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jeff@social.i2p.rocks  [follow]
does stuff with i2p and lokinet(llarp)professional arm chair cryptographer, onion routing nerd and graveyard shift peanut gallery janitor, part time coiner.just imagine what would happen if we all decided to understand. you can't in the and by be or then before so just face it this text hurts to read?I don't sell weed, DM me if you are not buying weed.
rtfm@ieji.de  [follow]
#P2P #Autogestion #Democracia #Libertad #GAFAM #FCKNZS #Paz»Ellos viven y nos matan« www=onion - i2p - freenet - gnunet privacidad=¿existe? ¿donde? anonimato=¿estas bromeando? libertad=reir 🤣 o llorar 😭
i2p@mastodon.social  [follow]
I2P official. A people - powered privacy and security by design network. A truly free and anonymizing Internet alternative. Get I2P.
Birb site
z3r0fox@mastodon.social  [follow]
#crypto #infosec #privacy Support, love to #i2p #torproject No his mind is not for rent, to any god or govt OTR: z3r0fox@jabber.de https://keybase.io/z3r0fox
konrad@fosstodon.orgKonrad Bächler :linuxmintnew:
Website, Reddit, Docker
konrad@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Developer. Doer. Learner. Optimist. Citizen. Entrepreneur. Human v0.1.7rc. #FOSS #DIVA #linux #blockchain #i2p #privacy #switzerland Git / Codeberg=https://codeberg.org/diva.exchange
Website, Code
chris@chaos.social  [follow]
Software developer from Hudson County, New Jersey (next to New York City, USA). Interested in: urban #biking, #osm, #nycmesh, #i2p, #vegan, #ham, #nyc
dsfgs@activism.openworlds.infoDick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
dsfgs@activism.openworlds.info  [follow]
As once seen (then limited and banned) on Fakebook.“What do we do about unsustainable perpetual growth, increasing inequality, and declining job opportunities from automation."We are not affiliated with Dick but support his Fair Go movement to give people a chance - that means lowering the number of people we bring here to sensible numbers, ensuring the extremely wealthy pay tax and eliminating political donations. Environment=www.population.org.au Dick's page (requires js)=www.dicksmithfairgo.com.au/ Email=dsfgs@mail.i2p (see #dsfgsPGP) PGP=83b15d65bbf4e1ad3eb1 9d2f8793374a3faa87d5
asterisk@acg.mn  [follow]
诚意安利tor、i2p、zeronet,搜索引擎searx.me 匿名网络=漫游者 DINK=泛性恋 网络安全=研(ban)发(zhuan)
z3r0fox@maly.io⠵⠻⠷⠕⠭ ❌
z3r0fox@maly.io  [follow]
#crypto #infosec #privacy Support, love to #i2p #torproject No his mind is not for rent, to any god or govt OTR: z3r0fox@jabber.de https://keybase.io/z3r0fox
onii_chan@mastodon.social  [follow]
GNU/Linux, Unix, free and open-source software, Python, XMPP+OMEMO, PGP, crypto-anarchy and cypherpunk, tor, i2p, bitcoin, decentralization XMPP=i2pd@404.city
reznik@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
I2P, NextCloud, Tor, MediaGoblin, Vegan
konrad@social.diva.exchangeKonrad Bächler
Web, Gitlab
konrad@social.diva.exchange  [follow]
Entwickler. Macher. Lernender. Unternehmer. Optimist. Bürger. Mensch. Liberaler. #FOSS #DIVA #linux #blockchain #i2p #privacy #switzerland +++ Trööts in deutscher Sprache
globaltrexcommie@chaos.social  [follow]
Abolish the proletariat, learning coding, enjoy I2p/Tor hacks, scifi/RPGs MMporgs, musician by trade, writer by night, uhm, I do things. Sometimes they're bad.
i2p@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
protect your privacy
schmuiii@chaos.social  [follow]
Geek mit zuviel Zeit, Tornodebetreiber. #anonymity #ccc #i2p #kabarett #linux #ubuntu #netzpolitik #philosophie #politik #tor #wein 0x0547E61B=BFAF 252B B416 FB21 A08E 2EF4 7ADB 4BCF 0547 E61B IRC:=L0rD` Jabber:=YkRCeVpFQnFZV0ppWlhJdVkyTmpMbVJs (2xBase64)
josh_glenn@aus.socialjosh glenn
josh_glenn@aus.social  [follow]
Aussie part Irish.QubesOS / GrapheneOS / I support https://cryptostorm.is VPN![unpopular opinion] I support #Tor & #I2P too.
