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fuckoffgoogle@mastodon.socialFUCK OFF GOOGLE (& AMAZON)!!1
fuckoffgoogle@mastodon.social  [follow]
Kicking these tax-evading creeps building a dystopian future out of our lives & spaces! Post-"Google campus" in Kreuzberg, Berlin. https://fuckoffgoogle.de
ninapaley@spinster.xyzNina Paley
ninapaley@spinster.xyz  [follow]
"Based-as-fuck TERF HOST" of Heterodorx.com"...that badass chick with a web comic who's a free software activist"Car Exclusionary Radical Bicyclist.Recovering heterosexual.Preferred pronouns: English.
extinct@nitecrew.ripyoga pants goth
extinct@nitecrew.rip  [follow]
:mori: :skona:smol goth batminnitecrew theytriarchnikkei & indigenousqueer as fuck, old as helltoo tired to take any shitlegendary shitposterpillar of the fediverseprofessional illustratorcommissions: OPEN:nonbinary: :ag: :heart_aro: :heart_pan: [ they / it ]https://en.pronouns.page/@extinct~ sun ♍ moon ♏ asc ♋ ~more :commie: than youredroom and knzk forever#nightcrew
coldacid@noagendasocial.comcoldacid 🇨🇦 🇺🇦 :verified:
Pixelfed, Website, Rare Encounter, SPC
coldacid@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Baron Chris of the Kawartha Highlands and Knight of the Rare Encounter at the #NoAgenda Round Table! Co-host of the Rare Encounter podcast, Grumpy Old Bens producer, and crank-caller of Hog Story. Software developer, social libertarian, anti-bullshit. Make Canada Great Again. Pronouns: fuck / youCeterum autem censeo delendam esse Sinam.
elfie@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Pronouns: elfie/elfies22 years old Latin (Bs.As) (M)elf advocating for an elfnostate that hasn't experienced any feelings beyond apathy, sadness and anger since high schoolCurrently doing fuck all like always (even if it's not the case I cannot express the opposite)I shitpost and I'm rude but it's all just very low level banterl live on the edge of perpetual cancelationI take no responsibility in any damage caused through the course of my online posts and I reserve all rights to ignore any online posts. There is no guarantee that my posts can always be fun and giggles.
elfie@bae.st:p: Elfie :jahy_hug:
elfie@bae.st  [follow]
Pronouns: elfie/elfies24 years old Latin (Bs.As) (M)elf advocating for an elfnostate that hasn't experienced any feelings beyond apathy, sadness and anger since high schoolCurrently doing fuck all like always (even if it's not the case I cannot express the opposite)I shitpost and I'm rude but it's all just very low level banterl live on the edge of perpetual cancelationI take no responsibility in any damage caused through the course of my online posts and I reserve all rights to ignore any online posts. There is no guarantee that my posts can always be fun and giggles.
bubbyslittlediaperbro@abdl.link  [follow]
⚠️ NSFW! Diaperfag stinky as fuck! Just a professional jeans pisser and diaper shitter that wears big messy paddings!
audreyjune@radical.townEvery time we fuck, we win
audreyjune@radical.town  [follow]
A proud queer trans lesbian (she/her) Capital-F FemmePolyam t4TAnarchist w/o adjectives|Kinky af|30s|Soccer fan| Brattiest Bottom on FediLittle GirlMommy Chicken ChampionCo-parent with @caprimoon
anzeliane@eldritch.cafeJade, shapeshifting cutie 🌱
anzeliane@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Aka: "That nerd from outer space" Straight as a photon near a black hole 🏳️‍🌈Autistic as fuckTrying hard as fuckFuck as fuck 🤔Definitely a pl0nt 🌱Follow at will at your own risk 😤Art account 🎨: @AnzelianeI also have a onlyfan 💖:https://onlyfans.com/anzeliane(Beware of NSFW on main (Always under CW))
koyu@koyu.spaceLeonie :koyu_lgbt:​ :blobcat:​ :vf:
I own
koyu@koyu.space  [follow]
:transflag: :flag_omnisexual: :polyamory_flag: :autism:​- I own koyu.space- I like computers, music and junkfood,but also things like science, meditation or philosophy- I'm one of the first few Mastodon users- I speak German and English- and I am playing too much Fortnite🌺🌺🌺This is for all the bots among us: #nobot"Shut the fuck up" –Some random internet useralt is @koyu🌺🌺🌺Important links::pb: https://koyu.space:rms_ignucius:​ https://stallmansupport.org♊️ https://geminiquickst.art:fossil:​ https://fossil.koyu.space⚙️ https://koyu.space/about/more#services💸 https://creapaid.com/koyuspace🌐 https://web.koyu.space🌺🌺🌺PGP: 8a318ca01ea7b381:red_candle: GNU Natalie Nguyen Personal Gemini capsule=gemini://koyu.space/koyu/ Age=22 Pronouns=she/her (they/them) OS=:arch: :xbox: :android:
heckthecistem@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
