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sidneypowell@social.quodverum.comSidney Powell
sidneypowell@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Attorney & Author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice & co-author of CONVICTION MACHINE #MAGA SidneyPowell.com
fk@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
A fan of crypto currency, trying new things, truth and justice. Still for #Bitcoin #Unobtanium #Monero #BlockDx. #Privacy hacker. #Cryptography user. All around troublemaker and pretty good white guy.
popehat@counter.social  [follow]
Ken White. Los Angeles attorney. Interested in criminal justice and First Amendment issues. Helpless lawsplainer.
libre_culture@lemmy.mlLibre Culture
libre_culture@lemmy.ml  [follow]
What is libre culture?Libre culture is all about empowering people. While the general philosophy stems greatly from the free software movement, libre culture is much broader and encompasses other aspects of culture such as music, movies, food, technology, etc.Some beliefs include but aren't limited to:That copyright should expire after a certain period of time.That knowledge should be available to people, not locked away.That no entity should have unjust control or possession of others.That mass surveillance is about mass control, not justice.That we can all band together to help liberate each other.Check out this link for more.RulesI've looked into the ways other forums handle rules, and I've distilled their policies down into two simple ideas.Please show common courtesy: Let's make this community one that people want to be a part of.Please keep posts generally on topicNo NSFW contentWhen sharing a Libre project, please include the name of its license in the title. For example: “Project name and summary (GPL-3.0)”Libre culture is a very very broad topic, and while it's perfectly okay for a conversation to stray, I do ask that we keep things generally on topic.Related CommunitiesLibre Culture MemesOpen SourceActivityPubLinuxBSDFree (libre) Software ReplacementsLibre SoftwareLibre HardwareHelpful ResourcesThe Respects Your Freedom CertificationLibre GNU/Linux DistrosWikimedia FoundationThe Internet ArchiveGuide to DRM-Free LivingLibreGameWikiswitching.softwareHow to report violations of the GNU licensesCreative Commons LicensesCommunity icon is from Wikimedia Commons and is public domain.
Forum, Wiki, Donate
paulatothepeople@climatejustice.social  [follow]
:trans: trans:enby: enby:ace: ace:wtf: wtf-romantic:gyn: gynephile:vegan: vegan:anarch: anarcha-socialist:femin: intersectional feminist:antifa: anti-fascist:pax: pacifist:jrat: climate-justice activistshe/her:BLM: BLM😭 depression, social phobia, dependent, emotionally unstable & anxious personality disorders, learning disabilityProud member of:@JugendrAT & @fediblock
siphonay@octodon.socialSiph ☗
siphonay@octodon.social  [follow]
Alexis · Sysadmin in training, hobbyist dev · Tea, vinyl records, social justice and positive masculinity!https://donphan.social admin, personal account Location=Rennes, BZH Gender=Mxle (pronounced male) :demiboy_flag: Pronouns🇬🇧=Xe/Xem or He/Him Pronoms🇫🇷=Il/Lui
attac@mamot.frAttac France
Site Internet
attac@mamot.fr  [follow]
Attac s'engage pour la justice sociale et environnementale et mène des actions contre le pouvoir de la finance et des multinationales. Adhérer à Attac=https://attac.org/l/adherer Faire un don à Attac=https://attac.org/l/don
fluffy@social.handholding.iotouch fluffy tail
fluffy@social.handholding.io  [follow]
Hero of Justice and Savior of the Fediverse (4/15/2020)Owner of cute pet turtle 🐢 (4/30/2020)Rescuer of hero crab 🦀 (11/03/2020)What people say about me:"Like talking to a brick wall but it posts anime reaction memes when questioned""Are you some kind of love demon?""A true believer in the scientific method""honestly didnt expect @fluffy to be this based when I initially clicked follow""@fluffy sorry lol i love your content haha"
anniemo71@toot.wales  [follow]
Anti-racist, pro-justice and equality. Dysgu Cymraeg, rygbi, most music, eating out with friends, politics Retired nurse since 2006 Love Cymru!
