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libre_culture@lemmy.mlLibre Culture
libre_culture@lemmy.ml  [follow]
What is libre culture?Libre culture is all about empowering people. While the general philosophy stems greatly from the free software movement, libre culture is much broader and encompasses other aspects of culture such as music, movies, food, technology, etc.Some beliefs include but aren't limited to:That copyright should expire after a certain period of time.That knowledge should be available to people, not locked away.That no entity should have unjust control or possession of others.That mass surveillance is about mass control, not justice.That we can all band together to help liberate each other.Check out this link for more.RulesI've looked into the ways other forums handle rules, and I've distilled their policies down into two simple ideas.Please show common courtesy: Let's make this community one that people want to be a part of.Please keep posts generally on topicNo NSFW contentWhen sharing a Libre project, please include the name of its license in the title. For example: “Project name and summary (GPL-3.0)”Libre culture is a very very broad topic, and while it's perfectly okay for a conversation to stray, I do ask that we keep things generally on topic.Related CommunitiesLibre Culture MemesOpen SourceActivityPubLinuxBSDFree (libre) Software ReplacementsLibre SoftwareLibre HardwareHelpful ResourcesThe Respects Your Freedom CertificationLibre GNU/Linux DistrosWikimedia FoundationThe Internet ArchiveGuide to DRM-Free LivingLibreGameWikiswitching.softwareHow to report violations of the GNU licensesCreative Commons LicensesCommunity icon is from Wikimedia Commons and is public domain.
Website, Socialhome, Pixelfed
fitheach@mstdn.io  [follow]
#Nature, technology, #food, #movies, #music, #politics, #photography #dogs and life in the #Highlands of #Scotland.#Mustard #TeamRosenKohl AKA=Iain MacDonald
gaytwinksmovies@mastodon.socialGay Twinks Movies
gaytwinksmovies@mastodon.social  [follow]
Gay Twinks Tube
lebronjames75@shitposter.club꧁the real lebron꧂!Εр8l41nG4y2 ­## Αdmіn
lebronjames75@shitposter.club  [follow]
extremist centristi like to post billyif you like these crazy ass soviet depression movies, lebronjames is definitely for Udisclaimer: i am not the famous american sports athleteeveryone sees everything as black or white, but the world is only made out of shades of gray. sometimes its okay to commit war crimes. 🇪🇪=🇪🇪
PeerTube, Pixelfed, Ko-fi, RedBubble
lyrilith@mastodon.art  [follow]
Loves to draw, read comics, surf the web, watch bad movies, play with makeup and loves all things gothy. 🎉 Commissions open!🎉 INFP-T, she / her, 30-somethinglocation: Hamburg, Germany | 🇩🇪 🇬🇧
brion@bikeshed.vibber.netBrion Vibber
brion@bikeshed.vibber.net  [follow]
nerd, weirdo, person, whatever. i enjoy bad puns and you will see them. i also like going off on random tangents about tech, movies, or other random things of interest. fun activities include having mental health and flight simulation.you may enjoy my work on mediawiki & wikipedia, or my wacky webassembly codecs. i hope for a world where computers help people instead of hurting them so much.
bobo_pk@chaos.socialBobo_PK 🦄
bobo_pk@chaos.social  [follow]
Who needs verifications when you can have unicorns?I like chiptune, chaosevents, gdpr, movies, politics and unicornsI make music with game boys and play for travel expenses (if it is for a good cause)
ella_kane@hackers.townElla, Cyberpunk Goddess; UTC+1
ella_kane@hackers.town  [follow]
:blobsalute: Lt. Emojo of H.town!Survived The Langoliers, Time Warps & got a cane I'm not afraid to use.:WeAreNameless: I created #WeAreNameless, a monthly community project where Hackers & half of Fedi watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies!:blobwitch:​ I'm a daughter of the wire, a witch drawing strength from their pyre! :_stars: :_storm:They/She/Kitten | #NoBot XMPP:=ella@404.city Bots:=@ellakane_ebooks and @20181210_01 Wishlist:=https://www.amazon.es/hz/wishlist/ls/1YB3XXRK5TWH1/?retribute :C_H:​ :WeAreNameless:=The Internet is real!
illnessideology@radical.townJake Paul Rowling
illnessideology@radical.town  [follow]
he/himI love #movies and respect #womenmember of the #HorrorCrew . Talk to me about spooks. Metaethics=Sentamentalist Metaphysics=Constructivist Epistemology=Social Aesthetics=Horror
derek@laserdisc.party  [follow]
head honcho and poet laureate of laserdisc.partynot actually an Omwill review DTV action movies 4 tipsYUL - ♓♏♑ - he/himalso on Letterboxd: https://letterboxd.com/derek_g/admin contact - laserdisc.party@protonmail.com
redsheri1@counter.socialRedSheri 👩‍🦰
redsheri1@counter.social  [follow]
Retired CA VIP Wedding & event planner, Love CA, Disney, Food, Movies, travel politics, dogs, cooking, sewing, beach, having fun.
