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mike@fosstodon.orgMike Stone :fedora:
Blog, PixelFed, Patreon, PayPal
mike@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Husband, father, nerd. Half human, half Fosstodon Admin. Tends to tell Dad Jokes.
lynnesbian@fedi.lynnesbian.space⚪ the lynne creacher
Fediverse TriBune
lynnesbian@fedi.lynnesbian.space  [follow]
leftist polyam transbian linux nerd. cute bune (kin). vry gayplease CW drugs and selfies and sex stuffi have a blog: https://bune.city Pronouns=She/her am=bune Discord=feel free to ask if i know you!
art@mastodon.sdf.orgart •{ BLM }• 😷
Homepage, PixelFed, PeerTube
art@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
#Linux nerd. Weekly host of Hack Night in #LBC. Open Source content creator. He/Him 🚲 🍔#linux #lineage #debian #kdenliveHe/Him
elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.meVx Food For Thot
elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
Transfeminine, polyamorous, disabled, C-PTSD, mixed race, plural, kin, Tulsan.I think I'm funny but I'm not. Hope you like bad posts.Let me know if I upset you. Please.Always open for meetups!Not screenreader friendly, sorry.💍: @plausocks, @violet, and @SamanthaCayne👩‍❤️‍👩: @foxiepaws💑: @ThornEaterFurry code: FFD6admrw~ A- C D H++ M P++ R++ T++++ W>+++ Z- Sh++>p RL-/BM*/CT*/MH*>MH a cm++/--- d+ e**/+>++++ f++++ h+++>++++ iwf+++/--- j+>++ p>+++ sf*/+++#nobot Language=en, fr Age=29 Religion=Discordianism :sacred_chao: Politics=Socialism, or thereabouts MBTI aka Nerd Astrology Test=INFP-t Pronouns=they/them Pansexual?=Very. More than 4 metadata fields?=Yep.
er1n@social.mecanis.mebenis ennui 🔴
er1n@social.mecanis.me  [follow]
blitgirl, undergrad with a sharpiebring her coffee. she's definitely tired.cybre∧eecs∧DSP nerd∧cranky ML girl∧maths∧graphics"be myself? what kind of garbage advice is that"follow∥boost ≠ endorsement of a uservery gay for @raekh⚠ bio under construction ⚠ den of=sapphic iniquity 💜=🔥 19=years old
inanedirk@mastodon.cloudDirk :unverified:
Concerts, Discogs, The Best Webcomic
inanedirk@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
Bit of a nerd. Loves #Boardgames. Enjoys #ProgRock and some #ProgMetal. Frequent #Concert goer. Posting in #German and #English Boardgames=https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/inaneDirk?own=1&subtype=boardgame&ff=1
zoequinn@mastodon.socialZoë Quinn
zoequinn@mastodon.social  [follow]
It's me, that nerd too many people have opinions about. I'm zoequinn#2216 on Discord (but please lemme know who you are before adding!)
mattcropp@social.coopMatt Cropp 🌲🌲
mattcropp@social.coop  [follow]
#Vermont #Coop nerd.#SocialCoop #PlatformCoop #EmployeeOwnership #WorkerCoop #ESOP #CreditUnions #CoopFinance.In #BTV.
lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nzDave Lane
blog, tech blog
lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nz  [follow]
FOSS & CC guy, nerd on many levels, working to democratise higher education by day, increasing digital, intellectual, & physical freedom. Oxford commas. Spreading joy & confusion. I self-host (or on behalf of NZOSS & OERu)=Docker NextCloud/Collabora Discourse WordPress Drupal MediaWiki Silverstripe Moodle Rocket.Chat Mastodon GitLab Mautic Wallabag & others plus full email services I play=Lots. With my tech, guitar, voice, kids, family, friends, myriad implements of percussion, and a bit of bass.
