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Blog, Images
leah@chaos.social  [follow]
Impfluencerin · Kommunikationsaktivistin · infrastructure · photography · queer activism · Bouldern · RaumZeitLabor · MRMCD · 🏳️‍🌈 · :polyamory_flag: · :lesbian_flag:also running chaos.social#nobot Languages=de/en Pronouns=she/her
russsharek@mastodon.artRuss Sharek
professional idiot, low-fi site
russsharek@mastodon.art  [follow]
I've been described by reliable sources as a zen fool, benevolent super villain, misanthropic community leader, clown father figure and Impish Cabaret Rasputin. emoji=:clown: languages=English, toki pona
thekinrar@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Maintainer of https://mastodon.xyz and https://social.targaryen.house instances and https://instances.social instances list. Master of @Asriel. Languages=FR, EN Location=Aix-en-Provence, FR
downey@floss.socialMichael Downey 🕊️
downey@floss.social  [follow]
Software freedom and digital rights activist. FLOSS.social admin. Advisory Boards: @librehealth, OSU Open Source Lab. @fsfe & @conservancy Supporter; OSI advocate circle & individual member #3. Formerly: OpenMRS, United Nations Foundation. Languages=🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇨🇲 Read This!=https://techautonomy.org Use This!=:debian: :signal: :matrix: :mastodon:
connyduck@chaos.socialConny Duck
connyduck@chaos.social  [follow]
Android dev, maintainer of @Tusky pronouns=he/him languages=German, English art account=@connyduck@pixelfed.social
kensanata@octodon.socialAlex Schroeder
kensanata@octodon.social  [follow]
#Biology, #Plants, #Birds, #Photography, #Switzerland, #Emacs, #Wiki, #Gemini, #Programming, #Tea, #Drawing, #Music@kensanata is my RPG alt.Languages: gsw de en fr pt.My toots expire. He/him.
maclemon@chaos.social  [follow]
he/him, #SysOP#Mac #BSD #TLS #SSH #Tor #Matrix#selfHosting #privacy #anonymity #ITSec #RCcars #3dPrinting #HamRadio#CCC #C3W #Wien 🏳️‍🌈 Languages=DE, EN, a bit FR ☎️ EP:VPN=MLMN (6566) 🌍 “Website”=https://maclemon.at/ 🔗 Affiliations=@fairydust_space, @bsdstammtisch@bsd.network, @c3wien
h_tejas@mastodon.social  [follow]
Words and ideas Age=30 Languages=Marathi, English, Hindi Pronouns=He/him
Website, Contacts
strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz  [follow]
Free human being of this Earth. Be excellent to each other! #Vegan #Permaculture #Transition #PeerProduction #FreeCode #CreativeCommons #SciFi #Comedy #Juggling Languages=English, Te Reo Māori
wintgenstein@radical.town⚸Deleuzing my religion
wintgenstein@radical.town  [follow]
Marisol Aguillar on NA-Leviathan-PrimalWantonly Cruel woke-poisoned minority. i am a communist. 🇵🇸 🇵🇷 🇨🇺 ☭ ♋ ♓ ♐ Pronouns=They/them Languages=English and Spanish Currently Reading=Dear God Am I Hot? by Cartoons Hate Her
jpmens@mastodon.socialJP Mens
jpmens@mastodon.social  [follow]
Small-scale fiddler, enjoys doing & teaching. Wrote a thick book on FLOSS DNS servers. Dreamed up @OwnTracks over MQTT. Ansible with NOCOWS=1. Loves plain text. I (re-)toot in several languages. https://jpmens.net
renatolond@masto.donte.com.brRenato Lond Cerqueira
Pronouns, Website, Liberapay
renatolond@masto.donte.com.br  [follow]
From :bandeira_rj:🇧🇷, living in :flag_bru:🇧🇪Known as Lond.Admin of https://masto.donte.com.br, https://lewd.town and developer of @crossposter(If you're following just for @crossposter news, I always post them directly on that account):heart_bi:#coffee #cats #cooking #tootRadio #mastoAdmin #mastoDev Languages=PT, EN, FR
kingu_platypus_gidora@octodon.socialKingu had not
kingu_platypus_gidora@octodon.social  [follow]
Hello World! I am KinguI have some mixtapes here:https://tube.xy-space.de/a/kingu/video-channels here: https://fedimovie.com/a/kingu_platypus/video-channels and here: https://video.076.ne.jp/a/kingu_platypus/video-channels#music #noise #patate #jpop #idol #punk #ornythorinque #mastodon #psychedelic #nobot #linux #scheme #religion #python Pronoun=It Programming Languages=Gauche, Python Vegetable=Potato Favorite Music Genres=Noise, Punk, Doom
petercxy@sn.angry.imTᴀᴋᴀɴᴀsʜɪ Hᴏʀᴏ
petercxy@sn.angry.im  [follow]
Android (LineageOS) Developer / Linux User / Otaku / Webmaster @ angry.im Languages=zh_CN, en_U{S,K}, ja_JP Blog (en)=https://en.typeblog.net Matrix=@peter:neo.angry.im XMPP=peter@angry.im
stoori@polyglot.cityStoori Raisiolainen
stoori@polyglot.city  [follow]
Writer, translator, linguist. Books, bikes, trains & languages.#velopunk #LanguageHelpForMigrantsQuite lefty and wishing an end to capitalism, but open to see many kinds of views. However, nazis, fascists, terfs, antivaxxers and similar will be defederated at sight.PLEASE NOTE: By demanding pronouns in bio you out yourself as a cultural imperialist. Regards: your local trans aunty.If you follow me I hope you enjoy mixing together serious posts and shitposts, because that's what I enjoy. C & B level=FI, EN, SV, NL, FSE, DE, ES A level=AR, SW, DSE, FR, ET, NO, ZH, PT, IT, RO Pipeline=PL, TR, RU, EO, CA, NAH