root@mastodon.i2p  [follow]
xps2@mastodon.i2p  [follow]
jdelgado@hispagatos.space  [follow]
Programmer. Internet should be free, open and decentralized: #ipfs, #i2p, Bitcoin, Bittorrent...Also, sci-fi fan (books, comics, movies, series...) Web=https://www.cs.upc.edu/~jdelgado
dcent@pleroma.libretux.comD. Cent
dcent@pleroma.libretux.com  [follow]
Environmentalist in Australia. I was banned from Facebook for extrapolating into the future based on current events. I support organic/bio-dynamic farms. Permaculture and food forests also interest me. Love riding the bike around. I oppose urban expansion and hyper-financialisation, which means I'm not allowed to participate in society anymore. Everyone in Australia must support urban sprawl, highrise and sky-high house prices or they are basically exiled.I support degrowth, but degrowth mostly for the 1% and less for the 99%. Yes that means a bit of redistribution. Be afraid.I like I2P, Tor, organic muesli and stupid-jokes-no-one-gets.If you received the leaflet from me, keep it!!! The "very special number" is 5.25 (until #fivePointTwoFiveDoneSuccessfully).
deepwebtimes@mastodon.social  [follow]
we will be providing frequent news updates, user-submitted and fact-checked articles, and a safe and trustworthy homepage for all Darknet users. We will attempt with the very best of our ability to give all Darknet users an unbiased and well-informed view of all news from the Darknet, clearnet, I2P, or other networks, relevant to technology, privacy, cybercrime, law enforcement operations, Darknet Markets, and similar subjects. Web=www.cs.com Jabber= Jabber2= Email=
couldbeworse@quitter.seWilliam Birkin
couldbeworse@quitter.se  [follow]
GNU/Linux Trisquel, Nextcloud, GNU MediaGoblin, Bitcoin, Monero, I2P, Yoga, Bitmessage, Veganism, Tor
wiler@mas.to  [follow]
Любитель тёмной музыки(black metal; metal; trap metal; noise и т.д. приветствуется) и ярый фанат покодить.Ничего не умею..Любитель бороться за свободу в Сети(I2P; FreeNet; IPFS; PeerTube; Mastadon; XMPP и всякое подобное поддерживаю)
ajs@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
ajs@mail.i2p // PGP: 8EFB A03F F63E 4E79 BA3A C7E0 9CDB 815E 4EF0 D3F1 // OTR: E8EB0739 6AC59D48 4802073B D050017B 49BD0248 #Monero
alritedi@koyu.spacethe slx rex
alritedi@koyu.space  [follow]
executive music producer, sound engineer & mobile app developer. linux, bitcoin, dApps, p2p, end-to-end encryption, tor, i2p, open-source & decentralized are principles i strive for
cable@pixelfed.social  [follow]
GNU/Linux, Android, Bitcoin, Nextcloud, Tor, I2P, Vegan, Chromebook
dcent@climatejustice.socialD. Cent
dcent@climatejustice.social  [follow]
Australian environmentalist, who supports organic farms. I oppose regressive urban expansion, not just 'outward' urban sprawl but also the 'upward' variety that feeds the outward.I support degrowth, but degrowth for all, not just for the 95% who aren't connected to policymakers and the kakistocracy.Pro-bitcoin, I2P and stupid-jokes-no-one-gets.I organic muesli.If you received the leaflet from me, keep it!!! The "very special number" is 5.25 (until #fivePointTwoFiveDoneSuccessfully).
mikalv@bsd.network  [follow]
aka Meeh. I2P Fulltime developer.
