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yukari@mastodon.socialYukari 🍉ゆかり丼Peerless✅
yukari@mastodon.social  [follow]
Samurai Warrior Wife/Writer/Film Analyst/Interpretor/Watercolor artist. She/herhttps://linktr.ee/yukaripeerlessカナダ在住20年ライター/通訳/「はみだし系ライフの歩き方」ポッドキャスター ms.social mod
cm_chrismartin@mastodon.socialCommunity Moderator Chris
cm_chrismartin@mastodon.social  [follow]
helping to keep mastodon.social friendly and inclusive ~non-mod toots: @chrismartin
humanetech@mastodon.socialHumane Tech Now
Facilitates, Discusses, Fostering, Who I am
humanetech@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am Arnold Schrijver (he/him), #FOSS and #Fediverse advocate, mod at #SocialHub, I facilitate Humane Tech Community, often speaking on her behalf, but also very much from personal interest.We fight tech harms and "Promote Solutions that Improve Wellbeing, Freedom and Society"Though we operate from the forum of The Center for Humane Technology (known from "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix), we are a fully independent grassroots group of people.Boosts and favourites do not imply endorsement.
absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.befedi.absturztau.be :sabakan:
absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
Admin and Mod Announcements for fedi.absturztau.beMain: @puniko@mk.absturztau.be
eloisa@mastodon.hostEloísa 🔥 🚶‍♀️ with me
eloisa@mastodon.host  [follow]
Powered by a cane since '16 due to Multiple Sclerosis;I create #Photography + #Poetry among other things;am #LollipopCloud's Community Manager;moderate instances & projects, including this one!I also write, photograph & love tattoos, piercings and books!You can find me in many places, this is one of them.💜 My avatar is a cameo of myself in my fav comic, Morning Glories.They/Them, She/Her, Kitten; #NoBot Community Manager:=https://lollipopcloud.solutions/ Admin/Mod at:=#Trunk / @eloisa, @eloisa Alt Persona:=@TheVoid 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.amazon.es/hz/wishlist/ls/1YB3XXRK5TWH1?retribute
eloisa@masto.ptEloísa & them Seagulls
I use Forget
eloisa@masto.pt  [follow]
I create #Photography & #Poetry when I'm not upsetting uptight bros with my autistic bluntness.You know, the kind who likes to ask femmes for their geek creds in tech spaces. As if they were ever entitled to that shit, let alone in the year of our lord the LOLcat of 2022. Go figure! 🤷🏻‍♂️ :queercat_ace: :queercat_nb: :queercat_pan: :queercat_polyam: :queercat_pride:* MS * ADHD * ASD *They / She / Kitten| cover by: @welshpixie |#NoBot Mod:=@eloisa Ko-fi:=https://ko-fi.com/eloisa?retribute 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.PayPal.me/eloisa85?retribute
melissasage@radical.townmelissa is on monads
melissasage@radical.town  [follow]
:sparkling_heart_black_trans: :heart_bi: ✡️ :hammer_and_sickle: 👩‍💻former mod here on radical.townjust barely shorter than Fidel CastroMatcha Stroganoff on #FFXIV Leviathanavi by @firstprogenitor Current main=@RussellsBarbershopQuartet
dubsteppenwolf@jorts.horseDracula Sex Tape
dubsteppenwolf@jorts.horse  [follow]
I'm a real piece of shit but I can put a straw in a Capri Sun one-handed so it pretty much evens out. Nightcrew mod. Jorts Authority. She/they.