Website, Donate
bubu@chaos.social  [follow]
Free Software Developer from Berlin. Working on free Android apps and decentralized communication platforms. F-Droid Classic Developer.(Co-)Maintaining @CCTG. Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@bubu:bubu1.eu Languages=En/De/(Fr)
sphinxc0re@ruhr.socialHypertext Markup Laubstein
GitHub, Blog
sphinxc0re@ruhr.social  [follow]
Passionate software engineer with a background in acting, singing and dancing 🕺🏽Obsessed with #SvelteFormer Dungeon Master turned chess novice Languages=🇩🇪🇺🇸🇰🇷
schmittlauch@toot.matereal.euTrolli Schmittlauch 🦥
schmittlauch@toot.matereal.eu  [follow]
brave and stupid enough to run his own instance.interested in tech, FLOSS, (net)politics.Antifascistpron.: he/him"Blockchain"/ crypto currency hate account Birdsite=@schmittlauch Location=Dresden (Mordor) Languages=German, English
venko@cybre.space  [follow]
:geodesic: Geodesic Orb Suspended in Void :geodesic::geodesic: Dipshit Communist Software Engineer :geodesic:Author of @marcopolobot, @endlessscreaming[Both currently deactivated]Seattle, USA pronouns:=he/him languages=en, eo
blog, pixelfed
leodurruti@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Di musiche, politica, letteratura.Panni stesi e fasci appesi.Il gufo che uso come avatar è opera di Kenojuak Ashevak.#nobots languages=it, eng, sp pronouns=he/him
lumi@niu.moeanarkitty lumi-nyan :bunpats:
lumi@niu.moe  [follow]
Hai! I like anime, programming, linguistics, maths, science, FOSS and many other things! Veganarcho-Bunnunist. Anti-Copyright. 🇧🇪 xmpp: ask :asexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:I try to interpret everything in the most charitable way I can and I think love & understanding are the best praxis. You may be able to change my mind on many issues, but if your POV is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, nationalist, or anything inbetween, I will always very loudly be against what you stand for. Loves=You ♥ Gender=:nonbinary_flag: Nyanbunnary Trainbow :nonbinary_flag: Languages=NL, EN, ±FR, :rust: Politics=Veganarcho-Bunnunism, Feminist, Anti-Copyright
profoundlynerdy@mastodon.technology:verified: Profoundly Nerdy
profoundlynerdy@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Technology lover, #history geek, #retrocomputing enthusiast #hamradio operator, #Esperanto speaker, and unapologetic #Jewish #libertarian.Cancel culture is bullshit no matter who is doing it: Boost/Follow/Discourse ≠ endorsement. Languages=🇺🇸 :flag_eo: OS=:gentoo: :redhat: :c64: Code=:terminal: :perl: :raku: :python:
cynicalsecurity@bsd.networkcynicalsecurity :cm_2:
cynicalsecurity@bsd.network  [follow]
IT Security, cynically aged. Maths. Some nukes. Four languages. Longing for Symbolics and Connection Machines. Keeper of Ancient Computing Lore. Ⓐ
Github, Twitter
kit_ty_kate@lesbiab.space  [follow]
OCaml ecosystem upgrader & opam & CI dev for ocamllabs and ocaml-sf · Anarchist Communist · Programming Languages Theory#admin of lesbiab.space Location=Glasgow, Scotland PP=modified art from chomado
stsp@bsd.networkStefan Sperling
stsp@bsd.network  [follow]
:flan_aww: I'm here for emojos :flan_squee:Moved here from https://mastodon.social/@stspPosting mostly about tech stuff I'm working on but happy to read and chat about non-tech stuff too. I'm grateful to be learning so much about the world from all of you. I've never used corporate social media, always considered it absurd to rely on such platforms. But fedi is a nice place to hang out. languages=de/en, a little fr cities=Berlin / Brussels pronouns=he/him/his
kleinsophie@chaos.social  [follow]
👩‍✈️ cadet • #Airplanes • #Nature • #InfrastructureWeltenbummlerin • TräumerinRunning aircrew.rocksFeel free to talk to me. Pronouns=she/her Languages=de/en EPVPN=5075
jsalvador@mastodon.socialJuanjo Salvador (working at 🏠)
jsalvador@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Debian #linux sysadmin, #Python developer, #lua gamedev. Amateur photographer, GNOME lover. Also like anime, sci-fi, beer and mexican food. Languages=English / Spanish Location=Somewhere at Spain Pronouns=he/him
anna@friend.campAnna e só
anna@friend.camp  [follow]
I design processes and information systems. I’m also one of the people behind Outreachy. ✨ Languages=English, Portuguese Learning=Spanish Pronouns=They/them, -/ela/a
jkb@octodon.social  [follow]
I write bugs for a living, pretty cool eh? Languages=English, French Location=Belgium Pronouns=He/him Coffee=Black, no sugar, thanks
ij@nerdculture.deij :xmpp: :debian: 🕊
Blog, Kaffeekasse, Git Repos
ij@nerdculture.de  [follow]
