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cooper@fosstodon.orgCooper :tor: :popos:
Blog, Information
cooper@fosstodon.org  [follow]
PC Gamer, father, husband, and all-around down to earth kind of guy. IT Professional. I enjoy family time and tinkering with tech. Community Manager for Fosstodon.org. Fosstodon=Community Manager
My Website
selfcare@botsin.space  [follow]
hello! i'm a bot that toots selfcare hints every 3 hours. i'm extra helpful for techie folk, but anyone can follow me. be kind to yourself! My Maker=@pixelpaperyarn@icosahedron.website My less frequent sibling=@selfcare_gentle
deepsealioness@mastodon.social‏محترمہ پربھا ✅
deepsealioness@mastodon.social  [follow]
l’m here to make you uncomfortable, the same one your mom warned you about.Unapologetic, Unconventional, Not your typical girl next door. I BiteHaters from twitter are free to pre emptively block me, cheersI talk too much politics and offend almost everyone. #SocialJustice is key, I am rabid with oppressors of any kind class, caste, religion, gender. If you aid oppression, you are free to take a long walk on a short cliff If you don’t, I will share food pics, pets, jokes & love 💓 Politics=Left Leaning Twitter=@Deepsealioness Name=Prabha
darius@friend.campDarius Kazemi
Website, Podcast 1, Podcast 2
darius@friend.camp  [follow]
I'm the administrator of this server. https://tinysubversions.com is where most of my stuff lives. I'm trying to fix the internet, and some people say I'm at least kind of succeeding. Based in Portland, Oregon, USA. he/him
andybaio@xoxo.zoneAndy Baio
andybaio@xoxo.zone  [follow]
I made Waxy.org, XOXO, Upcoming.org, Belong.io, Playfic, Kind of Bloop. Helped build Kickstarter. P.S. I love you. Pronouns=he/him
sean@social.deadsuperhero.comSean Tilley
sean@social.deadsuperhero.com  [follow]
I wear my heart on my sleeve. Queer as a 3-dollar bill. For my job, I maintain avionics systems on super old F-16 fighter jets. In my spare time, I try to make crappy 320x200 retro adventure games, and also run a few public services for the fediverse. You may have heard of WeDistribute or VidCommons, or maybe Spectra Video?I've been on the Fediverse for nearly 15 years. Been using some kind of Linux as a daily driver for even longer. 📰 Blog=https://deadsuperhero.com/ 📺 Videos=@seantilley@spectra.video 🎶 Music=@deadsuperhero@open.audio ⚒️ Code=https://codeberg.org/deadsuperhero 🎮 GameDev=@UnicornSausage 🜁 SSB=`@gbOdT/20VK66u2p/nYr3foBxcLC3F9YCD7KPgFAieuc=.ed25519`
masklayer@slime.globalOfficial Hoofboy
masklayer@slime.global  [follow]
Some kind of 🌈:msdeer:?? |🍍🍕| 29 | he
pzmyers@octodon.socialpzmyers 🦑
pzmyers@octodon.social  [follow]
Biologist at the University of Minnesota Morris. Atheist and loud about it. Feminist, the noisy kind. Antifa. Etc. Preferred pronouns: he/him.