zhong1guo2@lemmygrad.ml中国的最新发展, A place to learn about China, Chinese and China's latest developments, (Reddit's Sino)
zhong1guo2@lemmygrad.ml  [follow]
这是一个专门讨论中国、中国文化、中国语言和中国人的论坛。~This~ ~is~ ~a~ ~forum~ ~dedicated~ ~to~ ~China,~ ~Chinese~ ~culture,~ ~Chinese~ ~language,~ ~and~ ~Chinese~ ~people,~ ~and~ ~China's~ ~latest~ ~developments.~规则像华盛顿邮报这样的傲慢的新闻网站最好出版存档对于reddit视频,请将其发布在 https://d.tube.com/为了鼓励人们学习基因殖民主义支持的(美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰)语言以外的语言,把另一种语言放在英语上面,在这个论坛上用中文,并把它放大, 或者在标题上,左边是中文,右边是英文避免使用品牌名称,文化产品除外。我们是来提供信息的,而不是做广告的要文明,要尊重,不要攻击其他用户遵守 Lemmy 的所有其他规则~Rules~~Hubris~ ~newspapers~ ~with~ ~paywalls~ ~like~ ~the~ ~Washington~ ~Post~ ~are~ ~best~ ~published~ ~archived.~~For~ ~reddit~ ~videos~, ~post~ ~them~ ~on~ ~https://d.tube.com/~~To~ ~encourage~ ~people~ ~to~ ~learn~ ~a~ ~language~ ~other~ ~than~ ~the~ ~geno-colonial-backed~ ~(US,~ ~Canada,~ ~Australia,~ ~New~ ~Zealand)~ ~language,~ ~put~ ~another~ ~language~ ~above~ ~the~ ~English~ ~language,~ ~in~ ~this~ ~forum~ ~Chinese,~ ~and~ ~make~ ~it~ ~bigger,~ ~or~ ~in~ ~titles~, ~left~ ~Chinese,~ ~right~ ~English.~~Avoid~ ~using~ ~brand~ ~names,~ ~except~ ~for~ ~cultural~ ~products.~ ~We're~ ~here~ ~to~ ~inform,~ ~not~ ~make~ ~commercials.~~Posts~ ~are~ ~to~ ~serve~ ~it's~ ~readers,~ ~not~ ~it's~ ~posters.~ ~Readers~ ~are~ ~to~ ~be~ ~informed,~ ~not~ ~put~ ~to~ ~work~ ~or~ ~to~ ~leave~ ~dangling.~~Be~ ~civil,~ ~be~ ~respectful,~ ~don’t~ ~attack~ ~other~ ~users~~Follow~ ~all~ ~other~ ~Lemmy~ ~rules~需要翻译英文吗?讨厌谷歌?~Need~ ~to~ ~translate~ ~Chinese?~DeeplHanzii~Welcome~ ~Wiki~~Xinjiang~ ~&~ ~Tibet~~Border~ ~Disputes~~COVID-19~~Chinese~ ~Civics~ ~&~ ~Socialism~~Internet~ ~Governance~~Documentaries~ ~about~ ~China~~Environment~ ~&~ ~Ecology~~FAQ~~Tiananmen~ ~Square~ ~1989~ ~Riots~~Hong~ ~Kong~ ~2019~ ~riots~~Religious~ ~Persecution~~Uyghur-Xinjiang~ ~Explained~ ~in~ ~Four~ ~Minutes~~Social~ ~Credit~~Debt-trap~ ~Diplomacy~~Dog~ ~Eating~~Falun~ ~Gong~~China~ ~Guides~~Travel~~Manhua~ ~&~ ~Donghua~~Movies~~TV~ ~Shows~~Music~Learning Mandarin这个论坛目前由一个不会说中文的人主持,他不是共产党员,而是一个反帝国主义、反附庸国的欧盟联邦主义者,他似乎在任何地方都找不到立足点,因为他国家的所有政党都是亲美附庸国的,所以暂时居住在这里。~This~ ~forum~ ~is~ ~currently~ ~moderated~ ~by~ ~someone~ ~that~ ~does~ ~not~ ~speak~ ~Chinese~ ~and~ ~is~ ~not~ ~a~ ~communist,~ ~but~ ~an~ ~anti-imperialist,~ ~multi-polarist~ ~EU~ ~federalist~ ~that~ ~can't~ ~seem~ ~to~ ~find~ ~a~ ~foothold~ ~anywhere,~ ~as~ ~all~ ~political~ ~parties~ ~in~ ~his~ ~country~ ~are~ ~pro-US~ ~vassal~ ~state,~ ~so~ ~resides~ ~here~ ~for~ ~the~ ~time~ ~being.~
kittenfish871@jorts.horseDr. Thicc Wife
kittenfish871@jorts.horse  [follow]
I’m big into cats, dogs, the proletariat, books, movies, art, makeup, empathy, giallos, animal rescue, anti-capitalism, & fart jokes❤️
movienights@counter.socialMovie Night
movienights@counter.social  [follow]
Let's watch movies togetherFriday night 9pm ET / 6pm PT
moritzheiber@mastodon.socialMoritz Heiber
moritzheiber@mastodon.social  [follow]
Master of disaster, Ruby & Rust enthusiast, lover of all things music, movies and theater. DevOps Birth Assistant at Thoughtworks. 🏠=https://heiber.im Pronouns=he/him
amber@mstdn.socialAmber :verified:
amber@mstdn.social  [follow]
Amber=>Yellow colour Sky ( Please don't ask me again 🙏 ) | Liberal, Secular & Peace-loving person I love traveling a lot | I am a book worm, I read a lot | I don't like multi tasking, I can do one task at a time with best possible perfection | I love movies which are set up in 1880-1920 period | I prefer spending time with good friends than flirting | Favourite TV show is easy guess - Friends | Now in Quebec, Canada is home 🇨🇦 Mail=amber@ravemail.com
instajelly@mastodon.socialAngie 🍑
instajelly@mastodon.social  [follow]
🇮🇪I'm a girl. coder. gamer. voyeurist. wannabe-writer. #horror fan. I write about movies and tech, while my PC runs Windows.
