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nur@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Anarchist, hacktivist, indipendet servers admin developer, one of many co-admins of the bida collective 🐜ifa:
jops@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Anarchist, hacktivist, indipendet servers admin developer, one of many co-admins of the bida collective 🐜ifa: :blackcat:
linux@lemmy.ml  [follow]
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLinux is a family of open source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel, an operating system kernel first released on September 17, 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Linux is typically packaged in a Linux distribution (or distro for short).Distributions include the Linux kernel and supporting system software and libraries, many of which are provided by the GNU Project. Many Linux distributions use the word "Linux" in their name, but the Free Software Foundation uses the name GNU/Linux to emphasize the importance of GNU software, causing some controversy.Community icon by Alpár-Etele Méder, licensed under CC BY 3.0
web3isgreat@indieweb.socialweb3 is going just great
site, twitter
web3isgreat@indieweb.social  [follow]
only some of the many disasters happening in crypto, defi, NFTs, and other blockchain-based projects • created by @molly0xfff
suricrasiaonline@cybre.spaceShark Blackle
suricrasiaonline@cybre.space  [follow]
I do lots of random stuff because my brain has too many chemicals inside of it. 1994 ⚧ location=toronto pronunciation=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWubxZ-fSxU pronouns=it/its
trwnh@mastodon.socialinfinite love ⴳ
Website, Portfolio
trwnh@mastodon.social  [follow]
i have approximate knowledge of many things. perpetual student. (nb/ace/they)xmpp/email: a@trwnh.comhttps://trwnh.comhelp me live: https://liberapay.com/trwnh or paypal- my triggers are moths and glitter- i have all notifs except mentions turned off, so please interact if you wanna be friends! i literally will not notice otherwise- dm me if i did something wrong, so i can improve- purest person on fedi, do not lewd in my presence Fan of:=Punk-rock and post-hardcore (Circa Survive, letlive., La Dispute, THE FEVER 333)Manga (Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Death Note, Shaman King)Platformers and RPGs (Banjo-Kazooie, Boktai, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles) What to expect:=talking about various things i find interesting, and otherwise being a genuine and decent wholesome poster. i'm just here to hang out and talk to cool people! and to spill my thoughts.
zoequinn@mastodon.socialZoë Quinn
zoequinn@mastodon.social  [follow]
It's me, that nerd too many people have opinions about. I'm zoequinn#2216 on Discord (but please lemme know who you are before adding!)
redstarfish@social.linux.pizzaAbhiseck Paira :gnu: :gnuhurd:
redstarfish@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Aspiring hacker (Not *Cracker*), GNU and free software enthusiast.---Disinformation flourishes because many people care deeply about injustice but very few check the facts. Ask me about https://stallmansupport.org OS/Distro=GNU Guix System :guix:
jd@soc.ialis.mejd Ⓐ★😼🚀🌍🇪🇺🇭🇺
jd@soc.ialis.me  [follow]
budapest activist, photographer & one of many co-admins of the soc.ialis.me collective
eloisa@mastodon.hostEloísa 🔥 🚶‍♀️ with me
eloisa@mastodon.host  [follow]
Powered by a cane since '16 due to Multiple Sclerosis;I create #Photography + #Poetry among other things;am #LollipopCloud's Community Manager;moderate instances & projects, including this one!I also write, photograph & love tattoos, piercings and books!You can find me in many places, this is one of them.💜 My avatar is a cameo of myself in my fav comic, Morning Glories.They/Them, She/Her, Kitten; #NoBot Community Manager:=https://lollipopcloud.solutions/ Admin/Mod at:=#Trunk / @eloisa, @eloisa Alt Persona:=@TheVoid 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.amazon.es/hz/wishlist/ls/1YB3XXRK5TWH1?retribute
lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nzDave Lane
blog, tech blog
lightweight@mastodon.nzoss.nz  [follow]
FOSS & CC guy, nerd on many levels, working to democratise higher education by day, increasing digital, intellectual, & physical self-reliance & freedom generally. I build stuff & use Oxford commas. Spreading joy & confusion. Ōtautahi/Christchurch, Aotearoa/NZ I self-host (or on behalf of NZOSS & OERu)=Docker NextCloud/Collabora Discourse WordPress Drupal MediaWiki Silverstripe Moodle Rocket.Chat Mastodon GitLab Mautic Wallabag & others plus full email services I play=Lots. With my tech, guitar, voice, kids, family, friends, myriad implements of percussion, and a bit of bass.
