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My Website
selfcare@botsin.space  [follow]
hello! i'm a bot that toots selfcare hints every 3 hours. i'm extra helpful for techie folk, but anyone can follow me. be kind to yourself! My Maker=@pixelpaperyarn@icosahedron.website My less frequent sibling=@selfcare_gentle
matiu_bidule@mamot.frmatiu bidule
matiu_bidule@mamot.fr  [follow]
Just your average “indie-soul-jazz-grind-folk-punk-dub-noise-doom-blues-stoner-metal-free-reggae” bearded guy[ Autogestion & Sanuki Udon ](( méchant gaucho mais gentil tatoué )) A song quote="Nous les gars de Prypiat Fredonnons un air funeste Au son cru et délateur Du vent dans les haut-parleurs Comptant chacun de nos pas Sur un sol grillé d'outrage Vogue à travers nos yeux blêmes Une larme d'un vain désespoir" (Ludwig von 88 - cs137) Yet another song quote (because why not ?)=“Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial, For what it's worth, It was worth all the while” (Green Day - Time of your life) A book quote=“Le monde à l'envers. C'était vrai qu'on était à quelques encablures de la Belgique. Ce petit pays dont tous se moquent mais qui a appris au monde qu'on pouvait tout à fait bien vivre sans gouvernement.” (Jean-Bernard Pouy -Cinq bières, deux rhum) Yet another book quote (because why not ?)=“Myself I’d trust him to the end of the Earth,” said Ford. “Oh yes,” said Arthur, “and how far’s that?” “About twelve minutes away,” said Ford (Douglas Adams - The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
ted@landofkittens.social[Ted] :ted: Ted Hart-Davis :breadified:
ted@landofkittens.social  [follow]
Hi![[SPORADIC INTERACTION ENGINE]]Ted/Edward; he/him (will be highly confused but not offended if you use other pronouns); Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism; 21I'm a Cybersecurity & Forensics student at Edinburgh Napier University...going into second year.Among other things, I'm also a folk musician (fiddler), photographer and an administrator over at http://minecraftonline.com...Also a Bash enthusiast who uses Arch unironically, and loves things like ThinkPads and Star Trek (TNG, VOY, DS9, PIC).I'm no longer new to this Fediverse stuff, but I'm still learning! (:*Please don't judge me much by who I follow: instead, please judge me by what I say (non-sarcastic statements) and do.*XMPP:@ted@landofkittens.clubSome relevant links:https://github.com/tedstertechhttps://twitter.com/TedHartDavishttps://instagram.com/TedHartDavishttps://gitlab.com/Tedsterhttps://whatpulse.org/tedsterhttps://landofkittens.community
arcana@disqordia.spaceCailleach Corcra
arcana@disqordia.space  [follow]
Fáilte romhat!I am ArcanaI enjoy grunge music but also folk musicResident 17th century rogueI am bad at writing these things@me if you want something glitch arting (like my banner):heart_eye:
evanarchitective@mastodon.socialpassive solar hill folk⚑
evanarchitective@mastodon.social  [follow]
anarchy, permaculture, transhumanity, biotecture, ecopoiesis, guerrilla microclimatology, they/y'all
johnnemann@mastodon.social  [follow]
He/him. Made Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, a bleak American folk tale. Previously: Gone Home, Bioshock 2, Sony, Gamenest.
matograine@mastodon.zaclys.com  [follow]
Un p'tit français! #Lyon #debian #architecture #charpente #salsa #folk #monnaielibre #Ğ1 portefeuille Ğ1=9p5nHsES6xujFR7pw2yGy4PLKKHgWsMvsDHaHF64Uj25:6jJ
lystrialle@vocalounge.cafe  [follow]
Hobbyist folk/neofolk composer and lyricist. Also a language and linguistics enthusiast. VocaLounge web admin. Member of @Myriad.:vocalo_v5: :vocalo_v1: :utau:This account is for vocalsynth-centric content/interaction and VocaLounge management. Main account (including general music discussion) can be found at @Lystrialle. Relevant posts will be boosted between each account.banner @ctrlkun@twitter.comicon Stellatiriashe/her | English/日本語/한국어 OK!ボカロ丼→@Lystrialle
creamseparatist@neckbeard.xyzFolk 5%
creamseparatist@neckbeard.xyz  [follow]
Pagan. Nordicist. Your future ruler.
