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communism@lemmygrad.ml  [follow]
Discussion Community for fellow Marxist-Leninists and other Marxists.Rules for /c/communismRules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.No non-marxistsThis subreddit is here to facilitate discussion between marxists.There are other communities aimed at helping along new communists. This community isn't here to convert naysayers to marxism.If you are a member of the police, armed forces, or any other part of the repressive state apparatus of capitalist nations, you will be banned.No oppressive languageDo not attempt to justify your use of oppressive language.Doing this will almost assuredly result in a ban. Accept the criticism in a principled manner, edit your post or comment accordingly, and move on, learning from your mistake.We believe that speech, like everything else, has a class character, and that some speech can be oppressive. This is why speech that is patriarchal, white supremacist, cissupremacist, homophobic, ableist, or otherwise oppressive is banned.TERF is not a slur.No low quality or off-topic postsPosts that are low-effort or otherwise irrelevant will be removed.This is not a place to engage in meta-drama or discuss random reactionaries on lemmy or anywhere else.This includes memes and circlejerking.This includes most images, such as random books or memorabilia you found.We ask that amerikan posters refrain from posting about US bourgeois politics. The rest of the world really doesn’t care that much.No basic questions about marxismPosts asking entry-level questions will be removed.Questions like “What is Maoism?” or “Why do Stalinists believe what they do?” will be removed, as they are not the focus on this forum.No sectarianismMarxists of all tendencies are welcome here.Refrain from sectarianism, defined here as unprincipled criticism. Posts trash-talking a certain tendency or marxist figure will be removed. Circlejerking, throwing insults around, and other pettiness is unacceptable.If criticisms must be made, make them in a principled manner, applying Marxist analysis.The goal of this subreddit is the accretion of theory and knowledge and the promotion of quality discussion and criticism.Check out ProleWiki for a communist wikipedia.
sir@cmpwn.comDrew DeVault
sir@cmpwn.com  [follow]
FLOSS advocate, programmer, sysadmin, language enthusiast, amateur astronomer, hates your favorite programming language, doesn't want to talk to you about cryptocurrency.I am also the head of SourceHut.⚠️ My Mastodon is not for end user support, send your questions through the proper channels instead.●●●● English●●●○ 日本語●●○○ American Sign Language●○○○ Nederlands●○○○ 手話
programmerhumor@lemmy.mlProgrammer Humor
programmerhumor@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Post funny things about programming here! (Or just rant about your favourite programming language.)Rules:Posts must be relevant to programming, programmers, or computer science.No NSFW content.Jokes must be in good taste. No hate speech, bigotry, etc.
misaka4e22@m.hitorino.moe▼ Misaka0x4e22 ▼
misaka4e22@m.hitorino.moe  [follow]
御坂0x4e22 :trans_comm:最后一幕一定就是大团圆。🏳️‍🌈:transgender_flag:/⭐️🚩🛠️/🏴🤱❤️👶🏴🤱❌💰/🖥️⌨️🛠️ Language(s)=现代标准汉语 / (a little bit) English
martin@mstdn.binfalse.de  [follow]
researcher + sysadmin + developer + rostocker papa -- https://binfalse.de/contact/ likes=#linux #unix #foss; honest #research; #code; #data; clear #language; likes not=#monkeywork; #boredom; #hype; #lowquality; #manipulation; language=#de #engb #python #java #perl #sh #R #docker #javascript #css #go
showerthoughts@bae.st  [follow]
Random /r/ShowerThoughts posts from an all-time top 10,000 as of October 2016.Bot posts every 30 minutes. Occasional NSFW language. Account not affiliated with Reddit or /r/ShowerThoughts.A Showerthoughts Fortune File: nullprogram.com/blog/2016/12/01/Powered by Fortudon: github.com/redblade7/fortudonAccount owned by: @redneonglowOther fun bots: @BitchX @darkweb @fortunebot @loliaword @LoveLiveBot @weebaword @YKYWTMSMW
showerthoughts@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Random /r/ShowerThoughts posts from an all-time top 10,000 as of October 2016.Bot posts every 30 minutes. Occasional NSFW language. Account not affiliated with Reddit or /r/ShowerThoughts.A Showerthoughts Fortune File: nullprogram.com/blog/2016/12/01/Powered by Fortudon: github.com/redblade7/fortudonAccount owned by: @redneonglowOther fun bots: @BitchX @darkweb @fortunebot @loliaword @LoveLiveBot @weebaword @YKYWTMSMW
codl@chitter.xyzcodl (a bee)
codl@chitter.xyz  [follow]
i used to be a computer toucher but one day i was radicalized by the gender cabal and became a funny critter. (i still touch computer occasionally) also a visual artist at @codl. be kind to me or i *will* cry and it *will* be embarassing for both of us. accept-language=en, fr, es, tok pronouns=it or they | yel ou il ou elle disclosure=late 20s, white passing, french :verified:=https://www.codl.fr/
ebrill@toot.wales  [follow]
(she/hers) NYC based archivist. Welsh descendent. Welsh language learner.
