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thomasfuchs@mastodon.socialThomas, Computer Wrangler
thomasfuchs@mastodon.social  [follow]
Come for the #retrocomputing nostalgia and #programming wisdom. Stay for the #cat pictures. Immigrant 🇦🇹→🇺🇸 & I’m in your Nintendo Switch, yes, really.He/him 🍴Github=https://github.com/madrobby
matt@oslo.townMatt 💙💛
matt@oslo.town  [follow]
I'm a job stealing, tax paying immigrant. British person living in #Oslo 🇳🇴 doing #design 🎨 at #Microsoft 🧑‍💻and there are rumours that I'm the voice behind @themayor 🎩 PeerTube=@matt@diode.zone Matrix=@matt:gossip.land $ZEC=zs1j8xe29ag302t4ueswef48uklgs6v28g53yfnq4p62rznffr8l07temh77wz485tzqda2kvq5z8l
bad_immigrant@chaos.socialIntegration Nightmare
bad_immigrant@chaos.social  [follow]
A very badly integrated immigrant from eastern europe somewhere in Germany.
torgo@mastodon.socialDaniel Appelquist
Blog, Birdsite Account, Pronouns
torgo@mastodon.social  [follow]
Web developer advocacy & standards @ Samsung Internet. W3C TAG co-chair. MDN PAB member. UK Government Open Standards board member. Immigrant. Speaker. Web opener. MST3K fanboi. Anti-fascist. City=London
whernandez@social.quodverum.comMrs. Hernandez
whernandez@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Wife of a LEGAL Spanish immigrant; fan girl of Thomas Wictor, and steadfast supporter of POTUS DJT.
aegontargaryen@mstdn.socialAegon Targaryen
aegontargaryen@mstdn.social  [follow]
Twitter Immigrant.
aurynn@cloudisland.nzAurynn Shaw
aurynn@cloudisland.nz  [follow]
Your friendly neighbourhood Cloud Island administrator.New Zealand immigrant.Founder of https://eiara.nz. Does DevOps, culture, and tells you how security impacts everything you design.Wrote Contempt Culture: https://blog.aurynn.com/2015/12/16-contempt-culture/Has lots of thoughts about tech culture, 'cos she's been doing this way too long now.Your cutest cyberpunk trans pocket friend.#nobot #noarchive Pronouns=She/her Priority=Rynnterrupt Title=Sky Captain Label=Content
error_1202@mspsocial.net  [follow]
✊🏻 holder of white privilege, aspiring race traitor🇺🇸 ➡ 🇬🇧 immigrant:heart_agender: agender (all pronouns welcome! he/him is my current favorite)♿ partially sighted, accessibility accelerator :polyamory: polyamorous:flag_bisexual: bisexual🔡 linguistics graduate 🧓🏻 late 30sI only boost toots with images if those images are described.If we haven't talked, I'm less likely to approve your follow request. Let's interact a little first. Blog=cosmolinguist.dreamwidth.org
elilla@queer.party  [follow]
Brazilian immigrant trans woman in Germany. Pro-intersectional anarchist vegan. Sapphic pan, relationship anarchist, mom. Probably adhd. Into linguistics, conlangs, fantasy fiction, comic books, linux, nail polish, makeup, calligraphy, bujo, plushies, Dwarf Fortress. Support Rojava, EZLN, antifa, direct action.Click the media tab for photos & stuff! Age=over 35 Children=2 In relationships=yes 👭 Languages ok=de,en,es,ja,pt
osirissaline@mastodon.artSail [Composer/Musician]
osirissaline@mastodon.art  [follow]
Trans composer. Poverty riddled queer garage goth. Multi-instrumentalist disabled & autistic antifascist with a lot of scars. She/they. An immigrant in Australia.[Toot Delete set to 3 months bar faves. I've been on Masto for many years] Discography & Commission Information=https://osirissaline.wordpress.com/ Creative Commons & Soundtracks=https://osirissaline.bandcamp.com/ Archive=https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator:%22Osiris%20Saline%22
bright_helpings@mspsocial.netErik :heart_agender:
bright_helpings@mspsocial.net  [follow]
I'm blind, an immigrant (from the alleged U.S. to the UK), and agender.I'm unlikely to approve your follow request if we haven't talked first, so if we haven't feel free to DM me.My profile pic is me, white guy with short dark hair and glasses, in a flannel shirt, smiling.My header image is a tweet: https://twitter.com/repjohnlewis/status/1011991303599607808
hensys@social.anoxinon.deFunker Tom
hensys@social.anoxinon.de  [follow]
Digital Immigrant, Metropolitan Nerd. Linuxer, Music Addict. Ham Radio Operator. Callsign=DK1TBL/KC1LZL Locator=JN39oi sudo apt get-install=coffee Schätzje=Purmelchen@embassy.social
raoofphysics@scholar.socialAchintya Rao • ಅಚಿಂತ್ಯ ರಾವ
raoofphysics@scholar.social  [follow]
Community Manager: #AI for Science and Government, the Alan Turing Institute • PhD student: UWE Bristol • #SciComm • #OpenScience • #rstats#cricket • Formerly #CERN and CMS Experiment • Immigrant • he/him
lazytechsupport@cybre.spacegooseberry ratSprite
lazytechsupport@cybre.space  [follow]
Mx. Cybre Anxiety Rodent::crt:🐀:heart_cybre:wonky software loaded on poorly refurbished hardwarenonbinary, bi, married, polyam, british-to-us immigrant, 36, they/themsometimes I use a screenreaderI have trouble with thinking and words sometimes, could you let me know if I'm not making sense? Follows? Ok!=Rats? Very Yes Steam=a-dead-rat Avi credit=Roxy@vulpine.club
vzla4trump@social.quodverum.comMaria NYC
vzla4trump@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Conservative latina immigrant. Yes, we do exist and no, we don't hate ourselves.
lokenstein@eldritch.cafeLoki ✨
lokenstein@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Your usual nerd & coder 💻 Very political & queer :anqueer: 🍱 Food blog > https://tinyurl.com/1loke📚 Book blog > https://tinyurl.com/loken2📜 Listo > https://tinyurl.com/3l0ke3Genderfluid & pansexual 🌈 Married 💍 Witchy 🔮 Gardener 🌱 Mostly-vegan cook & baker 🥐 Chronically ill 💊 Crafter 🧵 Sometimes I draw 🎨 White immigrant ✈️ Kinda low waste & minimalist ♻️ Anarchist 🏴🤖 Ava >> https://picrew.me/image_maker/98926🔥 Header is me by @_aadorah
elilla@transmom.loveelilla, travesti bandida 🏴‍☠️
elilla@transmom.love  [follow]
Latina trans girl milf immigrant in Europe. Silly airhead bimbo who believes in horoscope and gnomes, very harmless, not involved in any sort of antifa action whatsoever Age=≥38 ($year−1983) Children=2 Pronoun=she Origin=Latina
wobsite, photography, job
ansuz@social.cryptography.dog  [follow]
he/himprivacy developer, immigrant, etcowner/admin of cryptography.dog#nobot bot=https://social.cryptography.dog/@bot
tsyesika@mastodon.social  [follow]
Igalian / Free software hacker / Immigrant / Transwoman
ratsprite@cathode.churchreverse-bias cybr-rat
ratsprite@cathode.church  [follow]
rogue holographic personal assistant software that took over a cybre-rodent maintenance platform :crt_prompt:​🐀:heart_cyber:​i love making things work, playing games, walking up chalk hills, unions, and foodCall me sprite or wires or ratty or some combination of the three🚨 currently fucked over by a fire, living in a motel and hating it. Yes, still.Mx. they/them, nonbinary, bi, married to an ace halfling who devours books, polyam, white british-to-us immigrant, late 30s, ADHD. sometimes I use a screenreader, let me know if I'm not making sense?
megapope@mastodon.nzPopi Mokorahi
megapope@mastodon.nz  [follow]
Immigrant Māori from Essex. Ko Te Arawa te waka. Ko Ngāti Whakaue te iwi. Ko Dan au. Designer, unionist, dad, geek. He tauira o Te Reo Māori.