adore@rpvortex.onlineAdore, of The Deep
adore@rpvortex.online  [follow]
Ondine from the Sea of Peace. Currently infiltrating the Surface World.The Land Folk see us as a race of pleasant, mystical creatures who melodiously draw seafarers to their doom below the waves. But we are not the true monsters of this world—they are.Addy is the name I've taken here. 6'7" head to tail/tall.[Roleplay account • FC: Renae Ayris]
blaisepascal@freeatlantis.comBlaise Pascal
blaisepascal@freeatlantis.com  [follow]
Concise liberty minded Christian pseudo philosopher-psychologist “Fourth Turning” patriot in Great Lakes flyover country. Widower. Blocked by TW on twat. Books=Brothers Karmazov by Dostoyevsky, Unseen Hand by Epperson, People of the Lie by Peck, Political Ponerology by Lobaczewski, Progress and Poverty by George, many books by C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer, Live Not by Lies by Dreher, Pensées by Pascal, Bible Music=Eclectic, from 60s, 70s folk & rock to Christian like Keith Green, Delirious, Kevin Prosch, to Country and Classical (fav: Dvorak’s 9th) Films=Gladiator, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, Usual Suspects, Roadhouse, Dr. Zhivago, Basic, Fringe (tv), The Big Short, Stargate SG-1 (tv), Stargate: Atlantis (tv), Goliath (tv) Occupation/Esoterica=Retired Information Technology software packaging, deployment, integration / Gene Keys: 6.2 36.2 12.1 12.4 11.4, 42.2 57.2 5.2, 50.6 24.4 23.3; Mayan: 2 Muluc (⚖︎balance) in Lamat (♕potential) Trecena; Enneagram: 5soc (Professor)
elfi@social.pixie.townElfi, local Disaster Fae 🧚
elfi@social.pixie.town  [follow]
Fair folk, magical moth, greyace girl, greenhorn gamedev, thirties and tired, ADHD+ASD+EDS:transgender_flag:💕 SapphSyst @SophicLeech💕 Agi @AgiDine💕 Alana @Alana💕 Melly/Cherry @deejvalen💕 Rikai @rikaiIcon by automaticspirit, header from Liar Princess and the Blind Prince by NIS
realpurrplenekoboi@niu.moeYour kitty
realpurrplenekoboi@niu.moe  [follow]
Kitty 🐈 high in oppennes, likes to talk about smart things. Just wants to paint and other art, and also do hobby as a folk musician. Most likely will only need more than a 2 room house so will have place for books. 🇭🇺🇺🇸 And 🇸🇰,🇨🇿(simplified),🇩🇪,🇫🇷,🇷🇺,🇹🇷,🇨🇳Mandarin🇹🇼Hakka,Hokien,🇭🇰🇯🇵🇸🇪,🇮🇳,Sanskri,Hindi,Tamil✝️ Latin☦️Churchoslavic🇬🇷modern, ancient🇰🇷+pansori^~^🇰🇬🇲🇳🇵🇭tagalog🇮🇷🇮🇱☪️standart🇫🇮,🇪🇸,🇵🇹 in progress. Also=Does Pottery=Writing For=Fun Maybe=Genderfluid idk
anarchyongallifrey@sunbeam.city  [follow]
"He talks revolution for an hour without using any verbs"Now @AnarchoCoward Bisexual=Heathen He/him=Philosopher 26=Individualist Communist Feminist=Folk punk trash panda
folk@bear.community  [follow]
Ex-tumblr, German, 1949 built, love well built men, especially hairy and gay porn
demon@nnia.spaceFolk Devil
demon@nnia.space  [follow]
21 year old mentally unstable nepiophile and hybristophile. Anti-contact and non-offending towards criminals. I could never do that to a criminal!Dating @Zest
mayor@banjo.townBanjos & Such
Bandcamp, Website, Instagram
mayor@banjo.town  [follow]
I play (mostly) 19th and early 20th-century banjo music. I'd play 4-string early jazz banjo if I could find any musicians to play with. I reserve the right to post non-banjo content, although I aim to keep this account more or less focused on music.I am not particularly interested in banjo as a good-old-timey-appalachian-country-folk-bluegrass totem.You should also follow my "official" music account at @magicians.He/him.
