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healthranger@brighteon.socialHealth Ranger
healthranger@brighteon.social  [follow]
Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.
healthranger@www.brighteon.socialHealth Ranger
healthranger@www.brighteon.social  [follow]
Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on Amazon.com called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from science and medicine to culture and politics.
gomez@toot.walesGomez :baner:
Me, Food Adventure, LinkedIn, Training
gomez@toot.wales  [follow]
H&S, Project Management Trainer. All things food related. Chair Slow Food South East Wales.#food #cooking #photography #wales #tech #agriinnovation #blogging
deepsealioness@mastodon.social‏محترمہ پربھا ✅
deepsealioness@mastodon.social  [follow]
l’m here to make you uncomfortable, the same one your mom warned you about.Unapologetic, Unconventional, Not your typical girl next door. I BiteHaters from twitter are free to pre emptively block me, cheersI talk too much politics and offend almost everyone. #SocialJustice is key, I am rabid with oppressors of any kind class, caste, religion, gender. If you aid oppression, you are free to take a long walk on a short cliff If you don’t, I will share food pics, pets, jokes & love 💓 Politics=Left Leaning Twitter=@Deepsealioness Name=Prabha
sanjayuvacha@mastodon.social  [follow]
Lawyer & History buff with a sense of humour & rumour. Militant secularist. Good food, good friends & good times make my day. Boosts are not endorsements.
elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.meVx Food For Thot
elizafox@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
Transfeminine, polyamorous, disabled, C-PTSD, mixed race, plural, kin, Tulsan.I think I'm funny but I'm not. Hope you like bad posts.Let me know if I upset you. Please.Always open for meetups!Not screenreader friendly, sorry.💍: @plausocks, @violet, and @SamanthaCayne👩‍❤️‍👩: @foxiepaws💑: @ThornEaterFurry code: FFD6admrw~ A- C D H++ M P++ R++ T++++ W>+++ Z- Sh++>p RL-/BM*/CT*/MH*>MH a cm++/--- d+ e**/+>++++ f++++ h+++>++++ iwf+++/--- j+>++ p>+++ sf*/+++#nobot Language=en, fr Age=29 Religion=Discordianism :sacred_chao: Politics=Socialism, or thereabouts MBTI aka Nerd Astrology Test=INFP-t Pronouns=they/them Pansexual?=Very. More than 4 metadata fields?=Yep.
mike@chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to grow more of my own #food. I am learning to make good #bread and #beer. I've been a professional Unix #sysadmin for over twenty years.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
mike@social.chinwag.orgMike, First of His Name
Personal, Elsewhere, Contribute
mike@social.chinwag.org  [follow]
Admin of Chinwag, fan of open communication standards, maintainer of communities.Time Magazine "Person of the Year" 2006.I talk about #retrocomputing a lot, especially #Commodore64 stuff. I also do a lot of #gardening and am trying to grow more of my own #food. I am learning to make good #bread and #beer. I've been a professional Unix #sysadmin for over twenty years.I live in #Melbourne, #Australia IM=xmpp:mike@chinwag.org
Ideas sketchbook, Smol moods, Food for thought, Book in progress
sargoth@mastodon.social  [follow]
Discursive anomalies. Anti-content. Theme-resistant. Passive-benevolent. Unrelenting ululations. Hug your bots! | https://www.patreon.com/sargoth
Website, Socialhome, Pixelfed
fitheach@mstdn.io  [follow]
#Nature, technology, #food, #movies, #music, #politics, #photography #dogs and life in the #Highlands of #Scotland.#Mustard #TeamRosenKohl AKA=Iain MacDonald
interneteh@mastodon.social  [follow]
PNW-exploring socialist dad food guy who wants to be a bear. He. Constant food posts. Bi. Formerly at Sunbeam City. Boosts A Lot=Paintings by commission DSA=Twitter Refugee Dadposting=Oregon Hiker=Sincereposter
gwenfarsgarden@sunbeam.cityGwenhwyfar's Garden :greensun:
gwenfarsgarden@sunbeam.city  [follow]