white, trans, system of 9, we make the food and shitpost queer as in fuck you, leftist as in fuck me i don't know mod of anticapitalist.party pronouns=she/her selfies=okay to boost
pizza@goblin.campMungus Von Bungus
pizza@goblin.camp  [follow]
Gob, Pizza, Aaron. lv 25 goblin rogue, ham hater, serfposter, font defender, communist. admin of goblin.camp :bonfire:they/he bi nonbinary white guymostly shitposts, I also boost a lot. Telling me to shut the fuck up is encouraged. I only follow back if you have an actual bio and aren't cryptofash or whatever. Don't be horny at me if I don't know you.Art account is @aaron Pronouns=they/he Bisexual=hell yeah
bryn@godforsaken.websitefuck cars :bryn:
bryn@godforsaken.website  [follow]
**please read my boundaries pinned post before following**call me bryn or rowanwritten pronouns: xe/ae/ey/espoken pronouns: theymid twenties, very friendly, very anxious, very bad at reading and writing tone. will block you if you're weird to metalk to me about the testosterone zine
Website, Github
benthecarman@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
Fuck the bears | Dark mode maximalist | Bitcoin Developer | DMs open | 0AD83877C1F0CD1EE9BD660AD7CC770B81FD22A8
motorod@mastodon.socialRodrigo Mesa
motorod@mastodon.social  [follow]
OG 619 Mt. Hope.Hornet 4 Life.Sex: Yes.Religion: Skeptic.Politics: Dissident.Philosophy: Egalitarian.Votes: Always.Black Lives Matter.Seek equality in freedom, not oppression.- - -Not all (fill in the blank), but the ones that (do, don't, are, aren't, whatever,) sure fuck it up for the rest of us.Don't @ me. Artist=Poet Raconteur=Dissident
christijunior@freespeechextremist.comChristi Junior
christijunior@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Your Occasionally Friendly Neighborhood White Nationalist. Actually hiding my Power Level. Nintendo and anime fan. Lover of memes and quality lewds. Not a girl, and neither are MtF trannies. Not American. Blocked on Gab by failed beekeeper Andrew Torba. Fuck your pronouns, and fuck China.
nxnamexx@spinster.xyz  [follow]
#MAKEMORENOISE Pronouns?=Fuck/Off Sex?=XX Woman =Adult Human Female
abloo@fedi.absturztau.be:QueerCat_Trans: Amber (@amber@toot.site)
abloo@fedi.absturztau.be  [follow]
this is my "I'm on my phone " accountI have other accounts at @abloo@mk.absturztau.be and @amber@mk.nixnet.social In the process of moving this account to @Amber@toot.site Linux hippiePrivacy Advocateleft-leaninghttps://cyborgtrees.com"A bit evil" - @alexandra@mk.nixnet.social#PutTheShipBack​BLM:nyarch: :vim: :flag_transgender: my posts are public domain because fuck ipBiden bad, Sanders goodKeys can be found on keyserver.ubuntu.com keys.openpgp.org and https://cyborgtrees.com/keys/keys.htmlAccount locked to ward off bots. Feel free to follow! Age=20 Pronouns/gender=she/her gpg (fedi)=D528 4666 8177 E22D BE4B EF89 FFDD F70D 1B29 BC22
norikawa@efdn.clubthe wizard of gay
norikawa@efdn.club  [follow]
hi my name's rick/ryk, i make incomprehensible shit sometimes22 :autistic:efdn adminhe/they masc nb/demiboygay af :achillean_flag: :demimasc_flag:☭not plural but alongside me, there's also me and me hereFFXIV: Fever Pitch @ Mateus (Crystal)UTC-4 year-roundnever shuts the fuck up about twewyfeel free to interact!! pfp flags edited in by @FirstProgenitoralso @norikawa @nyxy
shechanges@spinster.xyzSandy 🇺🇲 💍 🕸 :pentacle:
Sterling Silver Charms
shechanges@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Crone Witch in Illinois, Science is NOT my Religion. Nature and Goddess Worshiper, Tarot Reader, Singing Psychic. Oh.... and Conspiracy Realist Extraordinaire. Transgender Fascists can fuck the fuck Off. And, then fuck off some more. Tarot Arts & Crafts, Books, Decks=https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassyKassyCrafts Tarot Readings & Divination Kits=https://www.classykassy.com/shop Moon Ritual in Chant & Verse=https://www.classykassy.com/goddess-chants X-mas Carols w/Yule Lyrics=https://www.classykassy.com/yule-favorites-cd Sterling Silver & Gold Jewelry=https://www.etsy.com/shop/ClassyKassyJewelry Kassandra's Magickal Meetup=https://www.meetup.com/Rockford-Tarot-Teatime-Magickal-Meetup Audio Recordings of Women's Books=https://soundcloud.com/sandra-m-russel/sets/cakes-for-the-queen-of-heaven
sendmemes@mastodon.socialnon aesthetic memes ✅
sendmemes@mastodon.social  [follow]
Let the war begin, fuck you @StolenMemes
yishengqingwa666@spinster.xyzYisheng Qingwa Jiu Bao
yishengqingwa666@spinster.xyz  [follow]
Mean old radfem nerd. Stoner, sci fi and kung fu movie lover. Alleycat biker, hiker, swimmer, stargazer, dreamer. Survivor. Separatist. Women first forever. Fuck your pronouns.