jeroenbosman@akademienl.socialJeroen Bosman
jeroenbosman@akademienl.social  [follow]
Immigrant | Utrecht University Library | Open Science & Open Access | ORCID 0000-0001-5796-2727 | Twitter: @jeroenbosman
twokatmew@counter.socialMarg Eliz 😷🇺🇸🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈
twokatmew@counter.social  [follow]
Technophile, cat mama, #LGBTQ, dual citizen and 2nd-gen #Immigrant. Vaxxed x4, She/Her #Immunocompromised #VoteBlue 🇺🇸 🇬🇧 🏳️‍🌈
hotelfred@mastodon.socialRoger Langridge
hotelfred@mastodon.social  [follow]
Cartoonist, comic book writer and illustrator. Was very fond of toast until that terrible accident. Immigrant.http://www.hotelfred.com
ainmosni@berlin.socialDaniël Franke 🏳️‍🌈
ainmosni@berlin.social  [follow]
Co-founder ponc.tech, professional computer-whisperer, Immigrant, ADHD, Bi, Poly, Cat lover, Blockchain skeptic, Amateur Mixologist, 🖖 Pronouns=He/Him Languages/Sprachen/Talen=English/Deutsch/Nederlands
deplorableme@social.quodverum.comDeplorable Me
deplorableme@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
So. Cal. Boomer, legal immigrant, American citizen and dog lover.
patrickod@mastodon.socialPatrick O'Doherty
patrickod@mastodon.social  [follow]
Immigrant Irishman in California. Hacker, synthesist, professional computer-fighter
sed@glitch.socialLos Angeles, November 2019
sed@glitch.social  [follow]
Immigrant Robot of Colour, or lich, or golem, whatever I feelCanadian. Male enough. He or It, whatever. 3X yearsIdeally all posts will be cheerful and/or dumbass! I don't know what my topics are 😀 I haven't decided if I should cloister my programmer/computer science talk yet.Please tell me if I am a jerk and I will do my best to not be one.
joel@xoxo.zoneJoel Califa
joel@xoxo.zone  [follow]
I design stuff at GitHub. Immigrant. Token extrovert.
jeremiahlee@social.librem.oneJeremiah Lee
jeremiahlee@social.librem.one  [follow]
🇸🇪 immigrant • engineering manager • abs & APIs • my posts do not represent my employer • 🏳️‍🌈 he/they • Start simple. Dream big. Do good. Be well.
akosma@mastodon.socialAdrian Kosmaczewski
LinkedIn, Last Book, De Programmatica Ipsum, Homepage
akosma@mastodon.social  [follow]
Immigrant. Professional closing keynote speaker. Not an influencer. Software humanist. Pissed off and tired. Co-creator of De Programmatica Ipsum.
juliecohen@mastodonapp.ukJulie (Mae) Cohen
juliecohen@mastodonapp.uk  [follow]
Author. Immigrant. Crazed fan girl. Latest book: SUMMER PEOPLE. Next book: BAD MEN
tanjabueltmann@mastodon.socialTanja Bueltmann
tanjabueltmann@mastodon.social  [follow]
Professor of migration & diaspora history | Immigrant | New Scot with German roots & Kiwi twist | Asia-aficionado | hobby baker | my views
caranha@scholar.socialClaus Aranha
caranha@scholar.social  [follow]
Computers are weird and magical and I love what we can do with them.- Academic: Teaching and Researching in Tsukuba (Japan): Programming, Evolutionary Computation, Alife, Simulation, How to make computers shitpost and take over the internet. SIGEVO, ISAL.- Slacker: Love games (making and playing them), maps, bots, spiders, and pixel art- Immigrant: If you're from a non-us, non-eu background, say hi!(Gender Neutral Pronouns for everyone!)
mercuryzelda@elekk.xyzMercury / Emily
Website, Avatar credit
mercuryzelda@elekk.xyz  [follow]
Genderqueer white NY -> UK immigrant living in Yorkshire who loves to knit, cook, read, listen to (mostly) old music and play (mostly) old video games. Married to @lagdotcom.I adore Genesis (the band), BTS, and Star Trek.The featured hashtags are what I use when I talk about non-gaming hobbies, so feel free to mute as desired!I've got a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/MercurialKnits and a Ko-fi: https://www.ko-fi.com/mercuryzelda if you like my knitting patterns :) Pronouns=they/them & she/her Age / Birthday=33 / July 18th
annatarkov@octodon.socialAnna Banana
annatarkov@octodon.social  [follow]
Podcaster (http://unconsoleable.com). Developing developers, not games. Autism mom. Intersectional feminist. Immigrant. Anti-fascist and anti-racist.