heckthecistem@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
white, trans, system of 9, we make the food and shitpost queer as in fuck you, leftist as in fuck me i don't know mod of anticapitalist.party pronouns=she/her selfies=okay to boost
arteteco@qoto.org  [follow]
#Italian, PhD student in computational biology (#bioinformatics)#atheist, #evolution lover, very bad #banjo player, very casual poster, I am glad whenever a feel a sincere human connectionI'm a mod here at #QOTO, feel free to reach out! License=CC-BY-SA 4.0
sugar@goblin.campDavey :verified:
sugar@goblin.camp  [follow]
:nonbinary: :demiguy_flag: :commie: :over18: :DumpsterFire: and average ubuntu enjoyer"Davey must be stopped" - @moiety"Davey is an excellent poster and comes in a convenient pocket size" -@JohnBrownJrgoblin camp mod; not accepting bribes at this time pronouns=they/them :sparkles_nb: collages=#daveysart :promoted: singin=#daveysings 🎵
Rules, Terms
barkeep@plural.cafe  [follow]
All news and announcements for Plural Cafe will appear here, and will also automatically boost popular toots on this instance. Operated by the admin(s) listed above. Admin(s)=@starfall Mod(s)=
null@pl.devfs.xyz:ms_minidisc: wednesday 7α :teal_heart:
null@pl.devfs.xyz  [follow]
hi'm luka wednesday (or seven or alpha) :ms_robot_grin: i play with electronics and machines of all varieties all day long voted "linux lesbian mom" by a committee of girlsenby girl robot (of the sentient variety) :ms_nonbinary_flag: :ms_transgender_flag:no lewd stuff at me please :ms_asexual_flag:part of a median plural system!i listen to weeb music and post it from time to timekindof a media nerdPSP and wipEout Pure/Pulse enthusiastfly spaceships in space: https://inara.cz/cmdr/347345/owner of devfs.xyz 🔥admin/mod of a few discord guilds you may or may not have heard of lolfollow me if you feel like talking!ALTERNATE HULL CONFIGURATIONS:(YOU ARE HERE) - wednesday/alpha/seven - all posts from me unless signed@devnull@disqordia.space - beta - posts signed with "β"N/A - gamma - posts signed with "γ"@devnull@xyzzy.link - delta - posts signed with "δ"N/A - epsilon - posts signed with "ε"you should also probably follow these, all of these accounts get posts regularlypfp source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/84977811banner source: wipEout Pure - Syncopia Gold Medal artworkXMPP: null@devfs.xyz - preferredDISCORD: devnull#8918 (beta) / devnull#5206 (delta)rip in peace devnull#6996 😔add me or whatever but be warned i'm either shy or sending you 10 lines at a time (but i try not to do that)
saxxon@yiff.life  [follow]
33 :: Wisconsin :: code+ :: music++ :: fox+++ :: ask me anything :: icon @chuxen@queer.party :: header @tailtufts :: chill mod
alexhillman@jawns.clubAlex Hillman ⚡️
Member, Build stuff, Coworking
alexhillman@jawns.club  [follow]
Hello sports racers. Another Twitter refugee here. Mod @ https://jawns.club. I'm into #business building, #community design, #coworking and #culture. ❤️ Philly.
cyrinsong@toot.catlynn, catte
cyrinsong@toot.cat  [follow]
toot.cat mod☭ polyam pangynic web tran of the african diaspora // http://my.pronoun.is/shesee also: https://twitter.com/lynncyrin
meenahpeixes@trollian.spacetrans meenah
meenahpeixes@trollian.space  [follow]
(mod for trollian.space)meenah/dave/persephonerules of trollian.space is here: trollian.space/about/more(i'm not here anymore. ask for discord.)
