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Main project, www
alexandra@mk.nixnet.social  [follow]
Software person. Student. Does not trust the computers.I recently realized I am probably a girl.Previously known as: @alexbuzzbee@fosstodon.org, @alexbuzzbee@twitter.com(This account in turn has an alt, @alexandra_lewd, for purposes that should be obvious.)e-gf: @amber@toot.sitePronouns: https://pronoun.is/she/herInterests: Computers, #simpletech/#leantech, #books, #space, #freedom, #floss/#foss/#freesoftwareMatrix (unreliable): matrix:u/alexbuzzbee:matrix.org Mail=mailto:public00287@alm.website XMPP=xmpp:alexbuzzbee@nixnet.services