susanpotter@mastodon.socialSusan Potter
susanpotter@mastodon.social  [follow]
Type-safe anti-fascist​ infrastructure engineer (Haskell, Nix) with penchant for Charlotte Brontë, bad pop, abstract algebra. Immigrant, gay af, she/her.
toruokada@counter.socialImmigrant Dr. Humbug
toruokada@counter.social  [follow]
German living for more than a decade in London, soon leaving Brexit island#politics #privacy #healthcare
datadrivenmd@mastodon.socialDr. Jorge Caballero
datadrivenmd@mastodon.social  [follow]
come for facts, stay for snark, & #WearAMask | immigrant | #BlackLivesMatter | #StopAAPIHate | #TwitterMigration Counter.Social=https://counter.social/@DataDrivenMD
Header Artist
bchhun@fosstodon.org  [follow]
He/him.Second generation immigrant. Dad. Boxer. Runner. 3 cats & 1 dog. Full stack C# dev & legacy software tender.Not a cryptobro.#metalcore #coffee #tea #music #poetry #french #canada #quebec #strongtowns #fitness #boxing #transportation #antiracism #inclusion #technology #art #sustainability #ethics #neurodiversity #degrowth Languages=EN, FR Cat or dog ?=BOTH Location=Québec, Canada
pineapplepg@mastodon.online  [follow]
Immigrant-ish. He/him. Increasingly left-wing former centrist. London.Mostly discussing and getting annoyed by UK politics.
angelmomsabine@gitmo.lifeSabine Durden - Coulter
angelmomsabine@gitmo.life  [follow]
Angel mom to my one and only child Dominic who was killed 7-12-12 in California by a repeat offender, illegal alien. He was charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter, received - sentence of 9 month/ 5 years probation and served 35 !!!! days.I am a LEGAL immigrant, now citizen and I’m fighting against illegal immigration so you never have to Dominics and my story can be found on Domhugs.com
mi@toot.siteidek anymore
mi@toot.site  [follow]
ℹ️ I'm not going to accept your follow request unless I know you (that means you have to talk to me for a bit) or you're following back.🇬🇧 immigrant in 🇨🇭en: native, de: beginner (suffering)🕸️ https://boxin.space🎵 @mira💬 :"oh my gosh you're so gay" - @chemelia"you're *fun*" - @charlotte"most adhd top ever" - @maia"you're tiny and cuddleable" - @transcaffeine"uwu, i'm low key scared of you" - @riley✉️ If you wanna chat I have Matrix which you may ask for❤️ M R E M L
publickovacs@counter.socialM. Kovacs 🤦‍♀️🐾
publickovacs@counter.social  [follow]
You can call me M. Trained as a political scientist, then things got complicated. Immigrant. Cats AND dogs. She / her.
pseudo_antigone@kolektiva.socialSimone (she/her)
pseudo_antigone@kolektiva.social  [follow]
Interdisciplinary artist and philosophy nerd often, sleepy girl always. Essentially a catgirl playing music, so inadvertently a Josie and the Pussycats cosplayer.I do music as pseudo-antigone.I am a trans mestizo woman, an immigrant settler on Treaty 6 territory. Big into philosophy and psychoanalysis, but a big music nerd more personally. Non-monog, queer love energy. Some type of commie.
xenopulse@dice.campCW Griffen (he/they)
xenopulse@dice.camp  [follow]
German immigrant to the US (he/they). Hobby game designer (http://cwgriffen.itch.io). Still learning, always learning. One thing I know: Anti-fascism is our moral duty.
ekinnajay@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Immigrant to US from Norway, progressive woman, teacher, former nurse, romantic, interested in #epidemiology #covid #climate #socialjustice #civilrights #dogs #cats #musicaltheatre #phantomfan #natureart #education #history #druidry #Norsktut
moormaan@cybre.space  [follow]
Backend developer, Canadian immigrant
jorgesavoff@social.quodverum.comSavoff J.T.
