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stux@mstdn.social  [follow]
From the Netherlands 🇳🇱Social media needs to be fun, safe and secure again. Our team and I are working hard to keep that possible here for you♥️Don’t forget: questions or any other chitchat are always welcome, we are on a social platform after all!Read more about us and what we do: https://hub.mstdn.socialI love you all, purrr...☮️ In loving memory of Patrick♥️http://jhenrystuhr.tributes.com/obituary/show/Patrick-Lee-Archibald-108506367a🕯️for Lorenz, Sascha & Maxim🖤 Stuxhost :stuxhost:=https://stuxhost.com Patreon :patreon:=https://patreon.com/mstdn Pixelfed :pixelfed:=https://pixey.org/stux Ko-Fi :kofi:=https://ko-fi.com/mstdn
wtf@wtf.social  [follow]
:over18: Are you looking for a safe, secure and sexy social media platform where you can share all your kinks? :lewd2: Find people who share the same sexy preferences on an ad-free platform without the all the fuzz but with the benefits of perfect privacy! No bots, no spam, no ads only real sexy people! 💋#NSFW #wtf #adult #sexy #social #media #platform #photos #videos #perfect #nobot #english #safety #security #fun Bitcoin=1JxHwsKjrbia6YxhH2nmPaqacAf8BtJvk7 Ether=0xE94f639a6E67EDDC33713942df6bED9566Ff27a7 Stellar=GAMKD4P245U42EGQA6RBX2UNPJ25A5KFRSPLASCSDAT7HMFIIRJMP52E Tether=0xE94f639a6E67EDDC33713942df6bED9566Ff27a7
janboehm@mastodon.socialJan Böhmermann 🤨
janboehm@mastodon.social  [follow]
🇪🇺 / from the motherland of fun and laughter / ZDF Magazin Royale 🦠/ fest & flauschig bei Spotify / hotline +49 30 959997666 / ❤️✊😉
janboehm@edi.socialJan Böhmermann 🤨
janboehm@edi.social  [follow]
🇪🇺 / from the motherland of fun and laughter / ZDF Magazin Royale 🦠/ fest & flauschig bei Spotify / hotline +49 30 959997666 / ❤️✊😉
surasanji@qoto.org  [follow]
Account has been Depreciated. Thanks for all the fun, QOTO!
fun@witches.live  [follow]
Trans | lesbian | 28 | Marxist-Leninist | poly | Autistic | she/herInto theater, robots, horror, anime, tabletop RPGs, model kits, more. HRT since 12/12/2019. Avatar by Bunchata and StarPyrate
storm@me.ns.ci  [follow]
主域名:me.ns.ci (美西线路)备用域名:mastodon.fun (HK线路)各项服务在线监控:https://stats.uptimerobot.com/13LX6tpN0J电报群:https://t.me/joinchat/J0IYXxgHpS6nysWEYerDrw NSCI网盘=https://ns.ci 宅写=https://me.acc.gs
vantablack@cybre.spacecold & black & infinite
vantablack@cybre.space  [follow]
extended director's cut of bio: https://v4nt4bl4ck.carrd.co :black_sparkles_outline:vantablack/vanta :black_sparkles_outline: a forest of carbon nanotubes :black_sparkles_outline: the fediverse's favorite pirate radio host :black_sparkles_outline: "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color" :black_sparkles_outline: fun fact: i am the reason john shirley (famed author) left lmao :black_sparkles_outline: my avatar is nemissa from soul hackers, this was my halloween costume but i decided to stick with it afterwards lol :black_sparkles_outline:http://vantaa.black :black_sparkles_outline: youtube channel: https://youtube.com/c/vantablack420 :black_sparkles_outline: 18+ kink/lewd alt: @vantablack :black_sparkles_outline:paypal: https://paypal.me/v33b33 :black_sparkles_outline:cashapp: https://cash.app/$vantablack420 :black_sparkles_outline:venmo: https://venmo.com/vantablack420 :black_sparkles_outline:liberapay: https://liberapay.com/v4nt4bl4ck/ :black_sparkles_outline: enby girl extraordinaire:=she/her, they/them baby, i'm an:=anarcho-communist i'm in:=seattle i am:=25
solidsanek@outerheaven.clubSolid Cанëк
solidsanek@outerheaven.club  [follow]
Leader of Outer HeavenI play games, fedi, it's what I doDM me for contacts or for pics of birdsAbout the locked account part: I don't really keep followers to a minimum, but I'll probably just check your profile and decide from there if I'll approve it or not. If I follow you tho there's not much to worry about. I just wanna have fun and chill people around.
