┈╰━┳━━━╯┈┈┈┈┃┈┈┈┈┈┃┏┓┣━━┳┳┓┃┈ purr┈┈┈┈┗┛┗┛┈┈┗┛┗┛┈❝ The weakest are from deeply withinthe strongest of all natures ❞ ✐ Jase Wolf{\__/}( • . •)/ > 🥞 Eat this if you dare 🏳️‍🌈 they🗡️them=https://pronoun.is/they wolf🐺wolfs=https://pronoun.is/wolf/wolf/wolfs/wolfs/wolfself Coffeewolf=https://mastodon.coffee/@wolf :birdsite:=https://twit.hwl.li :tiktok:=https://tik.hwl.li :instaburn:=https://ig.hwl.li :youtube:=https://yt.hwl.li :Zepeto:=jasewolf Follow req=16+
mom@sapphic.gay  [follow]
white, neurodivergent, part human, mostly sapphic, demi-*, polyam, power switch. femboys are good.cw: horny posting and drug mentions, posts are appropriately marked and captioned.nazis, minors, queerphobes, pro-capitalists and etc get blocked.flirting w/ me and boosts are encouraged, and don't be shy to send a follow request, i'll likely accept if you're not just some spambot! gender='undefined' name=Accept: *, (frog*|tadpole);q=1 pronouns=Accept: */*
gathermoss@kolektiva.socialMoss [they/them]
gathermoss@kolektiva.social  [follow]
25 🌻 ancom cutie 🌻 artist 🌻 queer, non-binary lesbian 🌻 white 🌻 neurodivergent + disabled (EDS, MCAS, POTS, fibro) 🌻 outdoor enthusiast♐☀️♓🌙♋⬆️ pronouns=they/them insta=int3rro_bang3r
laurelrye@mstdn.socialLaurel :heart_pride:
laurelrye@mstdn.social  [follow]
She/They. Perpetually exhausted racoon person in their early 30s.Neurodivergent & disabled in a way that often keeps me indoors.White (English/Irish) antiracist working hard to not to be an oxymoron.Learning to sew & also knit a little better. Talk at me about access, drag other than Drag Race, systems of accountability that don't involve prisons, the Nordic model & intersectional feminism.Ask me about knitting, visible mending, food & my cat.