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jayrope@mastodon.online  [follow]
Earhead, Central Europe - #extramusic - #othermusic - writing buggy music for a living, also for performance & dance. -> EN, DE, poco ES/FR DIY instruments etc. - https://video.ploud.fr/accounts/jayropinsky/Funkwhale - https://open.audio/@jayrope/Maintaining Air Cushion Finish @acf, movies for the blind, & @biesentales radio crew.#nobot ▶►=https://www.jayrope.com/bio ♫ •=https://jayrope.bandcamp.com ♫ ••=https://aircushionfinish.bandcamp.com
web, watch
jayrope@post.lurk.org  [follow]
Earhead, Central Europe - #extramusic - Writing buggy music for a living, a lot for performance/dance. Speaking EN/DE y un poco de ES/FR. Am post-lurking here to join a concentration of eventually like-minded artists & musicians. -> other account on https://mastodon.online/@jayrope to watch a mostly & broad image of the human state. No pun intended. Hello.
Sichtbar, Kaufmusik, Peertube
jayrope@social.tchncs.de  [follow]
Tonkneter im teilzeitigen Bilderurlaub, in DE.Musician on visual vacation, speaking DEZweitprofil. Videos: https://video.ploud.fr/accounts/jayropinsky/video-channels#Extramusic and EN posts are here: https://mastodon.online/@jayropeGewinner des Berliner Vorlesewettbewerbes 1976. Oh, yeah.#nobot Hörbar=https://jayrope.com/bio