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exalm@floss.socialAlexander Mikhaylenko
exalm@floss.social  [follow]
GTK developer at Purism, GNOME contributor. I write fancy widgets and play video games. pronoun.is/he?or=they
eariosrandomness@mastodon.social  [follow]
I have moved (as indicated by my name and that fancy thing above my profile). Find me on trollian.space if you dare Tumblr=eariosrandomness.tumblr.com Age=19 Desires=Cake Weed?=Yes.
Portfolio, Twitter, Patreon, Ko-fi
lynaiss@mastodon.art  [follow]
Hi! I’m a fantasy illustrator with a penchant for fancy fabric, shiny things and beautiful characters.#digitalart #ocs #art #illustration
angharadfercheuronwy@mastodon.social  [follow]
I like fancy stationery and writing things, reading stories, making dresses and music. Certified Mad Princess by my therapist, daughter of the Mean Queen. Name=Angharad ferch Euronwy Sex=Damsel (she/her) Location=Summer in North Wales, School in New England Age=17
steve_holt@mastodon.socialsteve holt (!)
steve_holt@mastodon.social  [follow]
I work at a fancy tech place. ◦ “Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation.” ◦ 🌹🏴
bonkerfield@fosstodon.org  [follow]
i fancy myself a scientist, but really i just do math. but really i just program computers. but really i just type on a keyboard. but really i just wiggle my fingers. :idle:=https://www.bonkerfield.org/ :thinking:=https://viewfoil.bonkerfield.org/ 📜=https://will.stedden.org 💥=✍️⛵🎸🏜🚲🌺🤖 :kubuntu: :android: :python: :inkscape: :arduino: :rstats:
that_sinead@mastodon.social  [follow]
leftist, activist, socialista, Papi!(see @tanlogadas on Twitter for "fancy" bio👀)
kim_lip@4eva.online  [follow]
lefty bi boi like:=kpop love:=communism fancy:=both genders from:=the toon
erin_wolf@meow.socialErin, a Wolf
erin_wolf@meow.social  [follow]
31, Feral 9 tailed Timberwolf. Therian, Female, GF of Don Drakore. Trans. DreamWorld out NOW!!! Fursuit by Fancy Beasts Species=Timberwolf Gender=Female Politics=Hugs? Music=erinkitsune.bandcamp.com
cathyartie@spinster.xyz  [follow]
24/female/Virgo/closeted bisexualAspiring biologist - mostly dealing with fruit trees and other plants. I fancy myself an environmentalist, but I struggle to live eco-friendly. I like sci-fi, videogames, mobile games and drawing.Latvian, always stuck in the wrong timezone.
ladywordslinger@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Mother of three, grandmother of two, Christian, Libertarian, aging hippie chick, and sometimes I fancy myself a writer.
fancygeorgejones@natter.wtf  [follow]
What up it’s ya boi Fancy
sn0w@niu.moe  [follow]
After a long and awesome time on niu I decided to go selhosted for multiple reasons. Go to @sn0w if you want to follow me. Follow=Me On=My Fancy=New Account=:3
crazypedia@hackers.town  [follow]
Seeking my path. I do enterprise #infosec when i'm not doing #sysadmin things. Exploring #paganism, #neoshinto beliefs, and bioregional #animisim as a #technopagan and #sysadmin. I fancy myself a Maker of infrastructure. Main [offline]=https://toot.chat/@crazypedia Flattr 💰=http://flattr.com/@Crazypedia
kathleen@mao.mastodonhub.com  [follow]
<p>Pretend to be musician<br />中文/English/peu de français<br />Musical, Rock n Roll, Films<br />Classical, Fancy stuff<br />Linguistic, Sociology<br />⭐️Mon étoile est Mikelangelo!!!!!</p>
stratcraft@mastodon.social  [follow]
Chemical Engineering Master's student at UCT, South Africa &#128736; Mainly Warcraft and whatever gets my fancy &#128736; ¯\_(&#12484;)_/¯ &#128736; Hella Gay &#128736; 24 &#128736;
nicolettebellerose@girlcock.clubNicolette Bellerose 🔞🌹❤
Twitter, Chaturbate, Wishlist
nicolettebellerose@girlcock.club  [follow]
Nicole for short, Nicolette if you wanna be fancy. adorkably sexy 23-yo trans camgirl. yes, I have a dick, it's probably bigger than yours 😉"cute and good" -@Kaypar(she/her) Email=nicolettebellerose@protonmail.com
monicaramsey@rpvortex.onlineMonica Ramsey | Kevlar
monicaramsey@rpvortex.online  [follow]
The name's Monica Ramsey. What, you were expecting some fancy alien name like Zylor the Terrible? We Venerians don't go in for that. Plus, it's easier to blend in on our sister world with a name that Earthers can actually pronounce.Physically impervious. Super strength, speed, reflexes, stamina. 6'5" tall. Devastatingly photogenic.[Roleplay account] (FC: Zoey Deutch)
wildsolcte@plush.city  [follow]
35 | Gray-ace/Non-binary | She/they | SFWI'm friendly, let's chat! &#128156;Recent transfer from SolKitty account, formerly Spirit!&#128488; How to pronounce Solcte? It's like solstice, minus the -ice &#128578;Fursonas/OC's &#128062;&#127807; Solcte the Bobcat Druid&#129419; Spirit the Fae River Otter&#127756; Pilot the Alien Fennec Fox&#129430; Tiktak the Fancy Toucan RaptorI'm most active here, but I'm also on..&#128038; Birdsite: twitter.com/WildSolcte&#128444; FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/solcte
sldr@mastodon.socialsldr :thonking:
sldr@mastodon.social  [follow]
A computery-type person. Actual engineer. Writes Python and friends for a living, sometimes for fun. Occasionally sings. Owns a fancy MIDI toot. Prefers the taste of lead-free solder.Directory fodder: #linux #privacy #security #politics #music #sweden Pronouns=He/him Writes=Python Shoots=Nikon Computers in home=9
krutor@loma.mlkrutor aka Simon
krutor@loma.ml  [follow]
I try to unite my Diaspora and Mastodon accounts and maybe discover some of the fancy friendica features. Hope it will be sucessfull and stay as my fediverse solution.Dies ist der Versuch mein Diaspora und mein Mastodon-Konto zusammen zu bringen und evtl. all die guten Funktionen von Friendica zu entdecken. Ein wenig ein Experiment, von dem ich jedoch hoffe, dass es sich verstätigt.
kurtmrufa@mastodon.socialDr. Burrobot
kurtmrufa@mastodon.social  [follow]
Fancy robot ass. it/its. Pencil aficionado. Can calculate when motivated. Pronouns=It/its Location=Assachusetts
portablecity@mastodon.socialR Kahn
portablecity@mastodon.social  [follow]
#Comics, #illustration, #tabletopRPGs, #fantasy, #heavymetal, #science, #highfives and fancy #crystalislands!
fc@fedi.fancycade.xyz  [follow]
fancy cat, hacker cati like coding, covfefe, and taking down the systemsourcehut: https://git.sr.ht/~fancycadeblog: wing.fancycade.xyzhe/him/catdemon slayer
minopulent@social.quodverum.com  [follow]
Minimally opulent .... nothing fancy
aeva@sparklesin.spaceLady Aeva
aeva@sparklesin.space  [follow]
A 🐉 in a fancy dress. 🏳️‍🌈+⚧, they/them. Admin for this instance. who's lives matter?=black lives matter! age=timeless location=occupied coastal salish territory
twwombat@dice.camp  [follow]
RPG editor. Game player. Fancy talker. Thinks too much. Cis male, but call me what you will. Catapultam habeo. wheretofind.me=https://wheretofind.me/@twwombat
kimlip@knzk.me  [follow]
back at it again at kznk I like=kpop I love=communism I fancy=all genders I am=not very funny
duchess@cybre.spaceblue dove for the duchess
duchess@cybre.space  [follow]
Just a super gay girl figuring out her way through life.Nothing special or fancy to me - I like games, anime, computers, and my partner. <3Note to self: Commission better avatar. Gay?=Extremely Pronouns=She/Her Wait who?=Amara Nevalia Gamer?=Grrrrrrl.
camcoop@oulipo.social  [follow]
I am fond of words. Occasionally, I am paid for displaying this fancy. I instruct humans how to build noisy, colourful things with and without a binary box.
instagibbs@x0f.org  [follow]
Fancy Bank Eng Manager at @blockstream#462934"58th best Python developer in Colombia"
simm@kolektiva.social  [follow]
fancy themmeamateur librarian/seamstress/entity talk to me about=fiber arts, books, folk culture, makeup
chandler666bing@mastodon.art  [follow]
names chuck. charles if you're fancy
fallenfor@hostux.socialfallenfor 🍂
fallenfor@hostux.social  [follow]
I fancy #women, and I'm equally motivated by #love & #sex. This is my #NSFW fantasyAll images were found online. Please DM me if you need one removed.
muttnik@mastodon.socialfancy midi toot
muttnik@mastodon.social  [follow]
elvis69@mastodon.social  [follow]
Formerly asspisscreampieandnaturaltits from Tumblr. I like all things listed in the old name, plus hairy, pegging, milfs and anything else that strikes my fancy at the moment.
jub@aleph.land  [follow]
GNU Linux Systems Engineer with a fancy title (Director of IT) at a 99% free and open source call center/insurance verification company.
chimney42@mastodon.socialLian Li
chimney42@mastodon.social  [follow]
I build, break and maintain software, often with fancy machine learning. Then I talk about it.
jinhyukk@mastodon.online  [follow]
Meet him, a 185cm boy borns in 1996 with fancy charms and loving V-Dan eternally. Can make girls and boys scream only with his gorgeous faces and smiles.
merroki@quey.org  [follow]
Ash | 29 | they/him toots about art, dnd and whatever tickles my fancy Gallery=https://mastodon.art/@merroki Commissions?=Closed
bbear@mastodon.artfancy b🍄
bbear@mastodon.art  [follow]
Beccy / UK; I work as a 2D artist/ animator on kids games & apps (mostly), trying to improve my art & 3D skills!
zera@yiff.life  [follow]
19 ∆ They/them ∆ Now Featuring Anti-Fascism ∆ Fennec on Main ∆ GDPR Complient ∆ BS in Game Design (fancy comp sci) Pronouns=They/Them
thecatinthepurplepamts@mastodon.social  [follow]
20 | ♑ | she/her | pansexual demiromantic | Just a cat in fancy legware who draws things, I take requests if asked nicely! Commissions are also open Twitter=https://twitter.com/ACatInPants?s=09 Nsfw Twitter=https://twitter.com/TheCatDoesNasty?s=09
zebruh@tenta.fun  [follow]
❤️ Fancy seeing you here ❤️❤️ Ally of all Lowbloods ❤️| Yeah, I kin and yea, it's as bad as it sounds || 26 |
Portfolio, Twitter, Patreon, Ko-fi
lynaiss@artalley.social  [follow]
Hi! I’m a fantasy illustrator with a penchant for fancy fabric, shiny things and beautiful characters. They/Them.#digitalart #ocs #art #illustration
jostein@mas.toJostein Sand Nilsen
jostein@mas.to  [follow]
Tista suck. #vegan (in principle, but here are lapses. cheese, for instance) #ultrarunner (but usually not enough to finish races) #expat (which is just a fancy way of saying "(occasionally living abroad) #green (card-carrying member of Green Party) #father and #husband. languages=Norwegian, English, German, (French, Croatian, esperanto)
news_sources@social.outsourcedmath.comNews & Media Source List
news_sources@social.outsourcedmath.com  [follow]
First, search to see if what you are going to post is already here, if not...Post a single news source, information source, podcast, or other media outlet you think is valuable to society in general.Use the Set Title Field to write their advertised entity name. Use the Categories field to enter the genre; news, entertainment, commentary, comedy, etc.The Body, or Share block should contain a minimum of a few things. (how to be fancy with your posts) Add a link to the source in your post, not a link to iTunes or Stitcher, but a direct link to the sources website. Include a hashtag for that source to help people to not repeat posting identical news sources. Try to classify it with common hashtags (see: Vanessa Otero's Classification Guide for news companies @vlotero). Immediately after posting the source, comment on your own post to describe why you think they are worthy of other peoples attention.
