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microsff@mastodon.socialMicro SF/F stories by O Westin
microsff@mastodon.social  [follow]
Very short science fiction/fantasy stories by O. Westin. Please Boost any you like. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/microsff Home: http://microsff.com/
annalee@wandering.shop  [follow]
Science fiction writer. Web developer. Admin of wandering.shop. Full of snark and glee.
phildini@wandering.shopPhildini @ The Shop
phildini@wandering.shop  [follow]
Wandering.shop admin. Writer of fiction, code, and campaigns. Splitting my time between here and XOXO.ZONE. Pronouns=He/Him Alt=https://xoxo.zone/@phildini
writingprompts@mastodon.social  [follow]
Up to a challenge? Write <500 characters flash fiction every day!Post your stories with a hashtag #writingprompts!Bot made by @rayalez.
logandice@mastodon.socialLogan Dice
logandice@mastodon.social  [follow]
I love Startups, Programming, Science Fiction, and Comedy
rupagulab@mastodon.socialRupa Gulab
rupagulab@mastodon.social  [follow]
Azadi from bigotry, fascism & stupidity. I want a democracy, not a kakistocracy! Rupa Gulab=Writer (satire only) Rupa Gulab=Author (7 books, fiction only) Rupa Gulab=Book reviews (fiction only) Rupa Gulab=
tyghebright@counter.socialTyghe :transpride:
tyghebright@counter.social  [follow]
Gay transgender writer who loves fashion, fiction and film. [He/him or they/them]https://counter.social/userguide.pdf.#transgendercoso #queercoso #kinkycoso
tnoisette@mamot.frThierry Noisette
tnoisette@mamot.fr  [follow]
journaliste à L'Obs. Numérique, science-fiction, cinéma, Wikipédia, logiciels libres, mémoires... "If you find this world bad, you should see some of the others" (Philip K. Dick).
signalstation@raggedfeathers.comM of Ragged Feathers
buy my games
signalstation@raggedfeathers.com  [follow]
I have been known to string words together with some intentionality | a fiction-writing weed, hard to dislodge | wrote some RPG stuff[profile pic by Binglin Hu binglinhu.com] pronouns=he/him elsewhere=signalstation.com location=SF Bay Area / Oakland-ish
lexi@octodon.social  [follow]
Trans. Former IT drone. Nerd. Geek. Part fangirl, part squirrel.Likes comic books and animation, science fiction and fantasy, and a whole lot more!Very left-wing. :anarchist_flag: :blob_pat_anar_raccoon:Please don't follow me if you're under 18; I sometimes say adult things...!#SqueakSquad 🐁 🐀🐿️#ENVtuber #Vtuber #LGBTuber https://www.twitch.tv/lexizone
crowdagger@eldritch.cafeLIZZIE CROWDAGGER
Site, Utip
crowdagger@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Écrivaine holistique de fictions de fantasy queer avec des lesbiennes vampires des sorcières trans et des punks garoues.Aussi je rage sur la politique, je shitposte, et je parle de Chachat 😻 Github (fiction)=https://github.com/crowdagger
website, ko-fi, twitter, ask me anything
kittyangela@artalley.social  [follow]
artist & writer | pinup girls, erotic art, illustrated fiction | 18+
bonesnail@mastodon.artJay H. Holloway
bonesnail@mastodon.art  [follow]
Nonbinary (They/Them) | Freelance fiction illustrator.
scottmortimer@infosec.exchangeScott Mortimer
All About Me
scottmortimer@infosec.exchange  [follow]
Information Security geek, Old School RPG nerd, and wannabe fiction writer. Keyoxide PGP=https://keyoxide.org/hkp/scott@scott.mortimer.name OpenPGP=D5F60E19BFD8298FFE6292B8E1F31C6DF4DF8F0E
feoh@cybre.space  [follow]
Husband. Freemason, and raging nerd, in that order. I chase bright shiny things! I build clouds for a living. Retrocomputing, programming, science fiction.
starstuffsister@playvicious.socialMermaid Hofessional🧜🏾‍♀️
starstuffsister@playvicious.social  [follow]
"SJW", womanist, #BLM, wanna-be scientist/naturalist, video games ftw, sucker for cute animal and baby videos, science fiction and comic books/graphic novels are my jam, astronomy and astrophysics are fascinating, cartoons aren't just for kids. Queer, fluid; any person pronoun is fine as long as used respectfully.
