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gatooscuro@quey.orgGato Doofenshmirtz
gatooscuro@quey.org  [follow]
**Una pasión sin fin; todo tiene una razón de ser** Anotación que va con mi vida.>Mi historia en el Fediverso se resume en haber pasado por el exodo de GNU Social, migrar a Mastodon (Quey.org precisamente donde hago parte del Staff) y quedarme, a tal nivel de eliminar mi presencia en el blog gatooscuro7.wordpress.com qué en su momento fue lo que le dedique mis letras a tiempo completo durante años, actualmente todo lo escribo en el #fediverse . Amando la descentralización y la libertad de expresión bajo un buen código de conducta ♥ >Mi estilo de vida filósofico pasa desde lo más minimo cómo podría ser el minimalismo hasta lo más complejo qué podría ser el existencialismo/absurdismo+nihilismo, todo de la mano del escépticismo. >Actualmente parte de las F.F.MM de Colombia. >Pro software libre, amante de la palabra de RMS y gran seguidor del proyecto Debian GNU/Linux (el mejor S.O comunitario).>Correo: gatooscuro@protonmail.com>XMPP: gatooscuro@suchat.org (OMEMO).>Telegram: @GatoOscuro (cifrado e2e).>Session: 05e3ca0d853737210ea012f56c7369eae928cb73f28c38e7180825d4ccf8fb504c>qTox: B789F335748BCC10671D2D5BA5B4B48578AA033699B156D3A7117CAA96B6C26B8EBC98128A66>GPG: https://bin.disroot.org/?88b0685d05165c1c#3VYUVNj5wBfyBAYrZssEJzZss24FMBaoH2E2PdLorhBv (enlace de la clave pública).>Keyoxide: https://keyoxide.org/B20F19CFDFA16EF8C4A08F4A40EECDF9DC56DE1E>Wire: @gatooscuro7>Eelement/Matrix: @GatoOscuro:nerdsin.space>DeltaChat: gatooscuro@disroot.org S.O=Mint GNU/Linux Alabado sea=Rock>Metal Escribeme=Casi siempre activo (todo lado). Larga vida=#Fediverse Razón de ser=Pasión sin fin
linux@mastodon.unoLinux Italia
twitter, pinterest, tumblr
linux@mastodon.uno  [follow]
Le più importanti notizie su #Linux selezionate dagli utenti di #diggita#computer #informatica #gnu #gnulinux #foss diggita=https://diggita.com/index.php?category=Linux
jz@mamot.frJérémie Zimmermann 🎶💗🧀
jz@mamot.fr  [follow]
ᐸ3 Mostly offline - My life is music and music is life - Hacking with Care! @HackingWithCare /Sings in showers / cheese / GNU / Berlin / http://datalove.net / #8bit / #16bit / ex-@LaQuadrature Life, the Universe and Everything=42 Possibly?=Maybe Digital=Analog
Website, Code repository, User support chat, Issue tracker
inkscape@mastodon.art  [follow]
An #OpenSource vector drawing app for Windows, MacOS & GNU/Linux. Similar to Illustrator, always free for everyone!
Enjoy, Operationtulip, liberapay
selea@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
Pissed of and tired.Pretending to be a Sysadmin, GNU/Linux user since 2001, father of 3 future GNU+Linux users, lives in Sweden, Fascinated by strange hardware.I am not on vacation, but I am at the end of a long time delay. I amlocated somewhere on Earth, but as far as responding to toots is concerned,I appear to be at the edge of the solar system.boost != endorse#linux #gnu #swedenDistros of choice::trisquel: :debian: :parabola: :popos: matrix=Ask
Blog, PixelFed, LiberaPay
victorhck@mastodon.social  [follow]
Usuario de #GNU #Linux #openSUSE, apoyo el #softwarelibre y soy miembro de #KDE España.También tengo un blog: https://victorhckinthefreeworld.com/ diaspora*=https://pod.orkz.net/u/victorhck
ubuntufr@mamot.frUbuntu (FR)
ubuntufr@mamot.fr  [follow]
Compte francophone d'actualité sur la distribution "Ubuntu" et les variantes comme Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu Mate etc...(NB : ce compte n'appartient pas à l'association ubuntu-fr.org, il est totalement indépendant) linux=ubuntu gnome=libre opensource=unix gnu=informatique
nepfag@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
Gott hat das Fedi nur einmal geküsst, genau an dieser Stelle wo jetzt GNU/Smug ist.Heaven is high and the emperor is far away.Pronoun: あたいUltimate life goal: Explode inside Megumin!