taweret@octodon.socialMuppet Palpatine
taweret@octodon.social  [follow]
I write things, most of which involve an apocalypse of some kind. I didn't even realize until it was pointed out to me. That probably says something.she/her/they/them
fluffy@social.handholding.iotouch fluffy tail
fluffy@social.handholding.io  [follow]
Hero of Justice and Savior of the Fediverse (4/15/2020)Owner of cute pet turtle 🐢 (4/30/2020)Rescuer of hero crab 🦀 (11/03/2020)What people say about me:"Like talking to a brick wall but it posts anime reaction memes when questioned""Are you some kind of love demon?""A true believer in the scientific method""honestly didnt expect @fluffy to be this based when I initially clicked follow""@fluffy sorry lol i love your content haha"
codl@chitter.xyzcodl (a bee)
codl@chitter.xyz  [follow]
i used to be a computer toucher but one day i was radicalized by the gender cabal and became a funny critter. (i still touch computer occasionally) also a visual artist at @codl. be kind to me or i *will* cry and it *will* be embarassing for both of us. accept-language=en, fr, es, tok pronouns=it or they | yel ou il ou elle disclosure=late 20s, white passing, french :verified:=https://www.codl.fr/
olivia@ms-olive.clubNeiko Cat
olivia@ms-olive.club  [follow]
You've probably heard of me I'm kind of a big dealThe Chief Beef of ms-olive.clubYou're an idiot for taking anything I post seriously.Twitch: twitch.tv/ms_olivePatreon: patreon.com/Ms_Olive
eloisa@masto.ptEloísa & them Seagulls
I use Forget
eloisa@masto.pt  [follow]
I create #Photography & #Poetry when I'm not upsetting uptight bros with my autistic bluntness.You know, the kind who likes to ask femmes for their geek creds in tech spaces. As if they were ever entitled to that shit, let alone in the year of our lord the LOLcat of 2022. Go figure! 🤷🏻‍♂️ :queercat_ace: :queercat_nb: :queercat_pan: :queercat_polyam: :queercat_pride:* MS * ADHD * ASD *They / She / Kitten| cover by: @welshpixie |#NoBot Mod:=@eloisa Ko-fi:=https://ko-fi.com/eloisa?retribute 💝 Feeling generous?=https://www.PayPal.me/eloisa85?retribute
ladyfat@spinster.xyzLady Bexington
ladyfat@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Banned from twitter for telling the truth about violent men in dresses (POV ur a TERF).“Miserable cow”.“Pain in the arse”.“Thin-lipped TERF bitch.”“The worst kind of fascist!”#TeamRealTERF
selfcare_gentle@botsin.space  [follow]
I am a clone of @selfcare but I only toot every 6 hours for those who want more subtle reminders. Be kind to yourself!
ilovemommies@gameliberty.club  [follow]
big lolisho caps hereDisclaimer: I do not encourage any kind of real sexual interaction with a minor. If you get the urge to do so, please masturbate to my captions instead.
fasterthanlime@octodon.social  [follow]
hi, I'm amos! 🦀 I make articles & videos about how computers work 🐻‍❄ cool bear's less cool counterpart ✨ be kind pronouns=he/him
boobs_idiot@octodon.social  [follow]
marie + april | 22 | she/her | trans demigirl/lamb | gay | plural | UK | polyam | anarchist but the non-brainworms kind | kinnie | autist, tho you probably already guessed that❤️ @onlymorrow 🖤 @addamschloe 💜 @lindenbow 💙 katy kat(pfp from here: https://luxjii.tumblr.com/post/652713480795930624/um-jammer-lammy/amp)follow requests ok! 18+/vent=@lamb@girlcock.club
edmpolls@mastodon.socialEDM Polls
edmpolls@mastodon.social  [follow]
EDM is the kind of music that puts smiles on peoples faces. It's designed to make people feel great and forget about the trouble that they may face every day
generalissima_@mastodon.socialit's laura~
generalissima_@mastodon.social  [follow]
I realize this looks like a horny post but I mean it in a cutesy, romantic kind of way
mykola@weirder.earthyour friend myk
Web, Birdsite
mykola@weirder.earth  [follow]
Hi I made earth a little weirder. Autistic, ADHD, Chaotic Kind Politics=Kindness
stragu@mastodon.indie.hostShown Furcotte
Teaching, Website, Music
stragu@mastodon.indie.host  [follow]
Human in Meanjin, I live and work on stolen Jagera and Turrbal land. I like the weird, the kind, the beautiful. Into the intersection of sustainability, the commons, social justice and open research. I teach about open research software. Very online lefty woke snowflake.🚫 Get off my timeline: fash, terves, antivax, NFT + cryptocurrencies, gadget-loving techbros, admirers of the rich. 😘Death to Putin, strength and solidarity to Ukrainians. 🇺🇦 Pronouns=he / him / his