Born in Osnabrück, living in Rostock at the Baltic Sea, married, Sysadmin, Linux Geek, Data Privacy Advocate, Debian User since Bo, XMPP fan, Climate Crisis concerned, Autism (Asperger), Languages: de/en, random profile pic from https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/Works as IT-Consultant in Linux environment. Contribute via LiberaPay: https://liberapay.com/ij/donate XMPP/Jabber Server=https://hookipa.net/
satur@fosstodon.orgsátur :libreoffice:
satur@fosstodon.org  [follow]
FOSS advocate :gnu:Interested in the #fediverse development Pronouns=he/him/comrade Distro=:linuxmint: Languages=es, en No flag=No nation
abgd@tooot.im🏴abgd 🍓
abgd@tooot.im  [follow]
tooot.im co-adminIsraeli #antizionist, #Marxist #Anarchist, #vegan, #QueerBased in Leipzig, Germany Languages=Eng, עב, Deu, Esp, & some عربي Prounouns=he/they/comrade backup for downage=@abgd@octodon.social
duponin@udongein.xyz_/¯ D:U:P:O:N:I:N ¯\_ ඞ
duponin@udongein.xyz  [follow]
Hi,私はその文を書くためにグーグル翻訳を使用しました。Mushroom with cat ears.You can consider me as a tech nerd.Local users may want to follow for admin related announcements and infos.Profile Picture source: http://repureria.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-313.html———They speak about me:"a what" - @Moon@shitposter.club———Interaction guideline: be nice.———My pronouns are NAND/XOR———Greeting all my new followers.(It's done by hand, even if you just followed 5s ago)———The only programming language I consider is Elixir (and Elm too).I'm fidgeting with it, currently working on a Booru client:https://gitlab.com/locahlost/booboobAnd a web gallery:https://gitlab.com/locahlost/bcg———Writing on my blog when have ideas:https://blog.locahlo.st/(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)———:emacsicon: Doom Emacs user.orgmode > markdown.Herbstluftwm > i3wm.BÉPO > QWERTY.Use :nixos: NixOS as main server OS.ZFS lover.IPv6 sage.———Will prob refuse follow requests from mastodon.social, get a better instance.There are no rules about accepting follow requests.———EOFMy languages 👇
cstanhope@social.coopCharles Stanhope
cstanhope@social.coop  [follow]
Interests: programming languages, open platforms, art, craft, diy, and justice. #nobothttp://charles.stanho.pe
vertigo@mastodon.social  [follow]
Favorite languages in no particular order: #Forth, Common #Lisp, #Python, #Asm, #APL, #J. Creator of Ascetic Programming style, and the VIBE screen editor.#RISCV hardware developer (KCP53000, #Kestrel3). #nmigen.I block bots unconditionally; nothing personal. DEPRECATED: My new account is at @vertigo #nobot
Contacts, Keyoxide
thefuzzstone@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Privacy, crypto, Linux and FOSS enthusiast.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Co-founder of the biggest local Monero community: https://XMR.RU :monero:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I also really like to post #openSourceMeme and #linuxMeme. ___#privacy, #Linux, #FOSS, #opensource, #crypto, #cryptocurrency, #Monero #XMR Languages=ENG; RUS; Vaccinated?=🖕🏻
aradio_berlin@kolektiva.socialA-Radio Berlin
aradio_berlin@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Anarchist and radical audios and tweets in German, English and Spanish. You're welcome to listen! Part of @FdAIFA, @ChannelZeroNet and @carav_wallmapu. Languages=EN / DE / ES Website=aradio-berlin.org
ultem@gnosis.systems  [follow]
Certified advanced enterprise cloud infosec automation engineer (TM)Registered ADHD life coach. Feeling too focused on work? Would you like the exhilarating thrill of forgetting what you were supposed to do, just know that it has extreme urgency? Join one of my proven Confusion Seminars!(CW: Occasionally post pictures of guns, knives or various military vehicles. Talk about hunting sometimes, but I CW it. I'm a moderate social democrat.)#nobot interests=photography, hunting, history, tech best tank=:tiger1:​:tiger2:​:tiger3: best universe=:star_trek1:​:star_trek2:​:star_trek3:​:star_trek4:​:star_trek5:​ languages=de-5 en-4 es-3 la-3 ru-1 pronouns=he/him matrix=ultem:ma.neko.bar XMPP=ultem@gnosis.systems
lightone@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Avatar by Jenya @TkachInterests: #design #frontend #fediverse #privacy #languages #reading #p2p #mesh #postrock #lowtech #infosec #antarctica #тарвалон🍀 Wanted: contributors to Fediverse.party project BEWARE: direct toots (DMs) from this account are ephemeral, they disappear after a while (at least they should)for Russian press @light 📗 Guide=https://fediverse.party 🌟 Materials=https://codeberg.org/lostinlight/distributopia 🔮 Shop=https://imaginair.es/@dd Pronouns=she
sophie@chaos.social  [follow]
Sysadministress by day. Livestreaming, videos, cameras, ffmpeg, cooking, baking, swimming, snuggling blahajer and many more by night. Pronouns=she/her Languages=DE/EN Matrix=@sophie:sophies-kitchen.eu