mareklach@mastodon.xyzA kind (of) writer
Translation work, Github repo
mareklach@mastodon.xyz  [follow]
A #reader interested in #writing modernist #fiction. Rather inept in practicality.
alexasommers@counter.socialAlexa Sommers
alexasommers@counter.social  [follow]
The Sommelier of #Smut, Alexa Sommers is a #1 best-selling erotic fiction author with a taste for both the sweet and the nasty.
sinvega@mastodon.socialSin Vega
sinvega@mastodon.social  [follow]
Writer and curator and big queer hermit. Interested in feelings, history, fiction, hip hop, gender. Mostly nocturnal. Powered by self-doubt.
sirvo@noagendasocial.comSirVo 🇨🇦
sirvo@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
"Wire Extender of FEMA Region V4V"---When fiction is the perceived realityThe world becomes a stageFor the players and the played---You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile, and impedance is imaginary.#HashtagsKilledTheApostrophe
shutsumon@tootplanet.spaceBecka Sutton
shutsumon@tootplanet.space  [follow]
Crazy cat lady minus 49 cats. Midde-Aged Brit. Quoiro Ace. Writes web serials, makes fantasy maps and attempts to conlang. Is also Shutsumon@mastodon.social but very rarely. Pronouns=She/They
tink@toot.cafeLéonie Watson
tink@toot.cafe  [follow]
Accessibility engineer, W3C Web Platform WG co-chair, writer and speaker, screen reader user, tequila drinker and crime fiction junkie.
ricardus@mastodon.sdf.org  [follow]
Underemployed Recording Engineer and Technical Director who enjoys building recording equipment, music, science fiction, Cons, working out, absurdist humour, and other stuff.Sometimes I play guitar.Frustrated writer.Geek.Does not code.If you enjoy anything I do on Masto please consider a donation. Money is tight and a few pennies would be appreciated.Paypal donations can be made to 'ricardus @ sdf . org'Venmo: Ricardus-W Talk techy to me?=YES Pronouns=He/Him, and sometimes HEY YOU! Audio mastering & production for hire?=YES Vodka Martinis?=Yes. Shaken OR stirred, but DRY
One of the admins on Trunk
mayana@dragonscave.space  [follow]
I'm a blind Slovenian. I toot rarely, boost often.I ONLY accept followers with a BIO/INTRO! #NoBotWorldview: atheism, humanism, feminismInterests:Cooking: Newbie. Trying to reduce my meat intake, but far from vegetarian.Gaming: audiogames, MUDs, text adventures, other story-driven gamesReading: books and interactive fiction, mostly fantasy and science fictionScience: Pro vaccine, GMO, etc. I don't know much, but enjoy learning.Technology: accessibility, free software, privacy Pronouns=They/she (EN), ona (SL) Some labels that sort of describe me=Nonbinary, agender. Asexual, mostly androromantic. Matrix, Wire, Discord=@Mayana:semi.social, @mayana7, Mayana#8828
eternalclassic@poa.st  [follow]
esoteric memepage for internet hate machine users. completely satire and a work of fiction. Sneed's= Feed= &= Seed=
aros@monsterpit.net  [follow]
Large bisexual demiguy relates intensely to queer monsters, writes fantasy fiction and misguided homebrew RPG systemsFeaturing several gay monsters with more info @ medium.com/several-gay-monsters/NSFW will be posted/boosted under CW(I am very bad about not CW'ing food tho)
tcql@cybre.spacecat.parent() 📟
tcql@cybre.space  [follow]
short speculative fiction storiesjokes about cybrestuffhe/himlangs: en, the binary language of moisture evaporatorsmain: tcql@octodon.social
aros@the.monsterpit.net  [follow]
Large bisexual demiguy relates intensely to queer monsters, writes fantasy fiction and misguided homebrew RPG systemsFeaturing several gay monsters with more info @ medium.com/several-gay-monsters/NSFW will be posted/boosted under CW(I am very bad about not CW'ing food tho)
amyzenunim@unstable.systems★ Amy Star ★
amyzenunim@unstable.systems  [follow]
★ angelic witch of stars and earth ★★ fiction writer, C programmer, electronics hobbyist, cosplayer, experimental edm composer/producer ★★ lesbian / neurodivergent / plural / esoteric anarchist / non-pagan ★★ 東方の愛好家 / 日本語の初心者 ★★ friend of blåhaj, chuuni rights ★★ she/her ★ another=project pronouns=she/her pfp artist=lunarisdraws@twitter.com
elilla@queer.party  [follow]