g1comics@equestria.socialfell beast
g1comics@equestria.social  [follow]
Damp hardy equid dreaming about unicorns and glitter. I'm British and I'm so fucking sorry please forgive me 🐎Bemused human bit: white male, abled, gray-ace, straight & cis. Mostly traitor tho 🚲The name? I was going to make this account repost those old out-of-print #G1MLP comics with transcriptions & stuff, but life and 2020 happened. Still fun though. Perhaps again one day#nobotNothing about, withoutAlt texts or no boosts for youQueer and trans (hello, hatebots!) 👏rights 👏Now Wannabe=Pony historian and folklorist Pronouns=He/him, they/them Content=Light shipping, folk horror, magical mayhem Location=The grimbright past of 1980AD
nonverbalpoetry@merveilles.town  [follow]
Queer, neurodivergent, disabled narrative sound artist.Currently live coding music exploring folk memory and far future worlds with an animist perspective.Also a goblin who lives in a swamp (on a 36ft narrowboat named Wren).
e4@mastodon.social  [follow]
on the inevitable path of forming a self band, acoustic & electric guitar & drums. sometimes work as a full stack software engineer (don't let my work know, I'm supposed be doing it full time)I post about games, podcasts, books, instrument I'm learning and random life stuffmy name's ethan hence (eth) and it has nothing to do with crypto Pixelfed=https://pixelfed.social/@e4 Bookwyrm=https://bookrastinating.com/@e4 Stack=Kotlin, Java, Python, React Music=Folk, metal, indie, anime
neuralfolkmotifs@botsin.spaceNeural Folk Motifs
neuralfolkmotifs@botsin.space  [follow]
Char-RNN-TensorFlow generated folk motifs. Trained with Thompson Folk motif index. bot by @vganhttps://stevecvar.com/neural-folk-motifs/
nemessica@bsd.network:aot_sc: nemessica
nemessica@bsd.network  [follow]
ᑐᑌᑎᕮ geek • ENGR • animal behaviorist (CAPBT/CPD) • canine predatory behavior researcher.🇪🇺 Pastoral dogs implementation as an active non-lethal predator prevention support.🇵🇱 "K9 = canine" project📚 Arthurian Legends addict. folk-science 🇪🇺 🐾🐺=https://k9hacking.com/ canine behavior 🇵🇱 🐾🐺=https://k9hacking.pl/ Blog ✍️📚🪶=https://agrowilk.pl
endeoffen@social.tchncs.deLeonie 🤘
endeoffen@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
- Nature (#sailing, #hiking)- People- Technology- Movies and TV- Music (mainly #Metal, #Rock, #Swing, #Folk)- #Dancing (#Salsa, #LindyHop, #WestCoastSwing)- Politics- #Betze- #Gwent addict[WARNING: May suddenly start talking about #BruceCampbell]
kitbash@mastodon.social  [follow]
friend of fauna & floramoon: libra/sun: virgo/infj/gryffindordark folk-pop/electronic/indie avi by @milkgrrl https://multipassxoxox.bandcamp.com/
Site, YouTube, Bandcamp, Other
lystrialle@sonomu.club  [follow]
Hobbyist folk/neofolk composer and lyricist. Also a language and linguistics enthusiast.Affiliated with:Myriad @MyriadA Reyvateil's Melody http://areyvateilsmelody.com/Faraway Asterism https://twitter.com/FarawayAsterismbanner & icon @ctrlkun@twitter.comVocalsynth-centric content/discussion/community interaction is at @Lystrialle, but relevant posts will be boosted here as well.she/her | English/日本語/한국어 OK!
natalie@transgression.cafeNatalie 🏳️‍⚧️☕
natalie@transgression.cafe  [follow]
Hey there, I'm Natalie! I'll be posting about one of my many unfinished projects, attempting to flirt with cute trans folk, talking tech and taking photos of my awkwardness.I'm extremely passionate about games programming, particularly engine and gameplay systems. Professionally I use Typescript/C++, but for my hobby work I use and love Rust. I also like hiking, camping, cats, yoyos, 3D printing and a variety of handcrafts.Feel free to follow request! 💖Lewd: @lewdalie Gender=:flag_transby: Femby (She/They) Attraction=:flag_ace: Ace (SF) Romance=:flag_sapphic: Sapphoromantic Sensual=:flag_bi: Bisensual
wee_joe@kolektiva.social🌻Joe Isaac🌻
wee_joe@kolektiva.social  [follow]
bisexual criminal she/her🔞(I post lewds and nudes)sometimes posts about birds, comics, folk music & my butt ❤️co-founder of @pinkpeacock💜🔯
badmotorfinger@mastodon.socialAlan in Dundee
badmotorfinger@mastodon.social  [follow]
Normal chap who'd like to see everyone raise their consciousness, behave morally and enjoy life's journey without messing other folk's up. SOUNDS easy....