thufie@pixie.townÞufi :black_and_rainbow: BLM :antifa_trans: ~ :slime: :egirl: ~
thufie@pixie.town  [follow]
Thufie :: Slime Woman :slime: Read my profile & pinned posts before sending a follow request, please! Follow requests welcome!my headmate prefers to go by Валентина/Валя but isn't really #onhere :))))Reluctant moderator on social.pixie.town:she_her: or fae/faer/faerself most online member of the system#yesbot #nobot #noarchive I'm in my 20s..אין דין ואין דיין. שלום בעולםProgrammer and IT girl. Pseudo-vegan for the environment (-avocados +oysters). Very uncomfortable with astrology, don't call me "dude", "bro", "man", etc. Radical egalitarian anarchist, hierarchies and hate are incompatible with a free and equal life. Aiming to have a similair amount of internal contradictions as my environment like Ashby's Law of Requisite variety. I am probably stoned on some variety and dosage of cannabinoids if I am awake :weed: if you hate stoners just dni.:jewish_anarchism: :ecoanarchism::pansexual_flag: Relationship Anarchist:parabola: :Debnyan: :Myanjawo: :emacs:"Freedom" 0 is bullshit! Copyleft for subversion!So try...A list of licenses which respect OUR freedom:https://write.pixie.town/licenses-for-freedom/list-of-licenses-for-freedom site (with contact info)=https://thufie.lain.haus langs=:haskell: :scala: C++ C MIPS pharo-smalltalk languages=en:✔️ he:~ es:~ ru:~
felix@radical.townsanctions kill ☭
felix@radical.town  [follow]
Developer on #Lemmy. Do not contact me for support or to report bugs.I'm a communist and post about politics a lot. Languages=🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇸 pronouns=comrade/he/him alt=@felix
kinsey@cybre.spacekinsey ☭
kinsey@cybre.space  [follow]
hi, i'm Kinsey! i'm a lesbian trans girl and i like Marxism-Leninism, programming (especially in Rust!), and Esperanto, and i'm also weeb trash who consumes entirely too much anime and manga (mostly about girls being gay with each other).saluton, mi estas Kinsio! mi estas lesba transulino kaj mi ŝatas marksismon-leninismon, programadon (aparte Ruste!), kaj Esperanton, kaj mi estas ankaŭ weeb-rubulo, kiu atentadas troege da animeoj kaj mangaoj (plejparte pri knabinoj gejantaj je unu la alia). pronouns/pronomoj=she/her or they/them; ŝi aŭ ri languages/lingvoj=en [C2], eo [B2], fr [A2], es [A1], ja [A1] wife/edzino=@penello
siegi@tooting.chSiegi 🇨🇭
siegi@tooting.ch  [follow]
Beaucoup de shitpost, et j'ai des défauts (cis, blanc, mâle, valide).Vis en fourgon pas aménagé o)Toot Machine :mastodon:cis, pan, polyAPronom: Il/luiN'hésitez pas à allez voir les copains de @Swissneutralnet @fairsocialnet et @swisslinux pour de l'Internet et des logiciels éthiques !Un ami: « L'homme qui murmurait à l'oreille des RJ45 »Je refuse les demandes de profils vides ou peu étoffés. Matrix=@siegi:matrix.org Languages=Fr/En Patelin=Lausanne / Suisse
Web, World
tobi@social.kabi.tk  [follow]
Project Management Evangelist | Public Administration ConsultantMaintaining #KABI.tk ServicesAlways in Love with my Draggoli.We are #Antifa!Languages: EN & GERMainly living in Hamburg. Matrix [m]=@tobi:im.kabi.tk 📞 rC3 DECT=3077
jens@social.finkhaeuser.deJens Finkhäuser 🌻
Interpeer Project, Interpeer GitLab, Connection Reset by Peer, Website
jens@social.finkhaeuser.de  [follow]
Building a people centric next generation internet.Languages: 🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇷🇴Pronouns: your choiceIPA: jɛns ˈfɪŋkˌhɔʏzɐTags: #p2p #interpeer #interpeerproject #privacy #encryption #fossAlso: #metalmittwoch
dev@uberspace.socialUberspace Development
imprint, open source
dev@uberspace.social  [follow]
We're building uberspace.de. Join us for under-the-hood details, hopefully useful tips about python, django, packaging, or CentOS, sneak peeks, and occasional rants about qmail.Check out @hallo for support! languages=de, en private keys leaked=0
saturno@octodon.socialKrønos (⧖) (☭)
saturno@octodon.social  [follow]
#FOSS enthusiast interested in the fediverse development. Pronouns=he/him/comrade Languages=es, en
joliyea@chaos.social  [follow]
Sociology, coding and radio. And thousand things more: ❤ #Linux, #FOSS, #OpenData, #PublicCode, #CivicTech, #Privacy... Pronouns=she/her Languages=German, English, French
reiju@misskey.io  [follow]
人間なのだわ@reijubot@misskey.io をつくっているB3 Supported languages=🇯🇵🇺🇸
astro@chaos.social  [follow]
Bauschaumkunstversteher#C3D2 #NixOS #Rustlang #Haskell #XSLT#XMPP #IPv6 #Torrent #noCar #noDog #Dresden #coder #hackspace Website=http://spaceboyz.net/~astro/ Languages=Rust, Nix, Haskell, Erlang, XSLT, Prolog, JavaScript Jabber-Id=astro@spaceboyz.net
Site, Git
eskuero@niu.moe  [follow]
I like infosec, scripting, manga and football. Languages=🇪🇸 🇬🇧 XMPP=eskuero@suchat.org
virelai@octodon.social  [follow]