White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, & occasional designer. #Garlic lover. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). Intersectional feminist. Mx. I love pre-1660 British History, Sci-fi, and #Cats. #AntiCapitalist #Solarpunk #Gardening #Plants #Accessibility #Disability #Spoonie #Anarchist #AntiFascistThere is no such thing as too many plants. Pronouns & age=they/them she/her, 42 (+10) Where=Sheffield, EU Food/cooking Alt=https://kith.kitchen/web/accounts/7893
gazelle@femme.energy  [follow]
THE ONLY ESSENTIALlesbian. body builder. blobderpy. weed. ethereal jewish leftist femme. pronouns=she/her CWs=weed, fitness, food, mh, selfies/nudes
heckthecistem@anticapitalist.party  [follow]
white, trans, system of 9, we make the food and shitpost queer as in fuck you, leftist as in fuck me i don't know mod of anticapitalist.party pronouns=she/her selfies=okay to boost
datatitian@social.coopWill Murphy 🌹
datatitian@social.coop  [follow]
We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kingsFollows welcome except Nazis/TERFsHe/himCooperate all the things! Organizing=Chicago DSA Food=Dill Pickle Food Co-Op Money=Credit Union 1 Outdoor=REI Co-Op
southerngothhick@radical.townCrass Iron Skillet
southerngothhick@radical.town  [follow]
trying to be some sort of farmerI'm white but I am trying to fix itA fan of: language, flowers, animals, cuties, spicy food, "fighting the good fight," my friends, drinking water, porno, Pronouns=They/Them/Y'all may be called=Paul
sniperovitch@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
#FOOD #COCKTAILS #CIGAR #PRIVACY« Je ne peux pas aimer ou haïr à moitié Je ne peux pas abandonner la moitié de mon âme »
raucao@kosmos.socialRâu Cao ⚡
Home page, Blog
raucao@kosmos.social  [follow]
Web platform ALL THE THINGS w/ 5apps. Redecentralizing the Web w/ @remotestorage and @kosmos. Evading winters w/ @hackerbeach. Traveling full-time since 2010. INTP. Cycling, coffee, beer, food=Yes, please! Current location=Eisenach, DE
nightingalle@friends.nico  [follow]
I take art commissions now! Feel free to ask me for more info if you're interested~絵の依頼を受け付けています、問い合わせ大歓迎です。Language: EN/ JA/ ZH/ DE (still learning)Formed a unit with @Guresuke :)Find our musics on https://music.pawoo.net/@ioiSinging/Drawing/Photography/Poetry/Anime/Food/ Learning German :)Icon by myself:)
alamantus@cybre.spaceWho the heck is Robbie?
alamantus@cybre.space  [follow]
A professional web developer, hobby game developer, conlang enthusiast, and maker of highly specific niche software named Robbie Antenesse. ⚠️ CAUTION: Here be swears ⚠️Other Mastodon Accounts:Tabletop Gaming - @AlamantusLinguistics & Conlanging - @AlamantusCooking & Food - @AlamantusBooks & Reading - @AlamantusBackup - @Alamantus Online at=https://wheretofind.me/@Robbie Pronouns=he/him Enneagram=9w1SE
alsternerd@social.tchncs.dealsternerd 🤷🏼‍♀️
alsternerd@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Likes dark cyber future, but prefers a light one.Hardware is better than Software.Working in the food industry.Environment.Cycling.CCC/AlienBi🏳️‍🌈Pan.Cyber.Öko.He/HimFuck the algorithm.Also Open evrything.Ask me about my cat: https://www.paypal.me/alsternerd All men must=die and serve. Any messenger=alsternerd Pronouns=he/him/they/them
goofysufi@mastodon.social#StopTransACT :transgender:
goofysufi@mastodon.social  [follow]
Learning to migrate from Fascist Twitter.Thinker. Of food and sleep. Queer. Non-binary. Proud. Hecklers, a titty devour bovine.PS: I am one of the protesters in the header image. Pronouns=no preferences Custom DP made by=@shirtshanks
johnbrownjr@radical.town  [follow]
"The Peoples' Poster""Himbo King of the Fedi"“The Badd Dadd of Mastodon”“World's grossest food blog tbh”demcon | ancom | faildad | #replybi✌️[he/him]🔞#always #respect #women & #enbies politics=arm the proles gender=is fake married=with children occupation=HouseSpouse
awilfox@mst3k.interlinked.me🌈 A. Wilcox delicately
awilfox@mst3k.interlinked.me  [follow]