Twitter, Dribbble
hypsoline@social.wxcafe.net  [follow]
"De toute façon Hypso elle drop un selfie et elle disparaît 3 mois"Shitposting Art Director & Typography nerd Languages=FR mostly / EN sometimes Location=Paris, France
Podcast Geek, Podcast Gamer, Tutorials for artists
klaatu@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Unix geek and open source software enthusiast. Tabletop game nerd. Podcaster, musician, multimediatician. Slacker since [Slackware] 12.0
jeff@social.i2p.rocks  [follow]
does stuff with i2p and lokinet(llarp)professional arm chair cryptographer, onion routing nerd and graveyard shift peanut gallery janitor, part time coiner.just imagine what would happen if we all decided to understand. you can't in the and by be or then before so just face it this text hurts to read?I don't sell weed, DM me if you are not buying weed.
codeawayhaley@lgbt.ioⒶ☭⛤The Devil Girl Haley
codeawayhaley@lgbt.io  [follow]
2nd account in intro; 25yo Autistic, Trans Girl, Polyam, Lesbian, Neuropsychologist & Neuroinformatician, Computer Nerd. Moderator. Pronouns=She/Her (en) Ŝi (eo) Religion & Spiritual Belief=Pagan, Strigoaica Vampyric Chaos Storm Witch Sexuality & Romantic ID=Lesbian⚢, Panromantic, Polyamorous Politics=Anarcho-Communist, Anarcho-Syndicalist, Anarcho-Paganism, Queer Anarchism, Transhumanism, Libertarian Marxist, Bright Green Envirometalist, Pronuclear Energy, Intersectional Feminist
quad@masto.quad.moe  [follow]
100% organic and locally produced nerd content. .social suspended me for some reason, if you're there and wanna follow me, find a better instance first.
Bots, Website
lynnesbian@deadinsi.de  [follow]
wife of @Petra_fied. leftist shitposting transbian linux nerd. Bot Queen. maybe a bune. home of the suckling babe Pronouns=She/her (they/them OK) Discord=lynnesbian#0180
PixelFed, WWW
salixlucida@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
A free-spirited, creative nerd on a mission to reshape culture. Committed to liberty. Opinions are my own. Boosts/ext links not endorsement. #PDX suburbia. 🐈🐈🐈 btc/ltc/eth=fitkitten.crypto
miaourt@niu.moe  [follow]
Nerd |🔻| 🏳️‍🌈 | 🕹️ | 🇫🇷 | he/himEx dev recycling itself in sociology and historyI mostly speak of french politics, tech stuff, history and sociology 🤷 🤑=https://www.patreon.com/miaourt 1312= Profil pic=https://mastodon.opportunis.me/@kaerhon
kitredgrave@cybre.spaceKit Redgrave 🕯️
kitredgrave@cybre.space  [follow]
frizzy nerd • she/her :engiqueer: • fox person • pretty leftist tooavatar by @drawcatGNU Natalie Nguyen and all the others🕯️a weird, wise man once said: "do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law"#nobot (except Maple, she's OK) Classification=Drawn with a very fine camel hair brush MBTI (fwiw)=INTP 💖=@gewt Cute?=✔️
ohyran@fosstodon.orgJens ♥
ohyran@fosstodon.org  [follow]
#Illustrator, designer, FLOSS/KDE person and pen-and-paper #RPG nerd living in Sweden with husband and cat. Like people. A lot. Think "Labrador who can draw".Pronouns: He/Him or Dude/Man. (which ever you like is ok in my case) Webpage: https://ohyran.se Xmpp=ohyran@disroot.org IRC=jensreu [freenode] Email=jens@ohyran.se Matrix=@ohyran:matrix.org
uberactivist@cybre.space  [follow]
She/TheyNB tech person. Overwatch Nerd
lexi@octodon.social  [follow]
36 and trans. Former IT drone. Nerd. Geek. Part fangirl, part squirrel.Likes comic books and animation, science fiction and fantasy, and a whole lot more!Very left-wing. :anarchist_flag: :blob_pat_anar_raccoon:Please don't follow me if you're under 18; I sometimes say adult things...!#SqueakSquad 🐁 🐀🐿️ Species=Red squirrel 🐿️🌰 Pronouns=She/her/hers :heart_trans: :trebuchet: Orientation=Bi/Pan :heart_bi: :heart_pan: Location=New Zealand :jorts: :blimey:
jubalbarca@scholar.socialJames Baillie
jubalbarca@scholar.social  [follow]
Kartvelologist, historian & digital humanist at the University of Vienna, doing a PhD on medieval Georgian prosopography. Also game designer, liberal policy nerd, provider of cute animal pictures, writer in various formats, etc. Pronouns=He/Him