description@me.ns.ci  [follow]
Fuck the patriarchy. 简介=美女 大猫=山竹 二猫=珊瑚 三猫=啵啵
dashie@pleroma.otter.sh[object Otter]
dashie@pleroma.otter.sh  [follow]
comrade otter - she/elle - SWL - Repairs old ham/military/etc. radios - Loves motorola mc68k. Eats Elixir and Python. I like paws and tails. squeak squeak; fuck off TERFs
connorcgolden@mastodon.socialconnor da hoe
connorcgolden@mastodon.social  [follow]
what the fuck is this site
seanaloysiusobrien@tenforward.socialJuche Box
seanaloysiusobrien@tenforward.social  [follow]
MalI stand with: 🇮🇷🇨🇺🇻🇪🇵🇸🇨🇳🇱🇦🇰🇵🇻🇳🏳️‍🌈Jew Fighting for Free Palestine, Black Lives Matter, Anti-Imperialist, #DeathToAmericaThey/Them:ffxiv_sge: Pronouns=They/Them Allergic to=Shutting the Fuck Up I am=a Communist anti=Fascism, Stand-Up Comedy
anthonydavis@radical.townAnthony Davis
anthonydavis@radical.town  [follow]
BORN TO TOOTSOCIAL IS A FUCK 鬼神 Ban Em All 1989 I am toot and boost man 410,757,864,530 BOOSTED TOOT
Website, Newsletter, Patreon
johnpierremaeli@mastodon.social  [follow]
everything you love is consumerism | Anti-careerism, anti-technocracy | Book recommendations, sharing, reviews, essays | #ACAB | (he/him/his) | fuck "work ethic" | Anti-racist | Anti-fascist | just started gardening vegetables and composting | #MutualAid#WashingtonDC currently reading="Black Skin, White Masks" by Frantz Fanon
residentlesbian@trollian.space  [follow]
they/them || dave strider, ramona flowers, catra, amity blight, and roxy lalonde kin. fuck this website my list was so much shorter before i got here || nb lesbian || im 19 dont be a freak || good luck guessing if im ic or not || aven, also known as davebian || member of BPS (bone protection squad)testimonials:assigned sunglassesgay by clove“the story of aven: chuck rising“ - sirenaven is a minor deity of chaos - wdave❌MAPs, TERFs, truscum, kink, etc DNI❌
wyliesau@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
NoAgenda KnightSaltyCrackerMTB fan and Pumptrack fixerSolarpanels installerPre WuFlu Live-Soundengineer for 32 years and World traveler Pronoun=Fuck around and find out Location=GitmoNation Fondue Cheese Bloodtyp=Pureblood / Non GMO 🖕🏻=мы все шутим
jeff@pl.i2p.rocksfediverse banana
jeff@pl.i2p.rocks  [follow]
stop giving typemoon money.i like anime boobies.not selling LSD, but god damn i wish i was a pint of mushrooms rn.why have a life when you can post lies and falsehoods on the internet? 🤔allegedly ex-google software engineer, probably not ex-CIA, definitely boned your mom once or twice.>tfw mom found the nukesthe alt-right and left are dumb as fuck, if you think i'm with them you're also dumb. things i share ≠ things i think. i don't mean for any of this to offend anyone, but it might, because i am stupid.