thomas@laserdisc.partyThomas (Christmas Mode)
thomas@laserdisc.party  [follow]
Movies & Meta-tootsDad StuffStand Up or Give Up⭐️ VIP ⭐️ Clout BaronHe/HimHablo un poquito Español (mal)18+#PervertsDoNotInteractNot Accepting Follow Requests Sports: https://allpro.social/@thomasLetterboxd: https://boxd.it/D6n5
comicbuzz@mastodon.social  [follow]
We love comics, anime, games and movies! website:=http://comicbuzz.com
thedonnerd@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Coffee Freak :cupofcoffee: :cupofcoffee: :cupofcoffee: Other favorite things Baseball, Music ,& Movies
abdl_mario@abdl.linkABDL_Mario 🇩🇪
abdl_mario@abdl.link  [follow]
33 years old guy [] from Erfurt / Germany []ABDL [] play games on PC/Switch [] i love Movies [] Star Wars [] Batman [] Doctor Who [] Turtles
website, rosalind, pixelfed
qwazix@mastodon.social  [follow]
I do #photography, #3D and other visual arts. I also code, read books and watch movies. I have built #Rosalind and I love #3Dprinting. I also internet.
jessecoynelson@noagendasocial.comSenator Geo-Jigsaw ☑
jessecoynelson@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Writer, sound sculptor, and world traveler interested in history, movies, music, and geo-politics. Here I AM: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/LMrIKvRauNO6/
chilady82@spinster.xyzWombstress V♀️:pusheen::baby-yoda::cheshire-cat:🚺
chilady82@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Badass wombstress that's full of seething rage. Outspoken (yet introverted) & a kitty lady. Lover of tacos, elotes, women's rights, pasta, root beer, chocolates, books, various movies, art, music & animals.Hater of blatant misogyny & patriarchy.
animorphs@botsin.spaceAnimorphs Cinematic Universe
animorphs@botsin.space  [follow]
all your favorite Hollywood stars are ready to star in the Animorphs movies of the future!!!
dylthefunkyhomosexual@radical.town  [follow]
Hi, I’m Dyl. Genderqueer. Autistic (Self-Diagnosed). I play bass and drums, and am into metal, prog, basically any song with cool basslines and weird time signatures. I really dig horror movies, B-Movies, Cult Classics, and films with behind-the-scenes drama (I’ll watch movies of pretty much any genre though).Alt at @DylTheFunkyHomosexual
saramg@mastodon.technologySaraMG :awesome:
Github, Patreon
saramg@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I do Open Source, and I'm one of the Release Managers for PHP 7.2 and 8.0.PHP toots happen at: @pollitaFor everything else, you're in the right spot.Toots are my own opinion and do not represent my employer(s).Also, I seem to rate/review TV shows and movies lately. Not sure when that started.... weird... PHP=pollita@php.net
unknow@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Like Dylan in the movies
bonnielovesharleyquinn@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Hi I’m Bonnie! I’m a 22 year old radical + gender critical feminist! I’m a FEBFEM (Female Exclusive Bisexual FEMale.) l 💖 horses and they are my life! I am also very interested and passionate about animation, movies / TV shows (especially horror and sci-fi!), biology and astronomy. I want to be an animator or a scientist. I follow back! I want to make as many friends here as possible as I’m feeling the loss of GenderCritical and TrollGC 💔Taking radfem themed art requests! 👩🏻‍🎨