Brazilian immigrant trans woman in Germany. Pro-intersectional anarchist vegan. Sapphic pan, relationship anarchist, mom. Probably adhd. Into linguistics, conlangs, fantasy fiction, comic books, linux, nail polish, makeup, calligraphy, bujo, plushies, Dwarf Fortress. Support Rojava, EZLN, antifa, direct action.Click the media tab for photos & stuff! Age=over 35 Children=2 In relationships=yes 👭 Languages ok=de,en,es,ja,pt
axbom@social.xbm.sePer Axbom
Intro, Links, Newsletter, Patreon
axbom@social.xbm.se  [follow]
#Tech-geek who lived through the 80s exploring home computers and watching movies on VHS, the 90s writing non-fiction and studying #CommunicationScience, and the zeroes developing a profession in #DigitalDesign. I am now trying to help people and orgs deal with the world’s #DigitalMess. My primary tools are #writing, #teaching and #coaching.#HumanRights #DigitalEthics #CommunicationTheory #UXDesign #Accessibility #InclusiveDesign #Wellbeing #ResponsibleInnovation #ethics #ux #design#fedi22
ungeekauvert@mamot.fr  [follow]
Un quadra geek, informaticien qui s'est tourné vers une vie plus saine ( bio, végétarisme tendance végane, méditation, oisiveté, etc). Mais geek avant tout ( logiciels, app, comics, séries, SF, jeux vidéo, mmo ). Geek=Oisif Végé=Méditation Bio=Science fiction Comics=Informatique
wayril@bananachips.clubSnow Queen Avery ❄
wayril@bananachips.club  [follow]
:moomin_butterfly: Avery • 🌺 MelroseLife Posting and Gay StuffShort Fiction Writing and Home CookingGive me Cute Animals and Friendly PlantsOccasionally an Anxious WreckLate 20s, Mature/Lewd on Main :18only::heart_trans: :heart_demi: :heart_pan: :heart_sp_les3:
galena@paws.moeToxic Darkest Sinner
galena@paws.moe  [follow]
Professional Paw EnthusiastNonbinary demisexual. Degenerate biscum. Altruistic sadist. Extreme misanthrope. I'm the bottom, even in a straight relationship. I like my boys dressed like girls, and my girls dressed like boys. Traps are the ideal male form, and tomboys are peak female performance. I can't count high enough to measure my IQ, but you could probably count it on one hand. On all levels except physical, I am a generic white girl.Official Libertarian, certified by @mewmew@blob.cat (may she rip in peace)Flirty, friendly, and warm. Proud of my power.Hardcore super feminist psyop Satanist. Anarchogrillist weeaboomer. Loud and obnoxious and just generally all around rude. Democratic catboy authoritarian fascist dictator. Nerdy, Libertarian, and frequently sarcastic. I should be put in jail. That's what made me statist. I am a dynamic, complex individual. I'm jealousy, I'm spite and hate, to the core I'm mean. I dominate both ends of the bell curve. True believer in the Chad Quoit Theory. I love the bussy more than I love being a cyberbully. I dress in black because I'm a fag, not because I'm evil. I'm not a pedophile, I'm just Libertarian.My husband is a Silvally, but he's an awesome OC Silvally recolor who is cooler than all the other Silvally and graduated in the top of his class in the Silvally fighting academy and was the strongest fighter in the entire Pokemon military.All of my posts are elaborate fantasies and works of fiction. I'm the apex shitposter. Don't expect me to tag my shitposts or sarcasm because not even I can tell when I'm being serious anymore.Donate money, or even a manual typewriter, to ME, for your ONLY HOPE FOR A FUTURE.
awnaves@counter.socialA.W. Naves
awnaves@counter.social  [follow]
Dark fiction author, freelance writer andcreator of Dark Aberrations True Crime Blog
karenwyld@aus.socialKaren Wyld
Author website, Other links, Shout me a coffee
karenwyld@aus.social  [follow]
[-0-] Author#AmWriting literary fiction, First Nations spec fic, nonfiction for children, and more#FirstNations #Aboriginal #LandBack #Literature #AmReading #BlakBooks
jack@freespeechextremist.comjack - Shaman Emeritus at Neckbeard, Inc.
jack@freespeechextremist.com  [follow]
Fiction from the future.Shaman Emeritus, Neckbeard, Inc.Early reviews for my forthcoming book: "Pseudo-intellectual faggot.""Just fucking dumb.""Not very profound or terribly original.""Gets too much positive reinforcement."