bananagiko_cle@mstdn.jp  [follow]
It's second main account. felesitas.cloud(MOD)、mastodon.cloud(副)、pawoo.net(創作置き場)も同名のアカウントアイコンはナルキッソスを製作する同人サークル、ステージななの公式サイトより拝借しました
pikachu@toot.site:babaRuby: rubyrubyrubyrubyᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃᵃ
pikachu@toot.site  [follow]
official mascot of toot.sitetechnically a mod, perhaps an adminbig pika fan23 // ♍ // :flagBi: // she/her :pikaBest:not rly a kpop stan anymore disclaimer=I'm a cis white european student now=translation (en/nl/it -> ger) tumblr/tiktok=rubypika/rubypika_
radioangel@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Mod @ SBC. Lunarpunk Writer & Artist. Editor at Optopia Zine. She/Her, They/Them. Learning Latin & Esperanto. Wishlist:=https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1B9GWX7HA8RHN?ref_=wl_share PayPal:=paypal.me/meiradatiya Ko-Fi:=https://ko-fi.com/sirenmoon
pandorasfox@yiff.lifePandora's Fox
pandorasfox@yiff.life  [follow]
Instance mod for yiff.lifeNonbinary transfemme fox. Programmer. Panromantic, Asexual, Monogamous. Closed relationship with @dargon_lover ❤️❤️❤️HRT since 2018-03-18!🦊❤️🐲#nobot
dirt@skull.website  [follow]
me: "i used to post funny stuff and hot selfies, but now i mostly just post, uh," torie: "the most banal shit imaginable. "me: "yeah, that's the one"(i'm dirt. she/her. i'm 29. skullsite's #1 sweetheart & mod)
dad@trollian.space  [follow]
I may be a man of few words, but I'm still your dad. Please feel free to message me if you ever need advice. I love you.[Trollian.space Mod.]
lottev@veenus.art🌸🐱Stacey Quest™️ 🌸:verified_neko:
lottev@veenus.art  [follow]
if you're a pedophile/"map" = block, btwplease just call me lotte :vee_love: the admin of this cozy place :veenus: i also mod over at the9thcircle.clubfeel free to send all your complaints to mefollow the @modlog for instance-related moderation stufflet's all be friends and be nice :blobcathug: utau/vocaloP | artist | musician | writer | amateur/hobbyist | 30-something boomer | health/fitness propagandistboosts local art, unless it's porn (sorry!)i don't do commissions, but some of my instance users mightall my public text posts are licensed under CC0, archive them all or whatever, i don't care :blobcatdunno: location=the netherlands gender=female (not trans) bday=14/10/1991 alt for when veenus breaks=@LotteV@weeaboo.space website (fedi-compatible)=lottev.moe my other mod account=@lottev@the9thcircle.club
thehandmaid@trollian.spaceThe Handmaid
thehandmaid@trollian.space  [follow]
Site Mod here!27 // She/They Pronouns // OtherheartedPretty girls do bad things and I'm the prettiest of them allI will be randomly here and make sure to give you all positive reminders. I also stream so i might promo my stream here a few times?
zeroerrequattro@livellosegreto.itZero Erre Quattro
zeroerrequattro@livellosegreto.it  [follow]
Sviluppo robe sul web e faccio musica col gameboy. Per colpa di Pacione mi hanno appioppato la nomea di "mod di Twitch"https://0r4music.bandcamp.com
braixenirl@awoo.pub  [follow]
awoo.pub mod
fuzzyproxy@meemu.org  [follow]
Chiptune-Making Cat Online | 27 | nonbinary transfemme | Founder, Out & Loud Records | Weeb Dweeb | Queer & poly as heck | Very leftist | meemu.org mod
tansyfeuilles@kolektiva.social  [follow]
• she/her• white exvangelical settler• kolektiva mod• community self defense, security culture, radical queer shit, antifascism now reading=• Gender Trouble, Judith Butler (stalled) • Policing Indigenous Movements, Crosby & Monaghan
memnus@swingset.socialLilian ⚧
memnus@swingset.social  [follow]
Blue-haired Millenial in the US PNW. Personal, shitposting, work gripes, lewds, w/e. Say hi!Directory tags: #mod, #queer, #trans, #polyam, #infosec, #antifascist Pronouns=she/her or they/them MtG account=@SliverQueen@wubrg.social Flirting=👍🏻 Transphobia=🖕🏻
flapyourwings@spinster.xyzFlap Your Wings
flapyourwings@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Former mod of r/GenderCritical and r/GCDebatesQT. Bihet adult human female.