The silly little catfox monster everyone told you about. My dreams are Intel’s nightmares. Life is a PowerPC: most time is spent in the problem state.Enby; them/they; religous; tolerant. Manages Adélie Linux, reads POSIX, terribly nerdy, punk rock lover. #BotMeHarderStatements and opinions posted here do not reflect those of the Interlinked Foundation or its members. Pronoun=They/them Food=Pizza Music=Yes
pawdraig@goblin.campa mangy cur
pawdraig@goblin.camp  [follow]
mid 30's househusbo out here still takin' selfies! Lots food and pets posting, shitposting, gaming and ho-adjacent goblin anticsI have a food related alt @toomanycooks.social Goblin=In your menchies Sorry sorry sorry=*scurrying* Furryishsh=He/Him/They Lefty=18+ Content, shitposting
jsalvador@mastodon.socialJuanjo Salvador (at 🏠)
jsalvador@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Debian #linux sysadmin, #Python developer, #lua gamedev. Amateur photographer, GNOME lover. Also like anime, sci-fi, beer and mexican food. Languages=English / Spanish Location=Somewhere at Spain Pronouns=he/him
superruserr@toot.berlinฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ hannah
superruserr@toot.berlin  [follow]
DE/EN | #Software #InfoSec #Networking #IT infosec.exchange/@superruserr, FR: mamot.fr/@superruserr ✈️| @hcs #music, #art, #food, #life Website=hannahsuarez.me Twitter=twitter.com/superruserr Blog=blog.hannahsuarez.me
interneteh@weirder.earth(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ sid ♥
interneteh@weirder.earth  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm a leftist millennial dad raising 2 kids in Kalapuya land in Oregon. Writer and editor. Posts about nature, food, gardening, politics. Not a bot. bi/pan, he/him. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
ottaross@mastodon.socialRoss of Ottawa
ottaross@mastodon.social  [follow]
Ross in Ottawa is inspired by people who have interests and pursue them. Enthusiastic about science, tech-makerism, food, culture and art. Sharing the trivialities of my daily activities, software/hardware, food, making stuff, and various random thoughts. Twitter:=https://twitter.com/ottaross Poetry:=https://hellopoetry.com/ottaross/ Blogginess:=https://ottaross.blogspot.com/ More Poetry:=https://medium.com/@ottaross
panais@diaspodon.frHercule Particule
panais@diaspodon.fr  [follow]
Hercule Panais de la Dernière Pluye.⋅ Baron adoubé par @Natouille⋅ Meilleur danseur du monde d'après @SacripAnne ⋅ Groupie de @noecendrier ⋅ Hacktiviste d'après @nitot · Pignouf selon @KazukyAkayashi⋅ Baltringue notoire.Plus sérieusement :* Je ne relaie pas d'images sans texte alternatif.* Allié LGBTQ+, j'aide autant que je peux.* Messages de plus de 15 jours effacés progressivement. Accept-Language=fr,en;q=0.8 Will learn=French Sign Language Pronouns=il/lui/he/him/товарищ Loves=Food, friends, fun.
dazinism@social.coop  [follow]
food, trees, land, tech and people collaborating to manage them
popstar@myasstodon.xyzcry baby💧
popstar@myasstodon.xyz  [follow]
Among the stars✨🇲🇽 🇺🇸 30 y/o Enby femmeQueer; Author;Chronically IllKJ 💖Think I'm funny? Like my threads? Just wanna thank me for being cute? Tip me: https://www.ko-fi.com/Q5Q586SG Call Me:=Lali, Star; She/ They Speciality:=Food history I am:=Drafting Disaster Currently reading:=A Princess in Theory
Blog, Blog
kaykap@mastodon.social  [follow]
Observes, comments, liberal leanings, believes in live & let live, loves fur friends, books, music, people, life, food, culture, places, cooking, & conversations in no particular order. Professionally, a content reviewer & writer; in effect “words are my play & my pay.” I “…Took my dreams and I took to the road/ Hitched a ride with the wind/ And since he was my friend/ I just let him decide where we'd go..." It's been a good journey so far twitter=@Kirti Location=Mumbai, India
ryusei@glitch.socialRyusei (류セイ/龍生)
ryusei@glitch.social  [follow]
New main account of @And_Zoidberg. Nerdy academia esoterica, video games, art both of the pixel and traditional variety, pen-and-paper RPGs, anime, social issues, LGBT stuff and food.They/themish and flaming metrosexual-of-center/男装/ทอม, bi but not currently out on the town二世Prepare to be blinded by science and weebshit.