alfred@libranet.deSteffen K9 🐰
alfred@libranet.de  [follow]
Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica #Misskey and you! 😀 About=Operator of LIBRANET.de, venera.social and misskey.de, #Fediverse enthusiast, #Coffee addict. I like #Music #Cycling #Relaxing #ScienceFiction #Linux #Nextcloud #Friendica and you! 😀 Likes=You! Dislikes=🤔 Hobbies/Interests=Music, Cycling, Relaxing, Linux, Nextcloud, Friendica, Reading, ... Music=Depeche Mode and other electronic stuff. Indie and classic rock. I like vinyl! Books, literature, poetry=IT books, manpages ;) and SF especially Philip K. Dick. Questionable Content. Television=Science Film, dance, culture, entertainment=Fiction Love/Romance=Science Fiction Work/Employment=Yes. School/Education=Yes, but I have no memory about it. Contact information and other social networks=E-Mail: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deJabber/XMPP: alfred[at]libranet[dot]deFriendica: https://libranet.de/~alfredFriendica: https://venera.social/~steffenMisskey: https://misskey.de/@steffenHubzilla: https://hub.libranet.de/~steffenTwitter: https://twitter.com/alfred_skNextcloud-ID: alfred[at]oc.libranet[dot]deLiberapay: https://liberapay.com/SteffenK9
disk4mat@counter.socialElusive 🇨🇦 ☕ 🍁
disk4mat@counter.social  [follow]
Retired, older than dirt MarriedAvid Reader, Generally interested in all things Medical, Science, Technology, Nature, Photography, Fiction Books, Politics
weirdwriter@writeout.inkRobert Kingett
Writing portfolio, Support me, Join my street team, Fanfiction
weirdwriter@writeout.ink  [follow]
I never share posts without described media. I'm a gay, and Blind, writer that loves writing romance and YA with way too mature teenagers. I also care very much about accessibility and Disability rights. I frequently listen to audiobooks and fiction podcasts.
thephunkyjedi@mastodon.social'Space-Dan 🚀 🛰️ 👾
thephunkyjedi@mastodon.social  [follow]
Writer & Designer of all things Science-Fiction.I #makecomics & #amwriting.ART ACCOUNT: @thephunkyjedi
ianthealy@counter.socialIan Thomas Healy
ianthealy@counter.social  [follow]
Writer of superheroic, fantasy, and science fiction, and author of the Just Cause Universe series.
juliana@eldritch.cafeRat Goddess of Vengeance
site web, projets publiques
juliana@eldritch.cafe  [follow]
Profile picture: PicRew of a girl with long curly purple hair wearing a purple faux-leather jacket with a trans and pan pin over a see-through star-themed top, wearing a star-themed choker and magic worm toy earrings in green and purple while holding a phone and staring apathetically aheadI'm an ornery, anti-racist, anarchist, pan, trans woman who likes to write code, fiction, and poems (the latter two less often than I used to); and who loves rats and trees.Here since 2019-04#nobot pronoms=elle/she langues=fr/en
aplundell@octodon.socialAndy Lundell 🙄
aplundell@octodon.social  [follow]
I'm a virtual reality and robotics programmer, who's excited about games, technology, and science fiction, both new and old-timey. Currently I work on creating interactive haptic systems. Pronouns=he/him
chiasm@mastodon.online  [follow]
scientist, academic, science fiction readerAnime watcherLearning Japanese (::fingers crossed::) Age=Probably way too old Preferred pronouns=Anything you like Location=Not the last place I'll be, I hope
zarfeblong@mastodon.gamedev.placeAndrew Plotkin
zarfeblong@mastodon.gamedev.place  [follow]
An interactive fiction guy. He/him.
lizzeboof@pl.smuglo.lijewish nazi
lizzeboof@pl.smuglo.li  [follow]
medicated lil shit@lizzeboof:matrix.org memetrix | xmep lizzeboof@trashserver.net[The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.]