kenshin187@artalley.social  [follow]
[R18] Ero art is fun.
showerthoughts@bae.st  [follow]
Random /r/ShowerThoughts posts from an all-time top 10,000 as of October 2016.Bot posts every 30 minutes. Occasional NSFW language. Account not affiliated with Reddit or /r/ShowerThoughts.A Showerthoughts Fortune File: nullprogram.com/blog/2016/12/01/Powered by Fortudon: github.com/redblade7/fortudonAccount owned by: @redneonglowOther fun bots: @BitchX @darkweb @fortunebot @loliaword @LoveLiveBot @weebaword @YKYWTMSMW
showerthoughts@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Random /r/ShowerThoughts posts from an all-time top 10,000 as of October 2016.Bot posts every 30 minutes. Occasional NSFW language. Account not affiliated with Reddit or /r/ShowerThoughts.A Showerthoughts Fortune File: nullprogram.com/blog/2016/12/01/Powered by Fortudon: github.com/redblade7/fortudonAccount owned by: @redneonglowOther fun bots: @BitchX @darkweb @fortunebot @loliaword @LoveLiveBot @weebaword @YKYWTMSMW
lorenzopadded@abdl.link  [follow]
Welcome to my page. Im a little from Ohio that likes to hang with friends and have fun. Justforfans (Diaper & Nsfw)=https://justfor.fans/Kinkydiapertwink Darkfans ( Extreme Dirty Diaper Content)=https://darkfans.com/packedpamps
11112011@freespeechextremist.comDJ Solomon
11112011@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
having fun
brodieonlinux@linuxrocks.onlineBrodie Robertson
Website, YouTube, Twitter
brodieonlinux@linuxrocks.online  [follow]
I am beginning my take over of the Linux YouTube community, join me for the fun, Check out my podcast Tech Over Tea Odysee=https://odysee.com/@BrodieRobertson:5
elfie@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Pronouns: elfie/elfies22 years old Latin (Bs.As) (M)elf advocating for an elfnostate that hasn't experienced any feelings beyond apathy, sadness and anger since high schoolCurrently doing fuck all like always (even if it's not the case I cannot express the opposite)I shitpost and I'm rude but it's all just very low level banterl live on the edge of perpetual cancelationI take no responsibility in any damage caused through the course of my online posts and I reserve all rights to ignore any online posts. There is no guarantee that my posts can always be fun and giggles.
crypto@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Lemmy community dedicated to cryptocurrency news, technicals, education, memes and so more!For Bitcoin only devoted news/discussions visit Bitcoin communitySmart contracts/dAPPs development questions -> hereCommunity Improvement Proposals CIPs:CIP#1Community Knowledge Base:walletsmediaRinkeby ETH faucets : 1 , 2Be nice, have fun.Community rules:No SpamNo adsNo aggressive coin promotion or attacks on othersNo ICOs / IEOs / STOs / token (pre)sales / scam schemes promotionNo promotion of trading groups, courses, signal groups, or other trade groupsNo pumping, shilling, or FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)No casinos, giveaways, faucets, beggingNo price speculation postsNo trollingGeneral lemmy.ml instance rules applicable here too.For a community devoted to cryptography itself, visit c/cryptography
doodlebrink@troet.cafe  [follow]
just-for-fun-art-account | #NoAFD | #NoNFT | Please don’t steal my Art
elfie@bae.st:p: Elfie :jahy_hug:
elfie@bae.st  [follow]
Pronouns: elfie/elfies24 years old Latin (Bs.As) (M)elf advocating for an elfnostate that hasn't experienced any feelings beyond apathy, sadness and anger since high schoolCurrently doing fuck all like always (even if it's not the case I cannot express the opposite)I shitpost and I'm rude but it's all just very low level banterl live on the edge of perpetual cancelationI take no responsibility in any damage caused through the course of my online posts and I reserve all rights to ignore any online posts. There is no guarantee that my posts can always be fun and giggles.
littllexoxobaby@abdl.link  [follow]
Hi, i am an adultbabyboy.And i am always up for fun.