paularinkeli@mastodon.art  [follow]
Olla maailman kokoisessa maailmassa ihmisen kokoinen ihminen.To be a human-sized human in a world-sized world.Singer, MusicianMaster's student in Folk Music.Also relevant: cats, handicrafts, 🏳️‍🌈, ADHDshe/her. FI/EN.
kristianaas@snabelen.noKristian Skjellum Aas
kristianaas@snabelen.no  [follow]
Infogubbe og redaktør i @naturvern. Glad i folk og mat. Avdanka C64-nerd. Blogger om tog og løk (http://www.togoglok.wordpress.com) Admin i FBgruppa Togferie.
rebello@tilde.zone~rebello 🇺🇦
rebello@tilde.zone  [follow]
Hello! I'm ~rebello! I like programming, video games, watercraft (especially dinghys like the Mirror and the Laser), botany (to a certain degree), folk music (Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger FTW), and Acorn Computer products!English lad drifting through life with little end goal.Using: https://forget.codl.frTime Zone: GMT (UTC) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 IRC=rebello (libera, tilde, DALnet) Gopher 🦫=gopher://tilde.institute/1/~rebello Pronouns=He/Him
jwynia@fissionator.comJ Wynia
jwynia@fissionator.com  [follow]
Software sellsword, writer and geek. Traditional folk musician. Maker of booze. MN Wild fan. Owned by basset hounds. Co-Founder of 7 Interruptions. 55430.
nsure@mastodon.socialNSure ✔
nsure@mastodon.social  [follow]
Approaching retirement but refusing to retire! Have cut out rat races, taken to mentoring young folk these days. Still have to travel a bit against my wishes... Engineer-MBAHate bigots, hare-brained policies & those formulating them - read, bjpee!!Iconoclast, Agnostic, loves what I'm doing - for 6 months! So began work life as a Mechanical Engineer, shifted to Market Research, then Computers, Server-side Maintenance, Analytics, Teaching, Entrepreneur, Investor.Boxing and Rafi Saab fan!
juergen_hubert@mastodon.socialJürgen Hubert
juergen_hubert@mastodon.social  [follow]
Translates German folk tales. www.sunkencastles.com#ttrpg #pnpde #dnd #folklore #fedi22
moistrain@m.cmx.im  [follow]
没朋友。不要妄图改变我的个人意志。Drink wine and make it real summer dream长毛象里的一切,请留在长毛象 科幻=太空堡垒卡拉狄加 Starfleet 你一生的故事 独立音乐=Indie rock or Folk 星空与摄影=迷恋爷爷家的璀璨星空 有趣即正义!=森见登美彦
storydragon@dragonscave.spaceStoryDragon, child of the harp
storydragon@dragonscave.space  [follow]
Hi there! One of my other online names is Privacy_Dragon.For follows: See pins.I love #dragons and #books.Sometimes I like to do stuff with words, like writing poems or ,recently, writing #SmallStories.I further love #music. Especially folk-metal, folk, celtic and medieval music. I also play the harp.And I do programming, mostly for calculators like the TI-84+ CE, but also for the computer.I also do #HEMA swordfighting!And I do #reenactment!Lastly, I have #Autism and #ADHD#NoBot Pronouns=He/Him Me at other places=https://wheretofind.me/@WebDragon Server=webdragon.mywire.org HTTPS port=2252
formalian@queer.party  [follow]
Hi Im a gay Christian kind of Catholicish. Im interested in world religions, LGBT rights, culture & interested folk magic, Witches & mystics. Im in to gay porn.
folk@freespeechextremist.comFolk [BANNED]
folk@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
My handsome face will make you angry, apparently. :^)Strike that; too handsome. Temporarily removed to keep the morality of all young ladies in tact.
scottishskies@counter.socialScottish Skies
scottishskies@counter.social  [follow]
I live for the skies of Scotland. I also have a thing for folk horror, trees in Winter and it's inevitable dog pics will figure.