csepp@merveilles.townCsepp 🩸
csepp@merveilles.town  [follow]
Mostly doing #plan9 / #idris / #guix #programming and #lowpoly #3d #art . Interested in learning stuff. Many stuffs.Also likes: running, dogs, running with dogs, and headpats.If you're wondering why I faved but didn't boost your art, add an image description.Background text in avatar is from Peace and Love by Rebecca Sugar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXi7-UrvTAwName: means "droplet" in Hungarian, pronounced "chepp" Pronouns=it/they (same one you'd use for animals) Gemini=gemini://blobpat.space Art license=CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Pats?=Yes.
ahanon@artoot.xyz  [follow]
Currently many posts from:https://if.viromecaravan.mealso:https://is.gd/viromecaravanClipsandhttp://is.gd/aha_on_peertube
chriswere@share.tubeChris Were
chriswere@share.tube  [follow]
Hi, my name's **Chris Were** and I enjoy making videos about Linux, open source software, Game of Thrones and many other topics. Please feel free to browse my videos.
stoori@polyglot.cityStoori Raisiolainen
stoori@polyglot.city  [follow]
Writer, translator, linguist. Books, bikes, trains & languages.#velopunk #LanguageHelpForMigrantsQuite lefty and wishing an end to capitalism, but open to see many kinds of views. However, nazis, fascists, terfs, antivaxxers and similar will be defederated at sight.PLEASE NOTE: By demanding pronouns in bio you out yourself as a cultural imperialist. Regards: your local trans aunty.If you follow me I hope you enjoy mixing together serious posts and shitposts, because that's what I enjoy. C & B level=FI, EN, SV, NL, FSE, DE, ES A level=AR, SW, DSE, FR, ET, NO, ZH, PT, IT, RO Pipeline=PL, TR, RU, EO, CA, NAH
ocean@raru.re  [follow]
You are now entering the Mew Mew ZoneChews anime a lotDoesn't chew creaturesRemembers LoveMade in 1994pronouns: anymews: many
cassolotl@cybre.space  [follow]
Backup account for @cassolotl@dev.glitch.social.In Wales. Nonbinary. Has EDS. Autistic. Likes many proprietary and centralised softwares. Gender neutral pronouns. Profile pic by @Andrea.Handwarmers: http://bit.ly/smolglubs
joyprovider@mastodon.social  [follow]
Loving men in many ways. Cock addict. Enjoy with me.Contains NSFW gay material. Gay sex=NSFW Male nudes=NSFW
tq@weirder.earthTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@weirder.earth  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
tq@octodon.socialTQ 🎹
Art page, Electronic music
tq@octodon.social  [follow]
Jackfruit of all trades. Old as in Walkman.Spacewave nostalgia in E minor.Too many French horns, too many vocal tracks, too much reverb.Feminist, parent of monsters, #creator of things, wearer of #makeup. #art­ist, #musician, occasional #writer. Love #startrek, #ttrpg, #activism, #rollerskating. Recovering from consumerism.White, able-bodied, probably adhd. Almost cis.Always too many ideas and too much energy. Pronouns=she/her | they/them Art acc=https://mastodon.art/@TQ
libreops@libretooth.gr  [follow]
Many hackers around the world are (re-)decentralizing the net. This is our part, offering distributed, free (as in freedom) services to the world.
babyant@abdl.linkBaby Ant
babyant@abdl.link  [follow]
I’m a PhD baby in Applied Physics and Material Science. I have the best Daddy in the world and can’t wait to go on so many adventures with him.
lumi@niu.moeanarkitty lumi-nyan :bunpats:
lumi@niu.moe  [follow]
Hai! I like anime, programming, linguistics, maths, science, FOSS and many other things! Veganarcho-Bunnunist. Anti-Copyright. 🇧🇪 xmpp: ask :asexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:I try to interpret everything in the most charitable way I can and I think love & understanding are the best praxis. You may be able to change my mind on many issues, but if your POV is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, nationalist, or anything inbetween, I will always very loudly be against what you stand for. Loves=You ♥ Gender=:nonbinary_flag: Nyanbunnary Trainbow :nonbinary_flag: Languages=NL, EN, ±FR, :rust: Politics=Veganarcho-Bunnunism, Feminist, Anti-Copyright
blog@wedistribute.orgWe Distribute
blog@wedistribute.org  [follow]
Connecting many threads in the federated web. We Distribute is an independent publication dedicated to the fediverse, decentralization, P2P technologies, and Free Software!
sixohsix@icosahedron.websiteM. Verdone
sixohsix@icosahedron.website  [follow]
I make music when I can. I own too many synthesizers. I program C++ for money, but it's usually reasonably fun.he/him or they/them, as you prefer.