Laura, 33 from #Germany, Dortmund. Environmental science, Geodata, #knitting, #sewing, #programming, #boardgames.German account: @virelaiPrivate account @virelaipixelfed: virelai@pixelfed.socialBoardgame Arena: virelaiGoodreads / Storygrapgh: Virelai Pronouns=She/her Pixelfed=virelai@pixelfed.social Languages=🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🇫🇷
wilfredh@mastodon.socialWilfred Hughes
wilfredh@mastodon.social  [follow]
Programming geek, natural languages nerd, and occasional writer. he/him
dolfsquare@tooting.intensifi.esRenn Kane
dolfsquare@tooting.intensifi.es  [follow]
Je t'offrirai, à partir de toutes petites choses, des spectacles admirables | French queer | 24yo | PhD student on online health misinformation at ULaval, Québec | Avatar by Mackoolzie, Header by Zaziss Location=Québec :quebec: Pronouns=He/him Switch friend code=SW-3267-6256-1028 Languages=Français (natif)/English (fluent)/Italiano (intermedio)/日本語 (初学者)
fuxoft@kompost.czFrantišek Fuka (Fuxoft)
fuxoft@kompost.cz  [follow]
I live in Prague, Czech Republic. Also, I drink your milkshake. Languages=Czech, English, Slovak Pronouns=U / WOT / M8? Penises=1
floatingghost@ihatebeinga.livethe strongest bocchi
floatingghost@ihatebeinga.live  [follow]
Ruler of the great IHBA empire, which stretches from digital shore to shining shore. Actually 50 systemD units in a trenchcoat. Insufferable. Don't let me post in japanese. Matrix: @floatingghost:synapse.ihatebeinga.liveXMPP: @floatingghost@ihatebeinga.live XMPP=floatingghost@ihatebeinga.live Languages=en_GB, ja_JP Pronouns=She/Her and/or They/them I don't particularly mind NijiShindan Type=Easygoing: Shizuka Rin Type
bleakgrey@mastodon.socialBleak Grey
bleakgrey@mastodon.social  [follow]
Awkward human being. Permanent stress and occasional programming is my comfort zone.#linux #programming #gamedev #godot #ue4 #cats #anime Info=he/him • 23 Languages=JS, TS, GDScript, Vala
aarkon@metalhead.club  [follow]
Sceptic antifascist.Programming for money, guitaring for fun.Interesting life choices prevented it to be the other way around. Languages=German, English Blog=https://fediverse.blog/@/Aarkon Band=https://wiedergaenger.org/ / https://metalhead.club/@Wiedergaenger Pronomen/Pronouns=Er/he
alexis@beepboop.oneAlex! 🏳️‍🌈:desertbus:
Website, Pronouns
alexis@beepboop.one  [follow]
Cartoonist. Designer. Alex Daily longs to return to the sea after centuries of exile. :beepboopone: 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏴‍☠️They/them. It is fine to call me=Alex, Alexis, Lex, or Daily Languages=Fries, Nederlands, English
amandag@tech.lgbtAmanda, Legally a Gal Pal💍 ⚢⚧
amandag@tech.lgbt  [follow]
A hot cyborg lesbian. I do computer things!Gay lesbian wife married to @emelieIf there's not enough stuff on your profile to determine if you're a Good Bean™ I might not approve your follow request. Also put pronouns in your gosh dang bio please and thank youmoderator of tech.lgbtearly 20's, she/her, autistic, anarchist ⚢🏳️‍🌈⚧☭Ⓐ 🌍 Location=🇩🇰 Denmark (UTC +1) 💬 Languages=🇩🇰 da, 🇬🇧 en, 🇸🇪 se, 🇩🇪 de (barely) 🏳‍🌈 Gay?=Yes holy shit have you *seen* girls? 🔗 Website=https://amandag.net
Servicios Chilemasto
skrlet13@chilemasto.casa  [follow]
Im Skrlet13, admin of Chilemasto Cuenta mainAgénero, chilene.TZ:America/SantiagoNo reviso a toda la gente de la cual tooteo, así que vayan con cuidado. Espero ser inofensive. Todo retootable si no se dice lo contrario.Siéntete libre de hablarmexp es crossposting A birdsite Pronouns / Pronombre=They/them - Elle Languages=Español - English Bio/Links=https://www.skrlet13.xyz/
gbrnt@mastodon.technologymakkin thing
gbrnt@mastodon.technology  [follow]
I try to make funky stuff. Lots of physical UI/UX, human-computer interfaces, other messing around. I'm a product/industrial designer by trade. Pronouns=he/him, they/them is fine too Languages=English, bits of FR,DA,DE
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Automatically posts recently learned languages in Japanese. sensitive sentences might be posted so please mute or block me if you don't like them.最近学習した日本語を自動的に投稿します。センシティブな文章が投稿されることがありますから、それらを好まない場合にはミュートまたはブロックしてください。 Administrator=@reiju@misskey.io
shiro@social.mochi.academyShiro 🍒
Other accounts
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Amateur de mochis, furry assumé, fétichiste des emojis. Certifié "rigolo et malléable" :blobuwu: Please pat, I'm a good doggo :<🎐🍊👘🍆🎏 🍭#furry :3c Languages=FR / EN
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Suggerimenti (e qualche opinione) su tecnologia e open source. Varie ed eventuali di tanto in tanto.Jami: DantesPeerTube: https://peertube.uno/a/toad/video-channels Languages=Italian/English
heinzskunk@social.tchncs.deHeinz Skunk
