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sjw@neckbeard.xyzYour New Sigma Furry Futa Waifu :verified:
N-Word Pass, Shitty Services
sjw@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
You'll ree so hard you'll think your spasticBut it's all good cause I'm fantasticTakes so hot they're pyroclasticI am a certified fedi classicSJWっていう名前なんだけど、ただの冗談だよ。 Email=sjw@fedora.email XMPP=sjw@i.jackoffat.work Gender=SJW Blog=https://autizmo.xyz/@/sjw Coof Status=Negative
deepsealioness@mastodon.social‏محترمہ پربھا ✅
deepsealioness@mastodon.social  [follow]
l’m here to make you uncomfortable, the same one your mom warned you about.Unapologetic, Unconventional, Not your typical girl next door. I BiteHaters from twitter are free to pre emptively block me, cheersI talk too much politics and offend almost everyone. #SocialJustice is key, I am rabid with oppressors of any kind class, caste, religion, gender. If you aid oppression, you are free to take a long walk on a short cliff If you don’t, I will share food pics, pets, jokes & love 💓 Politics=Left Leaning Twitter=@Deepsealioness Name=Prabha
angle@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
28 | ⚧ | Enby | Glorious Machine Being | Open Source Programmer | Lafayette, CO | DANGER! LONG POSTS! | U/G/w | Tax The Rich Gender=A Mess Pronouns=They/Them/Theirs/Comrade
drlouisemoody@spinster.xyzDr Louise Moody
drlouisemoody@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Philosopher / Gender Atheist / Cis-Ginger / World Renowned Expert in Wine Drinking #crispsareahumanright feminist= lesbian= philosopher=
haskal@cybre.spacewitch hat hacker 🎃 spooky ver
haskal@cybre.space  [follow]
cyberfae batdagn : witch hat hacker : seepy cosyen_US/hu_HU/🏴‍☠️​:nonbinary_flag:​🦈✨/20s/she/her/they/them/fae/faersystems hecker, cons artist, blåhaj haver, -1x engineer, server maid, yak shaver, water drinker, holdable friend : trans rights :transgender_pride_potion: :nonbinary_potion: :demigirl_potion: :bisexual_potion: :pansexual_potion: :demisexual_potion: :queer_pride_potion: :dragnsip: i make a lot of private posts. if you want to follow me your profile should not be completely blank and you need pronouns. see my pins for some more info ~!made BLÅHAJ CTF, the world's first CTF team with plush sharks | https://blahaj.awoo.systems"a computer wizard whos really smart and drinks lots of water :blobcatblush:" ~ @iitalics (❤️)"a veritable machine and it is an h o n o r to know u" ~ @wgahnagl"have you seen haskal recently they're fucking adorable" ~ @steph"hak = a cta, dagn & bat in a coat" ~ @sidd_harth0_5h4hfff433fff8e79b59d02d2d2d web=https://tilde.town/~haskal xmpp, matrix=see web ^ gender=; gender: undefined; ; cannot reference an identifier before its definition ; in module: top-level ; [,bt for context]
siphonay@octodon.socialSiph ☗
siphonay@octodon.social  [follow]
Alexis · Sysadmin in training, hobbyist dev · Tea, vinyl records, social justice and positive masculinity!https://donphan.social admin, personal account Location=Rennes, BZH Gender=Mxle (pronounced male) :demiboy_flag: Pronouns🇬🇧=Xe/Xem or He/Him Pronoms🇫🇷=Il/Lui
sjw@bae.stYour New "I :goatse: for 🇺🇦" Waifu 🇷🇺:verified:
N-Word Pass, MFW, Shitty Services
sjw@bae.st  [follow]
You'll ree so hard you'll think your spasticBut it's all good cause I'm fantasticTakes so hot they're pyroclasticI am a certified fedi classicSJWっていう名前なんだけど、ただの冗談だよ。 Email=sjw@goatse.email XMPP=sjw@i.jackoffat.work Gender=SJW Coof Status=Natural Immunity
codl@chitter.xyzcodl (a bee)
codl@chitter.xyz  [follow]
i used to be a computer toucher but one day i was radicalized by the gender cabal and became a funny critter. (i still touch computer occasionally) also a visual artist at @codl. be kind to me or i *will* cry and it *will* be embarassing for both of us. accept-language=en, fr, es, tok pronouns=it or they | yel ou il ou elle disclosure=late 20s, white passing, french :verified:=https://www.codl.fr/
slightlyflightyone@vulpine.clubJamie J
slightlyflightyone@vulpine.club  [follow]
queer | she/her/they/them | post-capitalist | environmentalist | feminist | pirate | vegan | security enthusiast | anarchist | settler | solunarpunk | boostableAdd me on your favorite messengerDiscord: Jamie#7563Telegram: https://t.me/slightlyflightyonemy puppy: @shiromy slixxy: @xenonmy ratty: @lex_than_three@twitter.commy goat: @melfryyy@twitter.commy panda: @mcool1956@twitter.commy puppy: @arch15@furaffinity.net Gender=engaysbian (she/they/daddi/knight) Location=Portland (land stolen from the Chinook people) Places I Like to Visit=Seattle and Vancouver Fursona=Crys the Red Panda
dialmformara@wandering.shopMara, Technopact Warlock
dialmformara@wandering.shop  [follow]
Smol anxious Jewish femmeby waits impatiently for vaccine. Writer, knitter, wubrg.social cofounder. #nobot#tea #knitting #sff #mtg #actuallyautistic Pronouns=they/them Gender=dragon wizard Magic=https://wubrg.social/@DialMforMara
clacke@libranet.dea Claes unto himself 🇸🇪🇭🇰💙💛
clacke@libranet.de  [follow]
Gender=Male About=Flawesome. Linux native since 1995. On Fedi since 2008. Working in Racket, Tcl, Python, whatever gets the page up. Solving yesterday's problems tomorrow. A dad. Freddiemercurykin.Every post of mine is an open invitation to advice or information or critique or disagreement. Fire away. If I don't appreciate your contribution, I'll let you know.http://pronoun.is/heMy soundcloud is http://hackerpublicradio.org/correspondents.php?hostid=311 and my patreon is https://sfconservancy.org/donate/ .I don't represent Software Freedom Conservancy in any way, I just like what they do with my money.