koyu@koyu.spaceLeonie :blobcat:​ :vf:
I own, Personal website
koyu@koyu.space  [follow]
:trans: :biflag: :polyamory_flag: :autism:​- I own koyu.space- I like computers, music and junkfood, but also things like science, meditation or philosophy- I'm one of the first few Mastodon users- I speak German, English and a few words Dutch- Apparently an alien- Instance traveler and OS hopper- I am playing too much Fortnite, but only to train aim on a controller- and I was cancelled too much on the fediverseAnd now here are some happy customer reviews:"You piece of garbage""I feel very sorry for you and your users""Shut up""I hope the radical.town admins banned you"This is for all the bots among us: #nobot<3 @zackPGP: 8a318ca01ea7b381:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen:sticker_bunhd:​ Age=21 Pronouns=she/her (they/them) :telegram:​ :xbox:​ :twitch: :overwatch:​=bubblineyuri Battle.net=#2146 (EU/PC)
redstarfish@social.linux.pizzaStarfish :emacs: :trisquel:
redstarfish@social.linux.pizza  [follow]
'The GNU Project is idealistic, and anyone encouraging idealism today faces a great obstacle: the prevailing ideology encourages people to dismiss idealism as “impractical.” Our idealism has been extremely practical: it is the reason we have a free GNU/Linux operating system. People who love this system ought to know that it is our idealism made real.' Operating System=GNU (with Linux-libre) Distribution=Parabola Editor=GNU Emacs
niconiconi@cybre.space  [follow]
Code monkey, sysadmin of Beijing GNU/Linux User Group / No nations, no flags, no patriots. / Chaotic Neutral / Now Accelerationist / 🔐 “Onii-chan is watching you!", use OpenPGP: FAD3EB05E88E8D6D / currently NEET / biologically male, self-identified as '; DROP TABLE genders; OpenPGP=0x255211B2395A5A3E0E48A0F1FAD3EB05E88E8D6D Lucky Number=9629  x (2^943047) + 1 Public Toots=(U) Other Toots=(TS//SI//NF)
vaginaplant@3.distsn.org🌻 Himawari Prodromou
vaginaplant@3.distsn.org  [follow]
African girl. Programmer. Third party tools for GNU social, Mastodon, Pleroma, microblog.pub, Misskey, and Kibou: https://distsn.org The recommendation fairness: How to get back the internet of celebrities into the 99 %'s hands: https://distsn.gitbook.io/recommendation-fairness Hobby works: https://hakabahitoyo.gitlab.io
jami@mstdn.io  [follow]
The distributed universal and secure Free Software for multimedia communications by Savoir-faire Linux and the GNU community.Download Jami on https://jami.net
Website, Twitter, Facebook
9to5linux@floss.social  [follow]
Get the latest news for Linux distributions, apps, and devices. We provide breaking GNU/Linux and Open Source news, opinions, tutorials and reviews.
qbi@mastodon.social  [follow]
Netzpolitik, Anonymität, GNU/Linux, @datenkanal, @radioinsecurity XMPP=Jens@anonymitaet-im-inter.net
sb_51_@mastodon.xyz\Moane, silk and satin ❤️☢️☮️
sb_51_@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Did you ever felt your cosmo? #Linux #Debian #Devuan #Archlinux #Parabola #Void #Privacy #GNU #Libriste 🔱⚛️☢️☮️🐧Humeurs Folies Nihiliste Sexe #Satan LGBTQ+ #nobot Position=Farouchement libriste, totalement nihiliste, méchamment sataniste Pour=La fin du monde, la fin des "humains" et des "humaines" Contre=Le politiquement correct et les gens qui me disent comment je devrais écrire ou penser. Session=059de94f6b5abd69bc395ae029b183a68053c76edae760d97d721b4e0fd8b74a41
ky0ko@cybre.space(ky0ko) black lives matter
ky0ko@cybre.space  [follow]
~ computers suck, let&#39;s make them better ~im nerdy pan-lesbian who does "iot" dev for a living. i like tiny and old computers and think they&#39;re cute. i use netbsd and linux, and dislike gnu. im trans, and deal with executive dysfunction. also a traumagenic plural system, but i pretend im not. also vegetarian. i live near seattle.i have many girlfriendsi make music sometimes: https://soundcloud.com/ersatz-waterfall typing quirk=no caps age=24 favorite soda=cream pronouns=she/her
volt4ire@mastodon.socialvolt4ire 🌹
Instagram, Twitter, Homepage
volt4ire@mastodon.social  [follow]
leftist. gaymer. infosec. FOSS. co-host of @HackerRadioShow. Columbia University '18.EN/ES/IT/עברית#infosec #privacy #FOSS #KDE #freesoftware #p2p #GNU #Linux #gaymer #LGBT #queer #NYC #NewYork #Brooklyn #Montreal #Quebec Amateur Radio=KC2QZH
lunaterra@cyberia.socialLunaTerra - GNU/Girl
Website, Blog
lunaterra@cyberia.social  [follow]
The Dirtbag IT Girlshe/her ~21 yrs aged #nobot~ :parabola: :debian: :manjaro: ~Gay, vegan, white anarcho-girl whomst'd've also be an advocate for online privacy and free software. https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/the-anarchist-faq-editorial-collective-an-anarchist-faq-02-17Constantly pissed at you but only because I know you can be better :P~ :heart_eyes_cat_trans: :heart_pan: :flag_polyamory: ~Follow requests welcome! I only sort through them on desktop every few days so just be patient please!Nazis fuck off :) Languages=🇬🇧: ✅ 🇮🇱:~ 🇲🇽/🇪🇸:~ Langs=:haskell_trans: - :scala: - :c_language: - :emacs: - MIPS Assembler
glimpse@mastodon.artGlimpse Image Editor
Website, Donate, Code, Birdsite
glimpse@mastodon.art  [follow]
An open source image editor based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.18.
