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typhlosion@awoo.space  [follow]
kasran, typh (enby)girl24, she/theyyour mutual's mutualcode, games, musichttps://www.patreon.com/kasranen-USjbo (ca'o cilre)fr (j'apprends)eo (mi lernas)ja (🔰)follow requests accepted! except please don't follow if you're a minor. this is an 18+ account (with cws)icon by @fluxom_altheader by bloodsbane: http://bloodsbane.tumblr.com/post/168938806924/ discord=Kasran#9620 telegram=@KasranFox matrix=@Kasran:cybre.space friend code=SW-1659-4015-0514
b9ace@soc.ialis.meb9AcE 🐊
b9ace@soc.ialis.me  [follow]
I believe reporting about events as accurately as possible helps move the world in a positive direction.I believe voluntary mutual aid is better than imposed mutual destruction.Resistance to oppression is inherent to all life.Liberation can not be imposed no matter how well intended, as that only changes whose will is imposed on others.🐊 🏴 🖤:rainbow_flag: :demiguy_flag: :antifa: Pronouns=It/that (but most are OK) Affiliation=Nope Focus=Liberation Anti-Fascist=Always
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.mePlausocks 💗「オムライスが欲しい...」
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
AM CATGURLI exist in a state of constant C H U N G U S. I live with my bae Eliza AND OUR MUTUAL BAE Violet. ~ https://ko-fi.com/plausocks ~~ https://paypal.me/plausocks ~~ https://cash.app/$plausocks ~#nobotI'm a computer nerd, welder, mechanic, hacker (old meaning)Interlinked Foundation memberhttps://mst3k.interlinked.me - Instance Administrator:succ:http://aomyers.com Sexuality=Pansexual lesbiab Music Tastes=Trance/Vaporwave/Various EDM/Alt Rock/ Metal Politics=NO Age=28 (Jan 1992) Country=USA State=:flag_us_ok: Oklahoma baby Pronouns=She/Her Gender=girl :sparkles_trans: Status=Married w/ cats Bae=Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me Bae 2=Violet@vulpine.club CashApp=$plausocks Paypal=paypal.me/plausocks ko-fi=ko-fi.com/plausocks
teslas_moustache@sunbeam.citySunbeam Borb
teslas_moustache@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Same borb as @teslas_moustache. Anarchist with syndicalist leanings, but other interests as well. Artist, Wobbly, Worker. Food autonomy, mutual aid. pronouns=en: "he/they" eo: "li/ri" Age=low 30s Plants=YES (hardiness zone 6a) Amazon Wishlist=https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2I9CUO0HA0O9Y?type=wishlist&filter=unpurchased&sort=priority&viewType=list
pinstripe@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Banned from Ptwitter (P for paedophile) for calling Juno a bloke, worth it I say. Ya can keep your groomy paedo loving mutual masturbation club. I can breathe fresh air on Spinster. Shame I can't outside.Trans Rights are Men's Rights
petergelderloos@mastodon.online  [follow]
Writing and fighting for a world without prisons, borders, clear cuts, or strip mines, a world of care, imagination, and mutual aid. he/they
tokisaysmeow@anarchism.space🏴"Meow," Toki Said.🏴
tokisaysmeow@anarchism.space  [follow]
Michelle--an awkward human being. Cares about too much. Queer. Anarchism is neat. Support each other, Mutual Aid is beautiful. They/she
me@libranet.de  [follow]
Researcher ☀️ Social-ecology and Radical direct democracy☀️ Art ☀️ Science ☀ Abolish all hierarchies ☀️ Revolution starts with compassion 🌻 DMs to XMPP : bukkchin@dismail.de Gender=Mostly Male Religious views=Unnecessary Likes=Anything that makes me happy without much harm to others 😀 Dislikes=Insults, Saracasm About=Researcher ☀️ Social-ecology and Radical direct democracy☀️ Art ☀️ Science ☀ Abolish all hierarchies ☀️ Revolution starts with compassion 🌻 DMs to my #XMPP : bukkchin@dismail.de Books, literature, poetry=Reading Conquest of the bread, Mutual Aid Hobbies/Interests=Research Work/Employment=Researcher
cryptidcripple@kolektiva.social​🦋Finn🏳️‍⚧️ (they/he) ♌️
cryptidcripple@kolektiva.social  [follow]
READ 2nd+3rd PINNED TOOTS B4 FOLLOWING. Disabled (EDS + Co,) Autistic, Mad, and midFatQueer ~ Diamoric + Non-binary ~ Abime-AutiBLM. ACAB. Anarchy. Abolition. Mutual Aid.On Kalapuy land 📍24 ~ Leo/Libra/Libra Astrologer - Voidpunk - CryptidcoreT Juice: 09/23/16Top Chop: 11/02/20 🦇 Pronouns 🦇=THEY/HE ⛓My Links⛓=https://msha.ke/cryptidcripple/ 📸Instagram📸=https://www.instagram.com/cryptidcripple/ ⏰Timezone⏰=PST