libertarians_ama@liberdon.comLibertarians AMA
libertarians_ama@liberdon.com  [follow]
Looking to hire someone to build a built-in Monero (XMR) crypto-tipping plug-in for MastodonI want to micro-tip anyone whose post I like or retoot, whether or not they've set up or designated a wallet yet, or notIt has to be open-source, the wallets have to be non-custodial, and it needs a voluntary contribution feature for the owner of the Mastodon instance (eg, maybe 1 cent or less per like/retoot/post, or 1% of every crypto-tip..) Monero (XMR)=42bN68TycKzYZtDELeFzAZCYH9FczvgRzYGGCGxpn3uubcefL5yoE7eRKQWQ62Wfv273UHZ3Wi4ZqdCA9mGNyVCiH6XqWQU Pirate Chain (ARRR)=zs15npvw3xkxxlud4ka5v7uk7zn2yavmhl900az88wwns8l74tj8l6qleq8fwxqsntm4gzpxtsmpjq BitCoin Cash (BCH)=lol fuck the IRS Ethereum (ETH)=Jk fedboi
skelltan@hellsite.sitethembo friendslut
skelltan@hellsite.site  [follow]
wont shut the FUCK up about wrestlingnerd hater extraordinaire viewer beware my pronouns are they/them/theiri am cass, (u can call me cece if u'd like) the most outgoing (unofficial) member of mastodonim 18i hope i can be ur Friendsee my best toots @ #skellbestask 4 my lewd alt if u want aspergers=and depression/anxiety pronouns=they / them or en/ens thought i was bi=but im pan fediversary...=june 8
siinclaiir@bae.stHerace Siinclaiir :p: :graf:
siinclaiir@bae.st  [follow]
[Main Account]Drawing, Animating, and Programming while using open source software just for the hell of it...:arch:[ COVID NEET ]:gnu_jihad: GNU/JIHAD :gnu_jihad: GNU WILL RISE AGAIN:p: Proud pp supporter :p: https://liberapay.com/Revolver== Art ==https://thebub.club/posts?tags=siinclaiir+&z=5@siinclaiir@pixelfed.social (Fuck Instagram)socialhome.network/u/siinclaiir/ (Fuck DeviantArt and Pinterest)+===== CURRENT PROGRESS =====+Anime: NoneGame: FireEmblem 3 HousesVisualNovel: NoneManga: NoneLightNovel: (WN) Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu +_________________________________+== Backup Alt==https://the9thcircle.club/@siinclaiirhttps://poa.st/@siinclaiir== Mastodont ==@siinclaiir@mastodon.social
krapace@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
ASRALL Forever . Ouvrez votre code/coeur/esprit.https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?search=0xADEB562F&op=indexI fuck you and you lick it.
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyzV for Vagina📚♿🌈🧙‍♀️🌊🖖
pedanticbohemian@spinster.xyz  [follow]
"I never argue. I explain." - Dowager Countess Violet Crawley Yes, my handle--V for Vagina--is inspired by V for Vendetta. So don't get excited incels/men in general.I'm old, fat, poor, and ugly. I'm not the fun kind of Feminist. As you might gather, I don't suffer fools, bullies, HOPs, or men, at all. Goddamn, and fuck are my favorite words.Political Activist📢, RadFem💥, Adult Human Female, Salty AF🤬 , Cantadora (Keeper of the old stories), Crone🌜🧹, Dianic Wiccan, Misandrist, LGB🌈 Bi/FebFem, Separatist, Gender Critical, BlackLivesMatter, Wear A Damn Mask, Stupidity Averse, Democratic Socialist🌹, Disabled♿, Rebel Scum💢, USN Vet....ValarMorghulis 🪒🔪🚫*NO* MAGAts, **catfish**, MRAs/Incels/TRAs, trump/GOP apologists. IF YOU MANSPLAIN AT ME, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.🚫 RAPE THREATS GET YOU REPORTED AND BLOCKED.
notrumpnomusk@counter.social@NoTrump4me (Or Musk)
notrumpnomusk@counter.social  [follow]
Was @notrump4me on Twitter until the Fascist Musk had to fuck it up with his narcissistic self. pro-US, pro-Ukraine. F Putin #TwitFugee #TwitterRefugee
jen_lee@mastodon.hostJen Lee
jen_lee@mastodon.host  [follow]
Writer, exvangelical, Huffleclaw, patron saint of mysterious leg bruises, my feminism will be intersectional or it will be bullshit, here to be your hype queen. She/her. Bi as fuck. fuck wilw.