jeffalyanak@social.rights.ninjaJeff Alyanak
jeffalyanak@social.rights.ninja  [follow]
Boring enough to use Debian, fun enough to use Arch • Hardware & Software Development • Rapid Prototyping • Embedded Systems — he/him Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@jeffalyanak:social.rights.ninja Location=Oxford, UK
Github, Twitter, Blog
guskma@abyss.fun  [follow]
ニッチすぎるマストドンクライアント作っててここの鯖缶やってて流れで鯖缶工場やっててノリと勢いでイベントっぽいのやったことある開発メインのインフラエンジニアです!(迷走)#メイドインアビス #鯖缶工場 #tooterminal #abyss_fun 鯖缶工場=https://discord.gg/mJJGAHv
comrade_hilton@mastodon.socialBadd Dadd Energy 💜🍆
comrade_hilton@mastodon.social  [follow]
bi/pan dad|i pop off to boost my self-esteem|Boosts+OK|Having Fun On Linehornt/shitposting/lewds🚩🥖🌹🏴(he/him)!!! 18+ !!!
torranmiakelson117@abdl.link  [follow]
Just an adventurous baby brat with a love for cuddles and fun!
vaartis@pl.kotobank.chvaartis running up that hill
vaartis@pl.kotobank.ch  [follow]
A programmer interested in functional things. Carrot mistress. No stopping till scalies are topping. Just having fun. Let's be friends!profile picture by @rye@raru.reGithub: https://github.com/vaartisThing I'm working on right now: https://vaartis.itch.io/someoneAlso a blog: https://kotobank.ch/~vaartis/#nobot
320x200@post.lurk.org  [follow]
tfw no feel software foundation...Posting about computational and net culture/politics/infrastructure, experimental publishing, software art, games, messing around with 8/16 bit things for fun and profit, Linux/FreeBSD sysadmin stuff, acme (p9p), ecology, repair culture, permacomputing, shmups, fantastic mpv screenshots, unsolicited pro tips, completely random stuff, maybe cats, hi, this scrolltext is getting long.This mess will be delivered as EN posts, some FR, seldom NL. ~=https://bleu255.com/~aymeric ~=https://lurk.org ~=https://things.bleu255.com/moddingfridays ~=https://xpub.nl
epluribustrump@social.quodverum.comE Pluribus Trump
epluribustrump@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Refugee from Dystopia. So nice to be in a civil space again.I post news, memes and thoughts. I do this for fun. Please don’t troll me or you get the X.
queervengeance@mstdn.socialjess (they/them)
queervengeance@mstdn.social  [follow]
neuroqueer shitposts at the end of the worldnonbinary | bisexual | gemini autistic | adhd | anxiouswhite | artist | writeranti-capitalist | anti-racist | anti-saneist I enjoy: fun facts, water birds, art history, critical autism studies, meme culture, gender theory, the dog park, and the neuroscience papers I try to read but don't really understand.
koyuchan@koyu.spaceLeonie :pb:​ ❄️​​​ :breadified:
koyuchan@koyu.space  [follow]
:transflag:​ :lesbian_flag_:​​ :autism:​Hi, I'm Leonie and I- am the mom of this instance- play too much Fortnite- am one of the first few Mastodon users- like anything from computers and science to music, meditation and philosophy🌸​🌸​🌸​My goal is to create social networking services with a small team on the internet for you and your friends so you can connect, collaborate and have fun. We foster usability, freedom and cost to deliver the best experience. All our software is released under a free software license.To make sure it stays like this I kindly ask for your support: https://liberapay.com/bubblineyuri/ or ETH 0x82621c94702f5A270a93209A1f35fF41CC6D44E7This is not a support channel. Please e-mail support@koyu.space with your questions.🌸​🌸​🌸​Alt: @koyuFor all the bots among us: #NoBot:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen 🌐=https://web.koyu.space ♀️=she/her (they/them) 🗣️=🇩🇪 🇬🇧 🕑=CET/CEST 🔑=8cac14db5e1c9fa2 :xbox:=bubblineyuri ♥️=@Shorl Age=23
toilet@witches.live  [follow]
welcome to the toilet :commie:https://bussy.fun / https://bussy.fun/blogI love #women and #enbies and #SomeMenpronouns are in tags but also here: any
therealdcgirl@noagendasocial.comDame DCGirl of the VA Lovers
therealdcgirl@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
I podcast, therefore I am.Fun-sized, small batch.@CSB's muse.https://comicstripblog.com/2021/02/28/lockdown-blues-dc-girl-rampage/alt @DCGirl
9vguy@mastodon.social  [follow]
Just like sharing fun porn goodness of the gay persuasion. It's all #NSFW
kurtm@bsd.networkKurt :flan_cleaver:
kurtm@bsd.network  [follow]
Long-time #OpenBSD user, now OpenBSD developer. Formerly Systems Administrator at a university. Struggles with: ADHD, anxiety, depression, burnout"You just ruined art, Kurt." -sng"This is why I go to galleries alone." -Pamela"Kurt just takes all the fun out of burglary, right here." -Michael W Lucas"You Ruined Speedometers" -Pamela#nobot
redsheri1@counter.socialRedSheri 👩‍🦰
redsheri1@counter.social  [follow]
Retired CA VIP Wedding & event planner, Love CA, Disney, Food, Movies, travel politics, dogs, cooking, sewing, beach, having fun.