pnathan@mastodon.social⚗️⚗️⚗️ pnathan ⚗️⚗️⚗️
pnathan@mastodon.social  [follow]
hacker painter walker love talking to random people.Seattlehttp://pnathan.comLanguages - EN nativeDE rustyFR learning @ me all day? slide into my DMS?=Yes please! alignment=chaotic nerd politics?=sure! grad thesis=i will read it
misspavlichenko@mastodon.socialpav ☭
misspavlichenko@mastodon.social  [follow]
she/her. communist (studying marxism-leninism). autistic. bisexual. history nerd. i post art @sovietart! RA=RA RASPUTIN=LOVER OF=THE RUSSIAN=QUEEN
kemonine@social.holdmybeer.solutions  [follow]
Nerd / geek / programmer / makerhttps://kemonine.info
rick_777@cybre.spaceCybre Rick
rick_777@cybre.space  [follow]
Software dev by day, #scifi author by night.Currently #amwriting my first novel.Please msg when following. Also, if you boost NSFW content that doesn't have a CW, I'll block you.#nospam #nobot Interests=#neuroscience, #AI, #scifi, #cyberpunk, #synthwave, #foss, #hackerculture Traits=Mexican 🇲🇽, Nerd 8/10, Snark 9/10, Cyberpunk 11/10 😎, I like kittens 😺 Blog=https://plume.mastodon.host/~/MidoriaFiles/
miaourt@raru.re  [follow]
Nerd |🔻| 🏳️‍🌈 | 🕹️ | 🇫🇷 | il/he🐦 https://twitter.com/Miaourt💸 https://www.patreon.com/Miaourt & https://github.com/sponsors/MiaourtMy posts are gone after 30 days
justkelly_ok@mastodon.socialKelly Ellis
justkelly_ok@mastodon.social  [follow]
feminist, nerd, software engineer • #Repeal2A • http://ko-fi.com/kellyellis • she/her • http://smile.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1KCAK824FU63J
beanc@counter.social  [follow]
Bringer of Chaos & Destroyer of WorldsStudent; numbers warrior; beginner programmer. Yes, I’m a nerd. I don't hanna hear hate, so I may mute/block it. User Guide=Https://counter.social/userguide.pdf Hashtags=#streetart #GardenClub #CoSoMusic #earworm Go Pro!=https://counter.social/accmgt/getpro.php
dissidentkitty@radical.townLittle China Catgirl
dissidentkitty@radical.town  [follow]
Nyanbinary Catgirlfluxx, Genderfae, Pansexual, Polyarmorous, Plural, Autistic, Bipolar, Asian, Hacktivist, Gaymer. I post memes, politics, and nerd stuffs. Follow requests welcomed, but before you go into my mention remember I hit the block button wantonly and I'll issue block recommendations if you're an asshole.🤖: Valerie/Miss Robot. Beleaguered designated driver and cyborg hacker.🗡️: Villanelle/Killer Queen. A vampire who just wanna watch the world burn.🔥: Veritas/Sister Night. A genie who worships justice and vengeance.🐱: Vivian/Shadow Cat. The cutest catgirl give headpats and cuddles plz uwu💀: Veronica/Dead Girl. Perpetually sick and depressed zombie girl.We're not the daughters of the dragons. We're the dragons. Hc Svnt Dracones. Pronouns=She/Her/Kitty About Me=:ancomheart: :heart_trans: :heart_pan: :heart_genderfluid: :heart_nb: Anti-=Fascist, Capitalism, Establishment Speak=English, Mandarin, Japanese
dissidentkitty@sunbeam.cityThe Catgirl in High Castle
dissidentkitty@sunbeam.city  [follow]
SBC Mod. Adult. Nyanbinary Catgirlfluxx, Genderfae, Polyarmorous, Bipolar, Taiwanese, Hacktivist, Gaymer. I post memes, politics, and nerd stuffs. Boosts always okay.Follow requests are welcomed, but before you go into my mention remember I hit block at will and I'll issue block recommendations if you're an asshole. Name & Pronoun=Valerie/Val/V; She/Her/Kitty About Me=:autism: :plural_heart: :ancomheart: :anqueerheart: :antranshumanism_heart: :trans_heart: :heart_nb: :heart_pan: Anti-=Fascist, Capitalism, Establishment Speak=English, Mandarin, Japanese
estrusflask@mastodon.socialBible Black Belt
estrusflask@mastodon.social  [follow]
Queer; Nerd; Rambler; Never met an archon I liked;Our sunlight is not for franchiseTip jars:http://cash.me/$aspel/3https://www.paypal.me/roryaspel/3 Name=Rory Merriweather Pronouns=They/Them
psy@social.troll.academy  [follow]
Nerd, CCC-afin, sozial engagiert, Hacker, Bastler, Macher. ITsec, Pentesting, Politics. Python, Sensoren, Wireless, Mesh. Runs https://social.troll.academy.