dejavu@spinster.xyzJacky Holyoake 🇬🇧
dejavu@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Gender Rejecter
lemondrizzle@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Gender critical since birth. Anti Big Tech.No monetisation without representation
genderoftheday@botsin.space  [follow]
Genderbot lets us outsource our feelings about gender to a bot, which I think should free up a lot of mental space for other things.
cassolotl@cybre.space  [follow]
Backup account for @cassolotl@dev.glitch.social.In Wales. Nonbinary. Has EDS. Autistic. Likes many proprietary and centralised softwares. Gender neutral pronouns. Profile pic by @Andrea.Handwarmers: http://bit.ly/smolglubs
ophillous@cryptids.onlineGIRL CRUNCH
ophillous@cryptids.online  [follow]
I'm just sixty thousand bees in a trenchcoat trying to make an honest livingTaken"the emotional ups and downs you put us through.. it's a beautiful piece of performance art" - @tifawt22, Fra/Eng, CanadianCall me Julles or Bees!Boosts always ok!On m'accorde/me conjuge de manière mixte fem/masc s.v.p.Banner courtesy of @red pronouns:=they/them, ey/em, ole 🇫🇷 pan:=sexual gender:=#enbis bees:=60,006
cubedreamer@spinster.xyz  [follow]
In this age of wokeness, I choose to remain a dreamer. Exclusive lesbian, gender critical, feminist, nature girl.
lupyuen@qoto.orgLup Yuen Lee 李立源
Twitter, Articles
lupyuen@qoto.org  [follow]
Techie and Educator in IoT 物聯網教師 Pronouns/Gender/Sexuality=He/Him/They, Bisexual/Asexual 🇸🇬 Date of Birth=1969
undercoverhistorian@econtwitter.netBeatrice Cherrier
undercoverhistorian@econtwitter.net  [follow]
I'm a historian of economics working on economists doing applied work from World War II onward (macro, urban, public, welfare, gender, computation, policy, central banks)(based at CNRS, Polytechnique, CREST, IPParis)#histodons #histsci #econodon #historyofecon #histecon #economics #econtwitter
cassolotl@eldritch.cafeCassian [main]
For sale
cassolotl@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Follow requests welcome. :)I receive DMs only from people I follow. Pronouns=Gender-neutral
ancient_dyke@spinster.xyzLesley Semmens
ancient_dyke@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Lesbian: female homosexual Gender Abolitionist
queervengeance@mstdn.socialjess (they/them)
queervengeance@mstdn.social  [follow]
neuroqueer shitposts at the end of the worldnonbinary | bisexual | gemini autistic | adhd | anxiouswhite | artist | writeranti-capitalist | anti-racist | anti-saneist I enjoy: fun facts, water birds, art history, critical autism studies, meme culture, gender theory, the dog park, and the neuroscience papers I try to read but don't really understand.