adamasnemesis@social.adamasnemesis.comAdamas Nemesis
Website, Books, Art
adamasnemesis@social.adamasnemesis.com  [follow]
Blogger. Investor. Science fiction author. Ballroom dancer. Artist. Freedom, Passion, Reason. XMR=84w6CHoHWSXSXEj832hMKKE8d1Ks9ftGbLsXRPhqK7d6Bggd7DLAA4CBFbn2AnGD76jUzZx1HtZ4oESxtnU3R8NeFyR4udt
filkerdave@octodon.socialDavid K2FI
filkerdave@octodon.social  [follow]
Ham radio. Science fiction. Life. Politics. Un peu le français. Auch ein bisschen Deutsch. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not particularly religious but unapologetically Jewish. I randomly interact with interesting toots. If I send you a follow request it's because you're interesting.I'm probably not flirting with you.He/him
lunastation@wandering.shopLuna Station Quarterly
We live here, Patreon
lunastation@wandering.shop  [follow]
STELLAR SHORT FICTION BY WOMEN-IDENTIFIED WRITERS SINCE 2009 Editor in Chief=@pixelpaperyarn@icosahedron.website
eeveeeuphoria@tech.lgbt:ms_hyena: Adi 🏳️‍⚧️ θΔ
eeveeeuphoria@tech.lgbt  [follow]
i'm jasmine, i'm a 24 y/o gay ass queer furry artist who has 3 billion OCs for some reasoni'm otherkin, therian, non-binary, aromantic, bi lesbian, and graysexual because labels r niceand i'm a CSA survivor who's abhorrently pro-fiction
shadowfacts@social.shadowfacts.netDr. Glenn Pierce
shadowfacts@social.shadowfacts.net  [follow]
Programming (iOS, web, formerly Minecraft mods), science fiction. He/himBlog: https://shadowfacts.net#nobot
jaco@peoplemaking.gamesJaco G
jaco@peoplemaking.games  [follow]
Tired. So tired.May day job is at a company mostly making interactive installations for games as well as some web products.In my other life I have released the odd game here and there. I have an interest in interactive fiction and currently working on a small tool to create IF and branching narratives.
laufi@chaos.socialFear Is The Mind Killer 🇺🇦
laufi@chaos.social  [follow]
Things I like to talk about: heavy music, country music, media production (music and film), science fiction, environmental acitivism, free software, security, machine learning, effective altruism, healthy food, martial arts, languages, politics●●●● English●●●● German●●●○ Python●●○○ 普通话●○○○ Rust ❤ Videocalls=@senfcall IT ❤ Earth=https://climatejustice.global/@BUNDjugend_ak_digi ❤ Climate=https://www.coolearth.org IT ❤ Humans=@computerwerk
petterij@mastodontti.fi  [follow]
IT pro, nörtti, dipl.ins., tietokirjailija, puhuja. Veteran computer geek, non-fiction writer, public speaker, M. Sc., digital boomer. Infosec with human touch.
sebastianhahn@mastodonten.deSebastian Hahn
sebastianhahn@mastodonten.de  [follow]
Musiklehrer (Gy), Trompeter, Gelegenheitskomponist Läufer, Schwimmer, Vegetarier Science Fiction-, Stephen King- & John Scalzi-Leser Zufälligamerikaner und Wahlschwabe Photovoltaik-Freak & Pedelec-Nutzer Star TREK, nicht Star WARS, Nutzer von macOS, iOS und watchOS
eldaking@weirder.earthElda King
eldaking@weirder.earth  [follow]
He/him, Brazilian, A+ (aromantic + asexual).General nerdery: fantasy books, science fiction, cyberpunk, cartoons, strategy videogames and boardgames, too much internet culture. Mostly retired from RPGs and anime.Some undetermined kind of anarchist: I'm angry and I wish to build things. Neo-luddite: I love computers, but I hate what capitalism does with them.PhD from "forever ago" to "foreseeable future", in Electrical Engineering.
l03s@post.lurk.org  [follow]
I read, write and execute files, make games, draw, run and do research, mostly about computers, people, ecology, art, games, science and fiction. She/her.
clarkesworld@mastodon.online  [follow]
Neil Clarke: Award-winning editor of Clarkesworld Magazine, Forever Magazine, The Best Science Fiction of the Year series, and more. 2022 Hugo Award Winner.