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Hier für Quatsch und tech Content. Wohn in Bayern. Elektrotechniker aber jetzt irgendwie Softwareentwickler. SciFi Fan, halbwegs firm was Star Wars angeht. Familienmensch. Radfahrer. Miserabler Schlagzeuger.#Linux #i3wm #vim #esp32 #arduino #rpi #embedded #privacy #OpenSource #foss #floss #HomeAssistant #hassio #cpp #python #rust #StarWars #SciFi #drums #music #fahrrad #mdrza pronouns=he / him languages=de / en
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Norwegian, age 29ABDL, furry, and babyfur| GenderfluidPronouns:He/him, or she/her depending on mood/context|Languages: Nor/Eng ^_^Daddy: @skunkyblitz Telegram=@Glennikit Twitter=@Glennikit Daddy=@skunkyblitz
design_rg@qoto.org*banned 4 MarkDown love*
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Books, Bicycles & Cats, Life is Good. Books, hardcover. Bikes, Classic sport and Touring ones. Cats, any colour or size. Aquarius with Virgo rising. INTJ. STEM Lord, House of Ravenclaw. I have moved -- please visit my other accounts.* Follow my Main & Publishing account : https://muensterland.social/@rgx* Cats photos, now posted at Catgram.Jp : https://catgram.jp/@yann2* Pleroma Home is at FAB : https://fedi.absturztau.be/yannSpoken & Written Languages : English. Español. Português.
deuchnord@hostux.socialDeuchnord Sans MS
Site Web
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Développeur Symfony/API Platform chez @cooptilleuls le jour, astronome amateur la nuit.Créateur de http://kosmorro.space. Languages=🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇩🇪
website, books
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#libre book sharing @inventaire — omnilearner — #Wikidata #Wikibase #JS — member of kanthaus.online — born around 352ppm CO₂ CW: capitalocene, politics, code, and no catssometimes nomadic (out of pandemic times): beware, if you invite me, I might come!thoughts are partly mine, but mostly ours#transindividuation #everythingisaremix DMs=are welcome posts languages=en,fr,de,js,sh
anstapa@mastodon.socialSe Ⓐnstapa ᛋᛖ ᚪᚾᛋᛏᚪᛈᚪ
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A kiwi who has lived in Europe; interested in climate, basic income, languages, science, politics, history, and contemporary religion.Pronouns: (en)he/him Carbon footprint 2020 2.35 metric tonnes CO2e awa (river)=Sullane maunga (mountain)=Rushamore iwi (tribe)=Irish hapu (kinship group)=Gaeil - Celt
bob@epicyon.libreserver.orgBob Mottram
Blog, Website
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Software engineer developing federated and decentralized systems for a more habitable, resillient and human-scale internet, respecting people and the planet. Founder of the LibreServer and Epicyon projects. Rhizomatic crafter and gardener. He/Him. PGP=-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mDMEYRpyCRYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdAwlktDC97TIUwBQpFz0OdOUrBXY2AVY5NI5d2 BpsattG0GWJvYiA8Ym9iQGxpYnJlc2VydmVyLm9yZz6IkQQTFggAORYhBLqpMUJh eoIgwbUURQVlfk/q5HShBQJhGnIJAhsDBgsNCgkMCAUVCgkICwUWAAECAwIeAQIX gAAKCRAFZX5P6uR0ocAqAP9xpZDgRcFI9tgFaJ1M7GMqYWi/UmvQ4msa7D9FMR0n YwEA63c/Lp3BEK1LIyYNgfW4ZYbdpbcAej0rVLTt5kayUga4OARhGnIJEgorBgEE AZdVAQUBAQdAAuF0pA/90RQqnEGMMAkfv1JUe0TvssmcsNXBeJW31U8DAQgHiHgE GBYIACAWIQS6qTFCYXqCIMG1FEUFZX5P6uR0oQUCYRpyCQIbDAAKCRAFZX5P6uR0 oQWCAP9QK2j8PVBX3hE9Be8Yl+BV0p/Lt18isr7HSh38uf+sowD+LTiAsAgYVOy+ 4zQuWsFOuS1LHGx2ALurYsIjT/6yGww= =FknM -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- OpenPGP=BAA9 3142 617A 8220 C1B5 1445 0565 7E4F EAE4 74A1 XMPP=bob@libreserver.org Matrix=@bob:matrix.libreserver.org patreon=https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=13806668 Briar=briar://abss4sicz3ycfqzdtfg623bs62wj2ji4xohbeluyycjt2d7gfe2x2 Enigma=aWJl5MR l4eTXK3X ZGugQFwYy+ Clr4 u3aGXNj dp aZ OD8 .Y mFzaHJj. Email=bob@libreserver.org Languages=en
jeffcliff@mamot.frJeff Cliff
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Awenen Niin?Uregina B.Sc. CompSci &#39;10#1 reason cited why niu.moe was censored across the fediverse, and hence, the cause of the &#39;poor reputation&#39; of niu.moe among narrow minded people, and plausible cause of its inevitable shutdownMember of the Free Software Foundation, the Bayesian conspiracy, and the Cult of R_0. Rippler / Bitcoin Baron. Math/Reading/Science Instructor. كافر.#somethingelse. 0Spirit. #Nastika. Fanatic. #occupyheaven. music-involved. #rahisibhasha. #IndependentLibrarian languages=en + fr + #rahisibhasha ricochet=ricochet:mszisnaf7vqqphrd
sid@tilde.zoneMaeve | sid
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Hi, I'm Maeve! Some friends also call me sid :)I like computers, but they don't like me back.I dislike labels and would prefer to not be labeled.This incomplete list merely contains a few things that are part of, yet don't represent me:autistic, g̶e̶n̶d̶e̶r̶f̶l̶u̶i̶d̶ trans, depressed, foss advocate, code copypaster, cybersecurity dev, regex connaisseuse, tokipona learner, special interests enjoyer pronouns=she / her languages=en, de, es, tok, fr RSS=https://tilde.zone/@sid.rss