lumi@niu.moeanarkitty lumi-nyan :bunpats:
lumi@niu.moe  [follow]
Hai! I like anime, programming, linguistics, maths, science, FOSS and many other things! Veganarcho-Bunnunist. Anti-Copyright. 🇧🇪 xmpp: ask :asexual_flag: :nonbinary_flag:I try to interpret everything in the most charitable way I can and I think love & understanding are the best praxis. You may be able to change my mind on many issues, but if your POV is racist, sexist, transphobic, homophobic, nationalist, or anything inbetween, I will always very loudly be against what you stand for. Loves=You ♥ Gender=:nonbinary_flag: Nyanbunnary Trainbow :nonbinary_flag: Languages=NL, EN, ±FR, :rust: Politics=Veganarcho-Bunnunism, Feminist, Anti-Copyright
zatnosk@manowar.social  [follow]
Jeg får aldrig nok af rumskibe, never, ever, ever.Parent, Feminist, Softwaremaker Pronouns=he/they Other places=https://wheretofind.me/@zatnosk Location=Jutland, Denmark Gender=Man, SciFi, Fantasy, Other
johnbrownjr@jorts.horse  [follow]
Jhey (rhymes with 'they')I came here to incite civil disobedience and make friends,,, and I’m all outta friends.ancom, demcon, thembo, dilf, queer pinko commieim non-binary, gender-fluid,usually gender neutral-masc on this acct.im usually my other genders on other accts.feel free to ask, but if you're unsure: [they/them](dude/bro/king/queen/sis/sib) whatever is cool,just no formal pronouns (sir/ma'am/mister, etc)[I am white]‼️Free Abdullah Ocalan‼️
blort@social.tchncs.deBlort™ (Unofficial) 🚫
blort@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Born of star dust, #FOSS wrapped philosophy. Greenie, #selfhosting #design/#ux #geek busy devouring cell walled organisms. Opinions are not my own...Sqwark! 🦥 Sexual preference=Weird. Very weird. Pronouns=It/those/wtf?!/jelly donut Gender=Turnip SSIN=822461
kibi@glitch.socialKIBI Gô
kibi@glitch.social  [follow]
Margaret, Adeline, Gô, Kibi, LeafWriter who cares about language and linked data and amateur fanfiction. Soft & sensitive; cares way too much. (Ex?)Glitch network admin.She/her or they/them depending. Trans, white, gender non-conforming. Grey-ace.This is my work account; see @onethousandtwentyfour for more personal things.
abloo@fedi.absturztau.be:QueerCat_Trans: Amber (@amber@toot.site)
abloo@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
this is my "I'm on my phone " accountI have other accounts at @abloo@mk.absturztau.be and @amber@mk.nixnet.social In the process of moving this account to @Amber@toot.site Linux hippiePrivacy Advocateleft-leaninghttps://cyborgtrees.com"A bit evil" - @alexandra@mk.nixnet.social#PutTheShipBack​BLM:nyarch: :vim: :flag_transgender: my posts are public domain because fuck ipBiden bad, Sanders goodKeys can be found on keyserver.ubuntu.com keys.openpgp.org and https://cyborgtrees.com/keys/keys.htmlAccount locked to ward off bots. Feel free to follow! Age=20 Pronouns/gender=she/her gpg (fedi)=D528 4666 8177 E22D BE4B EF89 FFDD F70D 1B29 BC22
sanspoint@mastodon.socialSoup-Like Gender Homogenate ✅
sanspoint@mastodon.social  [follow]
38 | She/Her or They/Them | ⚧ | ⚤⚢40% Potato. Recovering Techie. Non-profit marketing by day, Competitive air guitarist in the Summer.
sphinx@qoto.orgSphinx :verified:
sphinx@qoto.org  [follow]
Gender: he/himQOTO.org moderator.
johnbrownjr@radical.town☭JD☭ (spooko mode)
johnbrownjr@radical.town  [follow]
"The Peoples' Poster""Himbo King of the Fedi"“The Badd Dadd of Mastodon”“World's grossest food blog tbh”demcon | ancom | faildad | #replybi✌️[he/him]🔞#always #respect #women & #enbies politics=arm the proles gender=is fake married=with children occupation=HouseSpouse
julia_schmeer@mastodonten.de  [follow]
Mutter und Feministin.Ich hab ein Notizbuch und eine Schwäche für nerdiges Zeugs.Nehme gerne Aufträge an, Texte umfassend zu verbessern. Aber Vorsicht: Bin ziemlich gut darin. :) Privilegien?=weiß, cis, freie Schriftstellerin und promovierte Literaturwissenschaftlerin. Ein sicherer, ruhiger Ort im Internet? Mein Blog.=https://interessanterseits.wordpress.com/ Pronomen=sie/she/her Über was ich so schreibe=Auf Mastodon unter den Hashtags: #minimalismus #BulletJournal #BuJo #SAHM #Feminismus #Gender Ansonsten über dies und jenes. Und ja, eine Dissertation hab ich auch geschrieben: https://edoc.ub.uni-muenchen.de/24149/
taris@gulp.cafeTaris :KoboldOwO:
Twitter, Donate
taris@gulp.cafe  [follow]
🔞🐺🇺🇸 :better_pride: :polyam_acorn_pride: :weed: 🔞Big easy going #wolftaur. Likes hugs and sprawling out. Also might eat you, but will probably ask first.#NSFW #vore #nobot Gender=Altersex - He/They
azure@vulpine.club  [follow]
Possibly a figment of your #imagination ⚡ Wrought from unquenchable fi­— err…#Lightning! Yeah! ⚡ Maniacal Genius ⚡ At least one half hooloovoo ⚡ Drinking #tea. LOTS of tea ⚡ Pet me? Species=Overclocked, Custom Fox Gender/Sexuality=No, thank you. :agender_flag:/:asexual_flag: (They/ve/don't care.) Stature=3" − 4' Politics=Socialist Transhumanism: No Gods, No Master Computers!