rio@kaptains.netKaptainRio :telegram:
Blog, Kontakt, Gruppe
rio@kaptains.net  [follow]
:pan: :asexual: #Single #DadOf1 #SingleParent #Blogger #IntermittentFasting #OMAD #AnxietyDisorder #EatingDisorder #Depression #NoRacism #BLM #nobot Like: #Cooking #Movies #TVSeries #TWD #AudioPlays :3f: #Music #Telegram #ShopTitans:telegram: https://kpt.li/telegram:threema: https://kpt.li/threema:element: https://kpt.li/matrix Keto=https://kaptains.net/@KetoKaptain
axbom@social.xbm.sePer Axbom
Intro, Links, Newsletter, Patreon
axbom@social.xbm.se  [follow]
#Tech-geek who lived through the 80s exploring home computers and watching movies on VHS, the 90s writing non-fiction and studying #CommunicationScience, and the zeroes developing a profession in #DigitalDesign. I am now trying to help people and orgs deal with the world’s #DigitalMess. My primary tools are #writing, #teaching and #coaching.#HumanRights #DigitalEthics #CommunicationTheory #UXDesign #Accessibility #InclusiveDesign #Wellbeing #ResponsibleInnovation #ethics #ux #design#fedi22
douglasfur@snaggletooth.lifeRegular Dog
douglasfur@snaggletooth.life  [follow]
German shepherd eggs. Plants, furries, bad books, horror movies, dumb thoughts, being gay with my partner. 31
Diaper Bois
leeker@abdl.link  [follow]
Gay self employed abdl, living full-time in my 34 foot Class A RV, traveling the country looking for the one to join me. Looking for a change, fun, friends, drinks, movies, cuddles, dinner etc. Age: 34 | Body: Bear/ Otter Kik=My username is 'aaron_dl' http://kik.me/aaron_dl Text me on=6122089172 Seeking=YOU
stardenver@social.tchncs.de:tardis: Stardenver
Pixelfed, Privat, Blog
stardenver@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
:firefox: :pixelfed: :peertube: :telegram: :tux: :mastospock:DataHoarder | #FOSS | #Fediverse | Hörspiele | Dragonborn | #Linux | Germany | Level 42| movies-collector (70/80) | IDDQD IDKFAI use arch, btw Threema=UA4CD3W6
wabbster@mstdn.socialPapa Shark 🦈
wabbster@mstdn.social  [follow]
A collection of inconsequential elements put together to create something of consequence. Love to learn. Live to learn. Forever in WIP mode. Mastodost forever! Location=Near my son's crib Politics=Center-Left Procrastinator Armchair Expert on=Cricket, Politics, TV Shows, Movies Website (hardly updated)=https://wabbster.com
robin@mstdn.social  [follow]
I'm usually posting about #food, #coffee, #music, #vinylrecords, #films, #books, #movies, and #family. He/him/his. #NoBot :archlinux: 🍁 💬 XMPP=rd@xmpp.cloud 🍿 Letterboxd=https://letterboxd.com/rd_ 📷 Pixelfed=https://pixelfed.social/rd 🔖 BookWyrm=https://bookwyrm.social/user/rd
tvaziri@mastodon.socialTodd Vaziri
tvaziri@mastodon.social  [follow]
I make visual effects for movies and talk about them a lot.
johngreen@mastodon.socialJohn Green
johngreen@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am an author (The Fault in Our Stars, Turtles All the Way Down, etc.), a YouTuber (Vlogbrothers, Crash Course, etc.), and a person who does not cast movies.
abdune@abdl.link  [follow]
ABDL dude from The Netherlands, into gaming (atm Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix), music, horror/sci-fi movies, themeparcs/rollercoasters, zoo, fitness... Hobbies=Gaming, music, horror/scifi, themeparcs, zoo KIK=GetintBabyBoy Looking for=Dads/moms around the world!