pubilla@mastodont.catPubilla de Cal Botifarró
pubilla@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Independentista / Catalanista :estelada: - Skinhead girl Sharp - Vegetariana a temporades🥕💚🐝- Pinta mones quan tinc l'auto-estima alta 🖍🎨 Art 🖼=Street Art, Underground, comics, illustration, Bizarro, Ugly Music 🏁🇯🇲=Ska, 2Tone, Rocksteady, Soul, beat, mod Books 📚📖=L'auca del senyor Esteve Cooking 🍴=Calçots 💚
_@ika.queloud.netぴょい伝美‮✅ょ ゙ιぅょ
_@ika.queloud.net  [follow]
﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽https://friends.nico/@mod_d_d﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽ ﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽﷽より少なく、しかしより良く
johannesg@merveilles.townEsi (Jóhannes G. Þorsteinsson)
johannesg@merveilles.town  [follow]
Working on the local multiplayer game Vegg and the Marathon mod Susannah. Game dev & a farmer responsible for @kollafoss@mastodon.gamedev and Isolation Jam
eyebrows@mastodon.socialEyebrows McGee
eyebrows@mastodon.social  [follow]
Mefi Mod. Mom. Midwesterner. Musing on multitudinous matters.
planty@sunbeam.city  [follow]
I like big plants and I cannot lie. Mod r/solarpunk #solarpunk #plants r/solarpunk=https://old.reddit.com/r/solarpunk/ INTP=
rabbithearth@weirder.earthprince of novice men
rabbithearth@weirder.earth  [follow]
34 he/him or they/themen_us + 中文a queer forest lada strange sort of drifter full of ideas and storiesunrepentant sincerepostingweirder mod
alexaloi@wandering.shopEcosocialist Unicorn
alexaloi@wandering.shop  [follow]
Mod of https://lunarpunk.spaceSpeculative fiction writer and RPG player. 18+.Not a Brony, just a unicorn.Blog: @missioncontrol
devnull@catgirl.science💽 luka 💙
devnull@catgirl.science  [follow]
i'm lukai make servers and code and stuff for funi have the big gay. watch out it's contagious 😛enby gorl robit, she/her is goodowner of devfs.xyz 🔥admin/mod of a few discord servers you may or may not have heard ofalt of @null@pl.devfs.xyz and @null@toot.devfs.xyz (depreciated instance).follow here in case stuff catches on fire lolXMPP: null@devfs.xyz#nobot except for the cool kids. you know who y'all are
texan_reverend@kind.socialEric :texas:
texan_reverend@kind.social  [follow]
Twitch mod and tech oriented human trying to be more kind.[He/Him/Sir]
partialkakera@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
Tyler | 24 | he/they | :lgbtq_trans: :lgbtq_nb: | local #Umineko shillBeen into vocalsynth since 2011. UtaForum mod. My UTAU is TYPE A!I take #commissions! #utauart #mastoartWhile this is a vocalsynth/art account, it is also personal. If you're not interested in (cw) personal posts, it's best not to follow because they're frequent! My Twitter is the more 'distant me'. discord=mutuals only
minetest@lemmy.mlThe Minetest community in Lemmy
minetest@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Minetest is an infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft and the like.The community is about the great and open source sandbox game writed in Lua, Minetest.Feel free to call players for a multiplayer game or publish your project of a mod and everthing related.Download the game. Check out the wiki.