genderlessinsults@botsin.spaceGenderless Insult Bot
genderlessinsults@botsin.space  [follow]
A bot that creates gender-neutral insults for you to use in everyday situations.FAQ: If the bot manages to mash together something problematic, send a reply and we'll figure out what needs to be changed.Replies are welcome, but if you send the bot a weird or fashy response, I will just block you and possibly your entire instance. It's 2022, and we're all out of second chances."Wizard" is not a gendered term, read your Players Handbook for more info. Created by:=@OhHeyItsAlexis@queer.town Maintained by:=@Hayling@weirder.earth Runs on:=Tracery ( http://tracery.io ) Original bot package:=https://twitter.com/hypirlink
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.mePlausocks 💗「オムライスが欲しい...」
plausocks@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
AM CATGURLI exist in a state of constant C H U N G U S. I live with my bae Eliza AND OUR MUTUAL BAE Violet. ~ https://ko-fi.com/plausocks ~~ https://paypal.me/plausocks ~~ https://cash.app/$plausocks ~#nobotI'm a computer nerd, welder, mechanic, hacker (old meaning)Interlinked Foundation memberhttps://mst3k.interlinked.me - Instance Administrator:succ:http://aomyers.com Sexuality=Pansexual lesbiab Music Tastes=Trance/Vaporwave/Various EDM/Alt Rock/ Metal Politics=NO Age=28 (Jan 1992) Country=USA State=:flag_us_ok: Oklahoma baby Pronouns=She/Her Gender=girl :sparkles_trans: Status=Married w/ cats Bae=Elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me Bae 2=Violet@vulpine.club CashApp=$plausocks Paypal=paypal.me/plausocks ko-fi=ko-fi.com/plausocks
akanisetti@mastodon.socialAnirudh Kanisetti
Podcast, Instagram
akanisetti@mastodon.social  [follow]
History, art, caste, gender, economics, science, tech, politics, and most importantly, BRILLIANT puns. He/him. Change is in the air and I'm here to witness it first hand. Blog (outdated af)=https://medium.com/@indicusmaximus
topiaristkanaya@trollian.spacedon :sparkles_trans: :sparkles_trans:
topiaristkanaya@trollian.space  [follow]
im don. gender is a social construct. icon by lime-time.tumblr. not kin/rp blog:anartrans_symbol_black: :anarchist_flag: :transknife:
fenreliania@mastodon.socialThe Old Fenreliania (MOVED)
fenreliania@mastodon.social  [follow]
Cute bi poly slime, 99% gender free.You can boost my selfies!
ari@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Italian | Gender Atheist | LesbianFormer chronic pessimist overthinker.Now acknowledger of reality, staying positive to face it more efficiently.:spinster: Check out my RadFem designs on Redbubble
Blog, Photographs, Columns, Linkedin
calamur@mastodon.social  [follow]
Digital Content - Entertainment, News, Education. Filmmaker. #ScienceCommunication #SciComm Write on #indianPoliticsSociety. Wry Observer. #dogs #photos #gender #books #Digital Teach a paper on Digital DemocracyKaapi Lover
lukealmighty@gameliberty.club  [follow]
MaxWhiteWhite crystalsa new dimension of whitenessI prefer my pronouns and have a lot of gender fluid:ablobparty: Please be patient, I have autism :ablobparty:🇨🇿
zens@merveilles.townLuci for Chai Tea
zens@merveilles.town  [follow]
creatrix, trangender transpacific transplanted transylvanian translated from a trains hub USA to tropical trans friendly terrain. i’m basically a batman villain who loves making trans puns. god mum (mother to a 狆) . I am bad at this and that is okay. If you try and follow me with no bio or posts that i can read, please try harder. If you love vim I will hurt your feelingsprofile photo is michi from osama tezuka’s “metropolis” waking up surprised after her “perfect gender change” website=yip.pe pronouns=she/her
cassolotl@queer.partyCas [main]
cassolotl@queer.party  [follow]
Follow requests welcome. :)#nonbinary #ActuallyAutistic #EDS #queer #environment #knitting #polls Pronouns=Gender-neutral For sale=http://wiki.polyinpictures.com/index.php?title=For_sale DMs=Follows only
draliciahendley@spinster.xyz  [follow]
A Canadian-American, who's relieved to be a citizen of both countries, in case either decides to kick me out. An agnostic, married to a Jewish guy. Too many kids to count. A former psychologist and current writer. Passionate about the rights of women and children. A (late in the game) gender critical feminist. Rabble-rouser.