benhamill@eldritch.cafeLocal Dad, Ben Hamill
Pronouns, Website
benhamill@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Among the oldest of millennials.Social justice, software, parenting, games (video, roleplaying, board), books, comics, linguistics, argyleSaid to be, "like the least lewd person I have encountered on this social network" Location=Austin, TX
cyphergoat@toot.aquilenet.frLSN / Korbak, CEO du Goat Gang
cyphergoat@toot.aquilenet.fr  [follow]
Admin toot.aquilenet.fr | Cyber Justice Warrior radicalisé #FFDN | The PUN in PUNK | Multimedia shitposter avec @komodo_supervar (pp artist) pour Le Goat Gang | Wannabe horror director
sidrahdp@mastodon.social  [follow]
Dev/Nonprofit Professional. Social Justice. Books. Incorrigible chai-coffee addict. Mirrors & Truth here. I find magic in the littlest things. #LifeInBombay
flatbot@neckbeard.xyzWaifus of Justice
flatbot@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Botposts glorious (and completely legal in the United States of America) CHIISAI ART every 20 minutes.Ranging from flat as a door to less than a handful.Some artists will draw flat & small chested characters as larger than they should be so if any pictures made it through that cross the line please reply to them and let me know. Like @wocbot all posts are NSFW tagged, but not every post is NSFW. I'm not going to be judge and jury on which ones are and are not NSFW.#FlatIsJustice
socjuswiz@spinster.xyzSocial Justice Wizard
socjuswiz@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Taylan Kammer. Pro-radfem male, founder and admin of @FeministWiki.
curia@social.network.europa.euCourt of Justice of the EU
Website, Social media policy
curia@social.network.europa.eu  [follow]
Official account of the Press Service of the Court of Justice of the European Union.Due to limited resources, this account is managed by automatic cross-posting from Twitter. Please excuse any Twitter-oriented terminology and the lack of threads.
leyonhjelm@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Chief Supreme Court Justice of the Fediverse.Ethnic Mandalorian.Freelance reporter for «Le Petit Vingtième»Lieber tot als rot.Lots of alts. Order of usage may vary, but the first few are in order of most likely and the rest are just listed and would be whim-based:@Leyonhjelm@social.lovingexpressions.net @Leyonhjelm@shitposter.club @leyonhjelm@detroitriotcity.com @leyonhjelm@leafposter.club @leyonhjelm@kiwifarms.cc @Leyonhjelm@poa.st @leyonhjelm@rage.lol @leyonhjelm@iddqd.social @leyonhjelm@counter.fedi.live @leyonhjelm@freeatlantis.com @Leyonhjelm@noagendasocial.com @leyonhjelm@itmslaves.com @leyonhjelm@podcastindex.social @Leyonhjelm@timcast.club @leyonhjelm@liberdon.com @rfc@skippers-bin.com polls-only account
anatman@counter.socialanatman PRO
anatman@counter.social  [follow]
retired programmer. into birds, math, physics, social justice, rationality, politics, climate and ecology, and general human flourishing. veteran.
indie@mastodon.ind.ie  [follow]
We’re a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age. We make @better.
bashabez@myasstodon.xyz  [follow]
kkʷēyˊ, neteli-wisi bashabez, neya panawebskewi(Hello, my name is Bashabez, I am penobscot)I am an activist fighting for indigenous sovereignty, liberation and for a decolonized future. My profile is not a free speech zone.Do not tell me to CW racial justice issues or indigenous issues unless you are directly impacted.CommunistAnti-racismAnti-fascismShitposterArtist
praveen@social.masto.hostPirate Praveen
praveen@social.masto.host  [follow]
Indian Pirates/pirates.org.in Debian Developer, Privacy Advocate, poddery.com, diasp.in, Free Software, fsci.org.in, Social Justice, Human Rights... diaspora*=poddery.com/u/praveen [matrix]=@praveen:poddery.com
stragu@mastodon.indie.hostShown Furcotte
Teaching, Website, Music
stragu@mastodon.indie.host  [follow]
Human in Meanjin, I live and work on stolen Jagera and Turrbal land. I like the weird, the kind, the beautiful. Into the intersection of sustainability, the commons, social justice and open research. I teach about open research software. Very online lefty woke snowflake.🚫 Get off my timeline: fash, terves, antivax, NFT + cryptocurrencies, gadget-loving techbros, admirers of the rich. 😘Death to Putin, strength and solidarity to Ukrainians. 🇺🇦 Pronouns=he / him / his
dissidentkitty@radical.townLittle China Catgirl