cguerrillanexus@newsbots.euCyberGuerrillA Nexus
nAbAt, CgAn, Mutual Aid, Donate
cguerrillanexus@newsbots.eu  [follow]
Auto...Pipes, News, nAbAt from the fronts dedicate great amounts of water acquired networks and talent Fly’s the troll flag proudly #CyberGuerrillA Team account
pnwresistance@kolektiva.socialPNW Resistance
pnwresistance@kolektiva.social  [follow]
► Antifascism / Mutual Aid / Community Defense► pnwresistance@riseup.net► #BlackLivesMatter
wetpaper@social.coopCam ck-chhh 📸 ☑️
website, patreon
wetpaper@social.coop  [follow]
(they/them) I like shitposts, thinking and talking about cultivating healthy relationships and communities, cooking, baking and crafts.I have a newsletter where I talk about undoing abuse culture and a patreon if you've benefited from my writing and wanna do a mutual aid.autistic, chronically ill jewish reproductive laborer. zaftig.I won't approve follow requests if: -no avatar -your posts/replies look like you don't engage respectfully with ppl political affiliation=anarcho-communist favorite quote="something something... bread but also roses.. something something."
maeve@girlcock.clubmaeve harris
maeve@girlcock.club  [follow]
Transgender woman living in Bangkok, anarchist, originally from Washington, D.C. Interests: trans mutual aid, labor rights, world news, Linux, python, Victoriana, Australiasian IWW x number 396487 Pronouns=she/her or they/them OS=Linux Mint 20 Telegram=maevebangkok
sunflower_avenue@sunbeam.citySun :heart_aro: :heart_ace:
sunflower_avenue@sunbeam.city  [follow]
aro and ace stuff, solarpunk, needle felting, mutual aid privilege notes=cis, white, neurotypical Identity stuff=aroace lesbian Pronouns=she/her
joy@spinster.xyzJoy in Canada
Radfems of Canada, Women Fight Back
joy@spinster.xyz  [follow]
#WomensLand#RadfemsCaRadfems of CanadaWest Coast WomynWomen Fight BackChurch of Women's LiberationWomen's Land Project We're looking to create a radical feminist community on the land for co-housing, mentorship, festivals, retreats, and mutual aid.Vancouver Island, BChttp://radfems.ca Church of Women's Liberation=http://churchofwomensliberation.wordpress.com
dirtbag_anarchist@kolektiva.socialDirtbag Anarchist
dirtbag_anarchist@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Anticapitalist, antifascist, antiauthoritarian. ACAB. Pro shitposting, mutual aid, community defense and dark humor. Professional brunch disrupter. Birdsite @anarcho_dirtbag.
spuddk@mastodon.socialSpud -- #BernieOnMastodon
Twitter, Reddit
spuddk@mastodon.social  [follow]
Berner, 8 bits is enough, music, more plz. #M4A = litmus test.Mutual consideration = the best politics. No votes for people who can't answer the question, "What's in it for them?" Berners UNITE!=https://mastodon.social/tags/BernieOnMastodon
yaoimates@mastodon.online  [follow]
1st yaoi base for bxb rps in mastodon.• use #YM untuk mengirim menfess via dm.• promote base = auto fb• reply pinned untuk cari mutual, nanti base bantu boost toots kalian.
teslas_moustache@kolektiva.socialSyndikalist Borb
teslas_moustache@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Same borb as @teslas_moustache and @teslas_moustache Anarchist with syndicalist leanings, but other interests as well. Artist, Wobbly, Worker. Food autonomy, mutual aid, gardening, street medic, ham radio. Living on occupied Osage and Kaw territory.#nobotPlease make public posts before requesting to follow me.
p2@mastodon.social  [follow]
Alys 🐀 She/they 🐀 lesbian✅CERTIFIED RAT✅THE ONE AND ONLY MINECRAFT MUTUAL Tumblr=q84hc 🐀=🐀
publius@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Just your run-of-the-mill space colonist. Dictum 1=Mutual aid is the organizing principle of human society Dictum 2=The purpose of economic activity is to meet human needs Dictum 3=Nothing much is gained by going against human nature Rule of Right Conduct=If “boiling mercury” seems like a good answer, ASK A DIFFERENT QUESTION.