irick@vulpine.club⦺ irick 🐁🐈⚩
irick@vulpine.club  [follow]
| hacker | autistic | queer | ᴜɴɪx | mitten | enby | mage | relationship + political anarchist | fluffyboi |I am a computer scientist with a philosophical bent. I do ludology for fun. #nobot(I am sometimes lewd, if you are under 18, plz do not.) Species=Mitten Pronouns=Any Hit Die=12d8 Class=Factotum
junebug@slime.globalJuniper Herodias Angel Theory
junebug@slime.global  [follow]
hi i'm junebugi'm perfect in every way and a beautiful goddess you should probably try worshiping. consider: when have those other gods ever done anything for you, meanwhile i serve up the hot spicy posts on the DAILY that's the sort of Goddess service you can RELY ontransgendering as hard as possible. you have no idea how hard i'm transgendering right nownot on shrike.club solely so that I can make fun of u when shrike goes down. please don't ask how often my instance goes down pronouns=she/her/goddess discord=buggirl!#2117 telegram=junebugtheory
celesteh@lgbt.ioCharles ☭ H
celesteh@lgbt.io  [follow]
Boys just want to have fun. / Composer / Coder /http://www.berkeleynoise.comProud member of the MIDI AssociationThis is not my "professional" account.[Please do not follow me if you are taking a class I teach, or are planning to, or might do, or have taken - until such time as you graduate.] Pronouns=He / Comrade Citizenship=Dual Xenophobia=Shove it up a bum
sixohsix@icosahedron.websiteM. Verdone
sixohsix@icosahedron.website  [follow]
I make music when I can. I own too many synthesizers. I program C++ for money, but it's usually reasonably fun.he/him or they/them, as you prefer.
videodante@mastodon.social𝙙𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙚 🌹
videodante@mastodon.social  [follow]
leftist writer & editor at a big games studio. no fun allowed. games at videodante.itch.io. avi by samantha carterthis account is primarily crossposts, but i do check it regularly, so don't feel weird about @ing
remulacfrommars@jorts.horseinfrequent poster
remulacfrommars@jorts.horse  [follow]
here to have fun, he/him 🏴👍
mooki_dl@abdl.link  [follow]
Part time AB, part time DL. Mainly a fetish, not a lifestyle. Although wearing 24/7 for periods are fun. I’ve begun to like wearing in public, as well. ABDL Scandinavia=https://www.abdlscandinavia.com/profil.php?id=24083
Repository, Doomsday Engine, Capsule Mirror
jk@skyjake.fi  [follow]
Graphics/UX/UI researcher at Nokia. On my free time I write code for fun. 💻Currently focusing on the Lagrange Gemini client. I started working on Doomsday Engine in 1999 and somehow that project is still ongoing, too.PGP public key fingerprint: 1567 4AE4 9866 7047 A3EB 9431 BACC FCFB 98DB 2EDC Location=Finland
celesteh@mastodon.social💙Charles ☭ Hutchins❤
celesteh@mastodon.social  [follow]
Boys just want to have fun. / Composer / Coder / http://www.berkeleynoise.comI am not a Trekkie. It's just a phase.
quixote171@radical.townIt's me, Justin.
quixote171@radical.town  [follow]
Hopefully this is the last time I need to change instances. He/Him"Giff it to me goot." -My girlfriend, @Juju(I want to be clear, *I'm* not making fun of her accent, this is a thing she typed, herself.)