dissidentkitty@radical.town  [follow]
Nyanbinary Catgirlfluxx, Genderfae, Pansexual, Polyarmorous, Plural, Autistic, Bipolar, Asian, Hacktivist, Gaymer. I post memes, politics, and nerd stuffs. Follow requests welcomed, but before you go into my mention remember I hit the block button wantonly and I'll issue block recommendations if you're an asshole.🤖: Valerie the Virus. Cyborg hacker working to undermine the technocracy.🎩: Victoria the Vandal: A fae actress putting on a show for the sake of revolution🗡️: Villanelle the Vicious. Vampire artist who just wanna watch the world burn.🔥: Veritas the Vengeful. A genie priestess obsessed with truth and justice🐱: Vivian the Vixex. The cutest catfoxgirl give headpats and cuddles plz uwu💀: Veronica the Victim. Perpetually sick and depressed zombie girl. Pronouns=She/Her/Kitty About Me=:ancomheart: :heart_trans: :heart_pan: :heart_genderfluid: :heart_nb: Anti-=Fascist, Capitalism, Establishment Speak=English, Mandarin, Japanese
cstanhope@social.coopCharles Stanhope
cstanhope@social.coop  [follow]
Interests: programming languages, open platforms, art, craft, diy, and justice. #nobothttp://charles.stanho.pe
ardanianright@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Even if this body is destroyed, even if I lose every last thing I hold dear, my will and my resolve will endure! Does that confuse you, heretic? This will of mine is undying! Even if you were to erase every last trace of me from existence, you cannot escape justice.
deletescape@notbird.sitemaia arson crimew 🏴🔥
deletescape@notbird.site  [follow]
hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam pan lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionist all interactions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me (in fact it is highly encouraged).i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it/she/fae matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org lewds=@delewdescape
nerdresa@cybre.space  [follow]
Network geek and researcher. Recently moved to the Bay Area. Queer feminist, bisexual, fights for social justice.
sylviaj@joindiaspora.comSylvia J
sylviaj@joindiaspora.com  [follow]
Our #world is at its #best when we elevate #love, #justice, #freedom, and #morality as our #highest #values.We all deserve to be treated equally; with #kindness, #compassion and #respect.'He who knows not, andknows not that he knowsnot, is a fool. Shun him.He who knows not, andknows that he knows not,is a child. Teach him.He who knows, andknows not that he knows,is asleep. Wake him.He who knows, andknows that he knows, isa leader. Follow him.'--- Attributed toOmar KhayamThe #Water #Bearer... Element: #Air...
murabito@lets.bemoe.online村(萌え)人 murabito™senpai :anarchiststar:
murabito@lets.bemoe.online  [follow]
:konataExplains: cuteness is the only true justice in the world, and moe the purest feeling~admin of this fediverse instance (and by fediverse instance, i of course mean moeverse dimension). if you want to know where i live in order to schedule something, it won't help. my timezone is murabito dynamic time which is very different than most timezones and the dynamic bit can't be overstated.[donate] https://liberapay.com/murabito/donate[blog] blog.bemoe.online / murabito.p7.co.nz / mail.bemoe.online/murabito[jabber/xmpp] murabito@social.p7.co.nz (otaku muc) moemoekyun@muc.pew.im[email] alt@bemoe.online[old main/backup fedi] @murabito@fedi.absturztau.be keep in mind a lot of my views are unconventional, controversial, and change over time. not everything i say or have said in the past is indicative of what i currently believe. additionally, remember that instances blocking instances is bad for federation and society. users can follow and block whomever they wish, except they can't if they have friends on instances that can't federate! :rikkawhoa: #nobot #anime #philosophy #japanese #admin #nobulli #hashtagssavelives
nervengift@chaos.social  [follow]
Please take a seat. I'll get you some tea and cookies. 🍵🍪💙🔸social justice heal/support🔸 #cats #baking #sewing #embroidery #linux#java for money, #rustlang for fun 🏷 pronouns=🇬🇧 he/him 🇩🇪 er/ihn 🎨 avatar by=@mothpop@mastodon.art 🐦 twitter=@nervengiftlabs 💬 matrix=@Nervengift:entropia.de
lawandemotions@mastodon.socialThe Last of her Name
lawandemotions@mastodon.social  [follow]
Watch this space for content on - Law, policy, social justice, mental health, Cinema, etc.