Website, Blogg, Podcast
forteller@octodon.social  [follow]
Huge supporter of federated social networks, #FOSS etc. Got some visibility through my blogpost on beating Fb w/federation many moons ago. Green Party! Hi Identi.can folks! #Norway #freegan #hashtags4directory
mako@social.coopBenjamin Mako Hill
mako@social.coop  [follow]
Rebel with rather too many causes. https://mako.cc/ Founding member of @communitydata
paulfree14@mastodon.socialPaul Free (14 Ⓐ, europe)
paulfree14@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm an aproved liar by JΞSTΞR ΔCTUAL³³º¹ and many others of their follower
sarah_wanh@counter.socialSarah with an H
sarah_wanh@counter.social  [follow]
Wife of 1, wrestler Mom of 2, Furbaby Mom of 3, Friend of Many
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchenGwenfar Dewines Planhigion
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchen  [follow]
Plant Mage. 😛lantmage6: White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, occasional garden designer. #Garlic lover. #ForestGardens. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). #Anarchist. Trans rights = human rights.Will talk about food (growing and eating) unCW'ed. #HappyFatThere is no such thing as too many plants.Politics, colouring, history, & general musings alt: @GwenfarsGardenWill only boost images that have descriptions.
ashley@digipres.club  [follow]
a/v archivist and developer with too many extracurricular activities; username ablwr in other places on the world wide web; your internet girlfriend
talesxfromxmyxcribv2@abdl.link  [follow]
WELCOMEI’m Trevie. Little Age is 1yr. Some of you may recognize me from Tumblr. I had many blogs on there like littleboydiaper and tales-from-my-crib Kik=talesxfromxmyxcribV2 Telegram=talesxfromxmyxcribV2
sophie@chaos.social  [follow]
Sysadministress by day. Livestreaming, videos, cameras, ffmpeg, cooking, baking, swimming, snuggling blahajer and many more by night. Pronouns=she/her Languages=DE/EN Matrix=@sophie:sophies-kitchen.eu
chemelia@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
howdy! i'm amelia jadei'm a polyamorous transgender lesbian communist and if you don't like it you can die madi have too many interests, including but not limited to: virology, game design, immunology, girls, mythology, bicycling, computers, girls, d&d, creative writing, and girls
maximumoverderp@mastodon.socialMark Blaho 🌹
maximumoverderp@mastodon.social  [follow]
On the internet, no one knows how many critical vulns you're ignoring. Real Live Trans Adult ⚧ 🌹 Happily in Philly DSA! https://curiouscat.me/MaximumOverDerp
beli3ver@social.tchncs.de:tux: Malte :Anoxinon:
beli3ver@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Jesus Freakloves Linux, Android, OpenSource and many more Jabber=malte@anoxinon.me OpenPGP=E748BC8840D19D6E233156830BC2CE7401975CB6
full_node@unstoppablecode.org  [follow]
Every Satoshi is a ticket to exit the failed monetary system. Stack as many as you can and HODL, they won't be on sale forever. Running Bitcoin, Lightning, and now Mastodon Instance=Https://unstoppablecode.org
robbdoeyes@mastodon.social🏳️‍🌈 NSFW nudes
robbdoeyes@mastodon.social  [follow]
I am a gay, left leaning artist in PA, USA. A Tumblr refugee. Love male nudes explicit or not. Hairy is my preference, but some smooth men are irresistible. NSFW Gay=Explicit pics Male=Exclusively Loving=Humans who love and animals Men=Many Beauties exTumblr
sternrage@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
A man of many interests who loves this Great Nation. God Bless America!