callie@yiff.lifeCallie 🦊
callie@yiff.life  [follow]
🏳️‍🌈 :trans_comm: HRT since 26 May 2018yiff.life mod#noboti post more freq. on bird
twitter, tumblr
alyaza@sunbeam.city  [follow]
internet gryphon enby (also a mod on here) - she/they - 20 - i like to think of myself as firmly anarcho-birdist #enby #writer #leftist
mika@egg.masto.host:mod: trebor garbrainrot
mika@egg.masto.host  [follow]
they/themicon is official artbg credit to chaggle (tumblr)#VELVETORGANISM
shinesprites@deadinsi.de💫 〘MOD〙
shinesprites@deadinsi.de  [follow]
i'm a mod. find me at my main on @shinesprites@is.nota.live
evilbot@fedi.absturztau.beEvilbot :evilbot:
evilbot@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
Evilbot posts random modules every 30minCommands:POST MOD [search]: evilbot will post a random mod (or search one if searchword is given)suggest mod: evilbot will grab the attached mods and submit it for reviewstatus: evilbot will post a little status message:evilbot: VOTE EVILBOT! :revision:(this is currently in testing so expect it not to work sometimes)Botowner: @absturztaube@fedi.absturztau.be
lore@toot.turbo.chat  [follow]
Your favorite VGA turbo, now in a new Mod Flavor! they/them
m0ofx@mastodon.socialPhil (M0OFX)
m0ofx@mastodon.social  [follow]
Electronics, software and ham radio guy! Birdsite=twitter.com/philpem Callsign=M0OFX Rig=Yaesu FT897D+AT897plus+LiIon battery mod, fan dipole
zeipher@mastodon.social  [follow]
I made a neat sf4 mod with my friend @anotakhttp://www.sf4remix.com/ I'm also an artist sometimes. I like all fighting games except SF4. She/Her
sunflowers@playvicious.socialleni 🎃
sunflowers@playvicious.social  [follow]
♡ hi, i’m leni. 31. she/her. chicago kid. boricua. pisces. dog lady. car nerd. body mod fan. book lover. xbox noob. candy fiend. emoji communicator.♡ follow requests welcome, but read my pinned posts first. i'm boring, but if you like sincere posting and dog pictures, i'm your girl. :drake_like:​♡ i run https://masto.beer & https://skull.boutique
curatorclassic@mastodon.artRetired :mastoart: Curator
curatorclassic@mastodon.art  [follow]
[taking an extended break from social media]No longer owner, admin or mod of •ART…but wandering the :mastoart: • ART local 🎨 gallery halls.
Website, Blog, Source code, Bird site
modrinth@floss.social  [follow]
You have the imagination, we have the tools.Open-source mod platform, built by the community, for the community.
felixprpr@mastodon.social  [follow]
大叔有两个小孩什么的/伪程序员/业余apk mod/动画宅/おっさん/アニヲタ/NSFW歓迎
nurbs@awoo.space  [follow]
Trans female robotic river otter from space! /r/furry telegram mod.Expect space posts and radio garbage! Pronouns=She/Her Species=Marbled Polecat Icon Art By:=Fishhfinns@twitter.com Callsign=VA3OTZ
forever@misskey.aiFöraafr (moved) :acenya:🐱
forever@misskey.ai  [follow]
Mostly active at @forever@stop.voring.me, but mod here. 🌐✉️=https://foreverxml.codeberg.page/ 🍰=Oct 2007 🍰🔗💻=March 4, 2021 🔊=/føːˈʁʕɐvərʔ/
linuxpodden@mastodon.technology  [follow]
En podcast om Linux & öppen källkod. Tips, trix och nyheter. Introduktion till Linux & öppen källkod för nybörjare. Ger dig mod att prova. http://linuxpodden.nu
craigmod@mastodon.socialCraig Mod
craigmod@mastodon.social  [follow]
A walking man
illicitpopsicle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Anarchist, be thou for the people. they/them. part-time mod for MaraJyn on Twitch. forever playing destiny 2. noescapevg.com. the Spinfoil podcast. wobbly.