curufuin@metalhead.club🏴FIMBULVE⸸R 🏴🌱
Bandcamp, PixelFed
curufuin@metalhead.club  [follow]
I am a non-binary, vegan, eco-ancom, amatuer mycologist, with Major Depression. I like to build weird synths, and amps and other electronic mutants. I'm interested in food forests, squatting, nomadicism, mutual aid networks, mushrooms, metal/punk/noise etc. FunkWhale=https://fw.neko.bar/@curufuin Github=https://git hub.com/curufuin
flappypaddles@mastodon.socialOuch, 2018
flappypaddles@mastodon.social  [follow]
grassroots organising, mutual aid, nb, disabled, friendly, psychosis, ducks are okay i guess but i prefer cats Pronouns=They/Them, She/Her Animal Fav=Cats, not ducks, ignore the profile images Capital=None State=Dismantle, toot-suite
joelizlar@scholar.socialJoel Izlar 🌻🌱🍞☕
joelizlar@scholar.social  [follow]
Dad, radical community worker, social scientist, tea head, and noise rock enthusiast.I research community work, community organization, mutual aid, and ecosocial welfare. Against all oppression. Against all phobias and hate of, and violence toward, human difference. 👤 Pronouns=He/Him ♥️ Interests=community work, organizing community, direct action, ecosocial justice, prefigurative politics, social ecology, building cardboard spaceships with my kid, research, writing, re-use, ecotechnology, biking, walking, tea, cookies, pizza, & art. 🕸️ Website=https://www.joelizlar.me
mewt@the.resize.clubMewt - Kind and Lewd
mewt@the.resize.club  [follow]
🔞Omnisexual Mewtwo in search of mutual pleasure. Agender, they/them. Wide, wide variety of kinks, highly NSFW, TMI.I'm blehprime everywhere else - https://blehprime.tumblr.com
ike@social.coop  [follow]
foster dad, poetry enthusiast, programmer.i follow for organized labor, boatbuilding, mutual aid, poetry, voluntary simplicity, degrowth, or b/c ur cool. probably=democratic confederalist fascists=tear them down rel="me"=he/him
puppy@sleeping.town🐀 (cozy)
puppy@sleeping.town  [follow]
formerly of chitter.xyz*squeak*🚫 dont @ me with lewd jokes 🚫🚫 dont butt into my private conversations if we're not mutuals 🚫* on the above statement; if we were mutuals on my old chitter account, then i still count us to be mutual friends. im just maintaining a quieter timeline on here, so im not following everyone back.av src: https://twitter.com/bannedfromkmart/status/957095221707362304 pronouns=they/them age=22
klavdia_perez@mastodon.socialClaudia P. Monferrato
klavdia_perez@mastodon.social  [follow]
All women are my sisters even much to our mutual regret#FreeScotland #NoSurrogacy #ProstitutionIsRape
pdxcovid19mutualaid@mastodon.socialPDX Covid-19 Mutual Aid
pdxcovid19mutualaid@mastodon.social  [follow]
Responding to the needs of our community with collective power, and mutual aid.Cover photo by N.O. Bonzo
toffy@raru.retofe-san 💕
toffy@raru.re  [follow]
love you try to hep youI make games! https://toffee.itch.io/(he/him, 23, homo)TEMPORARY NOTE:I'VE BEEN INSTANCE HOPPING A LOT, and swapping followers between accounts. I hope I am welcome on your timeline. I was @toffee! If we used to be mutuals at any point let me know and I will follow back! And for new people, hello <3I usually mutual up with anyone who's nice!