gnulinux@social.anoxinon.de  [follow]
Wir sind ein deutschsprachiges Newsportal und ein Podcast rund um das Freie Betriebssystem GNU/Linux, garantiert werbe- und trackerfrei.Unsere News werden automatisiert mit feed2toot geposted, wir sind allerdings immer für euch da um mit euch zu kommunizieren (kein Bot). GNU/Linux.ch=https://gnulinux.ch
Github, Birdsite, Website, Donate
glimpse@bobadon.co.uk  [follow]
The Glimpse Editor is a free software image editor forked from the well-known GNU Image Manipulation Program.Initially this will provide a simple re-branding to make the software suitable for educational institutions and enterprise settings, but in future versions new features to address long-standing user complaints will be included.
kim@mastodont.cat  [follow]
Gnu/Linux · ♥ dels gats · Privacitat, programari i cultura lliure#nobot cats=dat://837050f69d945cd483540dbb388b1b8de950e3ca469291e36c4a21a52d3cdc86/
petitevieille@mamot.fr  [follow]
Linuxien depuis les années 90 et pourtant gros noob soutenant le droit à ne pas être un gourou quand on utilise GNU/Linux. Mes OS=Debian (PC) - /e/ (téléphone) - Rockbox (Ogg) Humeur=A Taste for Bitters
emmabuntus@framapiaf.orgCollectif Emmabuntüs
Site, Diaspora, PeerTube, Forum
emmabuntus@framapiaf.org  [follow]
Le but du http://collectif.emmabuntus.org est aider à la mise en place de structures pour le #réemploi des #ordinateurs sous des OS #LogicielLibre (#GNU #Linux)
jordigh@mathstodon.xyz  [follow]
Coder. Mathematician. Hacker-errant.You can also email me at jordigh@octave.org Pronouns=any GNU/Linux version=Debian GNU/Linux
linux_spain@mastodon.socialLinux Spain
linux_spain@mastodon.social  [follow]
Un proyecto personal de Paul Brown. GNU/LInux, Software Libre, Hardware Libre, Cultura Libre y la libertad de las personas en todas sus acepciones.
gnupropaganda@fosstodon.orgGNU Propaganda
gnupropaganda@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Free software ethics propaganda from the other side of the interwebs.
nemo@mas.to  [follow]
The answer is, 101010I ❤️ FOSS and GNU/LinuxI ❤️ catsI also ❤️ anime/mangasThe philosophy of my life is:"Act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law."Fiat iustitia, et pereat mundus❤️ „Für den Triumph des Bösen reicht es, wenn die Guten nichts tun!“Im Übrigen möchte ich anmerken, dass die AFD keine alternative ist, sondern eine Schande und eine Katastrophe.🙏
archero@mastodon.socialJEDI Knight
archero@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm not anti-social, I'm just not user friendly • Algo irónico y sarcástico • GNU/Linux user • Informático en el averno • There's no place like OS=ArchLinux / Manjaro Shell=zsh Desktop=KDE Plasma Jabber=sr_kenobi@suchat.org
satur@fosstodon.orgsátur :gnomewhite:
satur@fosstodon.org  [follow]
:gnu: #FOSS advocate. Interested in the #fediverse development. Pronouns=he/him/comrade 👨🏻‍💻=:manjaro: 🗣️=ES, EN
dausacker@mastodon.social  [follow]
Assistente Social, usuário GNU (Trisquel e PureOS) e ativista do Movimento Software Livre. Serviço Social= GNU= Software Livre= Trisquel=
fdc@mamot.fr  [follow]
Just another french guy on #Mastodon. #LibreSoftware, #GNU #Linux, @aprilorg, Yes we can !!
clubdesoftwarelibre@mastodon.socialClub de Software Libre
Web, PeerTube
clubdesoftwarelibre@mastodon.social  [follow]
Espacio creado por un grupo de usuarios y usuarias de GNU/Linux para la difusión, la enseñanza y todo lo relativo al software libre. :pixelfed:=https://pixelfed.social/clubsoftlibre PodCast=¿?