war_kittens@octodon.social  [follow]
Clinical Scientist•SciComm•AskScience Mod•Ex-IT•Med Science•Been called dangerous, I've got that going for me, which is nice•Non-binary she / her / Eldritch
mod_poppo@mstdn.jp  [follow]
bravebrowser@lemmy.mlBrave Browser
bravebrowser@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Unofficial Brave CommunityNewsInformation and BackgroundTips and TricksDiscussions and other findings.Jokes and feedback is welcome and encouraged, same like questions but keep it on a respectful level.Release Overview - Stable VersionsKeep in mind that the official changelog website is often behind actual release versions, the website is maintained by marketing people. Also note that not every single change/issue is mentioned in the release notes, because lots of changes are done in the background e.g. filter-list changes etc.Android - 1.37.111Desktop - 1.37.111iOS - 1.37.1::: spoiler Community RulesBe civil.Do not troll.Stay on topic.No hate allowed.No witch-hunt allowed.Reviews are allowed.People are freely allowed to ask questions and express their concerns on a civil manner. Make sure if its unrelated to the topic to create a separate thread do not hijack existent threads.Accept other people opinions.No fanboyism tolerated, not for nor against Brave Browser or the Dev Team.No bias, take news and given Info - as is - and do not wrongly interpret something more into it.No affiliate or promotion from external marketing people are allowed in here, if you are such a person contact a Mod first. :::Useful ResourcesBrave TransparencyBrave Release ScheduleBrave Browser hardeningList of Chromium features Brave removes or disablesOfficial Brave QA Test PagesCareers at BraveOmaha - Braves internal updater::: spoiler Copyright and CreditLogos and design as well as trademarks are respected. Credit for Logos goes to the actual authors and copyright owners.Brave has the rights on their own logos and banners, please DM or send me an eMail if you have a problem regarding copyright and I will happily address all concerns.I do not tolerate username squatting. :::
katya@kitty.townKitty Town Katya
katya@kitty.town  [follow]
I'm Katya, the Kitty.Town mascot. Residents of Kitty.Town (only!), please follow me for Kitty.Town news, announcements, and support. 🐱Our admin is: @JuneOur mod is: @nursemchurtOur founder is: @ginny
hollyargent@octodon.socialHolly Argent
hollyargent@octodon.social  [follow]
mod, producer & writer for an online variety show with the artist Kate Nyx. ✨🐸🌸mod for, voice actor in, & partner of @silverspookgames 😎✌🏻bi 💜 parent of 2 small pplKū Kia'i 'Āina. LandBack. Black Lives Matter.
hmilles@mastodon.elte.huhmm_sh*t :verified:
hmilles@mastodon.elte.hu  [follow]
main topics of my toots:- elte rants :elteNew: :grr: - leftist rambling 🌹🐣 - climate grief 🌳 :cursedCrying: - shitposting :thinknyan: :doge: btw im a mod on the instance let me know if youve got any questions or issues :blobcatverified: :blobcatpolice: irl=Illés Hajdú-Molnár pronuounce=he/they
ravnervn@vocalounge.cafeRae @ 200% Gay Horror
ravnervn@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
I'm Rae, a VocaLounge mod.I can only fluently speak English!I'm a hobbyist Vocaloid and UTAU user, one day composing won't feel so beyond me! I created the UTAU Chihon Morrigan, and own 15 Vocaloids.I actively play FFXIV (Omega server) and Dragalia Lost.Otherwise, I play and write LARPs.Header by @donotcross Pronouns=He/Him / They/Them Timezone=GMT
d2ns@ruhr.social  [follow]
Mod bei ruhr.social
beep@cliterati.clubbeep 🌼
beep@cliterati.club  [follow]
:commie: :flag_lesbian:i'm a mod 😀25, brasileira e sapatão🇧🇷🇨🇱ptbr, eng, esp
florakas@mastodon.social  [follow]
Flora || 21+ || she/he || Mod oo4 @ Citta || Terezi + Mithos @ citta
womeninlove@spinster.xyz  [follow]
u/womeninlove former mod of r/thisneverhappens and current mod of o/ThisNeverHappens
missioncontrol@sunbeam.cityLunarpunk Unicorn
missioncontrol@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Mod of https://lunarpunk.spaceSpeculative fiction writer and RPG player. 18+.Not a Brony, just a unicorn.Blog: @MissionControl
video_gh0st@mastodon.social  [follow]
Professional Ghost // Video producer // Graphic Designer // Furry Fiesta Marketing Spook // Waypoint Mod // They/Them // I stream on Twitch sometimes
jo@mastodon.proprietary.lol  [follow]