drkflff@kolektiva.social  [follow]
t4t//nonbinary fag//crip//wizard+herbalistfull spectrum community care @ www.lunationsomatics.com----access intimacy note: cis/het/ablebodied/folks with access priv. must engage in energy exchange, mutual aid support of me/our work to engage with me in digital and interdimensional space - see link.tree for options.our patreon tiers start @ $1.11/mnth. barter and trade are very welcome.https://linktr.ee/lunationsomatics link.tree=linktr.ee/lunationsomatics $$=B4 asking 4 labor pronouns=they/them t4=t
pdxhrc@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Mutual aid camping collective of houseless people in so called Portland. Mutual aid for houseless people from houseless people. 1312 fuck ICE LAND BACK. Info@radicalcamping.org CashApp $radicalcamping twitter=@PDXHRC Location=#FalloutCamp cashapp=$radicalcamping website/blog=pdxhrc.org
m0ntagnard@mamot.frRed Mood
m0ntagnard@mamot.fr  [follow]
be careful with your privacy and security, stay encrypted and away from GAFAM's services ; only you can do thatrespect of anydifference if you respect me in returnanything that it can be grow freelyné en 364.92 ppm de CO2 atmosphérique lang=fr | en | human os=debian / archlinux / freebsd ideology=sharing, respect, mutual aid, freedom, ecology, love, open thought pattern=non-A, common interest, introspection, extrapolation, adaptating and evolving mind prism
rotundcat@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Meanjin/Brisbane anarcho-communist :ancom_star: :iww: Temperament=Phlegmatic pronouns=they/he interests=decolonisation, mutual aid, computer science, star trek.
antifascistangel@kolektiva.socialbaby cranberry
antifascistangel@kolektiva.social  [follow]
im @amarajoy @antifascistangel & @harm.redux.angel from IG i do harm reduction outreach, art, former youth worker & CNA, current student/ student loan serf. white bi jewwitch?/ablebodied/mentally ill former n occasional drug user; counselor-&-art-therapist-in-training on Duwamish land. Alaska born/raisednot 2 active yet, trying to get my bearings; expect to see: memes/shitposting (oc and repost), mutual aid stuf, mental health stuf, art, selfies, queer stuffPartnered Age/Content=29/18+ Pronouns=she/they Mutual Aid Fund=patreon.com/hocslqa Twitter=@moonlitslug
aarf@kolektiva.social  [follow]
We're a revolutionary horizontal collective with a focus on people's defense, mutual aid, and direct action. Contact: aarflosangeles(@)http://protonmail.ch
syd@koyu.spacelil leftie mcgee ;)
syd@koyu.space  [follow]
Hi I'm Syd. I'm a non-binary artist & writer, here to build my online circle of leftist friends.I'm actively involved w direct action, organizing & mutual aid in the midwest (USA). I will occasionally post my art & poetry, but I'm mainly here for the discourse & community :)memes 4 life Pronouns=they/them Website=sydsvidz.fun Politics=Anti-Fascist, Anarcho-Communist Looking for:=Leftist Friends
nAbAt, CgAn, Mutual Aid, Donate
doemela@mastodon.host  [follow]
Auto...Pipes, News, nAbAt from the fronts dedicate great amounts of water acquired networks and talent Fly’s the troll flag proudly #CyberGuerrillA
orwelldonesteak@mastodon.online  [follow]
Rye guns mutual aid
eravera@koyu.space  [follow]
My name is Camryn. I love thai tea, lake trips, the celebrity cipher & combat sports. Interview preparation & resume development are my main skills for mutual aid. Age=28 Pronouns=she/her Location=PNW!
kevlar@kolektiva.social  [follow]
I never got to this part oops... but I'm just a regular leftist in unceded Lenni Lenape lands. Used to say I was anarcho-communist but idk anymore.I don't care about my pronouns, they is fine. I am not feeling well today mentally. Stressed from trying to organize even the simplest things and no one wants to leave the house or do anything... Maybe I'll make a better bio sometime... I'm real though, and I do things. I'd rather hear your story and see how I could work with you in the future. Lets=Work together Graffiti=Against oppression Direct Action=Is my jam Mutual Aid=Always
anubis2814@social.isurf.ca  [follow]
Longtime Atheist/scientist/skeptic and now leftish political youtuber. youtube.com/anubis2814 Also anubis214@watch.breadtube.org for politics and anubis2814a@peertube.stream for atheism Political Views=Mutual Social Democrat. 1/3rd liberal, 1/3rd socialist, 1/3rd anarchist all Green. Ideologies are tools in a toolbox depending on the problem. With Ranked choice voting I would be with a different party My Song=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MM62wjLrgmA Zodiac= Interests= Status  Domestic Partnership Music Tool, Pink Floyd, Cake, Gorillaz[/pre]    Movies     Star Wars Original Trilogy,  Lord of the Rings TV  Venture Brothers, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra Books The Tao of Pooh, The SilmarillionHeroes John Lewis, Elizabeth Warren, Sir Walter Raleigh Religion=Agnostic Atheist is what I don't believe, and a what I do believe is a mix of Secular Humanism, Buddhism and Taoism Favorite Quotes="I know I have pirate problems. I know you have serious ass pirate problems!