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amyfou@mastodon.socialAmy Fountain
amyfou@mastodon.social  [follow]
linguistics and language tech, animals, voting rights, climate. Big old nope to fascism & white supremacy. Side gig sorta in community lead language tech for indigenous languages. I'm not a great coder but I'm learning. #fedi22 #linguistics #languageTech #dogs #horses #animals #IndigenousLanguages #mushing #uglyDogs
tatsupl@mastodon.socialTomasz ‘Tatsu’ Sperczak
tatsupl@mastodon.social  [follow]
IT Manager/PM and ICF Coach. I take pictures. Motorcycles are my meditation. Travel, surfing and mushing is what I'm looking forward to. I still choose Apple.
mushy-musings@wordsmith.socialMUSHy Musings
mushy-musings@wordsmith.social  [follow]
With my final departure from MUSHing as a hobby, this blog is on hiatus—likely permanent.
coldfootfilms@twtr.plusAlex M. Stein
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
coldfootfilms@twtr.plus  [follow]
Storyteller. Filmmaker. Lover of the Northern Lights.TALES FROM THE TRAIL (Short Fiction About Dogs, Mushing, and Sled-Dog Races) is out now. Twitter=twitter.com/coldfootfilms
tonichelleak@twtr.plusToni Reitter
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
tonichelleak@twtr.plus  [follow]
Alaska Grown. Photographer. #Iditarod/Mushing, #FigureSkating, #49ers Football, #Disney & #Travel. #MusherTwitter Opinions are my own. CoHost for @MushingRadio Twitter=twitter.com/tonichelleak