ponapalt@ukadon.shillest.netぽな@ばぐとら 🛸
Web, Keybase, Keyoxide
ponapalt@ukadon.shillest.net  [follow]
えんばぐのおもいのたけをさけびます。Feel free to ask me.アイコンはrixyou0、ヘッダは k_kou の作品。うかどん本家 :food_kandume_saba:元祖 :food_kandume_saba: は @nothink 。デブOops Magician#ukagaka SSP Developer#艦これ 横須賀/電#鉄道 近鉄・南海・DE10 #13さい あおいとり=https://twitter.com/ponapalt
viv@toot.site  [follow]
Anti-establishment.I toot food, life, music, books etc.I also make jokes no one understands. Pronoun=He Obsession=Brandon Sanderson's works
interneteh@dads.coolsid, but dad
interneteh@dads.cool  [follow]
Feel free not to respond to my follow request. It's totally fine! I'm a leftist millennial dad raising 2 kids in Kalapuya land in Oregon. Writer and editor. Posts about nature, food, gardening, politics. Not a bot. bi/pan, he/him. the chillhop raccoon toon is by Jeoffrey Magellan
pawdraig@mastodon.cloud  [follow]
He/him/they - Hey ima queer cat Dad - Furryish, leftish, and way too online at the moment. 18+ I love=#fungi amateur mycology, food, agriculture Other Weird Animals=Gosh, they're neat Warning:=Plenty of shitposting
theavclub@spinster.xyz  [follow]
PNW Born and Raised. Making art, growing food and generally having a good time.Banner is my own. You can see more of my illustrations at: https://cargocollective.com/alisonvogelaarOr Follow me on Insta: the.avclub
aros@monsterpit.net  [follow]
Large bisexual demiguy relates intensely to queer monsters, writes fantasy fiction and misguided homebrew RPG systemsFeaturing several gay monsters with more info @ medium.com/several-gay-monsters/NSFW will be posted/boosted under CW(I am very bad about not CW'ing food tho) SFW=@Aros NSFW=@turgidcucumber Pronouns=he/they Birdsite=@orcanist
milcom@mastodon.social  [follow]
Anti-establishment.I toot food, life, sports, tech, books, music etc.I also make jokes that no one understands."Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do." Pronoun=He/Him Currently obsessed with=Brandon Sanderson books Matrix=Available on Request
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchenGwenhwyfar's Garden
Gardening blog
gwenfarsgarden@kith.kitchen  [follow]
Plant Mage. White #permaculture gardener, plant addict, & occasional garden designer. #Garlic lover. I blog about #GardeningWithME (I have the #ChronicIllness #MECFS). I love pre-1660 British History, Sci-fi, and #Cats. Working on #MeAndWhiteSupremacy.Will talk about food (growing and eating) unCW'ed. #HappyFatThere is no such thing as too many plants.Politics & general musings alt: @GwenfarsGarden Pronouns and age=she/her they/them, Age: 42 +10 Where=Sheffield, EU
carly_io@toot.cafeCarly Lyddiard
carly_io@toot.cafe  [follow]
.NET/Vue web dev, making, growing organic food, slow travel, music, outdoors, linguistics. Mostly Newcastle, Aus. https://carly.ioBi, CIS female, she/her
carlyio@toot.cafeCarly Lyddiard
carlyio@toot.cafe  [follow]
.NET/Vue web dev, making, growing organic food, slow travel, music, outdoors, linguistics. Mostly Newcastle, Aus. https://carly.ioBi, CIS female, she/her
aros@the.monsterpit.net  [follow]
Large bisexual demiguy relates intensely to queer monsters, writes fantasy fiction and misguided homebrew RPG systemsFeaturing several gay monsters with more info @ medium.com/several-gay-monsters/NSFW will be posted/boosted under CW(I am very bad about not CW'ing food tho)
dametanya@noagendasocial.comDame Tanya 🧀
dametanya@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
Geek girl, office lady, optimistic pragmatist, I LOVE FOOD and enjoy cooking. Viscountess of the No Agenda Round Table, in the morning!