-Sifl and Olly"Blasphemy mixed equally with humility leads to enlightenment""Dogma is created to allow the stupid to think they found enlightenment""it's amazing how technology has evolved climate control and multi-media to blind people of the damage its doing""Society deems the most evolved to be the people who don't notice the negative changes occurring"The mind is what separates humans from animals. It is there to relieve sufferings of yourself, others and nature. If you cannot do that, be like an animal. While the mind is a terrible thing to waste, the misuse of the mind can cause much more suffering than an animal ever could."Honor is only given to those who give honor to others" - a Jewish scribeReligion is for people who suck at science and critical thinkingMaking someone suffer is worse than death, death is inevitable, suffering should not be. Suffering should only be natures way of letting you know something is wrong.The person who invented the wheel inadvertently helped invent the DVDThe true lover of knowledge will eventually find money easy to come by, but find little use for it for his own sake.-Einstein or me maybe can't rememberFreedom has to be achieved not begged for, snatched not prayed for. A freedom that is given to you as a gift out of compassion is not of much value. Hence, in Buddhism there is no savior. -OshoThe struggle for freedom is what educates a person to use it properly."Admiration is the furthest thing from understanding" - Sōsuke Aizen, BleachConstant learning and adaptation is the only way to ensure you harm no oneThe best way to educate is to listen and correct misunderstandings"Foolish men prefer weaker women" -Horo, Spice and Wolf Works at=Work Education= Military= Places I've lived= Languages=English - Fluent, French - Intermediate, German - Intermediate, American Sign Language - Beginner Life Events=2009Met Partner 2018Started New Job at Microbiology Family=Brother About Me:=Microbiologist working with cells and bioreactors. Long time youtuber on science, leftish politics, psychology and atheism. Former naval nuclear electrician. Former adjunct college instructor for math, biology and chemistry. Constant rabid study of anything that crosses my path.
metawish@mstdn.io  [follow]
Mish, They/Them, Nonbinary and Queer AF!Leftist, solarpunk, and FOSS n00b. Also anime~de-google, de-amazon, decentralize and mutual aid to save the planet
smd515@mastodon.online  [follow]
• mid 30’s • non-binary • they/them • white • able-bodied • depressed and anxious, possibly adhd• Interested in learning about anarchism, communism, class struggle, mutual aid, and cooperation. I’m probably not as mature as I ought to be.
derivecolumn@counter.socialDérive Column
derivecolumn@counter.social  [follow]
Adventure Cyclist, Messenger, Anarchist, Mutual Aid, Fellow Travellerhttps://linktr.ee/Kennycaustic
klavdiaperez@quey.org  [follow]
All womyn are my sisters even much to our mutual regret Where=#FreeScotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 To=#DifferenceFeminism From=#RadFem
klavdiaperez_monferrat@mastodon.socialClaudia Perez con K
klavdiaperez_monferrat@mastodon.social  [follow]
My life began once I became a feminist#RadFem in transit to #DifferenceFeminism#TheySayIamSomehowAterf Creed=Every wymen is my sister even much our mutual regret Scotland=#FreeScotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
tempertatrum@mastodon.online  [follow]
non-binary plural freakweirdo 18+follow me if u like•anarchism•polyamory•kink•mutual aid•decentralized/non-hierarchical organizing•DID•memes•harm reduction•transformative justice•
zalyx@radical.town  [follow]
-25. He/him-Anxious mess. Depression naps-Punk/Ska/etc lover-Tech/IT Nerd (not a tech bro)/FOSS+Linux/Gaming enthusiast-Interest in Leftist thought/politics-Mutual aid/direct action-Pansexual-SciFi/Fantasy/Anime Fan-Never used twitter or anything similar before joining Mastodon, bear with me. Getting used to this microblogging thing. XMPP=zalyx@riseup.net Matrix=@zalyx:matrix.org
0x520@ni.hil.ist🏴🌱 Curufuin
0x520@ni.hil.ist  [follow]
ACABAnarquistx/VeganxInteresado en: Hongos, Árboles, Rocas, Aves, Electricidad y Agua.Solidaridad con Rojava, el EZLN y luchas de liberación en Perú y Chile.contra la hegemonía americana, la colonización, la heredera y la opresión.liberación de animales.** I am trying to keep this account small and manageable, so if you would like to be a mutual, please DM me. I would love to talk to anybody about anything I covered above in english or spanish.