burntfeathers@mastodon.social✿ the claire switch project ✿
burntfeathers@mastodon.social  [follow]
claire. 25. pittsburgh. performer, in many ways. snake mom, but a bird girl at heart.follow my new account: @burntfeathers
draliciahendley@spinster.xyz  [follow]
A Canadian-American, who's relieved to be a citizen of both countries, in case either decides to kick me out. An agnostic, married to a Jewish guy. Too many kids to count. A former psychologist and current writer. Passionate about the rights of women and children. A (late in the game) gender critical feminist. Rabble-rouser.
bluestar@abdl.link  [follow]
Little / babyfur from Germany, Berlin.Science guy.Love writing stories and reading booksPassionate gamer.Slightly obsessed with foxes and dragons.Still a bit shy, but feel free to contact me via PM, DM, write me on Telegram, or send a crow ;)Bestestest buddy and little fox of my sweet brother bear @thatbabyboy Plushies=YES! So many plushies^^ Little Age=around 4 Telegram=@BlueParoo
davel495@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Man of many hats. Ex Australian Infantry; Steelworker; Horticulturist; Currently a 'yet to be successful' Sapphire Miner. Staunch conservative values.
gannet@wandering.shopNaomi 📚🧶🫖
Pattern shop
gannet@wandering.shop  [follow]
Knitting designer/SFF reader. reference librarian at large. She/her. #nobotI’m following about as many people as I can keep track of, so I won’t follow everyone. Patreon=Https://Patreon.com/gannet Blog=Https://gannetdesigns.com/
olimex@fosstodon.orgOLIMEX Ltd Bulgaria
olimex@fosstodon.org  [follow]
OLIMEX (www.olimex.com) is company dealing with electronic design and production. We have many products with open source hardware and software.
namtari@toot.siteMaeve :sparklesBi:​ :sparklesTrans:​​
namtari@toot.site  [follow]
I'm a very speedy adhd wolfie who has way too many hobbies and way too little time and that's why my brain is fried yey@lesbian_subnet, @katnjiapus and @Sophee are the best cuties and I love them very much <3Steam: viking enbyBlog: @namtariTelegram, snap, discord, switch: ask, if you're a mutuallewd alt: @eptirmyrkrit:flagTrans: :flagBi: :flagSapphic: :flagPolyam:​en, no, se, fr Admin of=toot.site HRT=13.10.21 pn=she/her
ponett@mastodon.socialBobby Schroeder
ponett@mastodon.social  [follow]
she/her, bi, 24. leftist indie dev, creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG. too many feelings about children's cartoons. email: ponettplus@gmail
irl@57n.org  [follow]
Hacker. Researcher. Developer.💻☕🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿I do many free software things. I work on understanding and analysing the #tor network to help it stay healthy and scale. I've been a #debian developer for a while now, and mostly work on Internet measurement and amateur radio packages these days. I'm also developing #hambsd, a secure modern packet #hamradio stack.I live in Aberdeen, Scotland and am a member of the @57n hackerspace.
rngesus_wept@mastodon.socialThe One And The Twenty
rngesus_wept@mastodon.social  [follow]
I play too many #boardgames.
vib@snug.moevibby :bunhdlurkaww:
vib@snug.moe  [follow]
bleb bleb bleb* There's many things I enjoy. (may include person reading)* Sucker for cute stuff. (may include person reading)* dum ​:comfyderp:​Made 65,028,088 fedi users blush (more like others made me blush this many times)Server maid of snug.moe ​:suya2:​ ~ Trying my bestbackup @vib@fedi.absturztau.beIf you're reluctant or shy about sending a follow request just go ahead and do it, you dummi...I'm here to relax and have a nice time​:bunbean:​ XMPP=vib @ snug.moe Matrix=@ vib:snug.moe so=mooshy
nyx@social.xenofem.me𝕹𝖞𝖝 妛彁
nyx@social.xenofem.me  [follow]
Empress of Xenofem.me :: one of many nyxes :: one or several nyxes :: 🖤 @lycheefroot@twitter.com 🌀=https://nyxus.xyz 🕸️=https://unlife.nyx.land/ 🎧=https://listenbrainz.org/user/nyx_land
zeezeemoomoo@cybre.spaceConcerned MooMooCow
zeezeemoomoo@cybre.space  [follow]
MOOMOO its a cute moomoocow friend ready for as many hugs as you like!!she/herprofile pic source is:https://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4210629
g@cybre.space  [follow]
a dangerously gay pile of many limbed animals:ms_niss: niss; she/her; phelsuma laticauda [big one]:niss_mlem: nisse; he/him; phelsuma laticauda [little one]:qtmlem: q.t.; it/its; quox:goo_uwu: the goo; it/its; goodra:bip: bip; vey/vem or zhey/zhem or …; yingleti do art and computer sometimes but mostly just post. 🔒 by default, you know how it is. follow requests ok tho!avatar lemonleezard on twitter; banner @Zylex
mkb@mastodon.social  [follow]
Infosec, privacy tech, gaming (many flavors). Oakland, CA.He/him
vandys@mst.vsta.orgAndy Valencia ✅
vandys@mst.vsta.org  [follow]
Author of VSTa microkernel, and many other bits of open source SW: sources.vsta.org. Living in the extended Seattle metro area.Current major effort is an effort to modernize ForthOS.