podcastlinux@mastodon.socialPodcast Linux
podcastlinux@mastodon.social  [follow]
Un podcast para los usuarios domésticos de GNU/Linux. De la red @avpodnet. Podcast: https://avpodcast.net/podcastlinux Blog: https://podcastlinux.com
xpac@chaos.socialxpac 🏳️‍🌈
xpac@chaos.social  [follow]
Hass verwüstet die Seele.Traditionen sind wie Teller - gemacht um zu zerbrechen!Ich habe nicht gegen Ausländer... aber... gegen Nazis 👊 Accept-Language=de-HD, en X-Self-Identification=cis, white, male [he] X-Clacks-Overhead=GNU Terry Pratchett Can help with=Splunk, Regex, Python, IP Networks
srinicame@bsd.network  [follow]
#GNU #Linux #arch #OpenBSD #Freebsd #FLOSS #i3 #RMSfan #Free as in freedom #philosophy #wannabe ada programmer #Manager #Aviation #Helicopters #voracious reade blog=srinicame.blogspot.in
ashpex@fosstodon.orgAshpex :archlinux:
ashpex@fosstodon.org  [follow]
The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.:archlinux: :vim:I'm a #linux enthusiastInterested in #foss #decentralization #tails #tor #privacy #p2p #gnu
ring@mstdn.io  [follow]
The distributed universal and secure Free Software for multimedia communications by Savoir-faire Linux and the GNU communityDownload Ring on https://ring.cx !
vega@noupti.me  [follow]
Hi! ☺ Free software. GNU/Linux. Gaming. Digital security, privacy and anonymity. Longboarding. Anti-capitalist/anti-neoliberalist. And some other stuff.
adbenitez@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
Interesado en hacer amigos de habla hispana en el fediverso.Programador, Python3, GNU/Linux, Software Libre, Cultura Libre, Emacs, #DeltaChat, Matrix, música: rock y electrónica, me gusta la ciencia-ficción y fantasía, el anime y manga. Delta Chat=adbenitez@nauta.cu Ubicación=#cuba 🇨🇺 Idioma=🇪🇸
kitredgrave@vulpine.clubVx. Kit Redgrave 🕯️
kitredgrave@vulpine.club  [follow]
frizzy nerd & creature of the matrix, figuring out embodied reality | she/her preferred, they/them accepted :transistor: | fox whom meow sometimes | libertarian socialist, polyamorous, pan lesbian, and here to play the infinite game (and be gay)Warning: This is rapidly evolving research software.internalized (hopefully?) existentialism, and a huge believer in plurality, in nearly every sense. even personally? we'll see ;)i have fond and caring feelings for too many people here to list, and relationship anarchy makes it difficult to tell which criteria to use anywaymtg colors: :mtgu: :mtgr: :mtgg:, any combination of two with the third as splash describes me some of the time; all combinations describe me most of the timefurry code: FCFm3acm A--> C+ D H++ M+~ P+ R T+ W- Z Sf+ RLCT>AT a cbl+++~bl--- e++>+++ f++ h++ i++>+++ j+ p-- sf++GNU Natalie Nguyen, Sophia Butler 🕯️remember all our other siblings, who we've perhaps never met and now won't ever 🕯️avatar by @drawcat Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge=drawn with a very fine camel hair brush Gay?=Very Cute?=weh! Search strategy=breadth-first
ashpex@mastodon.social  [follow]
🇩🇪I&#39;m a #linux enthusiastInterested in #foss #decentralization #tails #tor #privacy #p2p #gnu #python Learning and doing #infosecOpinions are my own
fisherroot@mastodon.socialFisher Root
fisherroot@mastodon.social  [follow]
Informático independiente en continuo aprendizaje de Gnu/Linux y amante del Software Libre.Madrid - España#Gnu #Linux #KDE #Android #softwarelibre
My Website
polarisfm@www.librepunk.club  [follow]
Trans woman, lesbian, ancom. Very autistic.Proprietary software does not belong in a free world.Wanted for computers crimes in at least 50 states. Pronouns=She/Her Current OS=PrawnOS GNU/Linux Main Laptop=Samsung Chromebook Plus v1 (with PrawnOS)
punsandpotions@witches.townmomma matti :red_candle:
punsandpotions@witches.town  [follow]
hey there, I'm matti, 24, she/her, from austria 🌼 💜 queer/poly 👭 lesbian 👭 🐈 cat lady 🐈 ✨ kitchen witch ✨ 🌻 real life faery 🌻 💕 gentle giant 💕 💢 3 mental illnesses in a trenchcoat 💢 💋 an ocean got nothing on my love @nergdron and me 💌😻 @mimtschan 's future wife 😻💜 I'm your mom & i love you very much 💜🕯️GNU Natalie Nguyen🕯️
nydel@mastodon.sdf.orgnydel / zoey valentiae
nydel@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