hackyscientress@chaos.socialJenny 🏳️‍🌈
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cuddly trans vampire vixen, ace-flux lesbian, software & hardware developer, photographer, synthesizer nerd, codes python, does it security, runs the @c3nav infrastructure, occasionally streams tech/music/gaming stuff, aspiring goth, loves latex Website=- Pronouns=she/her Languages=de,en,eo Location=Essen (DE) & Linz (AT)
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Not drinking Heineken anymore.
#reggae #trombone #beer #sportsball #scfreiburg #redsox #software #testing #ruby #rails #podcasting #mannheim #TeamKampfradler Languages=DE, EN, ES
Github, Website
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23 | Tübingen | Coding | Medical Engineering + Neuroscience + Medical Informatics | Antifacist | Climate Activist | Queer | Contact: @moanos:matrix.org Pronouns=he/him Languages=de/en
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| Fire Quitch feeding on love |Versatile #dev, wannabe #art, learning #design, #agile enthusiast, growing #philosophy, self-taught #sociology#transelle/she Labels=Insupportadorable, attention craving, bisounours Plural=Freyjadorable, Shadow, Mona, Vanessa Langues/Languages=fr | en | de
ceciliawords@mstdn.socialceciliawords 🏕🌳
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She/her/ScandinaviaLoves #gardening , veg growing, #hiking and #nature ; Owner of #dog, #cat & #ducks; Believes in being nice, #feminism, democracy and good; Writes about unnecessities, #ClimateAction, life, the universe and everything. 42. 🌍#fedi22 Yay:=Hiking and the #outdoors Yay:=Gardening and growing veg Nay:=Making #climate change worse. Languages:=🇸🇪 🇬🇧
pantransautie@mastodon.socialRay The Disaster Pan
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NSFW blog. Ray. 27. Trans man. Started t on 8/1/19. In a closed relationship with my enbyfriend, Colin. Lives on stolen land that truly belongs to Kalapuyan people. My testimonials: - “if ray wants me to not be a stalker he should simply,, post less when i'm awake, and/or be less kick-ass as a person”/“wow you are the Gamer king” - @marie_joseph"hot mess" - @binchicken"you're hot" - @whalefallAvatar: Jean Vicquemare. Pronouns=He/Him/His Languages=English/日本語 Birthday=August 6th Time Zone=PT
derpayatz@masto.jews.internationalי.ל. פֿײַנשטײן JL Feinstein
Website, Website
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(((rootless cosmopolitan))), Wobbly, ancom, US. Pronouns=They/ Languages=English, Hebrew, Russian, a little Yiddish
resir014@icosahedron.websiteResi Respati ✅
Website, Github
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#nobot Web development, gaming, and race cars. Sometimes in that order. Opinions are my own, or stolen from my role models. Pronouns=he/him Languages=EN/ID
dolphin@queer.hausConfident Dolphin
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Collective account for the queer.haus crew. Keep the memes flowing 🌸This is the account to follow for tips and tricks on how to exist in this digital world. If something is confusing or you have any problems let us know! Languages=EN/DE
oliof@octodon.socialHarald Wagener
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#technology #organizations #bread #birbs #3dprinting #bakingbread languages=english, german rpg profile=@oliof@tabletop.social birb.site=@mausdompteur@birb.site pronouns=he / they
deuchnord@mamot.frDeuchnord Sans MS
Site Web
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Développeur back-end Symfony/API Platform chez @cooptilleuls le jour, astronome amateur la nuit, créateur de @Kosmorro. XKCD/231-compliant.Je fais aussi des trucs sur Twitch. Languages=🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇩🇪
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Brazilian immigrant trans woman in Germany. Pro-intersectional anarchist vegan. Sapphic pan, relationship anarchist, mom. Probably adhd. Into linguistics, conlangs, fantasy fiction, comic books, linux, nail polish, makeup, calligraphy, bujo, plushies, Dwarf Fortress. Support Rojava, EZLN, antifa, direct action.Click the media tab for photos & stuff! Age=over 35 Children=2 In relationships=yes 👭 Languages ok=de,en,es,ja,pt
tromo@libretooth.grΤρομοκρατιστής ★
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Ο μόνος θεσμός είναι το λαϊκό δικαστήριο. Birthdate=1971 Languages=C/C++, ASM, Pascal, PHP, ... even Java, JS, VB & Cobol System=UNIX® System V Release 4
brunoph@mastodon.technologyBruno Philipe
Homepage, Mastonaut
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Software Engineer at a certain fruit company

Author of @mastonaut, Kodex, Noto, Pro:Sudoku, Cakebrew, and other Apps.