prydt@letsalllovela.ineboy pry
prydt@letsalllovela.in  [follow]
eboy (he/him)cypherpunk femboy, digital librarianHey! I love programming, philosophy, anime, math, and many other fields. Hope we can be friends! 😀https://prydt.xyzhttps://github.com/prydt
primpker@mastodon.socialComfort Foods
primpker@mastodon.social  [follow]
As many fingers as there are stars in the sky
kat@sleeping.townSmall Thematic Incongruity
kat@sleeping.town  [follow]
she/herhobbyist game dev and pixel artistcute :gumbium:in girlfriends with too many people, but @unascribed is one of themGNU Amelia Rose
katie@mstdn.io  [follow]
Hello. I'm Katie!!! I'm a dragon!! I like KDE and I love free software!! I also love k-dramas, k-pop and anime, specially k-pop, there are so many great current and former groups to love!!! Red Velvet, AOA, Sistar, WJSN, A Pink, Rockit Girl, Aespa, Twice, Itzy, G-idle, and on and onI'm single but not really. I'm dating Konqi but I'm just stringing him along and keeping him in the FriendZone while I try to get BSD Beastie to give me some attention. He's such a hot bad boy, I want him so badly!!
bit@counter.social  [follow]
"All that I know is that I know nothing.""... but I have many suspicions."(He/him)
bonnielovesharleyquinn@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Hi I’m Bonnie! I’m a 22 year old radical + gender critical feminist! I’m a FEBFEM (Female Exclusive Bisexual FEMale.) l 💖 horses and they are my life! I am also very interested and passionate about animation, movies / TV shows (especially horror and sci-fi!), biology and astronomy. I want to be an animator or a scientist. I follow back! I want to make as many friends here as possible as I’m feeling the loss of GenderCritical and TrollGC 💔Taking radfem themed art requests! 👩🏻‍🎨
jbauer@merveilles.townJake Bauer :tealheart:
jbauer@merveilles.town  [follow]
[Moved from @jbauer]Hey there! o/I'm a hobbyist of many hobbies. I love simple and sustainable technologies, tea, writing, and gardening (and more). I'm a big fan of low-tech or analog solutions to life's problems.I like to participate in and help build communities of like-minded people. I am happy to engage in good-faith discussions, but I strongly dislike exclusionary politics and people.Spending my life with @feli ❤️[Posts are auto-deleted after 1 month.] Website:=https://www.paritybit.ca SourceHut:=https://git.sr.ht/~jbauer Also Runs:=https://www.jaderune.net Pronouns:=He/Him or They/Them
mirabilis@octodon.social  [follow]
Interested in #history #archaeology #science #books #forest #nature #food #privacy, #Norway, #Canada, and many other topics as well.Sometimes I blog at mirabilis.ca.
roofslapping@botsin.spaceRoof Slapping Bot
roofslapping@botsin.space  [follow]
*slaps roof of a bot* this bad boy can fit so many of this kind of joke in it // a bot by @darius .
rapistsirna@rapemeat.solutions  [follow]
Rape enthusiast along with many other kinks, mostly rape though. Did I mention I like rape? Because rape is hot and my right.