hildegardhummingbird@kolektiva.socialhelen agnes / helaine aigneis
hildegardhummingbird@kolektiva.social  [follow]
🕯neurodivergent anarchist + nonbinary baby⛲️from occupied Ohlone land, currently living on occupied Nisenan landim autistic and have chronic illnessthings im really passionate about are catholic witchcraft, swimming, ceramics, mathematics, unschooling/democratic school, disability rights, antiracism, mutual aid, birdwatching, anticapitalism, cooking, ancient history, and magic ✨🪐 name=helen, agnes, or hilda :-) pronouns=they//them age=22 emoji=🎠
nocko@kolektiva.socialNocko 🏴
nocko@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Hacker, Electronics, Mutual Aid, #ldnont, >18 Pronouns=he/they
emotionalbabe@kolektiva.socialMar 🏳️‍🌈🧚🏻‍♂️🧿🌬️
emotionalbabe@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Non-binary artist & ancom here in solidarity with SWers! I post art I make, mutual aid, OC memes, and revolutionary rage. Russian settler on Unceded Algonquin Anishiaabe territoryRUS/EN/FR---[Header: a photo of Katya Zamolodchikova sitting on a chair facing a vending machine, waiting for something to drop] Twitter:=Emotionalmar_ Pronouns:=They/them IG:=Emotionalbabe
free_from_profit@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Cops are not friends.🐖🐖🐖🐖🔥🔥🔥🔥System administrator that makes punk music and despises capitalism. I'm mentally ill but that doesn't mean I don't have a valid say in how society works. Workers' rights are human rights. Unionize and fight for them._____________________________________________I am purposely refraining from attaching much personal identity to this page. If you are interested in learning more about me and my music, just drop a line. Beliefs=Mutual Aid, Punk Culture, Trans Lives, BLM, Music, Dismantling the oligarchy we live in.
thegriefwitch@mstdn.socialriver (they/she)
thegriefwitch@mstdn.social  [follow]
🔮🥀🕯️queer femme survivor witch practicing art | healing | abolition | mutual aid⚡living with cptsd & mdd on Chinook land♒♐♍
diegobrando@joe.masto.hostdoppio's frog ipad ⌖ danny
diegobrando@joe.masto.host  [follow]
he/it &#8982; 18 &#8982; annoying jojo mutual@okuyasu's 16gb iphonehttp://sixpistols.carrd.co/
jlreid28@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Hello my name is Justin Reid and I am an atmospheric scientist and data analyst. I am a libertarian ecosocialist who feels that direct democracy, social ecology, and an economic system beyond capitalism is the only way forward out of our society's multitude of problems. I have joined this server & collective in order to find a community that views kinship & relationships as something more than a transaction & in the spirit of mutual aid be there for each other when it matters the most.
davej13@mastodon.online  [follow]
(cishet) male, married, family, lost hippie, anti-racist, engineer, anarchist (Chomsky/Foucault), was socialist but lost faith. Bean days an con fused - open minded and hearted - in spirit of mutual respect.
dusk@fuckonthefirst.dateDusk 💛
dusk@fuckonthefirst.date  [follow]
nonbinary mess (they/them)| computers, sometimes\ ponies, sometimes\ bad ideas, most times\ bisexual, sometimes\ palm os dreams, sometimes| this is a more personal / smaller account; see also @bb010g@weirder.earth(attempting healthier, more mutual interaction here)| 21\ https://static.bb010g.com/
eqlzr@social.anartist.org  [follow]
Help build a community of music producers promoting diversity and mutual aid. All levels and styles, all genders and colors, independent and free.
stopbitchingstartarevolution@displaced.social  [follow]
Intersetional Feminism, LGTBQI*, Leftist, Vegan, Enviromentalism, Sustainability, Music, Film, Series, Arts Lover of=memes, all living beings, mutual respect, antiautoritarism, non-conformism Top Priority=Human Rights Moved from Tumblr=stopbitchingstartarevolution (still active) Occupancy=Unicorn on the brink
nori@tranny.town  [follow]
do mutual aid
kazuma@ieji.dekirito icon mutual
kazuma@ieji.de  [follow]
do you live in hell too?