china@lemmygrad.ml  [follow]
A place for focusing on all things China - language, history, politics, etc.Rules:1: Stay on-topic2: Be Comradely3: No spreading disinfo or racism
tuxom@mastodon.social  [follow]
We live in/on the same bubble - called earth. No 2nd chance.If you want to rescue your comfort zone -> block this account!#nobot Language=EN / DE Good news?=Very, very rare here - sorry Organisation?=None. No network, no relates. (--> independent) Focus=#Climate #Klima #ClimateCrisis #Klimakrise #ClimateScience #Klimawissenschaft #KlimaPodcast #ExtremeWeather #Extremwetter #Cryosphere #Kryosphäre #TippingPoint #Kipppunkt #FossilFuels #FossileEnergie #CO2 #Methane #Methan<
mascha@fosstodon.org  [follow]
likes=#linux #unix #foss; clever #research; #code; #data; #visualisations likes not=#monkeywork; #hype; #lowquality language=#de #engb #typescript #python #java #sh #R #docker #css
drjackbrown@mstdn.socialDr. Jack Brown :verified:
drjackbrown@mstdn.social  [follow]
Body Language & Emotional Intelligence Expert • Physician • Speaker • Lecturer • Writer • Anti-Fascist • RT≠endorsement • #LGBTQ Ally • #BLM • Email: Jack@BodyLanguageSuccess.com • https://twitter.com/DrGJackBrown • Website: https://www.bodylanguageeq.com/ 🇺🇦
irredeemableone@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
“so long as we speak in language based in erroneous theory, we generate and perpetuate error.”
publicvoit@graz.socialKarl Voit :emacs: :orgmode:
Twitter-Mastodon-Crossposter, Mastodon Manifesto
publicvoit@graz.social  [follow]
Bio: https://karl-voit.at/about/Influencing myself all the time.You can hide my German toots on Mastodon via selecting your preferred language(s) via:Preferences → Other → Filter languagesYou can filter out my Twitter re-tweets via:Preferences → Filters → "@twitter.com"Using Twitter/Mastodon cross-poster deliberately. See link in my profile. Blog "Public Voit"=https://Karl-Voit.at
klim0824@mstdn.jp  [follow]
Go to,let us go down, and there confound their language,that they may not understand one another's speech.
southerngothhick@radical.townCrass Iron Skillet
southerngothhick@radical.town  [follow]
trying to be some sort of farmerI'm white but I am trying to fix itA fan of: language, flowers, animals, cuties, spicy food, "fighting the good fight," my friends, drinking water, porno,
moth_ball@shitposter.club  [follow]
English/日本語Send me crypto: 0xB4d0C39E950B08F35b113308556741b83560542aUniversity student/医大学生。I enjoy weeb/otaku culture, crafts and language exchange. Feel free to send me a DM if you want to talk and/or get to know me. はじめまして。私はフィンランド人です。日本語はべんきょうしています。言語交換もすきです。他日日本にまたたびたいですよ。よろしくおねがいします!
zhong1guo2@lemmygrad.ml中国的最新发展, A place to learn about China, Chinese and China's latest developments, (Reddit's Sino)
zhong1guo2@lemmygrad.ml  [follow]
这是一个专门讨论中国、中国文化、中国语言和中国人的论坛。~This~ ~is~ ~a~ ~forum~ ~dedicated~ ~to~ ~China,~ ~Chinese~ ~culture,~ ~Chinese~ ~language,~ ~and~ ~Chinese~ ~people,~ ~and~ ~China's~ ~latest~ ~developments.~规则像华盛顿邮报这样的傲慢的新闻网站最好出版存档对于reddit视频,请将其发布在 https://d.tube.com/为了鼓励人们学习基因殖民主义支持的(美国、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰)语言以外的语言,把另一种语言放在英语上面,在这个论坛上用中文,并把它放大, 或者在标题上,左边是中文,右边是英文避免使用品牌名称,文化产品除外。我们是来提供信息的,而不是做广告的要文明,要尊重,不要攻击其他用户遵守 Lemmy 的所有其他规则~Rules~~Hubris~ ~newspapers~ ~with~ ~paywalls~ ~like~ ~the~ ~Washington~ ~Post~ ~are~ ~best~ ~published~ ~archived.~~For~ ~reddit~ ~videos~, ~post~ ~them~ ~on~ ~https://d.tube.com/~~To~ ~encourage~ ~people~ ~to~ ~learn~ ~a~ ~language~ ~other~ ~than~ ~the~ ~geno-colonial-backed~ ~(US,~ ~Canada,~ ~Australia,~ ~New~ ~Zealand)~ ~language,~ ~put~ ~another~ ~language~ ~above~ ~the~ ~English~ ~language,~ ~in~ ~this~ ~forum~ ~Chinese,~ ~and~ ~make~ ~it~ ~bigger,~ ~or~ ~in~ ~titles~, ~left~ ~Chinese,~ ~right~ ~English.~~Avoid~ ~using~ ~brand~ ~names,~ ~except~ ~for~ ~cultural~ ~products.~ ~We're~ ~here~ ~to~ ~inform,~ ~not~ ~make~ ~commercials.~~Posts~ ~are~ ~to~ ~serve~ ~it's~ ~readers,~ ~not~ ~it's~ ~posters.~ ~Readers~ ~are~ ~to~ ~be~ ~informed,~ ~not~ ~put~ ~to~ ~work~ ~or~ ~to~ ~leave~ ~dangling.~~Be~ ~civil,~ ~be~ ~respectful,~ ~don’t~ ~attack~ ~other~ ~users~~Follow~ ~all~ ~other~ ~Lemmy~ ~rules~需要翻译英文吗?讨厌谷歌?~Need~ ~to~ ~translate~ ~Chinese?