darwinkel@mastodon.socialPatrick Darwinkel
darwinkel@mastodon.social  [follow]
Visit my blog on Yggdrasil, Tor, or I2P if you ever find yourself bored. Blog (Yggdrasil/Tor/I2P)=https://darwinkel.net E-mail=public@darwinkel.net Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@patrick:darwinkel.net
greenway@libranet.deGhost Liberty
greenway@libranet.de  [follow]
coverpage a04.04.08https://operationgreenway.wordpress.com/Operation Greenway is a project to create a new nation for citizens of the world or a constitution to use for the new revolution in America.Greenway is a micro-nation started by Ghost Liberty, originally as a goal to buy land and start a government where Ghost would be able to grow all the cannabis they desired and make their living off of “grass”. The green in Greenway comes not only from their cannabis but from their green practices and state sector renewable energy incentives, Greenway is also the second open source government (The first was The Cesidian Root, a micro-nation by Dr Cesidio Tallini), where transparency is demanded from the government. This is an anonymous operation, to create a wonderful government we can actually depend upon.The project originally started in 2012, when I was thinking to myself how I could make all of my money growing cannabis. Cannabis is still illegal in much of the USA where I Ghost Liberty live. I thought to myself that owning my own island would work and began doing research. I could not claim that the law of the nation whose land I was occupying was null and void, the laws of the nation who really owns the island would apply and I could not grow pot. What if I were to create my own country? I did the research and settled on a massive amending of the United States constitution to be the best template for making the laws of the new nation. That is what started Greenway.As to where the land was for the nation, I couldn’t find anywhere to put the Greenway. I decided on a seamount in the southern Atlantic ocean near South America for a seasteading operation that would incorporate oceanic platforms, and using electro-mineral accumulation along with dredging to form an artificial island. This component of the project is called Atlantis. There are also plans to claim some of Antarctica and the moon as well as mars.Greenway is a 6th world micro-nation, meaning that it exists in cyberterra and therefore under the Montevideo convention, is a defacto nation, though it currently has no other territory secured.http://cesidianroot.net/The current goal is to use OpenSimulator as a meeting place which is all hosted on I2P to erect the cesidian territories on the internet.Greenway is a micro-nation project for an artificial island or seastead in the southern Atlantic ocean, with plans to become a fully recognized macronation someday. Greenway is a social democratic republic. It is based on the United States historically and is itself mostly a compilation of amendments integrated to the USA constitution at this moment.All drugs have been legalized in Greenway, similar to Portugal decriminalization but enabling everybody to posses personal amounts and to apply for licenses from the state to manufacture and sell them.Greenway has a treasury fully reserved in Silver, Copper, Cannabis, and Gcash/Greencash (A fork of Zcash). A note called the Greenback is backed fully in the commodities+cryptocurrency which the treasury is fully reserved in, through periodic pegging at the time of minting.The right to bear arms is assured in Greenway. The most libertarian laws in the world exist for firearms in Greenway, enabling everybody eighteen or older to bear a diversity or arms and body armor.The peoples right to vote is expanded over America’s, with a direct alternative vote system and with explicit term limits for all positions in the constitutional government.Greenway is currently a 6th world micro-nation, and a cesidian cyber territory. The more people get involved, the more likely we can reach our goals. Currently, Greenway has a claim on a seamount in the south Atlantic ocean.The government is in the preliminary stages of development and the project is still young. Please do email Ghost Liberty at ghostliberty(at)protonmail(dot)com and contribute to Operation Greenway. Anybody wanting to help, please email me.Ghost liberty is currently vice president of Greenway until the twenty-first day of January, 2018, at noon, where he will hand powers over to the next VOPG. He is the president pro tempore, or president of the Senate. and the first Greenway citizen.We need people to get involved by reading the draft documents (including the constitution) and providing feedback, as well as people pledging citizenship. Like any nation, Greenway needs citizens. The more people who get involved with the project, the better.Under the Montevideo convention, anybody wanting to join may become a federal person under such convention, and until the discharge of Ghost Liberty from their position in the government, all people authorized by them shall remain federal people of the cyberterra 6th world stage of Greenway under Ghost Liberty, and therefore such citizens be eligible for a position in the government. This is open to the people of the world.Submit to me your written application of citizenship and sign with a 36-char hexadecimal key you generate, which will be a seed in your identification papers which will be issued at a later time.http://www.worldservice.org—Greenway territory claims:seastead and artificial landlat 31° 0’55.95″Slong 35°31’37.95″W650km^2 circular territory–moon?state? ‘luna’lat 14° 3’18.05″Slong 93° 4’27.59″W–project aresmars bio-domeslat 85°57’8.23″Slong 101°29’28.64″E—Objectives:Get people to read the Greenway constitution.Suggest amendments and structural reform to the constitution.Get people involved in talking about the Greenway to their friends and share.Establish an internet presence with a website and cybernation in OpenSimulator.Get community together to donate for seastead and artificial island creation.Set up seastead in southern Atlantic ocean and create artificial island/s.Goals include:Establishing online presence.Getting a community established.Establish sources of funding, including crowdfunding.Claim territory.Establish Greenway.Have first election.What help is needed:We need people to spread the word and the constitution.We need petitions to congress written to try and establish Greenway as the new United States constitution.We need people to read the constitution and propose amendments.We need people to brainstorm with Ghost Liberty about what direction to take the project.Donate:GOFUNDME https://www.gofundme.com/635sv-operation-greenwayBITCOIN 1KsfC7kwZwsAYbCeKZR7b4aX2f8T1X3cvUETHEREUM 0x3fc3c0576b54e03734e8e3c61c252bb3477dd642LITECOIN LL33ATTq5fasyJjfbCvx5AXjBcpqpeLvZSMONERO 4BrL51JCc9NGQ71kWhnYoDRffsDZy7m1HUU7MRU4nUMXAHNFBEJhkTZV9HdaL4gfuNBxLPc3BeMkLGaPbF5vWtANQrWESypomxKGDuSAwCZCASH t1djfYcHNTAGXNXMvVnjSkEBFUfHWfyvtWFThere are minimum deposit amounts, depending on the currency:Bitcoin BTC - minimum 0.0001 BTCEthereum ETH - minimum 0.001 ETHLitecoin LTC - minimum 0.005 LTCMonero XMR - minimum 0.001 XMRZcash ZEC - minimum 0.0001 ZEC#operationgreenway #libertarian #social #democratic #republic #Greenway #nation #micronation #seasteading #artificialisland #project
i2p@gnusocial.no  [follow]
jeff@pl.i2p.rocks  [follow]
does stuff with i2p and lokinet(llarp)professional arm chair cryptographer, onion routing nerd and graveyard shift peanut gallery janitor, part time coiner.just imagine what would happen if we all decided to understand. you can't in the and by be or then before so just face it this text hurts to read?I don't sell weed, DM me if you are not buying weed.