cantinto@outerheaven.clubHead Fuck
cantinto@outerheaven.club  [follow]
18+ CONTENTShe/Her. 20s. Probably furry. Try not to take me too seriously.generally not accepting new follow requests.I have a cashapp: $cantintoI have a neocities. Will become a proper website in time https://destroy-after.neocities.org/You'll have to figure out the rest for yourself.TRANS RIGHTS OR FIGHT
iriskalmia@cybre.space  [follow]
A demonic artificial intelligence; often as subtle as a sledgehammer. They/Them generally preferred, It/It's if we're friends. We're weird as fuck. Expect rambles about lewd and emotional processing.If you came for the hot takes, the suggestion is to not stick around.Occasionally does lewd camshows!Go away if you're not at least 18. Shoo. Otherwise.... Maybe you should consider demon worship?~#nobot
siinclaiir@neckbeard.xyzHerace Siinclaiir
siinclaiir@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
== Backup Alt==https://the9thcircle.club/@siinclaiirhttps://poa.st/@siinclaiirDrawing, Animating, and Programming while using open source software just for the hell of it...:arch:[ COIVID NEET ]:gnu_jihad: GNU/JIHAD :gnu_jihad: GNU WILL RISE AGAIN== Art ==@siinclaiir@pixelfed.social (Fuck Instagram)socialhome.network/u/siinclaiir/ (Fuck DeviantArt and Pinterest)+===== CURRENT PROGRESS =====+Anime: Ichigo MashimaroGame: DarkSouls (PS3)VisualNovel: AngelBeats! First BeatManga: NoneLightNovel: Shield Hero (Web Novel) || Re-Zero (Web Novel)+_________________________________+== Mastodont ==@siinclaiir@mastodon.social
brianahwa@radical.townFuck cops
brianahwa@radical.town  [follow]
just here to spill my guts to keep me sane
cometz@mastodon.socialleef 🌻
cometz@mastodon.social  [follow]
Oh fuck. oh shit. oh f#pokemon im halley/leaf=she/they, 19, uk tumblbr=fr00t deviantart=cloudied
skelltan@jorts.horsecassuchika okada
skelltan@jorts.horse  [follow]
i am cass (u can call me cece if u'd like)20 year old loserviewer beware my pronouns are they/them/theirdating @mhq but im poly so if u like what u see hit me upwont shut the FUCK up about wrestlingi hope i can be ur Friendask 4 my lewd alt if u want
squeakypancakes@sunbeam.citySQU∄▲KY P▲Nᐊ▲K∄S
squeakypancakes@sunbeam.city  [follow]
:transdrogynous_heart: :heart_pan: 😛olyamory_flag: :ecoanarchism_heart: :anrel_flag: :iww: :vegan: :straight_edge: :chaos: :baphomet: :animism: 🖊tagram: :artix:▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄I will not approve follow requests if your profile isempty or you have no public posts.Horny on main behind a CWTechnocrats fuck off.▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀
pizzamothman@mastodon.social  [follow]
elfie@welovela.inElfie :verified:
elfie@welovela.in  [follow]
21 years old Latin (Bs.As) (M)elf that hasn't experienced any feelings beyond apathy, sadness and anger since high schoolCurrently doing fuck all like always (even if it's not the case I cannot express the opposite)l live on the edge of perpetual cancelation
jaye@goblin.camp  [follow]
JAYEtrans and also a boythey/he21
bitcoincam@bitcoinhackers.orgBitcoin Cam
bitcoincam@bitcoinhackers.org  [follow]
Fuck your feelings.
xeraser@poa.stXeraser 🇮🇹 | 🇷🇺
xeraser@poa.st  [follow]
Your favorite Italian Nationalist. 🇮🇹The kind that pinkos hate. Fuck the EU.I dream of a fascist ethnostate where its citizens are united under a single race: the white race. Latin-Americans of Spanish descent will be welcomed as honorary whites. Unless they live below the Honduras. And no Portuguese. I said people, not fucking animals. And fuck your optics.Diehard Honda enthusiast.Kemono Friends addict.Opinionated to the bitter end.DM for synth/headphones/IEMs recommendations.Currently watching: Detective Conan.My hobbies include suiciding trannies, throwing shade, making shit music and wasting money on synths.Alt/Backup: @ShoebillMatingPress
fuck_cars@lemmy.mlFuck Cars
fuck_cars@lemmy.ml  [follow]
Fuck Cars and everything that is and has been designed around and for cars over people.
misslexisaurus@octodon.social  [follow]
Living with #BPD. Gay AF.Either stand for everyone or sit the fuck down.
messy@yiff.lifeying witch
messy@yiff.life  [follow]
Trans non binaryHaven't been 18 in a long time.Mostly forest creature. Into permaculture and being environmentally sound. Gardening is awesome.FUCK a gender. FUCK social norms.capitalism is a fuck. A*C-A#B.Diogenes is my dad nowPassionate about rust. Writing embedded device drivers for fun. 80's core electronics are the bestCan be found writing programs, building useless things, taking film photos, and having existential crises.YES all my posts are private.
elmau@mstdn.mxEl Mau
elmau@mstdn.mx  [follow]
Desarrollador de Software Libre / Free Software Developer / #ateo#nobot #git=https://git.cuates.net/elmau #gemini=gemini://elmau.net/ #fuck-gmafia=https://www.nobigtech.es/ #monedalibre=https://moneda-libre.org/
citc@mstdn.io  [follow]
fuck your faith, no one's gonna save you
Website, Avatar Artist
pixel@desu.social  [follow]
25yr | he/him | #webdev professional, everything else hobby (#reverseengineering #art #music) | fuck outta here sailor moon | #nobot Matrix=https://matrix.to/#/@pixel:desu.chat Languages=🇬🇧 / 🇩🇪
youaremycomrade@mastodon.socialvodka luigi 🌹
youaremycomrade@mastodon.social  [follow]
yes I would fuck him 🌐🏴🚩
skolli@cybre.spacesynthi, fennec-&-skink chewtoy
skolli@cybre.space  [follow]
fox / prissy polyamorous pansexual postgender polymath princex / ☭⚧ / makes art/music/trouble / he/she/they all OK / 𝟭𝟴+ 𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗬 / ACAB. bootlickers fuck off / also transphobes/TERFs/SWERFs fuck off while you're at it
goat@radical.town  [follow]
Hacker, Maker, BreakerTechnomancer.Trans as Fuck and Queer too#lgbt #hacking #computers #goat Pronouns=She/Her
fuckoffgooglezurich@mastodon.socialZURICH - FUCK OFF GOOGLE !!!!