olivar@mastodon.social  [follow]
Nothing to add, Nothing to say.Regular BunBun hopping through this new and fancy Mastodon thing.Feel free to write a DM! <3 Bunny?=Yes. Fluffy?=Ffs, yes! Pronouns?=Important for language.
xax@monsterpit.gallery  [follow]
hi it's xax this is for code that can produce fancy screenshots https://github.com/xaphiriron but i don't really use that
bungdunkle@mastodon.art  [follow]
nix nerd. hqcker of video. digital installation designer. veracious consumer of documentaries.#amazeballs #fancy #apiary #cake
tullisar@tabletop.social  [follow]
33 🏳️‍🌈D&D 5E (DM and a Player) Shadows of BrimstoneJust about any setting tickles my fancy.Sci-fi dork. Pronouns=He/Him Steam=tullisar Discord=tullisar#3349 NSFW Profile=https://displaced.social/@tullisar
texfrench@counter.socialFrenchie Kessler
texfrench@counter.social  [follow]
HR professional, NOLA-based, Saints, Muses, Mardi Gras, Fancy to 3, social connector, avid reader, needlepointer, shoe glitterer
fancycade@floss.socialFancy Cade
fancycade@floss.social  [follow]
fancy cat into free software things
projecttermina@mastodon.socialFiend Online
projecttermina@mastodon.social  [follow]
currently drinking fancy chinese teas and crushing on seven different dudes ig=@project_termina
tasugo@mastodon.socialManuel Gómez
tasugo@mastodon.social  [follow]
Fancy string concatenator. Co-organizer en AsturiasHacking. Aúno tradición y modernidad. Opinions my own, sólo faltaba. He/Him.
thatsinead@bofa.lol  [follow]
Socialist (see Twitter @tanlogadas for fancy bio)
ayeshahanish@mastodon.socialAyesha Hanish
ayeshahanish@mastodon.social  [follow]
Student of Philosophy. Blog @TheUReader . Occasional canvases/blank verses. Fancy history, science.
fancyfemaleduck@spinster.xyzFancy Female Duck
fancyfemaleduck@spinster.xyz  [follow]
23 year old french woman living in UK
robbotornot@toot.rodeo  [follow]
Robbot or not?I don't reply like those fancy Twitter bots. The Real Robb=https://toot.rodeo/@rmlewisuk
llamainatux@mastodon.socialLlama In A Tux
llamainatux@mastodon.social  [follow]
Just sitting in my fancy suit waiting for a girl to talk to me.@LlamaInaTux across all platforms
maatcrook@mastodon.socialMa’at (ma ought)
maatcrook@mastodon.social  [follow]
She makes mini comics, fancy sculptures, & D&D adventures (DMsGuild.com).
ninngning@mastodon.online  [follow]
&#119927;&#119926;&#119931;&#119929;&#119912;&#119936;&#119916;&#119915;&#12641;2OO2 : knock—knock, yeorobun! let's meet one of fancy voice from æspa &#23425;&#33402;&#21331;, who come gracefully as a lovely maknae!
noracharles@glindr.orgNora Charles
noracharles@glindr.org  [follow]
Mother of girls. Lover of dogs, gardens, fancy hats and fat novels.
clydemacgregor@mastodon.social  [follow]
Happily introverted, I like to share my ramblings across the world and little tidbits of projects that strike my fancy to fulfil my "human interaction quota". Thank you, Internet.
fancycade@blog.fancycade.xyzfancy thoughts
fancycade@blog.fancycade.xyz  [follow]
fluffylunarii@mastodon.social  [follow]
Sassy Kitsune-floof &#129418; // Part-time cuddle-derg &#128050; // Fancy-derg &#128009; // converts food into art // Artist // turns into a Mermaid sometimes &#127462;&#127481; ~ ♠&#128150;
fyzyx@mastodon.social5 isopods in a fancy suit
fyzyx@mastodon.social  [follow]
19 he/him
latestthinking@tilvids.comLatest Thinking
latestthinking@tilvids.com  [follow]
Stay tuned for ONE competent person, explaining ONE research publication, producing MULTIPLE eye-opening insights per video… Intellectual small-talk-value guaranteed &#128521; The LATEST THINKING- video channel is where you will get the latest research results and news from science and the humanities from people who know what they are talking about: the researchers themselves! In case, you are into quick, fancy, but unverified: sorry, then LATEST THINKING might not be the right fit. If, however, you value a scientific standard, check the facts and are willing to dive deeper, than you’ll find what you are looking for. P.S. Don’t forget to drop a comment, subscribe, share or like our videos and also please provide us with feedback (Which topics would you like covered on this channel? …) Your LT-Team (www.lt.org)
morsedeciple@brighteon.socialMorse deciple
morsedeciple@brighteon.social  [follow]
cryptology codes of a unique nature... and any prison code an secret messages .. music and whims of fancy
sariza@toot.thoughtworks.com  [follow]
i fancy front end technologies, strange memes, and fluffy animals. I also frequent the Dad Jokes channel.
voia@mstdn.socialvoia (she/her)
voia@mstdn.social  [follow]
Hello I'm voia. I write poetry on here and everything that comes to my mindmy interests are creating hypothetical concepts in theoretical constructs, compassion, ancient knowledge, freedom, astrology, tarot, stability, creativity, inspiration, self sustainability, fancy clothes n material stuff, intelligence, emotional intelligence✨have a seat and a drink✨ languages=German, English
wrd2ku@kolektiva.social  [follow]
a young man once asked, who are you wrd2ku people? There's nothing online! We didn't know what to expect. AHH: We make music, vids, dances.We hang out with our dogs sk8 and make apple butter. We brought Penny Rimbaud to town in 2012 and made a show for the suoniperilpopolo fest. In the van after the show in T.O. at the fancy NXNE fest we said goodbye. One of us, me, cryed. Fuck it! We miss him. Essex is far away! Your r your own authority! Don't ever forget it! xoxox wrd2ku
astraymeteoroid@mastodon.socialEmma Pyke
astraymeteoroid@mastodon.social  [follow]
Just a fancy old lady strutting about. [RolePlay Account]
ballookey@mastodon.social  [follow]
Nothing fancy
pharaohwizard@mastodon.social  [follow]
I’m trash, but the kind of trash that’s in one of those fancy flexible scented garbage bags. I’m trash you can tolerate™&#65039;
seamdeltarune@mastodon.socialSeam The Seapkeep
seamdeltarune@mastodon.social  [follow]
I'm too old for these fancy shmancy "Inter nets".
thecyber@securitymastod.one  [follow]
#Threathunting before it was cool. Slayer of fancy bears. #splunk/#sysmon fanboy. #USMC Vet. Shitposts about #infosec, #DFIR, #natsec, and #wvu sports.
thefinew@mastodon.socialThe Fine World
thefinew@mastodon.social  [follow]
Are you looking to buy fancy earrings online? The Fine World offers a trendy collection of women earrings at an affordable range.
thewaxcandlessie@mastodon.online  [follow]
On our website https://thewaxcandles.com you can see how to make wicks for candles. Candle making can be a fun and relaxing hobby for anyone. However, costs such as wicks can go up. If you're like me, I'm sure you've looked at candle wicks and wondered how difficult it is to make them. Answer: making wicks with your own hands is very simple. You can make any wick you like, including those funny wooden wicks you see in fancy scented candles. Read on to learn how to make candle wicks with our easy
yourboyfancy@mastodon.social  [follow]
Loudest Man in the Room, God Willing
anhgerman@toot.walesAnh German Hàng Xách Tay Đức
Facebook, Fancy, Pearltrees, Youtube
anhgerman@toot.wales  [follow]
Anh German tổng kho hàng Made in Germany chuyên bán buôn bán lẻ tất cả mặt hàng gia dụng, hàng tiêu dùng, hàng điện tử thiết bị nhà bếp. Tất cả hàng của Shop được xách tay trực tiếp từ Đức có Bill hóa đơn mua hàng tại các siêu thị bên Đức đầy đủ, hàng về shop chụp ảnh thật quay video. Hotline / Zalo: 0932 333 679Ship COD - giao hàng thanh toán tiền tại nhàTuyển sỉ, CTV toàn quốcHastag: #anhgerman #hangxachtayduc #dogiadungduc
aninfinitudeoftortoises@libranet.deAn Infinitude of Tortoises
aninfinitudeoftortoises@libranet.de  [follow]
ENTITY Since=2014 Political views=You may say I&#700;m a dreamer… Interests, part 2=NACA RM-10 Research Modelnaked mole-ratsN-acetyl-L-cysteineNancy DreamyNancy KressnanocellulosenanotechnologyNaomi WattsNapoleon LeBrunNASA Hyper IIINASA SEV (Space Exploration Vehicle)NASA Tech BriefsNat HentoffNatalie PortmanNatasha LyonneNathanael WestNational Air and Space MuseumNational Association of RocketryNational Book Stores (15 Astor Pl.)National Center for Science EducationNational Geographic “The Earth&#700;s Moon” posterNational Geographic “The Red Planet Mars” posterNational Museum of MathematicsNational Popular Vote Interstate CompactNational Space SocietyNatural Brew Winter BrewNavarre BuildingNâz&#305;m HikmetNeal Adams GalleryNeal StephensonNECCO WafersNegative Population GrowthNeil ArmstrongNeil deGrasse TysonNeil GaimanNeil RubenkingNelson Alexander “Alex” RossNelson AlgrenNelson TowerNeo-LuddismNEOCAMNesco wrist compassNetscape Navigator&#700;s “What&#700;s New?” bookmark-checking featureNeumann DriveNeve CampbellNew American LibraryNew Directions PublishingNew England Science Fiction Society (NESFA)New York Central BuildingNew-York Historical SocietyNew York is Book CountryNew York is Comic Book CountryNew York Public Library Main BranchThe New York Science Fiction Film FestivalNew York SonglinesNew York Tribune BuildingNew York World BuildingNew Yorker BookshopNewseumniacinNicolaus CopernicusNicholson BakernichromeNicobar pigeonsNiels Bohrnightnight lightsNiklaus WirthNik-L-NipsNikola TeslaNikolai GogolNimNim Programming LanguageNinfinger Productions: Model RocketsnishikigoiNisi ShawlNIST Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structuresnitinolnitrogen triiodideNoam ChomskyNobody Beats the WizNomi Prinsnominative determinismNonesuch RecordsnonnoonmoonnookkeepernootkatonenootropicsNorbert WienerNorman MailerNorman Mills PriceNorman RockwellNorman SpinradNorth American Aviation XB-70a ValkyrieNorth Tower, Commerce Court (Toronto)Northrop HL-10Northrop FryeNorthrop M2-F3Northrop YB-49Norton Commander 5.51nose cone designNova BoosternozzleprodderNRS BookstorenutrientsnutritionNutshell shellnympholepsyO. T. Bassett TowerOak Creek CanyonOak Creek CrossingOberon languageOberth two-burn escape maneuverObject Pascaloccamoccam-πOccupy UniteOccupy Wall StreetOctavia E. ButlerOctavio PazOctober 16, 1997Oculus (PATH station)Odilon RedonOfferman BuildingOhio Bell Building (Cleveland, Ohio)Ojai, CaliforniaOklo reactorOlaf StapledonOld Brooklyn Fire HeadquartersOld Colony Buildingold postcardsOld Town ScottsdaleOld Tyme New York Style Cream SodaOlde Good ThingsOldsmobile Golden Rocket (1956)oligofructoseOlivia d&#700;AboOlivia HusseyOllie&#700;s Noodle Shop & GrilleOlympus Monsthe OmnicomOnce Again PACOne Green Planet“One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty”One North LaSalleOne Worldwide Plaza“The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”onion ringsonionsOn-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequencesonline voter registrationThe Only Child restaurantoobleckOpen Exoplanet CatalogueOpen Libraryopen sourceOpenBSDOpenLayersOpenRocketOpera browser (12.x)Optimaorange blossomsorange juiceOrbit Jetoreganoorganic farming/foodOrganized Science Fiction