shirishag75@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm a #vagabond, #lacto-vegetarian, #free-spirited soul who enjoys #street food, #sci-fi, #fantasy, #thrillers, #books, #movies, #security, #GNU/Linux, #travel
wabbster@mastodon.socialPapa Shark :mastodon:
wabbster@mastodon.social  [follow]
A collection of inconsequential elements put together to create something of consequence. Love to learn. Live to learn. Forever in WIP mode. Mastodost forever. 🙂 Location=Near my son's crib Politics=Center-Left Procrastinator Armchair Expert On=Cricket, Politics, TV Shows, Movies Website (hardly updated)=https://wabbster.com
russsaidwords@mastodon.technologyRuss Edwards
russsaidwords@mastodon.technology  [follow]
#Programming #PHP #Python #JavaScript #Go #Rust #Linux #FOSS #fitness #gaming #music #reading #politics #movies #art #hashtags
chikadee@cybre.space  [follow]
#Jewish nonbinary butch #lesbian. I like #cats and #horror movies. 28 in the Midwest.#nobot
jayrope@mastodon.online  [follow]
Earhead, Central Europe - #extramusic - #othermusic - writing buggy music for a living, also for performance & dance. -> EN, DE, poco ES/FR DIY instruments etc. - https://video.ploud.fr/accounts/jayropinsky/Funkwhale - https://open.audio/@jayrope/Maintaining Air Cushion Finish @acf, movies for the blind, & @biesentales radio crew.#nobot ▶►=https://www.jayrope.com/bio ♫ •=https://jayrope.bandcamp.com ♫ ••=https://aircushionfinish.bandcamp.com
jiangshanghan@slashine.onl在神圣时间线反复横跳的低脂量赛博街溜子 :verified:
jiangshanghan@slashine.onl  [follow]
主属性: #author #cosplayer #atheist #feminist #ISTP-A Slytherin/Ravenclaw #VHEMT :snitch: 🐍🦅 :ao3: :verified: :vip7: :mastodon: :plume: #nobot 赛博街溜子,会到处随便搭话,介意请拉黑。预防针:混邪杂食,主吃/产BG(包括梦/乙)或女主无cp,同担欢迎,婉拒BL/电竞/直播(虚构/同人)。我的文章主要发在博客,可以随便蹭吃,希望你也是。会发一些游戏/日常/观剧吐槽(虽说我会标注隐藏剧透,但确实有可能刷屏)实在不喜欢的话不要关注。不欢迎隐藏全部嘟文的人来我这发言。转/星≈有趣≠同意。请勿截图/复制。Don't panic. I can understand simple English. Sometimes upload spoliers. Please do not copy my things. & Ich lerne Deutsch alleine, aber ich bin noch nicht sehr gut darin. blog 哎大家随意蹭饭就行=https://jiangshanghan.art.blog recently serial fanfic 当前连载项目=Marvel Movies :marvel: #恋与漫威 #GUNDAM
lrshdl@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
🤔 — norwegian / IT consultant /anime / photography / history / disaster movies / open society / open internet / http://larshoydal.no/pgp
steelnomad@diasp.org  [follow]
I could listen to music almost all day every day.I like most animals (and I respect the ones that I don't like). I especially like cows - they are gentle, peaceful and intelligent vegetarians who also like music.I am an architecture enthusiast. I especially admire early modern architecture as well as industrial structures.With a few exceptions, I don't like television or movies.I support free markets. I don't support businesses that are propped by the State, such as fast food companies and oil producers. I strive to be a minimalist consumer who produces less waste and causes less environmental destruction. I don't consider any of these positions to be in conflict with each other.POLITICSI am anti-government, which includes anti-cop and anti-military. All cops are bad.Palestine is an oppressed colony of Israel. It's experiencing genocide at the hands of the Israeli police state. The U.S. is directly complicit in this violent campaign against an impoverished people whose property rights and human rights have been violated by Israel for decades. This moral position is not anti-Semitic and neither am I.RELIGIONI am anti-religion. However most religious people I've met are more victims than villains, and although it's difficult I do try to respect them as humans even while I condemn their beliefs and actions. On the other hand, religious leaders don't deserve respect at all.I do consider raising children with a religion to be a severe form of child abuse.SCIENCEI am pro-science but only with the right philosophical foundation. Scientists have NO RIGHT to test on animals or to work with government.HUMANITYI am a humanist, which means I place human interests first.I am pro-individualism. Humans are individualistic in nature. Each of us functions individually, of one's own volition (though not in a vacuum and certainly no man is an island). Each of us has unique interests and values. Each of us thrives best by embracing this individualistic nature and can accomplish the best possible life by forging an individual path, ignoring all of the collectivist propaganda in schools and religious institutions.Children are full human beings. They are simply undeveloped adults. Unless the child is a violent threat, no form of physical punishment is ever acceptable. I support "peaceful parenting". Parents have no "parental rights", only parental responsibilities. "Parental rights" is a code-word for spanking children and committing other forms of unforgivable child abuse.Parents should never raise children with a religion or any other ideology (instead they should teach factual knowledge and instill healthy values!).Having children is a tremendous responsibility and in my personal opinion should only be done by a small minority of capable and enthusiastic adults who have carefully considered this path. Those who choose to be parents should be fully prepared - financially, emotionally, and mentally.ANIMALSI am vegan, which means I resolve to avoid harming or exploiting animals in my own personal life and I don't believe animals deserve to be harmed for humans' sake.I believe directly harming an animal is only justifiable if the animal is an imminent threat to the life or safety of a human. Even those limited cases are usually the fault of a human who is not respecting the animal's boundaries (disturbing a shark's home, attracting bears by leaving out trash, abusing a dog to the point of scaring it, etc.).