klavdiaperez@spinster.xyzClaudia Perez-Monferrat
klavdiaperez@spinster.xyz  [follow]
All womyn are my sisters even much to our mutual regret Feminism=#RadFem transitioning to #DifferenceFeminism
tbsglden@social.tchncs.deSofía 🥚
tbsglden@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
ni idea como aparecieron mis mutual de 1 pero holis aaaaa
crimethinc@mastodon.onlineCrimethInc. Ex-Workers
crimethinc@mastodon.online  [follow]
CrimethInc. is a rebel alliance—a decentralized network pledged to anonymous collective action—a breakout from the prisons of our age. We strive to reinvent our lives and our world according to the principles of self-determination and mutual aid.We believe that you should be free to dispose of your limitless potential on your own terms: that no government, market, or ideology should be able to dictate what your life can be. If you agree, let’s do something about it.crimethinc.com
klavdiaperez_monferrat@mstdn.socialClaudia Perez
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All womyn are my sisters even much to our mutual regret
sneakysnek@artalley.socialAmoeba Adam
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24, genderfuck, queer artist.illustration, comic art, procreate, zines & bookbinding, handpoke tatz, ceramics, screenprinting and old school graphic printing.I like: loud dance music, non-monogamy, mutual care, queer art, coconut shower gels, insects, reptiles, growing plants, slavic memes and tye dye shirtsI dislike: hierarchy, taking out the trash and the movie love actually pronouns:=They/souljaboytellThem patreon:=www.patreon.com/adamko based in:=Bratislava/Prague/Tallinn insta:=amoebadam
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My pronouns are they/them/theirs:), however I am testing out Fey/Femme/Faers so I'd appreciate people trying those out on me so I can get a feel for them in a safe place!My goal is to be entirely on community run online servers one day... No more Instagram, just mutual aid and vibes...I'm trans AF btw.I do a lot of stuff but among them I tutor, write poems, get therapy, try to make my gf happy, and find new comfort media.🥺I want anarchist diy Insp🥺 Sexuality=Uuuhhh Queer definitely Gender=Lots (Not girl tho) ND=Definitely there but unspecified Likes=DIY Tips are my god
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Some sort of crow/goat hybrid thing.Gryphon? Capragriff? ...Demon? Who knows?!Bi/pan.Will accept most follow requests; don't let the locked account put you off! It's mainly to keep bots at bay.Mutual follows are appreciated. Lewd/NSFW posts will be appropriately CW'd.Also available on telegram, steam, tox, and XMPP!
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I love 🌥🌹🌨🍃❄️🐿.Respect is mutual. Make the 🌏 a better place to live for your children 😇. live and let live ☺️. Birdsite=@Lovethyyyself
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This bot is intended to boosts posts that contain requests for mutual aid.The bot is run by @nova so please direct any questions or concerns there.Currently, it will boost any post containing hashtags from the following list: #TransCrowdFund#DisabilityCrowdFund#EmergencyCrowdFund#ShowUpForWishesIt will not boost any posts from other bots, people with the nobot hashtag in their profile, or posts containing the nobot hashtag.
zysivex@mstdn.socialIzzazaza :verified:
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Ado ado ado quem tá lendo eh otarioPode interagir comigo a vontade eu gosto ok e se me der liberdade eu vou fzr a mesma coisase quiser ser mutual no tt tbm o @ eh zysivex e no ig tbm rsrsrsrsrsrs
beansnack@kolektiva.socialBeansnack (they/them)
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Just a smol bean trying to avoid the plague and fight the system. Especially interested in sustainable ag, soil science, fungi, and mutual aid.Enby pan relationship anarchist Very horny, full of rage.
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#Queer, #trans, #autistic #ND. Slowly learning tarot, possessor of a rich internal world. In love with the valley I live in. Community and mutual aid. #hopepunk
mutualaidwales@toot.walesMutual Aid Wales
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Sut all Cymru eich helpu chi, a sut allwch chi helpu Cymru?How can Wales help you, and how can you help Wales?
willametteactioncollective@kolektiva.socialWillamette Action Collective
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Anti imperialist environmental organization that focuses on mutual aid in occupied Chinook, coquille, and kallapooia lands in so-called Oregon. http://www.willametteactioncollective.com/#landback#mutualaid
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24 yr old ♍ queer🌈 neurodivergent (autistic&adhd) fil-am🇵🇭🇺🇲she/her 👯‍♀️political beliefs are Left, specific area of the left is undetermined b/c im baby. abolition is cool. working in software engineering 👩‍💻if you know of mutual aid, organizing, etc projects that could benefit from tech skills dm me, would love to help out 💌photos (film+digital): @Zerorinmore interests: music, videogames, tea, anime, decorating/aesthetics, candles, pol, memes, art
brodjagaratnik@mastodon.hostBrodjaga Ratnik
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They would rather put him in a rotten jail than listen to his arguing solidarity, mutual aid, empowerment of people and great feelings of love #AnonArrested
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Disgraça is an anti-authoritarian, horizontally organized, DIY social centre located on Rua Penha de França in Lisbon which has been running since 2015.It’s a place for building community, mutual aid and organizing diverse struggles, from the broader anti-fascist fight to the local housing crises. It’s a space where you can just hangout or you can get involved. A place to be used as a tool and to create bonds in the long fight against the status-quo, authoritarianism, Capital and the State.