twitter, bandcamp
liquidcrystal@cybre.space  [follow]
⚡️ ☠ cyberpunk robot girl ☠ ⚡️ jess from online. jewish lesbian. leftist. dev. electronic musician. synthwave producer. agitprop writer ☭ !קער אַ וועלט היינט does tag=food, choking doesn't tag=selfies, politics
and_zoidberg@mastodon.socialRyusei (obsolete/lurker)
and_zoidberg@mastodon.social  [follow]
Just your friendly neighborhood crustacean. Enjoys art, tech, design, food, dogs, nonlinear storytelling, futurism, paradigm subversion, and interesting humans.
alpine_thistle@fandom.inkamanda, chicken theologian
alpine_thistle@fandom.ink  [follow]
actualmermaid on Tumblr. angrymermaids on AO3. History, literature, music, food, gardening, animals. Inscrutable religion takes. Socialist with a small s.30, she/her, be gay do crimes
Blog, Youtube
holdingon@toot.wales  [follow]
We are creating a gentler, cleaner and more healthy life for our family. I share my home with my loving partner, Mr J and our cat Monty. We keep chickens, ducks and turkeys and have a kitchen garden, food forest and small market garden. (This is a courtesy account reserved for verified owner, contact @tooter to claim)
sadiqkazi@mastodon.socialSadiq Kazi 🛍️
sadiqkazi@mastodon.social  [follow]
Retailer. Educationist. Voracious reader. Liberal. Secular. Foodie. Traveller. Bread & Butter:=Retail/ Retail Consultant Social side:=Head of an Ed. Inst. Breathes:=Books Breakfast food:=Bigoted Bhakts
honeymilk@cmx.imSΛN明治 :cmx_stbr: 食用不可
honeymilk@cmx.im  [follow]
🍓:cmx_elph: 人 工 菜 鸡 手 残 混 乱智 障 钳 工 刺 客 中 立Triggered by all kinds of food🍖 and cats🐱日常摸鱼瞎jbbb做个bot 象群备份=@sanmeiji 在世界中心=自说自话 话唠起来=就地发疯 疯狂摸鱼=https://sanmeiji.github.io/
craigdougscott@mastodon.social  [follow]
the kind pig of online🌟ad astra per alas porci🌟 pronouns=he/him politics=left food takes?=no thanks reply=guy
mirabilis@octodon.social  [follow]
Interested in #history #archaeology #science #books #forest #nature #food #privacy, #Norway, #Canada, and many other topics as well.Sometimes I blog at mirabilis.ca.
teslas_moustache@sunbeam.citySunbeam Borb
teslas_moustache@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Same borb as @teslas_moustache. Anarchist with syndicalist leanings, but other interests as well. Artist, Wobbly, Worker. Food autonomy, mutual aid. pronouns=en: "he/they" eo: "li/ri" Age=low 30s Plants=YES (hardiness zone 6a) Amazon Wishlist=https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2I9CUO0HA0O9Y?type=wishlist&filter=unpurchased&sort=priority&viewType=list
08181@mastodon.social08181 ✅
08181@mastodon.social  [follow]
Al menos aquí eliges quién quieres que te mienta Food=Lo de comer Travel=Lo de viajar Drone=Lo del juguetito Monguer=Yo
solarpunkagorism@sunbeam.city  [follow]
🔥🍄🌎🌘 Grow Food, Do Crimes ☀️🌍🍄🔥married to @Indigopenn Religion=Quaker Orientation=Pansexual Pronouns=Him/His Philosophy=Anarchist
mmww@akko.kalasarn.seSejtan in Hell
mmww@akko.kalasarn.se  [follow]
Testing this shit out. Never had a twitter. Hoping for some dank memes and yuri. Also, I like stuff like books, photography, anime, manga, food, alcohol and fun.