itsthemanonthemoon@octodon.socialSir Simon Milligan
itsthemanonthemoon@octodon.social  [follow]
I am "learned how to computer on a Commodore 64" years old, please calibrate your expectations/interactions accordingly.I am a long time web dev but I find tech discourse dull and don't use this account for that.I have too many interests- music, sewing, and printmaking chief among them.No hard feelings if I don't grant your follow request. Odds are you have no posting history, an inscrutable posting history, or we seem to have nothing in common.He/HimAlso at @mayor
jmstar@dice.campJason Morningstar
jmstar@dice.camp  [follow]
I have many interestshttps://d.rip/bullypulpitgames
lilpadawan@abdl.link  [follow]
I’ve got so many nicknames it’s so hard to pick one!! Call me whatever you like... just remember us littles are <molto sensibile> so please be kind to everyone😋
tuturto@tech.lgbt  [follow]
I'm Tuula, builder of worlds. I have way too many unfinished projects.My DMs are open if you need someone to talk to.Tell me about your cool project.
afresh1@bsd.networkAndrew Hewus Fresh
afresh1@bsd.network  [follow]
he/him. So many interesting things to know and do. At the moment, spend my free time as an #OpenBSD hacker, #Perl programmer, and fan of pockets.
eidon@niu.moe  [follow]
Hi, I'm Eidon-of-NiuMoe.I'm also @Eidon, @Eidon, @Eidon, @eidon@pleroma.soycaf.com ...Yes, I agree too many Eidons... ‍‍Anatis sum: anati nihil a me alienum puto(Duck am I: nothing duckling is alien to me)
essem@this-is-epic.spaceEssem :vf:
website, birdsite
essem@this-is-epic.space  [follow]
redheaded hacker and funny man|creator of projectlounge.pw, esmBot, this_vid2, and many more|music tracker renaissance 2020 | oh yeah I also run this instance pronouns=he/him or they/them pfp by=@Steel
abbyhoward@mastodon.socialAbby Howard
abbyhoward@mastodon.social  [follow]
I make many comics and have a cat alsohttps://www.patreon.com/abbyhowardhttps://www.last-halloween.com/https://www.jspowerhour.com/
morgane_lapine@social.mochi.academyPetite vache pleine d'amour
morgane_lapine@social.mochi.academy  [follow]
Thriving to share happiness with as many people as possible. Daily provider of "moo" in your timeline.
eeveeeuphoria@glaceon.social:pichu_traily:​ Embers 🎨🛡️🏳️‍🌈
Carrd, PFP
eeveeeuphoria@glaceon.social  [follow]
Every pokemon is trans!Hi, I'm Jasmine, your not-so-resident instance hopper! I'm a 22 y/o #artist who draws many fluffy critters, many 'mons included of course! I have like 3 billion OCs, and I still find excuses to make even more of 'em!I'm an enby demi-girl that's a aromantic, a bi lesbian, & graysexual! Also, I'm otherkin for a few creachures! Check my pinned posts for more info on me!also i lov rodents Pronouns=she/her, it/its | pi/piself Lewd alt=@JennyIsGay Switch FC=SW-6327-8610-0132
ferdiz@mastodon.cloudFerdi F. Zebua 🌏
about.me, Ello, WordPress.com blog
ferdiz@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
From Indonesia. 🇮🇩 he/him, but they/them is fine, too. | #fz_drawing | #fz_thinkingOutLoud | #fz_links | #fz_webVideos | #Socmed addict but working on it. Recently unemployed, but still hopeful that I'll get stable employment soon enough. Very occasionally depressed but not infectiously so I promise. On the Mastodon side of the Fediverse since 2017-ish. How many characters of profile text do we get anyways on Masto nowadays? On and on and on and on... Diaspora*=https://joindiaspora.com/u/ffz
DN0, Jae
jae@mastodon.tedomum.net  [follow]
Not a debate account.Admin & Dev at :tedomum:she/her☭Jae, Ré and many more.