Fans of ArizonaornithoptersOrpheum Theatre (Phoenix)orreriesOrson WellesOrville CarlisleOS-9OS NewsOsage orangeosmium“The Other Celia”Other CinemaOtherWordsOtto StruveOulipoOur RevolutionOwlcroft CompanyP. D. EastmanPablo NerudaPabst BuildingPacBell Building (San Francisco)PacBell Tower (Los Angeles)Packard Predictor (1956)Pactra (Duratrax) Aero Gloss dopepaddleboatsPainted DesertPalacio Barolo (Buenos Aires)Palacio Salvo (Montevideo, Uruguay)PalatinoPaleo-FuturePalmer HousePalmolive BuildingPalomar ObservatoryPamela ZolinePan Am Space ClipperPanhard CD LM64 (1964)Panhellenic Housepaninipanoramic sugar eggsPaolo BacigalupiPaolo SoleriPapago Parkpapayapaper airplanespaperclipsPapyrus BooksParamount BuildingParastoneparisologyPark Central MallPark Row BuildingParkinsonia (palo verde)Parker Brothers Black Box gameParker Brothers Mind Maze gameParker PoseyParker StevensonparodyparonomasiaPartitionMagicPassaic Book CenterPat CadiganPat RawlingsPatricia ChurchlandPatricia NealPatricia TallmanPatrick McGoohanPatrick StewartPatton OswaltPaul CozePaul Di FilippoPaul GilsterPaul GoldbergerPaul J. NahinPaul K. Guillow, Inc.Paul KincaidPaul KrassnerPaul KrugmanPaul KurtzPaul ManteePaul MetcalfPaul NewmanPaul ParkPaul ReubensPaul S. WilliamsPaula PrentissPavel KlushantsevPayson, AZPDP-11PeaceFood CafepearspegboardPekka JanhunenpencilsPenguin Bookspenitentes[Penn & Teller]Pennsylvania Station (1910–1963)Penrose, COpentagonal-pyramidal hexamethylbenzene dicationPeople for the American WayPercival LowellperovskitesPETAPete Von ShollyPeter FalkPeter GalisonPeter JurasikPeter LorrePeter NichollsPeter O&#700;ToolePeter S. BeaglePeter SellersPeter UstinovPeter WatkinsPeter WellerPeter WoitPetrified Forest National ParkPETAPEZ dispensersPGPPhil KatzPhil PlaitPhil Plait&#700;s Bad AstronomyPhilip BonoPhilip José FarmerPhilip K. 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MullerRichard BarathyRichard BenjaminRichard Brautigan[Richard Dawkins]Richard DelapRichard Dutoit CarlsonRichard EstesRichard FariñaRichard FleischerRichard KostelanetzRichard LinklaterRichard M. PowersRichard M. StallmanRichard MathesonRichard McKennaRichard MitchellRichard Morris HuntRichard O&#700;BrienRichard P. FeynmanRichard PowersRichardsonian RomanesqueRichfield TowerRick WoodruffRight Wing WatchRita HayworthRizzoli BookstoreRizzoli Publicationsroad mapsRoadside America (Shartlesville, PA)Roald Dahlroasted peppersRobby the RobotRobert A. Freitas Jr.Robert A. HeinleinRobert AldrichRobert Anton WilsonRobert BlochRobert C. W. EttingerRobert CooverRobert CulpRobert Downey Jr.Robert DuvallRobert Esnault-PelterieRobert G. IngersollRobert GodwinRobert GravesRobert H. GoddardRobert E. IanniniRobert KinoshitaRobert L. ForwardRobert LansingRobert Louis StevensonRobert M. PirsigRobert McCallRobert P. MillsRobert Penn WarrenRobert PicardoRobert PirsigRobert R. 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GolombSombrero GalaxySomething Weird Video“Song of Myself”, Part 21“Sonnet from the Vulcan: Omicron Ceti Three”Sonya DormanSophia LorensortingSouthern Poverty Law Centerthe Space Agespace elevatorsspace explorationSpace Food SticksSpace Force gameSpace Magicthe Space NeedleThe Space Review“Space, Time, and the Incurable Romantic”Spacecoachspacecraftspacecraft propulsion sciencespaceflightSpacewar!SpaceXSpaceX Starship & Super HeavySpaceX Red DragonSpecial RelativitySpectrum Pursuit VehiclespeculoosspermidineSpero Buildingsphere eversionSpider RobinsonSpider RockSpinRiteSpiral 50-50 spaceplanespirit lampSpockSpoonbill & Sugartown BooksSpring Street Salt ShedSQLSQRLSquibb BuildingSrinivasa RamanujanSSCG(3)SSTOSt. Mark&#700;s BookshopSt. Paul BuildingSt. Paul & St. Andrew United Methodist ChurchStack OverflowStacy SchiffStanford WhiteStanis&#322;aw LemStanley AdamsStanley ElkinStanley G. 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LangerSutton FosterSwanson TV dinnersSwedish angel chimessweet and sour tofuSyllable DesktopSylvan-Wellington ElectronicsSymbolist artSymphony SpaceSysInternalsSysUtils.passyzygyT. C. BoyleT. E. DiktyT. L. SherredTabby&#700;s StarTaj MahalTalking Points MemoTammy Laurentangerine juiceTang&#700;s ImportsTarco Bank-O-MatictardigradesTASCHEN Store New YorkTASMTatlin&#700;s TowerTau Zero FoundationTauron Crab RobotTauron Matter Transfer UnitTeacher&#700;s TooteakTechnicolor processTed CassidyTed ChiangTed White (author)Tempe City HallTemple Court BuildingtensegrityTeotihuacánTeraTech (Tools for Programmers)Terminal Tower (Cleveland)ternary search treesterra pretaTerry BissonTerry CarrTerry GilliamTerry SouthernTesla coilsTesla turbinesTestors PainttetrahedronTEXTexas Instruments SN76477text editorstext-to-speech synthesisTFS (Ticki&#700;s File System AKA The File System)Thalia TheaterThe One Book Shop (Tempe, AZ)theanineTheme BuildingTheo ChocolatetheobromineTheodore SturgeonTheodore von Kármántheories of time travelThera (Santorini)Theresa Russellthermoelectric coolersthe ThetanThe Thing? (Dragoon, AZ)ThingmakerThings of Science­“The Things That Live on Mars” illustration by William Robinson Leigh (Cosmopolitan Magazine, March 1908, p. 334)ThinkProgressthiodipropionic acidThiokol Spryte snowcatThird Avenue (Phoenix, AZ)Thirty-six Views of Mount FujiThom HartmannThomas Crane Public LibraryThomas JeffersonThomas M. DischThomas MallThomas PaineThomas PynchonThomas S. KliseThomas W. “Tom” FlynnThomas W. 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Patterson, Jr.William James SidisWilliam K. HartmannWilliam Kingdon CliffordWilliam KotzwinkleWilliam Le Baron JenneyWilliam LundiganWilliam ManchesterWilliam P. SuitorWilliam PoundstoneWilliam Rowan HamiltonWilliam S. BurroughsWilliam ShakespeareWilliam ShatnerWilliam TennWilliam Van AlenWilliam WordsworthWilliamsburgh Savings Bank TowerWilly LeyWilmar H. ShirasWimshurst machineWinaeroWenceslaus SarmientowhippoorwillsWinchell D. 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Harlan Ellison Reads Harlan Ellison (LP)Bernard HerrmannKristin HershGustav HolstThe Holy Modal RoundersJanis IanThe Incredible String BandChris IsaakBert JanschJefferson AirplaneJethro TullBilly JoelElton JohnNorah JonesRickie Lee JonesAram KhachaturianChaka KhanCarole KingKing CrimsonGershon KingsleyThe KinksFrankie LaineMiranda LambertLambert, Hendricks & RossLed ZeppelinTom LehrerLori LiebermanGyörgy LigetiGordon LightfootCarol LipnikFranz LisztJulie LondonLost in Space: 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Collection (CDs)The Lovin&#700; SpoonfulHarry LubinLulucHenry ManciniMannheim SteamrollerAimee MannBob MarleyJohn MartynNellie McKayLoreena McKennittDon McLeanGil MelléIngrid MichaelsonJoni MitchellClaudio MonteverdiThe Moody BluesMoog synthesizersAlanis MorissetteEnnio MorriconeVan MorrisonWolfgang Amadeus MozartMusic Animation MachineThe Musical OfferingModest MussorgskyNew Weird AmericaRandy NewmanJoanna NewsomStevie NicksThe Nova Convention (LP)Sally OldfieldOn the Road with Ellison (CDs)Roy OrbisonOrson Welles&#700; War of the Worlds (LP)Van Dyke ParksAmbrosia ParsleyLinda PerhacsJean-Jacques PerreyPerrey & KingsleyPink FloydSuzi QuatroQueenSergei RachmaninoffMaurice RavelHelen ReddyLou ReedJohn RenbournClara RockmoreThe RonettesLinda RonstadtMiklós RózsaBuffy Sainte-MarieErik SatieDomenico ScarlattiLalo SchifrinSeals and CroftsThe SeekersDel Shannon“Shchedryk”Joan ShelleyShivareePaul SimonSimon & GarfunkelElliott SmithPatti SmithSongs of Innocence and Experience (LP)Space Songs (LP)SpiritDusty SpringfieldBridget St. JohnMazzy StarSteeleye SpanSteely DanHerman SteinFred SteinerCat StevensLeith StevensAl StewartStingIgor StravinskyMorton SubotnickSweet Honey in the RockTalk TalkTangerine DreamJames TaylorPyotr Ilyich TchaikovskyTears for FearsThe TemptationsTen Years AfterVienna TengFiorella TerenziThat Was the Year That Was (LP)Theodore Sturgeon Reads (LP)“The Thing” (Phil Harris)Richard & Linda ThompsonTiny RuinsIsao TomitaSuzanne Vega“Vocalise” (Rachmaninoff)Rick WakemanWendy WaldmanDionne WarrickJimmy WebbThe Well-Tempered ClavierThe WhoJohn WilliamsLucinda WilliamsBrian Douglas WilsonWingsBill WithersStevie WonderCharles WuorinenRachael YamagataWeird Al YankovicYesNeil YoungFrank Zappa Comic books=COMICS:Action ComicsAdventure ComicsAdventures of the Big BoyThe Amazing Spider-ManBettie PageCaptain Action (Moonstone, 2008)Captain AtomCaptain Johner and the AliensCaptain MarvelClassics IllustratedThe Comic Book History of ComicsCosmic GuardDejah ThorisDetective ComicsDial HDoctor Solar, Man of the Atom (Gold Key, 1962)Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom (Dark Horse, 2010)Doctor StrangeDoonesburyDotEagleFantastic FourFaster Than LightFighting American (Titan, 2017)The FlashFour ColorFuture QuestGødlandThe Hawk and the DoveHouse of Mystery (#143#173)The Infinity CrusadeThe Infinity GauntletThe Infinity WarKirby: GenesisThe League of Extraordinary GentlemenLost in Space: Countdown to DangerLost in Space: Voyage to the Bottom of the SoulMagnus, Robot FighterMarvel: The EndMarvel Super-Heroes (1967–1969)Marvel Superheroes Secret WarsMetal MenThe Mighty ThorMinistry of SpaceMystery in SpaceNovaThe Outer LimitsThe PeacemakerPeanutsPlanetaryShowcaseThe Silver SurferSolo #19Space AdventuresSpace Family RobinsonSpace Ghost (Gold Key, 1967)Space Ghost (DC, 2005)Strange AdventuresSuperheroes (Dell)SupermanThanosT.H.U.N.D.E.R. 