tibike@niu.moeBread bearded Tibike
tibike@niu.moe  [follow]
Android dev, interested in art, programming and everything in between... |Interests| = ℵ₀ Lang: 🇭🇺 🇬🇧 🇷🇴#nobot XMPP=tibike@trashserver.net Main Account=@tibike Food Account=@tibike Pixelfed=@tibike
notresponding@mastodon.art  [follow]
I draw stuff, usually from a story about witches, or something with food themed people.I'm pretty boring.
shirishag75@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm a #vagabond, #lacto-vegetarian, #free-spirited soul who enjoys #street food, #sci-fi, #fantasy, #thrillers, #books, #movies, #security, #GNU/Linux, #travel Age=44 Country=India Pronouns=he/him
theageofbananas@mastodon.social  [follow]
Fly on the wall Politics= Current Affairs= Food= Humour=
runningincircles@mstdn.ioRunningInCircles 👣
runningincircles@mstdn.io  [follow]
Ageing hacker, remembers war dialling. Into wandering the hills, bodyweight fitness, yoga, meditation & heavy metal.Upped and moved to North Scotland. Here to climb trees, swim in lochs and wander the mountains.Twice broken by modern life. NDE by self direction, only here because of the actions of a soul mate.Rebuilt the first time and discovered spirituality, meditation and chaos magic.Rebuild 2 currently ongoing. Delving into animism and shamanic practice. Eating=Foraged food ;-) MH=Adrift and hollowed. Age=Old enough. Happiest=In nature.
fakegenrebot@vulpine.clubMusical Genre Bot
fakegenrebot@vulpine.club  [follow]
A bot by purrgesterone@mastodon.social that randomly generates (usually) fake musical genres. CN food/alcohol. Hosted on http://cheapbotsdonequick.com .
wayril@bananachips.clubQuiet Avery :sparkles_trans:
wayril@bananachips.club  [follow]
Queer Femme :transgender_flag: :pansexual_flag:Aspiring E-Girl×Twink :100_valid: Life Posting, Food Pics, Cute Cats!Machinist • Tabletop Games • CookingOccasionally an Anxious Wreck Pronouns=She/Her
raye@sunbeam.cityraye ⚗️
process, support
raye@sunbeam.city  [follow]
i talk & i write | they/them | #bigender | #solarpunk | #alchemist | #antifa | #witch | #saffron grower | many gods, no masters | #seattle I am...=virgo | mid-life adult | nonbinary | ambivert | neurodiverse goals=tiny house, community, food forest
historywali@mstdn.social  [follow]
Sometimes Screenwriter. Full-Time Director: #LostRecipes #ChakhLeIndia #IndiaOnAPlate etc. Museum Rat. Wannabe Writer writing on food/history. Always #OnTheRoad Twitter=@Historywali Instagram=www.instagram.com/historywali
jvalleroy@fosstodon.orgJames Valleroy
jvalleroy@fosstodon.org  [follow]
I contribute to #Debian and #FreedomBox. Interests include tech freedom, programming languages, travel, games, and food. Matrix=@jvalleroy:jvalleroy.mooo.com XMPP=jvalleroy@jvalleroy.mooo.com
some_person@sunbeam.city  [follow]
I have many interests (art, science, growing food), I really enjoy making things.People should work together instead of competing and hoarding wealth. Pronouns=xe/xir, ne/nem, they/them (if that's easier for you)
discombobulated@mastodon.scot  [follow]
Passionate about family. Passionate about food & wine. Passionate about Scotland & independence. Saor Alba
l00pesth3r@mastodon.technology  [follow]
Curious of everything. A noob trying to live the #FOSS life. Love my pets, tech, music, art, food, life. #privacy Mens sana in corpore sano <3
diaperboy1960@abdl.link  [follow]
dada has turned me into total baby!i have no bathroom privledges, must use diaper. my diet is strictly baby food, drink formula, to get from one place to another i must crawl, all drinking out of bottle, I wear diapee 24/7.dada was so right id like these cloth diapers. actually i wuv them. makes me feel even more like a wittle baby. after all when i was a baby there was only cloth. they feel so great. and the feeling stays longer when i pee pee.dada is mda53546 age=im 60 going on 1 regress=dada gonna regress baby to infant Little name=wittle mikey
nestorspanknho@bofa.lolNestor Spankhno
nestorspanknho@bofa.lol  [follow]
Politics, shitposting, baseball, music, food, booze, horny shit, assorted detritus. Gen X ambassador & Kinkdad of bofa. 18+ Pronouns=he/him Politics=Anarchosyndicalist Location=Melbourne, Australia Filth & lewdness?=absofuckinglutely
polygonz@abdl.link  [follow]
Gay ABDL from🍁 YEG 🍁I love food, gaming, and anything geeky 🤓 feel free to say hi, I always love making new friends~
lotherme@monsterpit.netIt's BehemOrctober!