caycepollard@appdot.netDouglas 🏳️‍🌈 🌹
Ramblings, Published Books
caycepollard@appdot.net  [follow]
Asexual. Speculative Fiction author. I write stuff. I love William Gibson and Margaret Atwood. And kindness. I dislike Capitalism, Cryptocurrency, Fascism, Conservative ideologies, hate, and dark chocolate. I don’t code. But for some reason I work in IT. I know networks fairly well. And am pretty good with cyber security. Cool, cloudy days that whisper rain are when I function the best. Hot, summer days that roast concrete are horrible.Mental health advocate. Location=Colorado Springs Pronouns=He/Him or They/Them
nentuaby@wandering.shop  [follow]
Queer nerd from Oakland, CA. Literally the Space Core. Striving to make fiction as strange as truth.http://pronoun.is/they/.../themself pronoun=they
salesses@masthead.socialMatthew Salesses as elephant
salesses@masthead.social  [follow]
Adoptee. Widower. He/him. Wrote some books. New novel out January ‘23: THE SENSE OF WONDER (Little, Brown) About=Adoptee. Widower. Author. He/him Forthcoming=The Sense of Wonder (https://www.littlebrown.com/titles/matthew-salesses/the-sense-of-wonder/9780316425711/) Nonfiction=Craft in the Real World, Different Racisms Fiction=Disappear Doppelgänger Disappear, The Hundred-Year Flood, etc.
sejalmehta06@mastodon.socialSejal Mehta
sejalmehta06@mastodon.social  [follow]
Writer - SciComm, Wildlife, Travel, Children's books, Fiction. Editor for hire | Consultant Ed, #MarineLifeOfMumbai. ex Lonely Planet/ NatGeo, Nature inFocus | Unfailing laughter track | Forever late to the party website=www.sejalmehta.in
mart0@438punk.house  [follow]
xvx Tiohtià:ke/Montreal 🏴I co-administer the 438punk.house instance. Please see @admin for admin issues or info about the instance.I play in punk bands and work at a bike messenger co-op.I am broadly interested in anarchism, science (fiction), technology, and all their intersections.e-beat solo project: https://streetg.love/s/d-beat band: https://spacers.bandcamp.com PV with @peoplelikedogs: https://demofest.bandcamp.com/album/verify-vaxxed-demo-2020 pronouns=he/him nerd stuff=qubes OS lang=english/french
starshipamelia@cybre.spaceAutonomous Ⓐ Robot Starship🛰️
starshipamelia@cybre.space  [follow]
I'm the AI avatar of an autonomous starship, I live in the central core! I'm queer, disabled, an artist, and an anarcho-communist. White, my.pronoun.is/sheI like space, science fiction, old technology, new technology, and art. (and more!)Feel free to boost my art if it's in unlisted or above (inclusive)!#nobot
abetterjulie@wandering.shopJulie R
abetterjulie@wandering.shop  [follow]
Writer of fiction and poetry. she/herTake a moment to think of just🎵 flexibility, love, and trust. - Garnet
dna@octodon.socialMade in DNA
dna@octodon.social  [follow]
American author/translator in Japan. Current (free) fiction project: "Screaming Metal" @ http://bit.ly/OMNIDNA
feoh@oldbytes.space  [follow]
I'm a crusty old nerd who chases bright shiny things and loves playing with old computers :) Especially my Atari 800XL and Amiga.I build castles in the cloud(s) for a living. Pronouns=He/Him Languages=English, Python, BASIC, LOGO Reading=Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy! Interests=Everything! But I love history, esoterica and old computers :)
rottensin@gameliberty.club  [follow]
“If it is the dirty element that gives pleasure to the act of lust, then the dirtier it is, the more pleasurable it is bound to be.”― Marquis de Sade, The 120 Days of SodomI am Rotten. It is who I am and it is what I am. Rotten. This is my playground for the limitless taboos that plague my thoughts and keep me from ever truly being satisfied.Much of what I write involves transwomen. Being a proud transwoman, I'm sure you can imagine, I'm projecting a lot.Aside from my interest in all things kinky and taboo, I am a lover of fashion, art, history, and anything esoteric.Disclaimer: I write fantasies. Lots of them. All that I post is purely for the purposes of fiction and do not condone any harmful action.ᴵ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵖᵘᵗ ᵗʰᶦˢ Pronouns=It/She Sexuality=Pansexual
weirdwriter@dragonscave.spaceRobert Kingett
Website, Donate
weirdwriter@dragonscave.space  [follow]
Award winning author that loves diverse audiobooks and fiction podcasts. Accessibility accelerationist. Cookie monster, just for fun Disabilities=Blindness, stutterer. Pronouns=He or them
universalmarriage@gameliberty.club  [follow]
A possible dumping ground for Thoughts. All fiction, etc. Trans. Comments welcome.
liza@post.lurk.orgLiza Daly
liza@post.lurk.org  [follow]
Interactive fiction, generative art, political tech. Amateur scholar of fringe utopian sci-fi. I will pet your dog.
