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vegan_chef_roger@hostux.socialRadical Roots
vegan_chef_roger@hostux.social  [follow]
I am a traveling #vegan chef looking for exciting opportunities to create innovative #plant and #fungi based foods. #mycology #gastronomy #activism
jim_easterbrook@mastodon.technologyJim Easterbrook
Github, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook
jim_easterbrook@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Retired research engineer. Hobbies include astronomy, gastronomy, software, cycling, singing. I no longer work for the BBC and still don't speak for them.
kikojc@mastodon.onlineKiko ✅
kikojc@mastodon.online  [follow]
Gastronomy student. [he/him]Advocate for the awareness and destigmatization of mental illnesses. I dislike holier-than-thou attitudes, but other than that, I'm a pretty open person.Will listen to you if you need to talk.
batery99@social.targaryen.house  [follow]
Hello I am from İstanbul and I am interested in art, gastronomy and science
marco_luciaa@diasp.orgMarco Lucia
marco_luciaa@diasp.org  [follow]
(I) Vivo a Berlino e sono un OS e assitente sociale per persone con forme di disabilità. Attualmente sono impegnato in un progetto di consulenza in ambito sanitario per immigrati italiani a Berlino. Sono un appassionato di politica, economia e saggistica. Mi diletto con la statistica e i numeri. In passato ho lavorato nella gastronomia, soprattutto in gelateria ++ (EN) I live in Berlin and I work as a PCA (Personal Care Assistant). At the moment I deal with counselling for italians expaths, whom need to figure out solutions for different kind of problems and issues with the german Healthcare system. I'm way into politics, economy and essays. I dabble in statistics. I was used to work in gastronomy, most for icecream shops ++ (D) Ich wohne gerade in Berlin und bin beruflich Sozial Assistent für Behinderten Menschen. Zurzeit bin ich ich beschäftigt im Rahmen der gesundheitliche Beratung für italienischen Migranten in Berlin.
phlegmaticvolk@mas.to  [follow]
Open-minded thinker from Central Europe.Likes gastronomy, journalism, linux and arts - among many other things. 🙂