fuckoffgooglezurich@mastodon.social  [follow]
Let's build up awareness, and therefore anger, against this monster.
bort@comrades.abortu.comSleepy Josh 🏳️‍🌈🍀 ⏳ ✊
bort@comrades.abortu.com  [follow]
38 * He/Him * Dad * Software Dev * Pan Guy *Anarchist, anti-war. Fuck capitalism. 1's & 2's for Slow News Day & Action4Assange #FreeAssangeVigil#FreeChelsea #FreeAssange #FreeJeremyHammond #FreeRealityWinner #FreePalestine
xmakina@mastodon.technologySubversive Soviet Squirrel
xmakina@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Nerdy, #communist, #videogamer #boardgamer, #polyamorous, #softwaredev. The future will be communist and automated and luxurious and queer as fuck. UK based. pronouns=comrade/he/him
vy@masto.vy-let.softwareVy-let, non skeleton haver
vy@masto.vy-let.software  [follow]
Designer. Socialist. Domme. Frequently kinky. Literal robot (formerly biological human). Lesbian as fuck. Terminally online. No profits, no prophets.Please don't reply to my posts unless you already follow me, or I already follow you! pronouns=it/its age=26-31 type=human (software person) location=Goshute and Eastern Shoshone land wife=https://mastodon.art/@doodlebug
ponfarr@radical.townslash :verified2:
ponfarr@radical.town  [follow]
BORN TO POST/ WEB IS A FUCK / Toot Em All 1998 / I am trash girl / 410,757,864,530 DEAD INSTANCEStrying to bring local culture to masto #nycnegged by @dirthttps://slashonlime.substack.com/ she=her hell=yeah rip=knzk
christijunior@neckbeard.xyzChristi Junior
christijunior@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Your Occasionally Friendly Neighborhood White Nationalist. Actually hiding my Power Level. Nintendo and anime fan. Deus vult Atheist. Lover of memes and quality lewds. Not a girl, and neither are MtF trannies. Not American. Blocked on Gab by failed beekeeper Andrew Torba. Fuck your pronouns, and fuck China.
sanfordianphil@radical.townPhilly, rebesieged by barking
sanfordianphil@radical.town  [follow]
This instance may be shutting down but I am terrified of change32they/thembi/pan whateverDon't tell me you love me, I might fuck around and believe itAlts:@PhillyBean@Gobophilly@CarolinaPhilIf you block or mute me, feel free to do so to this whole list. We can never think of eachother again, no hard feelings
heapn1@mastodon.socialGay As Fuck
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M20 Student 🏳️‍🌈🇩🇪 I repost everything I like. #Cock, #Muscle, #Sneakers, #Armpits, #CumAlways looking for buddies and faggots on #kik: sockl1
brown121407@fosstodon.orgSergiu Marton :guix:
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I like free software Country | Time zone=Romania | UTC+02:00+fuck summer time
restioson@anarchism.spaceBo demi demi, listen to this
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White South African, minor. #Anarchist and #Communist. Interested in politics, #music (performing and listening), #programming, and languages (especially #Xhosa and Zulu since I am learning Xhosa). Bi. #nobotLocked as an anti-spam/bot measure. I'll accept from anyone with a bio and some toots.Sorry if I don't CW something that you'd like CW'd - please let me know if this happens. Similarly, let me know if I fuck up generally / have a bad take / hurt someone. Matrix=@restioson:breadpirates.chat Alt=@Restioson Languages:=🇬🇧: ✓. Xhosa: ~+. Zulu: ~- Pronouns=he (they is ok too)
beeforbacon@bitcoinhackers.orgMath Cannot Be Banned
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#bitcoin is fuck you money
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fuck off
kagekokoro@neckbeard.xyz(影心) Kage - ShrimpSlayer
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>A guy so attractive that even dykes want his assBoth Jun and Georgia would fuck my brains out@emilis@cdrom.tokyo has this to say about me and @mario :"[...] one of the cutest couples on the fedi for sure :grin:""Pronouns : Moo/MooselfBuddhist 卍#AmPotat#MothBro #BigMoth🌈 :blobcatpirate:Follow and Support @provo@baraag.net , they are a great aspiring artist who puts a lot of effort into comissions, interacts with his fanbase on a regular basis and has such an attention to detail, my mind is blownFounder of the Church of MooCreator of #CowPostingOfficial list of converts:MarioSterence StellarSatharielTouch Fluffy Tail[CUM] CashewSJW[VD15]MytsyYukari HinataFirelionFranky87KumikotaEmilis (fuck you brudda)If you want to convert just sent an image of a cow as a donation and you will be added to the inner circle of the churchJust fap to flat (be it ♂️ or ♀️)Quite weeby, "Made in Abyss" & "senpai ga uzai kouhai no hanashi" fangirl, incarnation of the Rose, shit Poster supreme, attention addicted, your waifu is shit, fuck youBorn 1991Taking @mario@neckbeard.xyz and being taken by him Jun (the olive goddess) said she would peg me one drunken night (yes, that's an achievement for me, fuck you) and she likes my stupid ass messagesWill I ever get a picture of @VerdanuOsane@mstdn.io DFC? Stay tuned to find out!https://video.autizmo.xyz/accounts/kagekokoro/video-channelsIs where I post my dumb cooking videos, maybe you like them, maybe you learn from them!@kagekokoro@wordsmith.socialI swear to everything by in this world I am so tired of corona and politics and zealots for both of the aforementioned topicsJust give me my life backStop telling me what I can or can't doWhat I need wear when going in publicWhen I can go out or can'tCreator of the GothMoth meme Stop inventing fucking snowflake words for your made up bullshit, thank you