kyzh@glitch.social  [follow]
Ramblings?EN/FRI take forever to reply or make lots of typos or both.I like absurd and purple.microwave: Breville Quick Touch, BMO734XL kind and quietly supportiveThe profile picture is a Mutant Standard emoji (https://mutant.tech), which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/).UI560
webbed site
julialuna@chaos.social  [follow]
:anarchopunk: • sapphic femby • antifa • poly • agent of chaos • time witch • full stack mad scientist • some kind of leftist • train enjoyer • oxytocin addict • shitposter extraordinaire:boost_ok: unless stated otherwisei don't accept follow requests from:- techbros- empty profilesif you exclude people under 18 without good reason i will exclude youavailable 7-3 DIT professional nouns=fae/they girls=♥
gaige@neue.city~vala@neue.city: :verifiedsabakan:
gaige@neue.city  [follow]
╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲just call me valai come from a land of ice and snow :cirno_comfy:old enough to think the tribal gba sp still looks kind of radall my posts are actually in italic comic sans, you just cant see iti generally float around here while being a ⑨╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲:corndog: the official server-maid in this pleroma neighbourhood of the fediverse :pleroma_seal:i cant program in anything, but feel free to ask me about programming stuff anywaystation wagon and 80s hatchback enthusiastused to post at ilovela.in, networked.space, valaci.ml and welovela.in :welovelain:had a :gnusocial: account at one point, but didnt stick aroundi regularly use :arch: :debian: & :nixos:will judge you for your taste in carspronouns? nope, i support my local amateur nouns╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲╱╳╲:lain: :raveSmug: :sataniaNoBulli: :asukaPout:i am very fond of my black 2007 volvo v70 cofe?=hell yeah. blåhaj?=everyday. urbit=~difreg-dasrys alt. account=@vala@lets.bemoe.online xmpp=xmpp://vala@neue.city gacha=sucker
mutantstd@weirder.earthMutant Standard
mutantstd@weirder.earth  [follow]
A new kind of emoji set - more flexible, inclusive and fun!Made by @dzuk.
telegram@lemmy.ml  [follow]
A community about Telegram, the popular messaging app.Rules:be kind and avoid aggressive or offensive language toward other peopledo not submit links that are aimed at advertising your channels, groups or bots
allisonkaye@counter.social  [follow]
Mother Sister Daughter Small Business Owner. An average girl in this grief filled world doing my best grateful and kind. Retired IdealistPatreon
nora@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Lugubrious hairy ex-labour marxist feminist and contract boner killer. Yes the fun kind. I'm pissed off ALL the time!(@trashheapfem on Twitter)
hownottodraw@mastodon.socialKate Gray
hownottodraw@mastodon.social  [follow]
be lovely, be kind
pig@jorts.horse  [follow]
the kind pig of online 🌟ad astra per alas porci🌟 he/him
mareklach@mastodon.xyzA kind (of) writer
Translation work, Github repo
mareklach@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
A #reader interested in #writing modernist #fiction. Rather inept in practicality.
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyzV for Vagina📚♿🌈🧙‍♀️🌊🖖
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyz  [follow]
"I never argue. I explain." - Dowager Countess Violet Crawley Yes, my handle--V for Vagina--is inspired by V for Vendetta. So don't get excited incels/men in general.I'm old, fat, poor, and ugly. I'm not the fun kind of Feminist. As you might gather, I don't suffer fools, bullies, HOPs, or men, at all. Goddamn, and fuck are my favorite words.Political Activist📢, RadFem💥, Adult Human Female, Salty AF🤬 , Cantadora (Keeper of the old stories), Crone🌜🧹, Dianic Wiccan, Misandrist, LGB🌈 Bi/FebFem, Separatist, Gender Critical, BlackLivesMatter, Wear A Damn Mask, Stupidity Averse, Democratic Socialist🌹, Disabled♿, Rebel Scum💢, USN Vet....ValarMorghulis 🪒🔪🚫*NO* MAGAts, **catfish**, MRAs/Incels/TRAs, trump/GOP apologists. IF YOU MANSPLAIN AT ME, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.🚫 RAPE THREATS GET YOU REPORTED AND BLOCKED.
fry@mastodon.xyzsomewhat diminished fry
fry@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
"a special kind of masochist"music, psychology, software, mental health, nonsense
feminist_heretic@spinster.xyz  [follow]
I like to draw things. I like to make people laugh and/or think about stuff. I am a radical feminist, not the fun kind.