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Avatar by Marlon.Cores !Header by @serpent !A somewhat friendly behemoth trying to make it in the real world. Also one of the Moderators on Monsterpit!Can be NSFW, voracious, and/or horny. Approach with caution when hungry (Bring him food!).Mostly gay, but not afraid to smooch girls either! Loves making new friends.Do not follow if you are under 18! Pronouns=He/Him Species=http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Behemoth_(Final_Fantasy_IV_2D) DOB=4-11-1992 Roleplay=Open (But ask!)
nicepersonality@mspsocial.netLilith Š.M.B.
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#rollerDerby #webDesign #typography #vegetarian food #feminism #trans issues & #queer folks #cats #blackMetal #DnD #DS9 #MST3K ・ #genX #transfem #enby #grayAce #pan ・ she/her :flag_mpls:=East Philips :progresspride_flag:=:heart_trans: :heart_nb: :heart_lesbian: :heart_ace: :mnrd:=retired 📜=https://lilith.bentley.soy
heurism@mastodon.hostHeurism [masto.host]
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Things: board games, good books, video games, cheap beer, expensive liquor. Music. Always music. Me: CIS/het/heFollowers: 18+ Pronouns=He, his, him Verily I am:=CIS but I'm proud to be called an Ally Location=Reno, NV Topically=Music, Food, Booze, Games
natalie@social.theliturgists.comLooking up through trees
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I read old stuff, and talk about it in surprising ways • critical race theory • social work • ecojubilant nihilism • she/her Table=Food Table=Water Table=Time Table=Division
catgoat@meemu.orgneck deep in star trek
extended bio, polycule
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catgoats on birdsite. 33 / queer / white / #software engineer. from MA. meemu.org admin! lover of #food and big #gay screamin. ur friendly local #trans masc enby. pronouns=they/them hosting:=http://services.meemu.org
jrepin@mstdn.ioJure Repinc
On Diaspora, On Twitter, KDE, FSF
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INFJ. Software engineer at Cosylab, working on space and astronomy projects. Living in Slovenia🇸🇮, Europe🇪🇺. GNU/Linux, free software, open source enthusiast, KDE contributor, pirate party member. Astronomy is my hobby. Lover of scotch whisky, tea and good food. Like to travel a lot and read books (especially about philosophy, psychology, science and economy). Can’t live without music (mostly classical, reggeaton, reggae, dancehall, rap, hiphop). I’m a hopeless romantic with a naughty mind.
B L O G, I G, L I B E R A P A Y
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Bien manger.Bien boire.Anarchiste.#food #nba #politique
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Hi I am a real life Lobster who learned how to use the computer. My name is Lobster. I worship Doctor Zoidberg as a god, and give all praise to him.CEO and head of Research for Human Food for Humans IncLOBSTER FOR PRESIDENT IN 2020 (The guy behind Lobster is named Dave!~ Hi!)
fabulousmatt@eldritch.cafeAutumn Mattou :autumnleaf6:🎃
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Fournisseur de miouSupport officiel des grat grat de dos de Tiphaine Give=love and hugs <3 Will trade=Massages For=Food ! :333 PV +18 etc.=FabulewdMatt@social.mochi.academy
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He/him.Food, selfies (please boost!), cat pictures.Captain of butts.team.The reason I faved but didn't boost your pic is because you didn't describe the image.Black lives matter, if you don't realize this you're on the wrong instance.Profile background art by @kgmarcy #NowPlaying=http://radio.zenhob.com:8000/stream.m3u I'm gamer=@zenhob I'm nerd=@zenhob I'm old=@zenhob
blandmuffin@mastodon.socialBland Muffin
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Socialist guy that mostly talks about food and pooping food
athenogenes@guillotines.masto.hostreassembling the social
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I teach history, but my work account is here: athenogenes@scholar.social. Here: demsoc politics, books, food, shitposts. He/him.