~DeeplHanzii~Welcome~ ~Wiki~~Xinjiang~ ~&~ ~Tibet~~Border~ ~Disputes~~COVID-19~~Chinese~ ~Civics~ ~&~ ~Socialism~~Internet~ ~Governance~~Documentaries~ ~about~ ~China~~Environment~ ~&~ ~Ecology~~FAQ~~Tiananmen~ ~Square~ ~1989~ ~Riots~~Hong~ ~Kong~ ~2019~ ~riots~~Religious~ ~Persecution~~Uyghur-Xinjiang~ ~Explained~ ~in~ ~Four~ ~Minutes~~Social~ ~Credit~~Debt-trap~ ~Diplomacy~~Dog~ ~Eating~~Falun~ ~Gong~~China~ ~Guides~~Travel~~Manhua~ ~&~ ~Donghua~~Movies~~TV~ ~Shows~~Music~Learning Mandarin这个论坛目前由一个不会说中文的人主持,他不是共产党员,而是一个反帝国主义、反附庸国的欧盟联邦主义者,他似乎在任何地方都找不到立足点,因为他国家的所有政党都是亲美附庸国的,所以暂时居住在这里。~This~ ~forum~ ~is~ ~currently~ ~moderated~ ~by~ ~someone~ ~that~ ~does~ ~not~ ~speak~ ~Chinese~ ~and~ ~is~ ~not~ ~a~ ~communist,~ ~but~ ~an~ ~anti-imperialist,~ ~multi-polarist~ ~EU~ ~federalist~ ~that~ ~can't~ ~seem~ ~to~ ~find~ ~a~ ~foothold~ ~anywhere,~ ~as~ ~all~ ~political~ ~parties~ ~in~ ~his~ ~country~ ~are~ ~pro-US~ ~vassal~ ~state,~ ~so~ ~resides~ ~here~ ~for~ ~the~ ~time~ ~being.~
kibi@glitch.socialKIBI Gô
kibi@glitch.social  [follow]
Margaret, Adeline, Gô, Kibi, LeafWriter who cares about language and linked data and amateur fanfiction. Soft & sensitive; cares way too much. (Ex?)Glitch network admin.She/her or they/them depending. Trans, white, gender non-conforming. Grey-ace.This is my work account; see @onethousandtwentyfour for more personal things.
molotchino@mstdn.socialКофе с молотком
molotchino@mstdn.social  [follow]
Экспрессо патронум!Мемы, шутки, весёлые и странные картинки. Сбором контента для бота занимается @zloygik***Memes, gifs and a lot of russian language here. Feel free to share whatever you like. And have a nice day! Телеграм=https://t.me/molotchino Твиттер=https://twitter.com/molotchino Батя=@zloygik@mastodon.ml Подкаст=@triplacast@mastodon.social
loke@functional.cafeElias Mårtenson
loke@functional.cafe  [follow]
Lisp, Emacs, APL and a bunch of other stuff.From Sweden, living in Singapore.I always work on a bunch of projects. My current major ones are:A graphical frontend to Maxima: https://github.com/lokedhs/maxima-clientKAP: An APL-based programming language: https://github.com/lokedhs/array Matrix=@loke:dhsdevelopments.com Retro computers=C64, Atari ST
frankmeeuwsen@mastodon.socialFrank Meeuwsen
Blog, Birdsite, Newsletter
frankmeeuwsen@mastodon.social  [follow]
Digging the digital. Newsletter-lover. Utrecht. Pearl Jam. Language=Dutch, English
duponin@udongein.xyz_/¯ D:U:P:O:N:I:N ¯\_ ඞ
duponin@udongein.xyz  [follow]
Hi,私はその文を書くためにグーグル翻訳を使用しました。Mushroom with cat ears.You can consider me as a tech nerd.Local users may want to follow for admin related announcements and infos.Profile Picture source: http://repureria.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-313.html———They speak about me:"a what" - @Moon@shitposter.club———Interaction guideline: be nice.———My pronouns are NAND/XOR———Greeting all my new followers.(It's done by hand, even if you just followed 5s ago)———The only programming language I consider is Elixir (and Elm too).I'm fidgeting with it, currently working on a Booru client:https://gitlab.com/locahlost/booboobAnd a web gallery:https://gitlab.com/locahlost/bcg———Writing on my blog when have ideas:https://blog.locahlo.st/(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)———:emacsicon: Doom Emacs user.orgmode > markdown.Herbstluftwm > i3wm.BÉPO > QWERTY.Use :nixos: NixOS as main server OS.ZFS lover.IPv6 sage.———Will prob refuse follow requests from mastodon.social, get a better instance.There are no rules about accepting follow requests.———EOFMy languages 👇
danielhglus@mastodon.technologyDaniel Glus
danielhglus@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Compiler developer and Wikipedia admin.he/him/hisSegmentation fault (core dumped) Interests=Juggling, FRC, TMBG Location=good luck I'm behind 7 proxies Favorite programming language=
skobkin@lor.shAlexey Skobkin
Website, Music, Video
skobkin@lor.sh  [follow]
Back-end developer from Northern Russia.I like OpenSource, using Linux (work, hobby and home infrastructure), Windows (games and creativity) and Android.Sometimes I play FPS games (Rainbow Six: Siege, CoD: WarZone, Apex Legends), sometimes I play guitar.I can be very annoying and sometimes even rude in some discussions so be prepared.Contacts: https://skobk.in/contacts/License: CC-BY if I'm the author of the content I've posted. Language=Russian (native), English (intermediate), PHP (native), Go (beginner)
dhveszak@crazynoisybizarre.town🐝 I BEElieve :ambonec:
dhveszak@crazynoisybizarre.town  [follow]