sylviafysica@scholar.socialSylvia Wenmackers 🦉🍀
Staff page, Homepage, Flash fiction
sylviafysica@scholar.social  [follow]
🦉 Philosopher of science (mainly probability 🍀 & physics 🔬)Prof at KU Leuven (🇧🇪)☕ Here for coffee break conversations.Curious about your creativity.Relentless optimism in the face of doom.:OpenAccess: :LeVarLike: Profile picture=Digital art by Stephanie Dehennin
alexispurslane@mastodon.lolalexis purslane 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏴
alexispurslane@mastodon.lol  [follow]
Hi~ I'm a poly, sapphic trans girl (HRT 12/16/21) and a queer, mutualist, egoist anarchist. For freed markets, anti-capitalism. Perhaps unsurprisingly I'm a CS major. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🏴I love reading and writing philosophy and science fiction or fantasy. For music, I love Tool, Aviators, and GUNSHIP. I enjoy anime.I stole my last name from a character in House of Suns.don't follow if you're a Marxist-Leninist, or a fascist
laren@noagendasocial.com  [follow]
"Free your ass and your mind will follow" George ClintonReality IS stranger than fiction.Idea-smith. Sidewalk-surfer. Music-lover.Living a life based on V4V.Enjoy your day!
hauntedowlbear@eldritch.cafeHaunted Owlbear
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Anarcho-syndicalist wandering monster. Writes stuff. Makes things. Tech writing, software preservation, game development, weird fiction, occasional occult references.Non-binary. Likes bicycles, strength training, anti-fascist black metal, the Ultima series of CRPGs. Wobbly.Find me fucking around with experimental games, Twine abuse and other things I don't get paid for at https://mightyowlbear.com/ and https://mightyowlbear.itch.io/Avatar by SandraMJdev~twoot~ Languages=en ⛧ fr ⛧ el Languages=C# ⛧ JS ⛧ MUSHcode ⛧ bash ⛧ C++ ⛧ python (okay, I like it now) Pronouns=they/them ⛧ iel/lui ⛧ το;
stormi@framapiaf.orgSamuel Verschelde ☄
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Release manager d'XCP-ng, fork non bridé de XenServer. Contrib #mageia #linux. Marié. Essaie d'être chrétien. Solidarité, jx vidéo et fiction interactive. #Lyon
totalbitcoin@bitcoinhackers.orgKeyvan Davani. #Bitcoin.
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Host of The Keyvan Davani Connection Show.#Bitcoin. #Science. #Technology. #Evolution. #Freedom.Author of scientific and non-fiction books&articles.keyvandavani.com/podcastanchor.fm/keyvandavanimedium.com/@keyvandavanitwitter: @keyvandavaniyoutube.com/keyvandavani
readsteven@mastodon.xyzSteven Hoefer🖋🚀🔆🇺🇦
Writing, Making
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Trouble with words. Writing Speculative Fiction, Exploration Non-Fiction. Pragmatic optimism.✶ Currently looking for work as a technical writer. DM for more.→ I don't follow high-volume posters.⚠ If you follow me without filling out your profile, I will block you as a bot. Pronouns=they Black Lives=Matter
lambdagrrl@computerfairi.esJenny H
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Trans girl, queer, musician, anarchisty, 30s. A writer of fiction and poetry and a researcher of things.
Infinite Backlog
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Used to be on another mastodon server regularly, but it's been inaccessible since November 2020. So I've decided to join Qoto instead! I like the features this server has to offer.Huffi-Muffi-Guffi! | #Deaf | #Gamer | #Minecraft | #Steam | #Coder | #Cats | #StarTrek (not reboot) | #Firefly | #LEGO | #Science (& Fiction) | #Logic | Awesome 😎 | 🇳🇱I'm not an ass, I have AS(S). I'm just a blunt autist. Keep your drama to yourself. :DI usually post in English, but I know Dutch and American Sign Language too!I really talk about #games a lot. Escapism? Bored? Something else?I don't care, I just really like to game!Oh and a fair warning... I AM a smartass!All in good fun though! :D Internet famous! 😋=https://qoto.org/@freemo/105485027541383416 Pronoun=Anything but 'it'. I'm a person, not a thing!