nownownow - https://nydel.sdf.org/nowxmpp - nydel member.fsf.orgpersonal site - zoey.v.sdf.org/ pronoun=em eir ナイデル any org=sdf fsf gnu eff dbd lang=en epo sp jp commonlisp
akhilan@mastodon.social  [follow]
Books, Algorithms, Programming, Arts, Literature, Mapping, Wiki Editing, Linguistics, NLP, GNU/Linux, OpenSource, OpenData, Local History, Local Geography, Astronomy, Particle Physics, Mathematics, Mythology, Lepidopterology, Logical Puzzles, Amateur Radio, GeopoliticsTech Orientation: Debian GNU/Linux, KDE Plasma, Firefox, Vim 🌐 Blog=http://akhilan.in :pixelfed: Pixelfed=@akhilan 📝 Wikipedia=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:CentralAuth/Akhilan 🗺️ OpenStreetMap=https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Akhilan
iah@fosstodon.org:vim: :terminal: IᔕᗩK
iah@fosstodon.org  [follow]
Father of three, husband, nerd & registered nurse (RN, CCRN, Prehospital Registered nurse 🚑). Paranoid OpenBSD & GNU+Linux user since around 1998 with Red hat 5.0 (Hurricane/Manhattan).Addicted to: :openbsd: :void: :vim:
maratonlinuxero@mastodon.socialMaratón Linuxero
maratonlinuxero@mastodon.social  [follow]
Proyecto de emisión en vivo para promocionar GNU/Linux y el Software Libre.
d1cor@mstdn.ioDiego Cordoba 🇦🇷
d1cor@mstdn.io  [follow]
Computer Engineer - GNU/Linux & Ethical hacking instructor and consultant. Professor. Co-Founder @JuncoTIC https://juncotic.comSan Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina Web/cursos:=https://juncotic.com Telegram:=https://t.me/d1cor Twitter:=https://twitter.com/d1cor
terryenglish@social.librem.oneExtra Virgin Chad Oil
terryenglish@social.librem.one  [follow]
Waiting for the GNU world order to begin.
ademalsasa@floss.socialAde Malsasa Akbar
Website, Twitter
ademalsasa@floss.social  [follow]
I am a moslem. I teach GNU/Linux. I am writing GNU/Linux articles at http://www.ubuntubuzz.com. I am actively teaching Libre Software and GNU/Linux at https://kursusteknoplasma.wordpress.com. I hope my life could be useful for everybody every time.My 1st list about #FreeSoftware #FreeService: https://floss.social/@ademalsasa/103683968228975173My 2nd list about #COVID19 solution: https://floss.social/@ademalsasa/103995683852950996 GNU/Linux School=https://kursusteknoplasma.wordpress.com User interface=KDE
bgta@mastodont.catRaúl ☆彡 🎗️
Home Page
bgta@mastodont.cat  [follow]
#gnulinux #gnu #linux #tech #devel #java #programming #backend #aws #softwarelliure #opensource #ruby #microservices #development #nobot #web #fullstack XMPP=xmpp:bgta@mastodont.cat Stadia: BgTA#6279=http://goto.bgta.net/stadia
Pronouns, Website
satchmoz@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Gay IT analyst at a rural university. Im a free software advocate. GNU enthusiast. BSD sympathizer. Leftist. Pacifist. Taoist. Anti-Capitalist.#nobot
Blog, Mystery box
lordphoenix@social.targaryen.house  [follow]
French geek, free software and Linux technologies addict… The futur has his name : it's GNU/LinuxFrance, jamais loin du clavier. photos (pixelfed)=https://pixelfed.social/lordphoenix Photos (flickr)=https://www.flickr.com/photos/arnaudboutry/
shirishag75@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm a #vagabond, #lacto-vegetarian, #free-spirited soul who enjoys #street food, #sci-fi, #fantasy, #thrillers, #books, #movies, #security, #GNU/Linux, #travel Age=44 Country=India Pronouns=he/him
terryenglish@librem.oneExtra Virgin Chad Oil
terryenglish@librem.one  [follow]
Waiting for the GNU world order to begin.
r000t@ligma.pro  [follow]
If you want "a say" in the software I write, maybe try tagging me instead of subtooting? I shitpost, and I protect Ekko. This is my purpose. Serious Account=@r000t h=h h=h h=h
bonber@mastodon.socialBonber Rash
bonber@mastodon.social  [follow]
SysAdmin, Software developer and GNU-Linux ♥XMPP: bonber@xmpp.elbinario.net
tonton_mollo@mamot.frTonton Mollo ☭ 🟥 ⬛️
tonton_mollo@mamot.fr  [follow]
#BOFH #CGT #FFMC #CATS #DOG #GUZZI #GNU 🥬🐱🐦🐕🍺🏍️ Dans la cohorte qui ne lâche rien. Dans un régime où M*cron viole 19x notre Constitution, arrache nos mains et crève nos yeux!Arrivé ici après un séjour sur https://mastodon.social/@_m0ll0 et sur https://twitter.com/Tonton_MolloNé sous 322ppm de CO2, aujourd'hui 415.FUYEZ LA POLICE !