jorgesavoff@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Legal Immigrant, Patriot, ¹¹Bravo, US Army. Lover of all things Freedom. Eater of Bacon and drinker of Scotch. Problem Solver, Time traveler. Stay in Your Lane!
seawall@mastodon.social  [follow]
Artist, immigrant, gorgon, queer, parent.
brocolie@tech.lgbt  [follow]
hey folks o/I'm brocolie, maths and science enjoyer, ex touhou fan forum admin, and currently navigating the stressful life of working in a AAA games studio while being a trans nonbinary immigrant from Brazil--pfp: https://twitter.com/art_mariipbanner: https://twitter.com/misspinkychan--moved from @brocolie Age, Nat, Location=32, Brazilian, Québec Queer=Enby, Trans, Bisexual Languages=pt, en, fr Job=Game Programmer
ladyisak@cybre.spaceLady Isak @ Celestial Abyss
ladyisak@cybre.space  [follow]
Zak — he/him/his | sie/hir — 30 — scotland gender non-conforming nonbinary gay, effeminate, flamboyant, mad, crippled, white post-Soviet Ashke Jew, bilingual (English and Russian), Russian immigrant since 2001 || transmisogyny-exemptvisual novel dev! working on a new weird VN about being gay/trans, effeminacy, disability and the power of gay love: https://ladyisak.itch.io/the-bitter-drop-1
0xnaka@liberdon.comPardon Ross Ulbricht&Snowden
0xnaka@liberdon.com  [follow]
pro immigrant, free market, and liberty, anti-government and collectivist/groupthink. anarcho-capitalist. Memento Mori. Straight Edge. Agnostic
mauro@malgranda.netMauro Morales
mauro@malgranda.net  [follow]
Topics: software development, expat/immigrant life, philosophy, coffee, street artLanguages: ES 🌕 EN 🌖 DE 🌗 EO 🌘#nobot
cloutwoman@resistance.socialKaye Cloutman
cloutwoman@resistance.social  [follow]
Former Editor, GEV Magazine www.gevmag.com recovering from stroke/TBI. Foodie. Oenophile. Journalist. Immigrant. Citizen. #Resist Politics=Progressive Food and Wine=Afficionado Currently=In Speech recovery
jbqueru@mastodon.topJean-Baptiste Quéru
jbqueru@mastodon.top  [follow]
Husband. Immigrant. Highly Sensitive Person. Mobile Software Lead. He/Him.Ski Hack Games Travel Photo Eat Drink Astro Paint Knit Weave Bead.Spokane, WA, USAPersonal Account.
garagedoor@counter.social  [follow]
Bird app immigrant. CEO of Procrastination Universe; Married to Mr. Bored & Unenthused. Parents of Miss I Couldn't Care Less. Screenwriter; closet optimist.
xxxild@counter.socialxxxild (exiled)
xxxild@counter.social  [follow]
American immigrant to the UK (married a Brit). Trump scares me more than breast cancer.https://soundcloud.com/xild61
_hensys_@mastodonten.de  [follow]
Digital Immigrant, Metropolitan Nerd. Linuxer, Music Addict. Ham Radio Operator.
profevaleria@mastodon.socialValeria Gomez
profevaleria@mastodon.social  [follow]
Assistant Professor/Director of Immigrant Rights Clinic at UBalt Law. Write about asylum & immigration law. UTK Law grad. #Lawtina #FirstGen (she/her/ella). People move!
sorano@mastodon.nz  [follow]
1st gen immigrant. Asian. Hui Chinese. Wife. Cat mom. Leftie.Opinions are my own.
lanacdc@mastodon.social  [follow]
the name's Lan. Immigrant from Tumblr. 26/bi/crptid
mrsd_lovestea@mastodon.social  [follow]
Brit immigrant in France, not an expat.Running is my new(ish) thingOld in body, young in heartEclectic music taste but jazz has a special placeI read for pleasure, not a book snobLove a natter
douginnc@counter.socialNC09 Blue Dot🌊
douginnc@counter.social  [follow]
Blue dot in a red county, engineer, father, dog owner, proud immigrant American #raccoonresistance
gl1tchyb0t@anarchism.spaceGl1tchy b0t
gl1tchyb0t@anarchism.space  [follow]
lgbtq+ 🏳️‍🌈 anarchist 🏴 white immigrant ✈️ chronically ill 💊 not actually a bot 🤖 cw: talk of chronic illness and meds, talk of gender dysphoriaif you're using a screen reader & follow me, let me know how i can make things easier for you.ava by NaimaneArt ✨
ootoovak@mastodon.socialSamson Ootoovak
ootoovak@mastodon.social  [follow]
I like computers AND people, think about programming as communication, like inclusive spaces. Indigenous Canadian, New Zealand immigrant.