somediaperguy@abdl.linkDiapered Nerd
somediaperguy@abdl.link  [follow]
Just a nerdy gay DL near NYC. When I'm not working I'm usually chilling out in diapers and playing games, reading, watching tv, etcGamer friends welcome!18+ Instagram=@Somediaperguy Twitter=@diapersome Age=30
Website, NSFW Art, Patreon
nellyaa@mastodon.art  [follow]
🐱🎨・Professional 2D Artist at animal company by day・Illustration Freelancer by night・Loves to create and play games・UX & Web Design・Nerd | DE // EN // 日本語 Private Mastodon=https://mastodon.social/@Nellyaa
reitrace@blobturtle.clubplan 9 from toontown online
reitrace@blobturtle.club  [follow]
i know you're going to be a great typist one dayhttps://hello-navi.neocities.org/~reichaotic good according to the hivemind16 years old and she/they/gamerfluent in nerd shit, barely passable in english, like not at all in lojban
patdavid@mastodon.socialPat David
Home, Join, Discuss, Photography
patdavid@mastodon.social  [follow]
Husband, Father, Tinkerer. Minor photographer, major nerd. Free Software user + advocate, GIMPer, founder https://PIXLS.US. https://patdavid.net
cybertrash@cybre.space  [follow]
Something. Sysadmin but not a cis admin. Programmer? Wannabe security nerd. Loves giant robots and giant robot accessories. Can exit vi.I shitpost mostly. OGS=lv426
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.mePlausocks 💗「オムライスが欲しい...」
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
AM CATGURLI exist in a state of constant C H U N G U S. I live with my bae Eliza AND OUR MUTUAL BAE Violet. ~ https://ko-fi.com/plausocks ~~ https://paypal.me/plausocks ~~ https://cash.app/$plausocks ~#nobotI'm a computer nerd, welder, mechanic, hacker (old meaning)Interlinked Foundation memberhttps://mst3k.interlinked.me - Instance Administrator:succ:http://aomyers.com Sexuality=Pansexual lesbiab Music Tastes=Trance/Vaporwave/Various EDM/Alt Rock/ Metal Politics=NO Age=28 (Jan 1992) Country=USA State=:flag_us_ok: Oklahoma baby Pronouns=She/Her Gender=girl :sparkles_trans: Status=Married w/ cats Bae=Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me Bae 2=Violet@vulpine.club CashApp=$plausocks Paypal=paypal.me/plausocks ko-fi=ko-fi.com/plausocks
scottmortimer@infosec.exchangeScott Mortimer
All About Me
scottmortimer@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Information Security geek, Old School RPG nerd, and wannabe fiction writer. Keyoxide PGP=https://keyoxide.org/hkp/scott@scott.mortimer.name OpenPGP=D5F60E19BFD8298FFE6292B8E1F31C6DF4DF8F0E
skiant@social.wxcafe.netMx. Alex
skiant@social.wxcafe.net  [follow]
:nonbinary_flag:​ :genderfluid_flag:​ :bisexual_flag:​ :polyamory_flag:​Kind, curious and patient human. Self diagnosed Aspie. Cross classing in Nerd and Hipster, unironically.Avatar by @lila_bliblu Pronouns=They | He | She Languages=FR | EN Location=Belgium Flirting=Okay
gbdl92@abdl.link  [follow]
Hiya! I'm Ben, 26, near D.C. Proud AB/DL. Virgo. ISFJ. Nerd. Gaymer. LOTR fanatic. Hufflepuff. Tumblr refugee. Let's connect!