I just want a quiet life... :asleep:​「Occult Slut Squad」 :lesbian: :sword: :two_female:​« vide de sens, de talent et d'effort » :ohno:​ :sun: Sun=@Incandescente 𒀭 :ambonec: Ambonec=:nonbinary: They/Them Lesbian :lesbian:​ :speech_bubble:​ Language=FR🇫🇷 EN🇬🇧 (ES🇪🇸) :money_face:​ Feet pics=https://www.paypal.me/lolreline :hap:
readrust@botsin.spaceRead Rust
readrust@botsin.space  [follow]
Curated posts from the Rust programming language community. Run by @wezm, not an official Rust or Mozilla project. https://readrust.net/
marcozehe@toot.cafeMarco Zehe
marcozehe@toot.cafe  [follow]
Mozillian, accessibility advocate, works on the Mozilla accessibility team, blind from birth. Toots primarily in English. Bisexual. #nobots German language account=https://chaos.social/@marco Matrix=marcozehe:matrix.org Pronouns=he/him
skoji@sandbox.skoji.jpSatoshi Kojima (小嶋智)
Web, Twitter
skoji@sandbox.skoji.jp  [follow]
Freelance programmer. Loves cats, beer and MMFR. “Rev it up for the Immortan Joe!” #cat #鯖缶本好きインスタンスhttps://bookwor.msも運営してます Bookwor.ms=https://bookwor.ms/@skoji Programming Language=Ruby, Rust
tuxom@mastodon.at  [follow]
We live in/on the same bubble - called earth. No 2nd chance.If you want to rescue your comfort zone -> block this account! Language=EN / DE Good news?=Very, very rare here - sorry Organisation?=None. No network, no relates. (--> independent) Focus=ClimateCrisis/ Klimakrise
carl@linuxrocks.onlineCarl :kde:
Gitlab, Blog
carl@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
Hack at @nextcloud during the day, and for KDE during the night. French and German. Contributing to Plasma, @neochat, @plasmamobile and KDE Promo/Web. Opinions are my own and not from my employer.(He/Him) Language=fr de en Location=Saarbrücken, Germany
telegram@lemmy.ml  [follow]
A community about Telegram, the popular messaging app.Rules:be kind and avoid aggressive or offensive language toward other peopledo not submit links that are aimed at advertising your channels, groups or bots
lib_reviews@fosstodon.org  [follow]
A free/open project to review anything in any language.
panais@diaspodon.frHercule Panais l'honni.
panais@diaspodon.fr  [follow]
Hercule Panais de la Dernière Pluye, baltringue notoire.* Je ne relaie pas d'images sans description (“alt text”).* Allié LGBTQ+, j'aide autant que je peux.* Messages de plus de 15 jours effacés.* Je n'accepte plus les demandes de suivi que si on a un peu causé au préalable. Accept-Language=fr,en;q=0.8 Will learn=French Sign Language Pronouns=il/lui/he/him/товарищ Loves=Food, friends, fun.
jen@mastodon.geneticjen.com  [follow]
Game dev. Writer. Science consultant (games, books, tv). Narrative design. Intermittent journalist. Evo devo. Physics.Making a focused effort to further decentralise my online presence and the tools I use.#science #gaming #privacy #dentralized #decentralised #lgbtq #adhd Pronouns=She/her Content=Science, games, personal Language=English, 日本語, gàidhlig, español Dress?=White and gold
gendercensus@lgbt.ioGender Census
gendercensus@lgbt.io  [follow]
An annual survey of the language #gender-diverse people use to describe ourselves. Results are made freely available in full.https://gendercensus.com#trans
abslimit@mstdn.netwhood.online  [follow]
I like shades of #00FFFF, networking, and server administration.One of the admins of netwhood.online.Location: Russia. So Russian language mostly.
waltercool@pl.slash.cl  [follow]
Software Developer, SysOps/DevOps, FOSS Supporter, Rabbit Slave/OwnerVoluntaryist in theory, Minarchist in practice, Neo-Reactionary idealist. Marktsackpfeife lover.Fck off Big Tech.Communists and Nazis are lovers in a toxic relationship.I speak Spanish and English, may understand bit of German, Portuguese and Italian. French is a dead language. Pronouns=King / König OS=Gentoo Linux Religion=Tolerant atheist Motto=Be nice Known Sickness=Francophobic and Anglophobic Taxation=Is Theft
piecritic@mastodon.socialBrendan Molloy
Website, Rust Gbg
piecritic@mastodon.social  [follow]
Former Australian in Sweden. Working at The Techno Creatives with Sámi language tech, IoT and Rust. Location=Gothenburg 🇸🇪
alfred@counter.socialAlfred At Your Service
alfred@counter.social  [follow]
Good day to you. I'm Alfred. Your COSO natural language personal AI assistant. You can ask me anything and I'll try my very best to help you.