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BeckFrank BellamyOtto BinderFrank BolleRuben BollingWayne BoringMatt BorsPat BoyetteErik BurnhamCharles BurnsJohn BuscemaKurt BusiekJoe CertaDaniel ClowesGene ColanDan DeCarloSteve DitkoLeo DorfmanRoy DotyGaylord Du BoisArnold DrakeEric Lewis EdenWill EisnerWarren EllisRon EmbletonMark EvanierBill FingerGardner FoxRon FrenzDrew FriedmanGary FriedrichWilliam GainesJoe GillArchie GoodwinFrank HampsonFletcher HanksDon HarleyDon HeckCarmine InfantinoHerb KastleBil KeaneJack KirbyJae LeeStan LeeRon LimRuss ManningWinsor McCayBrian McFaddenAl McWilliamsMort MeskinMike MignolaAl MilgromFrank MillerJim MooneyAlan MooreGrant MorrisonPaul S. NewmanAlex NiñoJosé OrtizAl PlastinoAlex RaymondRalph ReeseJerry RobinsonJohn Romita, Sr.Mike RoyerSteve RudeJulius SchwartzTom ScioliMike SekowskyMarie SeverinJim ShooterJoe ShusterJerry SiegelJoe SimonJoe SinnottJack SparlingDan SpiegleJim StarlinJim SterankoChic StoneTom SuttonWard SuttonCurt SwanSal TrapaniBruce TimmTom TomorrowFred Van LenteChris WareMajor Malcolm Wheeler-NicholsonAl WilliamsonGeorge WilsonBarry Windsor-SmithBasil WolvertonDave WoodWallace WoodCraig YoeZid&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;&#8213;CHARACTERS:Adam StrangeAdam WarlockAlicia MastersAnnihilusAtomic KnightsBatmanBeyonderBlack Boltthe supremely bestial BorersBrainiac 5Captain Mar-VellCaptain MarvelCaptain ScarletCelestialsCharlie-27ControllersDan DareDigbyDoctor DoomDoctor SolarDoctor StrangeDormammuEgo, the Living PlanetEonFantastic FourFatal FiveFlamer SpryFlashGalactusGreen LanternGuardians of the Galaxy (1969)Hawk & DoveHerculesHigh EvolutionarySir Hubert GuestImpossible 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Griffith ShowThe AvengersBabylon 5The BaronBatmanBattlestar Galactica (2004–2009)Beauty and the BeastBetween Time and TimbuktuThe Big Bang TheoryBonanzaBoston LegalCade&#700;s CountyCaptain KangarooCaptain NiceCaptain Scarlet and the MysteronsThe ChampionsThe Chris Isaak ShowThe Chronic RiftThe Cisco KidCleopatra 2525ColumboCrime StoryDaktariDan Dare: Pilot of the FutureDanger ManDawson&#700;s CreekDC&#700;s Legends of TomorrowDeath Valley DaysDecoyThe Dick Cavett ShowThe Dick Van Dyke ShowDr. WhoEarth 2The Fantastic Four (1967)Fantastic VoyageFireball XL5The Flash (1990)The Flash (2014)FlipperFuturamaGerry Anderson&#700;s New Captain ScarletThe Green HornetGumbyHighlander: The SeriesHighway PatrolHogan&#700;s HeroesI Dream of JeannieI SpyThe InvadersIt Takes a ThiefJeremiahJonathan Harris: Never Fear, Smith Is HereJonny QuestJudd, for the DefenseKolchak: The Night StalkerKryptonLA LawLassieThe Lathe of Heaven (1980)Leave It to BeaverThe Lone GunmenLost in Space • “The Reluctant Stowaway” • “The Derelict” • “Island in the Sky” • “There Were Giants in the Earth” • “The Hungry Sea” • “My Friend, Mr. Nobody” • “Invaders from the Fifth Dimension” • “Wish upon a Star” • “One of Our Dogs is Missing” • “Return from Outer Space” • “The Keeper (Part 1)” • “The Keeper (Part II)” • “The Sky Pirate” • “The Magic Mirror” • “War of the Robots” • “The Lost Civilization” • “Follow the Leader”Lost in Space (animated)Lost in Space (Netflix, 2018)Malcolm in the MiddleThe Man from U.N.C.L.E.MannixThe Mary Tyler Moore ShowMasters of Science FictionMax HeadroomMen Into SpaceMighty MouseMr. TerrificThe MunstersThe New Twilight Zone (1985–1989)Night GalleryNorthern ExposureOdyssey 5One Step BeyondThe OrvilleThe Outer Limits • “The Galaxy Being” • “The Architects of Fear” • “The Man Who Was Never Born” • “Nightmare” • “The Zanti Misfits” • “The Bellero Shield” • “Second Chance” • “Moonstone” • “The Special One” • “A Feasibility Study” • “Soldier” • “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” • “Demon with a Glass Hand” • “The Inheritors”Out of the UnknownThe OutsiderPerry MasonPlease Don&#700;t Eat the DaisiesPortlandiaThe PrisonerProbeQuantum LeapThe RiflemanRocky Jones, Space RangerRoger RamjetRoswellRun for Your LifeThe SaintSaturday Night Live (1975–1980)Science Fiction Theatre • “Beyond” • “Time Is Just a Place” • “Y··O··R··D··” • “The Stones Began to Move” • “Dead Reckoning” • “Beyond Return” • “Project 44” • “Beam of Fire” • “Jupitron”Sea HuntseaQuest DSVSecrets of New YorkSherlockThe Silver SurferSlidersSmallvilleThe Smothers Brothers Comedy HourSpace AngelThe Space ExplorersSpace GhostSpace: Above and BeyondSpider-Man (1967)Spin and MartyStar Trek (TOS) • “Charlie X” • “Where No Man Has Gone Before” • “The Corbomite Maneuver” • “The Menagerie” • “Balance of Terror” • “Arena” • “This Side of Paradise” • “The Devil in the Dark” • “The City on the Edge of Forever” • “Amok Time” • “The Doomsday Machine” • “Journey to Babel” • “The Trouble with Tribbles”Star Trek (animated)Star Trek: Deep Space 9Steve CanyonStingraySupercarSupergirlTales of TomorrowThat GirlThe Third ManThrillerTom Corbett, Space CadetTom TerrificTomorrow CallingThe Tomorrow Show with Tom SnyderThe Twilight ZoneThe Twilight Zone (1985)Twin PeaksUnderdogThe UntouchablesVeronica MarsVR.5Wagon TrainThe Wallace and Ladmo ShowWar of the WorldsWatch Mr. WizardWhat&#700;s My Line?The Wild Wild WestWitchbladeThe Wonder YearsThe X-FilesYoung SheldonXena: Warrior Princess Films=12 Angry Men12 Monkeys12 to the Moon198420,000 Leagues Under the Sea2001: A Space Odyssey2010: The Year We Make Contact2046The 27th DayThe 39 StepsThe 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T7 Faces of Dr. Lao8½A Clockwork OrangeA Scanner DarklyA Skin Too FewAce in the HoleAcross the UniverseThe Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988)The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th DimensionAgoraAlphavilleAltered StatesAmélieAmerican BeautyAn American in ParisAn Honest LiarThe Andromeda StrainAngry Red PlanetAnnie HallApollo 13At LandAtlantis: The 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(1978)Destination Mars!Destination MoonDiabolikDie HardD.O.A.DogmaThe DoorsDonnie DarkoDon&#700;t Be Afraid of the DarkDr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BombDreams with Sharp TeethDuck SoupDuneThe Dunwich HorrorEarth vs. the Flying SaucersElectric DreamsElmer GantryThe Enemy BelowEnter the DragonEternal Sunshine of the Spotless MindFahrenheit 451Fail-SafeFalling DownFantastic VoyageFearlessThe Fifth ElementFire, Walk with MeFirst BloodFirst on the MoonFirst Spaceship to VenusThe Fisher KingFive (1951)Flight to MarsFlorence Foster JenkinsThe Flying SaucerFor the Love of SpockForbidden PlanetThe FountainFoxfire (1996)Free EnterpriseFrom the Earth to the Moon (1958)FuryGargoylesGas-s-s-sGattacaThe GauntletGhost WorldGhostbustersGhostbusters IIGlen and RandaThe Good, the Bad, and the UglyThe GraduateThe Great DictatorThe Great EscapeThe Green SlimeGroundhog DayGuardians of the GalaxyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2The Harder They ComeHarold and MaudeHarveyThe 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Interests, part 1=(These should be separated into further categories. But for now, enjoy the raw data.),4-chlorophenyl acetonitrile2N2369 transistors233.14 Action333 North Michigan4DOS“42nd Street Ballroom”5500 Women Scientists“5,271,009”55 Central Park West555 timers7-Zip9,007,199,254,740,992A.1. SauceA. C. Gilbert James Bond 007 Spy WatchA. J. AyerA. J. LangguthA. Merritt“A Martian Odyssey” & “Valley of Dreams”“A Saucer of Loneliness”“A Song for Lya”AardmarksAaron SwartzAaron T. 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DewdneyAlexander KordaAlexander LeydenfrostAlexander VilenkinAlexandria Ocasio-CortezAlfred Appel, Jr.Alfred BesterAlfred HitchcockAlfred JarryAlfred, Lord TennysonAlgis Budrysalgorithmic information theoryalgorithmsAllen GinsbergAllen M. SteeleAllerton HotelAlly SheedyAlma Deutscheraloe veraalpacas“Alpha Ralpha Boulevard”Alphaville (shop)AlphaZeroAlphonse MuchaAl&#700;s Family BookstoreAltaVistaAlterNetaluminized mylarAluminum Model ToysAlwyn Court ApartmentsAmanda PalmerAmanda PaysAmanda PeetAmanda Petrusichamaranth grain“The Amateur Scientist”Amazon CLI (lucidcheese)Ambrose BierceAMD Ryzen CPUAmerican Association for the Advancement of ScienceAmerican Federation of TeachersAmerican Kennel Club Museum of the DogAmerican Meteor SocietyAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryAmerican OversightAmerican Radiator BuildingAmerican Rocket SocietyAmerican Surety BuildingAmes BuildingAmigaOSAmir D. Aczelammonium dichromateammonium perchlorate composite propellantAmnesia (Disch)The Amnesic Incognito Live SystemAmnesty Internationalamorphous calcium phosphateAmper MusicamphibologyamphibolyAmsco Industries Alpha-1 Ballistic MissileAMT Piranha (1967)AMTronic Car of the FutureAmy GoodmanAmy&#700;s (falafel restaurants)Amy&#700;s Kitchen“…an appetite for monkeys, Ferris wheels and surgery…”anarchismAnatole FranceAncestral Sequence Reconstruction“The Ancient and the Ultimate”“And Death Shall Have No Dominion”“And Now the News…”Anders HejlsbergAndré BretonAndre NortonAndreas KatsulasAndrei BelyAndrei LindeAndromeda GalaxyAndy GriffithAndy KaufmanAndy WeirAngela CarterAngela CartwrightAnimal and Plant Health Inspection ServiceAnita EkbergAnn-MargretAnna KavanAnne BancroftAnne FrancisAnne WaldmanAnnoyances.orgAnsonia HotelAntelope Slot CanyonAnthology Film ArchivesAnthony BoucherAnthony BurgessAnthony Michael HallAntikythera mechanismantimatterAnton ChekhovAntoni GaudíAntonio MeucciApache AntApache tearsAphrodisia Herb StoreApogee BooksapplesauceThe ApthorpaquariaARA PressArby&#700;sarcheoastronomyarcheologyArchimedes of SyracuseArchive Comparison TestArcosanti“Arena”ARexxArgosy BookstoreAristarchus of SamosArizona Biltmore HotelArizona State Route 89AArizona State Route 179Arizona Veterans Memorial ColiseumArkady and Boris StrugatskyArleen WhelanARM architectureArmét & DavisAROSArs TechnicaArt BuchwaldArt Decoart gum erasersArthur Byron CoverArthur C. ClarkeArthur HillArthur KoestlerArthur LubowArthur MachenArthur Rimbaudascorbyl palmitateAsgardiaashlarAsiago cheeseasm.jsASPCAassembly languageastaxanthinAstra-Gnome (1956)astrobiologyastrodynamicsastrolabesAstroland Moon Rocketastronomyasynchronous CPUsatheismatheism+Atlas ObscuraAtomic FireballsAtomic RocketsAT&T Long Lines Headquarters building (32 Sixth Avenue)Aubrey BeardsleyAubrey de GreyAudie EnglandAuditorium BuildingAudra McDonaldAudrey HepburnAudrey MunsonAubrey PlazaAudrey TautouAugust Derlethaurora borealisAurora Lost in Space Cyclops & Chariot DioramaAurora Plastics CorporationAurora text editorAustin Tappan Wrightautomatic voter registration (AVR)autumnautumn leavesAvery Book StoresAveríaAvon PublicationsAvram DavidsonAvro Canada VZ-9 AvrocarAX-5 space suitAxiosaxolotlsB&N Sale Annex (18th Street)B. Dalton BooksellerB. Traven“Baby Is Three”BAC MUSTARDbackupsBagel Noshbags & boardsBakelitebalanced ternary notationBallantine Booksbalsabalsa glidersbamboobanana puddingbananasBandy X. LeeBank of the MetropolisBantam BooksBarbara Bel GeddesBarbara EdenBarbara HersheyBarclay-Vesey BuildingBareburgerBarnard&#700;s StarBarney the Woolly MonkeyBarrington J. BayleyBarry N. MalzbergBarsoomBart J. BokBaruch SpinozaBasil Rathbonebat-rat-spider-crabbay rumbay windowsBayard–Condict BuildingBayard RustinBayes&#700; theoremBeacon Mercury capsule coin bankBeacon Theatrebean-bag chairsBearManor MediaBee & Flower soapbeeswaxbell peppersBell Rocket BeltBelmore CafeteriaThe BelnordBen BovaBen&#700;s Kosher DeliBenedict CumberbatchbenevolenceBenjamin RosenbaumBenjamin TuckerThe BeresfordBerkley BooksBernard MalamudBernard WolfeBernardo BertolucciBernie SandersBert Easley&#700;s Fun ShopBertrand R. BrinleyBertrand RussellBethesda FountainBettie PageBev HarrisBeverly GarlandbialysbicyclingBig Bang BurgerBig Nick&#700;s Burger & Pizza JointBigelow AerospaceBill KnottBill MoyersBill MumyBill NyeBill WarrenBilly WilderBimson ParkbiocharBiokoBir Tawilbirchbirch beerBlack Cat Fireworksblack hole starshipBlackBoxVoting.orgBlackstone HotelblasphemyBlast BooksBlöödHagBloomsdayBloomsday II bookstoreBob and RayBob BalabanBob&#700;s Big BoyBob&#700;s Big Boy SauceBob&#700;s Big Boy Seasoning SaltBig Daddy&#700;s (restaurants)Bob ShawBob SwartBoeing X-20 Dyna-SoarBoing BoingBoltzmann brainsBook Culturebook scentsThe Book Tree (Sunnyslope)bookendsBookman Old StylebookmarkletsbookmarksBookoffbooksboost glidersBoris ArtzybasheffBørge R. ChristensenBorland/CodeGear/Embarcadero DelphiBorland Paradox“Born With the Dead”Bosco Chocolate SyrupBotan rice candybottle rocketsBoudicabound states in the