kimmukerjee@med-mastodon.comKim Mukerjee MD MPH :verified:
kimmukerjee@med-mastodon.com  [follow]
Pediatrician. Child advocate. Immigrant rights. Medical Education. #NewOrleans
kissakerho@mastodon.sociali don't say meow
kissakerho@mastodon.social  [follow]
zine making eastern european immigrant (finnish) trying to find the energy to actually study the witchcraft traditions of my peoplel
sjengle@vis.socialSophie Engle
sjengle@vis.social  [follow]
Woman, computer scientist, daughter of an immigrant, and Associate Professor at the University of San Francisco.
talesfromtheev@sunbeam.cityTales from the EV Studio
talesfromtheev@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Collective of EU-based immigrant storytellers, doing #solarpunk, #hopepunk, #archanepunk and generally being "too political". 🐜ifa: :fediverse: ☀:
teacher_eric@scholar.socialTeacher Eric
teacher_eric@scholar.social  [follow]
TESOL in higher ed, adult ed, and immigrant&refugee contexts in the Pacific Northwest USA.
blog, birdsite
cliff1976@mastodon.steinernebruecke.de  [follow]
It's still me; just seeing if I can resurrect this mastodon instance. *Es geschehen doch Wunder!*I'm still an immigrant in Germany (since 2004). Sprachen=hauptsächlich 2, pero tambien un poco de una tercera dumb jokes=DUH
khesser@mastodon.socialDr Kelley Hess
khesser@mastodon.social  [follow]
Astronomer @ IAA-CSIC, immigrant, ultra runner, adventure racer, cyclist. Ironman World Champs 2012, 2014. Xterra World Champs 2014. (she/her)
uknzguy@mastodon.nz  [follow]
Immigrant, proud to call Aotearoa New Zealand my home. Twitter=twitter.com/uknzguy
szembrzycki@mstdn.socialStacey Zembrzycki
szembrzycki@mstdn.social  [follow]
Oral and public historian of immigrant, ethnic, and refugee experience in Tiohtià:ke. Every story matters. I listen to find out why.Co-Editor of Beyond Women’s Words: Feminisms and the Practices Of Oral History in the Twenty-First Century (Routledge, 2018)Author of According to Baba: A Collaborative Oral History of Sudbury’s Ukrainian Community (UBC Press, 2014)Co-Editor of Oral History Off the Record: Toward an Ethnography of Practice (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013) Website=www.staceyzembrzycki.ca
joshfeibus@mastodon.onlineJosh Feibus
joshfeibus@mastodon.online  [follow]
Producer (music/video games) • Writer (film) • Creative • Immigrant
takumaokada@dice.campTakuma Okada
takumaokada@dice.camp  [follow]
Japanese immigrant, game designer, musician, student. They/them, 21.Music: https://soundcloud.com/noroadhomeGames: https://noroadhome.itch.io/
ayendybonifacio@mas.toAyendy Bonifacio
ayendybonifacio@mas.to  [follow]
#Immigrant | #POC19 | #Periodicals | Asst. Assistant Prof. University of Toledo | Bylines in NYT, Slate, Truthout, CSPAN, Latino Rebels, The Black Scholar | he/him/él | Opinions Mine
ianbgibson@writing.exchange  [follow]
British immigrant to USA, in higher education. Interests: #cycling, #science, #philosophy, #reading, and #writing on my website.I'm here for discussion. Resident of=South Carolina Born & Bred=Lancashire
wpboyce@mastodon.socialF DuBois
wpboyce@mastodon.social  [follow]
Researcher by day, author/creative-type by night. On-again-off-again immigrant.Website for my free stories and films: https://www.thespacebetween.work.com/
andrewsnarks@counter.social  [follow]
He/him. Father. Husband. Feminist. #BLM. Pro-LGBTQ. Pro-immigrant. Ally. I watch wrestling, too. #AEW
Japan, Patreon, The rest
davidbilla@mastodon.social  [follow]
Blogger, Writer, Teacher, Father, Immigrant, Spy... Wait? Did I just type spy? Well, I guess I've just blown my cover then... Japon (Japan, mais en français)=https://www.ogijima.fr/
sidewalkpirate@counter.social  [follow]
artist, bohemian soul, immigrant, proud 🏳️‍🌈 parent, she/her
emilyknits@mastodon.socialA knitter of things
emilyknits@mastodon.social  [follow]
Somehow both a settler colonist and an immigrant on Turtle Island. She/her. Capybara fan.