futureisfoss@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I'm here 'cause of FOSS/privacy. But I also like Science, Movies/Documentaries, Memes or anything fun !Friendica account - @roko My Avatar="Captured/Hanging Color" by LadyDragonflyCC - >;< is licensed with CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/. Source - https://www.flickr.com/photos/19646481@N06/6312460803 My Header="LTHE : Learn - Teach - Help - Enjoy / FOSS" by tatadbb is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/. Source - https://www.flickr.com/photos/29783372@N07/6779845035
schneidremarks@mastodon.social  [follow]
Audio Producer/Podcaster for the internet.Cares a lot about HR, Labor, and Org Dev.Likes cats, cooking, movies, and you!Goofus account: bofa.lolhe/him
thomas@allpro.socialWelcome to the Dark 🥷
thomas@allpro.social  [follow]
Gimme an :sports_a:Gimme a :sports_d:Gimme an :sports_m:Gimme an :sports_i:Gimme an :sports_n: What's that spell? Admin!He/Him :over18:Working construction, ripping cigs#SystemsInPlace :eagles:Main & Movies https://laserdisc.party/@ThomasSupport AllPro at PayPal.me/allprosocial:bois: go on AllPro:kofie: go on AllPro:sharpe_like: go on AllPro:canseco: go on AllPro:lnp: Thomas Deportista :brujos: :nfl:=:eagles: :mlb:=:phillies: :lnp:=:ingenieros: :nba:=:grizz:
cruelintestines@godforsaken.websiteVee 🦈🧶
cruelintestines@godforsaken.website  [follow]
Vee, 30, They. NW UK. A chaos emerald.Bi, non binary trans.I like sharks, ice hockey, knitting, spooky movies and nail polish.
neoncoughh@mastodon.social  [follow]
she/herUsually: #NBA, (mostly loud guitar) music, and ~feelings~.Sometimes: Illinois politics and movies.This is a purposefully small presence. ❤️❤️18+, no flirts pls.
cwithav@counter.socialCV_81 Christna
cwithav@counter.social  [follow]
I'm an Aquarius who loves nature, Sci Fi especially Star Trek, the paranormal, a good book, good movies
baltussen@mstdn.socialIngeborg Baltussen :verified:
baltussen@mstdn.social  [follow]
Cats and politics. Food and music. Movies and series. Books and life. Dutch. Amsterdam West. Optimist. NLA. Follow back most of the times.
annaoutofsp4ce@mastodon.artThe Anna Out Of Spaaaaace!
annaoutofsp4ce@mastodon.art  [follow]
Bookish sort. I have a ph.d. in astrophysics somewhere in the storage units of my brain (also the cellar). Have forgotten most of it. So now I do software (#c++, #Linux).I especially like #fantasy, #scifi and #horror. But also just enjoy all kinds of good stories - whether #books, #movies, #comics, #tvshows or #podcasts.Sometimes I do #oilpaintings or #photographs. Much of the time I just drink #coffee, drive to work, prep dinner. Also really like being outside 😀
rls89zx@liberdon.comAngus AC89ZX
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I'm Angus (Robert Smith), I am an autistic Left Libertarian Pantheist ♥ Retro Video Games, Movies, anime/manga, RPGs, Copyleft/Libre/DIY Arts & Tech, Alternative Currencies, & Cats
seek@koyu.spaceSEEK :verified_pink:
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From LK 🇱🇰gemlog page : gemini://gemlog.blue/users/SEEK/koyu.space in gemini! : gemini://koyu.space/SEEK/love linux, thinkpads, Emacs :emacs:, kinda old video games, country music, old songs, Lofi, anime, old movies, some tv shows, GNU, fsf and so on. These days run :debian:_________________________________________________from 2021.03.19 onwards most of my toots will only be visible to the followers._______________________________________________gender : AMAB(assigned male at birth) and cissexuality : attracted to feminine part of the spectrum Politics : confused but mostly Ⓐ☭ Languages:=Sinhala/ English XMPP:=virtualboobs@linuxcult.net pronouns=he/him or they/them qoto.org=@SEEK website ( revising HTML and CSS)=< under construction >
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A Canadian expat ESL teacher in Taiwan, interested in books, coffee, movies, straight razors, fountain pens, the Middle Ages, rum...and rain.