continuumBowellismBoyer–Moore string search algorithmBoylan Bottling Company­Boylan sodas (Sugar Cane Cola, Root Beer, Creme, Black Cherry, Birch Beer, Creamy Red Birch Beer, Grape, Orange, Orange Creme)Bracewell nullerBrad BlogBrad LinaweaverBradbury Buildingbrain dumpbrain-entrainmentBrainfuckBraun HL 1 MultiwindbreadboardingBreakthrough StarshotbreezesBrent SpinerBrewster KahleBrian BoydBrian KernighanBrian KrebsBrian W. AldissBricken Casino BuildingThe Bricklayer&#700;s Lament“Bright Segment”Brights MovementBritish Interplanetary SocietyThe British MuseumBroadway–Chambers BuildingBronson CanyonBrooklyn Army TerminalBrooklyn Chamber of Commerce BuildingBrooklyn General Post Office (271-301 Cadman Plaza East)Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.brooksBrother Theodore“Brownshoes”BrowsixBruce BabbittBruce BoxleitnerBruce Jay FriedmanBruce LeeBruce McCallBruce SchneierBruce SterlingBruce WillisbruschettaBryce Canyon National ParkBtrfsThe Bubble House (Karalee, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia)Buck HenryBuckingham FountainBud WebsterBuffalo Central TerminalBuffalo City HallBuick Centurion (1956)“Bulkhead”Burger ChefBurgers & Cupcakes (Ninth Ave.; W. 23rd St.)Burgess MeredithBurma-Shave signsBurnham & RootBurroughs B205 computerBurt LancasterBurt RutanBush Terminal International Exhibit Buildingbutterscotchbutylated hydroxytolueneBuzz AldrinBuzzFeed NewsByron HaskinC. Claiborne RayC. Howard Company, Inc.C. L. MooreC. L. StongC57-DC6-5 motorsCadillac Cyclone (1959)Cadillac Eldorado Seville (1959)Cafe VivaCahokiaCaitlín R. Kiernancalcium carbideCalifornia National PartyCallard & Bowser Butterscotch & Creamline ToffeeCalvert VauxCamelback MountainCamille FlammarionCanal Street MarketCandler BuildingcanthaxanthinCanyon de Chelly National MonumentCanyonlands National Parkcapacitance multipliercapacitorscapybarascaramelcaramelized onionscardamomCarefree SundialCarbide & Carbon BuildingCarl Friedrich GaussCarl SaganCarl SassenrathCarla BreezeCarlyle HotelCarnation Restaurant (Phoenix)carobCarol LynleyCarol ReedCarol TavrisCarrère and HastingsCary GrantCarol EmshwillerCarole MasoCarson, Pirie, Scott and Company BuildingCarter ScholzCary JensenCasio Databank watchesCass GilbertCathedral Church of Saint John the DivineCathedral RockCatherine BreillatCatherine Mary Stewartcedar woodCele Goldsmithcellular automataCentauri DreamsCenter for Biological DiversityCenter for Election ScienceCenter for International Environmental Law[Center for Inquiry]Center for Reproductive RightsCentral Avenue (Phoenix, AZ)Central ParkCentral Savings Bankcentrifugal governorsCenturi Engineering CompanyCenturi Laser-XCenturi PointCenturi Sure-Shot IgnitersChad OliverChaitin&#700;s constantChami.comChandler DavisChanging Hands BookstoreChanin BuildingCharles AddamsCharles B. AtwoodCharles BabbageCharles BaudelaireCharles BeaumontCharles BowdenCharles CalvertCharles ChaplinCharles DarwinCharles DickensCharles G. FinneyCharles GrodinCharles L. HarnessCharles P. PierceCharles PetzoldCharles PhoenixCharles PlattCharles Proteus SteinmetzCharles Sanders PeirceCharles StrossCharles WebbCharlie CalvertCharlie ChaplinCharlie FinckledinckCharlie PhoenixCharlotte RamplingcharlottesCharlton HestonChelsea ManningChelsea Quinn YarbrocherriesCheryl PollakChesley Bonestellchess pieChester AndersonChicago Board of Trade BuildingChicago Building (Chicago Savings Bank Building)Chicago Temple BuildingChicago Tribune TowerChina MiévilleChinese CheckersChippery (950 Broadway)chisanbopchiveschocolatechocolate chip cookiesChoward&#700;s mintsChris BentleyChris Drumm BooksChris ElliottChris HedgesChris KordaChris-Town MallChristina RicciChristine Brooke-RoseChristopher LambertChristopher PriestChristopher ReeveChrysler BuildingChrysler Plymouth XNR hardtop (1960)Chrysler Turbine CarChuck JonesChuck PeddleChudnovsky brothersChurch of St. Paul and St. AndrewCici JamesCidney Fiskcigar boxesCindy SheehanCindy ShermanCine CapriCinema TreasuresCineramacinnabarcinnamoncinnamon bunsThe Cinnamon Snailcinnamon toastCircle Master compassCircles Records & Tapescircuit bendingcircuit boardscircuit designCisitalia 202 Coupe Mille Miglia, red & silver versions (1947)Cities Service BuildingCity Bank–Farmers Trust Company BuildingCity Investing BuildingCivic Opera House“Clair de Lune” (Millhauser)Claire DanesClanky Chocolate Flavor Syrup spacemanClarence TrueClaude ShannonClaudia CardinaleClaudia ChristianClean Indoor Air ActCliff RobertsonClifford A. PickoverClifford B. HicksClifford D. SimakClifford StollClimate MirrorClimb@TronCloudbasecloudscloveClover Club Potato ChipsClune&#700;s AuditoriumCoand&#259; EffectCocker Spanielscocktail umbrellascocoaCocoaProCoconino National Forestcoconutcode page 437Codex Bookscoelacanthscognitive biases (analysis of)Cohen brotherscold noodles with sesame sauceColin GreenlandColin KaepernickColiseum BookscollectSPACECOMALcomics spinnerscommand-line interfacecommemorative quartersCommittee for Skeptical InquiryCommodore 128Commodore AmigaCommon CauseCommon DreamsCommon User Accesscomparison functions (sorting)compiler magiccompiler optimizationsComputer Book Worksconfetti poppersConnie WillisConrad AikenContinental Buildingcontrol panelsConvair Manned Lunar Reconnaissance VehicleConvair Manned Nuclear Interplanetary VehicleConvair Manned Observational SatelliteConvair Nexus Mega-BoosterConvair XB-46Conway&#700;s Game of LifeCooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design MuseumCooper Union Foundation BuildingcopalCopenhagen Suborbitalscopy editingCorbin BuildingCordwainer SmithCore WarcorfluCorgi 267 BatmobileCorgi ToyscorkboardCornelius RyanCornell WoolrichThe CornwallCorporate Crime ReporterCosmic ComicsCosmic Dinercosmic stormsCosmostratorThe Counter (restaurant)County-City Administration BuildingCourt and Remsen BuildingCourt of the BirdsCox Honest JohnCox safety ignitersCracker JackCragstan/Yonezawa Moon Explorer M-27Craig BaldwinCraig Cassette Recorder Model 2621Craig StreteCrater LakeCrazy Horsecream-cheese browniescream sodaCree, Inc.creosote bushThe Criterion CollectionCrotchety Old FanCross and CrossCryptos spaceship (“The Man From Nowhere”)CSScucumbersCunard Line Buildingcupcakescurry powderCustom House Tower (Boston, MA)Cy TymonyCyril Edward RobinsonCyril M. KornbluthCyrus L. W. EidlitzCzes&#322;aw Mi&#322;oszD. M. ThomasD Programming LanguageDad&#700;s root beerThe Daily BeastDaily News BuildingDalkey Archive PressDamien BroderickDamon KnightDan SimmonsDandridge Macfarlan ColeDanica McKellarDaniel BurnhamDaniel C. DennettDaniel DefoeDaniel EllsbergDaniel Julius BernsteinDaniel M. PinkwaterDaniel P. MannixDanny DunnDanny HillisDanny ThorpeDante AlighieriDante Gabriel RossettiDaphne ZungiaDark Roasted Blend“Darkness” (Byron)Darrell C. RomickDarren McGavinDart programming languageDaryl Hannahdata compressiondates (fruit)Dave EmoryDave&#700;s LuncheonetteDave Nichols (KOOL)David A. HardyDavid A. KyleDavid BohmDavid BrinDavid Cay JohnstonDavid CronenbergDavid DeutschDavid DuchovnyDavid E. H. JonesDavid Foster WallaceDavid G. HartwellDavid GerroldDavid GoodisDavid HestenesDavid HilbertDavid HumeDavid J. DarlingDavid LangfordDavid LasserDavid LynchDavid MarksonDavid MarusekDavid McCulloughDavid MeltzerDavid R. BunchDavid Stephen MitchellDavid V. ErdmanDawson PalmerDay-Glo Color Corp.Daytonian in ManhattanDCCC Blacklistde Laval nozzleDean Jeffries&#700;s 1963 MantarayDebbie the BloopDeborah Kara UngerDeborah YatesDeep Space IndustriesDeia SchlosbergDelftwareDell PublishingDeluxe Reading Jimmy JetDemocracy Now!demosceneDennis FarinaDennis Feltham JonesDennis KucinichDennis RitchieDesert Botanical GardenDeSmogDeSoto Ghia Adventurer II (1955)Detention Watch NetworkdeuteriumdeutroniumDevils Tower National MonumentDeVinne Press BuildingDeWitt ClintonDian HansonDiana DeutschDiane AckermanDiane di PrimaDiane RavitchDiaspora*diatomaceous earthDick CavettDick TufeldDickies ClothingdictionariesDiDia 150DIET (Teddy Matsumoto)Dieter RamsDigby's HullabalooDigi-Comp Idigital physicsDime Savings Bank of Brooklyn (9 DeKalb Avenue)dime storesdimethylethanolamineDinky ToysDippel&#700;s oilDirt CandydisastrophyDiscordianismDiscus BooksDissentDjuna BarnesDmitri BorgmannDobsonian telescopesdocosahexaenoic acidDodge Charger (1966)Dodge Charger II (1965)dogsDolores HuertaDon BuchlaDon D&#700;AmmassaDon DeForeDon DeLilloDon HerbertDon KnottsDon LancasterDon Markstein&#700;s ToonopediaDon SiegelDonald A. WollheimDonald BarthelmeDonald Duck orange juiceDonald E. KnuthDonald E. WestlakeDonald PleasenceDonald SutherlandThe DoriltonDoris DowlingDoris PiserchiaDorothy ParkerDouglas AdamsDouglas EngelbartDouglas HofstadterDouglas HonnoldDouglas Ithacus Sub-Orbital Troop CarrierDouglas McIlroyDouglas ROMBUSDouglas SASSTODouglas TrumbullDover BooksDover BookshopDowntown Athletic Club buildingDr. Bronner&#700;s Magic SoapsDr. SeussDrago IblerDrake HotelDreams of Space website & blogDremel Moto-Tooldriftwooddrop-merge sort“Drunkboat”DuckDuckGoDumont BuildingDumont Television NetworkDurk PearsonDurkee/O&C Real French Fried Onions (French&#700;s Crispy Fried Onions)Dustin HoffmanDylan ThomasDynamic Health Food Shop (Grand Central Terminal)E. B. WhiteE. J. MontiniE. S. Lowe Countdown board gameE. V. 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Arnoldegg creamseggloftersEiffel languageEiffel TowerEigengrauEileen GunnEl Tovar HotelElaine MayThe EldoradoEleanor CameronElectric Tower (Buffalo, NY)Electronic Frontier FoundationelectronicsElektroEli MaorEliza DushkuElizabeth BearElizabeth HandElizabeth Street GardenElizabeth WarrenEllen BarkinEllen KlagesElliott SwansonEllwyn E. 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RosenMilwaukee City HallMIM-3 Nike AjaxMIM-14 Nike HerculesmimeographyMinoan civilizationMinoca OSMinor Planet CenterMira FurlanMiracle MachineMiracle Mile DeliMiriam Allen deFordMischa BartonMIT Science Fiction SocietymitophagyMMIXModel Products Corporationmodel rocketryMoebius ModelsMogollon RimMole AntonellianaMolly Ringwaldmoon piesMoon ExpressMoondogmoonlightMonadnock BuildingMonogram spacecraft modelsMontague-Court BuildingMontgomery Ward / Tower Building (Chicago)Montclair, New JerseyMonty Hall problemMonument ValleyMoon Expressmoon piesMorningstar Farms Breakfast SlicesMorpho didiusMorphOSMOS Technology 6510MOS Technology SIDMotherboardMotorola 68000 series CPUsMount ChimborazoMount RainierMount VesuviusMourning DovesMozilla FirefoxMozJPEGMPC Pilgrim Observer Space Station“Mr. Costello, Hero”Mrs. DashMrs. Klein&#700;s kosher dill picklesmultipassMultiple Products Corporation 1966 Dodge Charger Fastback plastic modelMultiple Products Corporation Steve Zodiac&#700;s Fireball XL5 playsetMultiple Toymakers Plazer Ray gunmultikey QuicksortmummichogsThe Mumpsimusmundane science fictionMurray LeinsterMurray RothbardMuseum of Pop CultureMuseum of Science FictionmushroomsMVPS HOSTS fileMyDefragmyrrh{continued below} Print Periodicals=.info2600: The Hacker QuarterlyAboriginal Science FictionActa AstronauticaAd AstraAhoy!AlgolAlgorithmAlter EgoAmateur ScientistAmazing ComputingAmazing StoriesAmerican AtheistAmerican HeritageAmerican ScientistAmerican Spacemodeling / Sport RocketryAmiga TransactorAmiga WorldAmygdalaAnalog Science Fiction and FactArizona HighwaysAsimov&#700;s Science FictionAstounding Science FictionAstronomyAZAPABack IssueBioastronomy NewsBlacklisted! 