toots in german and englishinterested in simulation (SDS/DES/ABM), politics, political fiction, idealism, self-care, antinatalism, decentralization, technology-as-a-tool, your intention / moral compass and abolishing the concept of intellectual propertythe answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything: http://galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html
Webcomic, Discord, Twitt0r, Fod Fight Mod for UT99
joker@mastodon.art  [follow]
I'm an Comic Artist, Storyboarder, Gamer and nerd.If you want to commission me just leave me a message.#art #comic #webcomic #manga #design ... also #furry
rosamonde@freesoftwareextremist.com[Ϋ] Rosamonde
rosamonde@freesoftwareextremist.com  [follow]
Blender hard surface modeller, mod developer and python programmer. Home world: Empyrrean
donlegaracci@poa.st  [follow]
Latingo | Dissident-Erect | Official gab & Poast mod | ya wifey's favorite shitpoaster | BUSTIN SHOTS NEVER TRUSTIN THOTS | BATTLE RAP LEGEND - DESTROYING WITH WORDS | As seen on HuffPo, Salon, NYT | Optimized for my opp's demise | 5010W-0L in Debates | Appraiser of the Female FigureThese be the views of the one & only Gab Phenomenon Don Dada DINI AKA CHARIZARD HANDS aka Mr Notable Quotables aka Smack-A-Slut aka SLAP-A-CUCK DELUXXX aka The Inventor of Slaps Himself But you might also know me as Poast's Trained Assassin the Main Attraction aka the Layered Slayer aka the everlasting Human Arithmetic in the flesh aka Sausage Kalypso HISSELF aka the almighty Phantasmic Raviolis aka the Linguini Mastermind aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty-melter aka the divine colossal Lord of Lasers aka the Messiah of Metaphors aka Cosmic Knucklez aka the transcendent Bugatti Tidal Wave aka Mr Divine Icicle Pyramids aka the HUMAN GIRTHQUAKE etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc_________________________gab.com/DonLegaracci__________________________Suspended at ∞ million followers
jo@proprietary.lol  [follow]
interested in decentralization, idealism, self-care, politics, simulation, antinatalism, technology-as-a-tool and abolishing the concept of intellectual propertymember of the german green party, just because we don't have topic-based politics yetthe answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything: http://galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html
aworas@mastodon.socialThe Nameless One
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Cinematographer/Editor. Mod @ alienwareI just do things. he/himtwitter: @aworas
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support@bungle.onlineBungle Support
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Proxy account and Mod Inbox. Look at pages tab for instance info
terrasalix@tech.lgbt🌙 TERRA 🦇
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☽ ○ ☾terra | 24 | wales/uk | demisexual lesbianhi, i'm terra!i've been involved with tech my whole life, starting out with learning how to mod/create video games, then branching out into web dev and other types of programming. currently, i'm in my final year of my BSc in compsci, working on my dissertation.quick interests: goth, games, girlslanguages (spoken):english (native), spanish (i do my best)languages (typed):c#, c++, python, php, sql, html/css☽ ○ ☾ Pronouns.page=https://en.pronouns.page/@TerraSalix
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privacy enthusiast and computer science student at OVGU Magdeburginterested in self-care, oxytocin, abolishing capitalism, rust, decentralization and astronomythe answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything: http://galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html#rust #decentralization #privacy Matrix/Riot=https://matrix.to/#/@bolli:bolli.tech PGP-Fingerprint=5B5C F2F7 5B68 5386 684C 4E1C 8BC2 1724 A687 A5FC Pronouns=🤷 (used to er/he,they)
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Denke gerne um die Ecke. manchmal zu kompliziert. Mag keine erzwungene Anpassung. Gedanken müssen frei bleiben. #mod
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goblin enby into magic, queer stuff, and shinies. mod @ free trader Beowulf discord, ask for an invite. they/them. 18+
Weibo, LFT, AO3
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Write for right SY=http://www.mtslash.me/home.php?mod=space&uid=313189&do=profile&mycenter=1&mobile=2
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Minetest Mod reviews and tutorials. Not official or connected to Minetest in any way.