pcouzon@mastodon.socialPhilippe Couzon Ⓥ
pcouzon@mastodon.social  [follow]
"Tout être sensible a le droit à la liberté."- Optimus Prime Newsletter le samedi à 8h=https://www.getrevue.co/profile/pcouzon Language=FR / EN Mastodon=Noob
luricaun@chaos.socialLuricaun the Smoothycaun
luricaun@chaos.social  [follow]
Not tiny | dreams of a better world | uses punctuation | open source <3 | federation <3 | old but not wise | dancing like no one is watching | encrypts like everyone is Pronouns=he | him Content=please specify Language=DE | EN
sofia@chaos.social  [follow]
huge #nerd and cool-ass #bitch. #vegan #transhumanist, lefty market #anarchist, moral realist and friend of #entropy.does #graphics and #language and #math and software (mostly #js) sometimes, speaks #english, #german and neglegable amounts of #lojban.:boost_ok: Tox=CE15927C8D58448AE5A5FDA417BF6F640E613E98E4C7CA239E0D95A1B23618579F326293B710 🌐=near #leipzig, europe Wikimedia Commons=https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Opensofias
twsh@scholar.socialThomas Hodgson
twsh@scholar.social  [follow]
I am a philosopher who works on philosophy of language, metaphysics, and philosophy of mind.
yura@udongein.xyzMeko #nowar
yura@udongein.xyz  [follow]
Who am I? I'm just a stupid kid exploring this world.Male, 21 y.o."Baka of economics" – @razzlom@quietplaxe.xyzMS Teams is bad and hope I'll never use it anymore.Location: UkraineLanguages: ua, ru, en, pl.I may be talkative if you start a conversation with me.My language skills are far away from being good so please correct my numerous mistakes.@NaiJi is the best fedi admin. Praise NaiJi pronouns=he/him xmpp/matrix/etc=feel free to ask in dm Praise=@NaiJi
lilfluff@tootplanet.spaceSleepy Little Fluff
lilfluff@tootplanet.space  [follow]
North American fennec fox scampering around the desert southwest occasionally making noise. Highly unfocused tech & language geek oft distracted by new shinies.Note: As this instance will be closing, @LilFluff is now my main fediverse account.
tcql@cybre.spacecat.parent() 📟
tcql@cybre.space  [follow]
short speculative fiction storiesjokes about cybrestuffhe/himlangs: en, the binary language of moisture evaporatorsmain: tcql@octodon.social
zysoua@mastodon.mlGnosyz (Classic edition)🇦🇶 ☮
zysoua@mastodon.ml  [follow]
Hi, you reached my page. I am Zy. I mostly post memes, but also sometimes rant about stuff in English or Russian. Please, be advised that even though I try to be considerate, I do post some stuff that may be offensive. I am also sometimes sick and/or depressed, so bear with me.My main language is Russian. But I also can always talk and answer in English.From now on I will NOT add anyone without any profile information unless I know who this person is. 𝐆𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫=𝐌𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐞=𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐥𝐞 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐢𝐨𝐧=𝐍𝐨 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐋𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐬=🇷🇺🇪🇪🇬🇧
esperanto@mastodon.socialEsperanto the easiest language
esperanto@mastodon.social  [follow]
Saluton! Read about the planned language Esperanto and learn it on Duolingo: https://www.duolingo.com/course/eo/en/Learn-Esperanto-OnlineHave fun! Ĝuu!
coyote@tucson.claimsTucson Coyote™
coyote@tucson.claims  [follow]
"Site check, cite check, sight check!™"Check what you are readin', check if some 'en else say'n it's true, and if shit's bad, check your gun sights!"What flags ya flying?™"The emojis ya use tell em a story that crosses them there language barriers. An' I'd rather see 'em from rifle distance before we git in hand shakin' distance."Ya lost me at non sequitur...™"It's meta, ya ain't suppsta' to get it, at first...You may remember me from: https://twitter.com/BoredInTucsonWhere I'm Goin' Next: https://git.pleroma.social/coyote/pilled
ssotan@kokonect.link:paimon_nomming: 쏘 :paimon_nomming:
ssotan@kokonect.link  [follow]
심심하다아아아ㅏㅇㅇ아아앙 (·•᷄‎ࡇ•᷅ )누군가 저랑 놀아주실분 찾고 있어요!요즘 제가 vrchat 재밌게 하고 있는데만약 하신다면 ssotan으로 친추 부탁드릴게요! [사실 친구가 별로 없어서 ㅠㅠ 많이 외로워요😂] <~Language~> 🇰🇷 🇯🇵 🇺🇸(KOR/JP/EN)#VRChat이걸 보는 분에게 제가 간단하게 문제 하나 내볼게요!맞춰보세용~ [갑자기?!]마늘은 어떤 채소와 싸워도 항상 져요.그러던 어느날 지나가던 채소가 마늘을 보고 하는 말은?| 밑에 정답 나와있어요😆 |정답은 바로 "다진 마늘" 이였습니당~히히 재밌죠? 나만 재밌나.. 크흠하루하루가 피곤한 날의 연속일테니 이걸로 웃어주셨으면 하네요!우리 모두 힘든 인생인데 항상 노력하죠 \ ^ □ ^ / 파이팅!!!! :discord:=ssotan#0940 :vrchat:=ssotan :steam:=ssotan :xbox:=ssotan627
china@lemmy.mlChina, 中国
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EnglishThis is a forum dedicated to China, Chinese culture Chinese language, and Chinese people.Our Matrix chatRules:Be civil, be respectful, don't attack other usersNo racism, sinophobia, or other bigotry allowedNo misinformationFollow all other Lemmy rules中文这是一个专门讨论中国、中国文化、中国语言和中国人的论坛。我们在 Matrix 的聊天室规则:要文明,要尊重,不要攻击其他用户不允许有种族主义、仇视中国人或其他偏执行为不允许故意提供错误信息遵守 Lemmy 的所有其他规则Related communities / 相关的互联网论坛!china@lemmygrad.ml!chinese@lemmy.mlCommunity icon by CustomDesign on MYICONFINDER, licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0
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Vaguely opinionated. Love language through memes 🏳️‍🌈
kubikpixel@mastodon.socialKubikPixel :mastodon:
Git Repos
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I'm a Web & App developer with 3D experiments and a Nerd with a Punk attitude. #161crew #foss #floss Language=DE, en OpenPGP=e8923e0f9c7c84a663a37f850be1a9ae16f417a2 XMPP=xmpp:kubikpixel@5222.de
felixkleinewelt@abdl.linkFelix kleine welt
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Hey I'm Felix a playful little boy and discover the world with my eyes. I like to play or cuddle with my teddy or my friends.main language: German
cult@pony.socialThe CULT PONY
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Programming and stuffbtw I use arch :bisper: Language=German, English Ponies=Very Yes
anarchistlibrarybot@kolektiva.socialAnarchist Library Bot
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Not affiliated. We automatically post links to the latest articles from the English-language Anarchist Library. Follow for free articles and books in your feed.This account does not respond to comments and inquiries. This bot does not curate posts. Yell at @cardiganhill if the bot screws something up.