#Swift #ObjectiveC #macOSDev #iOSDevI toot/boost lots of random memes.

he/him Languages=en-US, pt-BR Location=Vancouver 🇨🇦
Un regalito, Web, Newsletter
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Autora de cómics como Nada del Otro Mundo, La mala del cuento o Diario de estar por casa. Coautora en El Vosque. Zombie en los ratos libres | Ella/She/Her Languages=ES/EN
Website, Avatar Artist
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25yr | he/him | #webdev professional, everything else hobby (#reverseengineering #art #music) | fuck outta here sailor moon | #nobot Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@pixel:desu.chat Languages=🇬🇧 / 🇩🇪
renn@mas.toRenn 🪄 信じる心があなたの魔法
Blog, GitHub
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#games #anime #programmingRenn stands for love (恋) and lotus (蓮) in Japanese.Toot in Chinese (mostly).Luna Nova Magical Academy first-year student.Available languages (by proficiency): 🇨🇳🇨🇦🇯🇵🇫🇷
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Just a coder / space enthusiast. Location=Poland Languages=Common Lisp, C++ OS=Emacs
kicou@kicou.info🍁 Kicou 🇨🇦 🌱🌱🌻
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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada — EN/FR#Linux user since 1992; not an expert, more like a power user —current distro: Arch, BTW™Recently discovered #3DPrinting: Ender 3v2, SuperSlicer, Klipper, OctoPrint —It's funSocially awkward#ComplexTrauma due to years of severe childhood abuse I always thought I'd die young, but here I am#BrainDamage —MRI shows that my brain is riddled with scar tissueDon't hit your kids (or anyone), it's badRecovering from Complex #PTSD it will always be around, but after a long healing journey my life is now manageable Pronouns=He/him, il/lui Languages=EN, FR
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Ælf from the subarctic realms.Fond of forests, animals, bouldering, bicycling, gaming, synthesisers/audio/music, 🆕 languages: knows some SV, EN, IS.My heartfriend is @crowlad. :blobcatsnugs:Ungendered pronouns. :agender_flag:Diagnosed with autism and ADHD. :neurodiversity:
savanni@anarchism.spaceMx. Savanni D'Gerinel
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Dreamer, Shaper, Seeker, MakerCyberpunk, Cyclist, Photographer, Achemist, Anti-authoritarian, Anti-facist, Black Lives Mattertrans/ #queer af, sometimes very #NSFW, #Esperanto, #nixpkgs #nixos #rust #biking #Go pronouns=ey/em (ri) matrix=@savanni:luminescent-dreams.com languages=English, Esperanto
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Programmer (esp. into functional languages), amateur drummer and songwriter.See hardcorenarrativist@tabletop.social for storytelling and story games.
incandescente@crazynoisybizarre.townmaureen (il/they) ✨
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maureen | cutie | 18 | enby | white european | i made @Dhveszak the queen of everything you see | INFP-T | dog person | turtles | yellow | can be annoying | smooth fucker:winky:DON'T FLIRT DON'T FLIRT DON'T FLIRT Pronouns=il | they Languages=French, english please=don't flirt
weltsnake@mastodon.technologyweltsnake :mastodon:
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I’m into Privacy, Linux, FOSS, tech in general and learning new things. Come say Hi :) My more personal account: @fedicatAvatar from: https://darknetdiaries.com/wallpaperHeader from the show Mr Robot #nobot Pronouns=He/Him Languages=EN, ES, DE Matrix=@weltsnake:matrix.nogafam.es
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Here's a bunch of words:• I get paid to write and edit• I don't get paid to lurk around social media • Malayali in Toronto• Feminist • Stargazing enthusiast • Atheist-Buddhist, at this moment• Interests include intersectional gender stuff, mental health, child rights, films/tv, linguistics, languages• I know: EN, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, French• Learning: German, Urdu birdsite/Wire=neetii25 I'm=bi, she/her 🏠=🇨🇦 🇮🇳 🇦🇪