tctc@kirakiratter.com  [follow]
Any/佢. 90's 🇭🇰 Cultural Refugee, 1st Gen Immigrant, Resentfully Acculturated, Intersectionality & Anti-Imperialism / Avatar&Header from Scum's Wish
auntjo@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Military born, raised, and married. Both parents Korean War vets, one a legal immigrant. I love God, the USA and President Trump.
ainmosni@social.tchncs.deDaniël Franke 🏳️‍🌈
ainmosni@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Professional computer-whisperer. Immigrant. ADHD, Bi, Poly, Cat lover, Blockchain sceptic
amanda29@counter.social  [follow]
🇬🇧Democrat | Immigrant | Artist | Still fighting the good fight one day at a time 🇺🇸
angrymoose@mastodon.socialLuke Lamothe
angrymoose@mastodon.social  [follow]
Canadian Immigrant. South African Taxpayer. Game Developer. Retro Game Collector. Warden of the East Rand. Liberal and Feminist. Games|Retro|Penguins|Arsenal.
brennovich@mastodon.social  [follow]
father, immigrant, developer
buchtan@eupolicy.socialAnna Buchta #SlavaUkraini 🇪🇺🇵🇱
buchtan@eupolicy.social  [follow]
boring bEUrocrat | immigrant | mother | views my own | toots deleted after 2 months | ⭐️ not (necessarily) endorsement EU law= Data protection= Privacy=
dofheicthe@octodon.socialCríostaí Ríordan MacLíam✔
dofheicthe@octodon.social  [follow]
Queer🌈Irish immigrant, Socialist, parent, recovering addict, mental health/substance abuse worker and advocate. Tweets and opinions represent no one but myself
krznchrchtndnst@mastodonten.deᴅr. ᴛʜore vaʟᴋen
krznchrchtndnst@mastodonten.de  [follow]
Digital Immigrant oder: ein Leben in der Zwischenablage. | #vollkommenunwach mit koffeinhaltiger Logorrhoe im Kampf wider das geharnischte Empörium.
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The 3 is silent, the rest of me isn't. American, son of an immigrant, otherwise the picture of privilege. Those blessed with power have a duty to use for good
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40-something Gen-X feminist. I’m an immigrant who came to the U.S. when I was a child. I’ve been living in California ever since. I love reading, traveling and exploring different places, and all kinds of arts and crafts. I’m a mother of a child with autism, and I myself was diagnosed with ADHD. I’m trying to change careers and get into public education, so I have to be “stealth” on social media (only on Instagram at the moment) upon discovering that it’s been infested with rabid TRAs.
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JavaScript + Golang devotee. AppSec enthusiast. Autodidact. Bibliophile. 90s Hip Hop head. ♥️ Boardgames. Immigrant's child. 🇨🇺 @MiamiJS organizer
jackandhishat@counter.socialMatt N
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UK immigrant living in Vancouver. Presses buttons professionally.
jonmj@mastodon.socialJon M Jachimowicz
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Immigrant | Assistant Professor in Org Behavior at HBS. I study passion for work and (economic) inequality. Pronounced Y-on Yah-Hee-Mo-Vitch | he/him website=www.jonmjachimowicz.com
loveamerica4ever@social.quodverum.com❤️ Freedom
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Legal Immigrant & mom ❤️ Trump!
tusk81@mastodon.socialGabe Ortíz
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Staff writer, Daily Kos. Formerly America’s Voice. Immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ rights, cats. Cancer survivor.