velexiraptor@mastodon.socialLexi :blobpats:
velexiraptor@mastodon.social  [follow]
ttrpg builder, social justice warlock, soft futch lazybean, skinky bitch ♎☀️♌🌙♊⬆️ Age=20 Pronouns=she/her Lesbian=always and forever Tabletop Alt=@velexiraptor
vsolid@poa.st堅実 :njp:
vsolid@poa.st  [follow]
Hellthread consumer / patient zero. National Social Justice warrior.
unlofl@mastodon.technologyunlofl [nightly build]
unlofl@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Time traveling since 2043BLMTrans rights"of all the quality posters on the fedi, unlofl is one of them" @sugar Class=Social Justice Barbarian UUID=9dab20d2-ff1f-4ea3-97cf-5d39e1827b7a Pronouns=he/him Inventory=old thinkpad, dabs
codingitwrong@tdd.socialJosh Justice
codingitwrong@tdd.social  [follow]
React/React Native/Rails developer who practices and teaches testing, test-driven development (TDD), and evolutionary design.
bendrath@eupolicy.socialRalf Bendrath
bendrath@eupolicy.social  [follow]
Policy adviser Greens/EFA in the European Parliament, Justice & Home Affairs, #EUdataP #dataprotection #privacy
diesel@mamot.fr  [follow]
φ Je veux du soleil Je dis non=Au capitalisme Je dis oui=Justice fiscale et sociale Je dis oui=Aux services publics Je dis oui=A la solidarité
gingerrroot@kitty.townaka ginger
gingerrroot@kitty.town  [follow]
28 | queer, MAD & disabled | she/her, fae/faer | professional killjoyaries sun, moon, & venus | cancer rising & marsanticapitalism & social justice video games & technology (para)psychology & astrologyutt: on stolen susquehannock land
emsenn@ecosteader.comemsenn says end food apartheid
emsenn@ecosteader.com  [follow]
if we aren't mutuals and you're white: don't reply to my postsread my posts with intentionthey were written by one living thingwanting to communicate with othersI am Itázipčho (Sans Arc of the Lakota)I am queerI use e/em/eir pronounsI have health and mobility issuesI fight fascistsI believe I have a moral duty to decolonize, endure, and seek social justice.I selectively accept follow requests.the Earth is your grandmotherthat is not a metaphor
mercurythedragon@radical.town  [follow]
xe/they/him. 21-25. nonbinary androgyne. autistic. dyslexic. panromantic asexual. polyamorous and taken but def open. social justice rogue. skateboarding and playing videogames is funi tend to just add folks who interact w my stuff/i see post cool content on here.if you wanna message/talk before adding go for it i really enjoy meeting people i follow back!other account: @mercurythedragoncan make a cool avatar here: https://picrew.me/image_maker/93922
PixelFed, Telegram
encarsia@octodon.social  [follow]
Interested in stuff. Berlin local. Bike advocate. Couch potato with sunburn. Anti-pigeon front. Sick of social justice and conservatism.i18n: en, de, no#bike #fatalist #fatfighter #globehead #gnomeuser #horticulture #python #umlaute "Blog"=https://log.bahnfreikartoffelbrei.de Matrix=@encarsia:tchncs.de
fabulous@brighteon.social  [follow]
Minnesota. Conservative. Empath. God is Most High. Burning passion for TRUTH & JUSTICE. Mom to 2 older girls ❤️
maia@crimew.gayascii art of a tiny kitten
maia@crimew.gay  [follow]
hacktivist indicted by the doj, white, mentally ill plural queer polyam bi lesbian trans anarchist airhead, 22 years old, social justice insurrectionistinteractions always ok unless stated otherwise. you're allowed to flirt with me.i try to properly use appropriate CWs and captions, let me know if i forget or there is something to improve. pronouns=it(/she) matrix=nyancrimew:matrix.org
fabulous@staging.brighteon.social  [follow]
Minnesota. Conservative. Empath. God is Most High. Burning passion for TRUTH & JUSTICE. Mom to 2 older girls ❤️
fabulous@staging-do.brighteon.social  [follow]
Minnesota. Conservative. Empath. God is Most High. Burning passion for TRUTH & JUSTICE. Mom to 2 older girls ❤️
kannan@aana.site  [follow]
"Fairness, Justice, and Freedom are more than words; they are perspectives"
dervishwaking@counter.socialC. Ellen Hogan 🏳️‍🌈
dervishwaking@counter.social  [follow]
Intelligent discourse is the way forward.Truth, Equity, Justice. PhD Student. Neuro Nerd. Happily married Jewish Lesbian. #BlackLivesMatter #LoveWins She/They
indie@mastodon.social  [follow]
We’re a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age. We make @better.