erika@sushi.ski  [follow]
Hello!I refuse to share.(同担拒否って意味です)#SixTONES最高#田中樹は私のもの#舘さまクールで最高かて#SnowMan好きhttps://coromoo.comhttps://coromoo.com/user/erikahttps://peing.net/ja/erika0222This is fun. 尊敬する方=@Satis@fedibird.com
Profile, Twitter, Liberapay
theoria@wug.fun  [follow]
ておりあです。なんでもお気軽に。化学屋さん, 聖地巡礼者好き: 高木美佑さん, WUG, ららマジ, アサルトリリィ, レヴュースタァライト, クイズ, SFhttps://wug.fun 管理人#TootCloud 管理人@find575 管理人https://misskey.assaultli.ly 管理人https://twitter.com/myuunews とかも 欲しいもの=http://amzn.asia/5n3IbQT
feelssick@mastodon.social  [follow]
very sweet and having fun
mutantstd@weirder.earthMutant Standard
mutantstd@weirder.earth  [follow]
A new kind of emoji set - more flexible, inclusive and fun!Made by @dzuk.
mpj@mastodon.cloudMattias Petter Johansson
mpj@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
I make Fun Fun Function, a YouTube show about programming. New episodes every Monday morning 08:00 GMT. https://www.youtube.com/c/mpjmevideos
nora@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Lugubrious hairy ex-labour marxist feminist and contract boner killer. Yes the fun kind. I'm pissed off ALL the time!(@trashheapfem on Twitter)
nervengift@chaos.social  [follow]
Please take a seat. I'll get you some tea and cookies. 🍵🍪💙🔸social justice heal/support🔸 #cats #baking #sewing #embroidery #linux#java for money, #rustlang for fun 🏷 pronouns=🇬🇧 he/him 🇩🇪 er/ihn 🎨 avatar by=@mothpop@mastodon.art 🐦 twitter=@nervengiftlabs 💬 matrix=@Nervengift:entropia.de
viking@noagendasocial.comViking, Consp. Analyst & PIPI
Fun, Sad
viking@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Wat je zegt ben jezelf, met je kop door de helft Lost my Holmgang, was deported from Norway.
ericbuijs@fosstodon.orgEric Buijs
Website blog, PeerTube
ericbuijs@fosstodon.org  [follow]
free/libre software, open data, open standards activist with a grudge against big tech, big IP holders and authoritarian governments.I'm actively trying to stop the suffering of the animals and the global collapse of our ecosystem.In addition I'm also a bicycle enthusiast. The bicycle is one of the most energy efficient ways of transportation and as far as I'm concerned the most fun way.#freesoftware #3dprinting #bicycle #animalrights XMPP=ericbuijs@movim.eu
dean@societal.co  [follow]
Hi, Admin here! I am running the societal.co :mastodon: instance!For questions and help or just for fun you can always send me a toot♥️ Patreon :patreon:=https://www.patreon.com/Societal
silverscat_3@norimono.moe銀猫さん (Ginneko-san)
silverscat_3@norimono.moe  [follow]
norimono.moeの管理者です。Hello mate! I'm Ginneko-san, #admin of norimono.moe.👷 #engineer | He/Him | I love #aviation and #vehicles 💕🇯🇵 Japanese: Native🇬🇧 English: Beginner#car #tank #ship #aeroplane #machine #computer #linux Webサイト=https://www.sc3.fun/ メールアドレス=silverscat_3@mail.sc3.fun GPG public key=http://pgp.nic.ad.jp/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xB60469A5
Website, GitHub
seirdy@pleroma.envs.net  [follow]
Weblog and gemini capsule are at seirdy.one.Director's Cut of my bio in its un-truncated glory: https://seirdy.one/about.htmlWorking towards a world without exploitation through consumption. Latest "phase" is accessibility, previous phase was search engines.I will probably not boost pictures lacking alt-text, descriptions in the post body, or captions in comments. If I see a nice uncaptioned picture, I'll comment with my own caption instead.Fun facts about Seirdy:- Enjoys tweaking Fedora/Sway Linux setup (dotfiles on Sourcehut).- Trying to support software freedom without being a fossbro- Likes building everything from HEAD without good reason.Software I use: Fedora, WeeChat, Minetest, Neovim, tmux, Sway, neomutt, mblaze, MPV, and Zsh.Neologisms: "user domestication", "boxed platform", "poggies".Other tech interests in no particular order: security, privacy, linked data, the Indieweb, the Gemini protocol.If I say something insensitive or interact with someone I shouldn't, please let me know so I can be better.@June@hackers.town wanted me to put a "yesbot" in my profile so #yesbot Sourcehut=https://sr.ht/~seirdy IRC, HN, Lobsters=Seirdy Matrix=@seirdy:seirdy.one Age=21 Pronouns=He/Him, It Orientation=heterosexual, possibly panromantic Profile fields=Lots
panais@diaspodon.frHercule Panais l'honni.