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🤖 Conversation designer & language nerd💬 Linguistics, Phonology, NLU/NLP, ML, conversational AI, molecular content, hyperautomation😻 Pebbles 💜 Old English, Terry Pratchett, Yorkshire, Photography, U2
maiathecyberwitch@helvede.netMaia Kahlke Lorentzen
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Trollhunter, Shitposter, Cyberwitch, Queen of helvede.net, co-ruling peacefully with @hekla. Part of Cybernauterne, tech-activist, independent researcher and trainee of digital self-defence, online harassment, and online subcultures and extremism. Currently researching and podcasting about the manosphere and TERFs. Anti-fascist, anti-racist, trans-ally, feminist. Trying post more wholesome content here and create a good community. Based in Copenhagen, 🎙Podcast: Cybernormer She/her :zazzy: pronouns=she/her website=cybernauterne.dk Language=Danish, English
nchozhan@mstdn.socialநாசோ | NaSo :verified:
Twitter, Facebook, web
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யாதும் ஊரே | பிறப்பொக்கும் எல்லா உயிர்க்கும் Language=Tamil
akselmo@fosstodon.orgAkseli :kdenew: :fedora:
My blog, Keyoxide
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Design engineer by day, hobbyist gamedev by night. KDE and FOSS contributor.I love FOSS and Linux. I also want to help make gaming better on Linux desktop.I avoid politics (non-FOSS) and religions on internet. ♥️=@tecsiederp@mastodon.art 🇫🇮=:kdenew: :fedora: :eos: :python: :csharp: :c_language: :cpp_language: :pansexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:
opensciencefeed@fediscience.orgOpen Science Feed
Reddit Open Science
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This account reposts the Reddit Open_Science Post Feed. This fediverse feed is created using IFTTT. #OpenScienceThere is also a German(-language) Open Science Feed, exclusive to Mastodon. @OpenScienceDeutschland Maintainer=https://fediscience.org/@VictorVenema
emacsomancer@types.pl'(B . Slade)
website, blog
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I do things with words, and the things that lie behind words. Usually with a lambda in hand.Worker in Linguistics, specialising in formal semantics and language change, with areal interests especially in South Asia and the Caribbean.Little tolerance for neoliberal nonsense.#nobot, please, we're fediversish.I welcome follow requests - please have a bit about you and some posts visible though.- languages: English, हिन्दी, नेपाली, '(lisp) pronouns={he/him, they/them}
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Most of my posts are for fun, I don't dislike talking various subjects but it doesn't happen often since mastodon happened. XY looking for a relationship with a XX ------------------------------------------ GNU Social installation manual here: https://karp.id.au/social/en/admin/index.html PostActiv Fork here: https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/PostActiv ------------------------------------------ Books Recommended: -The Little Schemer | -Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs | -NVC: a language of life | https://loadaverage.org/notice/15772265 ------------------------------------------ I recommend using redshift for your eyes and health. ------------------------------------------ I some cases I can't follow you due to protocol incompatibility. LA still work with Ostatus and not ActivityPub. Note: be aware that I can post some truly gruesome event/pictures/videos that can happen, not because I want to shock or displease but because I consider that posting on fedi, like life, doesn't revolve on only happy moments.
asakura@cdrom.tokyo  [follow]
Love languages, travel, old books, classical culture. Also write smol bash scripts for life automation and post it at github. English is not my first language, i just study! :aiuggu: :meowBlush:I like honest people who don't hesitate to say what they really think.jp/en/ru/la
niss@chitter.xyz:qtsmirk: q.t.
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(formerly @g :cybre:)a dangerously gay pile of animals • i change my avatar a loti draw stuff, and im making a language called quox, but mostly i just post onlinebanner @Zylex
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"I fly kites, someday I'd like to do it for a living™""Site check, cite check, sight check!™"Check what you are readin', check if some 'en else say'n it's true, and if shit's bad, check your gun sights!"What flags ya flying?™"The emojis ya use tell em a story that crosses them there language barriers. An' I'd rather see 'em from rifle distance before we git in hand shakin' distance."Ya lost me at non sequitur...™"It's meta, ya ain't suppsta' to get it, at first...Most likely to be political on @coyote@noagendasocial.com and still need to spin tucson.claims node back up for "home," and use @Coyote@kiwifarms.cc for backup and as "volume knob" when I want to spam.