gatooscuro@mastodon.la  [follow]
**Una pasión sin fin; todo tiene una razón de ser** Anotación que va con mi vida.>Mi historia en el Fediverso se resume en haber pasado por el exodo de GNU Social, migrar a Mastodon (Quey.org precisamente donde hago parte del Staff) y quedarme, a tal nivel de eliminar mi presencia en el blog gatooscuro7.wordpress.com qué en su momento fue lo que le dedique mis letras a tiempo completo durante años (actualmente en) = https://write.privacytools.io/gatooscuro/-gatooscuro@protonmail.com S.O=Mint GNU/Linux Sex=Soyboy Vivo en=La depresión Todo tiene una=Razón de ser
agektmr@toot.cafeEiji Kitamura
agektmr@toot.cafe  [follow]
Toots in English.@agektmr@twitter.com Twitter@agektmr Gnu Social@agektmr in Japanese
nybill@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
GNU/Linux enthusiast. Makes sparks with electronics. Fixes, builds, and plays fretted instruments. #nobot
chupacabra@sunbeam.city🌞 Chupacabra 🌞
chupacabra@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Actually a set of GNU corelibs, shell and utilities, run by a chupacabra.Posadist on main.Annoying vegan and ultrarunning masochist.Free Software, Anarchism and Gardening. Languages=EN; FR; ES; EO Pronouns=They/Iel/Comrade Class=Ranger Alignment=Chaotic Neutral
hyde@lazybear.socialhyde ~
hyde@lazybear.social  [follow]
🐧 GNU Linux geek since '96🔐 private life evangelist🧔🏽 father And I used to have this 💾 and that 📼 📷=http://lazybear.pics/hyde 🖋=https://lazybear.io/hyde.stevenson/ Speaks=🇷🇸 🇬🇧 🇫🇷
gnulinuxvalencia@floss.socialGNU/Linux Valencia
gnulinuxvalencia@floss.social  [follow]
El objeto de este grupo es la difusión de GNU/Linux. Web:=https://gnulinuxvalencia.org Diaspora:=https://diasp.org/public/gnulinuxvalencia Matrix:=https://riot.im/app/#/room/#gnulinuxvalencia:matrix.org RSS:=https://gnulinuxvalencia.org/feed
sina@cutie.spaceMx. Sina
sina@cutie.space  [follow]
---Age: Early 30sChat: Just ask!Website: https://sinacutie.streamLanguages: English, FinnishPronouns: She/her, They/them...Programming, game dev, server admin, Mixer streamer.I am a lewd person. If you're younger than the age of adulthood (18 in many places) and you follow me, you will be blocked.Admin of Cutie Space~GNU Natalie Nguyen
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GNU is comingParodie & humour
louis@pleroma.gnusocial.club∞ 𝕷𝖔𝖚𝖎𝖘 𝕿𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖕𝖊𝖓𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖟
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Helping people get connected in Fediverse GNU Social Network, #Pleroma, Mastodon installations, PostgreSQL, #Emacs, Emacs #Lisp, SchemeGNU Support website https://gnu.support and supporter of GNU Operating Systems https://www.gnu.org -- read for your education.To install your own instance contact me for support.I am asking those people who are pretending to represent all of theGNU project and who are defaming and slandering Dr. Richard Stallmanto step down and resign, to do their software hacking somewhere else,as they do not deserve funding that RMS is giving them. LudovicCourtès, Ricardo Wurmus, Matt Lee, Andreas Enge, Samuel Thibault,Carlos O'Donell, Andy Wingo, Jordi Gutiérrez Hermoso, Mark Wielaard,Ian Lance Taylor, Werner Koch, Daiki Ueno, Christopher Lemmer Webber,Jan Nieuwenhuizen, John Wiegley, Tom Tromey, Jeff Law, Han-WenNienhuys, Joshua Gay, Ian Jackson, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice, AndrejShadura, Zack Weinberg, John W. Eaton, please RESIGN and step downfrom GNU projects, disassociate yourself or find another house foryour excessive and uncontrollable fear of the free speech. Do notspread fear, uncertainty and doubt on GNU.ORG project