panais@diaspodon.fr  [follow]
Hercule Panais de la Dernière Pluye, baltringue notoire.* Je ne relaie pas d'images sans description (“alt text”).* Allié LGBTQ+, j'aide autant que je peux.* Messages de plus de 15 jours effacés.* Je n'accepte plus les demandes de suivi que si on a un peu causé au préalable. Accept-Language=fr,en;q=0.8 Will learn=French Sign Language Pronouns=il/lui/he/him/товарищ Loves=Food, friends, fun.
katiebelle3030@mastodon.social  [follow]
I came here from tumblr. I created this blog for fun, and to be enjoyed. I’m Katie, a lover of interracial & lesbian sex.
markwet@abdl.link  [follow]
German daddy for you. Diapers+pacifier a must. Lets have bulky fun. You are my pantswetting son. I'll take care of you...Hamburg in dicken Windeln + Schnuller!
gnuxeava@mk.absturztau.beEmi Yusa
gnuxeava@mk.absturztau.be  [follow]
Let's have fun!
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyzV for Vagina📚♿🌈🧙‍♀️🌊🖖
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyz  [follow]
"I never argue. I explain." - Dowager Countess Violet Crawley Yes, my handle--V for Vagina--is inspired by V for Vendetta. So don't get excited incels/men in general.I'm old, fat, poor, and ugly. I'm not the fun kind of Feminist. As you might gather, I don't suffer fools, bullies, HOPs, or men, at all. Goddamn, and fuck are my favorite words.Political Activist📢, RadFem💥, Adult Human Female, Salty AF🤬 , Cantadora (Keeper of the old stories), Crone🌜🧹, Dianic Wiccan, Misandrist, LGB🌈 Bi/FebFem, Separatist, Gender Critical, BlackLivesMatter, Wear A Damn Mask, Stupidity Averse, Democratic Socialist🌹, Disabled♿, Rebel Scum💢, USN Vet....ValarMorghulis 🪒🔪🚫*NO* MAGAts, **catfish**, MRAs/Incels/TRAs, trump/GOP apologists. IF YOU MANSPLAIN AT ME, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.🚫 RAPE THREATS GET YOU REPORTED AND BLOCKED.
aarkon@metalhead.club  [follow]
Sceptic antifascist.Programming for money, guitaring for fun.Interesting life choices prevented it to be the other way around. Languages=German, English Blog=https://fediverse.blog/@/Aarkon Band=https://wiedergaenger.org/ / https://metalhead.club/@Wiedergaenger Pronomen/Pronouns=Er/he
uzuky@mstdn.jp  [follow]
今のアイコンは鈴木ヒナちゃん!どっちかにもいますbest-friends.chat > @uzAbyss.fun > @uzukyKyash:suicaほしいものリストですhttp://amzn.asia/gofHIIq ★=toshi_a ンゴ=6408 4507 4000 SW=SW5080 8982 7613
dreamingdiapers@abdl.linkDreaming Diapers
dreamingdiapers@abdl.link  [follow]
34 l M l GayLooking for friends and fun times.
qbit@bsd.networkAaron Bieber
qbit@bsd.network  [follow]
OpenBSD slacker playing with OpenSource and other fun things! Unvetted Rando! 0x1F81112D62A9ADCE
littlebearblue@abdl.linkBaby Blue of Rain and Dew
littlebearblue@abdl.link  [follow]
Teddy bears, diapers, games, books, pacis, and more :3 Just looking to have fun on this new little playground and share a bit of my ABDL life along the way.