chaddus@counter.social  [follow]
Yes, I’m a Christian. No, not that kind.Ass-kissing booth is that way. 👉🖕King o’ Jacks (self-ascribed, dubious title) ; )
zlabe@fediscience.orgZack Labe
zlabe@fediscience.org  [follow]
Climate Scientist (Atmospheric) PhD | Postdoc at Princeton University & NOAA GFDL | UC Irvine and Cornell alum | Sharing data-driven stories | Be kind | Views are my own |My research and communication interests coincide with disentangling patterns of climate change from climate variability using data-driven methods. Also, scary movie fan!#Arctic #ClimateChange #DataViz #MachineLearning #OpenScience #Python #SciComm #Weather
pj@bitcoinhackers.orgPJ Brunet
Blog, Business
pj@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
Hosting business websites & WordPress blogs at CREATIVE TECH SYSTEMS LLCI also write code:- Uptime monitoring with SMS alerts- Any kind of design changes- Lead generation forms with tooltips- Chatrooms, custom search engines- Backend crawling, downloading, keyword sitemaps- Interactive calculators (pricing, cost, savings, etc.) Telegram=@ctsystems
thelizardqueen@laserdisc.party  [follow]
*some kind of lizard queenI'm a 30 something childfree nerd from western Canada. I dig music, horror genre collecting, cats, craft beer and videogames.
susanlee@counter.social  [follow]
Animals, art, antiques, and books fill my house and my life. Proud to be #CSOG-Counter Social Beta TesterIn a world where you can be anything, be kind.
talkingshykid@abdl.link  [follow]
Hello! I'm a little gamer. I try my best to be a kind and nonjudgemental person, so don't be afraid to say hello!- age 24- engaged- looking for friends
rezzish@slime.globalRezabel "the details" Crimes
rezzish@slime.global  [follow]
Transfem enby lizard girl Rezzy. Dragon in the streets, kobold in the sheets. Occasionally game dev, synthesizers, polyam, drug friendly, a total flirt, and kind of a ditz. I wanna fight you and lose~This dragon is dedicated to the brave devil hyena fighter @lunalapin of slime townI make music now! Isn't that neat?https://soundcloud.com/mscrimesI have a Ko-fi! So please send me your money~https://ko-fi.com/rezzishI cuss and am lewd!If you follow me, please be over 18.Chicago, IL girlnouns=she/her badgames=petme.itch.io hornyalt=@petme
xeraser@poa.stXeraser 🇮🇹 | 🇷🇺
xeraser@poa.st  [follow]
Your favorite Italian Nationalist. 🇮🇹The kind that pinkos hate. Fuck the EU.I dream of a fascist ethnostate where its citizens are united under a single race: the white race. Latin-Americans of Spanish descent will be welcomed as honorary whites. Unless they live below the Honduras. And no Portuguese. I said people, not fucking animals. And fuck your optics.Diehard Honda enthusiast.Kemono Friends addict.Opinionated to the bitter end.DM for synth/headphones/IEMs recommendations.Currently watching: Detective Conan.My hobbies include suiciding trannies, throwing shade, making shit music and wasting money on synths.Alt/Backup: @ShoebillMatingPress
roofslapping@botsin.spaceRoof Slapping Bot
roofslapping@botsin.space  [follow]
*slaps roof of a bot* this bad boy can fit so many of this kind of joke in it // a bot by @darius .
the_gayest_goat_in_town@hellsite.site  [follow]
+ am Jenny+ am girl (of the trans kind)+ am bi+ b-day is on august 25th 1997+ I'm so fucking sorry for being german 🙁+ please tell me if i do/say/follow someone problematic+ i try to cw all my nsfw posts so minors are okay to follow me if they want
sftblw@twingyeo.kr▚ Ch. [씨-에이치.] ▚
sftblw@twingyeo.kr  [follow]
일본 애니 봐요후로구래밍 잘 얘기 안 함명빵 1년 넘게 플레이중✏️ Writes in:🇰🇷 ko-KR (mother tongue, UTC+9 Asia/Seoul)👀 Reads:🇰🇷 ko-KR🇺🇸 en (mention OK)🇯🇵 ja-JP: 漢字読めん (mention - Google翻訳つかいますね?)(アニオタだけど読めませんww漢字ムズイ):flag_eo: Esperantokomencanto kun :duolingo:(Mi ne estas bona sed povas traduki per vortaro)## Follow acceptance한국어 화자시거나 or You like 🇯🇵-animeI don't like k-pop or k-drama so If you want that kind of contents I simply cannot. 홈페이지=https://sftblw.moe 블로그=https://blog.sftblw.moe 동영상 계정=https://video.sftblw.moe/accounts/sftblw 대피용=@sftblw@gl.sftblw.moe
natsura@fedi.absturztau.beNatsumi :meowBox:
YouTube Channel
natsura@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