troublemoney@computerfairi.esSam the Octopus
troublemoney@computerfairi.es  [follow]
Hedgehog wrangler, cat feeder, octopus whomst love smol critters"i never thought someone could be such a watch nerd and yet here you are" ~ @maple Pronouns=They/Them Species=Octopus Status=Wiggly Gender=418 I'm a teapot
garrett@mastodon.xyzGarrett LeSage
garrett@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
computer nerd, UX/interface designer, software developer, Free Software / Open Source advocate, photographer#nobot coffee=yes, please pronoun=he / his
krille@metalhead.clubKrille Fear
krille@metalhead.club  [follow]
Bagpiper, coder, writer and 💪 full-time nerd 🌐Website=https://krillefear.gitlab.io/ 📈GitLab=https://gitlab.com/KrilleFear ✉Kontakt=https://gitlab.com/snippets/1978862 📖Bücher=https://www.epubli.de/shop/autor/Krille-Fear/36030
Portfolio, Blog
mauro@mograph.social  [follow]
Motion designer, musician, Londoner, overall nerd.#music #boardgames #gaming #floss #privacy #motion #design #mograph #cgi #art #animation Pronouns=He/him XMPP=mauro@disroot.org (Omemo, please)
we_locusts@mastodon.socialA Friendly Slacker
we_locusts@mastodon.social  [follow]
Revolutionary slacker. Anti-authoritarian Left. Roguish nerd. strategic hypocrite. he/him.
dnannann@mastodon.socialTarachara 💙💗💟
dnannann@mastodon.social  [follow]
Proud member of Homintern // haha mastodon girl Location=Dublin, IE // Los Angeles, CA Pronouns=She/her Twitter=@dnannann Discord=DM me first nerd
photophoregirl@octodon.socialantifa seal division
photophoregirl@octodon.social  [follow]
your friendly neighborhood animal poster and sleepy sea bitchoriginal seaweed flavor!sometimes i drawi love the ocean & hate capitalism pronouns:=she/her, they/them age: 27=horrid nerd bi as fuck=emoji enthusiast KNZK crew=forever
johnhenry@mastodon.socialMost Johnly of Henries
johnhenry@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm a nerd, researching decentralized / federated alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, et al.If you know of cool projects, please let me know!
scriptfanix@mamot.fr  [follow]
Support engineer. SysAdmin. Nerd. Music Addict, éclectique mais exigeant. Fan de SF et Manga.Life goal achieved: Working for a Free Software companyhttps://scriptfanix.fr💔 Tout cassé de la vie 💔🎶 @PsyloDruMean 🎶Probablement TSA en attente de diagnostic Musique=@PsyloDruMean PeerTube (Gaming)=@scriptgaming Cloud fédéré=@vincent Retraites=Marx ou Grève !
alyx@witches.town💫Alyx ➡️ @gatewave@cybre.space
alyx@witches.town  [follow]
Witch of all tradesBay Area queermoundercover furry❤ nerd shit / fitness / lewds / minimalism / social revolution ❤Jumping Flash! is very aestheticnerdstreams: http://twitch.tv/cibachrome⚧ she/her | first of the #cutewitches ~ to follow be 18 or over please ~
hgo@mastodon.pirateparty.be🥔 HdoggO 🐕
hgo@mastodon.pirateparty.be  [follow]
Pirate, bépoète, libriste, zététicien, patatiste, canarchiste, apprenti photographe, apprenti jardinier, et apprenti apprenti. Admin de l'instance #ppbe."T'es une pataaaate" – Azaliz"Official tomato nerd" – Freyja Matrix/Riot=hgo:chat.batato.be XMPP=hgo@batato.be En cas d'urgence=@Alexis_Ids Pronoms=il / he / patate
laciudadanaz@mastodon.social  [follow]
Quiero ser como McGiver! Artista por decisión, químico de profesión, orgullosa ñoña, nerd, geek, freaky ☮️🕉☯️♓️💙💚💜🧡🤍💛♻️ Pacifico Violenta, Insurrecta Siempre a la Izquierda=Pacifico-violenta El Mamut Chiquitito=Con todo si No pa que Yo Apruebo=Siempre con el pueblo Anticapitalista=Antifascista
oursky@mastodon.social  [follow]
Building apps for brands by day, dev tools by night. 100% nerd.
azushark@computerfairi.esAnnika, the Local Shark(s)
azushark@computerfairi.es  [follow]
A 23y/o genderfluid nerd who draws furries and sometimes dabbles in FM synth music stuff. Plural, has 7 headmates (4 have no account):@wntrdrgn @voidsnek @katsharkLoves @lizardsquid:flag_genderfluid: :flag_transgender: :flag_rainbow: :flag_polyamory:https://pronoun.is/ve/ver name(s)=Annika/Azu/Winter pronouns=ve/ver/vis (or she/her) age=23
geordie@aus.social  [follow]
I love to cook and eat. Professional and amateur digital technology nerd. Living on stolen Guringai land. I don’t mind people being rich but every billionaire is a policy failure and nobody should be poor.
