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socialfircde@fediverse.network  [follow]
socialfircde@fediverse.network  [follow]
fireglow@bsd.networkNot fireglow (I have moved)
fireglow@bsd.network  [follow]
fireglow@social.firc.defireglow𒀱 🍓
fireglow@social.firc.de  [follow]
BSD sysadminPassionate about software, privacy, details, and the oxford comma.Privacy Datenschutz selfhosting♂, 🇩🇪 • 🇬🇧Gnothi seauton • Veritas vos liberabitI like: Animals, learning, kindness, getting to know people, talking about philosophy, reading, music, good films, giving in, resisting, hugging, eye contact, speaking without words, admiring, teaching, closeness, harmonyI like to think for myself and am quite happy to become very fundamental and philosophical in finding the truth. Religion, Science. Treasury of words. The human condition.Kindness is a virtueHighly empatheticRespect is given, but so much more respect is earnedPlease do NOT send a follow request if you toot/boost a lot about current political opinions, thank you.Tea: Darjeeling with creamCrisps: Sea salt with black pepperFilms: Kubrick, Nolan, beautiful cinematography like Days of Heaven, …Tech things I like: compartmentalization, bare-metal hardware, home-servers, self-hosting, backups, restoring from backups, snapshots, RAID, redundancy, monitoring, failover, networking, DNS, ethernet cables, terminals, monospace fonts, clicky keyboards, Topre keyboards, the homerow, tiling windowmanagers, ergonomic workplaces, comfortable headphones, reading good documentationSoftware: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, pf, openssh, postfix, opensmtpd, ZFS, kakoune, vim, mutt, kitty, ranger, firefox, recoll, cmus, i3, tmux, restic, borgLanguages: shell, tcl, nimI also enjoy soldering and building small gadgets like keyboardsContact:🖹: ircs://irc.firc.de:9999/#fircXMPP: fireglow@fireglow.de🕻: 3510Avatar by Jacob Briggs (http://www.jacobbriggs.co.uk/) used with permission.