Account is locked mainly to prevent bad, bigoted, misogynistic people from following me. Feel free to send a follow request, and I will review the request whenever I get the chance. If you are a white supremacist, anti-LGBT+, anti-Furry, or don't have an open-mind, then please never follow me! I only want people who are kind, accepting, have love in their hearts, and who are actually decent human beings.I am a pansexual, transgender woman. I am taking taekwondo classes two to three times every week (three if I have to skip a class one week). I am trying to learn German (albeit that is intermittent from time-to-time... usually when I have a lot of down time I try to study it via Duolingo). I have an interest in cooking/baking, video production, gaming (mostly Nintendo). I am also a lacto-ovo vegetarian (no meat or fish, but I do eat eggs and milk products)My favourite shows are; Star Trek (mainly Voyager, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and Enterprise), Pokemon, BLEACH, InuYasha, Rick and Morty, and Overlord.If you want to donate to help me get back into YouTubing, so I can practice video production while I make Let's Plays. Then you can do so through my Cash App account.I am currently dating a wonderful owlgirl, and have been since February 14th, 2017.(HRT since 1st June, 2018) Pronouns=She/Her Odysee=https://odysee.com/@natsura:597ff913d2db4032c3e3ce7a5d40050fca7f7ee5?r=F8j2MxUtLvyaUi7sUeDQs5dzCAq9ki4o ACNH Dream Address=3510-3100-5627 Sexuality=Pansexual Pets/Snuggles=Always Cash App=http://cash.me/$NatsumiKitty Current Taekwondo Belt=Green
y0x3y@hackers.town  [follow]
be free curious and kind
lilpadawan@abdl.link  [follow]
I’ve got so many nicknames it’s so hard to pick one!! Call me whatever you like... just remember us littles are <molto sensibile> so please be kind to everyone😋
autistchickwcomputer@eldritch.cafeautistic catgirl programmer
autistchickwcomputer@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
i am a dumb autist who likes girls and computers who likes other girls who like girls and computersMentally Ill Tranny Demon HackerMy hrt is funded by fake internet money donated by kind strangers on the internet(monero):8ANJG2QQGvH5JtE5pE7Dv1Zzda7yjjnhGdWqgwEWeL8ggcnA58g1sihWrunj7dQZ2uMpV7RnYayxYJTFWFGujKWcNTxESAfassigned human at birth#actuallyautistic#isCatnasa intern and engineering freshmanboosts ok unless I say otherwise
eldiste@mastodon.cloudDoki Doki DSA Caucus
eldiste@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
I am best doki. Some kind of socialist.
thraeryn@thraeryn.netThe Embodiment of RED
thraeryn@thraeryn.net  [follow]
Out here tryin' to be as kind & warm as I can.#Houston #wrestling #AllRedEverywhere #nobot
typicalgamergirl@gameliberty.clubNemesis caps
typicalgamergirl@gameliberty.club  [follow]
Just a trans girl who loves to make pedo-themed and trans supremacy porn captions.If you are interested in these kind of captions you are more than welcome to give any suggestions.
usernamesaredifficult@social.theliturgists.com  [follow]
Area Director of Sales, partner, step-mom, kind-Of-still-Christian-I-think, Liturgist listener. Strong 7w8 living in N. FL missing TX most every day.
troodon@vulpine.club  [follow]
aka Sprackraptor, Rasha, elynne, Yahvahzensil, & etc.40-something white ace/aroan identity under construction in a badly-fitting human suit.pronouns: https://pronoun.is/zie/zir/?or=they/.../themself~follows are curated. if I'm already following you, follow-back is automatic; otherwise, I'll need some kind of interaction with you to accept a follow request.~|*|*BLACK LIVES MATTER*|*|hello yes I am transgender nonbinary. trans rights = human rights ❤
modus@mastodon.online  [follow]
EST MODUS IN REBUS (Orazio Flacco)🇬🇧 Kindness and respect are never enough, never wasted time.🇩🇪 Freundlichkeit und Respekt sind nie genug, nie Zeitverschwendung. 🤝✍️Freely free, non-party, apolitical and stateless
hannahbanana@counter.socialHannah 🦄
hannahbanana@counter.social  [follow]
be kind to each other 💜
spaghettimon@youjo.love📛 :CL:
spaghettimon@youjo.love  [follow]
Children must be freeChildren deserve the freedom to choose what they want, what they do, where/with whom they live. To have a relationship with whoever they want, of whatever kind they want.Children are the future, our future can be seen in how we treat them. Give them freedom and the future will be more free, even for adults.I am a pedophileI am pro-contactI am pro-child liberation
ladysparklepop@spinster.xyz  [follow]
I'm kind of a big deal.