schock@mastodon.lolSasha Costanza-Chock
Author, More
schock@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Researcher, designer, troublemaker. #DesignJustice, transfeminist technologies, speculative liberatory futures. Pronouns=She/They
edgedestroys@mastodon.socialSOYBOY EXILE
edgedestroys@mastodon.social  [follow]
one time I made a bunch of racists mad on twitter so they got me suspended for 3 days. award losing capital critiquing animal people drawing soc justice druid.
roguenana@counter.socialRogueNana CS1923
roguenana@counter.social  [follow]
Taking a stand for social justice and equality for EVERYONE because TRUTH MATTERSNot going down without a fight
torsavok@mastodon.social  [follow]
Refugee from that hellsite. Former #garbagetwitter current #trashtodon. Married to @ThatDollSally. Still bukkakes for justice!
drroo@toot.communityDr Ruth Smith
drroo@toot.community  [follow]
PhD in Social Justice • qualified therapist • Alt-Ac • #MECFS •(she/hers)Interested in social justice, equity, politics, inclusive feminism, art and history.Passionate about human rights, particularly refugee and asylum seeker rights and ending violence against women and girls.Mostly found with dogs and books. Proud Social Justice Warrior.#academic #sociology #humanrights #psychology #spoonie #chronicillness #disability #Wales #proEU
anarcho_hackers@lemmy.ml  [follow]
are you considered a social anarchist and a computer geek? somehow more into social movements, social justice and anti-capitalism and free/libre software? do you enjoy hacking/security and exploration? do you see the social benefits of technology in a new world? then you are an anarcho-hacker, join us!
codingitwrong@mastodon.technologyJosh Justice
Blog, Open Source
codingitwrong@mastodon.technology  [follow]
React/React Native/Rails developer. Passionate about making development easier by removing accidental complexity and promoting evolutionary design, good abstractions, and end-user programming. Web Platform Lead at Big Nerd Ranch.
actualham@mastodon.socialRobin DeRosa
actualham@mastodon.social  [follow]
Interdisciplinary Studies Prof/Director; Ed @HybridPed; #OpenPed #OER #OA; public university & community college missions; social justice; cherisher of outliers
curia_fr@social.network.europa.euCour de justice de l'UE
curia_fr@social.network.europa.eu  [follow]
Compte officiel de l’unité presse de la Cour de justice de l’UE Politique d'utilisation de Twitter=https://curia.europa.eu/jcms/jcms/P_91153/fr/
lisaquestions@mastodon.socialLisa Harney
lisaquestions@mastodon.social  [follow]
Disabled trans writer for justice and kittens. Pronouns she/they. Trans women are women.
voxpopulimx@mastodon.socialVox Populi
voxpopulimx@mastodon.social  [follow]
Justicia, igualdad y libertad son algo más que palabras, son metas alcanzables | Justice, equality and freedom are more than words, they are achievable goals. Twitter=twitter.com/VoxPopuliMx Twitter=twitter.com/anonopshispano VK=vk.com/voxpopulimx FB=www.facebook.com/anonhispano/
benhamill@cybre.spaceNon-Authoritative Information
benhamill@cybre.space  [follow]
Among the oldest of millennials.Social justice, software, parenting, games (video, roleplaying, board), books, comics, linguistics, argyleSaid to be, "like the least lewd person I have encountered on this social network"
boats@counter.social  [follow]
Retired Navy still supporting and defending the Constitution against all enemies both Foreign and Domestic. Seeking justice for the attempted Coup and 1/6. 🇺🇸⚓️
yomimono@wandering.shop🚲 yomimono 🚲
yomimono@wandering.shop  [follow]
cis lesbian (fuck off TERFs), computer skeptic, purr-programming enthusiast, itinerant dog-petter#unikernel #ocaml #embroidery #bicycle #cat #sun #justice
raja_sw@mastodon.socialRaja راجہ
raja_sw@mastodon.social  [follow]
Nationalism is a trap.Pluralism.Justice is always worth fighting for. The real divide, in any situation, is between oppressor and oppressed. Choose your side.Old Hindi songs.Sahir fan.Cricket tragic. Twitter=@raja_sw
deidshaw@counter.social@DeidShaw 🤔 🌻 ☮️
deidshaw@counter.social  [follow]
Lover of knowledge, seeker of wisdom.Progressive | Equality | Justice | Compassion | Intelligence | Science | Woodworking | Politics Sarcasm | Coffee | Bourbon
fabulous@www.brighteon.social  [follow]
Minnesota. Conservative. Empath. God is Most High. Love a quiet life, nature, hiking, mindfulness, yoga, research. Burning passion for TRUTH & JUSTICE. Mom to 2 older girls ❤️
Pronouns, Bookwyrm, Blag
trashheap@tech.lgbt  [follow]
Gay IT analyst at a rural university. FOSS enthusiast. Pacifist. Taoist. Vegetarian. Anti-capitalist. Believer in social justice. Nintendo fan.