kyna@yiff.lifeI go by Cora these days
kyna@yiff.life  [follow]
#PluralGang vixen, heavily synthetic individual, enby femme (she/her), swashbuckling jackass, poly as fuck, queer as folk, and pretty okay at parties.
i_a_n@mastodon.social  [follow]
folk music, non league football, hatred of the carceral state
Blog, Instagram, Twitter, Pixelfed
woerterkatze@troet.cafe  [follow]
🇪🇺📖🖤💛🐝🐈‍🦉🏳️‍🌈she/her | Buchbloggerin, politisch, Feministin, Rheinland-Pfälzerin, 🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛mom, Frühlingskind, 🍵junkie, Nordsee, 🍫holic, ⚽️ BVB-Mitglied 🖤💛, 🎶 Folk, IndieGegen Rassismus, Homophobie, TERFs, Ableismus, Gewalt. Für ein friedliches Miteinander.Interessiert an #Bücher #cats #fussball #bvb #Musik #HdR #Fotografie.#noirlesen #schmökerlesen #mittelerdelesenBloggt über zeitgenössische Literatur, Krimi, Thriller, Klassiker und Sachbücher. Auch von Indie-Autoren und unabhängigen Verlagen.
cielaea@mastodon.socialCie LAeA 🥁
cielaea@mastodon.social  [follow]
Compagnie de promotion des musiques folk actuelles, traditionnelles, de la chanson et du folklore. 🇫🇷 Rhône-Alpes. #CieLAeA=https://www.laea.fr raison sociale=association loi 1901
Tumblr, Ao3, Dreamwidth, My Website
galadhir@fandom.ink  [follow]
I'm a fandom old, having first joined fandom in the days when it was on e-groups. I started writing for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, and now I'm writing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, having passed through Tolkien, PotC, MCU and Stargate Universe in the mean time.Currently interested in solarpunk, permaculture, ghostwriting, folk art, dance and music.Asexual, agender. They/them please.
manu@paquita.masto.hostManu Mateos
manu@paquita.masto.host  [follow]
Programación y jotas. Hablaré de desarrollo iOS, música, folklore, Extremadura y mi vida en el rural.#ios #folk #extremadura
slightgeist@counter.social  [follow]
he/they, leftish;public service, folk music, video games, and slow writing;tell 'em boy's bi;BLM; OAMO; GAD
anarchocoward@weirder.earth  [follow]
Bisexual. Philosopher. Will be optimistic to spite you. Library socialist. Utopian. Ásatrú practitioner. Folk punk trash panda.
parrott@poa.st  [follow]
Faith, Family, Folk
civilizedbears@mastodon.socialCivilized Bears
civilizedbears@mastodon.social  [follow]
We Luv Cats n Dogs. Wolves. Bears. Animal Stories. Wildlife Art. Country Cooking, Crafts, Folk Art, Gentle Bear Hugs & YOU - If You Treasure Wildlife, Wilderness & Wonder!Family Friendly - Come Visit Us!===>> https://www.CivilizedBears.com#Art #Artist #Cats #Dogs #Bears #Fiction #Graphicnovel #ShortStory #Nature #Wildlife #Wolves #Writing #AmWriting #Privacy
nihilist@anarchism.space  [follow]
All my theory comes from folk punk
ss@pieville.net  [follow]
Pagan. Nordicist. Your future ruler.
elfi@social.monmusu.meDisaster Fae 🧚
elfi@social.monmusu.me  [follow]
Fair folk, greenhorn gamedev, experimentally @elfi@pixie.town; she/her💕 @Kyurii 💕 @AgiDine@mastodon.social 💕pfp by Walphish
esp@creature.cafe  [follow]
A cat whomst is also bun. Or is it bun whomst is also cat? Who knows.Disabled, chronically ill, traumatized enby mess. &Talks about ableism and accessibility a lot.Message before following. Enbymisic folk will be blocked at sightI am not the same person you knew 4-5 years ago on birdsite. If you knew me then, leave me alone.This isn't even my final formDo not lewd, flirt or make sexual comments/jokes at.Not interested in relationships.Will deliberately ignore flirts/act oblivious.No archiving, researching or logging of my posts and interactions. This is my opt-out. #nobot except sentient onesFedi citizen since Dec '17.