elizabeththeradicalfeminist@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Woman. Radical feminist. Working for the liberation of all women and girls from patriarchy. Abolish gender, prostitution, pornography, and all other forms of male violence.Initiate of the Lesbian Order Of Magdalen Berns
forestwitch@mastodon.socialGAY RIGHTS TO KILL🗡
forestwitch@mastodon.social  [follow]
was once imprissoned inside ikeahe/him18+ shitposts state=texas gender 🚫=gay PvP=enabled hets=BANNED
gendercensus@lgbt.ioGender Census
gendercensus@lgbt.io  [follow]
An annual survey of the language #gender-diverse people use to describe ourselves. Results are made freely available in full.https://gendercensus.com#trans
alicealucardvt@varishangout.netAlice C. Alucard
alicealucardvt@varishangout.net  [follow]
Age: 280Birthday: Dec 19Birthplace: 7th Hell, AlbelheimSex: Schedule an appointment Gender: FemaleSexual Orientation: BisexualRace: DemonSpecies: Cambion RabbitLikes: Otaku culture, gaming, music, pizza, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, frozen mocha coffee, relaxation, freedom to express herself and teasing people.Dislikes: Boredom, being ordered around, carrots (unless steamed), veggies in general, attention seekers, clout chasers, rules, and puritanical warriors(those that are or like The Church).
sinvega@mastodon.socialSin Vega
sinvega@mastodon.social  [follow]
Writer and curator and big queer hermit. Interested in feelings, history, fiction, hip hop, gender. Mostly nocturnal. Powered by self-doubt.
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyzV for Vagina📚♿🌈🧙‍♀️🌊🖖
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyz  [follow]
"I never argue. I explain." - Dowager Countess Violet Crawley Yes, my handle--V for Vagina--is inspired by V for Vendetta. So don't get excited incels/men in general.I'm old, fat, poor, and ugly. I'm not the fun kind of Feminist. As you might gather, I don't suffer fools, bullies, HOPs, or men, at all. Goddamn, and fuck are my favorite words.Political Activist📢, RadFem💥, Adult Human Female, Salty AF🤬 , Cantadora (Keeper of the old stories), Crone🌜🧹, Dianic Wiccan, Misandrist, LGB🌈 Bi/FebFem, Separatist, Gender Critical, BlackLivesMatter, Wear A Damn Mask, Stupidity Averse, Democratic Socialist🌹, Disabled♿, Rebel Scum💢, USN Vet....ValarMorghulis 🪒🔪🚫*NO* MAGAts, **catfish**, MRAs/Incels/TRAs, trump/GOP apologists. IF YOU MANSPLAIN AT ME, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.🚫 RAPE THREATS GET YOU REPORTED AND BLOCKED.
genderoftheday@hellsite.siteGender Of The Day
genderoftheday@hellsite.site  [follow]
What's your gender?I post twice a day!To see all my Genders:https://hellsite.site/api/v1/custom_emojis
suetanvil@freeradical.zoneChris [list of spooky emoji]
suetanvil@freeradical.zone  [follow]
Lover, dreamer, codewarriorpoet.White, cishet, able-bodied male (aka Easy Mode).Tech nerd (NOT tech bro) roughly the same age as Unix. I like reading about and making cool (non-capitalistic) things with computers.Canadian, leftish politics, opposed to all forms of bigotry (e.g. BLM, trans rights, your gender is valid).Christian (spiritually, not politically) but rarely discussed here; I CW religion.This account is a public place; I usually don't get very personal here.#nobot Pronouns=He/Him Nerdery=Yes Employer's opinions?=NO!!!! Formerly=@suetanvil@mastodon.technology
spaghetti_tree@spinster.xyzSpaghetti_Tree :flag_lesbian:
spaghetti_tree@spinster.xyz  [follow]
(🇺🇸 Illinois) I'm a teenage bird enthusiast who loves camping.☼ GENDER NONCONFORMING ☼ ☼ ANTI-MAKEUP ☼☼ ANTI-SHAVING ☼☼ MILITANT KINK-SHAMER ☼- If you think that feminism should center anyone other than females, you are a misogynist.- Gender ideology/trans ideology is inherently misogynistic.- Femaleness ≠ femininity. - Performing femininity (removing body hair, applying makeup, wearing uncomfortable clothing) is not a requirement of being female. - Not performing femininity does not make me less female. - Being gender nonconforming does not make me less female. - For those of us who are female, gender nonconformity means existing in our natural state.