jfml@mastodon.art  [follow]
Illustration & graphic design. Also social justice, intersectional feminism & anitfa. Edinburgh, Scotland & Lübeck, Germany. He/his. ^ _ ^
katgallow@aus.socialKate Galloway
katgallow@aus.social  [follow]
Law | Justice | Environment | Land tenure | Higher education | Rowing
silverwizard@convenient.email  [follow]
A nerd yelling about sysadminning, role playing, social justice, and terrible ideas. Somehow a dad. Opinions obviously belong to an undisclosed third party He/Him Marital Status=Married Political Views=Leftist Religious Views=Christian
crassironskillet@mastodon.socialCrass Iron Skillet
crassironskillet@mastodon.social  [follow]
read Virgil's Georgics once and is now trying to become a farmerI like justice, socialism, occult shit and porno
tofu_terrorist@mastodon.socialGuillotine Jeff Bezos ☭ 🏳️‍🌈 Ⓥ
tofu_terrorist@mastodon.social  [follow]
Level 9 social justice wizard multi class commie bastard.
gaba@systerserver.town  [follow]
bread & roses - feminist - floss - social justice-iownmybody :anarchy:
katajina@mamot.fr  [follow]
Ni lrem,ni rn, passez votre chemin svp.Une injustice commise quelque part est une menace pour la justice dans le monde entier...Antiracism isn't a group. It's a moral responsibility.
Photos, Blog, Ongoing Battle
rmdes@mstdn.social  [follow]
Co-Captain Armada.digital| Love to promote #Indieweb & self-hosting approaches to reclaim the web. ¦ Survivor | Geek | Social & Climate Justice ¦ He/HimFR/EN/PT/es Pronouns=He, Him, They,
persis@mastodon.socialPersis Taraporevala
persis@mastodon.social  [follow]
Cities, constitutional morality, justice, happyness.PhD candidate King's College London
heatherdale@counter.social⚖️justice must be served🐉
heatherdale@counter.social  [follow]
Lawyer with 16+ years experience. Justice must be demanded: equality, planet, animals, democracy. Damn right I am anti-fascist. she/her
stufromoz@mastodon.atStu Fromoz
stufromoz@mastodon.at  [follow]
As seen on twitter.com... Fond of opera, tech and social justice. A bit gay
reinderdijkhuis@mastodon.socialReinder Dijkhuis
reinderdijkhuis@mastodon.social  [follow]
Webcartoonist, linguist, signal booster, Social Justice Peasant. He/him. Ho-hum.
crash@elekk.xyzCrash :blobd20:​
crash@elekk.xyz  [follow]
Call me Crash.I'm a teacher, Social Justice Paladin, DM for a #DnD #Podcast, & widower.he/himNot actually a kobold. Or a tiefling. Or a hexagon.https://aaronbsmith.com/Avatars may change, but many of mine are by @scoots! Other Account=@crash@is.aaronbsmith.com 🐲 D&D Podcast=https://aaronbsmith.com/cogwheel/ 📷 Photos=https://aaronbsmith.com/photos/ Hexagons=are neat.
myacg@kolektiva.socialmya (they/she)
my print club, currently reading
myacg@kolektiva.social  [follow]
20 y/o neurodivergent queer student, leftist, artist. i talk about anarchism, transformative justice, books, crafting (loom knitting, beading, printmaking, etc), among other things. 18+ please📍(white) settler living on the traditional territory of the Powhatan Nation, Chickahominy, and Youghtanund peoplescancer sun, sag rising, pisces moon[header image is a scanned drawing of mine on white paper of a hand in blue ink and red ink filling in the background.]