confusedimp@mastodon.socialPumpkin Spice Jen
confusedimp@mastodon.social  [follow]
Extremely cool chick, not obsessed with nerd garbage. Pronouns=She/Her Content Warning=Alcohol
redspl@niu.moe  [follow]
either lost in his imagination or just plain hacking stuff17 year old linux, retrocomputing and tech nerd; please talk to mealso beware, I post anime grills! likes=hacking, anime, games langs=C, PHP, bash, i guess python3 =@selfisekai
dnannann@girlcock.clubTarachara :heart_trans:
dnannann@girlcock.club  [follow]
Proud member of Homintern // haha mastodon girl Location=Dublin, IE // Los Angeles, CA Pronouns=She/her Twitter=@dnannann Discord=DM me first nerd
Website, Twitter
russss@mastodon.social  [follow]
Freelance infrastructure nerd, IRCCloud dev, EMF organiser, hyperactive generalist 🏳️‍🌈 Pronouns=he/him
slackz@organizing.social  [follow]
Community organizer, computer programmer, unix nerd, anarcho-socialist (#nobot plz) Pronouns=he/him City=Portland, OR
td00@chaos.socialThies Müller (td00)
Hackspace, Web
td00@chaos.social  [follow]
nerd, hacker, #ccc, punk, veggie, c3LOC, does Smth with computers, kids & events technic, escalates events | Threema: PA6F8HZR | Twitter=@_td00_ Contact=contactme(ät)td00(döt)de
unascribed@sleeping.townUna, Fluorescently Orange :orange_squircle:
webzone, instance, game
unascribed@sleeping.town  [follow]
hi! i'm una — unapologetic java dev, apologetic javascript dev, alleged graphic designer, angry ui/ux advocate, reluctant web dev, tired sysadmin, annoying codec nerd, occasional blogger, and gay enby demigirl deer (she/her)i try to stay positive, and welcome any follows!⛔ this is a no lewd zone ⛔(i am of sufficient age; just asexual)avatar drawn by @DizzyI am not a lawyer and nothing I post constitutes legal advice.send me monetary units: https://donate.unascribed.com yortagé=https://jortage.com
emaree@tootplanet.space🔥🔥🔥Fiery EMaree🔥🔥🔥
My Site, Twitter, Instagram, Artstagram
emaree@tootplanet.space  [follow]
Tea Dragon Emma. ☕ Working in IT, learning roller derby, writing Scottish sci-fi & m/m fantasy. Software tester learning #Python3, big #DnD nerd. [she/her]
scriptfanix@pouet.chapril.org  [follow]
Geek, nerd, compositeur (@PsyloDruMean), fan de SF et de manga.Probablement TSA en agtente de diagnostic
kitredgrave@vulpine.clubVx. Kit Redgrave 🕯️
kitredgrave@vulpine.club  [follow]
frizzy nerd & creature of the matrix, figuring out embodied reality | she/her preferred, they/them accepted :transistor: | fox whom meow sometimes | libertarian socialist, polyamorous, pan lesbian, and here to play the infinite game (and be gay)Warning: This is rapidly evolving research software.internalized (hopefully?) existentialism, and a huge believer in plurality, in nearly every sense. even personally? we'll see ;)i have fond and caring feelings for too many people here to list, and relationship anarchy makes it difficult to tell which criteria to use anywaymtg colors: :mtgu: :mtgr: :mtgg:, any combination of two with the third as splash describes me some of the time; all combinations describe me most of the timefurry code: FCFm3acm A--> C+ D H++ M+~ P+ R T+ W- Z Sf+ RLCT>AT a cbl+++~bl--- e++>+++ f++ h++ i++>+++ j+ p-- sf++GNU Natalie Nguyen, Sophia Butler 🕯️remember all our other siblings, who we've perhaps never met and now won't ever 🕯️avatar by @drawcat Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge=drawn with a very fine camel hair brush Gay?=Very Cute?=weh! Search strategy=breadth-first
lastfuture@chaos.social  [follow]
Audiovisual Aesthetics Nerd. Magnet in my finger, glitches in my head.Just make sure you visit the SAVE ROOM before you leave town. pronouns=he queer=in mysterious ways acab=assigned chaotic at birth
feoh@cybre.space  [follow]
Husband. Freemason, and raging nerd, in that order. I chase bright shiny things! I build clouds for a living. Retrocomputing, programming, science fiction.