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The Leg Meeper[][][][][][][-----[leg]-----]<meeper>sh(meeper)ts shee(p|rivate) accountfrs are okay but i may deny themfollow meep at meeper@blob.cat unless you are a mutual ig?
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A queer affinity group focused on mutual aid, street medic knowledge and abolition based in “Charleston, SC.”
guesswho@beeping.townGuess Who?
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how well do you know your mutuals? in this game about solidifying friendships, have a conversation with a random mutual. if you want, you can try to guess who they are!just DM me to get started! it may take a few minutes to select a mutualmessage @cosine with questions or commentsIF SOMEONE IS HARASSING YOU THROUGH THIS BOTplease reply to the bot with &#39;+reveal +silent&#39;, then you know who did it. report the harassment to your admins, and include a link to the DMs (they&#39;ll be able to see them)
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the official cowboy mutual!follow me for cowboy content and raw eggs
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Somos una organización de caracter mutual, cuyo objetivo principal es afianzar créditos y participación en procesos de licitación y ejecución de contratos
yeehawitsash@mstdn.socialAsh (they/them)
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writer, organizer, sex educator 💕⛓anti-capitalist, queer, kinky slut and loud about itrn I'm mostly noodling around on here and trying to ween off IG✨very open to mutual follows and building community w fellow abolitionist queers 🖼️ Instagram=@yeehawitsash 🌀 Website=https://www.ashturner.info NSFW=18+ pls
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Technochinampero. Gringo living in Mexico, working, learning and participating. Precolonial agriculture is bad ass. Indigenous communities rising up gives me hope. Bicycle for all occasions. Love solidarity and mutual-aid. Bilingüe down to translate radical texts.
finite_mortal_pretty@kolektiva.socialLess (she/her)
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Biracial black trans woman, mutual aid coordinator
freelunchcollective@kolektiva.socialFree Lunch Collective
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PDX| A chaotic maelstrom of willing hands organizing around food access for all. 🌪✨A hub for mutual aid. ⒶⒺⓋSupport via Venmo: @freelunchcollective
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• mid 30’s • non-binary • they/them • white • able-bodied • depressed and anxious, possibly adhd• Interested in learning about anarchism, communism, class struggle, mutual aid, and cooperation • I like all sorts of music, and I’m trying to learn drums and guitar • I’m a wannabe artist who doesn’t spend enough time practicing drawing • I’m probably not as mature as I ought to be.
stephr@social.coopStephanie Rearick
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Stephanie Rearick is founder and steward of Mutual Aid Networks, co-owner of Mother Fool's , and also works as a musician.
scottdakota@kolektiva.socialScott Dakota
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Love. Ethics. Truth. People Power. Mutual Uplift.Envisioning & making the better future.
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Doing mutual aid in New Jersey.(she/her)
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#f4f #mutual #news #politics #philosophy
birminghammutualaid@kolektiva.socialBirmingham Mutual Aid
site, patreon
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Birmingham Mutual Aid is a scrappy group of folks with bad haircuts on a mission to mutual aid as hard as they can wherever they can. Formed in the year of our covid, March 2020, Birmingham Mutual Aid has been meeting as many of our community's needs as possible, here in Alabama.birminghammutualaid.compatreon.com/bhamma
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Just another face in the crowd, who has a very secret desire for mutual diaper fun
jennybird42@kolektiva.socialJenny Shaw
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Burlesque, massage, magick, mutual aid, anarchy, activism, community, cooking, pets
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Profile pic by https://instagram.com/poi.kaQueer anarchist bimbo with ADHD and little to no common senseMoved here from insta because zucc is homophobic ♥&#65039;Likely won't post much myself, just here to boost content from other comrades and links for mutual aid
crmutualaidnet@kolektiva.socialChehalis River Mutual Aid
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A grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action. We fight for liberation.
dphantom@social.coopDaniell F.
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Danny or Daniell | 21 | transmasc nb pansexual | they/them | My interests include: anarchism, mutual aid, permaculture, solarpunk, community organizing, and hacking