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nekerafa@mastodon.galRafa Alcalde :galician_heart:
Sitio web
nekerafa@mastodon.gal  [follow]
Boas!! Meu nome e Rafa, son da Coruña e actualmente traballo coma desenvolvedor en #react e #dotnet. No meu tempo libre encántame desenvolver ferramentas e videoxogos con #godot e #love2d, ademáis de axudar con proxectos na linguaxe Lua.❤️💛💜 | ♀️ | :bi_flag_heart: Pronomes=https://es.pronouns.page/@NEKERAFA Aniversario=17 de marzo Linguas=galego, castelán, inglés
nekerafa@tech.lgbtRafa Alcalde Azpiazu
nekerafa@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Hi!! My name is Rafa, I'm from A Coruña, in Galiza (Spain) and I'm developer in #react and #dotnet core. In my free time I'm developing in #godot and #love2d, and helping as consultant in Lua programming language.❤️💛💜 | ♀️ | :heart_bi:
alexjgriffith@gamemaking.social  [follow]
I make a couple games a year. Promise to keep you updated 😉My go-to engine is Löve2d, but I'm testing the waters with Godot.If I had to pick my favorite language, it would have to be Fennel.#pixelart #fennel #love
ssora@mastodon.socialR1BNC 🇵🇭
blog, website, website
ssora@mastodon.social  [follow]
A Thinkpad X200T with Debian GNU+Linux user, interested in aviation and Django Web Framework. He/him, Busy with WorkMatrix: @sora5:matrix.orgMy channel : https://invidio.us/channel/UCYA3rK_NbWdxqZ9lRO0DDqAPeertube mirrors: https://tube.22decembre.eu/accounts/oras/videoshttps://peertube.social/accounts/r1bnc/videos#thinkpad #aviation #debian #gnu #linux #raspberry #pi #python #love2d #esp8266 #django #tor #philippines #SDR meta=hacking, games, C, C++, python, bash, gnu+linux, java, anime, gnu+linux, BSD, thinkpads, old computers, i3wm, xfce4, debian, minetest, xash3d, retro SNES, ads-b
nonehitwonder@tenforward.socialNone Hitwonder
nonehitwonder@tenforward.social  [follow]
Spanish-American #indiedev making #pixelart, #animation, #music, and some other fun stuff because I have 1000% #ADHD. | lvl 40 | he/him | I'm here to make art and be kind.I'm currently teaching myself #gamedev and working on a manic cute-'em-up romance adventure: Inspiration Fairy Wand Panic!!I'm currently tooling around with #Aseprite, #Godot, #Love2D, #Pico8, #Twine, #Bitsy, and #Playdate did I mention the ADHD yes hi hello personal=nonehitwonder.com studio/lab=appliedincongruity.com [proto]game=wandpanic.com
lordgomo@tech.lgbtLord Gomo of #FreePalestine
Twitter, CV
lordgomo@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Él - He/Him. Bi.Hi!! My name is Rafa, I'm from A Coruña, in Galiza (Spain) and I'm developer in #react and #dotnet core. In my free time I'm developing in #unity3d and #love2d, and helping as consultant in Lua programming language.❤️💛💜 | ♀️ | :heart_bi: Birthday=17th March Languages=es_ES, en_GB, gl_ES
rukinom@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Programmer of games and web! I ❤ tools 🔧, Moonscript 🌒, and Love2D.
__jimus__@mastodon.gamedev.placeJames Chance
__jimus__@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
Husband - Father - Leicester Tigers fan - Open University student - Bedroom Bassist - Fan of Löve2D Framework
d0nm@twtr.plusD0N MIGUEL
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
d0nm@twtr.plus  [follow]
gameDev @SineDieGames #SGDK (English) @Zabuyaki #love2d,the RM2k dudePS I write in Russian here mainly. Pardon me for likes and Safe Tea Boots. #нетВойне Twitter=twitter.com/d0nm
nitter.poast.org, About twtr.plus
raven67854@twtr.plus  [follow]
Linux Enthusiast,Game Developer, Gamecaster || Love2D Fanatic || Libertarian || Creator of Raven67854 Gaming || BBS lover Twitter=twitter.com/raven67854
xenthreaded@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
fr/enHobbyist gamedevLearning Godot, Love2D and ggez.rsmain @wandering.shop