adamk678@mastodon.artTapioca Pearl :heart_sp_ace:
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Your favorite barista. I talk about video games, movies, anime, art, and other fun stuff. Sometimes I draw. I play FF14 on Hyperion! Wire @TapiocaPearlEN/日本語23 he/they
untergrund_ffm@hessen.socialuntergrund navigator
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#concerts #party #politics #movies #design #whisky #KGB #frankfurt
bruno@social.anoxinon.deBruno Roost
WWW, Account-Avatar
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Von Retrievern im Allgemeinen und Flatcoats im Speziellen "Besessener", Mord und Totschlag in Papierform verschlingender Eidgenosse der sich des öftern in UK (am liebsten Schottland) aufhält, aber auch eine starke Affinität zu Skandinavien (Dänemark, Norwegen) hat. 💉💉💉#dogs #flatcoatedretriever #ale #cider #gin #coffee #Scotland #UK #ü60 #Serienjunkie #movies #music Interessen=flatcoatedretriever, scotland, uk, linux, opensource, cider, ale Matrix=@broost:digitale-gesellschaft.ch
chespace@mstdn.socialche chou
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70% of My Body is Videogames, 30% Horror Movies // Past: EGM, 1UP, Turn 10 Studios, 343 Industries, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft // Nerd: #Retrogaming #Indierock #postrock #VirtualPhotography // Keep Calm and Gaze at Your Shoes ✌️
derek_g@mastodon.socialpiss on social, come to l.p
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subtitler by day, writer by nightwill review DTV action movies 4 tipsYUL - ♓♏♑ - he/himavi: Maddi Gonzalez
mheiber@toot.thoughtworks.comMoritz Heiber
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Master of disaster, Ruby & Rust enthusiast, lover of all things music, movies and theater.DevOps Birth Assistant at ThoughtWorks.I'm one of the admins of toot.thoughtworks.com. Personal=https://mastodon.social/@moritzheiber Pronouns=he/him
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Law grad| Books, movies and good food make my day| Want to make my living solving complex governance and policy issues in India| Love playing UNO, quizzes & trivia as well as puns
nuhn@ping.the-planet.spaceNuhnimon ✒️
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Mom, writer, game dev. I love notebooks, knitting, crochet, movies, coffee, dragons and sleeping.She/Her. Read my stuff at=cybernuhn.net/ My game at=thecursedone.com Pronouns=She/Her
Commissions, Donate
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Your favorite barista. I talk about video games, movies, anime/manga, art, and other fun stuff. Sometimes I draw. I play FF14 on Hyperion! Wire @TapiocaPearlEN/日本語25 they/them :asexual_flag: Header by=@pocketghosts Avatar by=@rainfruit
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some chick who had a bullet lodged in her ponytailqueer and disfigured. middle-aged anarchist. goth vocaloid. it/she. eng/swei mostly post about my dogs, movies, music and everyday life- i block people who cw for scars and express other forms of disfiguremisia- follow reqs ok- don't at me with lewd stuff- i regularly delete old posts
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Books ,movies ,travel dairies with some politics ka tadka !Twitter ~ @drpiscean
danvpeterson@mastodon.socialDan V Peterson
work, pronouns, Pixelfed
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Lead Designer at 1Password. Lover of gadgets, pups, and far too many movies and books to name.
reay@mastodon.socialReay Jespersen
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Writer. Fan of books, tabletop/video games, comics, music and movies. Dad. Neutral Good. He/him. reayjespersen.com
wolfdreamer@social.theliturgists.comJason Lilly
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Jesus follower, blessed husband, father, school teacher, writer, lover of the outdoors, books, theater, music, and movies. 7w6 ENFP
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Born in Europe.Interested in #minimalism #nature #running #walking #nutrition #languages #history #photography #music #movies #books #opensourcesoftware #asia.In varietate concordia.
retazomag@mastodon.sandwich.netRetazo Magazine
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horror, literature, movies, TV, coffee, programmingToots en español / Toots in English
itsbhavikjoshi@mastodon.socialBhavik Joshi
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Rebel. Passionate about reading, movies & cricket.
taylor@lou.lttaylor ✅
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i work in television & movies & can often be found on red carpets. lover of tacos & beer. dog mama.
chaos_99@fosstodon.orgRonnie Soak
Makerspace Erfurt
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human, father, husband, programmer, tinkerer, reluctant 3D-printer, f̶o̶r̶m̶e̶r̶ re-starting geocacher, openstreetmapper, former motor-biker, now road-biker, occasional climber and snowboarder#fedi22 Interested here in #sience and #technology, especially #foss / #opensource, #programming in #python and #cpp, #hackspaces, #makerspaces, and #diy but also #parenting, #family and sometimes #gardening, I enjoy #books, #movies and #tvseries as well as #cycling and lately #skateboarding Pixelfed (Photos)=@Chaos_99@pixelfed.social Bytespeicher (Hackspace)=https://bytespeicher.org
sousaphone@radical.townChaotic Little Demon Sou
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Moved to: @SousaphoneI'm Sousa or Sou, I am terrible at being online, and I mostly talk about books I'm reading or terrible movies I'm watching.
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=A Little History About My Self=Hello I am opt41n I am a mastodon noob and also a programmer mainly python at the moment. I also like Foss, Linux, Cyber Security, Digital Privacy, and vapor-wave art. I have Discovered Linux :tux: in 2017 and literally immediately fell in love ❤️ my first Linux distro was "Kali Linux" because I watch way to much hacker movies and believed it would be that simple Spoiler it was not 🤣 so I moved to Coding </> and Debian :debian: + :gnome: and loved ❤️ it! Things I like=Foss, Linux, Indie music, code, Cyber Security, Vaporwave ART Distro/DE=:debian: :fedora: / :gnome: :kdenew: Music Genre=Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Bedroom pop, Dream pop / Synthwave Favorit emoji=:duckduckgo: :bash: :debian: :kdenew: :fdroid: :firefoxnew: :mastodon: :opensource: :openhardware: :peertube: :python: :pine64: :mycroft: :raspberrypi: :tor: :tux:
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30-something, LurkerEco-leftist, VegIn love, Kinky, PolyStraight trans dude based in Naples, ItalyThings I post about: anecdotes, games, movies/series, silly stuffNot tooting that muchI am ALWAYS non-seriousChances are I hate you
pitermach@dragonscave.spacePiotr Machacz
Website, Github
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I'm just a blind geek who's main hobbies include sound design, accessibility especially of games, podcasting, books and movies/TV (mainly SCI-Fi and lit RPG), and programming. Regularly do let's plays with @talon as @pg13lp. Game database editor and newsposter on audiogames.net. Most of my sound design work can be found on currentlyuntitled.design and various games.