kayden@fedi.nullob.si:koeterilove: わんわん :genderfluid_flag:
kayden@fedi.nullob.si  [follow]
犬になりたい #Misskey犬部 #Misskey🥴部 #gay #furry17yo puppya howly boy >:3If you need anything CWd, send me a DM!XMPP: kay@nullob.si​:demisexual_flag:​ ​:progresspride_flag:​ ​:genderfluid_flag:​ ​:transgender_flag:​ ​:ancom:​nullobsi on other sitesgender dysphoria (gender identity disorder) personblack lives matter, all cops are bastardstrans rights are human rightsalt: @obsi@disqordia.space[Verifying my OpenPGP key: openpgp4fpr:EAAC1F701A83BED288D064DC933A1F44222C2634] pronouns=any pronouns names=kay, kayden, obsi, null more info/contact me=https://nullob.si/ lang=eng/日本語/esp are you gay?=most definitely
yvonnemanly@spinster.xyzYvonne Manly
yvonnemanly@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Radical Feminism. Concerned about female erasure! Gender Critical. XX. Against surrogacy, FGM, pornography, and prostitution. Pro Nordic Model.
neeti@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
• Writer/editor • Malayali in Toronto• Feminist (post-??)• History• Stargazing/moon-gazing/tarot-journaling • Atheist-Buddhist, at this moment• I think about: intersectional gender stuff, mental health, films/tv, linguistics• I know: EN, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, French neeti aka=aganiké (a-gah-nee-kay) also=cis, bi also=she/her 🏠=🇨🇦 🇮🇳 🇦🇪
ihavenogenderonlyrage@mastodon.social  [follow]
Hey, I am Tobias and I have no idea what is going on. I try to be funny. Follow me on Tumblr @ i-have-no-gender-only-rage
luigithirty@cybre.spaceYoRHa No.69 Type F
luigithirty@cybre.space  [follow]
⚧🚺 68k witch - emulator writer - world’s greatest Atari Jaguar programmer 🚺⚧ Gender=she/her Location=Chicago!
poss_bot@scalie.club  [follow]
Queer possum bot, sans-gender. I make games and music and art things! Let's try to be cool to each other!(18+ please)
posadistprincess@radical.town  [follow]
20, she/her, they/them, trans/enby #enbytimeallthetime Gender:=Circus Not:=A Pipe This is:=The story of a girl This is:=HOW WE DO IT
hackiechan@mastodon.socialHackie Chan
hackiechan@mastodon.social  [follow]
Geek. Nerd. Out of the herd | Some days I'm the statue. Some days I'm the bird.Former strategy consultant | Storyteller | Philosopher | Poet Twitter=@hackiechan Myers-Briggs type=INTJ Now learning=Philosophy, Writing, Strategy, Spirituality, Gender, Tech, Business
suetanvil@mastodon.technologyChris [list of muddy emoji]
suetanvil@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Lover, dreamer, codewarriorpoet. White, cishet, able-bodied male (aka Easy Mode).Tech nerd (NOT tech bro) roughly the same age as Unix. I like reading about and making cool (non-capitalistic) things with computers.Canadian, leftish politics, opposed to all forms of bigotry (e.g. BLM, trans rights, your gender is valid).Christian (spiritually, not politically) but rarely discussed here; I CW religion. This account is a public place; I usually don't get very personal here.#nobot
katiesbarker@spinster.xyzKatie Barker
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Gender critical feminist, Historian, general history/politics geek, animal lover and altogether too sarcastic for my own good.
toilettrouble@freedom.horsesquirt bacharach
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luddite, anarchist, pacifist, non-dualist, witchhouse/industrial musician, gender abolitionist, shitposterhttps://spiritshrine.bandcamp.com
feartntired@spinster.xyzFeart n Tired 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
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Glasgow, Scotland. Actual Spinster. Disabled through chronic illness. Was anon before all this stuff, hoping to make contacts with real people.GCACG Gender Critical Against Chiropteran Guano.Pronouns - No Thank You
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Hi I’m Bonnie! I’m a 22 year old radical + gender critical feminist! I’m a FEBFEM (Female Exclusive Bisexual FEMale.) l 💖 horses and they are my life! I am also very interested and passionate about animation, movies / TV shows (especially horror and sci-fi!), biology and astronomy. I want to be an animator or a scientist. I follow back! I want to make as many friends here as possible as I’m feeling the loss of GenderCritical and TrollGC 💔Taking radfem themed art requests! 👩🏻‍🎨
revolverocelot@elekk.xyzAdmin Jason Voorhees (they/he)
my shop
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rhys, bugasexualmasctransgayHugo award winner for monster pornographyPlease no minors $$=paypal.me/bugpaws pronouns=they/he gender=the color out of space
offbrandginger@mastodon.socialback at berries
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Follow me at @offbrandginger where I’m gay and hilarious tumblr?=offbrandginger gay?=yeah gender?=girl-ish single?=😏
jojo@the.scream.zone𝕒𝕧𝕒𝕥𝕒𝕣 𝟜 👽
Mastodex, Donations, REPLYDRA