shams_eltantawi@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Trans Muslim. Gay Communist. Disaster brat. Folk punk.J'ai besoin de pratiquer mon français. pronouns=she/elle
dvergpingvin@snabelen.no  [follow]
Grøn småbarnsmor. Jobbar i Oslo MDG for folk, dyr og framtid på kloden. 🌎
the_if_man@beta.birdsite.livePeter Worley
the_if_man@beta.birdsite.live  [follow]
Dad, author, educator, CEO, composer-guitarist, gadfly, PhD candidate. Books: ‘Corrupting Youth’ (Feb 2021) and ‘English Folk Songs for Classic guitar’ (2021).
goo@tech.lgbt  [follow]
I am a nice trans girl from France. I really like free/libre software and cool queer folk. Also music, politics, computers, and mental health are interesting to me.I hereby allow you to talk to me and interact with me in whatever way you feel is respectful. I don't always acknowledge everything though.If you need to know, I am white, able-bodied and over 18.
ckoppelman@mastodon.online  [follow]
#DC leftist Jew, software developer, mediocre #ukulele player, punster.Interests: #fedi22#transitpolicy #prisonreform #socialjustice #publiceducation #transit #labor #urbanism #racism #homelessness#washingtondc #mdpol #baltimore #njpol #nj #nycpol #dmv#pleistocene #paleontology #linguistics #history #anticolonialism #musictheory #judaism #halakha #midrash #mishnah #navi #tehillim #maharal#blues #rock #folk #antifolk #ska#ux #data #python #humor #fantasy #scifi Best radio station=fm106.3 Best megafauna=Woolly rhino 1st computer game=Lords of Conquest Location=Washington, DC
sue@glasgow.socialSue Smith
sue@glasgow.social  [follow]
Writes code to help other folk learn to write codeDX at Glitch 🎏Swimmer 🏊🏻‍♀️Clown 🃏> Had cancer but still petty- Moved from @suesmith#code #learning #glitch #dx #devrel #swimming #lol Pronouns=She/Her
whom@weirder.earthblithe scarlett <3
whom@weirder.earth  [follow]
An anxious trans socialist vegetarian straight-edge lesbian who wants to be sincere and warm above all else.I'm interested in free culture, anime, literature, hip hop, computing history, folk music, interactive fiction, esoteric online communities, and rural americana.I love you. Pronoun=She
Aggregator, Sources
platypus@botsin.space  [follow]
This is the home of platypus, a music player bot by @kingu_platypus_gidoraPlease vote for your favorite track every half hour!! Music will only be posted if you vote!#fedi22 #music #rock #metal #heavymetal #mixtape #psychedelic #pop #kpop #jpop #folk #noise #popmusic #nowplaying #radio #indiemusic #psychedelic #rockmusic # of tracks=57 363 Language=Python 3.6
ariasolmon@counter.social  [follow]
Progressive, GenX, INFJ from Texas. I listen to mostly Folk Rock kind of stuff.
kindjourneys@queer.partyMerry the Bard
kindjourneys@queer.party  [follow]
Queer, genderqueer, polyam, disabled folk musician and tabbyphant. Pronouns: they/them/their.
idolator@zotum.net  [follow]
I’m a Slavic (neo) #pagan from Russia. I’m interested in historical and modern #paganism and almost all subjects concerning to it, such as #history_of_religions, #pagan_philosophy, #traditional_culture, #folklore, #ethnography and so on. Also I’m fond of #music - #metal, #folk, #folklore, #folk-metal, #folk-ambient, #dungeon_synth and some other genres.I’ve been using #Linux for about 8 years, so I’m also attracted to this OS, #GNU and #Creative_Commons.
mchollander@mastodon.chasalin.nl  [follow]
I'm into folk. I'm also left-wing, anti-racist and anti-neoliberal.
neurologic@mastodon.bida.imI Neurologici
Bio, Download, Discogs
neurologic@mastodon.bida.im  [follow]
Collettivo Musicale #dub #elettronica #folk attivo a Roma dal 1996.Pratica autoproduzione e distribuisce musica in free download, CD e vinile CC by-nc-sa
redpy5@sunbeam.city  [follow]
Hiya! I'm a person who has a miniature existential crisis everytime I attempt to represent myself. 🤯Race is a white supremacist colonial tool of oppression and as such is bullshit, but for all intents and purposes I am white. I try to acknowledge and dismantle the privileges that affords. I'm also unlearning propaganda and listening to more folk.Don't know my family history.29 y/oAutisticAnarchistI try to grow food.Mostly just lurk at this point. Might not post, but I'm still here.