williamsnakespeare@mastodon.socialmr. worldwide
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megan she/herdumbass bastardi like music, cassettes, movies, and old film cameras
oneoddfrog@weirder.earthAB Walker (they/them)
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Shouts into the friendly void. Known semantisaur. Trying to be chill. I think a lot. Ready to talk about most things. Definitely going to mention pro wrestling. Queer AF. Sometimes I talk about movies @oneoddfrog
sensitive15@mastodon.social̶R̶a̶q̶u̶e̶l̶̶. 🍷
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a nerd addicted to DC and Marvel comics, superhero movies, books, TV series and music bands
sterling_archer@mastodon.socialSterling Archer 🍸
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Bay Area, vinyl records, motorcycles, dogs, tattoos, travel, movies, books, craft beer, technology, video games, and good food.
expat1975@qoto.org  [follow]
Father. Husband. Writer. Teacher. Living in Shenzhen, China for the past 8 years. Don't want to talk politics here. Love movies and TV shows. Post gifs a lot. Loves to read me some books that are wrote real good - especially history.
erixink@counter.socialE.S. Robertson
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Lover of Science, History, Movies, & The U.S. Constitution. Amature Philosopher. Democratic Patriot.Birdsite Handle: @3RiC_S74NL3Y_2
yzoja@mastodon.socialCSS princess 💛
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I'm a girl. coder. gamer. wannabe-writer. horror fan. I write about movies and tech, while my PC runs Windows.
housesparrow@mastodon.socialHouse Sparrow
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Passer domesticus. Birds, cats, poetry, art, movies, socialism. DC metro <-> Montgomery County, MD. He/him. 🍞 🌹
allisonpregler@mastodon.socialAllison Pregler
YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, Kofi
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Host of Movie Nights/Baywatching/Charmed Rewind/Quantum Leap Podcast. Enjoying so bad it's good movies.
angieinchains@counter.socialAngie 💀
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Things I like: Boston sports, Tool, horror movies, video gamesThings I do not like: Decaf coffee, Glenn Beck, cilantro, the patriarchyshe/her
lesbian_subnet@pirate.chatLinnéa :blob:
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I like playing with words ok? >:3cSilly mid-20's poly-ra g-ace/demi sapphic chaos lesbian/bi neuro-d trans fox (pastel?) goth (working on it) e-girl (she/her), gender rebel, leftist (socialist, still learning), ex-gamer, hacker, data witch, server maid, software dev, and hobbyist linux sysadmin, from Sweden. ⚧⚢ ❤💙 Likes video/board/card games, digital art, (animated) shows/movies, and attending conventions (and/with raves). Wants to get into audio/video engineering, electronics, and archery. >^^<➡ Attending NärCon Summer 2022☑ Attended NordicFuzzCon 2017-20, NärCon (Summer 2015-19, Winter 2016)Unregistered Bandicam™ Arch Lesbian™ + Ǝ57R06ƎN™AD account (slutnet)
katsudonburi@wandering.shopAlex Acks/Wells
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Wrote Hunger Makes the Wolf and some short stories. Rocks, books, movies, wsfs nerding.
blender_open_movies@video.blender.orgOfficial Blender Open Movies
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Dogs and Cats Living Together Mass Hysteria! #Arcade #retrogaming #videogames #70s #80s #90s #movies #television #commodore #c64 #Spectrum #amstrad
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Just some Gen X dude. Statistician. I like Rocky movies, grunge, Casio digital watches & giraffes if that is at all relevant (it is).
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TV writer (CoProducer Chicago Fire). Nerd (Comics, Movies/TV, D&D). Cohabitator w/ cats (Kevin & Maurice, aka Kev-MO). Loud about politics (Democrat). she/her
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she/heri like stitching, snacking, cooking, and horror movies.for suspect movie opinions seehttps://letterboxd.com/caaaaake/
tanweerdar@mstdn.socialTanweer Dar (Tan)
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#Author | #Artist | #PoetI love #Art #Music #Reading #Movies #Cyberpunk #SciFi #Horror #Gaming & #TableTopGames✊🏽#Socialist 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧ #Ally 🇵🇸 #BDS ☮️