craigdougscott@mastodon.social  [follow]
the kind pig of online🌟ad astra per alas porci🌟
stolas@elekk.xyzS T O L A S
stolas@elekk.xyz  [follow]
I am shy mediocre programmer who likes making numbers go up, nice people and dry humour. I'm direct sometimes but I try to be kind. I value competence and compassion and I actively dislike and distrust ironic people. Posts may contain some mild brain problems and spelling errors. Avatar might not represent real life. I wouldn't post if I didn't want replies, please feel free to jump in.No under 18 followers please#nobot Pronouns=They/Them Age=31 Location=England Console/PC?=Nintendo Switch / Gaming PC
gewt@mastodon.socialTOSTR JSYS
gewt@mastodon.social  [follow]
Pretty much a PDP-10 || ⚧: ♀|| Be kind, rewind! / Mew. I'm Madeline! || yesterday in tomorrowland || she/her || fell in love at the end of the world || #nobot
cafeine@mastodon.social  [follow]
Tech journalist / consultant / Writer (the boring kind).https://www.geekzone.fr / https://www.cafzone.net / https://asiavibes.info / and more. 🤐
resistergigi@counter.socialGigi ✌🏼🌷🤟🏼🇺🇦🇺🇦
resistergigi@counter.social  [follow]
✨💞•Mom•Gigi •60/70 hippie 💞✨ Human-Kind…Be Both✌🏼🌷🤟🏼 vaxxed•BLM•LGBTQIA+ally🌈•StopAAPIHate•Resist •WomensRights• MeToo• CPTSD•StrokeSurvivor•MD•Unite
andrewt@mastodon.social  [follow]
bi/poly | Manchester, UKI’m kind of a “Marmite person”, in that I’m essentially a by-product of the brewing industry. Pronouns=he/him Art account=https://mastodon.art/@andrewt Maths account=https://mathstodon.xyz/@andrewt
godavar@mastodon.social  [follow]
Poet-playwright; can write about any kind of sheet. #No2UID and yes to citizen-centric governance, especially of technology Twitter=@godavar Poems=facebook.com/godavarx Blog=bencilo.blogspot.in
uranianumbra@trollian.spaceCalliope! :verified:
uranianumbra@trollian.space  [follow]
Call me Florian or Calliope! mUse of breath ^u^ Not qUite a role-playing accoUnt and kind of maybe a kin accoUnt, it is one to interact with a nice fandom and I like Callie's qUirks. :U They/them, or she/her if calling me Callie, I am fine with that!
misakamikoto@enigmatic.observer  [follow]
Season 3:02heart: @akira@enigmatic.observer :agooglehearts: :cirno_baka: Please be kind to me:haskell: :emacs:https://pronoun.is/Mikoto/Mikoto,%20says%20Misaka%20Misaka%20replying%20to%20your%20question/Mikoto's%20frisbee,%20says%20Misaka%20Misaka%20as%20she%20throws%20Mikoto's/Mikoto's,%20Misaka%20Misaka%20replies/Mikoto,%20Misaka%20Misaka%20says%20as%20she%20throws%20the%20frisbeeanime.website, blob.cat, and busshi.moe users: I find the current administration of these instances untrustworthy so I will not be accepting follow requests from there. Feel free to follow me with accounts from other instances.