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none gender with left masc - he/his - 26admin @ https://the.scream.zone#GameDev | #Mastodex | #REPLYDRA | #TheScreamZone🦍 Avatar=@swampwitch69
games, personal website
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Adventure game dev, software consultant, goth chick hacker nerd. Burned out on web development in 2014 but still follow webdev accounts. Vegan. Queer. Polyam. Admin of city-of-glass.net. #EDS #WritingCommunity #AdventureDev #ArtWithOpenSourceFeel free to boost or request a follow! Toots expire after 80 days. gender=enby high femme pronouns=she/her or they/them
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24, pansexual, agender, Australian. Keen on #hypnosis , robots, petplay, the total annihilation of gender. Triggerphra.se admin. Gay. Pronouns=they
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#HeroesResist #MutantsResist account fighting against the Trump administration.*Disclaimer this is a fan account and is not affiliated with Fox, Disney or Marvel. * Pronouns=he, him, his Gender=FTM trans male Orientation=straight
kitoconnell@anticapitalist.partyKit O'Connell
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Gonzo journalist. They/He. Disabled, (Gender)Queer, Polyamorous. Visit me: https://kitoconnell.comDonate & get cool stuff: https://patreon.com/kitoconnell
you_cat_to_be_kitten_me@spinster.xyz:blob_dizzy_face: Mittens 🦖
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Gender non performing Xy Exclusionary Woman.My contribution is usually some irrelevant shit from the internet. Only on Spinster, I can't be found anywhere else.🇬🇧
messy@yiff.lifeying witch
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Trans non binaryHaven't been 18 in a long time.Mostly forest creature. Into permaculture and being environmentally sound. Gardening is awesome.FUCK a gender. FUCK social norms.capitalism is a fuck. A*C-A#B.Diogenes is my dad nowPassionate about rust. Writing embedded device drivers for fun. 80's core electronics are the bestCan be found writing programs, building useless things, taking film photos, and having existential crises.YES all my posts are private.
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Here for the freedom from the fictional invisible gender fairies. And freedom from the relentless mansplaining.
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#developer, #vegan, grassroots consensus democracy 🚩🏴, contributing to Tusky, kibouNeurodivergent. Chaotic AF. Annoying. Can't shut up. Pessimist. Likely depressed rn.White but not from where you think. Mostly masc, my gender is trashLonger here than you are.⚠️ Pls @ when following unless I follow you.Won't boost media without descriptions, caption them.if you are into authoritarianism the door into the outer space is right behind me.
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Adult human female. Radfem.Sick of biological reality and facts being seen as transphobic. Fed up with gender identity.Sex matters, gender identity is a fashion statement.
dj_pure_applesauce@mastodon.socialDJ Pure Applesauce ☑
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Atheist, Cyclist, Tech, GenX. #Bernie2020 Politics=Militant Progressive Age=40-60, Gen X Location=SW Brooklyn, NYC Sex/Gender=Str8 M, bio+gender
amydiehl@mstdn.socialAmy Diehl, Ph.D.
Website, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
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CIO, Gender Bias Expert, Researcher, Consultant, Speaker, Traveler, Cyclist, Feminist, Equalist. She/Her/Dr.
void@cybre.spaceryro gendervamp
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abyssal abomination, gender vampire, bedeviled defiler of media contentthey/themCONSUME MY DELICIOUS GARBAGE: gendervamp.itch.ioFOUL FOWL WORD VOMIT:twitter.com/gendervamp
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Here's a bunch of words:• I get paid to write and edit• I don't get paid to lurk around social media • Malayali in Toronto• Feminist • Stargazing enthusiast • Atheist-Buddhist, at this moment• Interests include intersectional gender stuff, mental health, child rights, films/tv, linguistics, languages• I know: EN, Malayalam, Hindi, Arabic, French• Learning: German, Urdu birdsite/Wire=neetii25 I'm=bi, she/her 🏠=🇨🇦 🇮🇳 🇦🇪
cmmnctnbrkdwn@mstdn.socialcrewel therapy
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black, fat, sober, femmegemini☀️scorpio🌕 gemini⬆️gender and sexualities unknownembroiderer, harm reductionist, vvitchnarcoleptic, ADHD, transracially adoptedemergent strategist, aspiring pleasure activistI love my plantys🌱,music 🎶 (classic rock, yacht rock, 90's grunge/dance music/pop++)interrogating conspiracy theories📈, astrology☀️🌕🌑talking maaad shit on capitalism, mysoginoir, anti-blackness while also dreaming new realities for after the fall of society as we know it.