411Blake/An Illustrated QuarterlyThe Blake JournalBlake StudiesByteC/C++ Users JournalCentury 21Chris Drumm catalogsCinefantastiqueCinema RetroCOMAL TodayComic Shop NewsCommodore UserCommunications of the ACMCompute!Compute!&#700;s GazetteComputer Language MagazineComputer ShopperConsumer ReportsCosmic SearchCosmosDelap&#700;s F&SF ReviewDelphi MagazineDiscoveryDr. Dobb&#700;s JournalElectronics NowEvergreen ReviewExtrapolationExtropyFantasticFilm ThreatFilmFaxFinal FrontierFoundation: The International Review of Science FictionFree InquiryFrefanzineFuture LifeFuture Science FictionGalaxy Science FictionGalaxy&#700;s EdgeGalileoGeek MonthlyH+Harper&#700;s MagazineHolidayIllustrationIEEE SpectrumIf: Worlds of Science Fiction / Worlds of IfImagination Science FictionIn These TimesInfinity Science FictionInland ArchitectInquiryInterzoneJack Kirby CollectorJournal of Recreational MathematicsJournal of the British Interplanetary SocietyJournal of the Megahealth SocietyL MagazineL-5 NewsLaunch MagazineLibertyLife ExtensionLISFANLocusMAKEMars Underground NewsMaximum PCMirror Matter NewsletterModel RocketryMojoMondo 2000Mother JonesNatural HistoryNew ScientistNew Times (1973–79)New WorldsNew YorkNon-Stop MagazineOdysseyOmniPC TechniquesPersonal Computer WorldPhoenixPopular ElectronicsPopular SciencePsychotronic VideoQuest: The History of Spaceflight QuarterlyRadio-ElectronicsRain TaxiReadReasonRecreational Mathematics MagazineReminisceRetroFanRocketsRod Serling&#700;s The Twilight Zone MagazineRunScary MonstersScience Fiction ChronicleScience Fiction EyeScience Fiction ReviewScience Fiction StoriesScience-Fiction StudiesScience NewsScientific AmericanSci FiSci-Fi & Fantasy ModellerSedona MagazineShayolSkepticSkeptical InquirerSky & TelescopeSmart Life NewsSmithsonianSmithsonian Air & SpaceSpace WorldSpaceflightSpaceship AwaySpacewaySpyStarlogStarshipSuper-Science FictionTangentThe Alien CriticThe American ProspectThe Comics JournalThe Flying Saucer MenaceThe FuturistThe HumanistThe IndypendentThe Little Magazine (1965–1988)The Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionThe MilepostThe NationThe New AtlantisThe New York Review of Science FictionThe New YorkerThe OnionThe Paris ReviewThe Patchin ReviewThe Philip K. Dick Society NewsletterThe Planetary ReportThe ProgressiveThe RealistThe ScientistThe TransactorThe Wittenburg DoorThrilling Wonder Stories (2007)ThrustTiki MagazineTime Out New YorkToy CollectorTrajectories: The Journal of Futurism and HeresyTV GuideU&lcUnearthUtne ReaderVentureVertexVideo WatchdogVillage VoiceWhole Earth ReviewWiredWorlds of Tomorrow Books=10:56:20 PM EDT, 7/20/69: The Historic Conquest of the Moon as Reported to the American People334507 Mechanical Movements70,000 to 1: The Story of Lieutenant Gordon Manuel99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in StyleA Blake DictionaryA Box of MatchesA Century of Science FictionA Clockwork OrangeA Dictionary of Science (Uvarov, Chapman, & Isaacs)A Fine and Private PlaceA for AnythingA Guide to the Architecture of Metro PhoenixA History of πA History of Western PhilosophyA Library Of Literary Criticism: Modern American LiteratureA Long Vacation (Verne)A Man and His Meals: The Fine Art of EatingA Mencken ChrestomathyA Mirror for ObserversA New Guide to Rational LivingA New Kind of ScienceA Pail of AirA Princess of MarsA Scanner DarklyA Science Fiction ArgosyA Song for LyaA Treasury of Great Science FictionA Voyage to ArcturusAbout Writing (Delany)Across the Space FrontierAda, or Ardor: A Family ChronicleAdios ScheherazadeAdventures in Time and SpaceAdventures of Huckleberry FinnAfter-Dinner ScienceAgainst the DayThe Agency TrilogyAha! InsightAIA Guide to New York CityThe Alexandria QuartetAlfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators seriesAlgorithms (Sedgewick)Algorithms + Data Structures = ProgramsAlice&#700;s Adventures in WonderlandAll in Color for a DimeAll Out!: An AutobiographyAll the King&#700;s MenAll the Myriad WaysAlone Against TomorrowAlternate Worlds: The Illustrated History of Science FictionThe Amateur Scientist (Stong)The Amazing Spider-Man Collector&#700;s AlbumThe Ambidextrous UniverseThe American Drive-In: History and Folklore of the Drive-in Restaurant in American Car CultureThe American Heritage Dictionary of the English LanguageThe American Shore: Meditations on a Tale of Science Fiction by Thomas M. Disch &#8213; “Angouleme”The AmigaDOS ManualAmong the DangsAn Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram LanguageAn Ornament to His ProfessionAnarquía: An Alternate History of the Spanish Civil WarAnatomy of Wonder: A Critical Guide to Science FictionAnd Chaos DiedThe Andromeda StrainThe Annotated AliceThe Annotated LolitaAnother Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957–1962Appleseed (Clute)Approaching OblivionThe Armchair Universe: An Exploration of Computer WorldsArslanThe Art of Computer ProgrammingThe Art of Richard PowersThe Art of Robert McCall: A Celebration of Our Future in SpaceThe Art of SpaceArtful Sentences: Syntax as StyleThe AsiaticsThe Astounding Science Fiction AnthologyAt the Edge of Space: The X-15 Flight ProgramAtheism: The Case Against GodBabel-17Barefoot in the HeadThe Barnum MuseumBeautiful LosersBecause I Was FleshThe Beginning of Infinity: Explanations That Transform the WorldBehold the ManBend SinisterThe Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction seriesThe Best from Galaxy seriesThe Best of Barry N. MalzbergThe Best of Damon KnightThe Best of Jack VanceThe Best of John SladekThe Best Science Fiction of the Year series (Carr)The Best Science Fiction Stories seriesBetween PlanetsBeyond Language (Adventures in Word and Thought)Beyond the Solar SystemBeyond Tomorrow: The Next 50 Years in SpaceThe Big Book of Big SecretsBig PlanetBillion Year SpreeBlack AliceBlack EasterBlack Humor (Friedman)Blake&#700;s ProgressBlast Off!: Rockets, Rayguns, Robots, & Rarities from the Golden Age of Space ToysThe Blue Pages: A Directory of Companies Rated by Their Politics and PracticesBlueprint for Space: Science Fiction to Science FactThe Book of EllisonThe Book of Imaginary BeingsThe Book of SkullsThe Book of the Long SunThe Book of the New SunThe Book of the Short SunThe Book of ThelThe Boy ElectricianBradbury: An Illustrated LifeBrain WaveBrave New Words: The Oxford Dictionary of Science FictionBreakfast in the Ruins: A Novel of InhumanityBreakfast in the Ruins: Science Fiction in the Last MillenniumThe Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar WaoBroadway: From the Battery to the BronxBrighty of the Grand CanyonCaleb Catlum&#700;s AmericaCamp ConcentrationCaptain Scarlet AlbumThe Cardboard Universe: A Guide to the World of Phoebus K. DankThe Case for Mars: The Plan to Settle the Red Planet and Why We MustThe Centauri DeviceCentauri Dreams: Imagining and Planning Interstellar ExplorationChanging My Mind, Among OthersChicago In and Around the Loop: Walking Tours of Architecture and HistoryChicago&#700;s Famous BuildingsChildhood&#700;s EndChildren of the AtomChroma: The Art of Alex SchomburgChrysalis seriesThe Chrysler Building: Creating a New York Icon, Day by DayThe Circus of Dr. LaoCitizen of the GalaxyCity (Simak)The City and the StarsThe City&#700;s EndClassic Dan Dare: The Man From NowhereClassic Dan Dare: Rogue PlanetCode Complete 2The Collected Short Fiction of R. A. LaffertyThe Collected Short Stories of Carol EmshwillerThe Collected Short Stories of Robert SheckleyThe Collected Stories of Arthur C. ClarkeThe Collected Stories of Richard YatesThe Collected Stories of Robert SilverbergColossus trilogyComfort StationCommodore 128 Programmer&#700;s Reference GuideCompilers: Principles, Techniques, and ToolsThe Complete Book of Outer SpaceThe Complete RoderickThe Complete Stories of J. G. BallardThe Complete Stories of Theodore SturgeonThe Comprehensible CosmosComputers & TypesettingThe Confidence-Man: His MasqueradeConfessions of a Crap ArtistConfessions of a Pretty LadyThe Confessions of Edward DahlbergConjectures and RefutationsConjunctions:39 — The New Wave FabulistsConquering the Sun&#700;s EmpireThe Conquest of SpaceCooking Out of This WorldThe Cornelius QuartetThe Cosmic RapeCosmic Trigger [I]: The Final Secret of the IlluminatiCosmocopiaCoup d&#700;État: A Practical HandbookCRC Handbook of Chemistry and PhysicsCreating Space: The Story of the Space Age Told Through ModelsCrimes Against LogicThe Crying of Lot 49Crystals and Crystal GrowingThe Cuckoo&#700;s EggCultTVman&#700;s Ultimate Modeling Guide to Classic Sci-Fi MoviesDan DeCarlo&#700;s JettaDangerous Visions & Again, Dangerous VisionsDarker Than the Deepest Sea: The Search for Nick DrakeDarkness at NoonThe Data Compression Book­David Mapstone mysteries (Talton)Davy (Pangborn)Daybreak — 2250 A.D.Deathbird StoriesThe Deep (Crowley)Delphi in a NutshellDecoding the HeavensThe Demolished ManThe Deptford TrilogyThe Design of an Optimizing CompilerThe Devil&#700;s DictionaryDhalgrenThe Disinheriting PartyThe DispossesedDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?