pages.Facts:https://sterling-archermedes.github.io/https://geoff.greer.fm/2019/09/30/in-defense-of-richard-stallman/https://gnu.support/richard-stallman/Ludovic-Court%C3%A8s-Guix-is-accusing-Stallman-of-Thoughtcrime-on-his-own-domain-GNU-org.htmlhttps://fsforce.noblogs.org/https://backtotheaugust.org/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UbQ1kc1vQU or https://watchkin.com/y/7UbQ1kc1vQUhttps://www.change.org/p/the-gnu-project-action-proposal-to-joint-statement-on-the-gnu-project-485e8f9a-1505-40c0-89b4-582a4f0e8288Response on Medium:https://medium.com/@tossing.bark/remove-stallman-you-say-and-everyone-else-horrible-in-tech-fd4b1446b0a1See:My Thoughts on the Richard Stallman "Scandal" by Jacobhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGF17TbbBcEHow does Dr. Richard Stallman lead GNU Project?Dr. Richard Stallman contacts opinion leaders and forwards free software:https://www.zdnet.com/article/free-software-advocate-richard-stallman-spoke-at-microsoft-research-this-week/He teaches the world on free software:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCh8EcBrptDr. Richard Stallman provides policies and planning for GNU project, and he has done so successfuly for many years.And Minsky is not guilty, finally accusing dead person is disgraceful:https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/339725/
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Hi, I'm Mikoto. I am an anime girl from a certain scientific anime.:emacs: :haskell: :lisp: :gnu:Alts: @mikoto@enigmatic.observer:xmpp: Mikoto@whiteout.linkomeme: 21520C24 E7B9E779 EEB636A4 028C37A4 8CD74D34 FA1D2C8A 9E70C6D8 05BED572Do not trust any other key.Opinions are those of your employer.This user is a cat :blobcat:
cbowdon@mastodon.socialChris Bowdon 🇬🇧🇪🇺
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Yet another software engineer filling up the Internet with drivel. Toots about Clojure, Lisps, Python, JS, GNU/Linux, FOSS, Privacy, Emacs, DevOps, etc. 
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Doctorante en anthropologie, féministe, intéressée par le libre et l'éthique des pratiques numériques. Nouvellement sous Gnu/Linux et sur le chemin de l'auto-hébergement grâce à #Yunohost depuis début 2019. Choriste dans mon temps libre. J'aime les brocolis. 🥦Et Linux aussi ❤💻 XMPP=celo@pasta.brocolis.party Matrix=@celo:chat.brocolis.party Pixelfed=@celo Pronoms=Elle - She - Brocoli
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~- Masto-FE Profile Card -~Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/tn5421Email - tn5421@protonmail.comDiscord - tn5421#0271XMPP - tn5421@z.nom.pl~- End Masto-FE Profile Card -~Dead Account: @tn5421@niu.moeI'm an amateur gamer who is a jack of all trades in his spare time. I also have an obsession with electro-industrial music.My VNDB user list: https://vndb.org/u157686/listMy interests are: #gaming #fanfiction #manga#industrial #politics #personal#awoocrew #music #linux#opensource #gnu #libreFree as in freedom, not free as in beer.#nobot
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Usuario de GNU (http://gnu.org) no 100% libre. Blog:=https://gnusuario.blogspot.com Sistema Operativo:=Ubuntu GNU/Linux.
Website, FAQ, GitHub
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Open Source multiple accounts Android client for multiple Social networks, includingMastodon, Twitter, ActivityPub (Client to Server), GNU social, Pump.io.From Russia with love :-)
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all the fuckin smolpatreon: https://patreon.com/ashkittenin snugs with: @turbodragon, @er1n, @catoutofbedif i reply with keysmash i have no free hands, but agreed frenfollow requests ok, but let me know who you are and why you want to follow me#nobot🕯️ GNU Natalie Nguyen
rboulle@mastodon.tetaneutral.netRémi Boulle
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Vice-president de @aprilorg et LinuxÉdu, prof de maths #iutblagnac #gnu, #arduino #python #FilmsNotDead #savepackfilm #VéloEnVille GPG: 0F4B0B06 cpte perso.