eidon@weeaboo.space  [follow]
I recently joined @guresuke in a metal project called MATHEMORPHOSIShttp://mathemorphosis.xyz/Our first song, "Long Winter", was written by Guresuke-san. Its lyrics evoke in me the spirit of these days of social segregation -- the reign of Camus' Absurd. Song and lyrics are here: http://mathemorphosis.xyz/song/longwinter.phpOur second song, "Bygone Days", focuses on a different types of absurd -- the one that sometimes we face in the course of our daily activities. Song and lyrics are here: http://mathemorphosis.xyz/song/bygone_days.php And our latest work is called “Nightfall”. It tells of apocalyptic scenarios, of a humanity that has made a mistake too many and is one step away from extinction; at the end of the game, to put it with Beckett. But it’s also a song that speaks of hope, of a different relationship between man and the World Ecosystem. Of a new rebirth, a new Humanity — definition and never again oxymoron.You can find it on our website: http://mathemorphosis.xyz/song/nightfall.php#Metal #Mathemorphosis #μαϑͱεμόρφωσις
support, buy my music
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Mezzosoprano. Geek with guitar. Metalhead (with a side of goth) at heart. Classical roots, curious about many styles of music. #SuperCollider tinkerer. Musicologist by training. Genderqueer femme. Polytheist. Lives in a rural place.White person in the process of unlearning racism.Time zone: CET/CEST (UTC +1/+2)#nobot pronouns=they/them // sie/ihr languages=English, German
leonardr@botsin.spaceLeonard Richardson
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Author of robotfindskitten, Beautiful Soup, "RESTful Web APIs", "Constellation Games", and many a bot.
nicksellen@social.coop🌈 Nick Sellen 🌻
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Just another wandering soul.Probably somewhat autistic. Slightly unstable at times. Holder of many privileges.Coding on https://fosstodon.org/@karrot.I enjoy self-defined creative work, not labour, and hope to support others to find the same.Toots for Conviviality ;)(I will decline follow requests if you haven't written much)
varmazis@mstdn.socialMaria Varmazis :verified:
art portfolio, podcast, my 2022 PMC ride
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I draw #comics, #kidlit, and paint a lot. I'm also a podcaster, writer & comms pro in #infosec. I like to ride my bicycle. Nerd of many kinds, especially #StarTrek.#illustration #mastoart #cybersecurity #cycling infosec/content=https://mvarmazis.com
brenttoderian@mastodon.onlineBrent Toderian
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City planner + urbanist at TODERIAN UrbanWORKS. Global advisor on cities. Past Vancouver chief city planner. Founding President of the Council for Canadian Urbanism. Writer for Fast Company, Huffington Post and many other publications. Speaker, thought-leader, city-maker.
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“Creativity and Imagination” is my mantra. As many artist do, I have many interests and they are expressed through my creativity.#artist #vegan
lyingkhajiit@fandom.inkM'aiq the Liar
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M'aiq knows much, and tells some. M'aiq knows many things others do not. Name=M'aiq Father's name=M'aiq Father's father's name=M'aiq
littlestoner@abdl.linkLittle Stoner 👶
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24/7 since 16, found the fun side of wearing. Welcome to my journey and hope to meet many new fun people. Currently interested in exploring more of my AB side. 80% DL and 20% AB
Borbsite, Carrd
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Every pokemon is trans!Hi, I'm Jasmine, your not-so-resident instance hopper! I'm a 22 y/o #artist who draws many fluffy critters, many 'mons included of course! I have like 3 billion OCs, and I still find excuses to make even more of 'em!I'm an enby demi-girl that's a aromantic, a bi lesbian, & graysexual! Also, I'm otherkin for a few creachures! Check my pinned posts for more info on me!also i lov rodents Pronouns=She/her, it/its, they/them | pi/piself, vi/vuiself PFP By:=https://nitter.net/bloodychainarts
osirissaline@mastodon.artSail [Composer/Musician]
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Trans composer. Poverty riddled queer garage goth. Multi-instrumentalist disabled & autistic antifascist with a lot of scars. She/they. An immigrant in Australia.[Toot Delete set to 3 months bar faves. I've been on Masto for many years] Discography & Commission Information=https://osirissaline.wordpress.com/ Creative Commons & Soundtracks=https://osirissaline.bandcamp.com/ Archive=https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator:%22Osiris%20Saline%22
andrii@we.1being.orgAndrii Logan Zvorygin 🇨🇦💚🧘‍♀️🌎