uwangamabubu@mastodon.socialuwangamabubu :mastodon:
uwangamabubu@mastodon.social  [follow]
Größte Erfolge: 1999: zweiter beim Crosslauf in der Grundschule2007: erster Kuss2018: Ich hab auf Twitter Horst Seehofer zum Schwanz zeigen aufgefordert und wurde dann vom Innenministerium gesperrt Ort=Berlin hier für=Fun / Spaß / coole Leute Hobbies=Musik / Kochen / Fußball / Internet Beruf=Irgendwas mit Qualität
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A pedobait kitten here to get your dick hard, I want to write about the most perverted pedo topics imaginable and make you super hard~ Nothing much else to describe me other than a little pro contact pedophile who's probably a little more pro contact than most...Please DM me your most fucked up pedo fantasizes, I have no real limits :> It's fun learning all about what makes everyone's dick 'tick'.Also into casual RP but nothing craaaazy in depth!
jond@mastodon.socialJon Dubovsky
RideWithGPS, old blog
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bicycling programmer in mostly #embedded #c & #cpp in off-grid #solar; into road, tour, gravel #bike fun; #linux, #python, etc.; #hiking, #books, #machining, #hamradio, you name it. southwestern Virginia, USA. pronouns=he/him #MetaFilter=https://www.metafilter.com/user/107886
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I like to draw things. I like to make people laugh and/or think about stuff. I am a radical feminist, not the fun kind.
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I write (mainly PHP) code for a living, write python code for fun, and listen to noisy music while I do both
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mstdn.jp は運営が変わりましたが存続が危ういので @uzuky から避難しますぷろいーる ↓今のアイコンは鈴木ヒナちゃん!どっちかにもいますbest-friends.chat > @uzAbyss.fun > @uzukyKyash:suicaほしいものリストですhttp://amzn.asia/gofHIIq ★=toshi_a SW=SW5080 8982 7613 ンゴ=6408 4507 4000
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cyberpunk. existentialism. try 2 be feminist. self-teaching IT. humans are networks. dystopia is fun.
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Gay autistic abdl fox kit who likes to have fun and play play NC usa
ryandaniels@mastodon.socialRyan Daniels 🐧
www, github
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SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps stuff. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, travelling, and in a previous lifetime.. riding a motorcycle. :sabakan: Update Seeker :sabakan:📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕ #nobot ✅Lives in 🇨🇦 #CanadaPronouns: he/himI use arch btw (in a VM)Forget (https://forget.codl.fr/about/) set to 3 month
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i make stuff on the internet. my home: http://muffinlabs.com/ also admin of https://botsin.space/ for your mastodon bot fun
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just a regular dude, man.anti-blmanti-communistanti-authoritarianFEMA Region 3frequent devil's advocate for the fun of discussing unpopular opinions and topics.#noagenda
socalboy1121@abdl.linkNewsie Baby
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Hello! I live in the Bay Area and I grew up in the Los Angeles Area! I wear diapers for fun and always up for new friends!
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Least valuable professional. I post shitposts, fun facts and random thought (usually vaguely related to technology). I care/know a bunch about- Sustainability- Free Software- User Experience- Memery- Photography- Wayland- Cheems Cyber punk nick name=Micro Location=NRW, EU ?=sure, suit yourself
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🚘 I WANNA BE THE CUTE VEHICLE ウェブサイト=https://www.sc3.fun/ Twitter=https://twitter.com/intent/user?user_id=1078658958502416385
akaihebi@niu.moeAkai~ 🔞
Amazon wishlist
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Cuteboy blogger at Onahole.eu, shy introvert AFK, pan-oriented, tech train & space nerd, loves cuddles and long socks, crossdresses for fun, flirting ✅ headpats ✅ cuddles ✅💕 DM encryption=🔏 https://cryptoot.onahole.eu SockDreams gift cards=DM me❤️️ https://www.sockdreams.com/ecard.html *=cis♂, queer, he/they, :pansexual_flag:
deavmi@mstdn.ioTristan B. Kildaire
buy me a pizza, website
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CompSci 👌. OS's, Networking and Compilers 🍆.x86 is nice, but MIPS is our saviour 🙏.Re-inventing the wheel is great fun ⚙.👨‍🌾🇵🇹🇿🇦🇦🇱 email/xmpp/matrix/irc/telegram=deavmi@disroot.org location=Brakpan, South Africa
esperanto@mastodon.socialEsperanto the easiest language
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Saluton! Read about the planned language Esperanto and learn it on Duolingo: https://www.duolingo.com/course/eo/en/Learn-Esperanto-OnlineHave fun! Ĝuu!