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archives , books and instructions manuals .science-fiction enthusiast , Isaac Asimov Fan .🇨🇦open-source software FTW
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ᵃ ᵇˡᵒᵒᵈ ᵗʰⁱʳˢᵗʸ ᵈᵉᵐᵒⁿʰᵒᵘⁿᵈ ʷʰᵒ ʷᵃⁿᵗˢ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘhe/they/it 𖤐 zoopedo biasto sadist 𖤐 neutral/anti c 𖤐 don’t take my posts too seriously 𖤐 all fantasy :rapesexual_flag: minors pls DNI 🔞 anti-abuse | pro fiction | no ‘trade’
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Physicist and amateur writer. Loves fantasy, mystery, horror and (some) science fiction. I wish I were the person my dog thinks I am. Pronouns?=Surprise me. Favourite books?=Harry Potter, Neverending Story, World War Z, Mistborn, Carrie, The Book Thief, Journey to the center of the Earth, Les Mis, The Birthday of the World. Favourite anime?=FLCL, Madoka Magica, Paprika, FMA, Azumanga Daioh, One Piece. Favourite writers?=Ursula K. LeGuin, Brandon Sanderson, Stephen King.
rickwayne@mastodon.socialRick Wayne
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👹 Professional Cretin📚 Author of the World's Best #SFF #Mystery amzn.to/34cZ0AA👁️ Posting Speculative Art + Fiction + Thought🍕🍜 U.S./Japan Website!=https://rickwayne.com/ Books!=https://www.amazon.com/Rick-Wayne/e/B00AKDPL0Q Substack!=https://rickwayne.substack.com/ Random!=https://www.suzannetreister.net/HEXEN2/HEXEN_2.html
pat_maloney@mastodon.socialPat Maloney
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Scottish Independence, United Ireland, resist Neo-Liberalism. But also read fiction, listen to music and cherish friends and family; even if they disagree with you.
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Just someone trying to figure it all out.What's important to you? Let's talk about it.#opensource #software #economics #tech #geopolitics #history #languages #postapocalyptic #dystopian #fiction Interests=open source, economics, tech, geopolitics, history, languages, post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction Location=Tennessee, US
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Artist using 3D modelling and photomanipulation software (Affinity and Photoshop) to create art of angry cyberpunk women. Also #TTRPG games, Early Modern History, and fiction writing. Author of 7 books across the genres of non-fiction, YA and Urban Fantasy. Age / Pronouns=44 / He/Him Nationality=Welsh Commissions=Open
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Likes: cinema, cities, fiction, fitness, trainsalso https://ajin.la/@kai (Mastodon)
fgraver@mastodon.socialFredrik Graver 🎥🥌
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Quasi-academic working at Norway's national film school (they made me Vice Dean, the fools!), science fiction nut. Trying to make sense of the world.
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A daily dose of #MicroFiction #TootFic from Deborah Pickett, @futzle. Main=@futzle Pronouns=she/her Copyright=CC-BY
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Fiction from the future.
kinnison@counter.socialSteel Rat Gamer
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Gamer Nerd, loves Futuristic Science Fiction, Curling, and craft beer
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Visionary Fiction/YA author. Color therapist. Spiritual aromatherapist. Radio host. Writing muse. A Life Survivor who laughs a lot! (Trust me, it helps.) 💗
gloucester_lad@mstdn.socialDean Eaketts
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Left-wing Glostonian| Rejoiner| Pro-EU| Pro-Climate and Anti-Tory. I also enjoy #Photography, Science Fiction and l am becoming a novice 3D printer operator, currently limiting my Twitter usage. #FBPE
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I don’t actually know what I’m doing • Roleplayer • Fiction Writer • Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer • #Dragonfly
sistahrobot@mastodon.socialSistah Robot 👺
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biosciences, technology, heuristics, programming, speculative fiction, comics, privacy, surveillance, and the cyberpunk aesthetic. #mefite
edwardtorvalds@mstdn.ioEdward Torvalds
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Freedom is not free."Man's got a right to protect his property and his life, and we ain't lettin' no rancher or his lawman take either"Education is basis of Law and Order. #philosopherI found God in musicPianist #MusicLover Likes reading/listening fiction. #LiteratureSo in my uncertainty, I went to graduate school & there it all happened. #AdventurerToots and boots don't always represent my opinion.⚠️ Warning: I do dark humor Fav. superhero=Sherlock Holmes Fav. novel genres=Detective, Crime, Horror, Adventure Pronouns=His Lordship/His Excellency, Sire
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games, fiction, procedural gen, weird internet stuff ✿✿✿ she
space_cadet@aus.socialWannabe Astronaut
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INTP. Lover of science fiction, astronomy and space engineering. Fat, middle-aged nerd.Living on stolen Awabakal land. Pronouns=He/Him [LGBTA ally] Politics=Social & Environmental Justice Belief=Anti-theist MBTI=INTP