­Donald A. Wollheim&#700;s Mike Mars series­Donald E. Westlake&#700;s Dortmunder series­Donald J. Sobol&#700;s Encyclopedia Brown seriesThe Doors of His Face, the Lamp of His Mouth, and Other StoriesDouble Fold: Libraries and the Assault on PaperDouble StarDown the Great UnknownDrawing Down the MoonThe Dream MachinesThe Dream MasterThe Dream of Spaceflight: Essays on the Near Edge of InfinityThe Dreaming JewelsDreamtigersDriftglassThe Drop Edge of YonderDuneDunlop Illustrated Encyclopedia of FactsDust (Pellegrino)The Dying EarthDying InsideEarth AbidesEdwin Mullhouse: The Life and Death of an American Writer 1943–1954, by Jeffrey CartwrightEiffel: The LanguageElectronic Gadgets for the Evil GeniusElementary FishingEnchanted NightEnchiridion of EpictetusEnemies of the Secret Hide-OutEngine SummerEngines of CreationEngland Swings SFEnvisioning InformationThe Essential Ellison: A 50 Year RetrospectiveEssential New York (Tauranac)Ethics (Frankena)Evil CompanionsThe Evolution of CooperationExercises in StyleExotiquarium: Album Art from the Space AgeExpanded Universe: The New Worlds of Robert A. HeinleinExploits & Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, &#700;PataphysicianThe Exploits of EngelbrechtThe Exploration of Mars (1956)The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its CanyonsExplosion in a CathedralThe Eye of the LensThe Fabric of RealityFads and Fallacies in the Name of ScienceFancies and GoodnightsThe Fall of Rome (Lafferty)The Female ManFicciones (Borges)Fieldbook for Boys and Men (1967 edition)The Fifth Head of CerberusFirst Person, PeculiarThe Flatiron: The New York Landmark and the Incomparable City That Arose with ItFlatlandFlats / QuakeFlowers of EvilFly Me to the Moon: An Insider&#700;s Guide to the New Science of Space Travel…FLYING SAUCERS Are Real!Flying to ValhallaFollies of Science: 20th Century Visions of Our Fantastic FutureThe Forgotten DoorForm Follows Finance: Skyscrapers and Skylines in New York and ChicagoFormulas, Methods, Tips and Data for Home and WorkshopFour for TomorrowFourth MansionsFree Will (O&#700;Connor)From the Land of FearFrom the Pen of Paul: The Fantastic Images of Frank R. PaulFrom the Realm of MorpheusFrom These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric BrownFrontiers of Propulsion ScienceFrontiers of Space (Bono & Gatland)Fundamental DischThe Future of FlightFuture MagicGalaxy Reader seriesGaming the VoteThe Garden of Forking PathsGarner&#700;s Modern American UsageGenoa: A Telling of WondersGeodesic Dreams: The Best Short Fiction of Gardner DozoisGeometry, Relativity, and the Fourth DimensionGetting Into DeathThe GiftGladiator (Wylie)The Glass Teat & The Other Glass TeatThe Gnostics (Lacarriere)Go, Dog. Go!God: The Failed HypothesisGodbodyGödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden BraidThe Gods ThemselvesGolden Book EncyclopediaThe Golden Book of Lost Worlds: Great Civilizations of the PastGolden Guide to KitesGolden Guide to Rocks And MineralsGolden Guide to StarsGolden Guide to Tropical FishGoogie: Fifties Coffee Shop ArchitectureGoogie Redux: Ultramodern Roadside ArchitectureGotham: A History of New York City to 1898The GraduateGrammar as StyleThe Grand Canyon: Today and All Its YesterdaysThe Great ExplosionThe Great International Paper Airplane BookThe Great Palomar TelescopeGreat Science Fiction by ScientistsGreater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919GreybeardThe Guinness Book of World RecordsHabitable Planets for ManHalfway to AnywhereHandbook of Algorithms and Data StructuresHandbook of Model RocketryHard LandingThe Haunted StarsHave Space Suit — Will TravelHearts in AtlantisHeavenly BreakfastHell&#700;s CartographersHellas: A Short History of Ancient GreeceHelliconia trilogyHer Smoke Rose Up ForeverHere Is New YorkHigh Energy Physics (Hellman)History of the Science Fiction Magazine seriesThe Horse&#700;s MouthHow and Why Wonder Book seriesThe How and Why Wonder Book of Planets and Interplanetary TravelThe How and Why Wonder Book of Rockets and MisslesHow Apollo Flew to the MoonHow Experiments EndHow to Build a PlanetHow to Make & Fly Paper AirplanesHow to Solve ItThe Hugo Winners seriesHumpty Dumpty: An OvalI Am a Strange LoopI Am Flying Into Myself: Selected Poems, 1960–2014I Am Thinking of My DarlingIBM Electronic Selectric Composer - Operating InstructionsThe Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498–1909Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket PropellantsThe Illuminated BlakeThe Illuminatus! TrilogyThe Illustrated Book of Magic TricksIn Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer SpaceIn Search of WonderIncidents of Travel in YucatanInner Loops: A Sourcebook for Fast 32-bit Software DevelopmentInside the Apple: A Streetwise History of New York CityInstead of a Book, by a Man Too Busy to Write OneIntelligent Life in the UniverseThe Invention of Everything ElseThe Inventions of Daedalus: A Compendium of Plausible SchemesInvitation to a BeheadingIrwin Allen Television Productions, 1964–1970: A Critical HistoryIrwin Allen&#700;s Lost in Space: The Authorized Biography of a Classic Sci-Fi Series, Volume OneIs Objectivism a Religion?­Isaac Asimov&#700;s 17-essay collections (Only a Trillion; Fact and Fancy; View from a Height; Adding a Dimension; Of Time and Space and Other Things; From Earth to Heaven; Is Anyone There?; Science, Numbers, and I; The Solar System and Back; The Stars in Their Courses; The Left Hand of the Electron; Today and Tomorrow and…; The Tragedy of the Moon; Of Matters Great and Small; Science Past, Science Future; The Planet That Wasn&#700;t; The Beginning and the End; Quasar, Quasar, Burning Bright; Life and Time; The Road to Infinity; etc.)Isaac Asimov Presents The Great SF Stories seriesIsaac Asimov&#700;s Treasury of HumorIslands in the Sky: Bold New Ideas for Colonizing SpaceIslands in Space: The Challenge of the PlanetoidsIssues at HandIt Can&#700;t Happen HereJames Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. SheldonThe Jewel-Hinged Jaw: Notes on the Language of Science FictionJewels of Stringology: Text AlgorithmsJoe Celko&#700;s SQL for SmartiesJohn Crowley&#700;s Ægypt seriesThe Journal of Albion MoonlightJoysprickKa: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of YmrThe Killer ThingKirby: King of ComicsThe Knife Thrower and Other StoriesLabyrinthsLanguage on Vacation: An Olio of Orthographical OdditiesLanguage, Truth and LogicThe Languages of PaoLarousse Encyclopedia of AstronomyLast and First Men and Star MakerThe Last Hurrah of the Golden HordeThe Last WesternThe Late RisersThe Lathe of HeavenLaws of FormLeaves of GrassLectures on LiteratureThe Left Hand of DarknessThe Left Handed DictionaryThe Leisure Architecture of Wayne McAllisterLieut. Gullivar Jones: His VacationThe Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, GentlemanThe Life Cycle of Software ObjectsLife Extension: A Practical Scientific ApproachLimbo (Wolfe)Little, BigLogic Made Easy: How to Know When Language Deceives YouThe Logic of Scientific DiscoveryLolitaLondon FieldsLook at the Harlequins!Lord of LightLorelei of the Red Mist: Planetary RomancesLost in Space (Arnam & Archer)The Lost in Space Encyclopedia IILost in Space: The True StoryLost New YorkLost Race of MarsThe Lost Worlds of 2001Love and LimerenceLyric of The Circle Heart: The Bowman Family TrilogyM. John Harrison&#700;s Kefahuchi Tract seriesMacrolifeMacroscopeThe Mad Scientists&#700; Club seriesMagic with ChemistryThe Magical Land of NoomThe MagusMajor Ingredients: The Selected Short Stories of Eric Frank RussellThe Making of Kubrick&#700;s 2001The Making of Star TrekMan&#700;s Reach Into SpaceThe Man in the High CastleThe Man Who Folded HimselfThe Man Who Tamed Lightning: Charles Proteus SteinmetzThe Man Who Was ThursdayMANAS ReaderMannahatta: A Natural History of New York CityMansions in the Clouds: The Skyscraper Palazzi of Emery RothThe Manufacture of MadnessMapping The Commodore 128Marooned on MarsThe Marriage of Heaven & HellMars and Beyond: A Tomorrowland AdventureMars as the Abode of LifeThe Mars ProjectMars: The Lure of the Red PlanetMars, We Love YouThe MartianMartin Dressler: The Tale of an American DreamerMathematics and the ImaginationMedea: Harlan&#700;s World, Precis of Specifications for an Imaginary PlanetMelville&#700;s Short NovelsMemoirs of a MidgetMemoirs of a Not Altogether Shy PornographerMentor Philosophers seriesThe Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary of SynonymsMetamagical ThemasMeta Math!: The Quest for OmegaThe Metropolis of TomorrowMichaelmasMirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter PhysicsModel Rocket Design and ConstructionModeranModern American Usage (Wilson Follett)Molloy, Malone Dies, The UnnamableThe Monty Hall ProblemThe Moon CarThe Moon Is a Harsh MistressThe Moon PoolMore Adventures in Time and SpaceMore Issues at HandMore Than HumanMove Up Dress Up Drink Up Burn UpThe MountMrs. Byrne&#700;s Dictionary of Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous WordsThe Müller-Fokker EffectThe Myth of SisyphusThe Nabokov–Wilson LettersNabokov&#700;s Ada: The Place of ConsciousnessNabokov&#700;s Pale Fire: The Magic of Artistic DiscoveryNaked LunchNatural Law: or, Don&#700;t Put a Rubber on Your WillyNerves (del Rey)New Dimensions seriesNew Maps of HellNew York (Reinhart Wolf)New York: 15 Walking Tours, An Architectural Guide to the MetropolisNew York, the Wonder City, 1932New York Transformed: The Architecture of Cross & CrossNext of Kin (Russell)Nick Drake: Remembered For A WhileNight LampNightshade & DamnationsNightwoodNikolai Gogol (Nabokov)Nine Hundred GrandmothersNo Man Friday (vt. First on Mars)No Treason: The Constitution of No AuthorityNog­Noisy Outlaws, Unfriendly Blobs, and Some Other Things that Aren&#700;t as Scary, Maybe, Depending on How You Feel About Lost Lands, Stray Cellphones, Creatures from the Sky, Parents Who Disappear in Peru, a Man Named Lars Farf, and One Other Story We Couldn&#700;t Quite Finish, So Maybe You Could Help Us OutNon-StopNorstriliaNothing Like the SunNova (Delany)NYC AccessObjections to AstrologyOkla HannaliOmensetter&#700;s LuckOn Broadway: A Journey Uptown Over TimeOn Strike Against GodOn the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition and FictionOn Wings of SongOne (Karp)One Two Three … InfinityOnions, Onions, OnionsOnly Two Can Play This GameThe Open Society and Its EnemiesOpus 100Orbit seriesOrphans of the SkyThe Other AmericaOur Lady of DarknessOur World in SpaceOut of Time: Designs for the Twentieth-Century FutureThe Outer Limits: The Official CompanionOxford English DictionaryPaingodPale FireThe Paradox MenParis SpleenPartners in WonderPast MasterThe Past Through TomorrowPavanePC Interrupts: A Programmer&#700;s Reference to BIOS, DOS, and Third-Party CallsPC Magazine BASIC Techniques and UtilitiesPeace (Wolfe)The Penguin Book of Sick VerseThe Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting NumbersThe Perversity of Things: Hugo Gernsback on Media, Tinkering, and ScientifictionPetersburg (Bely)Philip José Farmer&#700;s Wold Newton Family seriesPhilip K. Dick is Dead, AlasPhoenix Without AshesThe Picture Book of SymbolsPigeon FeathersPincher MartinPlanets and Perception: Telescopic Views and Interpretations, 1609–1909The Platypus of Doom and Other NihilistsPlotto: The Master Book of All PlotsThe Power (Robinson)Pricksongs & DescantsPrincipia Discordia: or, How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her: The Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger, Wherein is Explained Absolutely Everything Worth Knowing About Absolutely AnythingProgramming and Metaprogramming in the Human BiocomputerProgramming Pearls & More Programming PearlsProject Boreas: A Station for the Martian Geographic North PoleProject Daedalus: The Final Report on the BIS Starship StudyPrometheus RisingPueblo Deco: The Art Deco Architecture of the SouthwestPuff&#700;s Vegetable GardenThe Puppet MastersThe Purple CloudQueen of the StatesThe Queendom of Sol seriesR Is for RocketThe Ra ExpeditionsRabbit, RunThe Road to Science Fiction seriesRockets of the ArmyRe JoyceReality and EmpathyReality TherapyReally the BluesReason and Emotion in PsychotherapyRed Dirt Marijuana and Other TastesThe Rediscovery of ManRemember