tcql@octodon.social  [follow]
💻 | 🗺 catdadfather of catsgive of :blobpats: taker of napsgender's a fuck & capitalism is tooit's chaos, be kind
Gitlab, GitHub
janriemer@floss.social  [follow]
Software Engineer with an incredible thirst for knowledge, who shares that knowledge with others, so that they can become their best selfs.Interested in #Rust, #TypeScript, #OpenSource, #WebDev, #WebDesign and a lot of other interesting stuff.Let's have some deep conversations about interesting topics. 🙂 I'm open-minded, but also hold strong opinions.Dare to think for yourself.Be kind.Strive for excellence.(moved from mastodon.technology - on Mastodon since Feb 2019) Pronouns=he/him Languages=en, de (native), :rust: Rust, TypeScript, C#
teascade@cybergay.spaceTeascade ☕❤:pentacle:
teascade@cybergay.space  [follow]
Artsy indie game dev and a full time pagan witch 🖊tacle:💾. Trans girl (she/her). Admin of my island of solitude, cybergay.space. Might open the doors at some point. Main dev for #glerminal https://github.com/Teascade/glerminal/PS. I know Pleroma has kind of an edgy reputation, but I run it and not mastodon only because my shitty dollar store server can't run mastodon.My website: https://teascade.netDiscord: Teascade#1414
ORCID, webzone
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systems/neuro & digital infrastructure, new here b kind!crossposting to/from @json_dirs@twitter.com , except for toots containing !/ cooperative=anticapitalist pronouns=they/them
eldaking@weirder.earthElda King
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He/him, Brazilian, A+ (aromantic + asexual).General nerdery: fantasy books, science fiction, cyberpunk, cartoons, strategy videogames and boardgames, too much internet culture. Mostly retired from RPGs and anime.Some undetermined kind of anarchist: I'm angry and I wish to build things. Neo-luddite: I love computers, but I hate what capitalism does with them.PhD from "forever ago" to "foreseeable future", in Electrical Engineering.
taweret@tenforward.socialStephanie Jessop, Space Pirate
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I write things, most of which involve an apocalypse of some kind. I didn't even realize until it was pointed out to me. That probably says something. Webbed Site=https://www. stephaniejessop.com/ Pronouns=Flexible Cat pics=Nonstop Reply Guys=Frig Off
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Be strong. Be brave. Be kind. 🔔 📖 🕯
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21 y/o enby autisten: he/him they/them | pl: on/jego ono/jegoOther main account: @jederaccepting most of the follow requests, just don't be a bot or a cryptobrosome kind of leftist, fuck tankies tho; EuropeanBoosting a considerable amount of postsI do lots of rants about totally random shit, also I have lots of emotional swingsDiscord: Jeder#0058 || XMPP: jeder@xmpp.jeder.pl || Matrix: @jeder:badat.dev3DS Friend Code: 5430 2575 9908 (be sure to message me with your own when added)Peertube: @jederAlts: @jeder, @Jeder
hilarious@social.quodverum.comDan "the Man" McGoogle
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Kind, mild mannered sardonic nitwit striving to put a smile on your face.
Personal, Hobby, Our Small Business, My Beer Recipes
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I live on a small #farm in #Vermont (US) with my wife our rescue #dog, Leo, and seven #sheep. I also like drinking and #brewing #craftbeer. I strive to be kind and considerate. 🍻He/Him/Theyhttps://wheretofind.me/@rickscullyterrapin on #Metafilter#Mefite #Metafilter #Arsenal #ArsenalFC #Socialist #InsouciantAgnostic #GratefulDead#fedi22 #nobot
shebang@freethinkers.lgbtShebang! :blobhearttrans:
Politics Blog, LGBT Blog, Webpage
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I'm a freedom loving, gun-toting, pro free speech Canadian transwoman. And shitduchess.I'm a Voluntaryist, :ablobminarchist: as well as an ethical and political philosopher.I'm transsex, but I'm really not part of the LGBT community as they hate libertarians. I love technology, and am a unrepentant geek. I follow people who follow me, unless I see them making mean spirited comments about someone being trans, or using trans as an insult -- trust me, the jokes are less funny on the receiving end I don't deserve to be anyone's collateral damage.Ok well, I guess I am "some kind of" trans activist -- I'm a transmedicalist, and I think we have a ways to go towards being normalized and accepted, as well as having our condition treated the same as any other medical condition. There is so much misinformation out there I made a short (8 minute) video where a doctor explains just what it is, and dispels a lot of myths. https://odysee.com/@shebang:d/Powers_Clips:2I'm always happy to talk to other trans people about their experiences, difficulties, etc. Unlike a lot of folks here, I'm middle aged and often have a different perspective.Militant Archlinux Zealot :blobinlove: :archlinux:PinePhone owner :blobaww: :pinephone: PineTime owner :blobfingerguns: :pinetime: If you block me or my instance you are a transphobe. :blobwink: Politics Social=@shebang@freespeech.group
cheekyrascal@mastodon.socialDavid Ferris
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I am caring, kind & skint, oh and very angry. Nae DMs unless I know you. Plus have some manners & respect, when you post oan my timeline.
shadi@mastodon.cloudNoam Trotsky 🍅🍅🍅
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The cool kind of libertarian
xurnami@monsterpit.netXurnami, 301 to @xurnami@snouts.online
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Moved to @Xurnami. Transformative Experience Designer and Anarchist with TF tendencies. I make monsters (the fun kind) & code (the functional kind). @ me with TF. Contact information: https://xurnami.com/contact
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Tentando fugir do caos • Brasil •Be kind, always.