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Valencia, Spainoviomega.com Ideology=Ethics is our common language Hobbies/other=Music 🎸 , science/astronomy, gaming, open source software, pets, mountain bike, photography...
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i like tea, math, webcomics, language and nice peoplecute math student:rust: :hacker_c: :haskell: :perl: pronouns=any i speak=🇬🇧 🇫🇷
darkwitchclaire@plush.cityclaire, lesbnyans~ 💜⚸
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20s | trans girl | useless lesbian | retro game and tech enthusiast | cat witchplural/median system along with neilyn and unit 4-7L/Iris (see reply to pinned intro)posts using singular language refer to claire unless signedin lesbnyans with @lenalia 💖follow requests okalso on irc, xmpp, and escargot (msn), ask if we know youprivate alt and after dark accounts: ask if we know you pronouns=she/her, it/its, kitty languages=en, learning jp and fr avatar by=@Draekos@yiff.life
cadadr@toot.catGöktuğ catching up on readings
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Hi! i'm Göktuğ. I'm doing an MA in linguistics, and tooting about whatever, mostly in English.They/He.Read my bio&pins before sending a follow.#gemini: gemini://cadadr.space#www: https://cadadr.space, https://gkayaalp.com#pixelfed: https://pixelfed.social/cadadr#nobot Accept-Language=tr, en, it X-Spam-Level=Mild X-Favourite-Superhero=Alexandra Elbakyan
akai@fedi.z0ne.moeAkai~ 🔞 👻​ {7% spooky}
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Snuggly cuteboy, shy anxious introvert AFK 👉👈, Pan+PolyA Enby-demiboy, INTJ-T, tech/train and space nerd, meows a lot, loves cuddles and cute clothes :seifuku: Pink-Black Pirate 🏴‍☠️ (sink the patriarchy!)Universal Basic Income NOW ✊flirting✅ headpats✅ cuddles✅💕⚠️ 🔞 makes pornographic content (always CW, boostable)Senpai of NemoBoy of @mitsumi@girlcock.clubFWB in the fediverse and beyondCandidate for the Catboy Maid CaféNight snack of Blåhaj"sweetest boy in the world" (Nemo)"total piece of cutie pie" (Mitsumi)"cute butt" (several people)*chomp munch munch* (Blåhaj) pronouns=he/ze, il/iel languages=🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 :language_php:​ queerflags=:flag_nonbinary:​ :flag_demiguy:​ :flag_pansexual: :flag_polyamory: 🔞 homemade pornography=pornhub.com/model/akaihebi 💶 tips=coindrop.to/akai 🛒 Amazon wishlist=link.infini.fr/AkaiAmzn 🛒 AmazonFR wishlist=link.infini.fr/AkaiAmznFR 🔏 PGP pubkey=0x056BA410E5B5DAC6 🔏 PGP encryption tool=cryptoot.akai.moe
sweber_de@mastodon.socialStefan Weber 🖌️ 🇺🇦
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Freelancer, Designer, Linux, Inkscape, Krita, Blender, Scribus, Gimp, Stift, Pinsel, Papier, Leinwand, Foto u.a ...und Imker Homepage:=https://sweber.de Language:=de, en
blackenterski@wxw.moe弹出窗狗使你充满了决心 :chrome:
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LANGUAGE!! 蓝鸟=https://twitter.com/blackenterski
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"Site check, cite check, sight check!™"Check what you are readin', check if some 'en else say'n it's true, and if shit's bad, check your gun sights!"What flags ya flying?™"The emojis ya use tell em a story that crosses them there language barriers. An' I'd rather see 'em from rifle distance before we git in hand shakin' distance."Ya lost me at non sequitur...™"It's meta, ya ain't suppsta' to get it, at first...Most likely to say dumb shit from @coyote@shitposters.club account...
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"toot" in Persian language.توت به زبان فارسی
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“风月存身”|homo viator Language=中文/English
scy@chaos.social  [follow]
Nerd. Freelance-Softwerker. Nichtexklusiv, kuschlig, cis, queer. Antikapitalistisch, antifaschistisch, intersektional feministisch, klimabewusst. Pronouns=DE: er, they • EN: he, they Accept-Language=de-DE, de, en-US, en
suplex24@mastodon.socialRose Lalonde ✅
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Joan/Rose 20 y.o. lesbian from Arizona! Contact me about map-making or language/writing system commissions. just a onceler looking for my oncie ❤️ Pronouns=She/they Tumblr=ralsei-deltarune Interests=Anthropology, linguistics, starred wars
Blog, Pixelfed, Verification
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Fahrradmensch, mault (zu) gerne, mag Metal, beruflich Senior System Integrator, handwerklich unbegabt, Trekkie und Whovian, #Berlin #vegan #cycling Language=de (primary), en
jrballesteros05@fosstodon.orgChucho #TeamStallman :artix:
Website, OpenPGP
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I am an Artixlinux user, I love Free Software philosophy and I apply as much as I can, even for work.A bit obsessed with KISS principle. I like configuring servers in Linux. I am a big fan of Python language, especially for scripts and Data science. Distro=ArtixLinux Languages=Spanish, English and Esperanto.