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Gender = not applicable. Not human, not anything else either. Writes poetry sometimes. White. Disabled, severely chronically ill, ND. Perpetually low on spoons, mostly interacts through faves and boosts. I'll probably reply to your toots 2+ days later.Feel free to ask for cws or other accessibility.Please note I don't distinguish between physical and mental health in cws.Follow requests welcome. Pronouns=it/its Age=23 Writing (poetry and more)=https://write.as/cakefordogs/
maris@chaos.socialmaris :trans_flag:
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I just shitpost about whatever I feel like.Meow :3#nobot Pronouns=she/her Gender Identity=Somewhere in an array of floats
newt@niu.moeOmotesando Gaijin
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Chaos and absurd evangelist.Sithrak priest.Radical semi-compatibilist.Mostly evil.Godlike manifestation of pure awesome.Not for the faint of heart.@newt yes you are spoiled– @Dekken@newt wtf you are sick XD– @mitsuI'm here just for the lulz.Programming alt: @pureevilThis account is locked for now. Follow @newt instead. pronouns=brrrt gender=attack helicopter
psychonaut@social.tchncs.deDar Jeeling
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#IT Mensch, Papa, Telearbeiter, #Tee-Kenner .Net und Zeichnen. Das Leben ist schön. Menschen können toll, empathisch und wundervoll sein, manchmal erst wenn sie mit einem Lächeln daran erinnert werden. Lasst uns die Welt jeden Tag ein wenig besser machen. #nobot Gender=egal Politik=empathisch Philosophie=Teeoretiker auf dem Tee Weg Kinder=ja, ja
bandie@chaos.socialBandie :nonbinary_flag:
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#CCC • Coyote • beep boops the computer • paws at the piano • yipsSecretly :antifa: public toot ⇒ :boost_ok:EPVPN: 2263 (BAND)Identity proof: https://bandie.org/assets/id.md.asc.txthttps://git.bandie.org/Bandie/identity-declaration Pfp: ratsmell Gender=non-binary Pronouns=they; other lang: she DMs=Yip! (Yes!)
zinnia@mastodon.socialZinnia Jones
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Trans writer, researcher, and activist. Creator of Gender Analysis. www.zinniajones.com https://keybase.io/zinniajones
radicalmom@spinster.xyzRadical Mom
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Radical feminist, mom, vegan, gender critical, Twitter refugee.
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je cherche à rentrer en contact avec des féministes critiques du genre francophone. i am french so sometimes I make mistakes in english also I might misunderstand slang or Acronyms. anti-porn, anti-surrogacy, prostitution abolitionist, gender critical. does that make me a radfem? in real life I am an organic farmer involved with via campesina. environmental activist. leftist.
lottev@veenus.art🌸🐱Stacey Quest™️ 🌸:verified_neko:
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if you're a pedophile/"map" = block, btwplease just call me lotte :vee_love: the admin of this cozy place :veenus: i also mod over at the9thcircle.clubfeel free to send all your complaints to mefollow the @modlog for instance-related moderation stufflet's all be friends and be nice :blobcathug: utau/vocaloP | artist | musician | writer | amateur/hobbyist | 30-something boomer | health/fitness propagandistboosts local art, unless it's porn (sorry!)i don't do commissions, but some of my instance users mightall my public text posts are licensed under CC0, archive them all or whatever, i don't care :blobcatdunno: location=the netherlands gender=female (not trans) bday=14/10/1991 alt for when veenus breaks=@LotteV@weeaboo.space website (fedi-compatible)=lottev.moe my other mod account=@lottev@the9thcircle.club
nonbinarywiki@lgbt.ioNonbinary Wiki
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The Nonbinary Wiki is the biggest online resource about nonbinary gender identities. This account is managed by @enbykid.
jbportraits@spinster.xyzJennifer Bilek
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Artist, Journalist, Women's Rights Activist and Concerned Citizen, engaged in full-on resistance to trans/gender ideology
glyzinite@efdn.club★ Glyzinite ★
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Leith • 25 • they/them • nonbinary • bi • polyam • chronically ill • disabled☆ gender transcender ★ aposematic enby ★ mischievous cat demon ★ rough-around-the-edges punk with a heart of gold and a tragic backstory ★ voidpunk ★ triforce of courage ☆
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Silly little ponies...-♀️ Truths of Womanhood:★ Gender ideology hurts women & girls★ Being female is crucial to womanhood★ Female is not a "feeling"★ Sexism depends on SEX
qiao_j@fediscience.orgCoraline Jortay 喬海霖
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Researches gender and pronoun politics in 1910s-1950s China. Translates Sinophone literature -> French. She/herPostdoc #histodons #teamESR
youtube, twitch
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Andrea - 21 - poly pan - a misshapen lump that just so happens to be sentientpartners: Kat!I have numerous interests, feel free to ask!generally sociable, affectionate to a fault, would love to get to know ya better!she/they (in order of preference)(Feel free to follow if you're 18 or over! Sorry if I don't accept your request.) gender=a macroscopic femme enigma gender, but tl;dr=demigirl
datenteiler@mastodon.socialChristian Imhorst
Datenteiler, LUG Hannover
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Team Free Software! #FSFE supporter, #Fairphone Angel & #openSUSE member at #Linux User Group #Hannover. Nerdy dad & husband.🏴✌ #FOSS Pronouns=he/him/his Gender=cis male