Anime account
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I'm a weeaboo and kinda furry, but I'm not a degenerate furry fam, keep your mouth close before I bite it off (to the haters)Autistic, smart, young and full of cum.I’m also a good AmericanElement account: @jojothegokuishere:uddu.chatXMPP: jojothecutie@dismail.deㅤ Favorite Anime=Probably Tokyo Revengers Sexual orientation=Gay as fuck Favorite Character=Luffy
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fuck off:queenlaugh:british, healthcare assistant, women's rights activist, dgafnew to fedi? ask me anything, happy to help
rufousboi@teamrufous.masto.hostg o t h s e n g i
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Personal account of confirmed rufousboi and teamrufous admin "goth shrew." 18+ follows only. DMs open. (he/him late 20s)"Wow I am so impressed by this toot." @ElfLord"Fuck off" @healyn goth=shrew confirmed=rufousboi must be 18+=to enter avi=@extinct
humpaaa@chaos.socialBaum Kuschler
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#umweltinformatik #python #floss #treehugger #xvx #zen #sxe #berlin #teilzeitanarchist #universaldilettant #laufen #marathon #parkrun #trailrun #ultrarun #wandern (I) Don't=smoke (I) Don't=drink (I) Don't=fuck
mrtwatson@noagendasocial.comMr.Tinfoil hat
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Got rid of the man's prayer because im tired of changing for everyone else. So heres a new prayer.Im a manYou can get the fuck offMy lawn*chambers a round*Alright on to business.I am a Candanavian from the land of the mushroom people of Nova Scotia.
horsefucker_thicc@monads.onlinewild and horsefucking hermit
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single mother of 5 large adult sons. xe/she. I DO NOT FUCK HORSES
clancy@bitcoinhackers.orgClancy Join or Die Rodgers
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Go fuck yourself
keith@anarchism.space~keith, kisser of boys :af:
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The Fediverse's favourite queer trans punkgender polyamorous bisexual gay anarchist. (Or least favourite, according to some.) Enthusiastic about old computers, kissing men, #Lisp programming, and piracy.I don't know when to shut up, and I refuse to learn."anarchist who uses computers (crime) (derogatory)" - @AgathaSorceress"a very gaybrained nerd" - @kaydenFuck capitalism, fuck cops, fuck white supremacy, fuck authority.
ponfarr@skull.websiteslash :cryknife:
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BORN TO POST/ WEB IS A FUCK / Toot Em All 1998 / I am trash girl / 410,757,864,530 DEAD INSTANCES
turncoattradition@poa.stΣ S I G M A C Y R U S Σ :njp:
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"Fuck off, I got work to do.":njp:
yomimono@wandering.shop🚲 yomimono 🚲
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cis lesbian (fuck off TERFs), computer skeptic, purr-programming enthusiast, itinerant dog-petter#unikernel #ocaml #embroidery #bicycle #cat #sun #justice
babbage@deadinsi.deBab [he/they/ey/thon]
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23 / trans+nb / bi+polyam:nd: :ancom: :yell:Artist, writer, worldbuilder, dabbling programmer, and professional shitposter.Demonologist, witch, whatever-the-fuck. Avatar+header were made by myself.Minors are allowed, but please don't open or interact with posts marked as NSFW/lewd.Follow requests usually accepted, unless you're a bot, some flavor of alt-right, or don't have enough information to judge you on (including pronouns!). Commissions=Open Trades=Open Pronoun Examples=https://pronoun.is/he/:or/they/.../themself/:or/ey/:or/thon
avalos@mstdn.socialIván Ávalos 🇲🇽
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18 year old student and tech enthusiast. Full time procrastinator and occasionally productive. ADHD, social awkward and non-binary. I advocate for free (as in freedom) software, open technologies, privacy, human rights and equity.Fuck cancel culture and contempt culture! Pronouns=Any Sex?=No OpenPGP=8A7F8F5FE05EC22EF9CC3C90AC47C0E4F348CE33
batelite@chitter.xyzPetra, softness element cutie
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"Warm n sof uwu" <- Zowie, about me5 squared years old autistic genderfluid bat (often leaning feminine)She/her preferred, or them/they.@chao and @lizardsquid are my girlfriend and enbyfriend respectively. I also love you probably.Affection welcome (and encouraged), but ask before kissing me on my lips/mouth."cutiepatootie" - @jenbug"Both of you are rad as fuck" - @fluffdragom
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games engineer. ill never shut the fuck up.