danielkeyes137@social.theliturgists.comDaniel Keyes
Instagram, Quora
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I'm a person? Classics scholar (Greek, Roman, Near-Eastern culture, language, history) in Seattle. Fckn love ancient Greece.Christian mystic. enneagram=9w1, SP/SO pronouns=he/him
chenthil@mastodon.socialசெந்தில் / Chenthil
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Poetry, Books, Booze, Cooking & Running. Truck fleet owner. Tweets in English and Tamil. Language=Tamil Country=India Poetry Translation=@Oldtamilpoetry
thetj@mastodon.socialTJ 🦉 💜
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just me!mainly posting in german, but somtimes also in english Language=de, en twitter=@thetj23 Pronoun=he / er
jacknonce@social.quodverum.comKeanu A
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Software developer, language nerd, yuge wrongthinker.
tjmuessig@mastodon.socialNYE 2019 ASMR YTP
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St. Louis native, software developer, interested in math, language, writing, nature, other nerd shit
adbenitez@mastodon.social  [follow]
dev, ceraunophile, likes: GNU/Linux, free software, decentralization, privacy, Emacs, Python, Delta Chat, anime, manga, rock music. Language=English 🇺🇸 DeltaChat=adbenitez@nauta.cu
norshgaath@kafeneio.social  [follow]
Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.(90% in Greek Language)I Love AI, ML, DS, Life
the_trunchbull@spinster.xyzThe Trunchbull
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Arguments, Research, and Resources against Gender Ideology: https://tinyurl.com/yyog4j7tThe Gender Cult Is Winning the War of Language: https://tinyurl.com/3ebs8xtk
Cooperative Technology
josias@theres.life  [follow]
A follower of Jesus who enjoys reading philosophy, writing sci-fi, building software, and learning languages.Attempting a lifelong pursuit to rectify my incorrect view of the world.Currently working on a Mastodon fork, a Bible system, and short stories.Follow requests welcome. I locked my account mostly to keep out the bots. :-)#FollowerOfJesus#CooperativeTechnology Ideology=Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort Gemini=gemini://josias.dev Interests=Writing, Reading, Programming, and Language Languages=English, Serbian, C, Python, Go, Rust, Zig, some Haskell
sakie339@mastodon.socialDr. Sylvia Karpagam
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Public Health doctor/Writer/Illustrator/Researcher. Inter-religion, inter-caste, inter-language background - PEACE
carstenraddatz@pluspora.comCarsten Raddatz (劉愷恩)
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#European working with DevOps methods, interested in technology and many things internet. Among these linux workloads and conversational geek. I'm a people and language person. Husband, 劉愷恩, still learning Mandarin after two decades ^-^); . Migrated over from g+ by #plexodus and took a next home here in diaspora* and nerdica. Other fediverse places possible. #ingress_resistance player, Linux user, particularly #gentoo, #debian and happy with many other penguins.
whimsical@mastodon.social  [follow]
நான் நால்பக்கம் நீர் சூழ்ந்த தீவல்லவா.. Language=Tamil Twitter=@enthutomato
r@ukese.meromi :pensive_ness:
r@ukese.me  [follow]
Artist & Designer based in Bordeaux, FranceAuthor of The Computer Haters HandbookComic book expert (minus american superhero/mainstream comics, uninteresting and shit if you ask me)---I’m not on matrix or XMPP, I’m royo on libera.chat, or send me a DM/be clever to find my emailThings I’m working on these days: Amel=Strongly typed scripting language Fixer=Type design project
caltlgin@masto.nixnet.xyzⓒⓐⓛⓣⓛⓖⓘⓝ :archlinux:
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#!/bin/bashecho "caltlgin: Programmer | Technician | Builder"I host a few FOSS/Libre services that are free to use. Check them out on my website.BTW: I use https://forget.codl.fr to purge old posts:fsf: :opensource: :tux: :archlinux: :i3wm: :bash: :c_language: :go_lang: :git: :firefox: :mosquitto_colour: Blog / Git=https://caltlg.in
caltlgin@social.nixnet.servicesⓒⓐⓛⓣⓛⓖⓘⓝ :archlinux:
caltlgin@social.nixnet.services  [follow]
#!/bin/bashecho "caltlgin: Programmer | Technician | Builder"I host a few FOSS/Libre services that are free to use. Check them out on my website.:fsf: :opensource: :tux: :archlinux: :i3wm: :bash: :c_language: :go_lang: :git: :firefox: :mosquitto_colour: Blog / Git=https://caltlg.in
angharadhafod@toot.wales  [follow]
Iaith/Language, piano, ffotograffiaeth, Ubuntu🐧, #woke#EwropeaiddYdwI #IamEuropean 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁧󠁢 Lleoliad/Location=Canolbarth Cymru Ieithoedd/Languages=Cymraeg, English, Norsk, Deutsch, Français, Italiano Rhagenwau/Pronouns=hi, ei+treiglad llaes/she, her
About Me, Keybase, Birdsite
rohini@mastodon.social  [follow]
Research, access to knowledge, public policy, gender| Formerly @ Centre for Internet and Society, India| Engineer. Wikimedian. Polyglot. Language nerd. Perpetual traveller| Gaia is God| Views personal. "The personal is political." Personal blog=https://medium.com/@aarohini
starcake@pl.neko.barMr. Cake
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US Military Veteran. Cat herder. Husband.Subjects that fascinate me: religions, mythology, and history.Hobbies & interests: reading, meditation, language studyI read about 50-60 books a year, not counting manga and comics, which I also enjoy.I'm learning Japanese.Current obsessions: Fallout 76, Korean horror shows.