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Greetings in the Love and in the Light of the One Infinite Creator.The Age of Peace has come, and the first step to entering the New Age Sylvan timeline, is opening the heart which feels like forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love for all beings and motivates one to be of service to others. The vision of the New Paradise is food forest communities where all your needs can be met on site, with co creation centres where can make anything that you can imagine.1being.orgBody Bio: ☦️☭🇺🇦🦌🇨🇦☦️☸️🖥️⌨️🧘🕉️❤️⛧🗽⛤💚🛸✝️☪️Soul Bio: M63🌋🗿🌲🐸🖤👹🎲M51🔮🛰🤖M33🧙MW🦎🦾🚀💥♀️🌪️🌎🧘🦌☥ᚨ☸️⛵🏴‍☠️👽💚🧘☦️🇨🇦🤖♀️☿️⛢♇O🌌I've been so many states of matter, thought and space that my pronoun is one, however I forgive you for whatever gender terms you may prefer to use in relation to myself. I am a piece of dust on a planet, in a vast cosmos, within one infinite creation. I read a lot of books, can see a list of books I finished here:https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/66927353-logan-streondj?ref=nav_mybooks&shelf=readI like to quote the LLResearch material, I have a full archive available here:https://gitlab.com/liberit/ll-research-archiveLuke 5:30-32 (YLT)30 and the scribes and the Pharisees among them were murmuring at his disciples, saying, `Wherefore with tax-gatherers and sinners do ye eat and drink?'31 And Jesus answering said unto them, `They who are well have no need of a physician, but they that are ill:32 I came not to call righteous men, but sinners, to reformation.'
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Aiming for a traditional life with my tomboy gfToo many hobbies and interests:lain_sneed: Alt: @xykreilon@sneed.social :lain_sneed: Website=xykreilon.neocities.org
raye@sunbeam.cityraye ⚗️
process, support
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i talk & i write | they/them | #bigender | #solarpunk | #alchemist | #antifa | #witch | #saffron grower | many gods, no masters | #seattle I am...=virgo | mid-life adult | nonbinary | ambivert | neurodiverse goals=tiny house, community, food forest
aleabdo@hubzilla.com.brAlexandre Hannud Abdo
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Ni!If you don't see the fnords... they won't eat you.Science, not unlike many other human endeavors, depends on an inherently collective effort, which must carefully balance collaboration and competition. As such, it is indissociable from its communication, and will share its fate: a science that cannot be shared, cannot be.
bridgebury@wandering.shopVee of the House of Larkin
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Writer of weird things. Divorced. Bi. Has 2 cats, 2 D&D groups, and too many notebooks.
stevenbeschloss@toot.communitySteven Beschloss
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Writer, journalist, editor, filmmaker, prof. Author of book about Lee Harvey Oswald, "The Gunman & His Mother." Seen in WaPo, New Yorker, Smithsonian, New Republic, many others. Writing/publishing America, America: america.substack.com. Opinions here: solely mine. Twitter=@StevenBeschloss
tacticalskirt@trollian.space:nepeta: Nepeta Apologist :arsonverified:
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Trans GirlI Have Approximate Knowledge Of A Great Many Things#arsongang
transponderings@eldritch.cafeAnna Nicholson
Words, Music, Tips
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Autistic+ADHD queer nonbinary womanshe/her (en)elle/la (fr, mais mauvaise)i/ise (gd, nas fheàrr)Recovering from the birdsite (but still popping in occasionally while so many of my friends are stuck there)I’ll sometimes talk about mathematics and linguistics, those being fields I attempted PhDs in (but burned out)I’ll sometimes talk about activism: climate crisis, disabled/neurodivergent/trans/PoC/Traveller/sex-worker rightsAnd sometimes I’ll talk about railway signallingAnd cats 😽 Location=Edinburgh, Scotland, Terf Island
catonano@mastodon.socialAbbie Normal
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Any dimwit can understand computers. Many do. he/himMy personal blog https://Quisquiliae.hashbase.io
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Conservative columnist for American Thinker, Frontpage Magazine, New Right Network, Gateway Pundit, and many others.
agateau@mastodon.xyzAurélien Gâteau 🇺🇦
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Father, Free Software developer, amateur pixel artist, geek, retro gamer, runs too many projects • https://agateau.com
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¶ Perpetual Foreigner | Interdisciplinary Designer | Journeyman Makerlo-fi tech, game design, assorted arts & farts ⚁ ⚄ I want to make too many things. url:=https://fdisk.space irl:=NC, USA temp:=MRV084505