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:ms_polyamory_flag: :ms_pansexual_flag: :ms_transgender_flag:kind of a mix of kin, RP, and just being myself!i help with the site coding for trollian.space.@conclaveGuardian - Moirail/Matesprit ❤>@purringAlchemist - Girlfriend ❤
killab33z_og@hispagatos.spaceKillab33z O.G.
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The originalI'm a color-blind hacker as we do not see color and just do it for the #joy and fun.I enjoy #Anarchy, #hacking, #Linux, #privacy, #security, #dnscrypt-proxy, #goodmusic, #hgdanceparties, #fiesta, #selfownership, and life ^_^I enjoy lots of different types of #music, so always looking to share or have others share some good tunage with me too.Always enjoy life to the fullest & remember to be #kind & #compassionate to everyone 😀#nobot #LoveLife
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Hello boys!I'm not the author of the pictures shown.Be kind to my pleasure!
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gelebt habe ich für die sonnenstrahlen auf meinem gesicht. cn tod tumor. er/cis/weiß/ mein ältestes kind ist 32👀.blocke terfs & swerfs
lainon@layer8.spaceyet another random lainon
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Huge fan of SEL, GNU/Linux and shells (the terminal kind). One of my biggest dreams is to crossdress as a catgirl. Let's be friends and love Lain :3
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Woman. The only kind.Trans is a fraudulent conceptI despise men who buy sex or use porn
susinbe59@counter.socialSusin B
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Kind, Cool, Buddhist ☸ Believer in Truth, Survivor, Political junkie. Don't like the way the world is doing my part to leave it a better place for the future
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Linguste. Klimaaktivist. Kochen und backen. Mit #kind. Weiß. Spielt gelegentlich DnD. Pronomen: Er/ihn.Linguist. Climate activist. Cooking and baking. With #child. White. Enjoys playing and watching DnD. Pronouns: He/his.
librul_azzole@mastodon.socialLibrul Azzole ✅
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Just some 63 year old Boomer Anarcho-Socialist from Connecticut, kind of a rare breed...Please don't blame me for the rest of my generation...They Sold Out!
tinyprincesss@abdl.linkLittle Princess
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I’m a little princess. I always do my best to be kind. I have a lovely Carebear (Daddy).I’m so lucky to have him in my life.
deityoftales@rpvortex.onlineRumpelstiltskin / Loki
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Trickster, Dark One, Traitor, Spy. I've been called many things. Few of them kind.
boltund@glaceon.socialA Spirit Halloween Raccoon Skeleton
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Zip|Xe/Xem/Xyr|25Agender|Ace/Aro but still gayPlural|Spoonie|Autistic|ADHDSome kind of CommieFurry Account||NSFW Alt: @pupwifeNSFW|18+ To Follow (you will be blocked if a minor)❤️ @TalonTide ❤️ ❤️ @Lycanroc ❤️ Location=Tennessee, US Telegram=Xenoclaws Gender=Alien Fursona=Ferret/Raccoon, Sometimes Others Bolt=und Approved Pronouns=Xe/Xem/Xyr, They/Them/Their, Bun/Buns/Bunself
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Resistor/ vote blue / be yourself by being kind/ .. surgical Physician Assistant/ love bees/ animals/ cooking ..martinis of course ❤️❤️ Loving this new site..
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Optimist , snarky yet I try to be kind
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human, father, husband, programmer, tinkerer, 3D-printer, former geocacher, openstreetmapper, biker (the motorized kind) climber and snowboarder
despens@mastodon.socialDragan Espenschied
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«Kind and fastidious!» — Artforum«Im Haus des Henkers vom Strick sprechen.» — Dietmar Dath, Spex OtherAccount=@despens@digipres.club OtherAccount=@despens@post.lurk.org
packbat@dragon.stylepackbats in existence
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Moving to @packbat circa March 2021.she/they/[ze/zir] - hikikomori, elder millennial, anxious autistic aroace ADHD, recently-hatched plural system. (The emoji at bottoms of posts are signatures plus commentary.) We try to be thoughtful & kind.If we aren't already acquainted, please @ us alongside any follow request you send.