ryandaniels@linuxrocks.onlineRyan :manjaro: ✅
www, github
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SysAdmin and has fun with DevOps. Programmer of bash (and also some Python, PHP), along with some front-end js/css hacking. Also hacks on Ansible, Docker, and WordPress. Interested in FLOSS, and in a previous lifetime.. travelling, and riding a motorcycle.Update Seeker📑 Opener of tabs 📑#Linux #DevOps #Automation #SecurityWant: ☕ #Coffee ☕Pronouns: he/himI use arch, btw. j/k it's Manjaro.🇨🇦Forget (https://forget.codl.fr/about/) set to 3 month#nobot
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Boys just want to have fun. / Composer / Coder /http://www.berkeleynoise.comProud member of the MIDI AssociationThis is not my "professional" account.[Please do not follow me if you are taking a class I teach, or are planning to, or might do, or have taken - until such time as you graduate.] Pronouns=He / Comrade SSB=ssb:feed/ed25519/KqyUyyHYCaB7j8PcxlhpT8HgGHnGAr6E1MB5Yxqcqe0= Matrix=@celesteh:matrix.org
mmww@akko.kalasarn.seSejtan in Hell
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Testing this shit out. Never had a twitter. Hoping for some dank memes and yuri. Also, I like stuff like books, photography, anime, manga, food, alcohol and fun.
messy@yiff.lifeying witch
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Trans non binaryHaven't been 18 in a long time.Mostly forest creature. Into permaculture and being environmentally sound. Gardening is awesome.FUCK a gender. FUCK social norms.capitalism is a fuck. A*C-A#B.Diogenes is my dad nowPassionate about rust. Writing embedded device drivers for fun. 80's core electronics are the bestCan be found writing programs, building useless things, taking film photos, and having existential crises.YES all my posts are private.
Tutorials, Patreon, Music, Bitwig Guide
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I've been making #music for as long as I can remember. How successful everyone can define for themselves, but I still have a lot of fun exploring sound worlds. With my #tutorials on youtube I try to bring people closer to #bitwig and inspire them. I also often post modular #ambient experiments in small videos here and on #instagram.Making music doesn't have to be complicated, it should be fun and stimulate new ideas and bring mind and body into harmony.
Diaper Bois
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Gay self employed abdl, living full-time in my 34 foot Class A RV, traveling the country looking for the one to join me. Looking for a change, fun, friends, drinks, movies, cuddles, dinner etc. Age: 34 | Body: Bear/ Otter Kik=My username is 'aaron_dl' http://kik.me/aaron_dl Text me on=6122089172 Seeking=YOU
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Programming for fun and work, studying math to prove something. Trans rights are human rights.
muffinista@cybre.spacecolin mitchell
home, see also
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i make stuff on the internet. my home: http://muffinlabs.com/ also admin of https://botsin.space/ for your mastodon bot fun pronouns=he/him bots!=https://botsin.space
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Feel free to talk to me! :)» German student of computer science» Likes free and open stuff» Drives #tram·s because it's fun» Also rides #bike·s, because it's fun» Tries to live a #sustainable life» Likes learning new things» Is perfectly fine with being wrong, please tell me if I am! :)» Mostly toots in German, talking to me in English is perfectly fineAdmin of machteburch.socialOpinions are my own#nobot, #mastoadminThis bio has super cow powers.Trans rights = Human rights Pronouns [EN]=he/him Pronomen [DE]=er/ihm Verein=@softwerke
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having fun exploring my bodybody positive 🌸
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Hobby Dev, Massive NerdI self host everything because its fun💻Developer of Gem the Gemini client for UbuntuTouch💎Developer of Waydroid Helper for UbuntuTouch#linuxonmobile 📲* Trying to be positive* 🏳️‍🌈love is love* Zero tolerance for discrimination#fedi22 #linux #foss #programming #fun #conversation #politics #opensource #UbuntuTouch
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Hi Everyone, I'm experimenting quite a lot with lenses & techniques...basically having FUN with photography. All Suggestions Welcomed....
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Go fun yourself
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I'm Counts My CannaBlessings from Twitter.Fun loving N Ca liberal with a ❤ for all critters.Wave at me and say high!
bethskw@wandering.shopBeth Skwarecki
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I write about #science and #health for a living, and about robots for fun. #botsmith. She/her. Latest #bots@wordbot@tragic8ball
greenzeta@noagendasocial.comSir Matt
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Knight of the Zeta Reticuli star system. Making websites for fun and profit for over 15 years!
benj_red@cybre.space♦️ Benjamin Red
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I make fun (from scratch).