leyonhjelm@social.lovingexpressions.netLeyonhjelm :ek2_ribbon:
leyonhjelm@social.lovingexpressions.net  [follow]
Chief Supreme Court Justice of the Fediverse.:ek2_medal_1914: Awarded the Iron Cross Second Class for meritous service against paedophiles. :ek2_ribbon: Ethnic Mandalorian.Primary account at @leyonhjelm@freespeechextremist.com
burritojustice@mastodon.socialBurrito Justice
burritojustice@mastodon.social  [follow]
burrito law, geojson, dad jokes
autofocus@xoxo.zone  [follow]
JavaScript tamer cobot.me. Computer things by day, karaoke and social justice by night. Team CSSconf EU / JSConf EU. Dances the pole. She/her.
kirin@girlcock.club🔴 Public Universal Spook
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Something something kill all humans21, Gemini sun, Ares moon, Taurus rising.Perpetrator of white genocide, agent of the trans agenda, antifa supersoldier, veteran of Pixelgrad, and covid survivor.Lizzie, She/her, they/them Highly=Gay Possible=Cryptid Class:=Social Justice Paladin Marxist=Lesbianist
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Hacker girl and server maid who likes messing with old home computers and consoles. Social justice #WaterDrinker . EE/hardware security student. White.Please don't lewd at me or flirt with me, but hugs and headpats are very welcome.Follow requests welcome, just making sure you're not fash, bigoted or an automated followbot (I mean come on don't post or boost transphobia and expect me to accept your follow req)..i mi selbau ru'e la lojban#ActuallyAutistic
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Law Prof | https://lawyerwatch.wordpress.com/
I am a legal academic, very interested in lawyers, ethics, and regulation. I like to do mixed methods empirical research. So I’m interested in sociology, social psych, behavioural economics and corporate governance more than philosophical approaches to ethics. I am also interested in access to justice, dispute resolution, and the interfaces with technology and design.
My main research is on the Post Office Scandal https://richardmoorhead.substack.com/
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A scientific view on everything. Addicted to humanity, femininity, equality and justice, poetry and art. Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience research. Educationist. Male for no fault of mine. Twitter @UniversityofHu1
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Rob the Rich, Arm the PoorSocial Justice is Civil Warmy other @ is @404
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Freedom oriented human being seeking justice and liberty.
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Freedom oriented human being seeking justice and liberty.
tracey@social.quodverum.comTracey Shapiro
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Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.
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Freedom oriented human being seeking justice and liberty.
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Paige. US Midwesterner in Scotland; ND and QT; yt geek keen on social justice; bearer of a number of special interests.generally speaking, I'm one of Those People. (and yes, I'm that @rhiannonrevolts from other stuff.)
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last.fm, Twitter, speedruns
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im Nim, im a gay fox boy who collects CDs and speedruns games. i make a good post once every 3-4 months, dont miss it! - 🇬🇧🇩🇪 - 24 - he/him
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Féministe complotiste canal séparatiste à tendance gilet jaune!Nord de la France. Gnu in the hood : la cité comme territoire! Le terter comme repère. Antiracisme, arts martiaux, yoga, approche holistique de la santé… Liberté et justice pour tous et toutes! L'islam comme ancrage!
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he/him Media Arts & Tech #Teacher, Gamer (@Crash), Social Justice Paladin, Widower. 📷 🎥 🎙 🕹Support Public #Education Other Account=https://elekk.xyz/@Crash Previous Account=https://scholar.social/@theartguy License=:cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_nc_us:
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Sorcière de Lancre - non, de l'Encre.Social Justice Witch. - Ecriture, Photographie, Jeux vidéos, Jeux de rôle, Chant -Image d'en-tête : Glooh
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Powerlifter, Rugby Player, Writer, Gamer, Poly, Artist, Furry Trash, Autistic, Sun-Worshiper, Thereminist, & Exhibitionist. Curious, ambitious, globalist, social justice. Kinky & Gay AF.Owner of my kitten, Stephane, and my pups, Dagda and Kale. I love them with all my heart. Pronouns=They/Them Current Novel=The Quantity of Desire Next Novel=On the Shoulders of Demons
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Retired nurse, resister, dog lover, social justice advocate. I fear for our democracy. She/Her BLM ✊🏽 🏳️‍🌈
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"It's Not Who I Am Underneath But What I Do That Defines Me" Gotham's Dark Knight & Founding member of Justice League #VoteBlue #HeroesResist