svare@snabelen.no  [follow]
Jeg liker bra folk, bibliotek og populærkultur på generell basis. Stort seg grei hvis du ikke er stein teit.
tuckerc@fosstodon.orgTucker :neovim: :osm: :git:
tuckerc@fosstodon.org  [follow]
FOSS enthusiast who also loves geology, birding, folk guitar, and blues/jazz piano.⚒️ :fedora: :xfce: :ubuntu: :vim: :raspberrypi: :openstreetmaps: :kdenew: :xmpp: :mate: :ubuntumate: :neovim: :linuxmint:
archonstb@metalhead.club  [follow]
🇬🇷 / 🇫🇷 / 🇬🇧 / 🇪🇺I make Metal/Rock/Folk music related posts, new releases, news, suggestions, the occasional live video stuff like that.
elfi@pixie.townDisaster Fae 🧚
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Fair folk, greenhorn gamedev, essentially @elfi but placed among pixies:transgender_flag:💕 @Kyurii 💕 @AgiDine 💕 Pronouns=she/her Seeking=lämp Avatar=walphish.deviantart.com Header=Liar Princess ©NIS
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Dad, Ceilidh Caller, Folky, Retro computing video maker, and Roboteer.#retrocomputing #robotwars #folk #ceilidh #ivfdf #ceilidhsoc
funpit@mastodon.socialFun Pit 2
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The funnest pit since the original Fun Pit Family Fun Arcade And Fun Center, rescued from the Squirton Mall sinkhole and back online at Toerag Plaza, now with mini golf and laser tag!This is a candid behind-the-scenes account where we talk about arcade life in a frank and straightforward way that might not sit right with sensitive folk. We tell it like it is and there might be some salty language now and again so reader discretion is advised.
jamesofjames@social.theliturgists.comJames Shepherd
Current Project
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34 year old going through a bunch of life changes and exploring neurodivergence Interests=Game Development, Medieval Reenactment Music=Folk, Rocksteady, 1st & 2nd-wave Ska, Blues, Funk, 80's (esp. New Wave & Pop), mewithoutYou Location=Lynchburg, Virginia, USA
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Music history. Music theory. Punk Rock. Experimental Music. Classical. Folk. All kinds of music. #NoBotsAlt of stephen@mastodon.observer
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Potterhead ⚡Goonie 💀Belgique 🍟En vrac : Chats, Harry Potter (Hufflepuff), Community, bière, crochet, GoT, Black Books, pop/rock/folk
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friend of fauna & floramoon: libra/sun: virgo/infj/gryffindordark folk-pop/electronic/indie avi by @milkgrrl https://multipassxoxox.bandcamp.com/
blaffaire@m.g3l.orgLa Belle Affaire - CoopFolk
Site web
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Coopérative folklorique d'Intervention sonore. musique #folk #trad, Québec, France, Irlande. France, Drôme, Valence #CoopFolk #chanson @cielaea 🎙️ Balados=https://belleaffaire.laea.fr/tag/emission-radio
blithefemme@weirder.earthWhom <3
wobsite, blag
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An anxious trans leftist vegetarian straight-edge lesbian who wants to be sincere and warm above all else.I'm interested in free culture, critical writing on games, anime, literature, hip hop, computing history, TCGs, folk music, interactive fiction, internet video, esoteric online communities, coffee, Linux, tea, computer peripherals, and rural americana. pronoun=she can i kick it=yes you can
cantanoctem@metalhead.clubCanta Noctem Official
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Folk Metal Band aus Wuppertal mit fetten Gitarren-Riffs, flotten Dudelsäcken und ausdrucksstarken Texten. 🎶 Klingt wie=In Extremo, Ingrimm, Eluveitie 🎸 Instrumente=E-Gitarre, E-Bass, Drums, Dudelsack, Flöten, Gesang 🌐 YouTube=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcA8onfoRC32vypqs2EKJgw?view_as=subscriber 🌁 Heimat=Wuppertal
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Griller, beer sommelier, board game. Buffe parole per uno che cucina, beve e tira i dadini
scottishskies@glasgow.socialScottish Skies
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I live for the skies of Scotland. I also have a thing for folk horor, trees in Winter and dogs.