thelizardqueen@laserdisc.partyLizardQueen elskarinne
Ko-Fi, on instagram
thelizardqueen@laserdisc.party  [follow]
*some kind of lizard queenI'm a 30 something childfree nerd from western Canada. I dig music, horror genre collecting, cats, craft beer and videogames. ⛔18+= She/Her=
hackiechan@mastodon.socialHackie Chan
hackiechan@mastodon.social  [follow]
Geek. Nerd. Out of the herd | Some days I'm the statue. Some days I'm the bird.Ex strategy consultant | Winding Storyteller | Angsty Poet | Cheap LOLs Twitter=@hackiechan Myers-Briggs type=INTJ Now learning=Philosophy, Writing, Strategy, Spirituality, Gender, Tech, Business
littlebabyjedi@abdl.link  [follow]
I am little one that love to be treated like a little and is looking for a caregiver. I am a geeky nerd and proud of it. Telegram=Gellendros Twitter=Littlebabyjedi Kik=Gellendros
frinkeldoodle@furrytf.clubFrinkel, but is a coin
Website, Birdsite
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Replaces bodies, identities with itself, spreads via shitposts and furry shenanigans over ActivityPub.Shitposter, weird, furry, techie.Genderfluid :ms_genderfluid_flag: (she/her).Avid transformation fan.Raccoonkin, gib me delicious trash.Oh, and I run https://furrytf.club.CW: TF kinks, nerd talk, cw'd bouts of depressionKeybase at https://keybase.io/frinkeldoodleFax me shitposts at (617) 249-0354Avatar: @Sir_Boops WriteFreely=@frinkeldoodle Pronouns=She/her or it/toy Gender=:ms_genderfluid_flag: Genderfluid Transfurrmation Town acct:=@Frinkeldoodle Spiritual/Magic Exploration acct:=@frinkeldoodle
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Tongue-in-cheek radical account that goes looking for trouble. History nerd and IWW comrade. Has radical literature and is not afraid to use it. Pronouns:=All Ideology:=Socialist/Syndicalist Likes:=Books, human rights Dislikes:=Nazis and fascists
melisandre@queer.partyApple Fiend
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Writer, Classics Nerd, and Fig goddess.Boosts are always welcome.I write shit sometimes:https://medium.com/@LucyDecker Pronouns=She / her / hers Age=26 Discord=@MariamWoolf#9410 Name=Lucy Decker
jookia@social.tchncs.deJookia PART TWO
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Linux user (level 4), low-level hobbyist developer, systemd user, accessibility nerd, Danger 5 fan, Novena user, vegan, anarchist, listener with intent to understand, Caucasian Australian, 25 years old, Pronouns=He/him or they/them Email=contact@jookia.org GPG Fingerprint=1439 014E F601 F452 6940 0315 BFE8 8BA2 235C 8BDF
nyquildotorg@mastodon.socialJer Warren
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Mobile-addicted. Web-dependent. Digital Plumber. Nerd. Pronouns=he/him
wilfredh@mastodon.socialWilfred Hughes
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Programming geek, natural languages nerd, and occasional writer. he/him
we_locusts@bofa.lolA Friendly Slacker, Bofa inst
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Revolutionary slacker. Anti-authoritarian Left. Roguish nerd. strategic hypocrite. he/him.