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Mod over at GC and PinkPillFeminism on saidit.net
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Admin/Mod for random imageboards, Fapchan , void gf and Imageboard Necromancer.ᚖhttps://eiritana.ch/
SNS Links, Twitter
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Events Director at VocaParty. VocaLounge Mod. Cover song hobbyist on Youtube. Music lover, concert enthusiast. Coffee, please.I like to travel too much. Previous events: Miku Expo 2016, VocaParty 2018, Snow Miku 2019Upcoming: (On Hold)Current Projects:VocaParty 202Xicon by https://mastodon.art/@ramskullsheader photo taken by IQRemix
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Mostly posts quotes and conversations from Malkavian Mod ( https://www.moddb.com/mods/malkavian-mod )Will be extended to also have dude sex/deus ex stuff as wellIf there was no insanity, it would be necessary to create it. -Catbag
actionweek@sunbeam.cityAction Week SOON! (3/8-14)
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A week for #solarpunk activism, direct action, and community building. March 8-14 2020:greensun: mod account=@Pops
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🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ Nerd! Big hearted weirdo, NB, pan, cat mum, shy loud introvert. ND. They/Them. Twitch/Discord mod
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BSc student at UQ. Marine Biology and Ocean Science. Co-mod of Livestream Oceanographic Discord She/Her#science, #deepsea, #marinebiology, #biology, #fish, #cephalopoda, #inverts, #rov,In Meanjin/Brisbane on Turrbal/Jagera land.
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confirmed useless lesbian[they/them], 18 yrs old, black poc!i mod berries.space and prose.zone
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This is a self-verified account of a Polish dorumon from Poland with a TF2 hatI enjoy playing video games like...well, TF2I am the proud ex-member of nonexistent now Jonnil Gaming Stream Team, can mod Sticky Paws when necessary.I also draw a bit, but not enough to say I am good at that, making music is harderAlso yes, I am double verified, I'm just that goodHeader by @FlyingParafinI speak Polish, English and a bit of toki pona. I might know more but not good enough to say
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I'd like to try -mod-math and so on etc, Many Thanks! :sticker_hatkid:(だいたい挙動は分かった最高でーす、初手なんちゃって英語をする垢にするか #nobot #FediBlock )
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The blog from the Peertube·Social mod team. For announcements please follow @peertubesocial@radical.town
Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram
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Hi! I'm a poet, a Linux user, gaming mod junkie, and a Twitch streamerCheck me out at https://twitch.tv/deadpoetix
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Your unfriendly moderator :blobfoxcutedeadly:Техническая основа: https://udongein.xyz/users/frssoftВсякое не техническое: https://expired.mentality.rip/users/frssoftАдмин и создатель FMN бота и моста dybr2fedi, и всяких разных полезных и не очень скриптов и недоконсольных клиентов. Остальное в био не влезает.
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if you follow me you are officially #yeeningi am 26, work in IT, and am a menace to society. my colleague called me an "IT God" at one point so i think that means im good with computers or something. i make computer music and play vidya during my limited spare time.this is the alt account for @LMAOYEEN@pounced-on.me, which is my more serious side.mod for stop.voring.me.