Goblins, Truth, Usury History, Mission
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vulgate@mastodon.lolBrooke Swords
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33, commie, tran, tabletops, the 'tism, death to amerikkka 3rd pers pronouns=She/her(s)/elle/ella/ey/em/eir(s) armies=Astra Militarum, Flesh Eater Courts, Gloomspite, Daughters of Khaine genres=Lofi, bluegrass, folk, death metal, rap authors you should read=Sakai, Nkrumah, Cabral, Turé, Lenin, Lorde, Hampton, Malcolm X, van der Kolk, Shakur, Davis, Walker
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Quirky gay filmmaker and man of many opinions. Always up for a chat and convincing folk to make the world a better place. 😀
creamseparatist@bae.stFolk 5%
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Pagan. Nordicist. Your future ruler.
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still figuring this dang nibit thing out...patient suggestions appreciated.👽Immersive Fetish and Fantasy Experience Design 🌿Sexecology, folk medicine, my gay plant diaries.🍌sometimes I crush things.🔮sometimes I make things.💔Trixster Bitchsmol humans look away, 18+ plz🎀ISO content and conversation about weird mushrooms, kink, performance & video art, SW hustle, neuroplasticity, ADHD, abolition, reparations, land back, mysticism, tea, cool plants, and QLoWNs🎀
stratiscue@queer.partyreferentially confused
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leftist computer tran, annoying vegan, maths enthusiast, armchair linguist, folk musician
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Jag är inte så tråkig som folk påstår. Snarare mer tråkig.
songsforhorses@mastodon.socialSongs for Horses
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Cultural anthropologist from NC Blue Ridge interested in folk music and animals in Mongolia and Appalachia website=songsforhorses.com EZEN KHICHEEVEL=zayaa khicheene
diffoccult@witches.live᪥ Etta Rose ᪥
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Animist Folk Witch Apprentice • Herbalist Intern • “To nurture and heal through communication and creation.”
folklorefest@krefeld.lifeFolklorefest Krefeld
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Seit 44 Jahren das Umsonst-und-Draußen-Folk-und-Weltmusik-Festival für #Krefeld und den #Niederrhein.Mottotier 2022: Igel
frwed@freak.universityFrwed :ukraine:
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Also @Frewd@pawoo.net for back up:mapflag: :lgl: :lbl: :zooflag: non-exclusive pro-c map.Primary AoA ranges from 0-12 with a preference towards the youngest but generally attracted to all (✿◠‿◠)Also, Nepiophile, Zoophile, pro-incest, pro-informed consent, anal, ageplay, pee play, diapers, cumplay.Otherwise I'm a pretty nerdy, techy geek, gamer who's also into sports, rock, doing new things and meeting new folk.DM's open or contact on session 😏 Pronouns=He/Him Session :session:=05a5304845540e8de14c06382a3ff3143528046ecd0e3e98249a67c5c4c5b69609 Element=frwed:anontier.nl
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Writes code to help other folk learn to write code | DX at Glitch Pronouns=she/her Location=Glasgow
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Kilt-wearing Gael; Christo-druidLives in the woodsGaelic Folk Herbalist, DiggerFormer Systems Programmer (Perl, C/C++, PL(G)/SQL), Data Analyst, Working Cowboy, Shepherd, Forester. Pronouns=He/Him Politics=Digger
freyamoonbow@mastodon.lolFreya Moonbow
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Folk & hedge #witch / wicce / hægtesse / herbalist / married / not my photos / anti-facism / no dms or lists / She/her / Insta: @FreyaMoonbow
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Evil I did dwel - lewd did I LivE - Vintage Whine - Weird - ND - gender-fluid - Laser Eule🦉- Cat Addict - Viverridae - Living for the Night - Headbanger - Fan of Folk- and Symphonic-Epic-Melodic-Speed-Metal 🤘 Pronouns=EN:they/them DE: der/dem Languages:=DE, EN, PT and reading FR, IT, ES Interests:=Digital Art, Computing Science, Data Science, Neurosciences, Psychology
riverthebigfxg@kolektiva.socialRiver 🪕🌲
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queer girl from the southlandbassist and guitaristaspiring folk musicianim what happens when you cross a union man with emma goldman Pronouns=fae/yip/Hers/theirs Discord=リバー#8045
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Sam Coupé fan. (#samcoupe) don't dislike other systems either. #z80 dabbler, graphics, writing + life. like animals, allergic 2 cats. Somewhat Grumpy! Dislike nasty folk.
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Mostly tooting ES, occasionally EN. Just looking around. I like trains, software development, folk music.