theouterlinux@mastodon.socialTheOuterLinux ✅
Visit my website, Download PsychOS, Watch some videos, And buy a shirt
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Developer of the #GNU / #Linux distribution "PsychOS" and other Linux or #retro related projects. Please visit https://theouterlinux.gitlab.io #nobot #FOSS
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Emacs is the planet's most extensible, self-documenting and advanced text editing operating system.Experience the wonders of 1970's technology--today! Latest bits=https://savannah.gnu.org/git/?group=emacs Pkg repos=https://melpa.org/#/
intux@cybt.de:intux: intux
Webseite, Community
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Begeisterter Linux-User und Freund von Free and Open Source Software. #debian #linux #freiesoftware #opensource #mastoadmin #bananen OS=Debian GNU/Linux XMPP=intux[at]intux[dot]de
danielemereb@masto.donte.com.brLírio, demônia do harém
Apoia-se, Liberapay
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[traduzindo o fediverso inteiro porque sim]Ciência da Computação - UFPelPelotas / RS - Brasil#Anarquismo #Socialismo #Comunismo #Decolonialidade #AmericaLatina #Brasil #Politica #FLOSS #Series #Anime #GNU #Linux
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Lernender | Interessiert an #Dezentralisierung/ #Selfhosting, #Freifunk, #OpenStreetMap, #FLOSS, #crypto & $cryptoconstructive criticism is explicitly desired Riot.im:=https://matrix.to/#/@menschzwonull:matrix.org GNU/Linux:=Debian & Mint Shell:=Bash Software:=Free, Libre and OpenSource
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✊ refuse. reduce. reuse. repair. recycle. rethink. rot.:loading: toots are organic and fair-trade. might contain traces of🌱 sustainability, low-tech and degrowth.:antifa: anti-fascism, anti-racism and feminism.🐧 gnu/linux and FLOSS fandom. 🛡 privacy and civil liberties.🌧 self-hosting and redecentralisation.⌨️ obsessive keyboard usage.🤘 stoner/psychedelic rock.🔧 bike fixing.☮️ ✊🏾 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇳 🇪🇺 *️⃣ also on diaspora*=http://dia.so/metaphil
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gone, probably for good, sorry<3🕯 GNU Natalie Nguyen 🕯
kity@kity.wtfif the list is not sorted, destroy the fascists
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(destroying the fascists is nonoptional, and the list is *not* sorted)let's all fuck up real bad today <3plural trans queer amorphous heckersavi created w http://mebuika.kenkenpa.net/ikamaker.html:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen :red_candle: pronunciation=/æʃ/ pronouns=it/its orientation=landscape fedi birthday=2016-11-26 ​= we're=here we're=queer we=shit fuck=up
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#GNU #arch #OpenBSD #Freebsd #FLOSS #i3 #RMS fan #Free as in freedom #philosophy #wannabe ada programmer #Manager #Aviation #Helicopters blog=srinicame.blogspot.in
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27, Austria, poly queer cis white girl, she/her, Ravenclaw, ADHD/anxiety/diabetes, computer science student, cat momma.💜 @punsandpotions and @morae are my wonderful amazing girlfriends. 💜GNU Natalie Nguyen
samuel_thibault@toot.aquilenet.frSamuel Thibault
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logiciel libre, accessibilité, FFDN, trombone, Debian, batterie, GNU/Hurd, euphonium, pick one!
Twitter, GNU social
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mstdn.jp のモデレーターやってました。(2018年8月〜9月頃) もふけもの。=https://mofu.kemo.no/@daibaka ちびけもの。=https://chibi.kemo.no/@daibaka
Site, Premier Samedi
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Groupe d’Utilisateurs de GNU/Linux et de Logiciels Libres Francilien#SCL #APL #PSLFait ronronner le CHATONS Bastet Salon IRC freenode=#parinux
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computer scientist | free software activist | GNU maintainer & webmasterhttps://bndl.org | https://www.fsf.org | https://www.gnu.org:emacs: diehard | @emacsconf chief organizeravi by @davidrevoy@framapiaf.org under CC BY 4.0[ https://www.davidrevoy.com/article763/gnuess ]#nobot
demoakracia@pleroma.libretux.comMoribundo Insurgente
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Siempre la oveja negra, siempre a contracorriente, inconformista, rebelde.Me gusta todo lo que lleve GNU.#nobot #nobots
mase@setho.orgThomas Maaß
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Technique enthusiastDebian Gnu / LinuxFree SoftwarePodcast ListeningRetrogamingVirtual PinballMinetestSaarlandAGAINST NAZIS! XMPP=mase@setho.org Matrix=@mase:matrix.setho.org
juanbellas@mstdn.socialJuan Bellas
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Si está en mis manos, está en las tuyas.Me apasiona la naturaleza, Gnu/Linux, la cocina, curiosidades de la historia, un buen café con Mafalda y salir a hacer deporte.https://recetasbellas.com
davidpgil@a.weirder.earthDavid Philipe Gil
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#GameDev #Godot #GrafX2 #MilkyTracker #GNU
danialbehzadi@persadon.comدانیال بهزادی
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یاروی اوبونتو ✍️=https://gnu.rocks 🎵=https://libre.fm/user/danialbehzadi 📚=https://www.goodreads.com/danialbehzadi 🔑=https://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?fingerprint=on&op=index&search=0xC14A8892557C444150E20D7EB6968EFBC0492FC6
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Professional Dreamer, a life written in a minor key. Romanticises misty northern forests. X-Clacks-Overhead=GNU Terry Pratchett
GNU Social, Pixelfed, Peertube
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“A pesar de ser insultantemente joven, llevo más de veinte años navegando por los mares de Internet” mastodont.cat=https://mastodont.cat/@JaviflamesCAT
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Alt of @roka, assume it&#39;s uninhabited unless GNU/Smug is down.