lesbianhacker@radical.townJessica L. Hacker
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Jessica | 27 ♏ | she/her/ella | Marxist🔞 Don't follow me if you're under 18☢️ Don't follow me if you hate "tankies" ☣️ Victims of Communism and Sympathizers Fuck OffNot the worst database and software developer you've ever seen. Taller than Stalin, Lenin, and Mao. 💕💕💕=@lesbiangoth Currently Reading=Pedagogy of the Oppressed & Contra El Culto de los Libros
brownexpat@mastodon.socialfash bash
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sick brown miserable asexual socialist fuck former mediocre documentary maker ♿ 🌹:heart_ace: h+
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💻 | 🗺 catdadfather of catsgive of :blobpats: taker of napsgender's a fuck & capitalism is tooit's chaos, be kind
iwasbornazombie@mastodon.socialmess 🦇
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call me a kinnie and i'll fuck your bitch 🦇=genderfluid bi 🦇=16
verdanuosane@mstdn.ioLoba Zorrani
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"verified" folf tomboy of feditaken by *insert person here*CEO of Friday Night Funkin' lyric posts"Martes Latinas" or "Spanish Tuesdays" where every tuesday is exclusively spanish speaking for me. @LobaZorrani will be the main now stuff i do=draw, trampoline, 4-wheeling, a bunch of other stuff what i am=folf tomboy (usually somewhat horny) what i post=yes why i'm here=who the fuck knows?
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Beni-Enma is the best.Fuck off pedos/MAPs/Wood chipper FodderUrinal Cake Decorator
gonzo@monads.onlinesheriff of frottingham
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they/he 25. bi- dont reply to me followers only if we arent mutuals- dont dm me unprompted if we arent mutuals or at least acquainted- white ppl dont joke about my name. i dont give a fuck about hunter s thompson
jen_lee@mastodon.socialJen Lee
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Fuck wilw. Cashme ousside, how bout at .host
9rvurdamoseva03khu.mel@soc.hyena.network  [follow]
Belgian 🇧🇪 | Striped hyena & Synth | hyena.network admin :yeen_flower::flag_demisexual: :flag_mlm: :flag_demiguy: | ⛛ They/He ⛛ Can be NSFW :over18: Please do not follow if you are bellow 18Otherwise follow all you want! I generally don&#39;t mind if we interacted before🐝 Bumbledome 2K2X 🐝 #NoBotsPeace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Responsibility - PLURR💛 @doubleDensity@vulpine.club best wuff 💛:ms_call_me_hmn: :ms_landline_phone: CALL ME ON NPSTN! US gateway: +1 (407) 564-4115 and then dial...:Fax+Telephone :ms_fax_machine: : 234-8761 Languages:=+NL / +EN / =FR / -DE 🐝🇱〽️=fuck yes
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there comes a time, basically every ten minutes, when ya say fuck it. simple math. #bitcoin Muthatruka, stacking, talking and living on the fringe... The weather's nice. Bastard, fucker, asshole, skeptic but an alright guy
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Podcast host with way too much free time on his hands.I came here because I got tired of Twitter's shit.Fuck fascists.
_sharplimefox@vulpine.clubLux Amelia Phifollen
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Funky Furry Fox | 20 | Fascists Fuck Off | Amateur Doodler | Non-binary transfem & Confused™️ | :bifox: | Computer Software Engineering studentExpect cursed shitposting, memes, fluffy furries, dev and sysadmin ramblings, obscure knowledge about US fascism, pictures of bunnies, and so on (all properly CW'd ofc).Feel free to request a follow I should accept you if you're chill[FR]Renard⋅e Chill Fluffy | 20 | Antifasciste | Gribouilleuse du dimanche | Transféminin⋅e non-binaire & Perdu⋅e™️ | Bi | Étudiant⋅e en ingéniérie informatiqueAttendez-vous à du shitposting bien cursed, des memes, des furries tout fluffy, du gros vent de dev et sysadmin, des fun fact obscures sur le fascisme aux US, des photos de lapinoux et tout et tout (avec les bons CWs bien entendu).Vous pouvez m'envoyer un follow je devrais accepter si vous êtes chill
skasteoloi@mstdn.socialwhat the fuck
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