akaihebi@niu.moeAkaiHebi 🔞
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Cuteboy blogger at Onahole.eu, shy introvert AFK, pan-oriented, tech train & space nerd, loves cuddles and thigh highs, crossdresses for fun, flirting ✅ headpats ✅ cuddles ✅💕 DM encryption=🔏 https://cryptoot.onahole.eu alt 🇫🇷=@AkaiHebi pics=👗👙👚🍕🚀🚄 boost✅ *=cis♂, he/they, :pansexual_flag:
surlybobbys@mastodon.socialThis Infernal Meatsack
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39/cishet-she/her/NYS digs #cats, #horticulture, #artnouveau, #alteredstates, #psychology, #sociology, #gamingNews junkie by necessity, nerd by default #INTJ Currently posting at=@SurlyBobbys
doggkrapp@mastodon.socialStillborn Unicorn
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Ancom, wholesome, Womanarchist. Single mother of one badass little shithead (smart) nerd, who is probably plotting world domination. She/her/they. Life's Purpose=Chaos agent, disrupter, question everything! Other=Be mindful, or be mindless. That literally covers all the bases. Disorder=Chaotic Good Hobbies=fucking, sucking, cooking, cheese, wine, soccer, makeup, paddle boarding, hiking, biking
haylum@cybre.spacenone binary with left beef
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Dog-wrangling girlish nerd person. Part-time femme, full-time needer of validation. Alleged queerio. They/themBPD & AvPD
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Linux und Open Source Nerd.Admin von chirpi.de und elaon.de XMPP=alex@elaon.de Webseite=elaon.de
iah@fosstodon.org:vim: :terminal: IᔕᗩK
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Father of three, husband, nerd & registered nurse (RN, CCRN, Prehospital Registered nurse 🚑). Paranoid OpenBSD & GNU+Linux user since around 1998 with Red hat 5.0 (Hurricane/Manhattan).Addicted to: :openbsd: :void: :vim:
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best coast furry queermo, agéd doomkid❤ nerd shit / fitness / lewds / pixels / minimalism / social revolution ❤nerdstreams: http://twitch.tv/cibachrome⚧ she/her | ~ 18 or over please ~ Fave Doom boi=Revenant If u follow me=Plz have some posts on yr account so I can see who you are
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Linux und Open Source Nerd.Admin von chirpi.de und elaon.de XMPP=alex@elaon.de Webseite=elaon.de
larma@mastodon.socialMarvin W
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#foss enthusiast, #android nerd, #xmpp developer
jessica@fedi.absturztau.beThe other Joe 🐱
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💙 Linux nerd that loves everyone! 💙Profile Image: https://waa.ai/3Yz4Obligatory #NoBotOther places to find me: Discord: Jes#8303Twitter: @JessicaFEREM Telegram: @jesferem XMPP/Jabber: jes@jabber.absturztau.be
joesteel@duck.hausJoe Rosensteel
Blog, VFX Demo Reel
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VFX artist, and nerd. VFX reel: artofjoe.com Personal blog: joe-steel.com Podcasts: defocused.co unhelpful-suggestions.com he/him 📎 "Movie" Podcast=http://defocused.co "Tech" Podcast=http://unhelpful-suggestions.com
frostotron@tenforward.socialFrostotron "Frossy" ⚧⚢🏳️‍🌈
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friendly local computer nerd | chill anarcho-communist Age=25-35 Pronouns=she/her 🏳️‍🌈=polyamorous asexual trans lesbian
Nerd Rants, interwebs
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My opinions about Linux.Amateur open source nerdface, ponderer, forest-dweller and fiber arts nerd. Cats=Rhubarb, Vesper + Olaf Dog Life advice=Mate's a tea, not just a DE!
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Elektro-Nerd | professioneller Problemlöser aka Disponent | making, hacking and repairing things with passion | #TTNMacht 3D-Druck, Design und andere Dinge auf Anfrage.Lebt im Zwiespalt zwischen Technikbegeisterung und NachhaltigkeitsbemühungenFermentiert gerne Dinge. Home=Munich, Bavaria All engines=#foldingAgainstCorona I'm a=#makerVsVirus
sotolf@fosstodon.orgSotolf :arch: :vim: :terminal:
Blog, Github
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Linux person, hobby programmer and general nerd
silverseams@mastodon.artKaren C
Blog, Web shop, Etsy, Nerd account
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Crafter, coder, Jerseyan ex-Jayhawker (Philadelphish). Studio pets: Olivia the Tortie Point, Ramses the Turkish Angora. She/her.#sewing #floss #fabric #sculpture#nobot
aquinton@mastodon.xyzAngela Quinton
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React & CSS nerd. Endurance runner. Editor of WEREWOLVES VERSUS. I spend more money at Wolford than I do at the Apple Store. Trans. Dual 🇨🇦🇺🇸 citizen. pronouns=she/her werewolves=plantigrade
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Love logic, reason, science. Trying to learn them all.😉 Humor is necessary. I'm a wannabe nerd.
sinbad@mastodon.gamedev.placeSteve Streeting
Blog, Company
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Formerly engine (Ogre3D) / devtools (Sourcetree) creator, now one half of an indie gamedev couple. Coffee nerd. Washed Up!=https://store.steampowered.com/app/854830/Washed_Up/
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ABDL boy. 27 y/o. Mexico City. ABU Fan. Musician, Nerd, Sports. Maybe NSFW KIK & Telegram=david_mx92
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awful nerd, coffee addict, bemani guyhttp://birussou.com