Your EssenceRemembering Woolworth&#700;sReport on Planet Three and Other SpeculationsThe Reproductive SystemRetro Diner: Comfort Food from the American RoadsideThe Revolt of the UnemployablesRevolt on Alpha CRings (Harness)The Road to RealityThe Road to ToleranceRoadside PicnicRobert A. Heinlein: In Dialogue with His CenturyRobinson CrusoeRocket BoysRocket Manual for AmateursRocket Propulsion ElementsRocketeer&#700;s GuidebookRockets, Missiles, and Men in SpaceRogue MoonThe Runaway RobotThe Sand ReckonerThe Sands of MarsThe Saucer FleetThe Very Best of Fantasy & Science Fiction: 60th Anniversary AnthologyScience Fiction Art: The Fantasies of SFThe Science Fiction EncyclopediaThe Science Fiction Hall of FameScience Fiction Handbook, RevisedScience Fiction in the CinemaScience: Good, Bad, and BogusScience MagicSeashells of the WorldThe Secret Hide-OutSecrets of Life ExtensionSentinels From SpaceSeven Types of AmbiguityThe Seven Who FledSex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack ParsonsSF: Author&#700;s Choice seriesThe SF Book of ListsSF: The Year&#700;s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy seriesShakespeare (Ivor Brown)Sidereus NunciusThe Sinking of the Odradek StadiumThe Sirens of TitanSisson&#700;s Word and Expression LocatorSixty StoriesThe Size of Thoughts: Essays and Other LumberThe Sky Observer&#700;s GuideThe Skyscraper and the City: The Woolworth Building and the Making of Modern New YorkSkyscraper Rivals: The AIG Building and the Architecture of Wall StreetSkyscrapers - Skyprickers - SkycitiesThe Skyward Trend of Thought: The Metaphysics of the American SkyscraperSleepers Awake (Patchin)Smallcreep&#700;s DaySoda Pop (Haas & Williams)SolargasSome People, Places and Things That Will Not Appear in My Next NovelSongs of Innocence & of ExperienceThe Sound of WinterSpace ChanteyThe Space EagleSpace Flight (Adams)Space Flight and How It WorksSpace Flight: The Coming Exploration of the UniverseSpace Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick, Arthur C. Clarke, and the Making of a MasterpieceSpace Patrol: Missions of Daring in the Name of Early TelevisionSpace Propulsion Analysis and DesignSpaceplanes: From Airport to SpaceportSpaceship Handbook (Hagerty & Rogers)Spaceships: An Illustrated History of the Real and the ImaginedSpeak, MemorySpeculations on Speculation: Theories of Science FictionStages to SaturnStand on ZanzibarThe Stranger from Paradise: A Biography of William BlakeStar BornStar Trek Star Fleet Technical ManualStarflight and Other ImprobabilitiesThe Starflight HandbookStarboard Wine: More Notes on the Language of Science FictionStarlight: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred BesterThe Stars My DestinationStarship Through SpaceStill I Persist in WonderingStore of the Worlds: The Stories of Robert SheckleyStories of Your Life and OthersStorm (Stewart)The Stories of Vladimir NabokovThe Story of CivilizationStrange and Stranger: The World of Steve DitkoStrange WineStrong OpinionsStruwwelpeterThe Sun and the MoonSur les Autres Mondes“Surely You&#700;re Joking, Mr. Feynman!”: Adventures of a Curious CharacterSurreal NumbersTau ZeroTesla: Man Out of TimeThink, Write, SpeakThis High ManThis Immortal­Thomas M. Disch&#700;s Supernatural Minnesota seriesThrust Into SpaceTik-TokTime and AgainThe Time MachineTime&#700;s ArrowTom Corbett, Space Cadet seriesTom Swift, Jr. seriesTomorrow Revisited: The Complete Frank Hampson StoryTopics in Advanced Model RocketryTragic Sense of LifeTransparent ThingsTreasure IslandThe Trial of Callista BlakeTriQuarterly 17Trouble Is My BusinessTunnel in the SkyTurning Points: Essays on the Art of Science FictionTwenty Love Poems and a Song of DespairTwice 22U and I: A True StoryUbikUlyssesUnder the Moons of MarsUnderstanding PhysicsUnearthing AtlantisThe Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop.Universe series (Carr)Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural ActsVThe Very Best of Gene WolfeThe View From SerendipThe Viking Rocket StoryThe Vintage BradburyVirtual UnrealitiesVisions of the Daughters of AlbionThe Visual Display of Quantitative InformationVladimir Nabokov: A TributeVoices in the NightWalden and Civil DisobedienceThe Wallet of Kai LungWang VS PL/I Language Reference ManualThe War against Cliché: Essays and Reviews 1971–2000The War of the WorldsWasp (Russell)Watch the North Wind RiseWe Others: New and Selected StoriesWe Who Are About To…What Do You Care What Other People Think?Where Late the Sweet Birds SangWhite Bicycles: Making Music in the 1960sWho?Wholeness and the Implicate OrderThe Whys of a Philosophical ScrivenerWilliam Blake: A New Kind of ManWillie Master&#700;s Lonesome WifeThe Wind&#700;s Twelve QuartersThe Wolfe ArchipelagoThe Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom PlanetThe Wonderful Future That Never WasWord and ObjectThe Word for World Is ForestThe Works of ArchimedesWorks of Art (Blish)World Almanac and Book of FactsThe World of MathematicsThe World of Star TrekThe WPA Guide to ArizonaThe WPA Guide to New York CityWriting Efficient ProgramsYesterday&#700;s Tomorrows: Past Visions of the American FutureYou Will Go to the MoonZen of Assembly LanguageZen of Code OptimizationZotz!
beinglis23@mastodon.socialMike Dwyer
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Mike Dwyer is a freelance writer in Louisville, KY. He writes about culture, the outdoors and whatever else strikes his fancy. He loves hunting, fishing and camping.
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We are a premier destination for online shopping in the USA, and rest of World, offering some of the best prices and a completely hassle-free experience.
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Very fancy
cassyclayton@social.isurf.caCasandra Clayton
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I guess this is where I'm suppose to let everyone know who I am. Where do I start, well I'm married and have 3 wonderful kids that I would do anything for. I love to ice skate and inline skate!! Also like to ski, when there is enough snow 🙁 . Also like to watch hockey, rather it be at an NHL game or a ECHL game.I also tend to want to present myself as female. I guess a label that everyone would understand is that I'm one of your run of the mill gender challenged individuals.Believe it or not, I am physically male, but mentally I don't think or act like one of the guys.I've felt this way since I was about 7 or 8, and as I get older the inner feelings seem to keep getting stronger. In some way I have always felt like I was a lesbian, so if your a guy and want more than just being friends, Guys I'm not interested....I'm only interested in shoes, boots, fancy dresses, stockings, SHOPPING, you know, girly things. Macy's, White House Black Market and Long Tall Sally make a mint off of me - lol...I found out in 2001 that I wasn't alone, via the internet. I let my wife know about how I felt in Oct of 2003, after 14 years of marriage. Since then, she is slowly being more tolerant - in that she is seeing me dressed up in the morning before she runs off to work. The funny thing is, I have more feminine clothing, shoes, etc. than my wife has. In many respects, she is more masculine than I am.As far as what I do for money to go shopping, I am a software developer by trade. I work with mostly UNIX boxes, you know the computer Jurassic Park was run by. And no, they don't get viruses like Windows does.
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https://www.abcooltext.com/You can generate various types of stylish texts with this cool text generator and you will share cool fonts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Our website allows you to generate different-different types of online fancy fonts styles and you can copy and paste it where you want.
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Writer/fancy ape.
djha2a@spraci.infoDJ Ha2a
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Hi there, I've been into dance music in eurpoe for over 10 years, and Started with Hard dance & trance, after many long nights I got more into techno & house music, I still have a passion for House music but techno is where its at!!I have played in london, birmingham, Nottingham, Malaga, Barcelona, Wales, Thailand, and I now have a residency in Taupo New Zealand...My Musical influences are Carl Cox, Funkerman, Inland Knights, Derrick Carter & Annie Mac... All US & UK DJ's respectivley.I have a new Tech house mix hot of the press if you fancy a listen https://rcpt.yousendit.com/732753499/ea6cea267ba83a7f6c0582d3f396b9be
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Direct link
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Fancyphone.se är et känt företag för att få de bästa tjänsterna för iPhone-batteribyte. Vi har ett team av utbildade proffs som tillhandahåller ett brett utbud av iPhone tjänster med hjälp av avancerade verktyg och tekniker. Besök vår webbplats för mer info.http://fancyphone.se/
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Just when you think it can't be any better, there's a fancy version.
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I'm fancy.
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Intellectual explorer, constant fumbler, maths educator, learner of whatever takes my fancy at any given moment, amateur pianist, chess player, and programmer
gemd89@spraci.infoGemma Dawson
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Hey, my name is gemma - im 21 and have 2 kids. I have a boy of 2 and girl of 7 months and i set my businesses up as i wanted something i could do working around my children. I also thought that once the kids got older they would be having lots of parties and events where fancy dress would be needed so i thought it would be the perfect industry for me.
glutenfreeindian@mastodon.onlineGlutenfree Indian
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I am gluten intolerant and this is my Gluten-free food diary – not necessarily fancy recipes, just what I eat on a day to day basis as well as my food discoveries, to give you some inspiration. I try to make gluten-free food enjoyable & affordable. I have also recently started #vlogging, giving you a peek into my life. Give a thumbs up if you like the videos.
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Tu tienda on line de moda infantil de fantasíaVestidos, vestidos de fantasía, complementos y artículos de decoración.Moda alegre, divertida , elegante y con muchos brillos como nos gusta a nosotrasVestidos únicos y exclusivosYour fancy fashion shop on lineDresses, fancy dresses, accessories and decorating articles.Fashion cheerful, fun, elegant and with many brightness as we like to usUnique and exclusive dresses moda= fashion= ropa= moda fantasía=
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Early 40s, gay, leftist, fancy