lucard@libranet.deFlorian Luckhardt
lucard@libranet.de  [follow]
Gender=Male Political views=liberal Religious views=atheist Likes=adfc, ammonyc, australia, austria, avengers, bahn, bauhaus, bicycle, bike, bilsterberg, brisbane, brz, callmebyyourname, cars, carsandcoffee, ccc, chemnitzerlinuxtage, china, chrisharris, chrishemsworth, cinema, citizenfour, clt2018, cmbyn, coffee, cpp, cppcast, cppcon, cycling, debian, deutschebahn, diezeit, dog, dogs, edwardsnowden, einfachfahren, elbphilharmonie, fahrrad, freifunk, gay, gbs, gentoo, giordanobrunostiftung, granturismo, greenhell, gt86, hamburg, hildesheim, hochkönig, hpc, hpd, hpx, i2p, jdm, jonbernthal, linux, lotuscars, lotuselise, macos, meetingcpp, mightycarmods, netzpolitik, nextcloud, nordschleife, nurburgring, nurburgringnordschleife, nürburgring, philosophy, photography, piraten, piratenpartei, podcasts, programming, racing, science, singing, subaru, subarubrz, surveilance, taharrahim, tor, toyota86, toyotagt86, trackday, ubuntu, unix, veddel, vienna, volkswagen, vwcorrado, wien, wilhelmsburg, österreich Music=Iiro Rantala, Samuel Hasselhorn, LFO, Benjamin Biolay, Jacky Terrasson, Simply Red, Benjamin Biolay, Krzysztof Penderecki, Johann Sebastian Bach, Olivier Messiaen, Charles Ives, Matchbox Twenty, Simply Red, Apocalyptica, St. Vincent, Elbow, Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Herbie Hancock, Editors, Jamiroquai, Tori Amos Books, literature, poetry=danielkahneman, danielkehlmann, dostoevsky, harukimurakami, jefferydeaver, klausmann, nealstephenson, oscarwilde, richarddawkins, williamgibson Television=mrrobot, sense8
nether@misskey.i2p.rocks  [follow]
notjeff@statusnet.i2p.rocks  [follow]
notkamp@misskey.i2p.rocks  [follow]
orekix@misskey.i2p.rocks  [follow]
otshelnik_i2p@freeradical.zone  [follow]
rin@misskey.i2p.rocks  [follow]
str4d@mastodon.social  [follow]
@i2p & Zcash developer. I work on tools and services to improve people's privacy. Toots are my own. GPG 2253 E2A1 EEB4 0E2A 3D22 EB1D 0EC5 1FCD A94F B53E
testpinkprius@shitter.ml  [follow]
anarchist, vegan, feminist, from Berlin. I am a computer science student, interested in i2p & tor, raspberry pi & general techy stuff. pronoun.is/he
tormann@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Interessen #privatsphäre #tor #i2p Router. Kein #Anti.... Gedönse!Diaspora http://diasporaaqmjixh5.onion/u/tormannMatrix ID: @TorMan:matrix.org
villain@networked.space🍓 🍓 🍓
villain@networked.space  [follow]
Alternative account of @villain@social.i2p.rocks
virtual@misskey.i2p.rocks  [follow]
weblink@mastodon.social  [follow]
Новый тренд в уходящем 2019 году и приходящий в новую эру  XXI века. Это каталог, своего рода web-link Google. Тут собраны все сайты земного шара dark тематики. Это дверь, которую вам не откроет ни один другой  поисковик. Любой поситетель сможет зайти и найти всё, что собралось в паутине нашей вселенной ( www, I2p, tor )  именно в dark теме. Каталог=Форумов Сайт=Каталог Поисковик=Дарк Web-Link=DarkNet