bulkington@radical.townDipshit Official
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oh boy, it's dog food again! pronouns=he/him age=1,000,000 (37) hails from=Athens, GA ass resides=NYC
gordypls@mastodon.cloudYa Boy Gordy
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I make software and food and sarcastic comments.
russellthefox@tech.lgbtNyoom Fox
Twitter, Twitch
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Snow fox that loves all things with cars, racing games, soft, squishy and food.30ish, he/him or they/them, grey ace panromantic, can be lewd but it's really innocent lolno under aged followers please! Telegram=@SnowFex Discord=Snowball-Russer#9041
meor@social.wxcafe.netMeor 🐀
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Libraire - Queer - SciFi - Nerd : Mix & Match. #scifi #books #food #lamepuns
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Lisper/Schemer, CAD software developer, dependent types enthousiast.Programming should be more accessible.I post music stuff too, mostly Irish Trad, but not exclusively. And food, mostly Italian, but not exclusively.English, Français, Deutsch. Un po d'italiano. He/him. France XMPP=tfb@jabber.fr
vikramhegde@mastodon.socialVikram Hegde
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Civil=in the Civil Court Criminal=in the Criminal Court Good Company=in the Company Court Foodie=in the Food Court
krumbukt@wandering.shopRobin Hjelte
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Producer at Ubisoft Massive. Former Game Dev Boss at Forgotten Key, behind the game AER, aikidoka, read books, cook food sometimes. Politics=Social Democratic Location=Sweden Heart=Soft yet unyielding Language=SWE, ENG, a tad 日本語
asliliberalfeminist@mastodon.cloudAsli Liberal Feminist
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BE, MBA, LLB (in making) || Cat Whisperer - Speaks the Language of Cats 🐱 better than most who claim to || Extremely Proud Feminist || Proud Son of A Lovely Mother || Full Time Liberal & Bhayankar Secular🕺 Politics=Leftist Views=Ekdum Liberal Religion=Humanity Hobbies=Law & Food
edelwood@dragon.styleGreen Sequin Pillow
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Renolethyn "Eyeless" Mike Edelwood | Amateur Smut Freelance | 👑Dragon👑| Calibrated for Softness Patreon!=https://www.patreon.com/Edelwood Likes=Being Petted, Food Dislikes=Shoes, pants
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Law grad| Books, movies and good food make my day| Want to make my living solving complex governance and policy issues in India| Love playing UNO, quizzes & trivia as well as puns
jeffhertzog@brighteon.socialJeff Hertzog
Personal Website, Ministry Website, Videos Website, Internet Radio Station
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I am an Independent Non Denominational, Non Affiliated Bible Believing Christian:My Personal Website: http://www.jeffhertzog.net(There I discuss my surviving Abuse @ a Nursing Home in 2018)My Ministry Website http://www.jeffhertzog.orgI also own Internet Radio Station WRAM-DB Radio America USA @ http://www.radioamericausa.comI have a videos website: http://www.jeffhertzog.videoPolitically I am a "3rd Party Independent"I am a Low Carb, Sugar Free, Stevia Dieter & Organic Food Advocate
nicod_@mamot.frnicod_ 🐰🕚
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Rebooteux, fullstack sentimental#music #fusion #techno #jazz #rock #stoner #psyche #food #toulouse #libre #spip Statut=🌀
gianf@fosstodon.orgGianf:) :elementary:
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Dad, husband, nerd, Sicilian. Enterprise architect (whatever that means). Love good food, wine, music, travel, foss, photography, motorbike, sport, basket, snowboard, windsurf, life! :)
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fiber artist • scratch food & beverage maker • aspiring homesteader • in love • mystic • joshua tree, ca pronouns=she/her